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Non-dimensional analysis of a physically based rainfall-runoff-erosion model over steep slopes

Govindaraju, R.S.

Journal of Hydrology Amsterdam 173(1/4): 327-341


DOI: 10.1016/0022-1694(95)02738-b
Accession: 002906508

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A non-dimensional analysis is undertaken to study the rainfall-runoff-erosion process over steep slopes. This analysis leads to a reduction in the number of parameters required for modeling erosion by overland flow. Two important parameters are identified: the dimensionless erodibility (super ??[lowast]??) denoting the average erodibility over the whole slope, and G which partitions the sediment transport dynamics into detachment, deposition and equilibrium regimes. Analytical solutions are presented for the non-dimensional equations. It is observed that G remains practically time-invariant but has a marked spatial variation along the slope. The dimensionless sediment discharge along the slope shows strong dependence on both (super ??[lowast]??) and G. Some asymptotic results are also discussed along with practical applications of this work.

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