Section 3
Chapter 2,871

Infection with basidiospores of Thanatephorus cucumeris (AG-2-3 of Rhizoctonia solani) and development of soybean foliar blight lesions

Naito, S.; Mochida, H.; Nakajima, T.; Ohto, Y.

Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 61(4): 362-368


DOI: 10.3186/jjphytopath.61.362
Accession: 002870411

Soyabean leaves artificially inoculated with basidiospores of T. cucumeris (AG-2-3 of Rhizoctonia solani) developed at first, primary lesions, then, secondary lesions and eventually, irregular large-sized lesions. The germ tubes of the germinating basidiospores formed appressoria and their infection pegs penetrated into the epidermal cells. A stroma-like structure was produced within the invaded tissues.

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