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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2866

Chapter 2866 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kajita, S.; Mashino, Y.; Nishikubo, N.; Katayama, Y.; Omori, S., 1997: Immunological characterization of transgenic tobacco plants with a chimeric gene for 4-coumarate:CoA ligase that have altered lignin in their xylem tissue

Marciniak, J.; Kobus, G.; Buczek, J.; Stefaniak, T.; Mazur, J., 1995: Immunological comparison of the NADH:nitrate reductase from different cucumber tissues

Alexander, J.; Jebbari, H.; Bluethmann, H.; Satoskar, A.; Roberts, C. W., 1996: Immunological control of Toxoplasma gondii and appropriate vaccine design

Sharp, P. J., 1997: Immunological control of broodiness

Ghosh, S.; Khan, M. H., 1996: Immunological control of ticks. II. Immunisation of cattle against Boophilus microplus using tick extract supernatant antigen

Akhiani, A. A.; Nilsson, L.A.; Ouchterlony, O., 1997: Immunological cross reactivity between Schistosoma mansoni and cholera toxin

Parmar, A.; Grewal, A. S.; Dhillon, P., 1996: Immunological cross-reactivity between salivary gland proteins of Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum and Boophilus microplus ticks

Pike, R. N.; Bagarozzi, D. A, Jr; Travis, J., 1997: Immunological cross-reactivity of the major allergen from perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), Lol p I, and the cysteine proteinase, bromelain

Schwarz, Edward M.; Krimpenfort, Paul; Berns, Anton; Verma, Inder M., 1997: Immunological defects in mice with a targeted disruption in Bcl-3

Hsu, H. T., 1996: Immunological detection and identification of tospoviruses

Wang QiaoChun, 1995: Immunological detection and localization of CLSV-infected Fuji apple by tissue blotting

Quadt Hallmann, A.; Kloepper, J. W., 1996: Immunological detection and localization of the cotton endophyte Enterobacter asburiae JM22 in different plant species

Helguera, Marcelo; Bravo Almonacid, Fernando; Kobayashi, Ken; Rabinowicz, Pablo D.; Conci, Vilma; Mentaberry, Alejandro, 1997: Immunological detection of a GarV-type virus in Argentine garlic cultivars

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865014

Choi, Jin Nam; Song, Jong Tai; Song, San Ik; Ahn, Ji Hoon; Choi, Yang Do; Lee, Jong Seob, 1995: Immunological detection of garlic latent virus

Nato, A; Mirshahi, A; Tichtinsky, G; Mirashahi, M; Faure, Jp; Lavergne, D; Buyser, J. De; Jean, C; Ducreux, G; Henry, Y., 1997: Immunological detection of potential signal-transduction proteins expressed during wheat somatic tissue culture

Klausen, J.; Perez, V.; Giese, S. B.; Garcia Marin, J. F.; Ahrens, P., 1997: Immunological detection of sheep experimentally infected with strains of Mycobacterium avium subspecies containing insertion sequence IS901/IS902 and a 40 kDa protein

Hefferon, K. L.; Doyle, S.; AbouHaidar, M. G., 1997: Immunological detection of the 8K protein of potato virus X (PVX) in cell walls of PVX-infected tobacco and transgenic potato

Robinson, Dg; Haschke, Hp; Hinz, G; Hoh, B; Maeshima, M; Marty, F., 1996: Immunological detection of tonoplast polypeptides in the plasma membrane of pea cotyledons

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865021

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865022

Yousif, A. N.; Albright, L. J.; Evelyn, T. P. T., 1995: Immunological evidence for the presence of an IgM-like immunoglobulin in the eggs of coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865024

Nash, Anthony A.; Usherwood, Edward J.; Stewart, James P., 1996: Immunological features of murine gammaherpesvirus infection

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Deloron, P.; Maubert, B., 1995: Immunological interactions between malaria and pregnancy

Mendling, W.; Koldovsky, Ursula, 1996: Immunological investigations in vaginal mycoses

Pell, J. M., 1997: Immunological manipulation of growth

Hillard, M. A.; Wilkins, J. F.; Cummins, L. J.; Bindon, B. M.; Tsonis, C. G.; Findlay, J. K.; O'shea, T., 1995: Immunological manipulation of ovulation rate for twinning in cattle

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Hunt, Jacqueline D.; Jackson, David C.; Wood, Paul R.; Stewart, David J.; Brown, Lorena E., 1995: Immunological parameters associated with antigenic competition in a multivalent footrot vaccine

Mangoud, A. M.; Ramadan, M. E.; Morsy, T. A.; Mostafa, S. M., 1997: Immunological pattern in Syrian golden hamsters experimentally infected with Schistosoma mansoni and Leishmania d. infantum

Baines, Malcom G.; Duclos, Alain J.; De Fougerolles, Antonin R.; Gendron, Robert L., 1996: Immunological prevention of spontaneous early embryo resorption is mediated by non-specific immunostimulation

Shin, Dae Whan; Lee, Young Ha; Rho, Tae Jin, 1997: Immunological properties of the 30 kDa antigen of Toxoplasma gondii

Zhang DaBing; Guo YuPu; Gao Fu; Su JinLiang, 1995: Immunological reaction of duck hepatitis virus and duck plague virus in a same duck

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Matsuda, T.; Yamaguchi, K.; Nakamura, R., 1996: Immunological response and tolerance to dietary soya protein

Matsuda, T.; Aoki, N.; Adachi, T.; Nakamura, T., 1995: Immunological response and tolerance to dietary soybean protein

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Lin, J; Adams, Lg; Ficht, Ta, 1996: Immunological response to the Brucella abortus GroEL homolog

Buddle, B. M.; De Lisle, G. W.; Pfeffer, A.; Aldwell, F. E., 1995: Immunological responses and protection against Mycobacterium bovis in calves vaccinated with a low dose of BCG

Hill, Dolores E.; Zarlenga, Dante S., 1996: Immunological responses in the mouse host to a cloned antigen of Taenia crassiceps

Ioppolo, S.; Notargiacomo, S.; Profumo, E.; Franchi, C.; Ortona, E.; Rigano, R.; Siracusano, A., 1996: Immunological responses to antigen B from Echinococcus granulosus cyst fluid in hydatid patients

Heermann, K. H.; Wagenseil, D.; Lottmann, S.; Gerlich, W. H.; Thomssen, R., 1995: Immunological responsiveness of Pekin ducks to core antigen of duck hepatitis B virus

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865050

Mashurov, A. M.; Tolmanov, A. A.; Verevochkin, P. S., 1995: Immunological similarity of Bestuzhev cattle with representatives of bovine subfamilies

Minamide, S.; Hisatome, Y.; Shibusawa, H.; Saito, F.; Ohsawa, T.; Yoshii, H.; Fujii, K.; Momose, K.; Kokuma, S.; Shimoyama, M.; Akuzawa, K.; Yoshizawa, Y.; Makita, H.; Urano, K.; Adachi, M., 1995: Immunological studies on coccidiosis in fowls. I. Role of antibodies induced with Eimeria tenella sporozoites

Umemoto, T.; Inada, I.; Furuoka, H.; Matsui, T.; Kimura, K.; Fujii, N.; Isogai, E.; Isogai, H.; Namikawa, I., 1996: Immunological studies on venereal spirochetosis of rabbits (rabbit syphilis)

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Breneman, James C., 1995: Immunology of delayed food allergy

Burkett, G.; Frank, L. A.; Bailey, E. M.; Schmeitzel, L. P.; Kania, S. A., 1996: Immunology of dogs with juvenile-onset generalized demodicosis as determined by lymphoblastogenesis and CD4:CD8 analysis

Vanham, G.; Bisalinkumi, E., 1995: Immunology of human Plasmodium falciparum malaria

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Brossard, M.; Wikel, S. K., 1997: Immunology of interactions between ticks and hosts

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865069

Arlian, L. G., 1996: Immunology of scabies

Wikel, S. K., 1996: Immunology of the skin

Wikel, S. K., 1996: Immunology of the tick-host interface

Bendich, A., 1995: Immunology: functions to assess nutrient requirements

Blake, Mr; Weimer, Bc, 1997: Immunomagnetic detection of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores in food and environmental samples

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Cudjoe, K. S.; Hagtvedt, T.; Dainty, R., 1995: Immunomagnetic separation of Salmonella from foods and their detection using immunomagnetic particle (IMP)-ELISA

Bruno, Jg; Yu, H., 1996: Immunomagnetic-electrochemiluminescent detection of Bacillus anthracis spores in soil matrices

Yu, Hao; Bruno, John G., 1996: Immunomagnetic-electrochemiluminescent detection of Escherichia coli O157 and Salmonella typhimurium in foods and environmental water samples

Iwasaki, Toshiroh; Isaji, Motomi; Yanai, Tokuma; Kitagawa, Hitoshi; Sasaki, Yoshihide, 1997: Immunomapping of basement membrane zone macromolecules in canine salt-split skin

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865084

Liu, F.; Ooi, V. E. C.; Liu, W. K.; Chang, S. T., 1996: Immunomodulation and antitumor activity of polysaccharide-protein complex from the culture filtrates of a local edible mushroom, Tricholoma lobayense

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Pell, J. M.; Flint, D. J., 1997: Immunomodulation of lactation

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865089

Jefferies, J. R.; Barrett, J.; Turner, R. J., 1996: Immunomodulation of sheep and human lymphocytes by Fasciola hepatica excretory-secretory products

Chabaudie, N.; Boulard, C., 1992: Immunomodulation of the bovine defence system by the larval secretions of Hypoderma bovis and H. lineatum

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865093

Hirai, N.; Kabeya, H.; Ohashi, K.; Sugimoto, C.; Onuma, M., 1996: Immunomodulative effects of bovine immunodeficiency-like virus (BIV)-infection and mixed infection of BIV and bovine leukemia virus on sheep

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865106

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865117

Erny, K. M.; Sheppard, M.; Fahey, K. J., 1996: Immunopathogenesis and physical maps of fowl adenovirus serotype 9

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865119

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865141

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865151

Ghosh, S.; Haldar, D. P., 1996: Immunoprophylaxis against protozoan parasites

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865157

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865161

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865180

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865187

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865188

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865197

Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865198

Fredriksen, A.; Endresen, C.; Wergeland, H. I., 1997: Immunosuppressive effect of a low molecular weight surface protein from Renibacterium salmoninarum on lymphocytes from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865201

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865203

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865206

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Section 3, Chapter 2866, Accession 002865211

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