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Presence of the Periplaneta lectin-related protein family in the American cockroach Periplaneta americana

Kawasaki, K.; Kubo, T.; Natori, S.

Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 26(4): 355-364


ISSN/ISBN: 0965-1748
PMID: 8814782
DOI: 10.1016/0965-1748(95)00101-8
Accession: 002928828

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We determined the partial amino acid sequences of Periplaneta lectin, which we had purified and characterized previously from the hemolymph of the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) [Kubo T. and Natori S. (1987) Eur. J. Biochem. 168, 75-82]. Based on these sequences, we performed PCR and found that the cDNA library of the Periplaneta fat body contained many similar, but not identical, Periplaneta lectin-related cDNAs. Analysis of the cloned cDNAs suggested that Periplaneta has a protein family, of which the periplaneta lectin and LPS binding protein purified previously are members.

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