Nitrogen nutrition of winter rye and the balance of fertilizer nitrogen in the soil-plant system depending on rates, dates and methods of applying nitrogen fertilizer

Tsybul' ka, N.N.

Agrokhimiya (5): 8-15


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 002906049

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In a microplot trial on light loamy dernopodzolic soil, winter rye cv. Pukhovchanka was given PK alone or with 15NH415NO3 at 9 g N/msuperscript 2 in a single application in early spring, 9 or 12 g N in 2 split applications or N based on soil-plant diagnosis (4.5-5.5 g/msuperscript 2 in early spring + 3.0-3.5 g at the end of tillering). Grain yield increased from 414.7 g/msuperscript 2 with PK alone to 648.2 g with PK + a single N application and 626.9-715.6 g with PK + split N applications and was highest with 9 g N/msuperscript 2 in early spring and 3 g at heading. Except with 3 g N/msuperscript 2 applied at sowing and 6 g in spring, splitting N application increased N uptake and use efficiency and reduced N immobilization in the soil and total N losses. N use efficiency and profitability were highest with N applied according to soil-plant diagnosis.