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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2870

Chapter 2870 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869000

Ciardi, Joseph A.; Deikman, Jill; Orzolek, Michael D., 1997: Increased ethylene synthesis enhances chilling tolerance in tomato

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869003

Chang, Pk; Ehrlich, Kc; Yu, Jj; Bhatnagar, D; Cleveland, Te, 1995: Increased expression of Aspergillus parasiticus aflR, encoding a sequence-specific DNA-binding protein, relieves nitrate inhibition of aflatoxin biosynthesis

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869005

Lodes, Michael J.; Merlin, Gilles; De Vos, Theo; Ghosh, Anirban; Madhubala, Rentala; Myler, Peter J.; Stuart, Kenneth, 1995: Increased expression of LD1 genes transcribed by RNA polymerase I in Leishmania donovani as a result of duplication into the rRNA gene locus

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869007

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869008

Gilbert, Sophie J.; Wotton, Paul R.; Tarlton, John F.; Duance, Victor C.; Bailey, Allen J., 1997: Increased expression of promatrix metalloproteinase-9 and neutrophil elastase in canine dilated cardiomyopathy

Lujan, Hugo D.; Mowatt, Michael R.; Conrad, John T.; Nash, Theodore E., 1996: Increased expression of the molecular chaperone BiP/GRP78 during the differentiation of a primitive eukaryote

Fleurat-Lessard, P; Frangne, N; Maeshima, N; Ratajczak, R; Bonnemain, Jl; Martinoia, E., 1997: Increased expression of vacuolar aquaporin and H+-ATPase related to motor cell function in Mimosa pudica L

Richardson, Mary; Fletch, Andrew; Delaney, Kathleen; Dereske, Marnie; Wilcox, Lindsay H.; Kinlough Rathbone, Raelene L., 1997: Increased expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 by the aortic endothelium of rabbits with Pasteurella multocida pneumonia

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869013

Lamunyon, Craig W., 1997: Increased fecundity, as a function of multiple mating, in an arctiid moth, Utetheisa ornatrix

Mcgovern, R. H.; Renema, R. A.; Robinson, F. E., 1997: Increased feed allocation does not stimulate increased ovarian development or increased egg output in 54-week-old broiler breeder hens

Stewart, C. N.Jr; All, J. N.; Raymer, P. L.; Ramachandran, S., 1997: Increased fitness of transgenic insecticidal rapeseed under insect selection pressure

Bonn, A.; Gasse, M.; Rolff, J.; Martens, A., 1996: Increased fluctuating asymmetry in the damselfly Coenagrion puella is correlated with ectoparasitic water mites: implications for fluctuating asymmetry theory

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869018

Schuval, Susan J.; O'reilly, Mary Ellen; Bonagura, Vincent R., 1997: Increased frequency of HLA-DR11 in pediatric human immunodeficiency virus-associated parotid gland enlargement

Arellano, J.; Perez Rodriguez, M.; Lopez Osuna, M.; Velazquez, J. R.; Granados, J.; Justiniani, N.; Santos, J. I.; Madrazo, A.; Munoz, L.; Kretschmer, R., 1996: Increased frequency of HLA-DR3 and complotype SCO1 in Mexican mestizo children with amoebic abscess of the liver

Saukkonen, T.; Savilahti, E.; Madacsy, L.; Arato, A.; Korner, A.; Barkai, L.; Sarnesto, A.; Akerblom, H. K., 1996: Increased frequency of IgM antibodies to cow's milk proteins in Hungarian children with newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Pluth, Janice M.; Nicklas, Janice A.; Neill, J. Patrick O'.; Albertini, Richard J., 1996: Increased frequency of specific genomic deletions resulting from in vitro malathion exposure

Raine, S. R.; Bakker, D., 1996: Increased furrow irrigation efficiency through better design and management of cane fields

Soderholm, Johan D.; Olaison, Gunnar; Franzen, Lennart; Borch, Kurt, 1996: Increased gastric absorption of polyethylene glycols in atrophic gastritis

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869025

Dowton, M; Austin, Ad, 1995: Increased genetic diversity in mitochondrial genes is correlated with the evolution of parasitism in the Hymenoptera

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869028

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869029

Tang WenHua; Mei RuHong; Zhang ShouAn; Wang YiMin; Gu PeiLao; Gong JianGuo; Zhang XinDe, 1996: Increased growth and yield of rice by treating seeds and spraying plants with non-nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Endo, M., 1993: Increased growth due to weed control in a four year-old E. grandis plantation in Colombia: first year results

Nassir, Fatiha; Giannoni, Federico; Mazur, Andrzej; Rayssiguier, Yves; Davidson, Nicholas O., 1996: Increased hepatic synthesis and accumulation of plasma apolipoprotein B100 in copper-deficient rats does not result from modification in apolipoprotein B mRNA editing

Weltman, Martin D.; Farrell, Geoffrey C.; Liddle, Christopher, 1996: Increased hepatocyte CYP2E1 expression in a rat nutritional model of hepatic steatosis with inflammation

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869038

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869039

Czerniakowski, Z. W.; Bazej, J.; Olbrycht, T., 1996: Increased incidence of major diseases and pests on horse bean (Vicia faba L. var. minor Harz.)

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869042

Pyeon, D; O'-Reilly, Kl; Splitter, Ga, 1996: Increased interleukin-10 mRNA expression in tumor-bearing or persistently lymphocytotic animals infected with bovine leukemia virus

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869044

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869045

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869046

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869047

Anonymous, 1995: Increased investment in longlife milk

Hampel, R.; Gordalla, A.; Demuth, M.; Zollner, H.; Klinke, D., 1997: Increased iodine intake of young people in the district Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany) between 1993 and 1996

Kuo, Jay J.; Zimmerman, Ben G., 1997: Increased kallikrein activity in the rabbit renal vasculature during low sodium intake

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869052

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869053

Hideg, Eva; Mano, Junichi; Ohno, Chiaki; Asada, Kozi, 1997: Increased levels of monodehydroascorbate radical in UV-B-irradiated broad bean leaves

Stein, Leslie J.; Cowart, Beverly J.; Epstein, Alan N.; Pilot, Lynne J.; Laskin, Carol R.; Beauchamp, Gary K., 1996: Increased liking for salty foods in adolescents exposed during infancy to a chloride-deficient feeding formula

Auldist, D. E.; Mcfadden, T. B.; Mackenzie, D. D. S.; Nicholas, K., 1997: Increased litter size elicits cell proliferation in the lactating murine mammary gland

Le Bourg, Eric; Minois, Nadege, 1997: Increased longevity and resistance to heat shock in Drosophila melanogaster flies exposed to hypergravity

Sharma, Sp; Kaur, J; Rattan, Sis, 1997: Increased longevity of kinetin-fed Zaprionus fruitflies is accompanied by their reduced fecundity and enhanced catalase activity

Bains, J. S.; Kakkar, R.; Sharma, S. P., 1997: Increased longevity, reduced fecundity, and delayed development in fruitfly (Zaprionus paravittiger) fed on butylated hydroxy anisole

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869060

Ethelberg, S.; Lovmand, J.; Schmidt, J.; Luz, A.; Pedersen, F. S., 1997: Increased lymphomagenicity and restored disease specificity of AML1 site (core) mutant SL3-3 murine leukemia virus by a second-site enhancer variant evolved in vivo

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869062

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869063

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869064

Cobb, Neil S.; Mopper, Susan; Gehring, Catherine A.; Caouette, Matt; Christensen, Kerry M.; Whitham, Thomas G., 1997: Increased moth herbivory associated with environmental stress of pinyon pine at local and regional levels

Pagliassotti, Michael J.; Prach, Piper A., 1997: Increased net hepatic glucose output from gluconeogenic precursors after high-sucrose diet feeding in male rats

Schulze, Hagen; Saini, Harpal S.; Huisman, Joop; Hessing, Martin; Van Den Berg, Wim; Verstegen, Martin W. A., 1995: Increased nitrogen secretion by inclusion of soya lectin in the diets of pigs

Frerking, H.; Matschullat, G.; Muller, E.; Ikes, D., 1996: Increased occurrence of lethal stomach ulcers among pigs and calves

Porkkala Sarataho, Elina; Nyyssonen, Kristiina; Salonen, Jukka T., 1996: Increased oxidation resistance of atherogenic plasma lipoproteins at high vitamin E levels in non-vitamin E supplemented men

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869070

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869072

Hare, J. Daniel; Morgan, David J. W.; Nguyun, Tuyun, 1997: Increased parasitization of California red scale in the field after exposing its parasitoid, Aphytis melinus, to a synthetic kairomone

Porcelli, Peter J.; Block, Steven M., 1997: Increased parenteral nutrition calcium and phosphorus for very-low-birth-weight infants using computer software assisted ordering

Raina, A. K.; Jackson, D. M.; Severson, R. F., 1997: Increased pheromone production in wild tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) exposed to host plants and host chemicals

Rudd, Jj; Franklin, Fch; Lord, Jm; Franklin-Tong, Ve, 1996: Increased phosphorylation of a 26-kD pollen protein is induced by the self-incompatibility response in Papaver rhoeas

Myneni, R. B.; Keeling, C. D.; Tucker, C. J.; Asrar, G.; Nemani, R. R., 1997: Increased plant growth in the northern high latitudes from 1981 to 1991

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869079

Tarnow, L.; Rossing, P.; Nielsen, F. S.; Hansen, B. V.; Dyerberg, J.; Parving, H. H., 1996: Increased plasma apolipoprotein(a) levels in IDDM patients with diabetic nephropathy

Burlina, A. B.; Dermikol, M.; Mantau, A.; Piovan, S.; Grazian, L.; Zacchello, F.; Shin, Y., 1996: Increased plasma biotinidase activity in patients with glycogen storage disease type Ia: effect of biotin supplementation

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869082

Brichacek, Beda; Swindells, Susan; Janoff, Edward N.; Pirruccello, Samuel; Stevenson, Mario, 1996: Increased plasma human immunodeficiency virus type 1 burden following antigenic challenge with pneumococcal vaccine

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869084

Pipek, Ruben; Dankner, Gertrude; Ben Amotz, Ami; Aviram, Michael; Levy, Yishai, 1996: Increased plasma oxidizability in subjects with severe obesity

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869086

Jiang XianCheng; Francone, O. L.; Bruce, C.; Milne, R.; Mar, J.; Walsh, A.; Breslow, J. L.; Tall, A. R., 1996: Increased pre beta -high density lipoprotein, apolipoprotein Al, and phospholipid in mice expressing the human phospholipid transfer protein and human apolipoprotein Al transgenes

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869089

Chaisson, M. A.; Ellerbrock, T. V.; Bush, T. J.; Sun XiaoWei; Wright, T. C. Jr, 1997: Increased prevalence of vulvaginal condyloma and vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia in women infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

Newman, D.; Pilson, D., 1997: Increased probability of extinction due to creased genetic effective population size: experimental populations of Clarkia pulchella

Baker, R. T. M.; Davis, S. J., 1996: Increased production of docosahexaenoic acid (22:6n-3, DHA) in catfish nutritionally stressed by the feeding of oxidized oils and the modulatory effect of dietary alpha -tocopheryl acetate

Nishiura, Yoshihiro; Nakamura, Tatsufumi; Ichinose, Katsuhiro; Shirabe, Susumu; Tsujino, Akira; Goto, Hirofumi; Furuya, Takafumi; Nagataki, Shigenobu, 1996: Increased production of inflammatory cytokines in cultured CD4+ cells from patients with HTLV-I-associated myelopathy

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869094

Ivancevich, S. H.; Ivancevich, D. M.; Kilby, J., 1996: Increased productivity and automatic shuffling devices

Osteras, M.; Driscoll, B. T.; Finan, T. M., 1997: Increased pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase activity results in an alternative gluconeogenic pathway in Rhizobium (Sinorhizobium) meliloti

Walker, Bruce E.; Kurth, Lori A., 1995: Increased reproductive tract tumors in the female offspring of mice fed a high fat diet during the fetal stage of pregnancy

Quaas, L.; Frank, J.; Biesalski, H. K.; Bassler, K. H., 1997: Increased requirement for vitamins

Gale, K. R.; Leatch, G.; Dimmock, C. M.; Gartside, M. G., 1997: Increased resistance to Anaplasma marginale infection in cattle chronically infected with Theileria buffeli (syn. T. orientalis)

M'Piga, P.; Belanger, R. R.; Paulitz, T. C.; Benhamou, N., 1997: Increased resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici in tomato plants treated with the endophytic bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens strain 63-28

Shen, B; Jensen, Rg; Bohnert, Hj, 1997: Increased resistance to oxidative stress in transgenic plants by targeting mannitol biosynthesis to chloroplasts

Mcgrath, Margaret Tuttle, 1996: Increased resistance to triadimefon and to benomyl in Sphaerotheca fuliginea populations following fungicide usage over one season

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869103

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869104

Yamarat, Petcharindr; Chantachum, Yupa; Suthisai, Napachai; Sukchut, Bangon, 1995: Increased rigidity of red cells in patients with Plasmodium falciparum and its possible relation to cerebral malaria

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869106

Salonen, J. T.; Nyyssonen, K.; Tuomainen, T. P.; Maenpaa, P. H.; Korpela, H.; Kaplan, G. A.; Lynch, J.; Helmrich, S. P.; Salonen, R., 1995: Increased risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus at low plasma vitamin E concentrations: a four year follow up study in men

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869109

Crawford, M.; McInnes, B.; Faircloth, W., 1996: Increased root development in herbicide treated soil from Early Harvest PGR seed treatments

Veierskov, B., 1994: Increased rooting in difficult-to-root hibiscus cuttings by heat shock

Kirk, P.; Gilbert, T.; Darry, K., 1996: Increased safety and performance through smart food

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869113

Yamamoto, Kyosuke; Fukuda, Nobuhiro; Fukui, Masanori; Kai, Yasuko; Ikeda, Hitoshi; Sakai, Takahiro, 1996: Increased secretion of triglyceride and cholesterol following inhibition of long-chain fatty acid oxidation in rat liver

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869115

Krieger, N. S.; Stathopoulos, V. M.; Bushinsky, D. A., 1996: Increased sensitivity to 1,25(OH)2D3 in bone from genetic hypercalciuric rats

Vasankari, Tj; Kujala, Um; Vasankari, Tm; Vuorimaa, T; Ahotupa, M., 1997: Increased serum and low-density-lipoprotein antioxidant potential after antioxidant supplementation in endurance athletes

Wenisch, Christoph; Parschalk, Bernhard; Schonthal, Eva; Graninger, Wolfgang; Looareesuwan, Sornchai; Rumpold, Helmut, 1996: Increased serum concentrations of the carboxy-terminal-cross-linked telopeptide of collagen type I in patients with acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Sessler, Curtis N.; Schwartz, Mitchell; Windsor, Alastair C.; Fowler, Alpha A.IIi, 1995: Increased serum cytokines and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in fulminant Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869120

Serra Wittling, Claire; Houot, Sabine; Alabouvette, Claude, 1996: Increased soil suppressiveness to Fusarium wilt of flax after addition of municipal solid waste compost

Boer, B., 1996: Increased soil temperatures in salt marshes and mangroves after the 1991 Gulf War oil spill

Meywald, Thorsten; Scherthan, Harry; Nagl, Walter, 1996: Increased specificity of colloidal silver staining by means of chemical attenuation

Drummond, J.; Kotze, A. C.; Levot, G. W.; Pinnock, D. E., 1995: Increased susceptibility to Bacillus thuringiensis associated with pyrethroid resistance in Bovicola (Damalinia) ovis (Phthiraptera: Mallophaga) possible role of monooxygenases

Pimprale, S. S.; Besco, C. L.; Bryson, P. K.; Brown, T. M., 1997: Increased susceptiblity of pyrethroid-resistant tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to chlorfenapyr

Migliorini, Renato H.; Garofalo, Maria A. R.; Kettelhut, Isis C., 1997: Increased sympathetic activity in rat white adipose tissue during prolonged fasting

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869129

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869130

Yoo, H. S.; Maheswaran, S. K.; Srinand, S.; Ames, T. R.; Suresh, M., 1995: Increased tumor necrosis factor- alpha and interleukin-1 beta expression in the lungs of calves with experimental pneumonic pasteurellosis

Rivas, Ci; Vera, Jc; Guaiquil, Vh; Velasquez, Fv; Borquez-Ojeda, Oa; Carcamo, Jg; Concha, Ii; Golde, Dw, 1997: Increased uptake and accumulation of vitamin C in human immunodeficiency virus 1-infected hematopoietic cell lines

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869134

Patterson, Dw; Anderson, Rb; Rockwell, He, 1997: Increased use of automated machinery requires changes in quality control procedures

Anonymous, 1995: Increased use of indigenous feed resources in Asia

Ayala, F.; O' Leary, J. W.; Schumaker, K. S., 1996: Increased vacuolar and plasma membrane H+-ATPase activities in Salicornia bigelovii Torr. in response to NaCl

Hershow, Ronald C.; Riester, Katherine A.; Lew, Judy; Quinn, Thomas C.; Mofenson, Lynne M.; Davenny, Katherine; Landesman, Sheldon; Cotton, Deborah; Hanson, I. Celine; Hillyer, George V.; Tang, Hope Babette; Thomas, David L., 1997: Increased vertical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus from hepatitis C virus-coinfected mothers

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869139

Witter, R. L., 1997: Increased virulence of Marek's disease virus field isolates

Beck, M. A., 1997: Increased virulence of coxsackievirus B3 in mice due to vitamin E or selenium deficiency

Mulugeta, Dawit; Stoltenberg, David E., 1997: Increased weed emergence and seed bank depletion by soil disturbance in a no-tillage system

Webster, J. R.; Corson, I. D.; Littlejohn, R. P.; Suttie, J. M., 1997: Increased winter growth in male red deer calves under an extended photoperiod

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869144

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869145

Hanna, Hy; Millhollon, Ep; Herrick, Jk; Fletcher, Cl, 1997: Increased yield of heat-tolerant tomatoes with deep transplanting, morning irrigation, and white mulch

Moreau, Jean Francois; Taupin, Jean Luc; Dupon, Michel; Carron, Jean Claude; Ragnaud, Jean Marie; Marimoutou, Catherine; Bernard, Noelle; Constans, Joel; Texier Maugein, Jeannette; Barbeau, Pascal; Journot, Valerie; Dabis, Francois; Bonneville, Marc; Pellegrin, Jean Luc, 1996: Increases in CD3+CD4-CD8- T lymphocytes in AIDS patients with disseminated Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex infection

Hara, Hiroshi; Nagata, Masashi; Ohta, Atsutane; Kasai, Takanori, 1996: Increases in calcium absorption with ingestion of soluble dietary fibre, guar-gum hydrolysate, depend on the caecum in partially nephrectomized and normal rats

Huang, Fy; Philosoph-Hadas, S; Meir, S; Callaham, Da; Sabato, R; Zelcer, A; Hepler, Pk, 1997: Increases in cytosolic Ca2+ in parsley mesophyll cells correlate with leaf senescence

Kelly, C. A.; Rudd, J. W. M.; Bodaly, R. A.; Roulet, N. P.; St Louis, V. L.; Heyes, A.; Moore, T. R.; Schiff, S.; Aravena, R.; Scott, K. J.; Dyck, B.; Harris, R.; Warner, B.; Edwards, G., 1997: Increases in fluxes of greenhouse gases and methyl mercury following flooding of an experimental reservoir

Starratt, Alvin N.; Lazarovits, George, 1996: Increases in free amino acid levels in tomato plants accompanying herbicide-induced disease resistance

Nicklas, Barbara J.; Katzel, Leslie I.; Busby Whitehead, Jan; Goldberg, Andrew P., 1997: Increases in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol with endurance exercise training are blunted in obese compared with lean men

Cuadra, Pedro; Harborne, Jeffrey B.; Waterman, Peter G., 1997: Increases in surface flavonols and photosynthetic pigments in Gnaphalium luteo-album in response to UV-B radiation

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869155

Calderini, O.; Mariani, A., 1997: Increasing 2n gamete production in diploid alfalfa by cycles of phenotypic recurrent selection

Cromartie, J. B.; Beale, C. L., 1996: Increasing Black-White separation in the plantation South, 1970-90

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869159

Alazard, P., 1995: Increasing Pinus pinaster cone production

Mudimu, G. D., 1996: Increasing Zimbabwe's smallholder agricultural output and food security: environmental and sustainability issues

Lebailly, P.; Burny, P., 1995: Increasing agricultural exports and food security in Vietnam

Ventura, P., 1996: Increasing attention to hygiene in the stall

Ugwu, Boniface, 1996: Increasing cassava production in Nigeria and prospects for sustaining the trend

Nicola, Silvana; Cantliffe, Daniel J., 1996: Increasing cell size and reducing medium compression enhance lettuce transplant quality and field production

Pabst, K., 1997: Increasing cheese yield through genetic variants: is it economical?

Kruger, P.; Durrheim, D. N.; Hansford, C. F., 1996: Increasing chloroquine resistance - the Mpumalanga Lowveld story, 1990-1995

Lopez Molina, J.; El Sharkawy, M. A., 1996: Increasing crop productivity in cassava by fertilizing production of planting material

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869170

Mihailescu, A.; Giura, A.; Bude, A., 1994: Increasing efficiency of barley haploid production by combined treatments with plant growth regulators applied in vivo

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869172

Gajdos, J., 1995: Increasing efficiency of production and realization of sunflower seeds in the Slovak Republic

Vahlensieck, B., 1997: Increasing engine utilization with continuously variable transmissions

Anonymous, 1995: Increasing expenditure on and consumption of milk and its derivatives

Haggar, R. J.; Jones, D., 1989: Increasing flora diversity in grassland swards

Pardo P, R.; Nates P, G., 1994: Increasing flower visits by Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in crops by the use of synthetic Nasonov pheromone

Kim InSoo; Goh HyunGwan; Hong KiJeong; Lee MoonHong, 1996: Increasing fruit fertilization by release of Eristalis cerealis in a vinyl house

Greenberg, J.; Eshel, G.; Gotfrid, A.; Milles, I.; Abudee, Z.; Rulf, R.; Baum, J., 1995: Increasing fruit size of 'Star Ruby' red grapefruit by the auxins NAA and 2,4-DP

Claure Iriarte, T.; Molina Galan, J.; Vasal, S. K.; Martinez Garza, A., 1995: Increasing grain yield potential by means of selection and hybridization in maize

Ng' atigwa, V.; Yule, I. J., 1996: Increasing honey production in Tanzania through mechanization

Gierke, John S.; Powers, Susan E., 1997: Increasing implementation of in situ treatment technologies through field-scale performance assessments

Cattivelli, L.; Crosatti, C.; Rizza, F., 1995: Increasing in membrane stability and COR14 accumulation associated with cold-hardening in oats

Ravi Mehrotra; Raj Baveja, 1997: Increasing incidence of Toxoplasma infection in eastern Uttar Pradesh

Matsuzaki, Hiroshi; Arai, Kazuyoshi; Uehara, Mariko; Suzuki, Kazuharu; Sato, Shigeru; Kanke, Yusuke; Goto, Shiro, 1997: Increasing magnesium intake prevents high phosphorus diet-induced kidney damage in young rats

Lachman, W. J.; Surujbally, R. S.; Bacchus, M. A.; Persaud, P., 1994: Increasing milk production in Guyana

Ziska, L. H.; Manalo, P. A., 1996: Increasing night temperature can reduce seed set and potential yield of tropical rice

Powar, S. L.; Mehta, V. B.; Patil, K. D., 1995: Increasing nitrogen use efficiency in rice through modified urea materials in coastal saline soils

Mihailovich, S. M.; Bayramklichevich, S. U., 1996: Increasing of watering desalinizating effect on conditions increasing deficiency of water resources

Anonymous, 1996: Increasing performance of NOx abatement

Strand, B.; Reeder, S., 1996: Increasing physical activity through fitness integration

Wilmore, J. H., 1996: Increasing physical activity: alterations in body mass and composition

White, K. R.; Anderson, D. M.; Bate, L. A., 1996: Increasing piglet survival through an improved farrowing management protocol

Brewer, H. L., 1997: Increasing planting rates of gravity-fed field seedling transplanters

Hirvonen, T.; Mannisto, S.; Roos, E.; Pietinen, P., 1997: Increasing prevalence of underreporting does not necessarily distort dietary surveys

Gupta, A. P.; Neue, H. U.; Singh, V. P., 1995: Increasing productivity through phosphatic fertilizer and poultry manure application in acid upland

Akkaravessapong, P.; Smith, L. G.; Joyce, D. C.; Simons, D. H.; Horton, I. F.; Beasley, D. R., 1996: Increasing rates of postharvest water loss hasten ripening and alter respiration rates of avocado fruit

Woolaston, R. R., 1996: Increasing resistance by selection

Dillman, D. A.; Dolsen, D. E.; Machlis, G. E., 1995: Increasing response to personally-delivered mail-back questionnaires

Makens, Jc; Bowen, Jt, 1996: Increasing restaurant profits with product merchandising

Winfrey, W.; Darity, W, Jr, 1997: Increasing returns and intensification: a reprise on Ester Boserup's model of agricultural growth

Walls, W. D., 1997: Increasing returns to information: evidence from the Hong Kong movie market

Devel, J.; Fievet, G., 1995: Increasing road speed: impact on the construction of agricultural tractors and trailers

Sullivan, T. J.; Eilers, J. M.; Cosby, B. J.; Vache, K. B., 1997: Increasing role of nitrogen in the acidification of surface waters in the Adirondack Mountains, New York

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869208

Omar, M.; Singh, K. B., 1997: Increasing seed yield in chickpea by increased biomass yield

Gutenmann, Walter H.; Lisk, Donald J., 1996: Increasing selenium in field-grown onions by planting in peat moss pots containing coal fly ash

Bourfia, M.; Benlekhal, A.; Essaadi, A., 1996: Increasing sheep production through litter size in a Moroccan harsh environment

Anonymous, 1996: Increasing side board selection. Increasing further conversion

Morgan, S; Ross, Rp; Hill, C., 1997: Increasing starter cell lysis in Cheddar cheese using a bacteriocin-producing adjunct

Bull, T. A.; Bull, J. K., 1996: Increasing sugarcane yields through higher planting density - preliminary results

Deppe, H. J., 1996: Increasing supply of wood and tropical plantations

Paxson, M. C., 1995: Increasing survey response rates: practical instructions from the total-design method

Crush, J. R.; Caradus, J. R., 1996: Increasing symbiotic potentials in white clover

Mihailescu, A.; Giura, A.; Bude, A., 1995: Increasing the amount of in vitro regeneration of barley haploids by means of treatment with exogenous growth regulators

Slipchenko, S. N., 1994: Increasing the biological and nutritive values of silage

Rosowsky, Dv; Hunt, Mo, 1995: Increasing the competitiveness of structural wood composites using probabilistic methods

Anonymous, 1996: Increasing the consumption of vegetables among target groups

Sun XueXin; Liu Rong; Kang XiangYang, 1995: Increasing the cross compatibility of Euphrates poplar with gamma -irradiated pollen and the selection and breeding of hybrids

Kvasnyuk, N. Ya; Gridnev, V. V.; Shemyakina, V. P., 1996: Increasing the effectiveness of protecting potato from Phytophthora

Kolesnikova, A. A., 1995: Increasing the effectiveness of selective non-destructive monitoring of the resonance properties of growing spruce trees

Martynov, S. P.; Dobrotvorskaya, T. V., 1996: Increasing the efficiency of biometrical genetic analysis in plants

Plakhotnyi, V. T., 1995: Increasing the efficiency of cleaning of pasteurization and cooling units

Fedotov, I., 1996: Increasing the efficiency of feed utilization

Nentwig, G.; Kruger, B. W.; Lenz, J., 1994: Increasing the efficiency of fly control methods through the use of attractants

Ogorodnikov, P. I>, 1995: Increasing the efficiency of milking equipment

Sinclair, K. D.; Broadbent, P. J., 1996: Increasing the efficiency of suckled calf production using embryo transfer technology

Sirii, O. M.; Shesterenko, V. Ye; Dan' ko, O. V., 1995: Increasing the efficiency of the energy supply system of a sugar factory

Ito, Koji; Ito, Kazuhisa; Takahashi, S., 1994: Increasing the fertility percentage in sterile lines by ventilation and other treatments in hybrid rice cultivation

Khush, G. S., 1994: Increasing the genetic yield potential of rice: prospects and approaches

Liu Ming, 1996: Increasing the introduction of foreign investment and the promotion of the construction of modern agriculture

Emeyriat, R.; Picorit, C.; Reuling, D., 1996: Increasing the length of maritime pine logs

Dushkov, N. Yu, 1994: Increasing the longevity of Ulmus pumila on soils of the semi-desert solonetz complex

Daccord, R., 1996: Increasing the nutritive value of rapeseed meal for ruminants

Helm, J. H.; Boos, S., 1996: Increasing the physical educator's impact: consulting, collaborating, and teacher training in early childhood programs

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Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869954

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Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869994

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Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869996

Section 3, Chapter 2870, Accession 002869997

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