Section 3
Chapter 2,896

Micropropagation of aspen (Populus tremula) and clones of Populus tremula x Populus tremuloides

Wesoy, W.; Lassocinski, W.; Kozowski, G.

Prace z Zakresu Nauk Lesnych 82: 157-164


Accession: 002895224

Details are given of the procedures (sterilization and culture media) used for in vitro culture of nodal segments from 42-yr-old trees and explants from shoots developing from roots of the same trees grown in a peat substrate, and of nodal segments from 2-yr-old seedlings of P. tremula x P. tremuloides. Explants derived from root regrowths had the best production potential, but productivity was lower from samples collected in summer than from those collected in winter.

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