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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2860

Chapter 2860 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sison, N. F.; Hanaki, K.; Matsuo, T., 1995: High loading denitrification by biological activated carbon process

Martinez, B. F.; Figueroa, J. D.C..; Larios, S. A., 1996: High lysine extruded products of quality protein maize

Webster, Carl I.; Packman, Leonard C.; Pwee, Keng Hock; Gray, John C., 1997: High mobility group proteins HMG-1 and HMG-I/Y bind to a positive regulatory region of the pea plastocyanin gene promoter

Hill, W. J.; Secrist, D. S.; Owens, F. N.; Koevering, M. T. van; Strasia, C. A.; Gill, D. R., 1995: High moisture ear-corn with no added roughage for feedlot steers

Hine, W. S., 1995: High moisture non-fat cheese sauce

Vassella, Erik; Boshart, Michael, 1996: High molecular mass agarose matrix supports growth of bloodstream forms of pleomorphic Trypanosoma brucei strains in axenic culture

Hansel, H.; Seibert, L.; Groger, S.; Lelley, T., 1994: High molecular weight (HMW) glutenin subunits of 22 high-quality winter wheats bred in Austria since 1948 and their parents. Genetic yield increase and quality stabilization while retaining the Glu-B1/Glu-D1 combination 7+9/5+10

Hewstone O, N.; Hinrichsen R, P., 1994: High molecular weight glutenin subunit composition of Chilean bread wheats (Triticum aestivum L.)

Hemphill, Andrew.; Williams, Norman E., 1995: High molecular weight proteins associated with the basal body in African trypanosomes

Rodriguez, J. L.; Poveda, J. B.; Oros, J.; Herraez, P.; Sierra, M. A.; Fernandez, A., 1995: High mortality in goats associated with the isolation of a strain of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (Large Colony Type)

Garin, B.; Glaziou, P.; Kassa Kelembho, E.; Yassibanda, S.; Mbelesso, P.; Morvan, J., 1997: High mortality rates among patients with tuberculosis in Bangui, Central African Republic

Frazzi, E.; Calegari, F., 1995: High natural windiness in open barns for relieving dairy cows

Peladan, J.G.; Lemmel, H.; Pujol, R., 1996: High nitrification rate with upflow biofiltration

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859014

Larsson, Stig; Glynn, Carolyn; Hoglund, Solveig, 1995: High oviposition rate of Dasineura marginemtorquens on Salix viminalis genotypes unsuitable for offspring survival

Day, B. P. F., 1996: High oxygen modified atmosphere packaging for fresh prepared produce

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859017

Anonymous, 1996: High performance computational methods for biological sequence analysis

Anklam, E.; Muller, A.; Schmalfuss, J., 1995: High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of Patent Blue V in cheese

Indyk, H. E.; Edwards, M. J.; Woollard, D. C., 1996: High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of lactose-hydrolysed milk

Tan, Henry S. I.; Ramachandran, Pushpa; Cacini, William, 1996: High performance liquid chromatographic assay of amprolium and ethopabate in chicken feed using solid-phase extraction

Cserhati, Tibor; Forgacs, Esther; Kiss, Veronika, 1995: High performance liquid chromatographic detection of a strongly retained pigment fraction in Capsicum annuum

Kuan, J. W.; Pepperman, A. B., 1996: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of alachlor in alginate-based formulations

Delhom, N.; Balanant, Y.; Ader, J. C.; Lattes, A., 1996: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of diazinon in polymeric matrix

Hormazabal, Victor; Yndestad, Magne, 1997: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of dihydrostreptomycin sulfate in kidney and meat using post column derivatization

Sundaram, K. M. S., 1997: High performance liquid chromatographic method for the assay of tebufenozide insecticide in suspension formulations

Arduini, Arduino; Peschechera, Alessandro; Dottori, Secondo; Sciarroni, Anna Floriana; Serafini, Federico; Calvani, Menotti, 1996: High performance liquid chromatography of long-chain acylcarnitine and phospholipids in fatty acid turnover studies

D'suze, G.; Corona, F.; Possani, L. D.; Sevcik, C., 1996: High performance liquid chromatography purification and amino acid sequence of toxins from the muscarinic fraction of Tityus discrepans scorpion venom

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859032

Maugle, P. D., 1995: High performance liquid chromatography with ion pairing and enzyme peak shifting for the simultaneous determination of three vitamer C forms

Richling, E.; Herderich, M.; Schreier, P., 1996: High performance liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS-MS) for the analysis of heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA)

Fath, H. E. S., 1997: High performance of a simple design, two effects, solar distillation unit

Hanselmann, E., 1996: High performance sport with children and young people

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859038

Corti, P.; Mazzei, E.; Ferri, S.; Franchi, G. G.; Dreassi, E., 1996: High performance thin layer chromatographic quantitative analysis of picrocrocin and crocetin, active principles of saffron (Crocus sativus L.-Iridaceae): a new method

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859040

Mochizuki, T., 1994: High pigment genes as high vitamin C sources in tomato breeding

Cortes, S.; Schoneich, O.; Simon, E.; Tejeda, T., 1996: High planting density of coffee (Coffea arabica Lin) variety Caturra; its effect on yield and its components

Widmaier, E. P.; Gornstein, E. R.; Hennessey, J. L.; Bloss, J. M.; Greenberg, J. A.; Kunz, T. H., 1996: High plasma cholesterol, but low triglycerides and plaque-free arteries, in Mexican free-tailed bats

Strandberg, Timo E.; Tilvis, Reijo S.; Lindberg, Otto; Valvanne, Jaakko; Sairanen, Sirpa; Ehnholm, Christian; Tuomilehto, Jaakko, 1996: High plasma insulin is associated with lower LDL cholesterol in elderly individuals

Kremsner, P. G.; Winkler, S.; Wildling, E.; Prada, J.; Bienzle, U.; Graninger, W.; Nussler, A. K., 1996: High plasma levels of nitrogen oxides are associated with severe disease and correlate with rapid parasitological and clinical cure in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859047

Oertel, C.; Schubert, V.; Junghanns, W. R.; Schuster, M., 1997: High powdery mildew resistance in Triticum aestivum L. derived via introgression from T. durum Desf

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859049

Sigbjorn, B., 1996: High pressure at Tetra Pak

Krishnan, C. V.; Rambabu, P., 1996: High pressure boilers for bagasse based cogeneration

Galazka, Vb; Ledward, Da; Dickinson, E; Langley, Kr, 1995: High pressure effects on emulsifying behavior of whey protein concentrate

Schrader, K.; Buchheim, W.; Morr, C. V., 1997: High pressure effects on the colloidal calcium phosphate and the structural integrity of micellar casein in milk. 1. High pressure dissolution of colloidal calcium phosphate in heated milk systems

Kohata, K.; Higashio, H., 1995: High pressure treatment accelerates germination of winged bean seeds

Federighi, M.; Vidon, M.; Mescle, J. F.; Pilet, M. F., 1995: High pressure treatment of food bibliographic review. 1. Equipment, method and effects on food constituents

Cheftel, Jean Claude, 1995: High pressure, microbial inactivation and food preservation

Van Camp, J.; Feys, G.; Huyghebaert, A., 1996: High pressure-induced gel formation of haemoglobin and whey proteins at elevated temperatures

Degraeve, P.; Lemay, P., 1997: High pressure-induced modulation of the activity and stability of Escherichia coli (lac Z) beta -galactosidase: potential applications

Malgor, R.; Oku, Y.; Gallardo, R.; Yarzabal, L., 1996: High prevalence of Ancylostoma spp. infection in dogs, associated with endemic focus of human cutaneous larva migrans, in Tacuarembo, Uruguay

Hagiwara, Katsuro; Kawamoto, Satoshi; Takahashi, Hirokazu; Nakamura, Yurie; Nakaya, Takaaki; Hiramune, Takashi; Ishihara, Chiaki; Ikuta, Kazuyoshi, 1997: High prevalence of Borna disease virus infection in healthy sheep in Japan

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859063

Laakkonen, Juha, 1995: High prevalence of Pneumocystis carinii in Sorex araneus in Finland

Jelinek, T.; Loscher, T.; Nothdurft, H. D., 1996: High prevalence of antibodies against circumsporozoite antigen of Plasmodium falciparum without development of symptomatic malaria in travellers returning from sub-Saharan Africa

Andrade, A. L. S. S. de; Martelli, C. M. T.; Oliveira, R. M.; Arias, J. R.; Zicker, F.; Pang, L., 1995: High prevalence of asymptomatic malaria in gold mining area in Brazil

Sharma, Y. D.; Biswas, S.; Pillai, C. R.; Ansari, M. A.; Adak, T.; Devi, C. Usha, 1996: High prevalence of chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum infection in Rajasthan epidemic

Simonart, T.; Vooren, J. P. van; Noel, J. C.; Liesnard, C.; Farber, C. M.; Parent, D., 1997: High prevalence of cutaneous viral infections in AIDS patients with Kaposi's sarcoma: insight into the role of human herpesvirus 8?

Krugner Higby, L.; Wolden Hanson, T.; Gendron, A.; Atkinson, R. L., 1996: High prevalence of gastric trichobezoars (hair balls) in Wistar-Kyoto rats fed a semi-purified diet

Frankel, Renee E.; Selwyn, Peter A.; Mezger, Joanne; Andrews, Susan, 1997: High prevalence of gynecologic disease among hospitalized women with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Soliman, Ashraf T.; El Nawawy, Ahmed A.; El Azzouni, Omar F.; Amer, E. A.; Demian, S. R.; El Sayed, M. H., 1996: High prevalence of islet cell antibody and defective insulin release in children with schistosomiasis

Rota, Carmina; Yanguela, Javier; Blanco, Domingo; Carraminana, Juan J.; Arino, Agustin; Herrera, Antonio, 1996: High prevalence of multiple resistance to antibiotics in 144 Listeria isolates from Spanish dairy and meat products

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859074

Al Nuaim, A. R.; Al Rubeaan, K.; Al Mazrou, Y.; Al Attas, O.; Al Daghari, N.; Khoja, T., 1996: High prevalence of overweight and obesity in Saudi Arabia

Esposito Del Puente, A.; Contaldo, F.; Filippo, E. de; Scalfi, L.; Maio, S. di; Franzese, A.; Valerio, G.; Rubino, A., 1996: High prevalence of overweight in a children population living in Naples (Italy)

Grill, J.; Rakotomalala, W.; Andriantsimahavandy, A.; Boisier, P.; Guyon, P.; Roux, J.; Esterre, P., 1996: High prevalence of serological markers of cysticercosis among epileptic Malagasy children

Ntoumi, F.; Mercereau Puijalon, O.; Luty, A.; Georges, A.; Millet, P., 1996: High prevalence of the third form of merozoite surface protein-1 in Plasmodium falciparum in asymptomatic children in Gabon

Lin HongBao; Chang YunJun; Zao Ping; Li WeiYing, 1997: High production techniques for Kyoho grape variety by simplified 2 trellis culture system

Raju, T.; Srinivasan, C. S., 1996: High production technology for coffee in the Pulneys in Tamilnadu

Barrie, A.; Brookes, S. T.; Prosser, S. J.; Debney, S., 1995: High productivity analysis of 15N and 13C in soil/plant research

Majid, A.; Haroon, S.; Joarder, G. K., 1995: High protein feed from vegetable waste

Epifanov, V. S.; Malysheva, L. I., 1994: High protein mixtures

Mcniven, M. A.; Castell, A. G., 1996: High protein soybean as a source of protein and energy for starter pigs

Gonze, M., 1996: High purity erythritol for new health food applications

Letchamo, W.; Gosselin, A., 1996: High quality camomile for North American commercial processing

Andreini, R., 1997: High quality is an art

Ng, F. S. P., 1996: High quality planting stock - has research made a difference?

Rose, P. D.; Maart, B. A.; Dunn, K. M.; Rowswell, R. A.; Britz, P., 1996: High rate algal oxidation ponding for the treatment of tannery effluents

Mikawa, Kazuhiro; Emori, Hiroyoshi; Takeshima, Tadashi; Ishiyama, Eiichi; Tanaka, Kazuhiro, 1996: High rate and compact two-stage post-denitrification process with single-sludge pre-denitrification

Abou Elela, S. I.; Ashmawy, A.; Aly, H. I.; Ahmed, H. M., 1995: High rate settler in biological system for oil and soap wastewater treatment

Lier, J. B. van; Boersma, F.; Debets, M. M. W. H.; Lettinga, G., 1994: High rate thermophilic anaerobic wastewater treatment in compartmentalized upflow reactors

Stark, J. M.; Hart, S. C., 1996: High rates of nitrification and nitrate turnover in undisturbed coniferous forests

Henry, A.M.; Damerval, C., 1997: High rates of polymorphism and recombination at the Opaque-2 locus in cultivated maize

Sprtova, M.; Marek, M. V., 1996: High rates of solar radiation - an important natural stress factor of the photosynthetic activity of montane Norway spruce stands

Carnell, C. D., 1996: High reflective white on black mulch plastics in hot climates

Nurhidayah, T; Horn, R; Rocher, T; Friedt, W., 1996: High regeneration rates in anther culture of interspecific sunflower hybrids

Gruden, J. F.; Huang, L.; Turner, J.; Webb, W. R.; Merrifield, C.; Stansell, J. D.; Gamsu, G.; Hopewell, P. C., 1997: High resolution CT in the evaluation of clinically suspected Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in AIDS patients with normal, equivocal, or nonspecific radiographic findings

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Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859101

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859102

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859104

Miyamoto, M.; Ando, I.; Rybka, K.; Kodama, O.; Kawasaki, S., 1996: High resolution mapping of the indica-derived rice blast resistance genes. I. Pi-b

Rybka, K.; Miyamoto, M.; Ando, I.; Saito, A.; Kawasaki, S., 1997: High resolution mapping of the indica-derived rice blast resistance genes. II. Pit-ta2 and Pi-ta and a consideration of their origin

Xu Jie; Earle, E. D., 1996: High resolution physical mapping of 45S (5.8S, 18S and 25S) rDNA gene loci in the tomato genome using a combination of karyotyping and FISH of pachytene chromosomes

Furr, Martin; Chickering, William R.; Robertson, John, 1997: High resolution protein electrophoresis of equine cerebrospinal fluid

Prat, Roger; Paresys, Gerard, 1995: High resolution study of plant cell growth kinetics

Grochowska, Maria J.; Hodun, Malgorzata; Mika, Augustyn; Morgas, Halina; Chlebowska, Danuta, 1995: High responsiveness of apple trees to single application of growth regulators to the root collar

Zaslonkin, V. P., 1995: High responsiveness of lucerne to fertilizers

Leonard, Thierry; Foulon, Christine; Samuel Lajeunesse, Bertrand; Melchior, Jean Claude; Rigaud, Daniel; Apfelbaum, Marian, 1996: High resting energy expenditure in normal-weight bulimics and its normalization with control of eating behaviour

Sasaki, Hidetsugu; Iwasaki, Takaaki; Kato, Shuichi; Tada, Norio, 1995: High retinol/retinol-binding protein ratio in noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859114

Pocecco, M.; Buratti, E.; Tommasini, A.; Torre, G.; Not, T., 1997: High risk of Helicobacter pylori infection associated with cow's milk antibodies in young diabetics

Graves, William R.; Aiello, Anthony S., 1997: High root-zone temperature causes similar changes in water relations and growth of silver maples from 33 degrees and 44 degrees N latitude

Geater, Christine A.; Nonnecke, Gail R.; Graves, William R.; Aiello, Anthony S.; Dilley, Craig A., 1997: High root-zone temperatures inhibit growth and development of Fragaria species

Warne, T. R.; Hickok, L. G.; Kinraide, T. B.; Vogelien, D. L., 1996: High salinity tolerance in the stl2 mutation of Ceratopteris richardii is associated with enhanced K+ influx and loss

Farrell, M., 1996: High school composting on the farm

Newcombe, P. A.; Boyle, G. J., 1995: High school students' sports personalities: variations across participation level, gender, type of sport, and success

Bailey, J., 1996: High seas fishing: towards a sustainable regime

Arima, Y.; Shirai, M., 1996: High sensitivity of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in root nodule formation and dinitrogen fixation to basally dressed combined-nitrogen a comparative study with soybean

Weigler, B. J.; Babineau, C. A.; Sherry, B.; Nasisse, M. P., 1997: High sensitivity polymerase chain reaction assay for active and latent feline herpesvirus-1 infections in domestic cats

Arai, T.; Kaneko, H.; Takagi, H.; Ogino, T.; Sasaki, M.; Matsumoto, H.; Sugawara, M., 1996: High sensitivity to streptozotocin in herbivorous voles, Microtus arvalis, compared to mice

Van Gool, Tom; Vetter, J. C. M.; Weinmayr, B.; Van Dam, A.; Derouin, F.; Dankert, J., 1997: High seroprevalence of Encephalitozoon species in immunocompetent subjects

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859126

Penney, D.; Goddard, T.; Roberts, T. L., 1996: High soil variability leads to under-fertilization

Martin, Mary E.; Aber, John D., 1997: High spectral resolution remote sensing of forest canopy lignin, nitrogen, and ecosystem processes

Ahle, H. P., 1997: High speed filling

Teague, T. G.; Tugwell, N. P., 1996: High speed transplanting of cotton for trap crops - a possible tactic for midsouth boll weevil eradication

Kang SooWoong; Kwon JinHyeuk; Kim HeeKyu, 1997: High sporulating medium for Cercospora kaki causing persimmon angular leaf spot

Rahman, Shaikh Mizanur; Takagi, Yutaka; Miyamoto, Kei; Kawakita, Tetsuya, 1995: High stearic acid soybean mutant induced by X-ray irradiation

Wambolt, C. L.; Watts, M. J., 1996: High stocking rate potential for controlling Wyoming big sagebrush

Yano, H.; Ozaki, M.; Hata, T., 1997: High strength plastic-like composites from hardboard

Tsubouchi, Kozo; Akahane, Tsuneko; Imai, Tsuneo, 1997: High strength silk fiber obtained from super fine filament of silkworm cocoon treated with bioactive substances

Zador, D.; Wall, P. M. Lyons; Webster, I., 1996: High sugar intake in a group of women on methadone maintenance in South Western Sydney, Australia

Krause, Gh; Virgo, A; Winter, K., 1995: High susceptibility to photoinhibition of young leaves of tropical forest trees

Pszczola, D. E., 1997: High technology: taking ingredients to a new level

Kolb, Peter F.; Robberecht, Ronald, 1996: High temperature and drought stress effects on survival of Pinus ponderosa seedlings

Vilegas, J. H. Y.; Lancas, F. M.; Antoniosi Filho, N. R., 1995: High temperature capillary GC analysis of phytopreparations of Espinheira Santa (Maytenus ilicifolia M. and Maytenus aquifolium M. - Celastraceae), a Brazilian antiulcer plant

Vansteenkiste, D.; Stevens, M.; Acker, J. van, 1997: High temperature drying of fresh sawn poplar wood in an experimental convective dryer

Viti, R.; Monteleone, P., 1995: High temperature influence on the presence of flower bud anomalies in two apricot varieties characterized by different productivity

Sanwal, S. K.; Baswana, K. S.; Dhingra, H. R., 1997: High temperature tolerance in egg plant: stigma, anther and pollen studies

Behl, R. K.; Heise, K. P.; Moawad, A. M., 1996: High temperature tolerance in relation to changes in lipids in mutant wheat

Grams, Thorsten E. E.; Kluge, Manfred; Luettge, Ulrich, 1995: High temperature-adapted plants of Kalanchoe daigremontiana show changes in temperature dependence of the endogenous CAM rhythm

Arveby, G., 1995: High time for action against hospital starvation. A nutritional study of a ward and suggested improvements

Tsunoda, Kunio; Nagashima, Koji; Takahashi, Munezoh, 1997: High tolerance of wood-destroying brown-rot fungi to copper-based fungicides

Williams, D. W.; Muller, F.; Lavender, F. L.; Orban, L.; Maclean, N., 1996: High transgene activity in the yolk syncytial layer affects quantitative transient expression assays in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos

Guthrie, A., 1997: High turf standards at Highfield Road

Souleres, G., 1997: High value broadleaves: standing timber prices and price changes for the period 1955-95. I

Souleres, G., 1997: High value broadleaves: standing timber prices and price changes for the period 1955-95. II

Schultz, H. R.; Matthews, M. A., 1997: High vapour pressure deficit exacerbates xylem cavitation and photoinhibition in shade-grown Piper auritum H.B. & K. during prolonged sunflecks. I. Dynamics of plant water relations

Marti, Eugenia; Sabater, Francesc, 1996: High variability in temporal and spatial nutrient retention in Mediterranean streams

Ajayi, O. A.; Clarke, B., 1997: High velocity impact of maize kernels

Jamieson, Beth D.; Uittenbogaart, Christel H.; Schmid, Ingrid; Zack, Jerome A., 1997: High viral burden and rapid CD4+ cell depletion in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected SCID-hu mice suggest direct viral killing of thymocytes in vivo

Gupta, P.; Mellors, J.; Kingsley, L.; Riddler, S.; Singh, M. K.; Schreiber, S.; Cronin, M.; Rinaldo, C. R., 1997: High viral load in semen of human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected men at all stages of disease and its reduction by therapy with protease and nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors

Zhang WeiJin; Bai LiMing; Jiang ShuXian; Liu YaFei; Zhang Wei, 1995: High yield technology for summer-sown groundnut cv. Yuhua No. 6

Jayanthi, C.; Veerabadran, V.; Chinnusamy, C., 1996: High yielding fodder grass suitable for north western zone of Tamil Nadu

Anonymous, 1997: High yielding guggul cultivar released

Madalageri, B. B.; Dharmatti, P. R.; Hosammani, R. M.; Hulamani, N. C.; Madalageri, M. B., 1994: High yielding potato genotypes for rainfed culture of transitional tract

Zote, K. K.; Khapre, P. R.; Pawar, N. B.; Pawar, G. G.; Shrirama, M. D.; Sable, K. R.; Dahiwal, A. L.; Dhutraj, D. N., 1995: High yielding wilt and sterility mosaic resistant pigeonpea variety released for cultivation in Maharashtra, India

Amaya, A. T.; Garza Ortega, S., 1996: High yields of summer squash lines and hybrid combinations

Reeves, Pg; Briske-Anderson, M; Newman, Sm Jr, 1996: High zinc concentrations in culture media affect copper uptake and transport in differentiated human colon adenocarcinoma cells

Gupton, Creighton L.; Spiers, James M., 1996: High zinc concentrations in the growing medium contribute to chlorosis in blueberry

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859167

Jacobs, K. A.; Spravka, M., 1996: High- and low-performing crabapples during abnormally severe apple scab conditions

Graham, K. C.; Ellis, S. D.; Williams, C. D.; Kwak, E. C.; Werner, P. H., 1996: High- and low-skilled students' academic achievement and instructional performance in a 6-week badminton unit

Kubelik, Ar; Szabo, Lj, 1995: High-GC primers are useful in RAPD analysis of fungi

Anonymous, 1996: High-Tech in the bio orchard

Hanania, Uri; Avni, Adi, 1997: High-affinity binding site for ethylene-inducing xylanase elicitor on Nicotiana tabacum membranes

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859175

Logan, P. M.; Muller, N. L., 1996: High-attenuation mucous plugging in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Wendell, R. R.; Ritchey, K. D., 1996: High-calcium flue gas desulfurization products reduce aluminium toxicity in an Appalachian soil

Anonymous, 1995: High-capacity pulp press HP4000 - 1994 campaign results

Brinegar, C.; Sine, B.; Nwokocha, L., 1996: High-cysteine 2S seed storage proteins from quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)

Cogny, Anne; Atger, Veronique; Paul, Jean Louis; Soni, Theophile; Moatti, Nicole, 1996: High-density lipoprotein 3 physicochemical modifications induced by interaction with human polymorphonuclear leucocytes affect their ability to remove cholesterol from cells

Williams, Paul T., 1996: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol and other risk factors for coronary heart disease in female runners

Assmann, G.; Schulte, H.; Eckardstein, A. von; Huang, Y., 1996: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol as a predictor of coronary heart disease risk. The PROCAM experience and pathophysiological implications for reverse cholesterol transport

Lake, Julie, 1995: High-density planting of macadamia nuts

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859187

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859189

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859190

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859191

Mengiste, T.; Amedeo, P.; Paszkowski, J., 1997: High-efficiency transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana with a selectable marker gene regulated by the T-DNA 1' promoter

Bower, R; Elliott, Ar; Potier, Bam; Birch, Rg, 1996: High-efficiency, microprojectile-mediated cotransformation of sugarcane, using visible or selectable markers

Wiser, Susan K.; Peet, Robert K.; White, Peter S., 1996: High-elevation rock outcrop vegetation of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859196

Donnen, Philippe; Dramaix, Michele; Brasseur, Daniel; Mihanda, Richard Bitwe; Fazili, Sekele; Treche, Serge, 1996: High-energy-density gruels in the treatment of hospitalized children suffering from mainly protein malnutrition in Zaire

Birt, Diane F.; Barnett, Tracy; Pour, Parviz M.; Copenhaver, James, 1996: High-fat diet blocks the inhibition of skin carcinogenesis and reductions in protein kinase C by moderate energy restriction

Hilakivi Clarke, Leena; Cho, Elizabeth; Onojafe, Ighovie, 1996: High-fat diet induces aggressive behavior in male mice and rats

Guo, Feng; Jen, K.L. Catherine, 1995: High-fat feeding during pregnancy and lactation affects offspring metabolism in rats

Del Moral, Maria Luisa; Esteban, Francisco Jose; Torres, Maria Isabel; Camacho, Maria Victoria; Hernandez, Raquel; Jimenez, Ana; Aranegea, Amelia; Pedrosa, Juan Angel; Peinado, Maria Angeles, 1997: High-fat sunflower and olive oil diets affect serum lipid levels in steatotic rat liver differently

Wolf, G., 1996: High-fat, high-cholesterol diet raises plasma HDL cholesterol: studies on the mechanism of this effect

Chengalrayan, K; Mhaske, Vb; Hazra, S., 1997: High-frequency conversion of abnormal peanut somatic embryos

Guo, Yd; Pulli, S., 1996: High-frequency embryogenesis in Brassica campestris microspore culture

Resnik, J.; Sernek, M.; Kamke, F. A., 1997: High-frequency heating of wood with moisture content gradient

Merrihew, Raymond V.; Marburger, K.; Pennington, Sandra L.; Roth, David B.; Wilson, John H., 1996: High-frequency illegitimate integration of transfected DNA at preintegrated target sites in a mammalian genome

Kim, M. K.; Sommer, H. E.; Bongarten, B. C.; Merkle, S. A., 1997: High-frequency induction of adventitious shoots from hypocotyl segments of Liquidambar styraciflua L. by thidiazuron

Akagi, H.; Shimada, H.; Fujimura, T., 1996: High-frequency inter-parental recombination between mitochondrial genomes of rice cybrids

Sardo, V. I.; Germana, C., 1995: High-frequency microirrigation for environmental control and increased water application efficiency

Fekete, Csaba; Giczey, Gabor; Papp, Istvan; Szabo, Laszlo; Hornok, Laszlo, 1995: High-frequency occurrence of virus-like particles with double-stranded RNA genome in Fusarium poae

Tetsumura, Takuya; Yukinaga, Hisajiro, 1996: High-frequency shoot regeneration from roots of Japanese persimmon

Ozawa, K; Ling, Dh; Komamine, A., 1996: High-frequency somatic embryogenesis from small suspension-cultured clusters of cells of an interspecific hybrid of Oryza

Han KyungHwan; Gordon, M. P.; Strauss, S. H., 1997: High-frequency transformation of cottonwoods (genus Populus) by Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Casal, Jj; Clough, Rc; Vierstra, Rd, 1996: High-irradiance responses induced by far-red light in grass seedlings of the wild type or overexpressing phytochrome A

Vecchio, A. J. del, 1996: High-laurate canola. How Calgene's program began, where it's headed

Mehlhorn, Ingrid; Groth, Darlene; Stockel, Johannes; Moffat, Barbara; Reilly, Dorothea; Yansura, Daniel; Willett, W. Scott; Baldwin, Michael; Fletterick, Robert; Cohen, Fred E.; Vandlen, Richard; Henner, Dennis; Prusiner, Stanley B., 1996: High-level expression and characterization of a purified 142-residue polypeptide of the prion protein

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859222

Lundstrom, Kenneth; Mills, Anns; Allet, Elisabeth; Ceszkowski, Karin; Agudo, Georges; Chollet, Andre; Liljestrom, Peter, 1995: High-level expression of G protein-coupled receptors with the aid of the Semliki Forest virus expression system

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859224

Section 3, Chapter 2860, Accession 002859227

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