Performance and physiological reactions of pure Awassi and East-Friesian x Awassi crossbred ewes in the sub-tropic Cukurova region

Darcan, N.K.; Guney, O.

Options Mediterraneennes Serie A, Seminaires Mediterraneens 33: 237-242


Accession: 002917387

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Body temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate were recorded in Awassi and Awassi x East Friesian (F1s, F2s and backcrosses to Awassi) sheep in June-August. 20 sheep were involved in the experiment. The results indicated that Awassis were better adapted to the environment than the crossbreds. The lactation milk yield of the Awassis and the 3 types of crossbred averaged 134.0, 157.0, 136.0 and 148.0 kg respectively (P<0.05), and weaning weight of lambs 20.8, 17.2, 21.2 and 24.0 kg (P<0.05).