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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2869

Chapter 2869 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Novoa, B.; Figueras, A.; Ashton, I.; Secombes, C. J., 1996: In vitro studies on the regulation of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) macrophage respiratory burst activity

Sharma, V.; Roy, D. D., 1996: In vitro studies to assess the importance of whey proteins and whey protein concentrate in peptic proteolysis of casein

Leroux, P.; Gredt, M., 1995: In vitro study of resistance to anilinopyrimidine fungicides in Botrytis cinerea

Piattoni, F.; Demeyer, D. I.; Maertens, L., 1996: In vitro study of the age-dependent caecal fermentation pattern and methanogenesis in young rabbits

Venier Julienne, M. C.; Vouldoukis, I.; Monjour, L.; Benoit, J. P., 1996: In vitro study of the anti-leishmanial activity of biodegradable nanoparticles

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868005

Sazhina, M. V.; Konyukhov, B. V., 1995: In vitro study of the effect of paraorbital Miwh/Miwh mesenchyme on melanogenesis of the retinal pigment epithelium of mouse embryos

Kader, H. A. A.; Seddek, S. R.; El Shanawany, A. A., 1995: In vitro study of the effect of some medicinal plants on the growth of some dermatophytes

Hritz, H., 1994: In vitro study of the function of T helper cells in Theileria annulata-infected cattle: generation of cytostatic activity and production of interleukin-2 and gamma-interferon

Cavadas, C.; Ribeiro, C. A. F.; Santos, M. S.; Cunha, A. P. da; Macedo, T.; Caramona, M. M.; Cotrim, M. D., 1997: In vitro study of the interaction of Tilia europeae L. aqueous extract with GABAA receptors in rat brain

Mukendi, Ngombo; De Meester, Conrad; Rollman, Bruno, 1995: In vitro study of the metabolic conversion of aflatoxin B1 into its epoxide

Perteguer, M. J.; Raposo, R.; Cuellar, C., 1996: In vitro study on the effect of larval excretory/secretory products and crude extracts from Anisakis simplex on blood coagulation

Kirkegaard, J. A.; Wong, P. T. W.; Desmarchelier, J. M., 1996: In vitro suppression of fungal root pathogens of cereals by Brassica tissues

Rush, Catherine M.; Timms, Peter., 1996: In vitro survival characteristics of koala chlamydiae

Franzot, Sarah P.; Hamdan, Junia S., 1996: In vitro susceptibilities of clinical and environmental isolates of Cryptococcus neoformans to five antifungal drugs

Pfaller, M. A.; Messer, S. A.; Coffman, S., 1997: In vitro susceptibilities of clinical yeast isolates to a new echinocandin derivative, LY303366, and other antifungal agents

Nierop, W. H. van; Frean, J. A.; Markus, M. B., 1996: In vitro susceptibilities of field isolates of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in Mpumalanga

Samitz, E. M.; Jang, S. S.; Hirsh, D. C., 1996: In vitro susceptibilities of selected obligate anaerobic bacteria obtained from bovine and equine sources to ceftiofur

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868020

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868021

Cid, D.; Piriz, S.; Ruiz Santa Quiteria, J. A.; Valle, J.; Vadillo, S.; De La Fuente, R., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of Escherichia coli strains isolated from diarrhoeic lambs and goat kids to 14 antimicrobial agents

Ingolfsdottir, Kristin; Hjalmarsdottir, Martha A.; Sigurdsson, Axel; Gudjonsdottir, Gudborg A.; Brynjolfsdottir, Asa; Steingrimsson, Olafur, 1997: In vitro susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori to protolichesterinic acid from the lichen Cetraria islandica

Schmidt, A.; Ruehl Hoerster, B., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of Malassezia furfur against azole compounds

Hammer, K. A.; Carson, C. F.; Riley, T. V., 1997: In vitro susceptibility of Malassezia furfur to the essential oil of Melaleuca alternifolia

Kobayashi, H.; Sonmez, N.; Morozumi, T.; Mitani, K.; Ito, N.; Shiono, H.; Yamamoto, K., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of Mycoplasma hyosynoviae and M. hyorhinis to antimicrobial agents

Wongsrichanalai, Chansuda; Nguyen The Dung; Trieu Nguyen Trung; Wimonwattrawatee, Theera; Sookto, Prasit; Heppner, D. Gray; Kawamoto, Fumihiko, 1997: In vitro susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in Vietnam to artemisinin derivatives and other antimalarials

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868030

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868032

Perparim, K.; Nagai, H.; Hashimoto, A.; Goto, Y.; Tashiro, T.; Nasu, M., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of Trichosporon beigelii to antifungal agents

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868034

Sanic, A.; Pekbay, A.; Gunaydin, M.; Durupinar, B.; Tomrukcu, E., 1997: In vitro susceptibility of dermatophyte species to various antifungals

Airaudi, D.; Ceruti, M.; Bianco, C.; Filipello Marchisio, V., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of fungi to acyclic inhibitors of 2,3-oxidosqualene cyclases

Garg, A. K.; Prasad, G., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of goat mononuclear cells to bluetongue virus

Baradaran Dilmaghani, R.; Stanek, G., 1996: In vitro susceptibility of thirty Borrelia strains from various sources against eight antimicrobial chemotherapeutics

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868040

Ang, Hooi Hoon; Lam, Chan Kit; Wah, Mak Joon, 1996: In vitro susceptibility studies of Plasmodium falciparum isolates and clones against type II antifolate drugs

Zerva, L; Hollis, Rj; Pfaller, Ma, 1996: In vitro susceptibility testing and DNA typing of Saccharomyces cerevisiae clinical isolates

Garrigues, J. C.; Perez, E.; Linas, M. D.; Rico Lattes, I.; Seguela, J. P.; Lattes, A., 1996: In vitro susceptibility testing and quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) for the determination of antiaspergillus activity for analogues of glycolipids

Dever, L. L.; Jorgensen, J. H.; Barbour, A. G., 1997: In vitro susceptibility testing of Borrelia burgdorferi by a dialysis culture method

De Bedout, Catalina; Gomez, Beatriz L.; Restrepo, Angela, 1997: In vitro susceptibility testing of Fonsecaea pedrosoi to antifungals

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868047

Natarajan, K.; Jayashree Banerjee; Reddy, M. S., 1993: In vitro syntheses of ectomycorrhizas of Eucalyptus spp. with Laccaria fraterna and Pisolithus tinctorius

Monschau, N.; Stahmann, K. P.; Pielken, P.; Sahm, H., 1997: In vitro synthesis of beta -(1-3)-glucan with a membrane fraction of Botrytis cinerea

Bush, R. K.; Sanchez, H., 1997: In vitro synthesis of Alternaria allergens and their recognition by murine monoclonal and human IgE antibodies

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868053

Members Of The European Concerted Action On Pneumocystis Carinii, 1996: In vitro systems in Pneumocystis research

Weaver, Ml; Timm, H; Lassegues, Jk, 1996: In vitro tailoring of tomatoes to meet process and fresh-market standards

Gebhardt, K., 1995: In vitro techniques for breeding and preserving forest tree species

Kantharajah, A. S.; Ebert, G.; Ludders, P., 1997: In vitro techniques for crop improvement in lychee - a review

Ahmed, K. Z.; Mesterhazy, A.; Bartok, T.; Sagi, F., 1996: In vitro techniques for selecting wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for Fusarium-resistance. II. Culture filtrate technique and inheritance of Fusarium-resistance in the somaclones

Nurhaimi Haris ; Toruan Mathius, N., 1995: In vitro technology for seed production in plantation crops

Zhang KuiHua; Shen Jie; Zhou YongZhi; Wang YunFei, 1995: In vitro test of the mutagenicity of a new antitrypanosomal drug

Westrhenen, K. J. van; Verstappen, E. C. P.; Klooster, M. H. ten; Linde, P. C. G. van der, 1995: In vitro testing for Fusarium disease resistance in flax

McOrist, S.; Gebhart, C. J., 1995: In vitro testing of antimicrobial agents for proliferative enteropathy (ileitis)

Messner, Ellen J.; Wrangham, Richard W., 1996: In vitro testing of the biological activity of Rubia cordifolia leaves on primate Strongyloides species

Spiegel, S.; Stein, A.; Tam, Y., 1995: In vitro thermotherapy of rosaceous fruit trees

Rodriguez Talou, J.; Giulietti, A. M., 1995: In vitro thiophene production by transformed root cultures of Tagetes laxa (Cabrera)

Herrera, R. S., 1997: In vitro tissue culture of pastures in Cuba

Cardenas A, M. L.; Verde Star, J.; Villarreal, J.; Valades C, M. C.; Maiti, R. K.; Morales V, M. R., 1997: In vitro tissue culture of wild chili chile piquin (Capsicum annuum L. var. aviculare (Dierb.) D'Arcy & Esbaugh): an alternative method for propagation

Roberts, M. A.; Watt, M. P.; Huckett, B. I., 1996: In vitro tobacco cultures provide a convenient system for investigating nitrate reductase regulation during shoot morphogenesis

Cohen, Jerry D., 1996: In vitro tomato fruit cultures demonstrate a role for indole-3-acetic acid in regulating fruit ripening

Lautraite, S.; Parent Massin, D.; Rio, B.; Hoellinger, H., 1997: In vitro toxicity induced by deoxynivalenol (DON) on human and rat granulomonocytic progenitors

Riepe, Matthias; Spencer, Peter S.; Lambein, Fernand; Ludolph, Albert C.; Allen, Charles N., 1995: In vitro toxicological investigations of isoxazolinone amino acids of Lathyrus sativus

Lenzmeier, Brian A.; Nyborg, Jennifer K., 1997: In vitro transcription of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 is RNA polymerase II dependent

Pao, Ching I.; Lin, Kai Wei M.; Zhu, Juan Li; Wu, Guang Jer; Farmer, Paul K.; Phillips, Lawrence S., 1996: In vitro transcription of the rat insulin-like growth factor-I gene

Klaassen, Vicki A.; Mayhew, Dennis; Fisher, Deborah; Falk, Bryce W., 1996: In vitro transcripts from cloned cDNAs of the lettuce infectious yellows closterovirus bipartite genomic RNAs are competent for replication in Nicotiana benthamiana protoplasts

Rathore, R. S.; Chand, L., 1997: In vitro transformation of pigeonpea genotypes by wild strains of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Candresse, T.; German, S.; Lanneau, M.; Dunez, J., 1996: In vitro translation of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV) RNA

Yu HanLing; Willemot, C.; Nadeau, P.; Yelle, S.; Castonguay, Y., 1996: In vitro translation products of mRNA from pericarp tissue of tomato cultivars differing in chilling tolerance

Conti, R. de; Santa Rita, R. M.; Souza, E. M. de; Melo, P. S.; Haun, M.; Castro, S. L. de; Duran, N., 1996: In vitro trypanocidal activities of a novel series of N,N-dimethyl-2-propen-1-amine derivative

Brun, Reto; Buehler, Yvonne; Sandmeier, Ursula; Kaminsky, Ronald; Bacchi, Cyrus J.; Rattendi, Donna; Lane, Schennella; Croft, Simon L.; Snowdon, Diane; Yardley, Vanessa; Caravatti, Giorgio; Freei, Juerg; Stanek, Jaroslav; Mett, Helmut, 1996: In vitro trypanocidal activities of new S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase inhibitors

Lane, Joshua E.; Ribeiro Rodrigues, Rodrigo; Suarez, Cristina C.; Bogitsh, Burton J.; Jones, Mark M.; Singh, Pramod K.; Carter, Clint E., 1996: In vitro trypanocidal activity of tetraethylthiuram disulfide and sodium diethylamine-N-carbodithioate on Trypanosoma cruzi

Fambrini, M.; Pugliesi, C., 1995: In vitro tuberization from regenerated plants of diploid and tetraploid potatoes

Machigashira, K.; Ijichi, S.; Nagai, M.; Yamano, Y.; Hall, W. W.; Osame, M., 1997: In vitro virus propagation and high cellular responsiveness to the infected cells in patients with HTLV-I-associated myelopathy (HAM/TSP)

Paris, F.; Botton, B.; Lapeyrie, F., 1996: In vitro weathering of phlogopite by ectomycorrhizal fungi. II. Effect of K+ and Mg2+ deficiency and N sources on accumulation of oxalate and H+

Tamura, Tsunenobu; Goldenberg, Robert L.; Johnston, Kelley E.; Freeberg, Larry E.; Dubard, Mary B.; Thomas, Elizabeth A., 1996: In vitro zinc stimulation of angiotensin-converting enzyme activities in human plasma

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868087

Molitor, D., 1996: In vitro- and in vivo-effects of a probiotic (Enterococcus faecium) as feed additive in dogs

Spieker, R. L., 1996: In vitro-generated 'inverse' chimeric Coleus blumei viroids evolve in vivo into infectious RNA replicons

Ishikawa, M; Janda, M; Krol, Ma; Ahlquist, P., 1997: In vivo DNA expression of functional brome mosaic virus RNA replicons in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868092

Ford, Yves Yannick; Ratcliffe, R. George; Robins, Richard J., 1996: In vivo NMR analysis of tropane alkaloid metabolism in transformed root and de-differentiated cultures of Datura stramonium

Jucker, Beat M.; Rennings, Alexander J. M.; Cline, Gary W.; Petersen, Kitt Falk; Shulman, Gerald I., 1997: In vivo NMR investigation of intramuscular glucose metabolism in conscious rats

Ratcliffe, R. G., 1997: In vivo NMR studies of the metabolic response of plant tissues to anoxia

Lam, Kong Peng; Kuehn, Ralf; Rajewsky, Klaus, 1997: In vivo ablation of surface immunoglobulin on mature B cells by inducible gene targeting results in rapid cell death

Ohta, Atsutane; Baba, Seigo; Ohtsuki, Masako; Takizawa, Toshio; Adachi, Takashi; Hara, Hiroshi, 1997: In vivo absorption of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide from the large intestine in rats

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868098

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868099

Larsson Sciard, E. L.; Dethlefs, S.; Brahic, M., 1997: In vivo administration of interleukin-2 protects susceptible mice from Theiler's virus persistence

Troxel, C. M.; Reddy, A. P.; O' Neal, P. E.; Hendricks, J. D.; Bailey, G. S., 1997: In vivo aflatoxin B1 metabolism and hepatic DNA adduction in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Adenot, Pierre G.; Szolloesi, Maria S.; Chesne, Patrick; Chastant, Sylvie; Renard, Jean Paul, 1997: In vivo aging of oocytes influences the behavior of nuclei transferred to enucleated rabbit oocytes

Li Jian; Scott, P.; Farrell, J. P., 1996: In vivo alterations in cytokine production following interleukin-12 (IL-12) and anti-IL-4 antibody treatment of CB6F1 mice with chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis

De Blaauw, I.; Deutz, N. E. P.; Von Meyenfeldt, M. F., 1996: In vivo amino acid metabolism of gut and liver during short and prolonged starvation

Axton, P. J.; Bancroft, G. J., 1997: In vivo analysis of immune responses to Cryptococcus neoformans - role of interferon- gamma in host resistance

Fried, Bernard; Schmidt, Katharine A.; Sorensen, Robert E., 1997: In vivo and ectopic encystment of Echinostoma revolutum and chemical excystation of the metacercariae

Vanzant, Es; Cochran, Rc; Titgemeyer, Ec; Stafford, Sd; Olson, Kc; Johnson, De; St-Jean, G., 1996: In vivo and in situ measurements of forage protein degradation in beef cattle

Bekendorf, T.; Abel, H., 1996: In vivo and in vitro (RUSITEC)-investigations on lactate metabolism in the rumen of sheep

Liu, Dong; Rhodes, David; D'urzo, Matilde Paino; Xu, Yi; Narasimhan, Meena L.; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Bressan, Ray A.; Abad, Laura, 1996: In vivo and in vitro activity of truncated osmotin that is secreted into the extracellular matrix

Hirose, T.; Sugita, M.; Sugiura, M., 1995: In vivo and in vitro analysis of translation of psbA transcripts in tobacco chloroplasts

Strippoli, V.; D'auria, F. D.; Simonetti, N.; Basti, D.; Bruzzese, T., 1997: In vivo and in vitro antifungal activity of the polyene derivative SPA-S-753 against encapsulated form of Cryptococcus neoformans

Hirata, Mizuki; Kage, M.; Habe, S.; Agatsuma, T.; Fukuma, T., 1996: In vivo and in vitro cellular response to Schistosoma japonicum eggs in hosts with differing susceptibilities

Hara, K.; Funakoshi, M.; Kawarabata, T., 1995: In vivo and in vitro characterization of several isolates of Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Otterbein, C. K.; Meyer, H.; Renner Muller, I. C. E.; Munz, E., 1996: In vivo and in vitro characterization of two camelpoxvirus isolates with decreased virulence

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868116

Gaedke, K.; Zurbriggen, A.; Baumgartner, W., 1997: In vivo and in vitro detection of canine distemper virus nucleoprotein gene with digoxigenin-labelled RNA, double-stranded DNA probes and oligonucleotides by in situ hybridization

Rozan, Pascale; Lamghari, Radia; Linder, Michel; Villaume, Christian; Fanni, Jacques; Parmentier, Michel; Mejean, Luc, 1997: In vivo and in vitro digestibility of soybean, lupine, and rapeseed meal proteins after various technological processes

Banka, L.; Deer, K. A.; Nemcosok, J.; Abraham, M., 1997: In vivo and in vitro effects of deltamethrin on cytochrome P450 monooxygenase activity in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) liver

Smagghe, G.; Vinuela, E.; Budia, F.; Degheele, D., 1996: In vivo and in vitro effects of the nonsteroidal ecdysteroid agonist tebufenozide on cuticle formation in Spodoptera exigua: an ultrastructural approach

Belzunces, Luc P.; Lenfant, Christophe; Di Pasquale, Sylvia; Colin, Marc Edouard, 1994: In vivo and in vitro effects of wheat germ agglutinin and Bowman-Birk soybean trypsin inhibitor, two potential transgene products, on midgut esterase and protease activities from Apis mellifera

Sebastiani, L.; Lucchesini, M.; Vitagliano, C., 1996: In vivo and in vitro evaluation of chilling resistance in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. seedlings

Schuppert, F.; Taniguchi, S. I.; Schroder, S.; Dralle, H.; Muhlen, A. von zur; Kohn, L. D., 1996: In vivo and in vitro evidence for iodide regulation of major histocompatibility complex class I and class II expression in Graves' disease

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868125

Torsteinsdottir, Sigurbjorg; Agnarsdotir, Gudrun; Matthiasdottir, Sigridur; Rafnar, Bjorg; Andresdottir, Valgerdur; Andresson, Olafur S.; Staskus, Katherine; Petursson, Gudmundur; Palsson, Pall A.; Georgsson, Gudmundur, 1997: In vivo and in vitro infection with two different molecular clones of visna virus

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868127

Clement, C.; Al Awad, D.; Audran, J. C., 1996: In vivo and in vitro pollen maturation in Lilium: influence of carbohydrates

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868129

Clark, C. J.; Godlewska, E. A.; Boldingh, H. L., 1997: In vivo and in vitro studies of a thermostable nitrate reductase in Actinidia

Wright, Dp; Huppe, Hc; Turpin, Dh, 1997: In vivo and in vitro studies of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from barley root plastids in relation to reductant supply for NO2- assimilation

Goh, T. K.; Yipp, M. W., 1996: In vivo and in vitro studies of three new species of Trimmatostroma associated with sooty spots of the mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum in Hong Kong

Hoffmann, H.; Kawooya, M.; Esterre, P.; Ravaoalimalala, V. E.; Roth, J.; Thomas, A. K.; Roux, J.; Seitz, H. M.; Doehring, E., 1997: In vivo and in vitro studies on the sonographical detection of Ascaris lumbricoides

Redgwell, Rj; Macrae, E; Hallett, I; Fischer, M; Perry, J; Harker, R., 1997: In vivo and in vitro swelling of cell walls during fruit ripening

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868135

Valentim, R. C.; Azevedo, J.; Teixeira, A.; Correia, T. M.; Soares, V., 1996: In vivo and postmortem testis measurements in entire and short-scrotum Braganca Galician lambs at 65 and 80% of adult body weight

Aidoo, Anane; Lyn Cook, Lascelles E.; Lensing, Shelly; Bishop, Michelle E.; Wamer, Wayne, 1995: In vivo antimutagenic activity of beta-carotene in rat spleen lymphocytes

Serafini, M.; Ghiselli, Andrea; Ferro Luzzi, A., 1996: In vivo antioxidant effect of green and black tea in man

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868139

Stutz, Andre; Huarte, Joachim; Gubler, Pascale; Conne, Beatrice; Belin, Dominique; Vassalli, Jean Dominique, 1997: In vivo antisense oligodeoxynucleotide mapping reveals masked regulatory elements in an mRNA dormant in mouse oocytes

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868141

Anesini, C.; Boccio, J.; Cremaschi, G.; Genaro, A.; Zubillaga, M.; Borda, L. S.; Borda, E. S., 1997: In vivo antitumoural activity and acute toxicity study of Larrea divaricata Cav. extract

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868143

Speksnijder, Johanna E.; Hage, Willem J.; Lanser, Peter H.; Collodi, Paul; Zivkovic, Danica, 1997: In vivo assay for the developmental competence of embryo-derived zebrafish cell lines

Sarojini, Rachakonda; Nagabhushanam, Rachakonda; Fingerman, Milton, 1996: In vivo assessment of opioid agonists and antagonists on ovarian maturation in the red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

Fages, J.; Frayssinet, P.; Asimus, E.; Mathon, D.; Autefage, A., 1995: In vivo behaviour of supercritical fluid treated bone tissue

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868147

Hibma, A. M.; Jassim, S. A. A.; Griffiths, M. W., 1996: In vivo bioluminescence to detect the attachment of L-forms of Listeria monocytogenes to food and clinical contact surfaces

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868150

Vernhettes, S; Grandbastien, Ma; Casacuberta, Jm, 1997: In vivo characterization of transcriptional regulatory sequences involved in the defence-associated expression of the tobacco retrotransposon Tnt1

Moll, Stefanie; Serrano, Pablo; Boyle, Christine, 1995: In vivo chlorophyll fluorescence in rust-infected bean plants

Croset, Martine; Brossard, Nicole; Pachiaudi, Christiane; Normand, Sylvie; Lecerf, Jean; Chirouze, Veronique; Riou, Jean Paul; Tayot, Jean Louis; Lagarde, Michel, 1996: In vivo compartmental metabolism of 13C docosahexaenoic acid, studied by gas chromatography-combustion isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Holt, Ca; Beachy, Rn, 1991: In vivo complementation of infectious transcripts from mutant tobacco mosaic virus cDNAs in transgenic plants

Linna, T.; Mikkila, H.; Karma, A.; Seppala, I.; Petroll, W. M.; Tervo, T., 1996: In vivo confocal microscopy: a new possibility to confirm the diagnosis of Borrelia keratitis?

Mcclure, S. J.; Davey, R. L.; Emery, D. L.; Colditz, I. G.; Lloyd, J. B., 1996: In vivo depletion of T-cells and cytokines during primary exposure of sheep to parasites

Bellotti, G.; Bocchi, E. A.; Moraes, A. V. de; Higuchi, M. de L.; Barbero Marcial, M.; Sosa, E.; Esteves Filho, A.; Kalil, R.; Weiss, R.; Jatene, A.; Pileggi, F., 1996: In vivo detection of Trypanosoma cruzi antigens in hearts of patients with chronic Chagas' heart disease

Viviani Nauer, A.; Hoffmann Boller, P.; Gafner, J., 1997: In vivo detection of folpet and its metabolite phthalimide in grape must and wine

Section 3 , Chapter 2869, Accession 002868162

Yen, S. C.; Cheng, S. P.; Ju, J. C., 1994: In vivo development of microencapsulated rabbit aggregated blastomeres and bisected morulae with calcium alginate gel

Kaulfuss, K.H.; May, J.; Suess, R.; Moog, U., 1997: In vivo diagnosis of embryo mortality in sheep by real-time ultrasound

Bock, S. A., 1996: In vivo diagnosis: skin testing and oral challenge procedures

Francia, A. di; Masucci, F.; Proto, V., 1994: In vivo digestibility and nutritive parameters in buffaloes and sheep. 2. Diets based on Lolium multiflorum Lam. hays

Francia, A. di; Masucci, F.; Proto, V., 1995: In vivo digestibility, in situ degradability and nutritive parameters in buffaloes and sheep. 3. Medicago sativa L. and Lolium multiflorum Lam. pre-wilted silages

Albuquerque, Cleide M. R.; Ham, Peter J., 1996: In vivo effect of a natural Aedes aegypti defensin on Brugia pahangi development

Saleem, Mushtaq A.; Shakoori, Abdul Rauf; Wilkins, Richard M.; Mantle, David, 1994: In vivo effect of lambda-cyhalothrin and malathion on the proteolytic enzymes of malathion-resistant and susceptible strains of Musca domestica

Swan, G. E.; Schultz, R. A.; Kellerman, T. S.; Mulders, M. S. G.; Maartens, B. P.; Walt, J. J. van der, 1995: In vivo effects of a novel calcium antagonist (R56865) against induced epoxyscillirosidin and tulp poisoning in sheep

Szegletes, T.; Balint, T.; Szegletes, Zs.; Nemcsok, J., 1995: In vivo effects of deltamethrin exposure on activity and distribution of molecular forms of carp AChE

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868175

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868177

Sparvoli, F.; Daminati, M. G.; Lioi, L.; Bollini, R., 1996: In vivo endoproteolytically cleaved phaseolin is stable and accumulates in developing Phaseolus lunatus L. seeds

Kim J. J.; Ayyavoo, V.; Bagarazzi, M. L.; Chattergoon, M. A.; Dang, K.; Wang, B.; Boyer, J. D.; Weiner, D. B., 1997: In vivo engineering of a cellular immune response by coadministration of IL-12 expression vector with a DNA immunogen

Ghashghaie, J.; Cornic, G., 1995: In vivo estimation of CO2/O2 specificity factor of Rubisco at varying temperature

Yi, Hanju; Park, Doonam; Lee, Youngsook, 1996: In vivo evidence for the involvement of phospholipase A and protein kinase in the signal transduction pathway for auxin-induced corn coleoptile elongation

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868186

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868187

Prufer, D.; Schmitz, J.; Tacke, E.; Kull, B.; Rohde, W., 1997: In vivo expression of a full-length cDNA copy of potato leafroll virus (PLRV) in protoplasts and transgenic plants

Shi, Bj; Ding, Sw; Symons, Rh, 1997: In vivo expression of an overlapping gene encoded by the cucumoviruses

Rampone, Horacio Gabriela L. Martinez; Giraudo, Ana T.; Calzolari, Aldo; Nagel, Rosa, 1996: In vivo expression of exoprotein synthesis with a Sae mutant of Staphylococcus aureus

Kahala, M; Savijoki, K; Palva, A., 1997: In vivo expression of the Lactobacillus brevis S-layer gene

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868192

Demmig Adams, Barbara; Gilmore, Adam M.; Adams, William W.IIi, 1996: In vivo functions of carotenoids in higher plants

Takehara, T.; Hayashi, N.; Yamamoto, M.; Miyamoto, Y.; Fusamoto, H.; Kamada, T., 1996: In vivo gene transfer and expression in rat stomach by submucosal injection of plasmid DNA

Inada, S.; Hattori, M. A.; Fujihara, N.; Morohashi, K., 1997: In vivo gene transfer into the blastoderm of early developmental stage of chicken

Salak-Johnson, Jl; Mcglone, Jj; Norman, Rl, 1996: In vivo glucocorticoid effects on porcine natural killer cell activity and circulating leukocytes

Inayama, Yoshiaki; Kitamura, Hitoshi; Shibagaki, Tokuhiko; Usuda, Yasuhiro; Ito, Takaaki; Nakatani, Yukio; Kanisawa, Masayoshi, 1996: In vivo growth and differentiation potential of tracheal basal cells of rabbits in vitamin A deficiency

Lin ChunChing; Shieh DenEn, 1996: In vivo hepatoprotective effect of baicalein, baicalin and wogonin from Scutellaria rivularis

Ning, Li; Lu, Zhao; Daley, Larry S.; Callis, J. B., 1994: In vivo imaging of the interior of Tradescantia zebrina leaves by optical cross-correlation interferometry

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868201

Gould, D. H.; Cummings, B. A.; Hamar, D. W., 1997: In vivo indicators of pathologic ruminal sulfide production in steers with diet-induced polioencephalomalacia

Shibata, K.; Marugami, M.; Kondo, T., 1996: In vivo inhibition by kynurenine aminotransferase activity by isonicotinic acid hydrazide in rats

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868206

Garcia Llamazares, J. L.; Alvarez De Felipe, A. I.; Redondo Cardena, P.; Voces Alonso, J. A.; Prieto Fernandez, J. G., 1997: In vivo inhibition of the regenerative capacity of hydatid material after treatment with netobimin

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Atkinson, Trevor G.; Barker, Heather J.; Meckling Gill, Kelly A., 1997: Incorporation of long-chain n-3 fatty acids in tissues and enhanced bone marrow cellularity with docosahexaenoic acid feeding in post-weanling Fischer 344 rats

Phansiri, S.; Miyake, H.; Taniguchi, T., 1994: Incorporation of materials into plant protoplasts by electrofusion procedures

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868858

Mantysaari, E. A., 1996: Incorporation of milk content traits into a breeding programme

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868860

Elling, J.; Harris, J.; Duncan, S. E., 1995: Incorporation of modified butteroil into high-fat dairy products: ice cream manufactured with reduced-cholesterol reformulated cream

Wang, C. S.; Kunz, D. A.; Venables, B. J., 1996: Incorporation of molecular oxygen and water during enzymatic oxidation of cyanide by Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIMB 11764

Watanabe, C. M. H.; Townsend, C. A., 1996: Incorporation of molecular oxygen in aflatoxin B1 biosynthesis

Vidgren, Helvi M.; Agren, Jyrki J.; Schwab, Ursula; Rissanen, Tiina; Hanninen, Osmo; Uusitupa, Matti I. J., 1997: Incorporation of n-3 fatty acids into plasma lipid fractions, and erythrocyte membranes and platelets during dietary supplementation with fish, fish oil, and docosahexaenoic acid-rich oil among healthy young men

Wan, J.; Gordon, J. B.; Muirhead, K.; Hickey, M. W.; Coventry, M. J., 1997: Incorporation of nisin in micro-particles of calcium alginate

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868868

Sugahara, S.; Sakamori, M.; Aoyagi, M., 1995: Incorporation of parthenocarpy to greenhouse tomato cultivar. III. Breeding of parthenocarpic tomato cultivar Rarkuna First

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868871

Jain, L. S.; Banerjee, A. K.; Visvas, P. G.; Tailor, S. P., 1994: Incorporation of production efficiency traits and reproduction traits for maximisation of genetic gain

Mayombo, A. P.; Baldwin, P.; Wathelet, J. P.; Marlier, M.; Istasse, L., 1997: Incorporation of rapeseed meal extracted by pressure in a diet for growing fattening bulls. I. Intake, digestibility and fermentation in the rumen

Wathelet, J. P.; Istasse, L.; Mayombo, A. P.; Marlier, M., 1997: Incorporation of rapeseed meal extracted by pressure in a diet for growing fattening bulls. II. Glucosinolates and their breakdown products in the rumen

Davis, R. H.; Fear, J., 1996: Incorporation of selenium into egg proteins from dietary selenite

Goderya, F. S.; Dahab, M. F.; Woldt, W. E.; Bogardi, I., 1996: Incorporation of spatial variability in modeling non-point source groundwater nitrate pollution

Borbor, M.; Castro, R.; Sevilla, R., 1995: Incorporation of the opaque-2 gene in racial composites of the highlands of Peru

Sawal, R. K.; Bhatia, D. R.; Bhasin, V., 1996: Incorporation of tomato pomace in the diet of rabbits

Juzwik, J.; Stenlund, D. L.; Allmaras, R. R.; Copeland, S. M.; Mcroberts, R. E., 1997: Incorporation of tracers and dazomet by rotary tillers and a spading machine

Schiewer, H., 1995: Incorporation of village level needs into district planning in Ghana. Planning from below or continuation of planning for elites?

Shtienberg, D.; Elad, Y., 1997: Incorporation of weather forecasting in integrated, biological-chemical management of Botrytis cinerea

Spodaryk, M.; Sztefko, K.; Miezynski, W.; Krystynowicz, S.; Stankiewicz, D.; Urbanowicz, B., 1997: Incorrect caloric-nitrogen composition of parenteral nutrition solutions as a factor triggering liver damage - an animal model

Park HeeSung; Lee YongSe, 1996: Increase in 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase mRNA level in tomato by fungal elicitors and mechanical wounding

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868884

Kamewada, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1996: Increase in cation absorption induced by surface complexation of sulfate on Andisols and prediction by four-plane model

Pyatygin, S. S.; Opritov, V. A.; Krauz, V. O.; Polovinkin, A. V., 1996: Increase in cold resistance of electrogenesis as a basis for adaptive repolarization in higher plant cells during chilling

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Ju, H.R.; Okumiya, M.; Nishizono, S.; Ki, M.; Sugano, M.; Imaizumi, K., 1997: Increase in degranulation of mucosal mast cells in rats sensitized with milk whey protein hydrolysates compared with native proteins

Moukaddem, Maryam; Boulier, Alain; Apfelbaum, Marian; Rigaud, Daniel, 1997: Increase in diet-induced thermogenesis at the start of refeeding in severely malnourished anorexia nervosa patients

Miura, H.; Yoshida, M.; Yamasaki, A.; Matsuno, Y., 1995: Increase in early fruit yield of strawberry by treatment with growth retardants

Kehoe, R., 1995: Increase in egg intake minimally effects blood cholesterol level

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868893

Folsom, Aaron R.; JacobsDavid R.Jr.; Wagenknecht, Lynne E.; Winkhart, Susan P.; Yunis, Carla; Hilner, Joan E.; Savage, Peter J.; Smith, Delia E.; Flack, John M., 1996: Increase in fasting insulin and glucose over seven years with increasing weight and inactivity of young adults

Clua, A. A.; Gimenez, D. O.; Fernandez, L. V., 1997: Increase in forage yield in narrowleaf birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus tenuis Waldst & Kit ex Willd) in a permanent pasture with foliar applied gibberellic acid (GA3), and phosphorus

Krishnamoorthy, B.; Krishnamurthy, K. S.; Rema, J., 1995: Increase in fruit and seed size, and seeds per fruit in allspice (Pimenta dioica L. Merr.) by hormonal application

Prasad, Y. G.; Yeshbir Singh, 1994: Increase in grain yield in pigeon pea due to chemical control of insect pests

Tuomilehto, J.; Virtala, E.; Karvonen, M.; Lounamaa, R.; Pitkaniemi, J.; Reunanen, A.; Tuomilehto Wolf, E.; Toivanen, L.; Group, Dime Study, 1995: Increase in incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus among children in Finland

Verhage, Albert H.; Cheong, Wei K.; Allard, Johane P.; Jeejeebhoy, Khursheed N., 1995: Increase in lumbar spine bone mineral content in patients on long-term parenteral nutrition without vitamin D supplementation

Descoteaux, Steven; Ayala, Patricia; Samuelson, John; Orozco, Esther, 1995: Increase in mRNA of multiple Eh pgp genes encoding P-glycoprotein homologues in emetine-resistant Entamoeba histolytica parasites

Comegna, E., 1995: Increase in milk production and the risk of fines

Neumivakin, L. V.; Solovjev, V. P.; Sokhansanj, A.; Tilba, V. A.; Moseiko, N. A.; Shachbasian, R. V.; Piruzian, E. S., 1995: Increase in osmotolerance of Rhizobium fredii soybean isolate BD32 by the proB proA operon of Echerichia coli

Balasubramanya, N. N.; Varadaraj, M. C.; Lokesh, B. R.; Krishnakantha, T. P., 1997: Increase in phagocytosis of murine peritoneal macrophages as influenced by lactic microbes

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868904

Dogan Kalyoncu, M.; Okten, A.; Kalyoncu, N. I.; Karaguzel, G.; Can, G., 1996: Increase in poisoning with pesticides in children in the East Black Sea region

Kolomeichenko, V. V., 1989: Increase in productivity of natural grassland on slopes

Matsui, T.; Fujino, T.; Kobayashi, F.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Tsuji, M., 1996: Increase in size of oocysts of Cryptosporidium sp. from chicken and C. muris during patency and during preservation

Smith, R. V.; Lennox, S. D.; Jordan, C.; Foy, R. H.; Mchale, E., 1995: Increase in soluble phosphorus transported in drainflow from a grassland catchment in response to soil phosphorus accumulation

Chapman, L. S., 1996: Increase in sugar yield from plant breeding from 1946 to 1994

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868910

Andrade, P. J. M.; Asmus, G. L., 1995: Increase in the occurrence of the soyabean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines Ichinohe) in Mato Grosso do Sul: 1994/1995

Lehingue, Y.; Picot, M. C.; Millot, I.; Fassio, F., 1996: Increase in the prevalence of obesity among children aged 4-5 years in a French district between 1988 and 1993

Ayoub, I. A.; Bendel, R. B.; Yang, T. J., 1996: Increase in the proportion of CD4+ T lymphocytes and the levels of transforming growth factor- beta in the milk of mastitic cows

Cantamutto, M. A.; Ayastuy, M. E.; Elisei, V. R., 1995: Increase in yield and precocity of melon crops by transplanting and plastic mulching

Kasai, M.; Sasaki, M.; Yamashita, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Matsumoto, H., 1995: Increase of ATP-dependent H+ pump activity of tonoplast of barley roots by aluminium stress: possible involvement of abscisic acid for the regulation

Ikeda, K.; Furukawa, M.; Tanno, N.; Yamaya, M.; Takasaka, T., 1997: Increase of Cl- secretion induced by Kampo medicine (Japanese herbal medicine), Sai-rei-to, in Mongolian gerbil middle ear epithelium

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868920

Sanchez Quesada, J. L.; Homs Serradesanferm, R.; Serrat Serrat, J.; Serra Grima, J. R.; Gonzalez Sastre, F.; Ordonez Llanos, J., 1995: Increase of LDL susceptibility to oxidation occurring after intense, long duration aerobic exercise

Yokozawa, T.; Dong, E.; Watanabe, H.; Oura, H.; Kashiwagi, H., 1996: Increase of active oxygen in rats after nephrectomy is suppressed by ginseng saponin

Wagner, H.J.; Blankenstein, P.; Bondzio, A.; Ebner, D.; Risse, S., 1995: Increase of antigen production in BLV-infected cell lines via additional expression of tax

Henschel, J.; Stumpf, H.; Mahsberg, D., 1996: Increase of arachnid abundance and biomass at water shores

Ciprandi, Giorgio; Vizzaccaro, Andrea; Cirillo, Ignazio; Crimi, Paolo; Canonica, G. Walter, 1996: Increase of asthma and allergic rhinitis prevalence in young Italian men

Meyer, W.; Spiteller, G., 1996: Increase of caryophyllene oxide in ageing lemon balm leaves (Melissa officinalis L.) - a consequence of lipid peroxidation?

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868928

Kuijpers, Am; Bouman, H; Klerk, Gj-De, 1996: Increase of embryogenic callus formation in cucumber by initial culture on high concentration of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Climent, J. M.; Prada, M. A.; Gil, L. A.; Pardos, J. A., 1997: Increase of flowering in Pinus nigra Arn. subsp. salzmannii (Dunal) Franco by means of heteroplastic grafts

Zalazar, C.; Palma, S.; Candioti, M., 1996: Increase of free sialic acid and gelation in UHT milk

Diserens, E., 1997: Increase of machine weight in large-scale cultivation?

Mihaljevic, S; Stipkovic, S; Jelaska, S., 1996: Increase of root induction in Pinus nigra explants using agrobacteria

Buzayan, Jamal M.; Van Tol, Hans; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Bruening, George, 1995: Increase of satellite tobacco ringspot virus RNA initiated by inoculating circular RNA

Setiawati, Y. G. B.; Sweet, G. B., 1996: Increase of seed yield and physical quality in a Pinus radiata control-pollinated meadow seed orchard

Zickrick, K.; Werner, S.; Kiewel, S., 1995: Increase of sensitivity of microbial ATP determination by lowering blank value in liquid enrichment medium

Bergmann, H.; Leinhos, V.; Machelett, B., 1994: Increase of stress resistance in crop plants by using phenolic compounds

Gospodinova, M.; Dotchev, D., 1994: Increase of the efficiency of the irrigation rate by subsoil microirrigation of apple trees using 'leaky pipe' microporous pipelines

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868939

Sauter, U. H.; Diebold, R., 1997: Increase of timber output with high load capacity by machine strength grading of Scots pine boards

Terashita, T., 1994: Increase of urediniospores in the telium of Zaghouania phillyreae (Uredinales)

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868942

Dankov, T.; Kruleva, M.; Dimitrov, B.; Krapchev, B., 1997: Increase the percentage of maternal haploids by effect of herbicide Basagran

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868944

Nicholls, Neville, 1997: Increased Australian wheat yield due to recent climate trends

Jones, J. B.; Somodi, G. C.; Scott, J. W., 1997: Increased ELISA sensitivity using a modified extraction buffer for detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria in leaf tissue

Niendorf, Axel; Nagele, Herbert; Gerding, Daisy; Meyer Pannwitt, Udo; Gebhardt, Angelika, 1995: Increased LDL receptor mRNA expression in colon cancer is correlated with a rise in plasma cholesterol levels after curative surgery

Peng, S.; Garcia, F. V.; Laza, R. C.; Sanico, A. L.; Visperas, R. M.; Cassman, K. G., 1996: Increased N-use efficiency using a chlorophyll meter on high-yielding irrigated rice

Okiyama, Atsushi; Torii, Kunio; Tordoff, Michael G., 1996: Increased NaCl preference of rats fed low-protein diet

Baughman, R. B.; Dohn, M. N., 1995: Increased Pneumocystis carinii recovery from upper lobes in Pneumocystis pneumonia

Hankard, G. F.; Matarazzo, P.; Duong, J. P.; Mougenot, J. F.; Navarro, J.; Cezard, J. P.; Peuchmaur, M., 1997: Increased TIA1-expressing intraepithelial lymphocytes in cow's milk protein intolerance

Nie, G; Hendrix, Dl; Webber, An; Kimball, Ba; Long, Sp, 1995: Increased accumulation of carbohydrates and decreased photosynthetic gene transcript levels in wheat grown at an elevated CO2 concentration in the field

Enkerlin, W.; Lopez, L.; Celedonio, H., 1996: Increased accuracy in discrimination between captured wild unmarked and released dye-marked adults in fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) sterile released programs

Spitzer, Manfred; Thimm, Markus; Hermle, Leo; Holzmann, Petra; Kovar, Karl Artur; Heimann, Hans; Gouzoulis Mayfrank, Euphrosyne; Kischka, Udo; Schneider, Frank, 1996: Increased activation of indirect semantic associations under psilocybin

Lusso, M.; Kuc, J., 1995: Increased activities of ribonuclease and protease after challenge in tobacco plants with induced systemic resistance

Walden, Paul D.; Millette, Clarke F., 1996: Increased activity associated with the MAST205 protein kinase complex during mammalian spermiogenesis

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868960

Ainsworth, A. J.; Qian, Y.; Boyd, B.; Xue, L., 1996: Increased adhesion of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque, neutrophils to substrates following stimulation with phorbol ester

Martini, Heike; Weidenboerner, Martin; Adams, Susanne; Kunz, Benno, 1997: Increased antifungal activity of 3- and 7-hydroxyflavone against Cladosporium herbarum and Penicillium glabrum through ester formation

Munaro, F. A.; Lopez, J.; Teixeira, A. S.; Rutz, F., 1996: Increased availability of phytic phosphorus due to addition of phytase to diets for broiler chickens

Malmberg, Per O.; Rask Andersen, Anna; Larsson, Kjell A.; Stjernberg, Nils; Sundblad, Britt Marie; Eriksson, Kare, 1996: Increased bronchial responsiveness in workers sawing Scots pine

Tichy, R.; Nydl, V.; Kuzel, S.; Kolar, L., 1997: Increased cadmium availability to crops on a sewage-sludge amended soil

Postma, J. F.; Nugteren, P. van; Buckert De Jong, M. B., 1996: Increased cadmium excretion in metal-adapted populations of the midge Chironomus riparius (Diptera)

Burgess, Jr; Kuo, Cf, 1996: Increased calcium-independent phospholipase A2 activity in vitamin E and selenium-deficient rat lung, liver, and spleen cytosol is time-dependent and reversible

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868971

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868972

Del Rio, G.; Menozzi, R.; Zizzo, G.; Avogaro, A.; Marrama, P.; Velardo, A. , 1996: Increased cardiovascular response to caffeine in perimenopausal women before and during estrogen therapy

Funaba, Masayuki; Murata, Takuya; Murata, Eri; Abe, Matanobu; Takahashi, Michio; Torii, Kunio, 1997: Increased cartilage and bone formation in spontaneously hypercholesterolemic rats

Davies, M.; Heys, S. E.; Selby, P. L.; Berry, J. L.; Mawer, E. B., 1997: Increased catabolism of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in patients with partial gastrectomy and elevated 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D levels. Implications for metabolic bone disease

Dotevall, L.; Rosengren, L. E.; Hagberg, L., 1996: Increased cerebrospinal fluid levels of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAp) in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Caradus, J. R.; Harris, S. L.; Johnson, R. J., 1996: Increased clover content for increased milk production

Cawthraw, S. A.; Wassenaar, T. M.; Ayling, R.; Newell, D. G., 1996: Increased colonization potential of Campylobacter jejuni strain 81116 after passage through chickens and its implication on the rate of transmission within flocks

Mohd Shahwahid, H. O., 1995: Increased competition for rubberwood in the midst of plenty is worrying manufacturers

Lamunyon, Craig W.; Ward, Samuel, 1997: Increased competitiveness of nematode sperm bearing the male X chromosome

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868982

Synkova, H.; Van Loven, K.; Valcke, R., 1997: Increased content of endogenous cytokinins does not delay degradation of photosynthetic apparatus in tobacco

Kerbauy, Gilberto B.; Colli, Sandra, 1997: Increased conversion of root tip meristems of Catasetum fimbriatum into protocorm-like bodies mediated by ethylene

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868985

Lubec, Barbara; Arbeiter, Klaus; Hoeger, Harald; Lubec, Gert, 1996: Increased cyclin dependent kinase in aortic tissue of rats fed homocysteine

Baillie, G. S.; Hitchcock, C. A.; Burnet, F. R., 1996: Increased cytochrome P-450 activity in Aspergillus fumigatus after xenobiotic exposure

Thornton, B; Millard, P., 1997: Increased defoliation frequency depletes remobilization of nitrogen for leaf growth in grasses

Tewari, D. D.; Campbell, J. Y., 1996: Increased development of non-timber forest products in India: some issues and concerns

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868991

Connor, William E.; Lowensohn, Richard; Hatcher, Lauren, 1996: Increased docosahexaenoic acid levels in human newborn infants by administration of sardines and fish oil during pregnancy

Hendrichs, J.; Franz, G.; Rendon, P., 1995: Increased effectiveness and applicability of sterile insect technique through male-only releases for control of Mediterranean fruit flies during fruiting seasons

O'brien, Kimberly O.; Abrams, Steven A.; Liang, Lily K.; Ellis, Kenneth J.; Gagel, Robert F., 1996: Increased efficiency of calcium absorption during short periods of inadequate calcium intake in girls

Kropp, B. R.; Thomas, E.; Pounder, J. I.; Anderson, A. J., 1997: Increased emergence of spring wheat after inoculation with Pseudomonas chlororaphis isolate 2E3 under field and laboratory conditions

Chin-Atkins, An; Craig, S; Hocart, Ch; Dennis, Es; Chaudhury, Am, 1996: Increased endogenous cytokinin in the Arabidopsis amp1 mutant corresponds with de-etiolation responses

Frentsos, J. A.; Baer, J. T., 1997: Increased energy and nutrient intake during training and competition improves elite triathletes' endurance performance

Section 3, Chapter 2869, Accession 002868998

Muscati, Sk; Koski, Kg; Gray-Donald, K., 1996: Increased energy intake in pregnant smokers does not prevent human fetal growth retardation

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