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Influence zone of aeration pipes and temperature variations in passively aerated composting of manure slurries

Fernandes, L.; Sartaj, M.; Patni, N.K.

Canadian Agricultural Engineering 37(3): 257


Accession: 002873325

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Natural and passive aeration methods of composting under high initial moisture content condition (76%) were studied. Compost material consisted of poultry manure slurry as the waste and peat as the bulking agent. Piles were trapezoidal in section with an initial volume and height of 5 m3 and 1.2 m, respectively. Correlation factors of temperature readings of identical positions in replicate piles showed that the process was quite stable and reproducible. Influence zone of passive aeration pipes was limited to the interior portion of the bottom half of the pile. Temperature distribution inside the piles indicated that passive aeration pipes were effective in providing more air than natural aeration. Passive aeration process finished two weeks earlier than natural aeration process. The final product had a dark brown color and was rich in total nitrogen and phosphorus.

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