Indica/japonica doubled haploid population as a model for mapping rice yellow mottle virus and blast resistance genes

Ghesquiere, A.; Lorieux, M.; Roumen, E.; Albar, L.; Fargette, D.; Huang, N.; Notteghem, J.L.

International Rice Research Notes 21(2/3): 47-49


Accession: 002869389

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Two doubled haploid rice populations derived from the F1 hybrids IR64/Azucena and IRAT177/Apuraj, and segregating for many agronomic traits, were used to map resistance genes to rice yellow mottle sobemovirus (RYMV) and blast (caused by Magnaporthe grisea). For the IR64/Azucena population, interval mapping revealed one locus associated with significant effects in RYMV resistance on chromosome 12. Significant resistance loci identified in the IR64/Azucena population are tabulated. Some loci were strain specific and others were common to different strains.