Polymorphism of Pax7 in the wild mouse gene pool

Harmon, D.; Kay, P.H.

Mouse Genome 94(4): 868-870


ISSN/ISBN: 0959-0587
Accession: 002924632

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DNA from outbred wild mice of colonies established from animals captured in several countries, and from laboratory mice of 4 inbred strains, was subjected to restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis to identify fragments of the Pax7 gene, which is involved in myogenesis and neurogenesis, and has a highly conserved paired box, an octapeptide-encoding region and a homeo box. Pax7 was shown to be highly polymorphic, at least 9 alleles being found in the wild mouse gene pool. Almost 62% of wild mice had alleles typical of the SLJ/J or A/J inbred strains.