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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2903

Chapter 2903 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harris, W.S.; Rambjør, G.S.; Windsor, S.L.; Diederich, D., 1997:
n-3 fatty acids and urinary excretion of nitric oxide metabolites in humans

Bonanome, A.; Biasia, F.;, M.; Munaretto, G.; Biffanti, S.; Pradella, M.; Pagnan, A., 1996:
n-3 fatty acids do not enhance LDL susceptibility to oxidation in hypertriacylglycerolemic hemodialyzed subjects

Palozza, P.; Sgarlata, E.; Luberto, C.; Piccioni, E.; Anti, M.; Marra, G.; Armelao, F.; Franceschelli, P.; Bartoli, G.M., 1996:
n-3 fatty acids induce oxidative modifications in human erythrocytes depending on dose and duration of dietary supplementation

Marignani, P.A.; Sebaldt, R.J., 1996:
N-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid-induced changes in the molecular species composition of diradylglycerol in murine macrophages remain stable during incubation ex vivo

L.S.aoChun; Shiu JirRong; Huang PoChao, 1995:
N-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids decrease or increase low density lipoprotein cholesterol in rats depending on dietary cholesterol

Harris, W.S.; Hustvedt, B.E.; Hagen, E.; Green, M.H.; Lu, G.; Drevon, C.A., 1997:
N-3 fatty acids and chylomicron metabolism in the rat

Knapp, H.R., 1996:
n-3 fatty acids and human hypertension

Schmidt, E.B., 1997:
n-3 fatty acids and the risk of coronary heart disease

Akerlund, B.; Tynell, E.; Bratt, G.; Bielenstein, M.; Lidman, C., 1997:
N-Acetylcysteine treatment and the risk of toxic reactions to trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole in primary Pneumocystis carinii prophylaxis in HIV-infected patients

Basudeb Achari; Chandana Chaudhuri; Dutta, P.K.; Pakrashi, S.C., 1996:
N-Acylphytosphingosine and other constituents from Silybium marianum

Kozanecka, T., 1995:
N-NH4 and N-NO3 contents of apple orchard soils

Arasappan, A.; Fraser Reid, B., 1996:
N-Pentenyl glycoside methodology in the stereoselective construction of the tetrasaccharyl cap portion of Leishmania lipophosphoglycan

Kaku, H.; Shibuya, N.; X.P.iLin; Aryan, A.P.; Fincher, G.B., 1997:
N-acetylchitooligosaccahrides elicit expression of a single (1->3)- beta -glucanase gene in suspension-cultured cells from barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Hybertson, B.M.; Lampey, A.S.; Clarke, J.H.; Koh, Y.; Repine, J.E., 1995:
N-acetylcysteine pretreatment attenuates paraquat-induced lung leak in rats

Wiklund, O.; Fager, G.; Andersson, A.; Lundstam, U.; Masson, P.; Hultberg, B., 1996:
N-acetylcysteine treatment lowers plasma homocysteine but not serum lipoprotein(a) levels

Samaritoni, J.G.; Arndt, L.; Bruce, T.J.; Dripps, J.E.; Gifford, J.; Hatton, C.J.; Hendrix, W.H.; Schoonover, J.R.; Johnson, G.W.; Hegde, V.B.; Thornburgh, S., 1997:
N-alkyl-N-(5-isothiazolyl)- and N-(alkylisothiazolin-5-ylidene)-phenylacetamides. Synthesis and biological activity

Landgeva, S.; Ganeva, G., 1996:
N-banded karyotype of Aegilops ovata and chromosomal constitution of its amphiploid with Triticum aestivum

Brumm, I.; Schenk, M., 1993:
N-fertilizing of Pinus sylvestris in nurseries

Rayon, C.; Gomord, V.; Faye, L.; Lerouge, P., 1996:
N-glycosylation of phytohemagglutinin expressed in bean cotyledons or in transgenic tobacco cells

Kimura, E.A.; Couto, A.S.; Peres, V.J.; Casal, O.L.; Katzin, A.M., 1996:
N-linked glycoproteins are related to schizogony of the intraerythrocytic stage in Plasmodium falciparum

Lerouge, P.; Fitchette Laine, A.C.therine; Chekkafi, A.; Avidgor, V.; Faye, L., 1996:
N-linked oligosaccharide processing is not necessary for glycoprotein secretion in plants

Hoeff, E. van der, 1997:
N-mineral - a possible basis for correct manuring

Piorr, A., 1995:
N-mineralization of clover-grass residues in relation to the duration of their utilization and possibilities to regulate the mineralization intensity by application of stable manure

Scherer, H.W.; Werner, W.; Neumann, A., 1996:
N-mobilization and N-immobilization of composts with different output material, degree of decomposition and C/N ratio

Cova, D.; Nebuloni, C.; Arnoldi, A.; Bassoli, A.; Trevisan, M.; Del Re, A.A.M., 1996:
N-nitrosation of triazines in human gastric juice

Tricker, A.R., 1997:
N-nitroso compounds and man: sources of exposure, endogenous formation and occurrence in body fluids

Uibu, J.; Tauts, O.; Levin, A.; Shimanovskaya, N.; Matto, R., 1996:
N-nitrosodimethylamine, nitrate and nitrate-reducing microorganisms in human milk

E.S.ddig, K.; Ludders, P., 1994:
N-nutrition and salinity tolerance in apple trees

Knoblauch, S.; Roth, D.; Gunther, R., 1996:
N-output from a lowland brown earth-black earth (loess) in Thuringian watersheds

Thuring, J.W.J.F.; Bitter, H.H.; Kok, M.M. de; Nefkens, G.H.L.; Riel, A.M.D.A. van; Zwanenburg, B., 1997:
N-phthaloylglycine-derived strigol analogues. Influence of the D-ring on seed germination activity of the parasitic weeds Striga hermonthica and Orobanche crenata

Forlani, G.; Lejczak, B.; Kafarski, P., 1996:
N-pyridyl-aminomethylene-bisphosphonic acids inhibit the first enzyme in the shikimate pathway, 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate synthase

Hossain, M.J.; Elias, M.; Habib, A.K.M.A.; Akhtaruzzaman, M.A.; Islam, M.S., 1995:
N-requirement for raising cut-shoot potato crop

Yusibov, V.M.; Loesch-Fries, L.S., 1995:
N-terminal basic amino acids of alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein involved in the initiation of infection

Nakahara, K.; Shoun, H., 1996:
N-terminal processing and amino acid sequence of two isoforms of nitric oxide reductase cytochrome P450nor from Fusarium oxysporum

Wellington, J.E.; Gooley, A.A.; Love, D.N.; Whalley, J.M., 1996:
N-terminal sequence analysis of equine herpesvirus 1 glycoproteins D and B and evidence for internal cleavage of the gene 71 product

Hong, T.S.mmers, M.; Braunagel, S., 1997:
N-terminal sequences from Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus envelope proteins ODV-E66 and ODV-E25 are sufficient to direct reporter proteins to the nuclear envelope, intranuclear microvesicles and the envelope of occlusion derived virus

Zhang, L.; Curran, I.H.; Muradia, G.; D.V.uge, M.W.; Rode, H.; Vijay, H.M., 1995:
N-terminus of a major allergen, Alt a I, of Alternaria alternata defined to be an epitope

Meyer Burgdorff, K.H.; Guenther, K.D., 1995:
N-turnover of carp in relation to protein supply

Dierend, W.; Hovel, B.; Bischoff, J.; Spethmann, W., 1996:
N-uptake of apple trees during the growing period

Repasi, J.; Hulesch, A.; Suvegh, G.; Dutka, F., 1996:
N1-aryl-Nsuperscript 2-dichloroacetyl glycine and alanineamides as selective safeners for corn against chloroacetanilide herbicides

Scherer, H.; Lange, A., 1996:
N2 fixation and growth of legumes as affected by sulphur fertilization

Boddy, R.M.; Reis, V.M.; Urquiaga, S.; D.S.lva, L.G.; Reis, F.B.; Baldini, J.I.; Dobereiner, J., 1995:
N2 fixation in sugar cane: the role of Acetobacter diazotrophicus

Gogorcena, Y.; Gordon, A.J.; Escuredo, P.R.; Minchin, F.R.; Witty, J.F.; Moran, J.F.; Becana, M., 1997:
N2 Fixation, Carbon Metabolism, and Oxidative Damage in Nodules of Dark-Stressed Common Bean Plants

Benckiser, G.; Eilts, R.; Linn, A.; Lorch, H.J.; Sumer, E.; Weiske, A.; Wenzhofer, F., 1997:
N2O emissions from different cropping systems and from aerated, nitrifying and denitrifying tanks of a municipal waste water treatment plant

Yamulki, S.; Harrison, R.M.; Goulding, K.W.T.; Webster, C.P., 1997:
N2O, NO and NO2 fluxes from a grassland: effect of soil pH

Perez-Amador, M.A.; Carbonell, J.; Navarro, J.L.; Moritz, T.; Beale, M.H.; Lewis, M.J.; Hedden, P., 1996:
N4-Hexanoylspermidine, a New Polyamine-Related Compound That Accumulates during Ovary and Petal Senescence in Pea

Kvasyuk, E.I.; Kulak, T.I.; Zinchenko, A.I.; Barai, V.N.; Mikhailopulo, I.A., 1996:
N6-Benzyladenosine analogs of (A2'p)2A: synthesis and activity towards tobacco mosaic virus

Day, P.R.; Meagher, L., 1996:
NABC 8: an overview

Cornu, S.; Pireaux, J.C.; Gerard, J.; Dizengremel, P., 1996:
NAD(P)+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenases in mitochondria purified from Picea abies seedlings

Ribeiro, J.M.C., 1996:
NAD(P)H-dependent production of oxygen reactive species by the salivary glands of the mosquito Anopheles albimanus

Sparla, F.; Tedeschi, G.; Trost, P., 1996:
NAD(P)H:(Quinone-Acceptor) Oxidoreductase of Tobacco Leaves Is a Flavin Mononucleotide-Containing Flavoenzyme

Grunwald, S.K.; Ludden, P.W., 1997:
NAD-dependent cross-linking of dinitrogenase reductase and dinitrogenase reductase ADP-ribosyltransferase from Rhodospirillum rubrum

Ohara, H.; Uchida, K.; Yahata, M.; Kondo, H., 1996:
NAD-specific 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in lactic acid bacteria

Schreiber, A.F.kler, P., 1996:
NADH diaphorase polymorphism in European fallow deer

Driscoll, B.; Finan, T., 1996:
NADP+-dependent malic enzyme of Rhizobium meliloti

Drincovich, M.F.; Andreo, C.S., 1995:
NADP-malic enzyme from maize leaves: a fluorescence study

Maurino, V.G.; Drincovich, M.F.; Andreo, C.S., 1996:
NADP-malic enzyme isoforms in maize leaves

Drincovich, M.F.; Maurino, V.G.; Casati, P.; Andreo, C.S.; Ku, M.; Gupta, S.; Edwards, G.E.; Tarlyin, N.; Franceschi, V., 1995:
NADP-malic enzyme: immunolocalization in different tissues of C3 and C4 plants

Maurino, V.G.; Drincovich, M.F.; Casati, P.; Andreo, C.S.; Edwards, G.E.; Ku, M.S.B.; Gupta, S.K.; Franceschi, V.R., 1997:
NADP-malic enzyme: immunolocalization in different tissues of the C4 plant maize and the C3 plant wheat

Luetzow, M.; Haaf, F.; Englert, G.; Beyer, P.; Kleinig, H., 1996:
NADPH and protoporphyrin IX dependent conversion of violaxanthin to a retro-carotenoid in Narcissus pseudonarcissus chromoplasts in vitro

Bascal, Z.A.; Montgomery, A.; Holden-Dye, L.; Williams, R.G.; Thorndyke, M.C.; Walker, R.J., 1996:
NADPH diaphorase activity in peptidergic neurones of the parasitic nematode, Ascaris suum

Stengl; Zintl, 1996:
NADPH diaphorase activity in the antennae of the hawkmoth Manduca sexta

Romanov, V.; Hausinger, R.P., 1996:
NADPH-dependent reductive ortho-dechlorination of 2,4-dichlorobenzoic acid in Corynebacterium sepedonicum KZ-4 and coryneform bacterium strain NTB-1 via 2,4 dichlorobenzoyl coenzyme A

Yawalata, D.; Paszner, L., 1997:
NAEM-catalysed ALPULP organosolv pulping of sugarcane rind

Anonymous, 1995:
NAFTA Commission establishes panel to examine Canadian dairy tariffs

Lazega, R.M., 1996:
NAFTA accession and environmental protection: the prospects for an 'earth friendly' integration of Latin American nations into the North American Trading Bloc

Janvry, A. de, 1996:
NAFTA and agriculture: an early assessment

Anonymous, 1997:
NAFTA has positive impact on U.S. agriculture

Janvry, A. de; Sadoulet, E.; Davis, B., 1995:
NAFTA's impact on Mexico: rural household-level effects

Raney, T.; Shagam, S., 1997:
NAFTA's impact on U.S. agriculture: the first 3 years

Doyon, M., 1997:
NAFTA. Effects on the agricultural sectors in Mexico and the USA

Thiermann, A.; Greifer, J., 1995:
NAFTA: implications for regulating food and agricultural trade in the region

Coote, B., 1995:
NAFTA: poverty and free trade in Mexico

Chibbaro, A., 1996 :
NAFTA: the implications for exports from Central America and the Caribbean to the USA

Mulder, J.A.; Corns, I.G.W., 1995:
NAIA: a decision support system for predicting ecosystems from existing land resource data

Anonymous, 1996:
NAQS detects pests on Torres Strait Island

Lisdat, F.; Miura, N.; Yamazoe, N., 1996:
NASICON-based solid-electrolyte cell as transducer for enzyme sensors

Zhang ChunQing; Jin XiKui; Zheng ChengChao; Deng YinJin, 1995:
NAU-PAGE technology and purity testing of maize seed

Grego, S.; Cesare, F. de; Marchi, G.; Badalucco, L., 1995:
NBPT inhibition of urea degradation and its environmental effects

Miyake, T.; Igarashi, S.; Ishii, S.; Ogura, T.; Haruyama, H., 1994:
NC-196, a new systemic juvenile hormone mimic; its practical performance as a control agent of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens

Walters, S.A.; Wehner, T.C.; Barker, K.R., 1996:
NC-42 and NC-43: root-knot nematode-resistant cucumber germplasm

Pastore, D.L.; Goldfine, B.; Riemer, H., 1996:
NCAA college coaches and athletic administrative support

Martin, S.B.; Wrisberg, C.A.; Beitel, P.A.; Lounsbury, J., 1997:
NCAA division I athletes' attitudes toward seeking sport psychology consultation: the development of an objective instrument

Singh, J.P., 1995:
NCDC's role in the development of agricultural marketing through cooperatives

Century, K.S.; Holub, E.B.; Staskawicz, B.J., 1995:
NDR1, a locus of Arabidopsis thaliana that is required for disease resistance to both a bacterial and a fungal pathogen

Senay, G.B.; Elliott, R.L., 1997:
NDVI as a means of characterizing temporal variability in landcover for use in ET modeling

Aguilar, A.; Garcia, N.H., 1996:
NEC-HID v.2.00, irrigation scheduling

Simpson, B.T.; Kollasch, R.P.; Twery, M.J.; Schuler, T.M., 1995:
NED/SIPS user's manual: Northeast decision model stand inventory processor and simulator Version 1.00

Ferris, H.; Caswell Chen, E.P.; Westerdahl, B.B. (Developers), 1997:
NEMABASE - a database of the host status of plant species to parasitic nematodes

Schulthess, U.; Schroeder, K.; Kamel, A.; Abd E.G.ani, A.M.; Hassanein, E.E.; Abd E.H.dy, S.S.; Abd E.S.afi, A.; Ritchie, J.T.; Ward, R.W.; Sticklen, J., 1996:
NEPER-Weed: a picture-based expert system for weed identification

Tamimi, R.M.; Steingrimsson, E.; Montgomery-Dyer, K.; Copeland, N.G.; Jenkins, N.A.; Tapscott, S.J., 1997:
NEUROD2 and NEUROD3 genes map to human chromosomes 17q12 and 5q23-q31 and mouse chromosomes 11 and 13, respectively

Young, W.J.; Marston, F.M.; Davis, J.R., 1997:
NEXSYS: an expert system for estimating non-point source nutrient export rates

Clement, J. (Coordinator), 1995:
NFAP (National Forestry Action Programmes) update, July 1995

Thomas, A., 1996:
NGO advocacy, democracy and policy development: some examples relating to environmental policies in Zimbabwe and Botswana

Taylor, J., 1997:
NGO capacity building in the Pacific

Hunt, J., 1997:
NGO perspectives on poverty

Duffield, M., 1997:
NGO relief in war zones: towards an analysis of the new aid paradigm

Jabbar, F.B.; Fahmida, B.; Sayema, N.; Iffat, A., 1995:
NGO's and women education: BRAC: a case study

Amin, R.; Li, Y., 1997:
NGO-promoted women's credit program, immunization coverage, and child mortality in rural Bangladesh

Smillie, I., 1997:
NGOS and development assistance: a change in mind-set?

Jasanoff, S., 1997:
NGOS and the environment: from knowledge to action

Anonymous, 1995:
NGOs and FAO: collaboration on the code of conduct

Eccleston, B., 1996:
NGOs and competing representations of deforestation as an environmental issue in Malaysia

Meyer, C.A., 1996:
NGOs and environmental public goods: institutional alternatives to property rights

Cannon, C., 1996:
NGOs and the State: a case-study from Uganda

Whaites, A.; Commins, S.; Williams, D.; Muwonge, J., 1996:
NGOs and the World Bank - critical engagement

Howes, M., 1997:
NGOs and the development of local institutions: a Ugandan case-study

Zazueta, A., 1996:
NGOs and the environment in Latin America: new challenges, new skills

Meyer, C., 1996:
NGOs and the environment: a rapidly expanding role

Howes, M., 1997:
NGOs and the institutional development of membership organizations: the evidence from six cases

Tvedt, T., 1995:
NGOs as a channel in development aid. The Norwegian system

Prasartset, S.; Techawongtham, W.; Kittikowit, K., 1995:
NGOs in an industrialising society: past experience and future directions

Mayers, J.; Peutalo, B., 1995:
NGOs in the Forest. Participation of NGOs in National Forestry Action Programmes: new experience in Papua New Guinea

Birbuet, G.; Cornacchia, S., 1996 :
NGOs specializing in rural finance in Bolivia: the experience of ANED

Srivastava, I.C., 1995:
NGOs' role: micro-level perception

Collier, C., 1996:
NGOs, the poor, and local government

Devine, J., 1996:
NGOs: Changing fashion or fashioning change?

Kosegarten, H.; Mengel, K., 1994:
NH3/NH4+ detoxification in rice and maize as related to cytosolic pH of roots

Parajo, J.C.; Santos, V.; Dominguez, H.; Vazquez, M., 1995:
NH4OH-based pretreatment for improving the nutritional quality of single-cell protein (SCP)

Simmons, D., 1997:
NIDDM and breastfeeding

Johnson, R.L.; Alig, R.J.; Moore, E.; Moulton, R.J., 1997:
NIPF landowners' view of regulation

Faithfull, N.T., 1996:
NIR - a blackbox technique for agricultural analyses

Harrison, M., 1995:
NIR feed analysis: quick but is it worth the price?

Barton, F.E.I I., 1989:
NIR spectroscopy for forage analysis

Michell, A.J.; Schimleck, L.R., 1996:
NIR spectroscopy of woods from Eucalyptus globulus

Liefert, W., 1997:
NIS and Baltic countries look to join the WTO

Duewer, D.L.; Brown Thomas, J.; Kline, M.C.; MacCrehan, W.A.; Schaffer, R.; Sharpless, K.E.; May, W.E.; Crowell, J.A., 1997:
NIST/NCI micronutrients measurement quality assurance program: measurement repeatabilities and reproducibilities for fat-soluble vitamin-related compounds in human sera

Hajimorad, M.R.; Ding, X.S.; Flasinski, S.; Mahajan, S.; Graff, E.; Haldeman Cahill, R.; Carrington, J.C.; Cassidy, B.G., 1996:
NIa and NIb of peanut stripe potyvirus are present in the nucleus of infected cells, but do not form inclusions

Anonymous, 1997:
NJF Seminar No. 266. Plant nourishment and irrigation in field vegetables - effect on the environment and produce quality

Anonymous, 1994:
NJF seminar No. 243. Non-traditional culture of tree fruit and small fruit crops outside the normal season and new species for economic production

Andersson, M.; Gunne, H.; Agerberth, B.; Boman, A.; Bergman, T.; Olsson, B.; Dagerlind, A.; Wigzell, H.; Boman, H.G.; Gudmundsson, G.H., 1996:
NK-lysin, structure and function of a novel effector molecule of porcine T and NK cells

Morino, T.; Nishimoto, M.; Masuda, A.; Fujita, S.; Nishikiori, T.; Saito, S., 1995:
NK374200, a novel insecticidal agent from Taralomyces, found by physico-chemical screening

Gorski, D., 1995:
NLEA. One year later

Follett, R.F., 1995:
NLEAP model simulation of climate and management effects on N leaching for corn grown on sandy soil

Follett, R.F., 1995:
NLEAP simulation of nitrate leaching for irrigated and nonirrigated corn on a sandy soil

Shaffer, M.J.; Hall, M.D.; Wylie, B.K.; Wagner, D.G., 1996:
NLEAP/GIS approach for identifying and mitigating regional nitrate-nitrogen leaching

Hoffman, D.W.; White, S.W., 1995:
NMR analysis of the trans-activation response (TAR) RNA element of equine infectious anemia virus

Matulova, M.; Navarini, L.; Osman, S.F.; Fett, W.F., 1996:
NMR analysis of galactoglucan from Pseudomonas marginalis: assignment of the 1H and 13C NMR spectra and location of succinate groups

Roden, M., 1997:
NMR and stable isotope techniques for studies of liver metabolism in man

Kalinowski, H.O.; Ermel, K.; Schmutterer, H., 1993:
NMR spectroscopically structure elucidation of an azadirachtin derivative from the marrango tree Azadirachta excelsa

Teleman, A., 1995:
NMR structural studies of wood hemicelluloses during delignification and cellooligosaccharides during enzymatic hydrolysis

Pathak, A.K.; Agarwal, P.K.; Jain, D.C.; Sharma, R.P.; Howarth, O.W., 1995:
NMR studies of 20 beta -hydroxyecdysone, a steroid; isolated from Tinospora cordifolia

Price, T.B.; Perseghin, G.; Duleba, A.; Chen Wei; Chase, J.; Rothman, D.L.; Shulman, R.G.; Shulman, G.I., 1996 :
NMR studies of muscle glycogen synthesis in insulin-resistant offspring of parents with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus immediately after glycogen-depleting exercise

Halbeek, H. van; Sheng ShuQun, 1995:
NMR studies of the structure and dynamics of carbohydrates in aqueous solution

Ikuta, K.; Shibata, N.; Blake, J.S.; Dahl, M.V.; Nelson, R.D.; Hisamichi, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Suzuki, S.; Okawa, Y., 1997:
NMR study of the galactomannans of Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum

Casset, F.; Hamelryck, T.; Loris, R.; Brisson, J.R.; Tellier, C.; Dao-Thi, M.H.; Wyns, L.; Poortmans, F.; Pérez, S.; Imberty, A., 1995:
NMR, molecular modeling, and crystallographic studies of lentil lectin-sucrose interaction

Bentrup, F.W., 1996:
NMR-microscopy: observing xylem and phloem conduits at work

Belligno, A.; Muratore, G.; Izzo, R., 1997:
NO3--N contents in Lactuca sativa L. induced by slow-release nitrogenous fertilizers coacted with NPK

Yuan FengMing; Chen ZiMing; Yao ZaoHua; Zhou ChunSheng; F.G.oMing; Song YongLin; L.X.aoPing, 1995:
NO3N-N transformation accumulation and leaching loss in surface layer of chao-soil in Beijing

Shimabukuro, Y.E.; Carvalho, V.C.; Rudorff, B.F.T., 1997:
NOAA-AVHRR data processing for the mapping of vegetation cover

Roussis, A.P.padopoulou, K.K.tinakis, P., 1997:
NOD3, a novel late nodulin gene from soybean is expressed in the infected cells and the nodule parenchyma

Anonymous, 1996:
NOM AG again on the upturn in the first half-year. The first positive indications

Anonymous, 1996:
NORAD's support of the Remote Area Development Programme (RADP) in Botswana. An evaluation report

Donoghue, A.M., 1996:
NOTThe effect of twenty-four hour in vitro storage on sperm hydrolysis through the perivitelline layer of ovipositioned turkey eggs

Nielsen, G.H.; Parchomchuk, P.; Berard, R., 1995:
NP fertigation and irrigation affect potassium nutrition of newly planted apple trees

Supriya Langthasa; Bhattacharyya, R.K., 1995:
NPK contents of Assam lemon leaf as affected by foliar zinc sprays

Rather, M.D., 1995:
NPK status in the cultivation of rice variety C-1039

Chiriatti, K.C.; Plant, R.E., 1996:
NPK: a prototype case-based planning system for crop fertilization decision support

Kao JehngJung; Hong HongJyh, 1996:
NPS model parameter uncertainty analysis for an off-stream reservoir

Wilmink, J.B.M.; Grijp, R. van der; Land, B. van' t; Velde, H. van der; Ziel, K., 1996:
NRS-IRIS: A multi-user system to store and process cattle data on registration, milk recording and breeding

Sheldrake, R.F., 1997:
NSW agriculture - future directions for research and uptake by the wool industry

Anonymous, 1996:
NSW flora as flowering pot plants

Maggs, J.S.; Chambers, S.; Ryan, S., 1997:
NSW lamb marketing alliances: factors involved in production, genetic selection and marketing

Glenn, E.; Pfister, R.; Brown, J.J.; Thompson, T.L.; O.L.ary, J., 1996:
Na and K accumulation and salt tolerance of Atriplex canescens (Chenopodiaceae) genotypes

Mitsui, H.; Hattori, R.; Watanabe, H.; Tonosaki, A.; Hattori, T., 1997:
Na+-induced structural change of a soil bacterium, S34, and Ca2+ requirement for preserving its original structure

Ballesteros, E.; Blumwald, E.; Donaire, J.P.dro; Belver, A., 1997:
Na+/H+ antiport activity in tonoplast vesicles isolated from sunflower roots induced by NaCl stress

McClive, P.J.; Little, P.J.; Morahan, G., 1996:
Na+/H+ exchanger-1 alleles: strain distribution and correlation with activity

Gerster, U.; Stavenga, DG.; Backhaus, W., 1997:
Na+/K+-pump activity in photoreceptors of the blowfly Calliphora: a model analysis based on membrane potential measurements

Fujise, H.; Hamada, Y.; Mori, M.; Ochiai, H., 1995:
Na-dependent glutamate transport in high K and high glutathione (HK/HG) and high K and low glutathione (HK/LG) dog red blood cells

Nakanishi, T.; Nishihara, F.; Yamauchi, A.; Yamamoto, S.; Sugita, M.; Takamitsu, Y., 1996:
NaCl and/or urea infusion fails to increase renal inner medullary myo-inositol in protein-deprived rats

Tordoff, M.G., 1997:
NaCl ingestion ameliorates plasma indexes of calcium deficiency

Dunlap, Jr; Binzel, Ml, 1996:
NaCl reduces indole-3-acetic acid levels in the roots of tomato plants independent of stress-induced abscisic acid

Castillo, G.; Demoulin, V., 1997:
NaCl salinity and temperature effects on growth of three wood-rotting basidiomycetes from a Papua New Guinea coastal forest

Niu, X.D.msz, B.K.nonowicz, A.; Bressan, R.; Hasegawa, P., 1996:
NaCl-induced alterations in both cell structure and tissue-specific plasma membrane H+-ATPase gene expression

Lutts, S.; Kinet, J.M.; Bouharmont, J., 1996:
NaCl-induced senescence in leaves of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars differing in salinity resistance

Ambrogioni, L.; Tacconi, R., 1995:
Nacobbus aberrans (Thorne) Thorne & Allen sensu lato Tylenchida, Pratylenchidae

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Natural environment of the Wielkopolski National Park - formation, protection

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Natural medicines

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Natural odour preferences of newborn infants change over time

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Natural parasitoids of the horse-chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella)

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Natural pest and disease control

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