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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2919

Chapter 2919 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918032

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918034

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918064

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918069

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918096

Curkovic S, T.; Gonzalez R, R. H.; Barria P, G., 1996: Periods of protection and degradation of residues of insecticides used against codling moth, Cydia pomonella L

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918110

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918119

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918120

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918121

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918122

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918123

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918124

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918125

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918126

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918127

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918129

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918131

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918132

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918133

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918134

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918135

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918136

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918138

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918139

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918140

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918141

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918142

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918143

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918144

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918145

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918146

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918147

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918149

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918150

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918151

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918152

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918153

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918154

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918163

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918165

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918204

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918207

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918208

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918209

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918210

Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918211

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918224

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918227

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918229

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Section 3, Chapter 2919, Accession 002918251

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