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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 2878

Chapter 2878 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Monney, P.; Riesen, W., 1996:
Intermediate results of apple rootstock trials in northern and southern regions of Switzerland

Gunther, I., 1996:
Intermediate storage and pre-cleaning of sugar beets as a means of reducing dirt tare

Szabo, J., 1996:
Intermediate trade on the foreign market for agricultural products

Anonymous, 1996:
Intermediate/recalcitrant tropical forest tree seeds. Proceedings of a workshop on improved methods for handling and storage of intermediate/recalcitrant tropical tree seeds, 8-10 June, 1995, Humlebaek, Denmark

Gvaryahu, G.; Shalev, U.; Robinzon, B.; Snapir, N., 1996:
Intermingling heavy and light strain chickens may cause social stress

Gavrilets, S.; Hastings, A., 1995:
Intermittency and transient chaos from simple frequency-dependent selection

Bicudo, J.R.; Svoboda, I.F., 1995:
Intermittent aeration of pig slurry - farm scale experiments for carbon and nitrogen removal

Buffington, C.A.; Chew, D.J., 1996:
Intermittent alkaline urine in a cat fed an acidifying diet

Hasselblad, S.; Hallin, S., 1996 :
Intermittent dosage of ethanol in a pre-denitrifying activated sludge process

Gumiela Neto, J.; Borges, I.O., 1994:
Intermittent electrificator for fences

Spilker, C.A.; Hinthorn, D.R.; Pingleton, S.K., 1996:
Intermittent enteral feeding in mechanically ventilated patients. The effect on gastric pH and gastric cultures

A.W.bel, M.I.; Shalaby, A.A.; A.O.ran, A.M., 1997:
Intermittent evaporation from calcareous sandy soils as affected by sewage sludge

Liu, X.N.an; Kang, J.; Zhao, L.; Viteri, F.E., 1995:
Intermittent iron supplementation in Chinese preschool children is efficient and safe

Stamps, R.H., 1994:
Intermittent irrigation for cold protection conserves water in iced shadehouses during radiation freezes

Worrall, J., 1995:
Intermittent long and short shoot growth in subalpine larch leaders

Widrig, D.L.; Peeples, J.A.; Mancl, K.M., 1996:
Intermittent sand filtration for domestic wastewater treatment: effects of filter depth and hydraulic parameters

Bauer, P.J.; Sadler, E.J.hn; Frederick, J.R., 1997:
Intermittent shade effect on gas exchange of cotton leaves in the humid southeastern USA

Dawson, D.M.; Watkins, C.B.; Melton, L.D., 1995:
Intermittent warming affects cell wall composition of 'Fantasia' nectarines during ripening and storage

Kluge, R.A.; Hoffmann, A.; Nachtigal, J.C.; Bilhalva, A.B.; Fachinello, J.C., 1996:
Intermittent warming of cold-stored peach cv. BR-6

Merritt, H.; McCullough, A.J.; Schuler, M.A., 1997:
Internal AU-rich elements modulate activity of two competing 3' splice sites in plant nuclei

Yoo, K.S.; Andersen, C.R.; Pike, L.M., 1997:
Internal CO2 concentrations in onion bulbs at different storage temperatures and in response to sealing of the neck and base

Barker, D.H.; Seaton, G.G.R.; Robinson, S.A., 1997:
Internal and external photoprotection in developing leaves of the CAM plant Cotyledon orbiculata

Fousekis, P., 1997:
Internal and external scale effects in productivity analysis: a dynamic dual approach

Miao XiangWen; Zhen RongJin; H.F.cai, 1993:
Internal and outer water film cooling system for glasshouse or plastic greenhouse and their spectral characters

Saunders, R.C.; Mollendorff, L.J. von, 1995:
Internal breakdown in the blushed pear Flamingo

Millard, P., 1995:
Internal cycling of nitrogen in trees

McGarry, A.; Hole, C.C.; Drew, R.L.K.; Parsons, N., 1996:
Internal damage in potato tubers: a critical review

Sandoz, J.L.; Lorin, P., 1996:
Internal defects in standing timber: ultrasound detection

Furuta, E.; Yamaguchi, K., 1996:
Internal defence system in the land slug Incilaria spp

Ma, J.F.; Hiradate, S.; Nomoto, K.; Iwashita, T.; Matsumoto, H., 1997:
Internal Detoxification Mechanism of Al in Hydrangea (Identification of Al Form in the Leaves)

Taylor, M.A., 1996:
Internal disorders in South African plums

Trooien, T.; Wienhold, B.; Reichman, G., 1996:
Internal drainage through fine-textured subsoils at two sites in North Dakota

Rijnbrand, R.; van der Straaten, T.; van Rijn, P.A.; Spaan, W.J.; Bredenbeek, P.J., 1997:
Internal entry of ribosomes is directed by the 5' noncoding region of classical swine fever virus and is dependent on the presence of an RNA pseudoknot upstream of the initiation codon

Bote Gomez, V., 1996:
Internal financing of tourism: autonomous financing

Fahal, A.H.; Sharfi, A.R.; Sheik, H.E.; E.H.ssan, A.M.; Mahgoub, E.S., 1996:
Internal fistula formation: an unusual complication of mycetoma

Hagenmaier, R.D.; Baker, R.A., 1994:
Internal gases, ethanol content and loss of citrus fruit coated with polyethylene wax, carnauba wax, shellac or resin at different application levels

Pomroy, W.E., 1997:
Internal helminth parasites of ruminants in New Zealand

Muench, T.R.; Sudlow, W.R.; White, M.R., 1997:
Internal hydrocephalus of channel catfish fry (Ictalurus punctatus)

Golik, S.I.; Jatimliansky, J.R.; Sarli, G.O.; Filgueira, R.R.; Sarandon, S.J., 1995:
Internal leaf surface of ten bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars and its relationship with photosynthetic rate

Borgonie, G.; Van Driessche, E.; Link, C.D.; Claeys, M.; D.W.ele, D.; Coomans, A., 1997:
Internal lectin binding patterns in the nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans, Panagrolaimus superbus and Acrobeloides maximus

Soewartoyo, 1996:
Internal migration between Java-Bali and Eastern Indonesia

Marenzi, C.; Dragoni, I.; Papa, A.; Vallone, L., 1995:
Internal mould in normal and deteriorated matured salami

Saithanoo, S., 1996:
Internal parasites in goats in southern Thailand

Charleston, W.A.G., 1997:
Internal parasites of cattle in New Zealand: gastrointestinal nematodes and lungworm

Mason, P.C., 1997:
Internal parasites of deer in New Zealand

Mason, P.C., 1997:
Internal parasites of goats in New Zealand

Anonymous, 1997:
Internal parasites of horses

Cobham, P.R.S.; Vinden, P., 1995:
Internal pressure monitoring during the treatment of Pinus radiata (D. Don)

Teo, K.F.; Wright, P.J., 1997:
Internal proteolysis of the NS3 protein specified by dengue virus 2

Janku, M., 1994:
Internal relations in cooperative management - proposals on fulfilling the legal framework

Larroche, C.; Besson, I.; Gros, J.B., 1996:
Internal substrate concentrations during biotransformation of octanoic acid into 2-heptanone by spores of Penicillium roquefortii

Poole, J.R.; Graham, G., 1996:
Internal teaching models of four physical education graduate teaching assistants

Kikuchi, S.; Komazawa, K., 1995:
Internal temperature change of wood by radiation heating

Birn, H.; Nielsen, S.; Christensen, E.I., 1997:
Internalization and apical-to-basolateral transport of folate in rat kidney proximal tubule

Paris, S.; Boisvieux-Ulrich, E.; Crestani, B.; Houcine, O.; Taramelli, D.; Lombardi, L.; Latgé, J.P., 1997:
Internalization of Aspergillus fumigatus conidia by epithelial and endothelial cells

Bolard, J.; Vertut Doi, A., 1995:
Internalization of amphotericin B and other polyene antifungals in mammalian cells: a possible origin of their toxicity

Bastiaanse, W.A., 1996:
Internalization of environmental costs in primary commodity prices: the perspective of importing countries

Anonymous, 1995:
International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis. Report of the proceedings of the twenty-first session, Havana, Cuba, 15-20 May 1994

Shuib, A.; Rahim, K.A.; Shamsudin, M.N., 1995:
International Commodity-related Environment Agreement (ICREA) and sustainable cocoa production

Anonymous, 1997:
International Conference on Feeding Horses: UK 17-20 March 1997. Scientific session

Anonymous, 1990:
International Conference on Forestry Education, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy, 17-22 September 1990. Proceedings. Volume 1

Ritchie, J.T., 1995:
International Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications (ICASA): establishment and purpose

Anonymous, 1995:
International Dairy Day 1995

Becker, H., 1995:
International Dairy Federation FIL-IDF. Monographs on the properties of pathogenic microorganisms in raw milk. 4. Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B Streptococci)

Asperger, H., 1995:
International Dairy Federation FIL-IDF. Special edition number 9405. 3. Staphylococcus aureus

Anonymous, 1997:
International Hemp Association leads various efforts to preserve Cannabis for intensified medical and industrial research

Eisenbeiss, G.K., 1995:
International Ilex cultivar registration part 1 1995

Eisenbeiss, G.K., 1996:
International Ilex cultivar registration, part 1 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
International Meeting on Chagasic Heart Disease, Milan, Italy, 26-28 June 1995

Matturri, L.; Rossi, L., 1996:
International Meeting on Chagasic Heart Disease: South American-Italian Cooperation on a vital cardiologic issue

Chaudhary, R.C.; Ahn, S.W., 1996:
International Network for Genetic Evaluation of Rice (INGER) and its modus operandi for multi-environment testing

Anonymous, 1996:
International Sport Nutrition Conference

Anonymous, 1997:
International Symposium on Canine Hypothyroidism. 3-4 August 1996, University of California, Davis, California, USA

Anonymous, 1997:
International Symposium on Hepatology abstracts, August 12-15, 1997, Beijing, China

Anonymous, 1992:
International Union of Forest Research Organizations, IUFRO-WP 3.04.02: Work Study, Payment and Labour Productivity. Work study - measurement and terminology: international symposium held in Gottingen, Germany, 10-12 June, 1992, proceedings

Bjorheden, R.; Apel, K.; Shiba, M.; Thompson, M.A., 1995:
International Union of Forestry Research Organisations WP 3.04.02: Forest work study nomenclature: test edition valid 1995-2000

Dinham, B., 1996:
International action against hazardous pesticides

Doney, Devon, L., 1995 :
International activities in Beta germplasm

Hallauer, Arnel, R., 1995:
International activities in maize germplasm

Duncan, R.R.; Dahlberg, J.; Spinks, M., 1995:
International activities in sorghum germplasm acquisition during the past thirty-five years

Seiler, Gerald, J., 1995:
International activities in sunflower germplasm

Skovmand, B.; Fox, P.N.; Varughese, G.; Gonzalez de Leon, D., 1995:
International activities in wheat germplasm: CIMMYT's perspective

Greenland, D.J., 1997:
International agricultural research and the CGIAR system - past, present and future

Frison, E.A.; Engels, J., 1994:
International and European developments in plant genetic resources

Anonymous, 1996:
International animal health code: mammals, birds and bees - 1993-1996 updates

Ngolle Ngolle, E., 1996:
International assistance to refugees what future?

Neuendorff, J., 1996:
International bio-certification: where is it going?

Meir, A.; Tsoar, H., 1996:
International borders and range ecology: the case of Bedouin transborder grazing

Julien, M.H.; Harley, K.L.S.; Wright, A.D.; Cilliers, C.J.; Hill, M.P.; Center, T.D.; Cordo, H.A.; Cofrancesco, A.F., 1996:
International co-operation and linkages on the management of water hyacinth with emphasis on biological control

Resh, V.H.; Yamamoto, D.O., 1996:
International collaboration in the publication of entomological research

Kawano, K., 1995:
International collaboration of CIAT (Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical) in cassava varietal improvement. IV. Varietal release and socio-economic effects

Varughese, G.; Saari, E.E.; Skovmand, B., 1995:
International collaborations led by CIMMYT promote wheat improvement throughout the Mediterranean

French, J.R.J.; Ahmed, B.; Chew, N.; Cragg, S.; Creffield, J.W.; Grace, J.K.; Kard, B.; Lenz, M.; Saunders, A.; Serment, M.M.; Tsunoda, K.; Vongkaluang, C., 1996:
International collaborative laboratory comparison of two wood preservatives against subterranean termites: third update and first report

Gilbert, C.L., 1996:
International commodity agreements: an obituary notice

Sivertsen, H., 1996:
International comparison of sensory assessments of hard cheeses

Mundlak, Y.H.ang, H., 1996:
International comparisons of cattle cycles

Anonymous, 1997:
International conference: The (beet) sugar industry in Central Eastern Europe

Anonymous, 1994:
International conference: special issue

Gupta, R.K.; Subbaram, N.R., 1996:
International conventions, agreements & treaties for the protection of intellectual property

Haavisto, P., 1996:
International cooperation and the environment

Anonymous, 1993:
International cooperation for democracy

Ullrich, S.E.; Wesenberg, D.M.; Bockelman, H.E.; Franckowiak, J.D., 1995:
International cooperation in barley germplasm activities

Riou Canals, M., 1996:
International cooperation in date palm cultivation

Sinko, M., 1996:
International cooperation in forestry with emphasis on countries in transition

Bamberg, J.B.; Huaman, Z.; Hoekstra, R., 1995:
International cooperation in potato germplasm

Krott, M., 1996:
International cooperation strategies for forest research in the new democracies

Perret, P.M., 1995:
International crop genetic resource networks

Toenniessen, G.H., 1995:
International crop research in the era of biotechnology

Kelly, C., 1997:
International dairy market beyond 2000

Byron, N., 1997:
International development assistance in forestry and land management: the process and the players

Zazueta, F.S., 1995:
International developments in microirrigation

Heal, G.M., 1995:
International dimensions of environmental policy

Moy, R.Carl, 1997:
International dimensions of patent law as it pertains to animal and agricultural biotechnology

Furlan, V., 1996:
International directory of mycorrhizologists, 6th edition 1996

Menkhaus, S.; Lober, D.J., 1996:
International ecotourism and the valuation of tropical rainforests in Costa Rica

Hunt, K.J., 1996:
International environmental agreements in conflict with GATT - greening GATT after the Uruguay Round agreement

Mcleod, C.A.am; Terasawa, M.; Yamamura, E., 1995:
International environmental management imbalance

White, G.A.; Waterworth, H.E., 1996:
International exchange of horticultural crop germplasm

Zhu DaoHua, 1995:
International experience in market economy, agricultural modernization and the enlightenment of China

Szoke, T.G.; Manlove, R.J., 1996:
International experience with Finish (cyclanilide + ethephon) boll opener & defoliant

Usol' tsev, V.A., 1995:
International forest monitoring, global ecological programmes and forest-phytomass databases

Anonymous, 1996:
International forestry seminar. Exploring multiple use and ecosystem management: from policy to operational practices. FAO/ECE/ILO proceedings: 9-15 September 1995, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Dragula, C.; Burin, G., 1994:
International harmonization for the risk assessment of pesticides: results of an IPCS survey

Anonymous, 1995:
International health review

Harris, K.J., 1996:
International hospitality marketing on the Internet: project Interweave

Becker, M., 1995:
International influences on the home markets for wood in Germany

Martins, H.; Alves, R.; Caldeira, M. da C.; Carvalho, A.; Pina, J.; Rato, G., 1997:
International initiatives on the sustainable management of forests

Zyl, P. van, 1997:
International interest in the ostrich

Kennedy, P.L.; Harrison, R.W., 1996:
International internships in agribusiness curricula: a proposal for implementation

Bodansky, D.M., 1995:
International law and the protection of biological diversity

Satovic, Z.; Kolak, I., 1995:
International legislation concerning conservation of biological diversity: Agenda 21 and the Convention on Biological Diversity

Torok, S.; Bradley, E.P.illips, C.B.rnateau, G., 1996:
International market segmentation analysis of a new meat product

Albisu, L.M., 1997:
International marketing in the midst of competition and partnership

Singh, S., 1996:
International marketing of agro-food products by developing country firms: some conceptual issues

Radogna, P., 1995:
International meeting of DOC cheeses, Stresa, 15 and 16 September 1995

Anonymous, 1993:
International methods for determining indices of sugar quality

Taylor, J.E., 1996:
International migration and economic development: a micro economy-wide analysis

Norse, D., 1996:
International monitoring of changes in terrestrial ecosystems

Vierbergen, G., 1995:
International movement, detection and quarantine of Thysanoptera pests

Shirin Gadhia; Deepak Gadhia, 1995:
International movements in organic agriculture and trade

Alagarswamy, G.; Oosterom, E.J. van; Sethi, S.C., 1996:
International multi-environment trials at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)

Hewitt, W.E., 1996:
International municipal exchange as a catalyst for south-north technology and information transfer: a case study from the Americas

Anonymous, 1996:
International obligations and corresponding opportunities

Borst, A.D.; Kennedy, T.L.; Letson, P.R.; Sleeper, M.E., 1996:
International opportunities and challenges

Ogbourne, C.P.; Ison, T., 1996:
International partnerships for improving access to agricultural information in the developing world: the role of CAB INTERNATIONAL

Malka, S.; Capriles-Hullet, A.; Sánchez-Borges, M.; Pérez-Lozano, A., 1996:
International perspectives on controversial practices in allergic diseases: the South American experience

Ehrensaft, P., 1997:
International perspectives on rural employment: introductory propositions

Miholova, D.; Slamova, A.; Szakova, J.; Svatos, Z.; Mader, P., 1996:
International plant-analytical exchange and quality assurance in a trace element laboratory

Qadeer, M.A., 1996:
International precepts versus local knowledge as bases of planning for sustainable development: methodological choices of Pakistan's National Conservation Strategy

Hara, Y.; Luo ShaoJun; Wickremasinghe, R.L.; Yamanishi, T., 1995:
International production and consumption patterns of tea

Lyons, N.F.; Taylor, J.D.; Roberts, S.J.; Maury, Y.; Duby, C.; Masmoudi, K.; Faris Mokaiesh, S.; Corbiere, R.; Mendes Pereira, E.; Spire, D.; Samson, R.; Malandrin, L.; Grondeau, C.; Franken, A.A.J.M.; Fraaije, B.A., 1995:
International programme on the serological detection of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens of protein pea seeds

Palmberg Lerche, C., 1994:
International programmes for the conservation of forest genetic resources

Sadie, J., 1995:
International protea cultivar registration: progress report

Bloom, D.E., 1995:
International public opinion on the environment

Leslie, A.C., 1995:
International registration authorities

Clemants, Steven, E., 1996:
International registration of cultivar names for unassigned woody genera 1995

Kiekens, Jean Pierre, 1996:
International registration of forests

Tekle, A., 1996:
International relations in the horn of Africa

Wolk, A.; Gridley, G.; Niwa, S.; Lindblad, P.; McCredie, M.; Mellemgaard, A.; Mandel, J.S.; Wahrendorf, J.; McLaughlin, J.K.; Adami, H.O., 1996:
International renal cell cancer study. VII. Role of diet

Dax, T.; Loibl, E.; Oedl Wieser, T., 1996:
International research III: trends towards non-agricultural income sources

Kender, W.J., 1993:
International research linkages benefit Florida citrus industry

Rodriguez, E.; West, J.E., 1995:
International research on biomedicines from the tropical rain forest

Irani, S., 1997:
International review of effective pharmaceutical patent terms

Geiger, F., 1996:
International sanitary regulations

Kazragyte, A.; Akridge, J.T.; Erickson, S.P.; Boehlje, M., 1995:
International seminars organized by the Economics Faculty

Commarmot, B., 1994:
International silver fir provenance trials: development of provenances at age 12 years at Bourrignon in the Swiss Jura

Nandakumar, T., 1997:
International spice marketing and the Uruguay Round Agreements

Hortensius, D.; Welling, R., 1996:
International standardization of soil quality measurements

Malanoski, M.; Handy, C.; Seigle, N.; Henderson, D.R., 1996:
International strategies in the global market

Sung, S.; Hsu, C.H.C., 1996:
International students' travel characteristics: an exploratory study

Ortner, J.M., 1996:
International support measures for agriculture: PSE and AMS

Geneve, R., 1996:
International survey of pests and mould in stored tobacco

Anonymous, 1996:
International symposium on buffalo products. FAO - Interregional Cooperative Research Network On Buffalo working Group Products, Paestum (Italy), 1-4 December, 1994

Anonymous, 1997:
International symposium on cereal adaptation to low temperature stress in controlled environments, Martonvasar, Hungary, 2-4 June 1997

Anonymous, 1994:
International symposium on forest soils

Bonte Friedeheim, C., 1995:
International tasks for agricultural economics research

Allcock, J.B., 1995:
International tourism and the appropriation of history in the Balkans

Rozenburg, D., 1995:
International tourism and utopia: the Balearic Islands

Chattopadhyay, K., 1995:
International tourism demand for India

Sindiga, I., 1996:
International tourism in Kenya and the marginalization of the Waswahili

Anonymous, 1996:
International tourism year 1995, slackened growth

Lanfant, M.F., 1995:
International tourism, internationalization and the challenge to identity

Sun, G.; Epperson, J.; Ames, G., 1996:
International trade analysis of impact of North American Free Trade Agreement on US pecan producers

Ahrens, H., 1997:
International trade in agricultural commodities

Handschur, P., 1997:
International trade in agricultural products and timber in 1996

Bourke, I.J., 1995:
International trade in forest products and the environment

Marks, S.; Pomeroy, J., 1995:
International trade in nutmeg and mace: issues and options for Indonesia

Sinquin, J.P., 1995:
International trade in the first six months of 1995

Anonymous, 1995:
International trade issues and policies

Steininger, K., 1996:
International trade regulation and sustainable development: an outlook

Barbosa, M.Z.; Bortoleto, E.E.; Donadelli, A., 1996:
International trade, from quantitative restriction to environmental demand: the textile case

Field, M.K.; Pagoulatos, E., 1996:
International trade, market structure, and cyclical fluctuations in U.S. food manufacturing

Anonymous, 1996:
International trade, the environment and durable agricultural development

Lang, C.T.; O.L.ary, J.T.; Morrison, A.M., 1997:
International travelers from Taiwan: travel arrangements, philosophy, and benefits

Fish, M.; Waggle, D., 1997:
International travellers and Taiwan's Asia-pacific position

Cova, M.; Buriani, O.; Bicocchi, R.; Ghinelli, F.; Libanore, M., 1995:
International travellers: epidemiological surveillance and prophylaxis

Wolf, A.T., 1997:
International water conflict resolution: lessons from comparative analysis

Wolf, A.T., 1995:
International water dispute resolution: the Middle East Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources

Truswell, A.S., 1997:
International workshop on nutritional attitudes and practices of primary care physicians. Proceedings of a symposium held at Hotel Klein-Zwitserland, Heelsum, Netherlands, December 11-13, 1995

Anonymous, 1996:
International workshop on research methodologies to improve the linkages between research-extension and users held at ILRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Abernethy, C.L., 1996:
International workshop on strategies for inter-sectoral water management in Developing Countries: challenges and consequences for agriculture. Report of a DSE - ATSAF workshop May 6-10, 1996 Berlin, Germany

Anonymous, 1996:
International workshop on the genus Calliandra. Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, Agency for Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia, Forestry Research Programme on behalf of the Overseas Development Administration, United Kingdom, January 23-27, 1996, Bogor, Indonesia

Noronha Vaz, M.T. de, 1995:
Internationalisation processes in small and medium enterprises of the agrifood sector in Portugal

Field, M.K.; Pagoulatos, E., 1996:
Internationalization and competition in the food industry

Alexander, N.; Lockwood, A., 1996:
Internationalization: a comparison of the hotel and retail sectors

Huber, G.; Mayer, F.J., 1996:
Internet and electronic post

Coppel, R.L., 1996:
Internet and the parasitologist: the what, where and why of the web

Anderson, M.L.; Cartinhour, S.W., 1997:
Internet resources for the biologist

Blaxter, M.; Aslett, M., 1997:
Internet resources for the parasite genome projects

Lazewski, B., 1995:
Internet resources in agriculture: favorite sources of an Internet trainer

Cahill, J., 1996:
Internet: the power, problems, and potential

Baader, A.P., 1997:
Interneuronal and motor patterns during crawling behavior of semi-intact leeches

Ocker; Hedwig, 1996:
Interneurones involved in stridulatory pattern generation in the grasshopper Chorthippus mollis (Charp.)

Fournioux, J.C., 1996:
Internodal elongation in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): leaf influences and role of the shoot apex

Shantha Nagarajan; Minhas, J.S., 1995:
Internodal elongation: a potential screening technique for heat tolerance in potato

Seal, D.W., 1997:
Interpartner concordance of self-reported sexual behaviour among college dating couples

Matter, S.F., 1996:
Interpatch movement of the red milkweed beetle, Tetraopes tetraophthalmus: individual responses to patch size and isolation

Dijker, A.J.; Koomen, W.; Kok, G., 1997:
Interpersonal determinants of fear of people with AIDS: the moderating role of predictable behavior

Malloy, T.E.; Fisher, W.A.; Albright, L.; Misovich, S.J.; Fisher, J.D., 1997:
Interpersonal perception of the AIDS risk potential of persons of the opposite sex

Guttenbach, M.; Martínez-Expósito, M.J.; Engel, W.; Schmid, M., 1996:
Interphase chromosome arrangement in Sertoli cells of adult mice

Jiang JiMing; Hulbert, S.H.; Gill, B.S.; Ward, D.C., 1996:
Interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization mapping: a physical mapping strategy for plant species with large complex genomes

Muhammad Ibrahim; Nawab Ali; Niaz Muhammad; Khalil ur Rahim, 1996:
Interplant spacing and Cycocel affect plant growth and yield of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

Zakharchenko, E.P.; Gavrilova, L.A., 1996:
Interplanting method is promising

Shen XingRu, 1993:
Interplanting of Paulownia trees in tea gardens

Tang YueBing, 1994:
Interplanting of tea plants in adult pear (Pyrus L.) fields

Muller Scharer, H., 1996:
Interplanting ryegrass in winter leek: effect on weed control, crop yield and allocation of N-fertiliser

Coates, C.; Turney, C.; Frommer, M.O.-Brochta, D.; Atkinson, P., 1997:
Interplasmid transposition of the mariner transposable element in non-drosophilid insects

Kornberg, R.D.; Lorch, Y., 1995:
Interplay between chromatin structure and transcription

Blecha, F. (Organizer), 1997:
Interplay between the immune and endocrine systems in domestic animals. Symposium at the Experimental Biology 1995 Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, April 10, 1995

Wang, H.Q.; Lacroix, M., 1997:
Interpolation techniques applied to the Eulerian-Lagrangian solution of the convection-dispersion equation in natural coordinates

Brown, C.A., 1996:
Interpopulation and intersexual variation in pectine tooth counts in Centruroides vittatus (Scorpionida, Buthidae)

Sibly, R.M.; Winokur, L.; Smith, R.H., 1997:
Interpopulation variation in phenotypic plasticity in the speckled wood butterfly, Pararge aegeria

Chernyavskaya, L.I.; Petrenko, A.A.; Burlyai, T.F.; Khomutetskaya, N.I.; Pavlyuchenko, N.I., 1993:
Interpretation and decrease of unaccounted sugar losses

McArthur, S., 1996:
Interpretation in Australia - is it running on borrowed time?

Venner, M.; Deegen, E., 1996:
Interpretation of antibody titres against Borrelia burgdorferi in the horse considering the knowledge about it in man - overview

Kowalenko, C.G., 1996:
Interpretation of autumn soil tests for hazelnut

Furumai, H.; Rittmann, B.E., 1994:
Interpretation of bacterial activities in nitrification filters by a biofilm model considering the kinetics of soluble microbial products

Shah, R.M.; Kaji, A.V.; Ostrum, B.J.; Friedman, A.C., 1997:
Interpretation of chest radiographs in AIDS patients: usefulness of CD4 lymphocyte counts

Jones, G.; Hanton, S., 1996:
Interpretation of competitive anxiety symptoms and goal attainment expectancies

Suyama, K.; Takagi, K., 1996:
Interpretation of effect of some pesticide formulations on nitrification in paddy soil

Silvertown, J.; Franco, M.; Menges, E., 1996:
Interpretation of elasticity matrices as an aid to the management of plant populations for conservation

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Interpretation of false-positive human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Western blot assays in blood donors

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Interpretation of field tests in low permeability fractured media. Recent experiences

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Interpretation of groundwater flow patterns through a reconstruction of the tritium precipitation record in the Cochabamba Valley, Bolivia

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Interpretation of lime analyses for tea

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Interpretation of lysimeter experiments with the help of the CANDY simulation model

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Interpretation of metabolic profiles in dairy cows

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Interpretation of soil phosphorus tests for corn in soils with varying pH and calcium carbonate content

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Interpretation of somatic cell counts

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Interpretation of test results for feline infectious peritonitis

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Interpretation of the behaviour of agrowell systems in Sri Lanka using radial flow models

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Interpretation of the prediction formula for performance of synthetics

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Interpretation of the soil mantle using digital processing of multizonal information (exemplified by the steppe and dry-steppe zones of the Ciscauscasus)

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Interpretation of the temperature dependence of relative change in elastic modulus for wood

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Interpretation of the thermoluminescence phenomenon in milk protein concentrate powder

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Interpretation standards for foliar analyses in peaches

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Interpretations of mating behaviours of male grasshoppers with dead females

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Interpretations of tourism as commodity

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Interpretative communication: key variable in the marketing mix of rural tourism organizations

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Interpretative possibilities of plant analysis by the DOP index

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Interpreting (and misinterpreting) feed analyses

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Interpreting HIV seroprevalence data from pregnant women

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Interpreting ambiguous results of host-specificity tests in biological control of weeds: assessment of two Leptinotarsa species (Chrysomelidae) for the control of Solanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) in South Africa

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Interpreting costs correctly

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Interpreting countryside recreation: the urban-rural dichotomy

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Interpreting population genetic data with the help of genetic linkage maps

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Interpreting silence, documenting experience: an anthropological approach to the study of health service users' experience with HIV/AIDS care in Lothian, Scotland

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Interpreting the behaviour of calves in an open-field test: a factor analysis

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Interpreting yield instability in pea using genotypic and environmental covariates

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Interpretive criteria for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of ceftiofur against bacteria associated with swine respiratory disease

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Interprovenance crosses in loblolly pine using selected parents

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Interregional tourism generating potentials

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Interrelated effects of temperature and container on longevity of Toona ciliata M. Roem seed

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Interrelation among leaf characteristics of strawberry cultivars

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Interrelation between fecundity and main demographic characteristics in prawn

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Interrelation between internal bond, density distribution and ultrasonic velocity of particleboard

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Interrelation between phenological earliness and the dynamics of yield production in tomato plants

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Interrelation between the antibody titre in serum and the diameter of hydatid cyst in patients with hydatid disease

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Interrelation of different tillage intensities on soil structure, biological activity, yield and profit

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Interrelation of photosynthetic indices and grain yield in different genotypes of wheat and Aegilops

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Interrelation of tillage intensity and the environment

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Interrelation of vitamin C, infection, haemostatic factors, and cardiovascular disease

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Interrelations among different growing organs in the lowland rice-field weed Sagittaria pygmaea

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Interrelations among leaf and fruit mineral nutrients and fruit quality in 'Delicious' apples

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Interrelations between the species in perennial grass mixtures used as pastures

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Interrelations between weather dependence, nutrient supply and yield progress in Hungarian maize production

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Interrelations of soils and forest vegetation in the Middle Volga region

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Interrelations of the processes of nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis and respiration in lucerne

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Interrelationship between amines level in brain regions of fish, Oreochromis mossambicus during organophosphorus stress

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Interrelationship between different phosphorus fraction in a cropping sequence treated with different phosphorus sources

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Interrelationship between forest ecology, cultural stability and human health in rainforests

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Interrelationship between frost tolerance, drought and resistance to snow mould (Microdochium nivale)

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Interrelationship between pre- and/or postpartum feeding levels, blood constituents and reproductive performance of buffaloes

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Interrelationship between some of the quantitative features of tree crowns and the macrostructure of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood grown on a moist coniferous forest site

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Interrelationship between the effects of dietary factors and feed withdrawal on the content and composition of liver fat in broiler chicks

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Interrelationship between tumour virus receptors, A and C, coded by host cell genes in fowl

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Interrelationship between vitamin C and trace elements and their role in the prevention of iron-deficiency conditions - a review

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Interrelationship between water quality and groundwater flow dynamics in a small wetland system along a sandy hill ridge

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Interrelationship of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner to the diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its primary parasitoid, Diadegma insulare (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

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Interrelationship of dietary lipids and ascorbic acid with hepatic enzymes of cholesterol metabolic pathway

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Interrelationship of environmental quality indicators in surface waters of Valle del Cauca

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Interrelationship of fruit and yield characters in tomato hybrids

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Interrelationship of metabolites during grain development in normal, sweet and improved sweet corns

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Interrelationships Among Macrophomina phaseolina, Criconemella xenoplax, and Tylenchorhynchus annulatus on Grain Sorghum

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Interrelationships among postprandial satiety, glucose and insulin responses and changes in subsequent food intake

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Interrelationships amongst oviduct weight, body weight, egg weight, egg mass and egg production efficiency in layer chickens

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Interrelationships between 30 parameters of blood in normal one-humped camel in summer

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Interrelationships between Acremonium lolii, Peramine, and Lolitrem B in Perennial Ryegrass

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Interrelationships between amino acid and glucose metabolism in lambs of different dietary history supplemented with rumen escape protein

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Interrelationships between body weights and litter traits in Large White Yorkshires

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Interrelationships between cell shape, cell arrangement, proportion of cell wall area to radial section area of epi- and subepidermal tissues and cracking susceptibilities in apple cultivars

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Interrelationships between different Borrelia genospecies and their principal vectors

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Interrelationships between ectoparasites and rodents in wild and urban environments at Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Interrelationships between moisture content of the track, dynamic properties of the track and the locomotor forces exerted by galloping horses

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Interrelationships between muscle morphology, insulin action, and adiposity

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Interrelationships between thyroidal and reproductive endocrine systems in fish

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Interrelationships between ultrastructure, sugar levels, and frost hardiness of ray parenchyma cells during frost acclimation and deacclimation in poplar (Populus x canadensis Moench robusta) wood

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Interrelationships of deficit irrigation with soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) grain and biomass yield

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Interrelationships of farm structure and the local community in Canada and the northern United States

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Interrelationships of forage and steer growth dynamics on wheat pasture

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Interrelationships of fruit parameters and prediction of pulp weight of papaya without destroying

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Interrelationships of stability parameters in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

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Interrelationships of the structures and antioxidant activities of some flavonoids from the plants of Central Asia

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Interrill erosion

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Interrill soil erosion and slope steepness factors

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Interrupted blood feeding by Culex (Diptera: Culicidae) in relation to individual host tolerance to mosquito attack

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Interruption of Chagas' disease transmission through vector elimination

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Interruption of night with a light period regulates reproduction and the hormonal status of Solanum andigenum plants

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Interruption of the ferredoxin (flavodoxin) NADP+ oxidoreductase gene of Escherichia coli does not affect anaerobic growth but increases sensitivity to paraquat

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Interruption of the gpxA gene increases the sensitivity of Neisseria meningitidis to paraquat

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Interscholastic sport participation: reasons for maintaining or terminating participation

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Intersectoral approaches to dengue vector control

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Intersectoral cooperation and community participation in malaria vector control in some industries in Uttar Pradesh

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Interseeding fourwing saltbush (Atriplex canescens) with crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum) for winter livestock grazing

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Interseeding on steppe and abandoned land in Inner Mongolia

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Intersexual transfer of a toxic terpenoid during copulation and its paternal allocation to developmental stages: quantification of cantharidin in cantharidin-producing oedemerids (Coleoptera: Oedemeridae) and canthariphilous pyrochroids (Coleoptera: Pyrochroidae)

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Intersexuality in pigs. Physiological and genetic aspects

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Interspecies acetate transfer influences the extent of anaerobic benzoate degradation by syntrophic consortia

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Interspecies aminopeptidase-N chimeras reveal species-specific receptor recognition by canine coronavirus, feline infectious peritonitis virus, and transmissible gastroenteritis virus

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Interspecies bacterial interactions in biofilms

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Interspecies comparison reveals evolution of control regions in the nematode sex-determining gene tra-2

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Interspecies comparisons of plasma half-life of trimethoprim in relation to body mass

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Interspecies competition in colonized porous pellets

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Interspecies cross-reactivity of a monoclonal antibody directed against wheat chloroplast fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase

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Interspecies differences in enzymes reacting with organophosphates and their inhibition by paraoxon in vitro

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Interspecies differentiation of Bromus hordeaceus (Poaceae) in Poland

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Interspecies hybridization between Acacia mangium and A. auriculiformis identified by RAPD markers

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Interspecies variation of B esterases in birds: the influence of size and feeding habits

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Interspecific Exacum hybrids - novel germplasm for the production of a new floricultural crop

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Interspecific and intergeneric hybridization between genetically engineered canola (Brassica napus L.) and related weed species

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Interspecific and intergeneric hybridization in sunflower breeding. II. Specific uses of wild germplasm

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Interspecific and intergeneric hybrids of the Lolium-Festuca complex obtained in Poland in the years 1964-1994 and maintained in the collection at the Institute of Plant Genetics in Poznan

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Interspecific and temporal variation in herbivore responses to hybrid willows

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Interspecific association in desert tenebrionid beetles: a cleptoparasite does not affect the hosts reproductive success, but that of its offspring

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Interspecific comparison of compact soil stress tolerance in crop roots. 1. Axile root diameter and elongation in seedlings

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Interspecific comparison of the compensation ability among nodal roots of cereal crops

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Interspecific competition and herbicide injury influence 10-year responses of coastal Douglas-fir and associated vegetation to release treatments

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Interspecific competition and predation between immature Amblyseius fallacis, Amblyseius andersoni, Typhlodromus occidentalis and Typhlodromus pyri (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

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Interspecific competition between Culex tarsalis and Culex quinquefasciatus

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Interspecific competition between Rhinocyllus conicus and Urophora solstitialis, two biocontrol agents released in Australia against Carduus nutans

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Interspecific competition between Trissolcus grandis and Telenomus chloropus (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae)

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Interspecific competition between two parasitoids of Helicoverpa zea: Eucelatoria bryani and E. rubentis

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Interspecific cross between Cucurbita pepo L. and Cucurbita martinezii through in vitro embryo culture

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Interspecific crosses of onion with distant Allium species and characterization of the presumed hybrids by means of flow cytometry, karyotype analysis and genomic in situ hybridization

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Interspecific difference in alpha -amylase production by the endosperm in the genus Avena

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Interspecific difference in seed germination of the genus Avena at various temperatures

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Interspecific differences in growth and nitrogen uptake among Crotalaria species

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Interspecific differences of distress signals in passalid beetles (Coleoptera, Passalidae)

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Interspecific herbivore interactions in a high CO2 environment: root and shoot aphids feeding on Cardamine

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Interspecific host discrimination and competition in Apoanagyrus (Epidinocarsis) lopezi and A. (E.) diversicornis, parasitoids of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti

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Interspecific hybrid verification of Rosa with isozymes

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Interspecific hybridization and breeding of pear

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Interspecific hybridization between Banksia hookeriana Meisn. and Banksia prionotes Lindl. (Proteaceae)

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Interspecific hybridization between Cicer arietinum and C. pinnatifidum

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Interspecific hybridization between Cyclamen persicum Mill. and C. purpurascens Mill

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Interspecific hybridization between Volvariella volvacea and V. bombycina by PEG-induced protoplast fusion

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Interspecific hybridization in Momordica species

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Interspecific hybridization in Sinningia (Gesneriaceae)

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Interspecific hybridization in natural populations of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) on the Hawaiian Islands: evidence from RAPD markers

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Interspecific hybridization in poeciliids

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Interspecific hybridization in the genus Manihot - progress and prospects

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Interspecific hybridization of Alstroemeria

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Interspecific hybridization of cultivated rice, Oryza sativa L. with wild rice, O. minuta Presl

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Interspecific hybridization program aimed at obtaining dwarfing and non-suckering rootstocks for sweet cherry

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Interspecific hybridization through embryo culture in cotton, Gossypium arboreum and G. hirsutum

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Interspecific hybrids between onion (Allium cepa L.) with S-cytoplasm and leek (Allium ampeloprasum L.)

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Interspecific hybrids obtained from crosses using C. edithae as a parent

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Interspecific hybrids of Cyclamen persicum and C. graecum

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Interspecific hybrids of genus Prunus with a high field resistance to plum pox virus

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Interspecific hybrids produced through embryo rescue between elite Korean variety and four wild species of rice

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Interspecific instrumental insemination of Apis cerana Fabricius, 1793, Apis koschevnikovi Buttel-Reepen, 1906 and Apis dorsata Fabricius, 1793

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Interspecific instrumental insemination using mixed semen of Japanese and European honeybees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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Interspecific interactions and host preference of Anastrepha obliqua and Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae), two pests of mango in Central America

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Interspecific interactions by semiochemicals in Phyllonorycter species (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

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Interspecific pollen loss by hummingbirds visiting flower mixtures: effects of floral architecture

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Interspecific variation and the role of superparasitism in diapause induction of Trichogramma evanescens Westwood

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Interspecific variation in rates of trunk wound closure in a Panamanian lowland forest

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Interspecific variation in tree seedling establishment in canopy gaps in relation to tree density

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Intersporal Genetic Variation of Gigaspora margarita, a Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus, Revealed by M13 Minisatellite-Primed PCR

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Interstitial dermatitis in dogs and cats. A retrospective study of the significance of its histopathologic reaction pattern

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Interstitial lymphoid mastitis associated with caprine arthritis encephalitis virus

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Interstitial orchitis with impaired steroidogenesis and spermatogenesis in the testes of rabbits infected with an attenuated strain of myxoma virus

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Intra-individual heterogeneity of rDNA allows the distinction between two closely related species in the Genus Helianthus

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Intra-varietal variation in three groups of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.)

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Intracellular calcium regulation and signalling in Leishmania

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Intracellular existence: a prerequisite for long term preservation of Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite

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Intracellular ingestion and salivation by aphids may cause the acquisition and inoculation of non-persistently transmitted plant viruses

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Intracellular posttranslational modifications of S1133 avian reovirus proteins

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Intracellular regulation mechanism of porcine oocyte maturation

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Intracellular survival and replication of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae within murine macrophages: failure of induction of the oxidative burst of macrophages

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Intracellular survival of protozoan parasites with special reference to Leishmania spp., Toxoplasma gondii and Trypanosoma cruzi

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Intracisternal A-type particles express their proteinase in a separate reading frame by translational frameshifting, similar to D-type retroviruses

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Intracranial disease

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Intragametophytic selfing does not reduce reproduction in Dryopteris filix-mas

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Intragastric bolus feeding of meals containing elementary, partially hydrolyzed or intact protein causes comparable changes in interorgan substrate flux in the pig

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Intragenic recombination and appearance of genotypical mosaics in the tw locus of barley

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Intragenic recombination of a single plant pathogen gene provides a mechanism for the evolution of new host specificities

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Intraluminal lipids modulate avian gastrointestinal motility

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Intramammary and systemic antibiotic mastitis treatment in lactating and dry cows

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Intramammary antibiotic diffusion within the treated udder

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Intramedullary fixation: an expansive pin system. Application in femoral fractures of the calf

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Intramolecular disulfide bonds between conserved cysteines in wheat gliadins control their deposition into protein bodies

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Intramural hydatid cysts of pulmonary arteries: CT and MR findings

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Intramuscular administration of ceftiofur sodium versus intramammary infusion of penicillin/novobiocin for treatment of Streptococcus agalactiae mastitis in dairy cows

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Intramuscular and intravenous immobilization of juvenile southern elephant seals

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Intranasal immunization of a DNA vaccine with IL-12- and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF)-expressing plasmids in liposomes induces strong mucosal and cell-mediated immune responses against HIV-1 antigens

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Intranidal feeding, trophallaxis, and sociality in stingless bees

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Intransitivity of preferences in honey bees: support for 'comparative' evaluation of foraging options

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Intraocular candidiasis in candidemic patients

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Intraocular cysticercosis: masquerade syndrome

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Intraocular pressure measurement through two types of plano therapeutic soft contact lenses in dogs

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Intraocular silicone prosthesis implantation in eyes of dogs and a cat with intraocular neoplasia: nine cases (1983-1994)

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Intraoperative use of subtraction angiography and an ultrasonic aspirator to improve identification and isolation of an intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in a dog

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Intraorbital implantation of acrylic resin or pericardium after transpalpebral enucleation in rabbits

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Intraosseous lavage of the humerus in red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis): a new diagnostic approach

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Intraoviductal administration of ribonucleic acid from estrogen-treated rats mimics the effect of estrogen on ovum transport

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Intrapatient sequence variation of the gag gene of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 plasma virions

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Intrapericardial rupture of amebic liver abscess managed with percutaneous drainage of liver abscess alone

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Intraperitoneal Enterobius vermicularis infection: a case report

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Intraperitoneal administration of Senegae Radix extract and its main component, senegin-II, affects lipid metabolism in normal and hyperlipidemic mice

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Intraperitoneal administration of tryptophan decreases liquid diet intake in early weaned piglets

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Intraperitoneal immunization promotes local intestinal immunity in chickens

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Intraperitoneal injection of sulfur amino acids enhance the hepatic cysteine dioxygenase activity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Intraperitoneal temperature of piglets in the first three postnatal weeks as measured by radiotelemetry

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Intraplant and interplant movement of Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) crawlers

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Intraplant distribution and sampling of the citrus leafminer (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on lime

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Intraplant distribution of aphids infesting rapeseed

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Intrapopulation diversity in spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) in the mountains

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Intrapopulational variation for desiccation tolerance in Indian Drosophila melanogaster

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Intrapulmonary response to Histoplasma capsulatum in gamma interferon knockout mice

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Intrarectal glucantime

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Intrarectal quinine, an alternative to parenteral injections for the treatment of childhood malaria: clinical, parasitological and pharmacological study

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Intrasexual selection constrains the evolution of the dorsal color pattern of male black swallowtail butterflies, Papilio polyxenes

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Intraspecies variation in Cajanus platycarpus for some agronomic traits and crossability