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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2854

Chapter 2854 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Song, Z.; Johansen, H.K.; Faber, V.; Moser, C.; Kharazmi, A.; Rygaard, J.; Høiby, N., 1997:
Ginseng treatment reduces bacterial load and lung pathology in chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia in rats

Beyer, I.; Rimpler, M., 1996:
Ginseng. Adaptogenicity to alternative medicine - part 2

Davie, S.J.; Stassen, P.J.C.; Walt, M. van der; Snijder, B., 1995:
Girdling avocado trees for improved production

Feiger, G.; Forster, B.; Hoffmann, C., 1996:
Girdling of standing spruce that have lost their crowns - a forest protection measure?

H.ShiJie, 1997:
Girdling technique for Hongjiangcheng orange cultivar

Thapa, S., 1996:
Girl child marriage in Nepal: its prevalence and correlates

Clough, J.; McCormack, C.; Traill, R., 1996:
Girls playing soccer: a case study

Feint, J.; House, M., 1996:
Girrawah Park: Aboriginal heritage in your backyard

Madgwick, H.A.I., 1995:
Gisburn revisited: lessons from a long-term trial of effects of afforestation

Hilbrands, W.; Rietveld, K., 1996:
Gist-Brocades provides new nutritional ingredients

L.DaLun, 1996:
Give impetus to the 'two transformations' and break through at the main focal points to speed up the economic development of western Hunan

Thi Than, N., 1996:
Giving a fresh turn

Brown, S.C.; Brown, D.G., 1996:
Giving directions - it's how you say it

Johansson, L.; Waal, D. de, 1997:
Giving people a voice rather than a message

Sablerie, C., 1996:
Giving tourists the freedom of the country to encourage them to stay and return: the experience of Calvados Accueil

Stinard, P., 1995:
Gl13 recovered from Maize COOP stocks

Stinard, P., 1997:
Gl7 and v17 map to the short arm of chromosome 4

Saeed, A.; E.E.aqy, W., 1996:
Glabratephrin from Tephrosia nubica seeds and biological evaluation

Anonymous, 1996:
Glacier Excel for novelty products

Grudic, A., 1994:
Gladiolus corm production at Borik Pitomaca

Lancon, J., 1996:
Glandless cotton: 350 000 ha in 1994

Rao, B.R.R.; Ajay Kumar; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1996:
Glandular and non-glandular trichomes of rose-scented geranium cultivar Bourbon (Pelargonium species)

Ragusa, S.; Forestieri, A.M.; Rapisarda, A., 1997:
Glandular tissues of Lavandula angustifolia Mill. flowers: ultrastructure and histochemical survey

Tsujiyama, Sho Ichi, 1995:
Glass transition temperature change of lignin-carbohydrate complex degraded by wood-rotting fungi

Roos, Y.H.; Karel, M.; Kokini, J.L., 1996:
Glass transitions in low moisture and frozen foods: effects on shelf life and quality

Snodgrass, G.L., 1996:
Glass-vial bioassay to estimate insecticide resistance in adult tarnished plant bugs (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Gouge, D.H.; Hague, N.G.M., 1995:
Glasshouse control of fungus gnats, Bradysia paupera, on fuchsias by Steinernema feltiae

Lieten, F., 1995:
Glasshouse strawberries. The period of lighting for continuous culture under glass

Rayment, L.J.; Williams, D., 1997:
Glaucoma in a captive-bred great horned owl (Bubo virginianus virginianus)

Sasek, A.; Cerny, J., 1997:
Gliadin and glutenin signal genes of spelt (Triticum spelta L.)

Stoyanova, S.D.; Kolev, K.D., 1996:
Gliadin electrophoresis in the evaluation of Bulgarian wheat germplasm

Wilson, D., 1996:
Glimpses of Caribbean tourism and the question of sustainability in Barbados and St Lucia

Crous, P.W.; Peerally, A., 1996:
Gliocladiopsis irregularis sp. nov. and notes on Cylindrocladium spathiphylli

Zhang, P.G.; Tan, J.C.S.tton W.; Hopkin, A.A., 1996:
Gliocladium roseum reduces physiological changes associated with infection of black spruce seedlings by Botrytis cinerea

Rodvall, Y.; Ahlbom, A.; Spännare, B.; Nise, G., 1996:
Glioma and occupational exposure in Sweden, a case-control study

Chadhar, S.K., 1995:
Gliricidia sepium - a multipurpose exotic

Keerthisena, R.S.K., 1995:
Gliricidia sepium biomass production varies with plant row spacing and cutting height

Barro, P., 1995:
Glischrochilus quadrisignatus

Holz, A., 1997:
Global 1996/97 oilseed highlights

Anonymous, 1997 :
Global AIDS surveillance

Anonymous, 1996:
Global Meet on Parasitic Diseases, New Delhi, India, 18-22 March, 1966

Ricieri, R.P.; Escobedo, J.F., 1996:
Global and diffuse radiation in tunnel greenhouses with polyethylene cover

Hoffmann, H.; Kaltenecker, T., 1996:
Global and regional development of dairy farming in Bavaria - a forecast up to the year 2000. Part 2: Influence of structural change on the milk quota market and farm building activity

Tiedemann, A. von, 1996:
Global atmospheric and climatic change - what are the implications for plant protection?

Gifford, R.M.; Lutze, J.L.; Barrett, D., 1996:
Global atmospheric change effects on terrestrial carbon sequestration: exploration with a global C- and N-cycle model (CQUESTN)

Goudriaan, J., 1995:
Global carbon cycle

Versino, B., 1996:
Global change activities at the Environment Institute of the EC Joint Research Centre

Anonymous, 1995:
Global change and forestry: socioeconomic studies from the 1994 SOFEW meeting

Scholes, R.J., 1996:
Global change and global rangelands: some mechanisms of interaction

Van Der Hammen, Thomas, 1995:
Global change, biodiversity, and conservation of Neotropical montane forests

Prinn, R.G., 1995:
Global change: problems and uncertainties

Karg, T.; Reinhold Hurek, B., 1996:
Global changes in protein composition of N2-fixing Azoarcus sp. strain BH72 upon diazosome formation

Schulze, R.E.; Kiker, G.A.; Kunz, R.P., 1995:
Global climate change and agricultural productivity in Southern Africa: thought for food and food for thought

Anonymous, 1996:
Global climate change and agriculture in the North

Patz, J.A.; Epstein, P.R.; Burke, T.A.; Balbus, J.M., 1996:
Global climate change and emerging infectious diseases

Burgos, J.J.; Curto de Casas, S.I.; Carcavallo, R.U.; Galindez Giron, I., 1994:
Global climate change influence in the distribution of some pathogenic complexes (malaria and Chagas' disease) in Argentina

Ranganathan, R.; Neue, H.U.; Pingali, P.L., 1995:
Global climate change: role of rice in methane emissions and prospects for mitigation

Oerke, E.C.ristian; Dehne, H.W.lhelm, 1997:
Global crop production and the efficacy of crop protection-current situation and future trends

Glazovskaya, M.A., 1996:
Global dispersion of natural and technogenic selenium and the risk of selenium accumulation in soils

Knudsen, A.B., 1995:
Global distribution and continuing spread of Aedes albopictus

Simonich, S.L.; Hites, R.A., 1995:
Global distribution of persistent organochlorine compounds

Ahamer, G., 1996:
Global energy use and land use change

Takase, K., 1995:
Global environment and triad agricultural revolution

Morison, J.I.L., 1996:
Global environmental change impacts on crop growth and production in Europe

Pearce, D., 1996:
Global environmental value and the tropical forests: demonstration and capture

Chuvieco, E.; Martin, M.P., 1994:
Global fire mapping and fire danger estimation using AVHRR images

Ferguson, E.L.; Bachou, H.; Hardinsyah ; Gibson, R.S., 1996:
Global food consumption patterns in relation to dietary calcium intakes

Bonanno, A.; Constance, D., 1997:
Global food corporations and the state: the Ferruzzi case

Sasson, A., 1996:
Global food security: challenges

Dower, N., 1996:
Global hunger: moral dilemmas

Johnson, W.L., 1996:
Global linkages in animal agriculture: new opportunities for United States agricultural universities

Gill, S.S.; Brar, J.S., 1996:
Global market and competitiveness of Indian agriculture: some issues

Siretz, P., 1996:
Global market situation and main future operating environment

Hauteville, F. d', 1996:
Global marketing and the internationalization of food markets: the disruptive role of the consumer and distributor

Hass, M.P.; Smith, P.M., 1997:
Global markets for U.S. hardwood components

Cunningham, S.; Jacka, E., 1996:
Global mediascapes: theory and industry

Willison, T.W., 1997:
Global methane budgets - the contribution of wetland soils

Sinha, S.K., 1995:
Global methane emission from rice paddies: excellent methodology but poor extrapolation

Brown, E., 1996:
Global outlook for corn and soybeans

Josupeit, H., 1996:
Global overview on fish consumption

Anonymous, 1996:
Global plan for Tine Central Norway: closure of two factories proposed

Mielec, K.; Jankowiak, S., 1997:
Global positioning system of field machines for agricultural use

Feng FongLong; Huang ChihCheng, 1994:
Global positioning system used in permanent plot positioning

McKenzie, C., 1996:
Global positioning systems and electromagnetic induction - high tech tools for salinity mapping

Boag, B.; Evans, K.A.; Yeates, G.W.; Brown, D.J.F.; Neilson, R., 1997:
Global potential distribution of European longidorid virus-vector nematodes

Sergiev, V.P., 1995:
Global problems in the optimization of public health protection. Role of parasitic diseases

Mukherjee, A.; Cui, Y.; Liu, Y.; Dumenyo, C.K.; Chatterjee, A.K., 1996:
Global regulation in Erwinia species by Erwinia carotovora rsmA, a homologue of Escherichia coli csrA: repression of secondary metabolites, pathogenicity and hypersensitive reaction

Bandyopadhyay, R., 1996:
Global review of land reform: a critical perspective

Woodward, F.I.; Lee, S.E., 1995:
Global scale forest function and distribution

Coelho, J.C.; Pinto, P.A., 1997:
Global scenario of the agricultural activity

Anonymous, 1995:
Global scenario: dairy commodities

Valentine, J., 1997:
Global sport and Canadian content the Sports Illustrated Canada controversy

Anonymous, 1997:
Global strategies for personalized services

Boccia, L.; Marucci, A., 1997:
Global thermal transmittance of cladding materials

Mukulay, N.B., 1996:
Global tourism

Fletcher, J.; Latham, J., 1997:
Global tourism trends

Bourke, J., 1996:
Global trends in marketing of environmentally certified forest products

Swanson, T., 1996:
Global values of biological diversity: the public interest in the conservation of plant genetic resources for agriculture

Cerling, T.E.; Harris, J.M.; Macfadden, B.J.; Leakey, M.G.; Quade, J.; Eisenmann, V.; Ehleringer, J.R., 1997:
Global vegetation change through the Miocene/Pliocene boundary

Kelly, M.; Granich, S., 1995:
Global warming and development

Hughes, J.M.; Evans, K.A., 1996:
Global warming and pest risk assessment

Heong, K.L.; Song, Y.H.; Pimsamarn, S.; Zhang, R.; Bae, S.D., 1995:
Global warming and rice arthropod communities

Rooney, T.P.; Smith, A.T., 1996:
Global warming and the regional persistence of a temperate-zone insect (Tenodera sinensis)

Robert, M.; Cheverry, C., 1996:
Global water and land resources: a constraint for the future

Falkenmark, M., 1996:
Global water crisis ahead - need to get out of the paralysing water illiteracy

Sandstrom, K., 1996:
Global water partnership - building a network for sustainable water management

Dohlman, E.; Halvorson Quevedo, R., 1997:
Globalisation and development

Banaji, J., 1997:
Globalisation and restructuring in the Indian food industry

Linklater, M., 1995:
Globalisation of the media: the impact on national cultures

Velzeboer, M., 1996:
Globalization and the internet: opening a window for grassroots producers

Kellermann, P., 1997:
Globalization of education - cross border developments in economics, culture, politics and social conditions

Huss, H.H., 1994:
Globalization of fish products and processing standards: a microbiologist's point of view

Vermillion, D.L.; Johnson, S.H.I.I., 1995:
Globalization of irrigation management transfer: a summary of ideas and experiences from the Wuhan Conference

Kinsey, J.D., 1997:
Globalization of retail food markets

Ruppel, F., 1997:
Globalization of the processed foods market. Part one: U.S. trade in processed foods

Bolling, C.; Handy, C.; Neff, S., 1997:
Globalization of the processed foods market. Part two: foreign affiliates of U.S. food firms

Burch, D., 1996:
Globalized agriculture and agri-food restructuring in southeast Asia: the Thai experience

Ambrogioni, L.; Tacconi, R., 1995:
Globodera pallida (Stone) Behrens Tylenchida, Heteroderidae

Ambrogioni, L.; Tacconi, R., 1995:
Globodera rostochiensis (Wollenweber) Behrens Tylenchida, Heteroderidae

Dobbeler, P., 1996:
Gloeopeziza cuneiformis (Leotiales, Ascomycetes) - a new species found in the lamellae of Polytrichum

Ba, A.M.; Dalpe, Y.; Guissou, T., 1996:
Glomales of Acacia holosericea and Acacia mangium

Taylor-Robinson, A.W., 1996:
Glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome in Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi: a potential murine model of chronic P. malariae infection

Blaszkowski, Janusz, 1997:
Glomus gibbosum, a new species from Poland

Montecchi, A.; Fantini, P., 1995:
Glomus melanosporum Gerdeman & Trappe 1974

Mathew, B., 1997:
Glories of the snow

Spencer Mills, L., 1996:
Glorious Hedychium

Morley, B.D.; Nelson, E.C.arles, 1995:
Gloxinia sylvatica

Kadyk, L.C.; Lambie, E.J.; Kimble, J., 1997:
glp-3 is required for mitosis and meiosis in the Caenorhabditis elegans germ line

Lewis, G.F.; Vranic, M.; Giacca, A., 1997:
Glucagon enhances the direct suppressive effect of insulin on hepatic glucose production in humans

Deacon, C.F.; Pridal, L.; Klarskov, L.; Olesen, M.; Holst, J.J., 1996:
Glucagon-like peptide 1 undergoes differential tissue-specific metabolism in the anesthetized pig

Wang, Y.; Perfetti, R.; Greig, N.H.; Holloway, H.W.; DeOre, K.A.; Montrose-Rafizadeh, C.; Elahi, D.; Egan, J.M., 1997:
Glucagon-like peptide-1 can reverse the age-related decline in glucose tolerance in rats

Valois, D.; Fayad, K.; Barasubiye, T.; Garon, M.; Dery, C.; Brzezinski, R.; Beaulieu, C., 1996:
Glucanolytic Actinomycetes Antagonistic to Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi, the Causal Agent of Raspberry Root Rot

Jamroz, J.; Rogalski, J.; Fiedurek, J., 1994:
Glucanolytic activity of Streptomyces sp. H5, during depolymerization of different types of yeasts

Lifton, S.J.; King, L.G.; Zerbe, C.A., 1996:
Glucocorticoid deficient hypoadrenocorticism in dogs: 18 cases (1986-1995)

Chandran, U.R.; Attardi, B.; Friedman, R.; Zheng, Z.w.; Roberts, J.L.; DeFranco, D.B., 1996:
Glucocorticoid repression of the mouse gonadotropin-releasing hormone gene is mediated by promoter elements that are recognized by heteromeric complexes containing glucocorticoid receptor

Espinás, M.L.; Roux, J.; Pictet, R.; Grange, T., 1995:
Glucocorticoids and protein kinase A coordinately modulate transcription factor recruitment at a glucocorticoid-responsive unit

Flynn, N.E.; Wu, G., 1997:
Glucocorticoids play an important role in mediating the enhanced metabolism of arginine and glutamine in enterocytes of postweaning pigs

Miller, T.L.; Mayo, K.E., 1997:
Glucocorticoids regulate pituitary growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor messenger ribonucleic acid expression

Tits, M.; Brandt, V.; Wauters, J.N.; Delaude, C.; Llabres, G.; Angenot, L., 1996:
Glucoindole alkaloids from stem bark of Strychnos mellodora

Holness, M.J.; Sugden, M.C., 1997:
Glucoregulation during progressive starvation in late pregnancy in the rat

Gozal, D.; Thiriet, P.; Cottet-Emard, J.M.; Wouassi, D.; Bitanga, E.; Geyssant, A.; Pequignot, J.M.; Sagnol, M., 1997:
Glucose administration before exercise modulates catecholaminergic responses in glycogen-depleted subjects

Caviedes Vidal, E.; Karasov, W.H., 1996:
Glucose and amino acid acid absorption in house sparrow intestine and its dietary modulation

Dahl, M.K.; Schmiedel, D.; Hillen, W., 1995:
Glucose and glucose-6-phosphate interaction with Xyl repressor proteins from Bacillus spp. may contribute to the regulation of xylose utilization

Sidossis, L.S.; Wolfe, R.R., 1996:
Glucose and insulin-induced inhibition of fatty acid oxidation: the glucose-fatty acid cycle reversed

Cnota, P.J.; Gessner, B., 1996:
Glucose and neuropsychological performance: prevention of hypoglycemic tendencies in healthy persons

Gaynor, P.J.; Erdman, R.A.; Teter, B.B.; Capuco, A.V.; Waldo, D.R., 1996:
Glucose and norepinephrine challenges during abomasal infusion of cis or trans octadecenoates in Holstein cows

Fowden, A.L.; Silver, M., 1995:
Glucose and oxygen metabolism in the fetal foal during late gestation

Yang SaiPeng; Salehi, C.; Atanasov, P.; Wilkins, E., 1996:
Glucose biosensor based on oxygen electrode. 4. In vivo evaluation of the rechargeable glucose sensor

Bredbacka, K.; Bredbacka, P., 1996:
Glucose controls sex-related growth rate differences of bovine embryos produced in vitro

Beaugerie, L.; Flourié, B.; Pernet, P.; Achour, L.; Franchisseur, C.; Rambaud, J.C., 1997:
Glucose does not facilitate the absorption of sorbitol perfused in situ in the human small intestine

Hoffman, R.P.; Armstrong, P.T., 1996 :
Glucose effectiveness, peripheral and hepatic insulin sensitivity, in obese and lean prepubertal children

Vidotto, V.; Accattatis, G.; Zhang, Q.; Campanini, G.; Aoki, S., 1996:
Glucose influence on germ tube production in Candida albicans

Ezelin, K.; Brun, G.; Kaemmerer, M.; Revel, J.C., 1996:
Glucose influence on the asymbiotic nitrogen fixation during lignocellulsic waste composting

Paolisso, G.; Manzella, D.; Ferrara, N.; Gambardella, A.; Abete, P.; Tagliamonte, M.R.; D.L.cia, D.; Furgi, G.; Picone, C.; Gentile, S.; Rengo, F.; Varricchio, M., 1997:
Glucose ingestion affects cardiac ANS in healthy subjects with different amounts of body fat

Cromme, P.V.M.; Eijk, J.T.M. van; Veen, E.A. van der; Nauta, J.J.P.; Knottnerus, J.A., 1995:
Glucose intolerance in an elderly Dutch countryside population: the Twello study

Gastaldelli, A.; Schwarz, J.M.; Caveggion, E.; Traber, L.D.; Traber, D.L.; Rosenblatt, J.; Toffolo, G.; Cobelli, C.; Wolfe, R.R., 1997:
Glucose kinetics in interstitial fluid can be predicted by compartmental modeling

McNulty, P.H.; Sinusas, A.J.; Shi, C.Q.; Dione, D.; Young, L.H.; Cline, G.C.; Shulman, G.I., 1996:
Glucose metabolism distal to a critical coronary stenosis in a canine model of low-flow myocardial ischemia

Lequarre, A.S.; Grisart, B.; Moreau, B.; Schuurbiers, N.; Massip, A.; Dessy, F., 1997:
Glucose metabolism during bovine preimplementation development: analysis of gene expression in single oocytes and embryos

Rönnemaa, T.; Koskenvuo, M.; Marniemi, J.; Koivunen, T.; Sajantila, A.; Rissanen, A.; Kaitsaari, M.; Bouchard, C.; Kaprio, J., 1997:
Glucose metabolism in identical twins discordant for obesity. The critical role of visceral fat

Garcia, G.V.; Freeman, R.V.; Supiano, M.A.; Smith, M.J.; Galecki, A.T.; Halter, J.B., 1997:
Glucose metabolism in older adults: a study including subjects more than 80 years of age

Wang, L.; Törnquist, P.; Bill, A., 1997:
Glucose metabolism in pig outer retina in light and darkness

Wang, L.; Törnquist, P.; Bill, A., 1997:
Glucose metabolism of the inner retina in pigs in darkness and light

Federici, F.; Petruccioli, M.; Piccioni, P., 1996:
Glucose oxidase and catalase activities of Penicillium variabile P16 immobilized in polyurethane sponge

Urner, F.; Sakkas, D., 1996:
Glucose participates in sperm-oocyte fusion in the mouse

Sidossis, L.S.; Stuart, C.A.; Shulman, G.I.; Lopaschuk, G.D.; Wolfe, R.R., 1996:
Glucose plus insulin regulate fat oxidation by controlling the rate of fatty acid entry into the mitochondria

Tayek, J.A.; Katz, J., 1997:
Glucose production, recycling, Cori cycle, and gluconeogenesis in humans: relationship to serum cortisol

Kanagachandran, K.S.anbury, P.; Hall, S.; Ishizaki, A., 1997:
Glucose repression of xylose utilisation by Lactococcus lactis IO-1

Bendorf, K.; Friesen, C.A.; Roberts, C.C., 1996:
Glucose response to discontinuation of parenteral nutrition in patients less than 3 years of age

Jackson, E.B.; Howling, D., 1995:
Glucose syrups and starch hydrolysates

Blair, S.C.; Caterson, I.D.; Cooney, G.J., 1996:
Glucose tolerance and insulin secretion after adrenalectomy in mice made obese with gold thioglucose

Samanc, H.; Nikolic,; Stojic, V.; Dokoviic, R.; Damnjanovic, Z.; Ivanov, I., 1996:
Glucose tolerance and propionate loading tests in the assessment of endocrine pancreatic function in healthy and ketotic cows

Hemre, G.I.; Torrisen, O.; Krogdahl, A.; Lie, O., 1995:
Glucose tolerance in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., dependence on adaptation to dietary starch and water temperature

Kemp, B.; Soede, N.M.; Vesseur, P.C.; Helmond, F.A.; Spoorenberg, J.H.; Frankena, K., 1996:
Glucose tolerance of pregnant sows is related to postnatal pig mortality

Etgen, G.J.; Wilson, C.M.; Jensen, J.; Cushman, S.W.; Ivy, J.L., 1996:
Glucose transport and cell surface GLUT-4 protein in skeletal muscle of the obese Zucker rat

Guerre-Millo, M., 1996:
Glucose transporters in obesity

Rayner, D.V., 1996:
Glucose transporters in the brain

Thorens, B., 1996:
Glucose transporters in the regulation of intestinal, renal, and liver glucose fluxes

Overkamp, D.; Gautier, J.F.; Renn, W.; Pickert, A.; Scheen, A.J.; Schmülling, R.M.; Eggstein, M.; Lefèbvre, P.J., 1997:
Glucose turnover in humans in the basal state and after intravenous glucose: a comparison of two models

Fowden, A.L.; Forhead, A.J.; Silver, M.; MacDonald, A.A., 1997:
Glucose, lactate and oxygen metabolism in the fetal pig during late gestation

Bucsis, L., 1996:
Glucose- and lactate control in bioreactors

Arslanian, S.; Suprasongsin, C., 1997:
Glucose-fatty acid interactions in prepubertal and pubertal children: effects of lipid infusion

Silveira, M.M.; Sales, R.; Lemmel, C.M.; Jones, R., 1995:
Glucose-fructose oxidoreductase activity in six strains of Zymomonas mobilis

Cadefau, J.; Bollen, M.; Stalmans, W., 1997:
Glucose-induced glycogenesis in the liver involves the glucose-6-phosphate-dependent dephosphorylation of glycogen synthase

Reis, M.A.; Carneiro, E.M.; Mello, M.A.; Boschero, A.C.; Saad, M.J.; Velloso, L.A., 1997:
Glucose-induced insulin secretion is impaired and insulin-induced phosphorylation of the insulin receptor and insulin receptor substrate-1 are increased in protein-deficient rats

Kurzatkowski, W.; Törrönen, A.; Filipek, J.; Mach, R.L.; Herzog, P.; Sowka, S.; Kubicek, C.P., 1996:
Glucose-induced secretion of Trichoderma reesei xylanases

Zong, Y.Y.; Che, C.T., 1995:
Glucosides from Lagotis brevituba

Tazaki, H.; Hori, R.; Nabeta, K.; Okuyama, H., 1995:
Glucosides of ionone-related compounds from tomato leaves

Muhammad Sarwar; Kirkegaard, J.; Gowers, S.; Garrett, B.C., 1997:
Glucosinolate content and animal acceptability of forage brassicas

Krzymanski, J.; Pietka, T.; Krotka, K.; Michalski, K., 1995:
Glucosinolate content in F1 hybrids of Polish double-zero winter swede rape

Getinet, A.; Rakow, G.; Raney, J.P., 1996:
Glucosinolate content variation in Brassica carinata A. Braun germplasm grown at Holetta, Ethiopia

Wallsgrove, R.M.; Bennett, R.N.; Doughty, K.J.; Schrijvers, S.; Kiddle, G., 1995:
Glucosinolate metabolism in diseased plants

Siemens, D.H.; Mitchell Olds, T., 1996:
Glucosinolates and herbivory by specialists (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Lepidoptera: Plutellidae): consequences of concentration and induced resistance

Hansen, M.; Moller, P.; Sorensen, H.; Cantwell D.T.ejo, M., 1995:
Glucosinolates in broccoli stored under controlled atmosphere

Poulsen, G.B., 1996:
Glucosinolates in callus culture of Brassica napus

Astrup, A.; Raben, A., 1996:
Glucostatic control of intake and obesity

Politycka, B.; Wojcik Wojtkowiak, D., 1994:
Glucosylation as response to phenolic allelochemicals

Mederacke, H.; Selmar, D.; Biehl, B., 1995:
Glucosyltransferases of the cyanogenic plant cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz)

Ehsanpour, A.A.; Jones, M.G., 1996:
Glucuronidase Expression in Transgenic Tobacco Roots with a Parasponia Promoter on Infection with Meloidogyne javanica

Tsai, T.H.; Chou, C.J.; Chen, C.F., 1995:
Glucuronidation of magnolol assessed using HPLC/fluorescence

Pradhan, M.S., 1994:
Glue-trap as an alternate method for rodent collection from different ecosystems

Cox, C., 1996:

Steckel, G.J.; Wax, L.M.; Simmons, F.W.lliam; Phillips, W.H.I., 1997:
Glufosinate efficacy on annual weeds is influenced by rate and growth stage

Shi JunYou; Wang XiJun; Jin XueFeng, 1997:
Gluing high moisture content veneer with modified PF resin

de Dominguez, N.; Rodriguez-Acosta, A., 1996:
Glutamate dehydrogenase antigen detection in Plasmodium falciparum infections

Searcy, G.K.; Senter, S.D.; Wilson, R.L., 1995:
Glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase activity: a potential end-point-temperature indicator for imported cooked beef

Furst, P.; Stehle, P., 1995:
Glutamine and glutamine-containing dipeptides

Kuhn, K.S.; Stehle, P.; Fürst, P., 1996:
Glutamine content of protein and peptide-based enteral products

Schröder, J.; Wardelmann, E.; Winkler, W.; Fändrich, F.; Schweizer, E.; Schroeder, P., 1995:
Glutamine dipeptide-supplemented parenteral nutrition reverses gut atrophy, disaccharidase enzyme activity, and absorption in rats

Pesty, F.; Sultan, F., 1996:
Glutamine homologues and derivatives: a limiting factor in current artificial nutrition?

Wischmeyer, P.E.; Musch, M.W.; Madonna, M.B.; Thisted, R.; Chang, E.B., 1997:
Glutamine protects intestinal epithelial cells: role of inducible HSP70

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Glutamine supplementation of enteral nutrition: impact on whole body protein kinetics and glucose metabolism in critically ill patients

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Good paper mills make good neighbors

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Good product appearance is half the battle

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Good profitability for crop growing

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Good profitability for the dairy department

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Good prospects for the market and income guarantee

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Good soyabean variety for vegetable use

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Good usage of nutritional claims

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Government regulation of market relations

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Grafting on cold-hardy stocks

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Grafting with Pereskiopsis

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Grafting: an effective method of controlling Fusarium wilt of tomato and black root rot of cucumber

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Grafts between peas forming the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis (Myc+) and pea mutants resistant to AM fungi (Myc-) show the same colonization characteristics as ungrafted plants

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Graindorge opens a new factory

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