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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2913

Chapter 2913 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Peters, K.K.nneth; Moffitt, C.M., 1996:
Optimal dosage of erythromycin thiocyanate in a new feed additive to control bacterial kidney disease

Ross, D.W.; Gibson, K.E.; Thier, R.W.; Munson, A.S., 1996:
Optimal dose of an antiaggregation pheromone (3-methylcyclohex-2-en-1-one) for protecting live Douglas-fir from attack by Dendroctonus pseudotsugae (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Kanasugi, H.; Hasegawa, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Abe, S.; Yamaguchi, H., 1996:
Optimal dose of enterococcal preparation (FK-23) supplemented perorally for stimulation of leukocyte reconstitution in dogs treated with cyclophosphamide

Cabrera Mireles, H.; Ortega Zaleta, D.A.; Ruiz Ramirez, J.; Ortiz Gomez, D.D.; Cardenas Esquivel, G., 1995:
Optimal doses of a hydrolised protein for the attraction of Anastrepha obliqua M. in McPhail traps

Berglund, Kerstin, 1995:
Optimal drainage depth of five cultivated organic soils

Wierzejska Bujakowska, A.; Szutkowska, M., 1996:
Optimal duration of presprouting for seed tubers of early potato cultivars

Myers, R.; Hanson, S., 1996:
Optimal dynamic hedging in unbiased futures markets

Tempesta, B., 1994:
Optimal energy and fat levels in turkey feeds: observations from the field

Ronde, H. te, 1996:
Optimal environmental control

Segarra Garcia, R.; E.B.sha Rivera, M.; Segarra Garcia, R.; E.B.sha Rivera, M., 1996:
Optimal estimation of storage-release alternatives for storm-water detention systems

Rogers, G.M.; Poore, M.H., 1995:
Optimal feeding management of gossypol-containing diets for beef cattle

Misirli, F.; Yazicigil, H., 1997:
Optimal ground-water pollution plume containment with fixed charges

Crowe, K.M.; Cushing, J.M., 1994:
Optimal instar parasitization in a stage structured host-parasitoid model

Pietola, K., 1996:
Optimal investment rules using the real options approach to investment

Zhu ZiXi; Zhao GuoQiang; Deng TianHong, 1996:
Optimal irrigation model of winter wheat and its application

Chaudhry, F.H.; Leme, E.J.A., 1996:
Optimal irrigation scheduling of sugar cane by net profit maximization through dynamic programming

Queiroz, J.E.; Calheiros, C.B.M.; Pessoa, P.C.S.; Frizzone, J.A., 1996:
Optimal irrigation strategies for beans: soil as limiting factor

Kwon OhSang; Choi JungSup, 1996:
Optimal land allocation under irreversible land conversion

Reddy, S.L., 1996:
Optimal land grading based on genetic algorithms

Porro, D.; Stefanini, M.; Failla, O.; Stringari, G., 1995:
Optimal leaf sampling time in diagnosis of grapevine nutritional status

Jensen, F.E.; Langemeier, L.N., 1996:
Optimal leverage with risk aversion: empirical evidence

Collado, J.; Toledo, V., 1997:
Optimal location of climatological stations and meteorological observatories in Mexico

Wartenberg, G., 1993:
Optimal machine settings

Zhang Wenqing, G.D.xiang; P.Z.elong, 1995:
Optimal management decision on the population life system of paddy stem borer, Tryporyza incertulas

Stokes, J.R.; Mjelde, J.W.; Hall, C.R., 1997:
Optimal marketing of nursery crops from container-based production systems

Muranty, H.; Santi, F.; Paques, L.E.; Dufour, J., 1996:
Optimal number of ramets per clone in two clonal tests

Bainbridge, R.; Tsang, R., 1995:
Optimal nutrition in low birth weight infants

Huang SueLi; Chan TieMan, 1996:
Optimal nutritional indexes in post-necrotic liver cirrhosis

Percia, C.; Oron, G.; Mehrez, A., 1997:
Optimal operation of regional system with diverse water quality sources

Torisu, R.; Tanaka, K.; Imae, J.; Ishikawa, T., 1997:
Optimal path of headland for tractors by optimal control theory (Part 1). Formulation of optimal control problems and forward manoeuvre of tractors

Everett, J.W.; Modak, A.R., 1996:
Optimal regional scheduling of solid waste systems. I: Model development

Modak, A.R.; Everett, J.W., 1996:
Optimal regional scheduling of solid waste systems. II: model solutions

Hafliger, H.; Rieder, P., 1996:
Optimal regulation levels for maintaining cultivated landscapes

Zhang Wei; Situ Song, 1995:
Optimal regulation technique in soil moisture at paddy field

Gauch, H.G.Jr; Zobel, R.W., 1996:
Optimal replication in selection experiments

Heino, M.; Kaitala, V., 1996:
Optimal resource allocation between growth and reproduction in clams: why does intermediate growth exist?

Engle, C.R., 1997:
Optimal resource allocation by fish farmers in Rwanda

Atkinson, Peter M., 1996:
Optimal sampling strategies for raster-based geographical information systems

W.Z.iMin; H.R.n, 1996:
Optimal selection of powerplant for agricultural transport vehicles

Pluzhnikov, A.; Donnelly, P., 1996:
Optimal sequencing strategies for surveying molecular genetic diversity

Oliveira, P.H. de; Estefanel, V., 1995:
Optimal shape and size of plots for evaluation of experimental yields of potato

Yu, W.; Dodds, W.K.; Banks, M.K.; Skalsky, J.; Strauss, E.A., 1995:
Optimal staining and sample storage time for direct microscopic enumeration of total and active bacteria in soil with two fluorescent dyes

Hussein, I., 1994:
Optimal strategy of water supply for Amman/Zarqa Governorate in Jordan

Groote, H. de, 1996:
Optimal survey design for rural data collection in developing countries

Gorssen, J.; Schrama, J.W.; Hel, W. van der; Noordhuizen, J.P.T.M.; Linden, J.M. van der, 1997:
Optimal temperature levels for racing pigeons (Columba livia) housed under transport conditions: the role of water availability and age

Natchkov, N.G.; Natchkov, I.G., 1994:
Optimal use and protection of water from the reservoir 'Pjasatchnik' for increased irrigation efficiency

Stark, G., 1994:
Optimal use of feed

Maiti, A.K.; Banerjee, B.N.; Pal, M., 1996:
Optimal use of irrigation water as an indicator for rural development in new alluvial zone

Anex, R.P., 1996 :
Optimal waste decomposition - landfill as treatment process

Hermann, O.; Nolf, A., 1996:
Optimal weed control with the FAR system

Whittaker, J.C.; Haley, C.S.; Thompson, R., 1997:
Optimal weighting of information in marker-assisted selection

Epplin, F.M.; Fofana, N'zue F.; Peeper, T.F.; Solie, J.B., 1996:
Optimal wheat seeding rates for conventional and narrow rows for cheat-free and cheat-infested fields

Vuksa, M.; Dimic, N.; Injac, M.; Peric, P.; Krnajaic, S., 1995:
Optimalisation of rodenticide application in orchard protection

Hollinger, D.Y., 1996:
Optimality and nitrogen allocation in a tree canopy

Singh, S.; Sandhu, D.K.; Brar, J.K.; Kaur, A., 1995:
Optimisation and natural variability of cellulase production in Aspergillus terreus

Katle, J., 1994:
Optimisation of a breeding program for layers, including individual food consumption of cocks

Barrado, E.; Vega, M.; Pardo, R.; Grande, P.; Valle, J.L. del, 1996:
Optimisation of a purification method for metal-containing waste water by use of a Taguchi experimental design

Bramaud, C.; Aimar, P.; Daufin, G., 1997:
Optimisation of a whey protein fractionation process based on the selective precipitation of alpha -lactalbumin

Wilkins, R.J., 1995 :
Optimisation of grass utilisation in high rainfall temperate conditions

Oyola, R., 1995:
Optimisation of minimum tillage with Roundup

Kruse, K.; Thomen, H.; Maurer, H.; Steffen, A.; Leon Mendez, R., 1997:
Optimisation of particleboard production by means of process modelling

Gniewosz, M.; Sobczak, E.; Zielinski, W., 1997:
Optimisation of saccharose and ammonium sulfate concentrations for pullulan biosynthesis by Aureobasidium pullulans in batch culture

A.M.zrooei, S.; Bhatti, M.H.; Henshaw, G.G.; Taylor, N.J.; Blakesley, D., 1997:
Optimisation of somatic embryogenesis in fourteen cultivars of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.)

Pagote, C.N.; Balachandran, R., 1995:
Optimisation of taste in directly acidified milk beverage

Walmsley, A.M.; Henry, R.J.; Birch, R.G., 1995:
Optimisation of tissue culture conditions for transformation studies using immature embryos of Australian barley cultivars

Gallacher, D.J., 1997:
Optimised descriptors recommended for Australian sugarcane germplasm (Saccharum spp. hybrid)

Nugent, M.J.; O'leary, S.A.; Burnell, A.M., 1996:
Optimised procedures for the cryopreservation of different species of Heterorhabditis

Hartley, M.J.; Rahman, A., 1995:
Optimising conditions for weed seed emergence from soil trays in a glasshouse

Alexander, K.; Mouton, N., 1996:
Optimising dairy farm returns in summer-dry areas

Dodman, R.L., 1996:
Optimising disease expression in quarantine

Tarjuelo, J.; Juan, J. de; Valiente, M.; Fabeiro, C., 1994:
Optimising farm water management: a programming model of irrigated agriculture in Albacete

Berrie, A.M., 1997:
Optimising fungicide applications to control apple diseases using ADEMTM

Chen LianQing; Pei ZhiDa, 1995:
Optimising growth conditions for Pisolithus tinctorius inoculum production

Rydahl, P., 1997:
Optimising herbicide mixtures - implementation in PC-Plant Protection

Kudsk, P.; Mathiassen, S.K., 1997:
Optimising herbicide mixtures - principles and experimental basis

Toor, S.S.; Bains, B.S., 1994:
Optimising nitrogen fertilisation for higher yield and quality of sugarbeet

Aliaga, J.L.; Sanderson, R.H.; Maher, A.P.; Reid, T.C., 1996:
Optimising of the challenge test for the susceptibility of wool to yellow discolouration

Grove, T.S.; Malajczuk, N.; Gong MingQin; X.D.Ping; Zhong ChongLu, 1995:
Optimising phosphorus fertiliser rates and mycorrhiza fungal inoculation for growth of Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla in southern China

Jones, E.L.; Bowling, P.J., 1997:
Optimising slurry use in grass/clover swards in organic dairy farming systems

Walter, T., 1996:
Optimising speciality starch performance as a stabiliser in fruit preparations

Kjaer, L.; Ridder, C., 1997:
Optimising sugar use

Nixon, P.M.I.; Bullard, M.J., 1995:
Optimising techniques for measuring radiation interception in perennial crop canopies

Arthur, J.S.; Taylor, E.J.; Bowen, I.D., 1996:
Optimising the chemical control of the rice pest Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck)

Jukes, A.A.; Suett, D.L., 1996:
Optimising the efficacy of soil-applied insecticides

Milivojevic, J.; Matovic, G.; Nedic, M.; Stojanovic, Z., 1996:
Optimising the irrigation regime of soybean on Chernozem type of soil

Hammond, T.O.; Verbyla, D.L., 1996:
Optimistic bias in classification accuracy assessment

Vroh Bi, I.; Jardin, P. du; Mergeai, G.; Baudoin, J.P., 1997:
Optimization and application of RAPD (random amplified polymorphic DNA) in a recurrent selection programme of cotton (Gossypium spp.)

Webster, G.K.; Mandzij, R.; Drong, L.A.; Williams, W.H.; Mess, B.G.; Wodke, N., 1996:
Optimization and automation of AOAC Official Method 971.47 for determination of roxarsone in feed

Lin ZhongHui; Qiu ChuanXin, 1996:
Optimization and selection of pressure-increasing pump for sprinkle irrigation system

Q.H.Cheng; Hua YuKun, 1996:
Optimization for overlaying technology of OSB with resin-impregnated paper

Lo, I.M.C., 1996:
Optimization in thickness of a linear composed of claymaxReg. and organo-clay

Vasiliev, A.A., 1995:
Optimization model of the stomatal regulation in C3 plants: 3. Stomatal response to vapor pressure difference

Vasiliev, A.A., 1995:
Optimization model of the stomatal regulation in C3 plants: 4. Stomatal response to changes in O2 concentration

Suidan, M.T.; Flora, J.R.V.; Biswas, P.; Sayles, G.D., 1994:
Optimization modelling of anaerobic biofilm reactors

Tremblay, N.; Michaud, M.H.; LaFlamme, L., 1995:
Optimization of Angelica planting densities and production cycles for medicinal purposes

Faleiro, F.G.; Barros, E.G.D.; Vilarinhos, A.D.; Correa, R.X.; PaulaTrazilbo J.Jr.; Moreira, M.A., 1996:
Optimization of DNA extraction from spores of Uromyces appendiculatus

Vnuk, L' ; Ivanic, J.; Lozek, O., 1995:
Optimization of N-nutrition of winter wheat from the point of view of yield quality and quantity

Ambady, S.; Carpio, C.M.; Ponce D.L.on, F.A., 1996:
Optimization of RAPD-PCR conditions in cattle

Lee, C.M.; Gongaware, D.F., 1997:
Optimization of SFE conditions for the removal of diesel fuel

Marx, F.E.; Taylor, M.B.; Grabow, W.O.K., 1995:
Optimization of a PCR method for the detection of astrovirus type 1 in environmental samples

Holt, W.V.; Palomo, M.J., 1996:
Optimization of a continuous real-time computerized semen analysis system for ram sperm motility assessment, and evaluation of four methods of semen preparation

Valle, M.M.lle, P.B.uquelet, S., 1997:
Optimization of a liquid chromatographic method for determination of amines in fish

Plakas, S.M.; el Said, K.R.; Stehly, G.R.; Roybal, J.E., 1995:
Optimization of a liquid chromatographic method for determination of malachite green and its metabolites in fish tissues

Meynet, J.; Botton, E.; Eychene, J.; Aime, F., 1996:
Optimization of a method for the haploidization of cultivated roses

Bellon, V.; Vigneau, J.L.; Leclercq, M., 1995:
Optimization of a non-destructive system for on-line infrared measurement of fruit internal quality

Hussain, M.; Fuchs, K.; Fank, J., 1995:
Optimization of an observation well network for monitoring groundwater level using statistical methods

Brault, A.M.; Oliveira, D. de; Marceau, J., 1995:
Optimization of apple orchard pollination by honey bees in eastern Canada

Hospers, A.J.T.M., 1996:
Optimization of bio-dynamic and ecological cultivation of seed potatoes

Hospers, M., 1996:
Optimization of bio-dynamic and ecological cultivation of seed potatoes. Final report on research carried out between 1992 and 1995

Lin, C.Y., 1996:
Optimization of breed composition to maximize net merit of synthetic populations

Villaneuva, B.; Woolliams, J.A., 1997:
Optimization of breeding programmes under index selection and constrained inbreeding

Benmoussa, M.M.khopadhysy, S.D.sjardins, Y., 1996:
Optimization of callus culture and shoot multiplication of Asparagus densiflorus

Tisserand, J.L.; Drogoul, C.; Faurie, F., 1996:
Optimization of carbohydrate digestion in the large intestine of horses

Rambal, S.; Damesin, C.; Joffre, R.; Methy, M.; L.S.en, D., 1996:
Optimization of carbon gain in canopies of Mediterranean evergreen oaks

Irastorza E.J.M.; Alvarez P.L.A.; Bajatta C.C.; Garcia R.R.; Hernandez G.L.; Lopez V.A.; Moctezuma R.R.; Ortega P.J.; Rosiles M.R., 1995:
Optimization of chemical treatment for residues of the culture medium of cattle screwworm

Rihova, L.; Hrabetova, E.; Tupy, J., 1996:
Optimization of conditions for in vitro pollen germination and tube growth in potatoes

Neeraj Jain; Shrivastava, A.K.; Srivastava, S.K., 1996:
Optimization of culture parameters for degradation of black liquor by Aeromonas formicans

Pavlik, V.P., 1996:
Optimization of electric drive parameters of agricultural machinery

N.D.Xiang; Deng ZhiLong; Cen YiQun; Jiang RuMin; Yang GuangXiao;, 1995:
Optimization of embryoids for artificial seed of Apium graveolens

Tisler, V.; Devjak, S., 1996:
Optimization of extraction of pentosans by acetolysis of a chestnut decoction

Cantalejo, M.J.; Carrasco, J.M.; Hernandez, E., 1996:
Optimization of extraction, purification and detection processes for fusarin C

Lapshin, S.; Matyaev, V., 1996:
Optimization of fatty acids and productivity of pregnant sows

Gheorghe, F.; Burnichi, F.; Gapsa, F.; Lacatus, V., 1996:
Optimization of fertilization for long pepper seed crops

Tosheva, E., 1995:
Optimization of fertilizer application for maize at different nutrient contents of leached cinnamon forest soils

Famiani, F.; Antognozzi, E.; Battistelli, A.; Ferranti, F.; Moscatello, S.; Palliotti, A.; Tombesi, A., 1996:
Optimization of field treatment with CPPU and evaluation of the effects on the vegetative-reproductive equilibrium of plants and several aspects of the anatomy and metabolism of Actinidia deliciosa fruits

Glushchenko, D.P., 1994:
Optimization of fodder production

Hellmuth, K.; Pluschkell, S.; Jung, J.K.; Ruttkowski, E.; Rinas, U., 1995:
Optimization of glucose oxidase production by Aspergillus niger using genetic- and process-engineering techniques

Dijk, W. van; Wijnholds, K.H.; Veninga, G., 1996:
Optimization of grain maize growing in northeast Netherlands

Thoeny, W.T.; Tiarks, A.E.; Elliott Smith, M.L., 1994:
Optimization of graphite furnace atomic absorption technique for determination of rubidium in southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis, for mark-recapture studies

Lantinga, E.A.; Groot, J.C.J., 1996:
Optimization of grassland production and herbage feed quality in an ecological context

Zhang Song; Wen FuJiang; Wei YuTang; F.L.anHai, 1997:
Optimization of growth regulators in medium for efficient plant regeneration of Chinese cabbage

Randhawa, G.S.; Satinder Kaur, 1996:
Optimization of harvesting time and row spacing for the quality oil in Japanese mint (Mentha arvensis L.) varieties

Khvan, D.S.; Kardash, V.A., 1994:
Optimization of irrigation development under weather risk: a case study on the Ob-Karasuk Project (Siberia)

Bian XinMin; L.P.ngPing; Gao DeMing; Zhang XiGu; Shao HanChi, 1997:
Optimization of key cultivating techniques for spring maize relay-cropped with wheat in paddy fields in southern Jiangsu Province

Kamaev, I.N., 1995:
Optimization of major elements of tomato-growing technology

Galli, A.; Moretti, M., 1995:
Optimization of management procedures in the production of refrigerated semen at a pig artificial insemination centre

Bonneau, X., 1996:
Optimization of mineral nutrition in a coconut plantation taking an experimental approach in situ

Han MangXiong; Huang SongYu; Zhu MingHua; Shen Bing; Pei XiangMing; G.B.Lian, 1995:
Optimization of models for efficient intercropping of jute and kenaf fields

Nikitishen, V.I.; Dmitrakova, L.K.; Zaborin, A.V.; Chernous, T.F., 1995:
Optimization of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of maize under conditions of long-term fertilizer application on grey forest soil

Rops, A.H.J., 1994:
Optimization of nitrogen application of ware potatoes on clay soils in Zuidelijk Flevoland

Stypinski, P., 1996:
Optimization of nitrogen fertilizer application to moderately dry pastures

Melgar, R.J.; Mendez, M.A.; Figueroa, M.M.; Sanabria, M.C., 1994:
Optimization of nitrogen management in South American rice-growing systems

Partyka, T.; Arbatowski, S.; Sobczak, R., 1994:
Optimization of oak stand cutting age. Economic problems of silvicultural planning

Khramtsov, I.F.; Bezvikonnyi, E.V.; Chmut, P.N., 1996:
Optimization of phosphorus nutrition of winter wheat on chernozem soils of the forest steppe of Western Siberia

Partyka, T.; Arbatowski, S.; Sobczak, R., 1994:
Optimization of pine stand cutting age. Economic problems of silvicultural planning

Cebula, S., 1995:
Optimization of plant and shoot spacing in greenhouse production of sweet pepper

Nemecek, J.; Myl, J.; Nawalany, M., 1995:
Optimization of pollution plume containment using management models

Kostyuk, V.I., 1995:
Optimization of potato nutrition in northern Kol'sky

Seres, K.; Grbic, J.; Homolja, I.; Heinrich, R.; Rudic, E.; Cudic, V., 1996:
Optimization of progressive predefecation of diffusion juice by exact recycling of coagulated carbonatation mud

Mischke, R.; Nolte, I., 1997:
Optimization of prothrombin time measurements in canine plasma

Shu Chen; Hwu KaeKang, 1995:
Optimization of random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis system for maize (Zea mays L.) genetic diversity

Misztal, A.; Kopec, S., 1996:
Optimization of rates and dates of spring nitrogen fertilizer application to meadows in the Mae Pieniny region

Ismintarti ; Susmiadi, A., 1996:
Optimization of raw material supply, milling days and milling schedule: application of optimization model for Trangkil Sugar Mill

Walsum, P.E.V. van; Vreke, J.; Bolt, F.J.E. van der, 1995:
Optimization of regional water management (quantity and quality) through scenario analysis

Yousefian, M.; Amirinia, C.; Bercsenyi, M.; Horvath, L., 1996:
Optimization of shock parameters in inducing mitotic gynogenesis in the carp Cyprinus carpio L

Murisier, F.; Zufferey, V., 1996:
Optimization of shoot load of grapevine: trial with Chasselas

VanToai, T.T.; Peng JiQing; S.M.rtin, S., 1996:
Optimization of silver-staining AFLP technique for soybean

Moser, A., 1996:
Optimization of slurry spreading

Bermesky, P., 1995:
Optimization of soil cultivation in a crop rotation

Pedrosa, L.F.; Vasil, I.K., 1996:
Optimization of somatic embryogenesis and long-term regeneration in callus cultures of diploperennial teosinte (Zea diploperennis Iltis, Doebley & Guzman)

Cunha, Da; Leite, S.G.mes Ferreira, 1997:
Optimization of some environmental conditions to enhance gasoline biodegradation in soil microcosms bioaugmented with Pseudomonas putida

Dukov, R.; Georgiev, G.; Alexandrov, V., 1994:
Optimization of soybean irrigation regime by a computer model

Volki, D.; Spillmann, H., 1996:
Optimization of starter preparation for bifidus milk under practical conditions

Chen, J.; Wu, M.; Guan ZhiWei; Zhao XueDu, 1996:
Optimization of structure and parameters of the inner vortex cyclone dust collector

Grzechowiak, R., 1996:
Optimization of supporting structure of agricultural machinery modelled by finite elements

Mukherjee, M.; Misra, S.; Chatterjee, R.K., 1997 :
Optimization of test conditions for development of MTT as in vitro screen

Mirck, M.H.; Von Bannisseht-Wijsmuller, T.; Timmermans-Besselink, W.J.; Van Luijk, J.H.; Buntjer, J.B.; Lenstra, J.A., 1995:
Optimization of the PCR test for the mutation causing bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency

Antipov, G.N.; Gladkikh, M.Y., 1994:
Optimization of the age structure of cattle breeding herds undergoing selection

Tsimbalist, N.I.; Ladonin, V.F.; Aleiv, A.M.; Tsvetkova, N.A.; Andreeva, N.V., 1996:
Optimization of the combination of nitrogenous fertilizers and pesticides when growing winter wheat

Braikov, I.; Guglev, D.; Zapryanov, Z., 1996:
Optimization of the composition of a tractor-plus-implement unit for two-layer soil cultivation as regards draught resistance

Todorov, T.V., 1995:
Optimization of the cultivation pattern for determinate tomatoes in relation to varietal type

Khin Mar Aye, K.Z.n Thant; Soe Thein; Than Swe; Igarashi, A., 1995:
Optimization of the dengue-2 antigen ELISA titer for the positive case detection of dengue virus infection by IgM ELISA

Dimitrov, P.; Kanazirska, V., 1995:
Optimization of the density of January-planted glasshouse cucumbers

Araya, Ken, 1997:
Optimization of the design of subsoiling and pressurized fluid injection equipment

Nedyalkov, N., 1996:
Optimization of the design parameters of the elements of a tractor-mounted electrode for electric-spark treatments of weeds

Rutkis, Z.A., 1996:
Optimization of the fertilization rate of frozen/thawed bovine oocytes with catecholamines and choline ethers

Panavas, T., 1994:
Optimization of the growth medium for the micropropagation of Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica Thunb.)

Waladde, S.M.; Young, A.S.; Mwaura, S.N.; Njihia, G.N.; Mwakima, F.N., 1995:
Optimization of the in vitro feeding of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus nymphae for the transmission of Theileria parva

Shabanov, N.I., 1997:
Optimization of the loading of grain combine harvesters

Walczynski, S.; Zawislak, K.; Adamczyk, M.; Niedzwiadek, T., 1995:
Optimization of the methods of treatment of grain legumes and rapeseed for the feed industry

Kavka, M.; Kolek, L.; Vasak, J.; Famera, O.; Posar, B., 1997:
Optimization of the number and utilization of combines according to the term of harvest

Labeke, M.C. van; Dambre, P.; Schrevens, E.; Rijck, G. de, 1995:
Optimization of the nutrient solution for Eustoma grandiflorum in soilless culture

Tarasik, V.P.; Kuznetsov, E.V., 1997:
Optimization of the parameters of a tractor with a hydraulic-mechanical transmission and a constant-power engine

Narkevich, V.I., 1995:
Optimization of the parameters of aerial photographs of forests

Samsonov, V.A.; Zangiev, A.A., 1996:
Optimization of the power and power/weight ratio of tractors and machines

Montaldo V.H., 1993:
Optimization of the response to selection for milk yield in open and closed nucleus flocks of goats

Tasev, G., 1996:
Optimization of the spare parts service

Ryabich, I.P., 1994:
Optimization of the standards for feeding dry cows

Spirin, E.A., 1996:
Optimization of the technological parameters of a spatial fruit-harvesting organ

Ladonin, V.F.; V' yugin, S.M.; Gordeev, Y.A., 1996:
Optimization of the use of chemical agents in biologically oriented farming

Dubbel, V.; Vaupel, O., 1996:
Optimization of the use of traps for Ips typographus and Pityogenes chalcographus

Bertram, A., 1996:
Optimization of thermal methods of weed control

Ozarslan, C.; Erdogan, D., 1996:
Optimization of tractor performance when operating with various tillage equipment

Ozarslan, C.; Erdogan, D., 1996:
Optimization of tractor plowing performance

Saracoglu, O., 1992:
Optimization of uneven-aged fir stands and its importance in management

Zhou ZhenMin, 1994:
Optimization of water allocation in canal systems of ChenGai Irrigation Area

Popov, A., 1994:
Optimization of water distribution in irrigation systems to water demands

Okruszko, T.; Tyszewski, S.; Pusowska, D., 1996:
Optimization of water management in the Upper Narew river basin and conservation of the hydrogenous habitats

Kool, J.P., 1996:
Optimization strategy to protect quality of water resources in agricultural areas

Lick, S.; Keller, M.; Bockelmann, W.; Heller, K.J., 1996:
Optimized DNA extraction method for starter cultures from yoghurt

Molkentin, J.; Precht, D., 1995:
Optimized analysis of trans-octadecenoic acids in edible fats

Alena, J., 1996:
Optimized depth of groundwater level for maize in representative soils of Zitny ostrov

Yue PengXiang; Zhang GuiYin, 1995:
Optimized designing of the batten mounting parameters for tea rolling machines

Gromova, Z.; Karabinova, M.; Molnarova, J.; Kulik, D.; Liska, E.; Krausko, A.; Adamovsky, F.; Huska, J.; Pacuta, V.; Dancak, I.; Polacek, M.; Meciar, L.; Prochazkova, M.; Illes, L.; Cerny, I.; Horvat, F.; Zembery, J.; Orlik, E.; Tkacova, G.; Zajova, A.; Francakova, E.; Kociscakova, A., 1995:
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Optimum harvest date of Jonagold in central Poland

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Optimum harvest date study of 4 apple cultivars in southern Poland

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Optimum leaf/fruit relations in vines - grape quality and reserve substance deposition

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Optimum management strategies for typical farmers in the Vaalharts irrigation area during conditions of variable water supply

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Optimum moment for hand pollination in tomato

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Optimum performance through CFD modelling of the SRI clarifier design

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Optimum requirement of fish meal protein (FMP) along with extracted soyabean meal in broiler diet

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Optimum size and shape of plots in field experiment of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

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Optimum solids recovery in automated dairies

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Optimum spray schedule of monocrotophos for the control of groundnut leafminer

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Optimum sprinkling requires knowledge

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Optimum technological parameters of two-stage harvesting of rape

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Optimum use of exhaust steam desuperheaters in sugar industry

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Optimum variant - chemical weeding prior to crop emergence

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Optimum vitamin supplementation needed for turkey performance and profitability

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Optimum well design to avoid salt water pollution of a coastal karst aquifer

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Options for cleanup and disposal of pesticide wastes generated on a small-scale

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Options for greenhouse production system management: analysis and simulation

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Options for integrated weed management in sugar cane

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Options for management of acute pain in the rat

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Options for manipulating nutrition if feed supply is immutable

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Options for milk utilization in the Obersimmental/Saanenland region

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Options for the control of malaria vectors

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Options for the production of lamb carcasses from Greek dairy breeds of sheep. 1. Indoor feeding

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Options for the production of lamb carcasses from Greek dairy breeds of sheep. 2. Utilization of sown pasture

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Options on handling

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Optomotor control of course and altitude in Drosophila melanogaster is correlated with distinct activities of at least three pairs of flight steering muscles

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Opuntia lindsayi, a new cholla (Cactaceae: Opuntia, subgenus Cylindropuntia) from lower California, Mexico

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