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Nutrient balance in a six-year experiment on cropping systems with high and low crop management inputs

Convertini, G.; Ferri, D.; Rizzo, V.

Rivista di Agronomia 29(3, Suppl): 388-397


ISSN/ISBN: 0035-6034
Accession: 002907877

In a field trial in 1986-91 at Foggia, Italy, 2-year rotations of durum wheat with sugarbeet, sunflowers or sorghum, with or without soyabeans as catch crop, and 3 continuous crops of durum wheat, with or without sorghum or soyabeans as catch crop, were given two input levels (including cultivation, irrigation, pest control and fertilizer (NP in the low input and NPK in the high input system) application).

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