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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2856

Chapter 2856 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Okamoto, K.; Yanagi, T.; Kondo, S., 1997:
Growth and morphogenesis of lettuce seedlings raised under different combinations of red and blue light

Kang JungHoon; Lee HoJin, 1996:
Growth and morphological characteristics of introduced sorghum germplasm

Sanchez Mirt, A.; Romero, H.; Fernandez Zeppenfeldt, G., 1997:
Growth and morphology of Cladophialophora (Cladosporium) carrionii

Hees, A.F.M. van, 1997:
Growth and morphology of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L) and beech (Fagus sylvatica L) seedlings in relation to shading and drought

Rockel, P., 1997:
Growth and nitrate consumption of sunflowers in the rhizostat, a device for continuous nutrient supply to plants

Cordovilla, M.; Ligero, F.L.uch, C., 1996:
Growth and nitrogen assimilation in nodules in response to nitrate levels in Vicia faba under salt stress

Tobisa, M.; Shimojo, M.; Masuda, Y.; Goto, I., 1996:
Growth and nitrogen fixation activity of Aeschynomene americana cv. Glenn under waterlogging treatment

Abdel Nasser, L.E., 1995:
Growth and nitrogen fixation of Azolla mexicana plant as affected by NPK levels

Cruz, P., 1996:
Growth and nitrogen nutrition of a Dichanthium aristatum pasture under shading

Asma Lodhi; Malik, N.N.; Azam, F., 1996:
Growth and nitrogen nutrition of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in soil treated with N-Serve and a nitrification inhibiting insecticide

Adhikary, B.H.; Vangnai, S.; Attanandana, T.; Swatdee, P.; Sripichitt, P., 1997:
Growth and nitrogen production rates of Azolla (Azolla microphylla) as affected by its cultivation methods: an economic perspective in rice cultivation in Thailand

Lexa, M.; Cheeseman, J.M., 1997:
Growth and nitrogen relations in reciprocal grafts of wild-type and nitrate reductase-deficient mutants of pea (Pisum sativum L. var. Juneau)

Amarante, C.V.T. do; Canci, P.C., 1995:
Growth and nodulation in soyabeans cultivated in two substrata and treated with five rates of metolachlor

Khurana, A.S.; Sharma, S.R.; Poonam Sharma, 1995:
Growth and nodulation of dhaincha (Sesbania aculeata (L.) Pers.) genotypes as influenced by sowing dates

Rincon, L.; Saez, J.; Balsalobre, E.; Pellicer, C., 1995:
Growth and nutrient absorption of red pepper in greenhouse cultivation

Araujo, F.; Quintero, S.; Salas, J.; Villalobos, J.; Casanova, A., 1997:
Growth and nutrient accumulation of guava fruits (Psidium guajava L.) of the Criolla Roja type in the Maracaibo plateau

Pinamonti, F.; Zorzi, G.; Gasperi, F.; Silvestri, S.; Stringari, G., 1995:
Growth and nutrient status of apple trees and grapevines in municipal solid-waste amended soil

Choudhary, N.R.; Vyas, A.K.; Singh, A.K., 1997:
Growth and nutrient uptake in wheat as influenced by nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc fertilization

Allen, E.R.; Ming, D.W.; Hossner, L.R.; Henninger, D.L.; Galindo, C., 1995:
Growth and nutrient uptake of wheat in clinoptilolite-phosphate rock substrates

McKevlin, M.R.; Hook, D.D.; McKee Jr, W.H., 1995:
Growth and nutrient use efficiency of water tupelo seedlings in flooded and well-drained soil

Patil, N.V.; Honmode, J., 1994:
Growth and nutrient utilisation in lambs as influenced by dietary monensin

Newman, S.E.; Panter, K.L.; Roll, M.J.; Miller, R.O., 1997:
Growth and nutrition of geraniums grown in media developed from waste tire components

Schwalbe, G.; Heinze, M.; Fiedler, H.J., 1997:
Growth and nutrition of upland Scots pine forests on different bedrocks in Thuringia

Pinochet, J.; Calvet, C.; Camprubi, A.; Fernandez, C., 1995:
Growth and nutritional response of Nemared peach rootstock infected with Pratylenchus vulnus and the mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae

Jong, N. de; Dusseldorp, M. van; Bergsma, J.S.; Arts, I.C.W.; Dagnelie, P.C.; Staveren, W.A. van, 1996:
Growth and nutritional status of macrobiotically fed children until 10 years of age

Aganga, A.A.; Tsopito, C.M.; Mwandamena, M., 1996:
Growth and nutritive value of some varieties of sorghum and millet as forage crops in Botswana

Garcia Muniz, J.G.; Holmes, C.W.; Wickham, B.W., 1997:
Growth and onset of puberty in two genetically different lines of Holstein-Friesian heifers, selected for either heavy or light body weight

Patil, A.G.; Gowda, M.V.C.; Motagi, B.N., 1996:
Growth and partitioning efficiency of late leaf spot resistant genotypes

Read, J.J.; Morgan, J.A., 1996:
Growth and partitioning in Pascopyrum smithii (C3) and Bouteloua gracilis (C4) as influenced by carbon dioxide and temperature

Tennakoon, K.; Pate, J.; Fineran, B., 1997:
Growth and partitioning of C and fixed N in the shrub legume Acacia littorea in the presence or absence of the root hemiparasite Olax phyllanthi

Thom, E.R.; Vught, V.T. van; McCabe, R.J., 1996:
Growth and persistence of perennial ryegrass lines with different tolerances to pulling during grazing

Posta, K.; Fuleky, G., 1997:
Growth and phosphorus nutrition of mycorrhizal maize plants at different soil volumes and phosphorus supplies

Klock, K.A.; Graves, W.R.; Taber, H.G., 1996:
Growth and phosphorus, zinc, and manganese content of tomato, muskmelon, and honey locust at high root-zone temperatures

Wright, D.P.; Read, D.J.; Scholes, J.D., 1995:
Growth and photosynthesis of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal Trifolium repens plants

Eckardt, N.A.; Snyder, G.W.; Portis, A.R.; Orgen, W.L., 1997:
Growth and photosynthesis under high and low irradiance of Arabidopsis thaliana antisense mutants with reduced ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase activase content

Sallal, A.K.J., 1996:
Growth and photosynthetic activities of acclimated cyanobacteria in sewage effluents

Proietti, P.; Tombesi, A., 1996:
Growth and photosynthetic activity of olive shoots and suckers

Sharples, C.R.; Hull, M.R.; Cobb, A.H., 1997:
Growth and photosynthetic characteristics of two biotypes of the weed black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.) resistant and susceptible to the herbicide chlorotoluron

Goldstein, G.; Drake, D.R.; Alpha, C.; Melcher, P.; Heraux, J.; Azocar, A., 1996:
Growth and photosynthetic responses of Scaevola sericea, a Hawaiian coastal shrub, to substrate salinity and salt spray

Tripathy, B.C.; Brown, C.S.; Levine, H.G.; Krikorian, A.D.; Brown, C.S.; Krikorian, A.D., 1996:
Growth and photosynthetic responses of wheat plants grown in space

McKee, K.L., 1996:
Growth and physiological responses of neotropical mangrove seedlings to root zone hypoxia

Ernst, L.K.; Ostroumova, I.N.; Timoshina, L.A.; Moseichuk, K.B.; Laptev, G.Y.; Soldatova, V.V.; Barabolya, M.A.; Prokop' eva, V.I.; Smirnova, L.V., 1995:
Growth and physiological values in carp and rainbow trout as influenced by the microbial biopreparation Tsellobakterin

Ishii, M.; Ito, T.; Maruo, T.; Suzuki, K.; Matsuo, K., 1995:
Growth and physiology of lettuce plants grown under artificial light of high intensity in short-day regime

Stoyanova, J.S., 1997:
Growth and phytohormonal status as affected by relative humidity

Gupta, R.K.; Agarwal, M.C.; Kumar, N., 1996:
Growth and phytomass production in Leucaena leucocephala under high density plantations on degraded lands of Doon Valley

Zhang ZhiSheng; Zhao ShiXu, 1995:
Growth and plantlet regeneration of alfalfa callus under osmotic stress

Holden, D.G.; Klomp, B.K.; Hong, S.O.; Menzies, M.I., 1995:
Growth and predicted timber value of Pinus radiata cuttings and seedlings on a fertile farm site

Tokar, F., 1996:
Growth and production evaluation of spanish chestnut (Castanea sativa) in the Horne Lefantovce Castanetarium

Gupta, S.K., 1995:
Growth and production of Setaria sphacelata var Kazungula at different nitrogen levels under rainfed condition

Hashmi, S.N.I., 1996:
Growth and production of horticultural crops and level of self sufficiency in West Asia

Anez, B.; Figueredo, C., 1994:
Growth and production of sweet pepper in response to different row spacings and nitrogen levels

Giorgio, V.; Standardi, A., 1996:
Growth and production of two sweet cherry cultivars grafted on 60 ecotypes of Prunus mahaleb

Svihra, J.; Kubekova, M., 1996:
Growth and production processes in chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) after flowering

Pratihar, S.K.; Maity, B.; Sinha, R., 1996:
Growth and production traits in Australorp and White Leghorn crossbred chicks

Jurevicius, J.; Novickiene, L.; Adamonyte, G.; Vizgirda, M., 1995:
Growth and productivity control of sugar-beet by applying compounds TA-12 and Camposane M

Selvaraj, M.; Syamala, D.; Arumugam, S.; Rao, M.V., 1996:
Growth and productivity of AM inoculated tropical tree seedlings

Ermakov, E.I.; Kochetov, A.A., 1994:
Growth and productivity of Stevia under regulated conditions, depending on the photoperiod and light intensity

Sato, K.; Harashima, N.; Nishida, T.; Aoki, M.; Suzuki, O.; Nakanishi, Y., 1995:
Growth and productivity of a Lolium dominant and a Festuca-Dactylis dominant pasture under grazing of crossbred cow (Japanese Black x Holstein) - calf

Lal, S.K.; Srivastava, R.; Srinivas, T., 1994:
Growth and productivity of cotton in the cotton growing regions of India

Schupp, J.R.; Koller, S.I., 1997:
Growth and productivity of four summer ripening disease-resistant apple cultivars on M.27 EMLA, M.26 EMLA and Mark rootstocks

Misra, P.N.; Tewari, S.K.; Dheer Singh, 1996:
Growth and productivity of grain amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) as influenced by dates of sowing in the alluvial plains of U.P

Hrotko, K.; Nadosy, F.; Vegvari, G.; Fuzessery, A., 1996:
Growth and productivity of sour cherry varieties grafted on different Mahaleb rootstocks

Ali, R.; Ishibashi, N., 1997:
Growth and propagation of the rice stem nematode, Ditylenchus angustus, on rice seedlings and fungal mat of Botrytis cinerea

Pralomkam, W.; Saithanoo, S.; Ngampongsai, W.; Suwanrut, C.; Milton, J.T.B., 1996:
Growth and puberty traits of Thai Native (TN) and TN x Anglo-Nubian does

Wolf, H.; Brandt, R., 1995:
Growth and quality of intra-specific aspen (Populus tremula L.) progenies

Horng, F.W.n; Chang, W.E.; Chen,, 1996:
Growth and related soil properties of a 6-year-old mixed plantation of Taiwan zelkova and alder

Tollo, B.; Richter, S., 1997:
Growth and reproduction of Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) on winter barley cultivars and its relationship to plant tolerance

Reichad, S.L.; Sulc, R.M.; Rhodes, L.H., 1997:
Growth and reproduction of Sclerotinia trifoliorum as influenced by herbicides

Manna, M.; Singh, M.K.ndu, S.T.ipathi, A.; Takkar, P., 1997:
Growth and reproduction of the vermicomposting earthworm Perionyx excavatus as influenced by food materials

Popov, S.; Kornova, K., 1995:
Growth and reproductive features of the plum variety Stanley propagated in vitro

Ali, M.R.; Ishibashi, N.; Kondo, E., 1995:
Growth and reproductive parameters of the rice stem nematode Ditylenchus angustus on Botrytis cinerea

Ugbaja, R.A.E., 1996:
Growth and responses of castor oil plant to sources and rates of organic manures in ferralitic soils

Rajesh Kumar; Jain, B.P., 1996:
Growth and rhizome characters of some turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) cultivars

Perkins Veazie, P., 1995:
Growth and ripening of strawberry fruit

Siddique, K.H.M.; Loss, S.P., 1996:
Growth and seed yield of vetches (Vicia spp.) in south-western Australia

Falkowski, J.; Glogowski, J.; Rotkiewicz, T.; Kozowski, M.; Kozera, W.; Bugnacka, D.; Bomba, G., 1997:
Growth and semen quality of boars fed on diets containing rapeseed meal or rape seeds

Buongiorno, J.; Peyron, J.L.; Valdenaire, J.M.; Bruciamacchie, M., 1996:
Growth and silviculture of selection forests in the Jura: management strategies and stand structure

Budmaska, V.E.; Kalinka, A.K., 1994:
Growth and slaughter quality in young bulls given ammonium carbonate salts

Chiericato, G.M.; Rizzi, C.; Rostellato, V., 1996:
Growth and slaughtering performance of three rabbit genotypes under different environmental conditions

Reyes Cuesta, R.; Lopes, N.F.; Oliva, M.A.; Franco, A.A., 1995:
Growth and solar energy conversion in Phaseolus vulgaris as a function of nitrogen source

Taneja, N.K.; Sheo Raj, 1993:
Growth and sporulation of Myrothecium roridum as affected by different media, temperature, pH and light under in vitro conditions

Kalaimani, T., 1995:
Growth and sporulation of six isolates of sugarcane redrot (Colletotrichum falcatum Went.) at different temperature and hydrogen ion concentration

Haque, M.N.; Kamaluddin, M., 1995:
Growth and standing volume of Dalbergia sissoo and selection methods for its genetic improvement

Mekic, F.; Dohrenbusch, A., 1994:
Growth and structure of 12-year-old silver fir (Abies alba) from different provenances

Payandeh, B., 1996:
Growth and survival functions for three planted species in northern Ontario

Eory, V.J.; Momo, F.R.; Alvarez, M., 1995:
Growth and survival of Azospirillum in the roots and rhizosphere of maize at different levels of acidity

Gohil, V.S.; Ahmed, M.A.; Davies, R.; Robinson, R.K., 1996:
Growth and survival of Listeria monocytogenes in two traditional foods from the United Arab Emirates

Foderaro, M.A.; Ungar, I.A., 1997:
Growth and survival of Polygonum aviculare L. at a brine-contaminated site in southeastern Ohio

Shehata, A.E.; Gaafar, A.M.; Moustafa, G.A., 1995:
Growth and survival of enterotoxigenic S. aureus in Kareish cheese

Taparia, M.; Deka, A.; Bhuyan, R.P.; Sharma, D., 1995:
Growth and survival of fresh cuttings of tea clones following gamma irradiation

Qin JianGuang; Fast, A.W.; DeAnda, D.; Weidenbach, R.P., 1996:
Growth and survival of larval snakehead (Channa striatus) fed different diets

Nasayao, L.Z., 1993:
Growth and survival of mangkono (Xanthostemon verdugonianus Naves) wildings in different potting media

Kirn, R.A.; Labar, G.W., 1996:
Growth and survival of rainbow smelt, and their role as prey for stocked salmonids in Lake Champlain

Tice, B.J.; Soderberg, R.W.; Kirby, J.M., 1996:
Growth and survival of walleyes reared in ponds fertilized with organic and inorganic materials

Sangakkara, R.; Hartwig, U.A.; Nosberger, J., 1996:
Growth and symbiotic nitrogen fixation of Vicia faba and Phaseolus vulgaris as affected by fertiliser potassium and temperature

McClure, K.E.; Solomon, M.B.; Parrett, N.A.; Van Keuren, R.W., 1995:
Growth and tissue accretion of lambs fed concentrate in drylot, grazed on alfalfa or ryegrass at weaning, or after backgrounding on ryegrass

Martin, C.A.; Stutz, J.C.; Kimball, B.A.; Idso, S.B.; Akey, D.H., 1995:
Growth and topological changes of Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f. 'Eureka' in response to high temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide

Klimchuk, D.A.; Tairbekov, M.G.; Martyn, G.M., 1995:
Growth and ultrastructural organization of plant cells in vitro under conditions of microgravity

Galway, M.E.; Heckman, J.W.; Schiefelbein, J.W., 1997:
Growth and ultrastructure of Arabidopsis root hairs: the rhd3 mutation alters vacuole enlargement and tip growth

Bisen, P.K.; Sarawgi, A.K.; Sahu, R.M., 1993:
Growth and variability of major crops in Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh

Renhorn, K.E.; Esseen, P.A.; Palmqvist, K.; Sundberg, B., 1997:
Growth and vitality of epiphytic lichens. I. Responses to microclimate along a forest edge-interior gradient

Sundberg, B.; Palmqvist, K.; Esseen, P.A.; Renhorn, K.E., 1997:
Growth and vitality of epiphytic lichens. II. Modelling of carbon gain using field and laboratory data

Onisei, T.; Toth, E.T.; Gafta, C., 1995:
Growth and volatile oil production of two different vitroclones of Pelargonium roseum Ait

Amin, R.; Thomas, H., 1996:
Growth and water relations of diverse populations of Lolium perenne exposed to drought in field, glasshouse and controlled environment

Malinowski, D.; Leuchtmann, A.; Schmidt, D.; Nosberger, J., 1997:
Growth and water status in meadow fescue is affected by Neotyphodium and Phialophora species endophytes

Honeysett, J.L.; White, D.A.; Worledge, D.; Beadle, C.L., 1996:
Growth and water use of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens in irrigated and rainfed plantations

Myers, B.J.; Theiveyanathan, S.; O'Brien, N.D.; Bond, W.J., 1996:
Growth and water use of Eucalyptus grandis and Pinus radiata plantations irrigated with effluent

Mishiro, A.; Kim, B.R.; Okano, T., 1996:
Growth and wood properties of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) in Japan

Arora, A.L.; Narula, H.K., 1996:
Growth and wool production performance of Malpura lambs and their F1 crosses with Awassi

Khawas, B.; Bhattacharjee, I., 1996:
Growth and yield analysis of summer mung bean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) by canopy reflectance

Sharma, P.N.; Sharma, O.P., 1994:
Growth and yield attributes of French bean as affected by virus and/or fungal infections

Ravindra Singh; Meena, N.L.; Godara, A.S., 1996:
Growth and yield attributes of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) as influenced by phosphorus, zinc sulphate and plant growth regulator

Barik, K.C., 1997:
Growth and yield characteristics of sabaigrass (Eulaliopsis binata) germplasms

Ashari, S.; Basuki, N.; Ardiarini, N.R., 1996:
Growth and yield characteristics of several sweet potato clones at two locations

Latif, M.A.; Chowdhury, J.A.; Das, S.; Rahman, M.F.; Habib, M.A., 1995:
Growth and yield models for gamar (Gmelina arborea) grown in the plantations in Bangladesh

Hrotko, K.; Vegvari, G.; Nadosy, F.; Fuzessery, A., 1996:
Growth and yield of 'Erdi botermo' sour cherry trees grafted on inbred (S2) Mahaleb seedlings

Siarot, P.T., 1993:
Growth and yield of 11-year-old Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen provenances in PICOP

Vieira, M. do C.; Zarate, N.A.H.; Siqueira, J.G. de; Casali, V.W.D., 1996:
Growth and yield of Arracacia xanthorrhiza as a function of characteristics of cuttings

Rajbir Singh; Panwar, K.S., 1996:
Growth and yield of Brassica napus (L.) as affected by intercropping with various pulses and oilseeds

Rao, G.G.; Yadav, R.K., 1997:
Growth and yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) as influenced by foliar application of potassium on saline black soils

Heineman, A.M.; Otieno, H.J.O.; Mengich, E.K.; Amadalo, B.A., 1995:
Growth and yield of Leucaena and Gliricidia in Western Kenya and their effect on maize yields

Suh JongTaek; Kim WonBae; Ryu SeungYeal; Choi KwanSoon; Kim ByeongHyeon; Kim JeongKan; Hahn ByeongHee, 1994:
Growth and yield of Pimpinella brachycarpa Nakai by various shading net treatments under rain-shielding conditions in alpine area

Kim ChangBae; Lee HyunSook; Kim ChangKil; Yoon JaeTak; Choi BooSull, 1995:
Growth and yield of Solidago virga-aurea var. asiatica Nakai as affected by planting date and nursing days

J.J.ngIl; Kim ChilHyun; Moon ChangSik; Kim ChangYong; Cho ChangHwan, 1995:
Growth and yield of barley broadcasted before rice harvest

Ferguson, J.J., 1994:
Growth and yield of bearing and non-bearing citrus trees fertilized with fresh and processed chicken manure

Bijarnia, H.S.; Dixit, V.S., 1996:
Growth and yield of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.) as affected by sulphur

Jadhav, A.G.; Shinde, S.H.; Pol, P.S., 1995:
Growth and yield of cowpea varieties as influenced by seeding dates

Farghali, M.A., 1995:
Growth and yield of eggplant in relation to number of lateral roots at transplanting

Oda, M.; Okada, K.; Sasaki, H.; Akazawa, S.; Sei, M., 1997:
Growth and yield of eggplants grafted by a newly developed robot

Ashoub, A.H., 1995:
Growth and yield of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) as affected by intercropping with safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

Amaducci, M.T.; Benati, R.; Venturi, G., 1995 :
Growth and yield of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) under varying water regimes

Massai, R.; Piccotino, D.; Raffaelli, M.; Xiloyannis, C.; Baroni, G., 1997:
Growth and yield of kiwifruit vines planted at different distances along the row

Hammam, G.Y., 1995:
Growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) as affected by N source and time of application

Abd E.Samie, F.S., 1994:
Growth and yield of maize as affected by N-levels and preceding winter crops

E.Demerdash, M.E., 1994:
Growth and yield of maize plants as affected by bacterization with diazotrophs and supplementation with half the dose of N-fertilizer

A.A.dulsalam, M.A.; Reiad, M.S.; E.N.aim, A.A., 1997:
Growth and yield of maize, grain sorghum and pop corn in relation to clipping height

Nanang, D.M.; Day, R.J.; Amaligo, J.N., 1997:
Growth and yield of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) plantations in Northern Ghana

Vachhani, M.U.; Patel, Z.G., 1993:
Growth and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.) as influenced by levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash under south Gujarat conditions

Gealy, D.R.; Boerboom, C.M.; Ogg, A.G.J., 1995:
Growth and yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.) and lentil (Lens culinaris L.) sprayed with low rates of sulfonylurea and phenoxy herbicides

E.H.bbasha, K.M.; Adam, S.M.; Rizk, F.A., 1996:
Growth and yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants as affected by plant density and foliar potassium application

Pradhan, A.C.; Sarkar, S.K., 1993:
Growth and yield of rape-seed mustard varieties as influenced by sulphur and boron application

Silberstein, T.B.; Chastain, T.G.; Young, W.C.I.I., 1996:
Growth and yield of red clover seed crops treated with paclobutrazol and uniconazol

Yoshii, M.; Murakami, K.; Horiuchi, E., 1996:
Growth and yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants by non-tillage and transplant systems

Yang ChwenMing; Hsiang WeiMin, 1994:
Growth and yield of rice as affected by soil water deficits

Arya, M.P.S.; Raghuvir Singh; Agrawal, A.K., 1997:
Growth and yield of ricebean (Vigna umbellata) under different dates of sowing and seed rates

Hashemi Dezfouli, A., 1994:
Growth and yield of safflower as affected by drought stress

Nawaz, H.; Saeed, M.; Iqbal, M.M.hsin; Shah, S.M.hmood; Mohammad, W., 1994:
Growth and yield of seed-cotton as influenced by micronutrients

Nadagouda, V.B.; Patil, C.V.; Desai, B.K.; Manjappa, K., 1997:
Growth and yield of seven tree species under high density planting and irrigation

Krishna Sharma; Neelu Walia, 1996:
Growth and yield of soybean Glycine max (L.) Merrill. as influenced by light intensity and cytokinin

Dressel, J.; Weigelt, W., 1995:
Growth and yield of spring rape in relation to varied nitrogen and sulfur nutrition

Bindra, A.D.; Kharwara, P.C., 1994:
Growth and yield of spring sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in relation to nitrogen levels and plant population

Gajendra Giri, 1996:
Growth and yield of sunflower as influenced by time of seeding and plant density during spring season

Chaurasia, R.; Dhaliwal, S.S.; Sharma, P.K.; Mahi, G.S., 1995:
Growth and yield of sunflower in relation to canopy temperature

Amateis, R.L.; Radtke, P.J.; Burkhart, H.E., 1996:
Growth and yield of thinned and unthinned plantations

Singh, D.N.; Tripathy, P., 1995:
Growth and yield of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) genotypes in wet season on entisol of Orissa

Sitarek, M.; Grzyb, Z.S.; Kozinski, B., 1995:
Growth and yield of two plum cultivars on different rootstocks in the first three years after planting

Prawato, A.A.; Atmawinata, O., 1996:
Growth and yield of upland rice and cocoa on cocoa area pruned by pruning system for eradication (PSE)

Ghosh, D.C.; Mandal, B.P.; Malik, G.C., 1997:
Growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum) as influenced by fertility level and seed-soaking agro-chemicals

Fares, C.N., 1997:
Growth and yield of wheat plants as affected by biofertilization with associative, symbiotic N2-fixers and endomycorrhizae in the presence of different P-fertilizers

Wheeler, T.R.; Batts, G.R.; Ellis, R.H.; Hadley, P.; Morison, J.I.L., 1996:
Growth and yield of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) crops in response to CO2 and temperature

Nandi, A.; Tripathy, P.; Samal, K.M.; Lenka, D., 1995:
Growth and yield performance of pole French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) mutant lines in Orissa, India

Kim, J.G.; Park, G.J.; Kim, G.Y.; Han, M.S., 1996:
Growth and yield performance of selected forage crops cultivated on imperfectly drained paddy field under subsurface drainage by PVC pipes

Marca, O. la; Scotti, R.; Tomaiuolo, M., 1995:
Growth and yield research on Douglas fir plantations in several regions of southern Italy

Naskar, S.K.; Chowdhury, S.R.y, 1994:
Growth and yield response of eight sweet potato lines

Ziska, L.H.; Namuco, O.; Moya, T.; Quilang, J., 1997:
Growth and yield response of field-grown tropical rice to increasing carbon dioxide and air temperature

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Growth and yield responses of field-grown sweetpotato to elevated carbon dioxide

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