Section 3
Chapter 2,862

Hydrolysis of carbohydrates in the gastro-intestinal tract of pigs on a diet containing varying amounts of fibre

Epifanov, V.G.; Gorodetskaya, A.A.

Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 6: 81-93


ISSN/ISBN: 0131-6397
Accession: 002861905

Large White pigs, 150 days old, with duodenal re-entrant cannulae and ileal cannulae were fed on diets containing 3.6 or 8% crude fibre (CF). Concentration of plant fibre and its components were estimated in various parts of the digestive tract. Carbohydrates included in the nitrogen-free extract were 96% or more digested and absorbed in the upper segments of the digestive tract, regardless of the CF content of the diet.

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