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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2931

Chapter 2931 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Donaldson, G.C.; Ball, L.A.; Axelrood, P.E.; Glass, N.L., 1995:
Primer sets developed to amplify conserved genes from filamentous ascomycetes are useful in differentiating fusarium species associated with conifers

Mak, J.; Kleiman, L., 1997:
Primer tRNAs for reverse transcription

Macas, J.; Dolezel, J.; Gualberti, G.; Pich, U.; Schubert, I.; Lucretti, S., 1995:
Primer-induced labeling of pea and field bean chromosomes in situ and in suspension

Wu, Z.; Nagano, I.; Xu, D.; Takahashi, Y., 1997:
Primers for polymerase chain reaction to detect genomic DNA of Toxocara canis and T. cati

Hare, JD., 1996:
Priming Aphytis: behavioral modification of host selection by exposure to a synthetic contact kairomone

Kester, S.T.; Geneve, R.L.; Houtz, R.L., 1997:
Priming and accelerated ageing affect L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase activity in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) seed

Wyatt, G.R.; Braun, R.P.; Zhang, J., 1996:
Priming effect in gene activation by juvenile hormone in locust fat body

Shen, J.; Bartha, R., 1997:
Priming effect of glucose polymers in soil-based biodegradation tests

Shen, J.; Bartha, R., 1996:
Priming effect of substrate addition in soil-based biodegradation tests

W.X.aoZhen; F.J.aRui, 1997:
Priming effects of matriconditioning on Brassica parachinensis L. seeds

Zaniboni Filho, E.; Barbosa, N.D.lce D.C.mpos, 1996:
Priming hormone administration to induce spawning of some Brazilian migratory fish

Cayuela, E.; Perez Alfocea, F.; Caro, M.; Bolarin, M.C., 1996:
Priming of seeds with NaCl induces physiological changes in tomato plants grown under salt stress

Yoon, B.H.n; Lang, H.J.; Cobb,, 1997:
Priming with salt solutions improves germination of pansy seed at high temperatures

Cordoba, G.A.T.; Borges, E.E. de L.; Borges, R. de C.G.; Neves, J.C.L., 1995:
Priming, drying and storage of Eucalyptus citriodora and Eucalyptus grandis seeds

Lanteri, S.; Belletti, P.; Marzach, C.; Nada, E.; Quagliotti, L.; Bino, R.J., 1997:
Priming-induced nuclear replication activity in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds. Effect on germination and storability

Vicari, A.; Zimdahl, R.L.; Cranmer, B.K.; Dinelli, G., 1996:
Primisulfuron and rimsulfuron degradation in aqueous solution and adsorption in six Colorado soils

Ukrainczyk, L.; Ajwa, H.A., 1996:
Primisulfuron sorption on minerals and soils

Neumann, R.P., 1997:
Primitive ideas: protected area buffer zones and the politics of land in Africa

Aalund, P., 1996:
Primodan filling systems

Jassal, S.T., 1997:
Primogeniture in Awadh: sociological implications for class and gender

Thies, E., 1995:
Principal (agro-) forestry woody species of the Guinea transition zone: Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon

Travasso, M.I.; Delecolle, R.; Baldy, C., 1994:
Principal agroclimatic factors determining wheat yield in the south of Buenos Aires province

Ortiz Valbuena, A.; Fernandez Maeso, M.C.; Sabra Munoz de la Torre, E., 1996:
Principal characteristics of honey from La Alcarria

Cai YingFan; Tang YongJiu; H.H.ngHua, 1996:
Principal component analysis and canonical correlation analysis of earliness, yield contributing characters and fibre quality of short-season cotton

Ribeiro de Carvalho, S.M.; Lucas Junior, J. de, 1995:
Principal component analysis and cluster analysis for the evaluation of the performance of batch and continuous (Indian model) biodigesters operated with swine breeding wastes and manures

Gonzales, L.M., 1996:
Principal component analysis and variety classification in relation to rice seedling salinity tolerance

Beverly, M.B.; Kay, P.T.; Voorhees, K.J., 1995:
Principal component analysis of the pyrolysis-mass spectra from African, Africanized hybrid, and European beeswax

Lo, M.H.; Abrahamson, L.P., 1996:
Principal component analysis to evaluate the relative performance of nine year old hybrid poplar clones

Zhu DaoYu, 1996:
Principal component analysis with phenotype data and superior vine selection in Hayward kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) F1 population

Wei WenXing; Zhang Hong; L.F.ngYin; Wei ShuangLing, 1994:
Principal components analysis and genetic distance estimation and their application in sesame breeding programme

Carreira, J.A.; Niell, F.X., 1995:
Principal components analysis of Landsat-TM multispectral data and interpretation of vegetation cover in the Tejeda and Almijara mountains

Gandhi, R.S.; Avtar Singh; Gurnani, M., 1997:
Principal components analysis to predict lifetime milk production in Murrah buffaloes

Roso, V.M.; Fries, L.A., 1995:
Principal components of weaning and yearling records in Polled Hereford cattle

Ouedraogo, S.L., 1994:
Principal diseases of major legumes in Burkina: tomato; onion; green bean

Bisson, J., 1995:
Principal ecogeographical groups in the French grapevine assortment

Anonymous, 1995:
Principal events of the milk quota system in Italy. Review of decisions and the principal initiatives undertaken

Lupascu, M.; Lala, M.; Zabrian, D.; Vrabie, T.; Cotruta, M., 1994:
Principal factors in the process of producing fodder crops in forage crop rotations and those producing seed and fodder

Scala, A.; Garippa, G., 1996:
Principal helminthiases of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in Sardinia: epidemiological anatomical and histopathological findings

Knyazyev, V.O., 1994:
Principal indices of the technological quality of sugarbeet and a rapid method for determining them

Ivanovic, D.; Osler, R.; Katis, N.; Ivanovic, M.; Ignjatovic, D., 1995:
Principal maize viruses in Mediterranean countries

Piscitelli, F.R., 1994:
Principal morphological characters of sugarcane cv. TUC 80-7 and TUC 83-4

Sousa, E.M.R. de, 1995:
Principal pests of cork oak in Portugal. Their relation with population decline

Teissedre, P.L.; Waterhouse, A.L.; Frankel, E.N., 1995:
Principal phenolic phytochemicals in French Syrah and Grenache Rhone wines and their antioxidant activity in inhibiting oxidation of human low density lipoproteins

Marchetti, L.; Nanni, C.; Vai, N., 1997:
Principal phytosanitary problems of urban greenery and relative trends in defence

Bounejmate, M.; Jaritz, G., 1994:
Principal research results of the Forage Programme at INRA Maroc in 1981-1994

Estevez, A.; Gonzalez, M.E.; Hernandez, M.M.; Torres, W.; Jerez, E.; Hernandez, A.; Moreno, I.; Sam, O., 1994:
Principal results obtained in raising potato under heat and moisture stress conditions in Cuba

Lairon, D., 1996:
Principal symposium on Lipid Absorption and Metabolism: Physiological and Molecular Aspects

Blancard, D.; Ano, G.; Cailleteau, B., 1994:
Principal viruses affecting tobacco in France

Mossel, A., 1995:
Principals of food control and food hygiene in the European market

Bao Qing; Yin GuangZhi; Tang LiJun; Song XiuMing, 1996:
Principle and application in forestry of the inner tangent of the normal curve

Yang, N.; Wu, C.X., 1994:
Principle and application of the systematic evaluation of breeding objectives in animals

Ploper, C.D., 1996:
Principle plant and animal sanitary standards and regulations in force in Chile for agroforestry products from northwest Argentina: conclusions from an important seminar held in Antofagasta, Chile

Oliveira, D.A.A., 1996:
Principles and application of blood typing

Rials, T.G., 1994:
Principles and applications of relaxation spectroscopy

Pindrus, A.N., 1996:
Principles and criteria for defining groups of geo- and bio-helminths and their corresponding helminthiases

Mattalia, S.; Bonaiti, B., 1995:
Principles and implementation of the comparison of breeding values of dairy bulls between countries

Mandev, A., 1995:
Principles and method of compiling a reference standard for classifying and evaluating the erosion status of soils

L.Y.uKai; Y.X.aoLin, 1995:
Principles and practice of 'absorbability'

Akobundu, I.O., 1996:
Principles and prospects for integrated weed management in developing countries

Tudor, M.; Scurtu, I.; Iordan, I.; Popandron, N.; Poncu, J., 1995:
Principles applied in selection of autogamous plants

Kashin, V.I.; Utkov, Y.A., 1995:
Principles for developing machinery for harvesting berries

Boyle, T.J.B.; Liengsiri, C.; Young, A.G., 1994:
Principles for effective in situ genetic conservation of tropical forest tree species

Rykunina, I.S., 1995:
Principles for shaping a strategy for the development of a sawmilling/woodworking enterprise in conditions of competition

Post, G., 1996:
Principles for the computation and dimensioning of suction plants for removal of wood dust and particles

Mangel, M.; Talbot, L.M.; Meffe, G.K.; Agardy, M.T.ndi; Alverson, D.L.; Barlow, J.; Botkin, D.B.; Budowski, G.; Clark, T.; Cooke, J.; Crozier, R.H.; Dayton, P.K.; Elder, D.L.; Fowler, C.W.; Funtowicz, S.; Giske, J.; Hofman, R.J.; Holt, S.J.; Kellert, S.R., 1996:
Principles for the conservation of wild living resources

Anonymous, 1997:
Principles for the correct application of preparations for plant protection

Mazitov, N.K.; Sakhapov, R.L.; Parfenov, S.A.; Sadriev, F.M., 1996:
Principles for the designing of tillage equipment

Eberhart, S.A.; Salhuana, W.; Sevilla, R.; Taba, S., 1995:
Principles for tropical maize breeding

Goodall, B.; Stabler, M.J., 1997:
Principles influencing the determination of environmental standards for sustainable tourism

Mead, G.C., 1995:
Principles involved in the detection and enumeration of clostridia in foods

Stassen, P.J.C.; Davie, S.J.; Snijder, B., 1995:
Principles involved in tree management of higher density avocado orchards

Hron, J., 1995:
Principles of adaptation of the farm sector in a competitive environment

Kozari, J., 1995:
Principles of agricultural extension applicable in Hungary

Heeschen, W.H.; Suhren, G., 1996:
Principles of and practical experiences with an integrated system for the detection of antimicrobials in milk

Bezdnina, S.Y.; Kupriyanov, O.I., 1994:
Principles of biochemical control of the quality of collector-drainage water

Teal, F.; Dinwiddy, C., 1996:
Principles of cost-benefit analysis for developing countries

Boichard, D.; Elsen, J.M.; Roy, P. le; Chevalet, C., 1995:
Principles of detection and mapping of genes affecting economic traits with genetic markers

Bakasenas, A., 1994:
Principles of determination of technological effectiveness of land tillage

Alekseievski, V.E., 1994:
Principles of ecologo-reclaimative monitoring on draining soils in Ukraine

Chapin, F.S.uart IIi; Torn, M.S.; Tateno, M., 1996:
Principles of ecosystem sustainability

Vomperskii, S.E., 1995:
Principles of evaluating carbon fixation by bogs

Tomlinson, I.R., 1996:
Principles of fertigation

Watson, A.S., 1996:
Principles of grain marketing: some lessons from Australian experience

Paosz, T.; Mroczynski, M.; Musnicki, C., 1994:
Principles of integrated pest management in winter rape

Verreet, J.A., 1995:
Principles of integrated pest management: the IPM wheat model

Zawadzki, S., 1994:
Principles of mineral soil units' determination reference to concept of prognostic soil-moisture complexes

D.L.nge, C.F.M.; Schreurs, H.W.E., 1995 :
Principles of model application

Khannanov, R., 1996:
Principles of organizational and legal support for stability in agricultural production

Schwenke, W. von, 1996:
Principles of population dynamics and control of the great spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus (L.) (Col., Scolytidae)

Henderson, S.M.; Perry, R.L.; Young J.H., 1997:
Principles of process engineering - 4th edition

Frolov, A.N., 1994:
Principles of race formation in phytophagous insects: Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae), a model

Waites, Will M., 1997:
Principles of rapid testing and a look to the future

Bungay, D.P., 1994:
Principles of steam pasteurization

Lotov, R.A., 1996:
Principles of the cartographic representation of agricultural load on soils

Yunusov, T.S., 1995:
Principles of the technology for obtaining cottonseed protein

Kaca, E.; Czaplak, I., 1996:
Principles of water management in the reclaimed part of the Narew river valley

Bullard, M.J.; Nixon, P.M.I.; Kilpatrick, J.B.; Heath, M.C.; Speller, C.S., 1995:
Principles of weed control in Miscanthus spp. under contrasting field conditions

Olmos, A.; Dasí, M.A.; Candresse, T.; Cambra, M., 1996:
Print-capture PCR: a simple and highly sensitive method for the detection of plum pox virus (PPV) in plant tissues

Korth, C.; Stierli, B.; Streit, P.; Moser, M.; Schaller, O.; Fischer, R.; Schulz-Schaeffer, W.; Kretzschmar, H.; Raeber, A.; Braun, U.; Ehrensperger, F.; Hornemann, S.; Glockshuber, R.; Riek, R.; Billeter, M.; Wüthrich, K.; Oesch, B., 1997:
Prion (PrPSc)-specific epitope defined by a monoclonal antibody

Anonymous, 1996:
Prion diseases

Laurent, M., 1996:
Prion diseases and the 'protein only' hypothesis: a theoretical dynamic study

Ulvund, M.L.; Bratberg, B.; Tranulis, M.A., 1996:
Prion diseases in animals

Merlat, F.X., 1995:
Prion diseases of animals and man. National Symposium on Agricultural Medicine XXII, Tours, 1 June 1995

Roberts, G.W.; James, S., 1996:
Prion diseases: transmission from mad cows?

O.Rourke, K., 1995:
Prion genetics and susceptibility to scrapie in Suffolk sheep in the United States

Carlson, G.A.; Ebeling, C.; Yang, S.L.; Telling, G.; Torchia, M.; Groth, D.; Westaway, D.; DeArmond, S.J.; Prusiner, S.B., 1994:
Prion isolate specified allotypic interactions between the cellular and scrapie prion proteins in congenic and transgenic mice

Kaneko, K.; Peretz, D.; Pan, K.M.; Blochberger, T.C.; Wille, H.; Gabizon, R.; Griffith, O.H.; Cohen, F.E.; Baldwin, M.A.; Prusiner, S.B., 1995:
Prion protein (PrP) synthetic peptides induce cellular PrP to acquire properties of the scrapie isoform

Billeter, M.R.ek, R.W.der, G.H.rnemann, S.G.ockshuber, R.W.thrich, K., 1997:
Prion protein NMR structure and species barrier for prion diseases

Aguzzi, A.; Weissmann, C., 1997:
Prion research: the next frontiers

Mete, K.; Euzet, L., 1996:
Prionacestus bipartitus n. gen., n. sp. (Cestoda, Tetraphyllidea), a case of neoteny

Zhao, L.M.n; Liang,; Li, L.N.ang, 1996:
Prionitisides A and B, two phenolic glycosides from Salvia prionitis

Styrt, B.A.; Chaisson, R.E.; Moore, R.D., 1997:
Prior antimicrobials and staphylococcal bacteremia in HIV-infected patients

Asp, S.; Watkinson, A.; Oakes, N.D.; Kraegen, E.W., 1997:
Prior eccentric contractions impair maximal insulin action on muscle glucose uptake in the conscious rat

Hoover, M.; Morgan, E.R.; Kletzel, M., 1997:
Prior fungal infection is not a contraindication to bone marrow transplant in patients with acute leukemia

Kannan, G.; Mench, J.A., 1997:
Prior handling does not significantly reduce the stress response to pre-slaughter handling in broiler chickens

Teasdale, R.D., 1996:
Priorities for application of biotechnology to plantation improvement

Green, M.J.B.; Murray, M.G.; Bunting, G.C.; Paine, J.R., 1997:
Priorities for biodiversity conservation in the tropics

Van Wyk, B.E., 1996:
Priorities for biosystematic studies of the southern African flora

Chikwamba, R., 1996:
Priorities for biotechnology research in Zimbabwe

Linder, H.P., 1996:
Priorities for taxonomic research on the Cape flora

Balkwill, K.; Phillipson, P.B., 1996:
Priorities for the development of herbaria in southern Africa

Hodgson, J., 1995:
Priorities in grazing management

Raman Nair, R., 1997:
Priorities in information management systems for agricultural research and development in India. In Proceedings of 42nd All India Library Conference, Calicut, December, 21-24 1996

Forbes, A.B., 1997:
Priorities in parasite control: what price immunity?

Crompton, J.L., 1996:
Priorities in tourists' decision making research in the 1990s and beyond: from a North American perspective

Khybri, M.L., 1994:
Priorities in watershed management programme

Kablan, M., 1997 :
Prioritization of decentralized electricity options available for rural areas in Jordan

Antoine, P., 1997:
Prioritization of fruit crops: economic perspectives for Caribbean countries

Knox, R.C.; Canter, L.W., 1996:
Prioritization of ground water contaminants and sources

Thomas, Re, 1996:
Prioritizing parts from cutting bills when gang-ripping first

Molineaux, L., 1991:
Priority areas for operational research on forest related malaria

Lubulwa, G.; Davis, J.; McMeniman, S., 1996:
Priority assessment for small ruminant development in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, South Pacific and Australia

Ibrahim, C.E., 1996:
Priority in small ruminant development in Malaysia

Grosheva, E.I.; Bobovnikova, T.I.; Renzoni, A., 1996:
Priority organochlorines in tissues of the Baikal seal

Olembo, N.K.; Wafula, J.S.; Wekundah, J.M., 1996:
Priority setting for biotechnology - The Kenya/DGIS experience

Ramasamy, C.; Shanmugam, T.R.; Pray, C., 1997:
Priority setting for rice research in southern India - an ex-ante approach

Guizol, P.; Duchaufour, H., 1995:
Priority to technical or to procedural solutions? The case of rill erosion management in Burundi

Babu, S.C.; Khaila, S., 1996:
Priority-setting in food and agricultural policy research: a case study and lessons from Malawi

Diallo, H.A.; Pieri, C.; Steiner, K.G.; Eger, H.; Moosbrugger, W.; Messerli, P.; Ludi, E.; Hurni, H.; Herweg, K.; Kruger, A.S.; Worhl, H.; Breburda, J.; Fleischhauer, E.; Craswell, E.T., 1996:
Priority: Agriculture in arid areas

Olubodun, J.O.B.; Akinsola, H.A.; Adeleye, O.A., 1996:
Prison deprivation and protein nutritional status of inmates of a developing community prison

Petkova, D.; Mirchev, M., 1995:
Prista 3 and Prista 4 - new lucerne varieties

Kamagata, Y.; Fulthorpe, R.R.; Tamura, K.; Takami, H.; Forney, L.J.; Tiedje, J.M., 1997:
Pristine environments harbor a new group of oligotrophic 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-degrading bacteria

Fulthorpe, R.R.; Rhodes, A.N.; Tiedje, J.M., 1996:
Pristine soils mineralize 3-chlorobenzoate and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate via different microbial populations

Gotesman, M., 1995:
Private agriculture in the Ukraine in the Nikolaiev region

Janssen, H.; Kiers, M.; Nijkamp, P., 1995:
Private and public development strategies for sustainable tourism development of island economies

Carpentier, A., 1996:
Private and public efficiency of pest risk management: the role of information

Gaag, J. van der, 1995 :
Private and public initiatives: working together for health and education

Weaver, D.; Glenn, C.; Rounds, R., 1996:
Private ecotourism operations in Manitoba, Canada

Novak, K., 1994:
Private farmers and sustainable development of agriculture

Mizickova, L., 1995:
Private farmers and their prospects in the European Union

Kornilov, Y.D., 1994:
Private farmers in the republic of Belarus after price liberalization

Feher, A.; Kurucz, G.; Szepesy, E., 1995:
Private farms in the northern Hungarian regions

Wiersum, K.F., 1996:
Private forestry in the Netherlands: a new future?

Smith, L.E.D.; Pathan, P.A., 1996:
Private groundwater development in the Lower Indus: policy issues

Koppen, B. van; Mahmud, S., 1996:
Private irrigation by poor women and men in Bangladesh: institutional issues

Dinar, A.; Keck, A., 1997:
Private irrigation investment in Colombia: effects of violence, macroeconomic policy, and environmental conditions

Faure, A., 1995:
Private land ownership in rural Burkina Faso

Scott, T.; Standiford, R.; Pratini, N., 1995:
Private landowners critical to saving California biodiversity

Regush, V.; Markova, G., 1996:
Private ownership of land in the system of land relations

Roy, E. le, 1996:
Private property, right of way?

Bennett, J., 1995:
Private sector initiatives in nature conservation

Debatisse, M.L.; Rajkumar, A.S., 1997:
Private trading activities and food security

Bonham, C.; Mak, J., 1996:
Private versus public financing of state destination promotion

Hodson, P.R.; Jarman, R.A., 1996:
Private water supplies - a catchment approach

Thiele, S., 1996:
Private wealth and its influence on the social position of farm households

Commandeur, P., 1996:
Private-public cooperation in transgenic virus-resistant potatoes

Riggle, D., 1997:
Private-public partners win big in composting

Ellis, W.W., 1995:
Private-public sector cooperation to improve pesticide safety standards in developing countries

Ellefson, P.V.; Ek, A.R., 1996:
Privately initiated forestry and forest products research and development: current status and future challenges

Kasler, G., 1997:
Privatisation and support of water-user associations

Progoharbowo, I., 1996:
Privatisation issue of vegetable seed in Indonesia

Konings, P., 1996:
Privatisation of agro-industrial parastatals and anglophone opposition in Cameroon

Bokil, M.S., 1996:
Privatisation of commons for the poor. Emergence of new agrarian issues

Witthaut, P., 1996:
Privatisation of the Egyptian seed industry

Kaser, M., 1997:
Privatization and agrarian reform in the Caucasian economies

Swinnen, J.F.M., 1997:
Privatization and decollectivization in Central and Eastern European agriculture

Kiss, J., 1995:
Privatization and foreign capital in the Hungarian food industry

Clark, R., 1996:
Privatization and poverty

Pineda, R., 1996:
Privatization of Honduras

Jones, S., 1997:
Privatization of cereals marketing in the former centrally planned economies: A review of issues

Alvincz, J., 1996:
Privatization of food industry with special regard to the involvement of foreign capital

Csapo, Z.; Lakatos, D., 1996:
Privatization of large-scale dairies in county Hajdu-Bihar

Clarke, J.L., 1994:
Privatization of mosquito control services in urban areas

Anonymous, 1996:
Privatization of the Caribbean sugar industries: the cases of the Dominican Republic and Jamaica

Nes, A. van, 1996:
Privatization: the ultimate form of participation

Garcia, R.J.; Silvis, A.H., 1996:
Privatizing a state farm in Kazakhstan

Florkowski, W.; Szulce, H.E.nagheeb, A., 1997:
Privatizing agricultural services in a transition economy

Alpert, J.E.; Lopez, Y.S., 1997:
Privatizing cocomposting facilities in Puerto Rico

Farley, P.; Simon, B., 1996:
Privatizing government irrigation projects in New Zealand

Foley, M.W., 1995:
Privatizing the countryside: the Mexican peasant movement and neoliberal reform

McDonald, J.H., 1997:
Privatizing the private family farmer: NAFTA and the transformation of the Mexican dairy sector

Anonymous, 1995:
Priyanka - a new high yielding cashew hybrid (H-1591) from Kerala Agricultural University

Durand, P.; Prost, M.; Blache, D., 1996:
Pro-thrombotic effects of a folic acid deficient diet in rat platelets and macrophages related to elevated homocysteine and decreased n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Metz, S., 1995:
Pro: Glucose priming solutions should be used for cardiopulmonary bypass

Little, M.A., 1997:
ProScriptsReg., a commercially available variable rate prescription writing software package by crop growers software, Inc

NagDas, S.K.; Winfrey, V.P.; Olson, G.E., 1996:
Proacrosin-acrosomal matrix binding interactions in ejaculated bovine spermatozoa

Hoer, M.; Heinrich, M.; Rimpler, H., 1996:
Proanthocyanidin polymers with antisecretory activity and proanthocyanidin oligomers from Guazuma ulmifolia bark

Foo, L.Y.; Newman, R.; Waghorn, G.; Mcnabb, W.C.; Ulyatt, M.J., 1996:
Proanthocyanidins from Lotus corniculatus

Foo, L.Y.; Lu, Y.; Mcnabb, C.; Waghorn, G.; Ulyatt, M.J., 1997:
Proanthocyanidins from Lotus pedunculatus

Castillo Cotillo, H.C. del; Simone, F. de; Feo, V. de, 1996:
Proaporphine alkaloids from Croton ruizianus Muell.-Arg. (Euphorbiaceae)

Totis de Zelijkovich, L.E.; Frutos, E.; Amendola, C.; Perez, O.G.; Martinez, S.; Funston, L., 1995:
Probabilistic characterization of the thermic regime in the Pergamino region (Buenos Aires), Argentina

Ahmed, S.M.; Dickinson, W.T.; Rudra, R.P., 1994:
Probabilistic modelling of soil erosion

Lee, R.C.; Kissel, J.C., 1995:
Probabilistic prediction of exposures to arsenic contaminated residential soil

Kumar, D.; Heatwole, C.D., 1995:
Probabilistic procedures for evaluating nonpoint source pollution models

Piggott John H.; Cawlfield Jeffrey D., 1996:
Probabilistic sensitivity analysis for one-dimensional contaminant transport in the vadose zone

Vietor, D.M.; Harris, B.L.; Wolfe, M.L.; Thompson, P.B., 1995:
Probabilistic tools for assessing and minimizing risks to water quality

Lin Chin I.; Wan KuanMing, 1996:
Probability analysis of safety factor for landslide - a case study in Tso-Sui-Huiang at Takun, Taichung

Sudhishri, S.; Sahoo, M.K.; Nayak, S.C.; Sharma, S.D., 1996:
Probability analysis of seasonal rainfall for Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Kavvas, M.; Chen, Z.; Govindaraju, R.; Rolston, D.; Koos, T.K.rakas, A.O., D.J.nes, S.B.ggar, J., 1996:
Probability distribution of solute travel time for convective transport in field-scale soils under unsteady and nonuniform flows

Petrov, K., 1996:
Probability method for environmental impact forecasting of non-conventional water use for irrigation

Bhatt, V.K.; Tiwari, A.K.; Sharma, A.K., 1996:
Probability models for prediction of annual maximum daily rainfall for Datia

Francis, J.K.; Parresol, B.R.; Marin D.P.tino, J., 1996:
Probability of damage to sidewalks and curbs by street trees in the tropics

Gould, W.P., 1995:
Probability of detecting Caribbean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) infestations by fruit dissection

Frankena, K.; Franken, P.; Vandehoek, J.; Koskamp, G.; Kramps, J.A., 1997:
Probability of detecting antibodies to bovine herpesvirus 1 in bulk milk after the introduction of a positive animal on to a negative farm

Barreto, H.J.; Raun, W.R., 1994:
Probability of economic maize yield response to sulfur fertilization in Central America

Causin, R.; Montecchio, L.; Accordi, S.M.tto, 1996:
Probability of ectomycorrhizal infection in a declining stand of common oak

Vernazza, P.L.; Eron, J.J., 1997:
Probability of heterosexual transmission of HIV

Assis, F.N. de, 1994:
Probability of occurrence of days without rain and with rain in Pelotas, RS, Brazil

Estefanel, V.; Schneider, F.M.; Buriol, G.A., 1994:
Probability of occurrence of maximum air temperatures harmful to agricultural crops in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil

Rodrigues, B.F., 1995:
Probable constraints and strategies for revegetating iron ore mine wastelands in Goa

Arfini, F., 1995:
Probable effects of Regulation 2078/92 on pluri-activity farms

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Probable interaction between fluoxetine and itraconazole

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Probable involvement of thaxtomin A in pathogenicity of Streptomyces scabies on seedlings

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Probable relation of increase in big buildings and road coverage to the rise and decline of Rattus rattus in Sapporo, Japan

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Probe into the optimum track width of large tracked machinery

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Probenecid, sulfinpyrazone and pyrazinamide do not inhibit urinary excretion of the beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist clenbuterol in cattle

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Probes and polymerase chain reaction for detection of food-borne bacterial pathogens

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Probes for small transfer cell-specific proteins

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Probing and enhancing dimer formation of bovine beta -lactoglobulin A

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Probing behaviour of Diuraphis noxia on five cereal species with different hydroxamic acid levels

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Probing catalytic function through amino-acid substitutions in Azotobacter vinelandii molybdenum-dependent nitrogenase

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Probing consumer benefits and barriers for the national 5 A Day campaign: focus group findings

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Probing excitation-contraction coupling in trachealis smooth muscle with the mycotoxin cyclopiazonic acid

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Probing flowers' genetic past

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Probing questions and answers

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Probing red maple pit membrane pore size at fiber saturation point and oven dry using polystyrene macromolecules

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Probing structure/function relationships of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with styrene oxide Nsuperscript 2-guanine adducts

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Probing tenability of biochemical vis-a-vis physicochemical interpretations of modulation of radiation damage by caffeine and cysteine in barley

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Probing the association of fluorobenzene with dissolved organic matter using NMR spectroscopy

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Probing the dynamics of prion diseases with amphotericin B

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Probing the evolution of senescence in Drosophila melanogaster with P-element tagging

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Probing the future - Technology Foresight

James, P.R.; Rawlings, B.J., 1996:
Probing the mechanism of action of amphotericin B

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Probing the proximity of the core domain of an HIV-1 Tat fragment in a Tat-TAR complex by affinity cleaving

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Probing the role of the hydroxyl group of ABA: analogues with a methyl ether at C-1'

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Probiotic and value-added dairy products for health and sickness

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Probiotic bacteria - metabolism in milk

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Probiotic control of diarrhoeal disease

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Probiotic control of lactate accumulation in acutely grain-fed sheep

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Probiotic cultures and products - an situation update - their scientific credibility

Zimmermann, K., 1996:
Probiotic cultures and products - an update. Their scientific credibility from an immunological point of view

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Probiotic cultures as strategic ingredients

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Probiotic fermentation: effect on antinutrients and digestibility of starch and protein of indigenously developed food mixture

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Probiotic milk products. An evaluation

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Probiotic properties of lactic-acid bacteria: plenty of scope for fundamental R & D

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Probiotic strains and health

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Probiotics (a review)

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Probiotics and colon cancer prevention

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Probiotics and human health

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Probiotics and product innovation

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Probiotics and stabilisation of the gut mucosal barrier

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Probiotics and the immune status

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Probiotics and their future

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Probiotics for ruminants

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Probiotics in cattle feeding

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Probiotics of lactic acid bacteria: science or myth?

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Probiotics, cecal microflora, and aberrant crypts in the rat colon

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Probiotics-past, present and future

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Probiotics. Starter cultures as innovative elements in cultured milks

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Probiotics: guidelines for evaluating efficacy and objectives

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Probiotics: new challenge for the next millennium

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Probit analysis and probit 9 as a standard for quarantine security

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Probit analysis of correlated data: multiple observations over time at one concentration

Throne, J.E.; Weaver, D.K.; Chew, V.; Baker, J.E., 1995:
Probit analysis of correlated data: multiple observations over time at one pesticide concentration

Throne, J.E.; Weaver, D.K.; Baker, J.E., 1995:
Probit analysis: assessing goodness-of-fit based on backtransformation and residuals

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Problem areas in wine market promotion in the food trade - empirical studies from the example of consumer market points of sale

Bush, K., 1995:
Problem horse: an owner's guide

Paczuski, R.; Blachowska, E.; Paczuska, B., 1994:
Problem of beet mild yellowing transmission through seeds and oilseed rape as the source of BMYV

Nayak, A.K.; Jana, A.K., 1997:
Problem of high bearing housing vibration in CO2 compressor drive turbine due to warping in inlet steam line

Barbut, S., 1997:
Problem of pale soft exudative meat in broiler chickens

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Problem of robbing and its management in Apis mellifera F. (Apidae: Hymenoptera)

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Problem of seed quality assessment in maize and the introduction of electrophoretic control of authenticity and quality

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Problem of soil erosion and conservation strategies in the southern hill region with particular reference to the Nilgiris

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Problem of transition to ecologically sound production in agriculture

Palaniappan, S.; Annadurai, K.; Mrinal Saikia; Udayasooriyan, G., 1995:
Problem soils in coastal ecosystem

Jiggins, J., 1995:
Problem-led R&D

Kock, T., 1995:
Problem-solving through cooperative management

Bacher, S.; Heitzmann, A.; Nentwig, W., 1997:
Problematic weeds in ecological compensation areas

Krebs, E.K., 1997:
Problematical control of chrysanthemum white rust

Suss, L., 1997:
Problematical pest control of minor crops in Italy

Anonymous, 1996:
Problems Combating Desertification

Malinovski, J.R., 1996:
Problems and chances for forest operations in Amazon Basin

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Problems and controversies in the management of hematogenous candidiasis

Juvancic, M., 1992:
Problems and dilemmas in the construction of thematic forest maps

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Problems and experience of soil reclamation in the research work of A.A. Rode

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Problems and fundamentals of sustainable development indicators

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Problems and management of rice-wheat rotation

Troiani, C., 1996:
Problems and perspectives in the world of milk

Stephan, D., 1995:
Problems and possibilities for further development of the German farm classification system. Must and can the standard gross margins procedure for classifying farms be adapted to altered conditions?

Stauder Reder, M.; Wagner, H., 1996 :
Problems and possibilities of expanding Hungarian agricultural exports

Butler, R., 1996:
Problems and possibilities of sustainable tourism: the case of the Shetland Islands

Purwadaria, H.K., 1996:
Problems and priorities of grain drying in Indonesia

Naewbanij, M., 1996:
Problems and priorities of grain drying in Thailand

Andales, S.C., 1996:
Problems and priorities of grain drying in the Philippines

Saraogi, V., 1996:
Problems and prospect of the sugar industry

Kaushik, S., 1996:
Problems and prospects for aquatic animal production

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Problems and prospects for utilizing Porteresia coarctata in rice breeding programs

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Problems and prospects in forest management planning

Grif, V.G., 1997:
Problems and prospects in plant karyology and karyosystematics

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Problems and prospects in plant protection

Rajasekhar, D., 1996:
Problems and prospects of group lending in NGO credit programmes in India

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Problems associated with Phalaris minor and other grass weeds in India and Pakistan

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Problems associated with evaluation of diseases of perennial pasture plants - some recommendations

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Problems associated with refined sugar filtration. A survey of the literature

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Problems associated with the relaunching of fibre hemp cultivation

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Problems associated with the use of pesticides: an overview

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Problems caused by Frankliniella occidentalis Perg. (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in cotton in the Valle Bajo del Guadalquivir. II. Estimation of damage

Rondo G.A.J., 1993:
Problems caused by soil fungi in fruit trees: alternatives and control

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Problems caused by supernumerary teats

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Problems concerning buffalo milk Mozzarella cheese manufacture. Part II. Milk cryoscopic point variations during lactation

Marin, S., 1995:
Problems connected with thick juice storage for a long period of time

De la Fuente, L.F.; Merino, E.; Lopez, T.; San Primitivo, F., 1996:
Problems encountered in a selection programme for Churro sheep

Wickramanayake, E.; Wen Ming, 1995:
Problems facing individual industries in Jinning County, China

Griffin, N., 1997:
Problems from a slippery slope? Veteran trees and the law

Uhlmann, F., 1997:
Problems in agricultural international trade

Emmans, G.C., 1995:
Problems in applying models in practice

Beloborodov, V.M., 1995:
Problems in breeding and seed production of introduced forest tree species

Mukhim, S.P., 1996:
Problems in creating promising modern Russian seeding equipment

Alvenas, G.; Stenberg, M., 1995:
Problems in estimating soil water content by TDR measurements

Tidow, S.; Schutz, M.; Krusi, B.O., 1997:
Problems in evaluating and tending forest margins

Gadjalska, N.; Tenev, B., 1994:
Problems in evaluating the impacts of irrigation and drainage projects on the environment in Bulgaria

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Problems in fertilizer applications of potassium and magnesium

Korovkin, V.; Falileev, O.; Lenchevskiy, I.; Yunak, G., 1996:
Problems in financing the agroindustrial complex of Russia

Hernandez Diaz Ambrona, C.G., 1996:
Problems in grazed oak woodlands: lack of regeneration

Andryushenko, S.A., 1995:
Problems in increasing the competitiveness of Russian-made products

Anda, A., 1994:
Problems in lysimeter use for water demand determination in sugar beet

Khamukov, V.B.; Evtushenko, N.N., 1996:
Problems in maintaining a non-deficient humus balance in the soil

Jackson, R.E.; Waran, N.K., 1995:
Problems in measuring feeding motivation in sheep

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Problems in protein and energy nutrition of sows in Polish scientific literature in the years of 1960-1993

Allemand, P.; Montarone, M.; Brun, R., 1995:
Problems in soilless greenhouse cultivation of Proteaceae in French Mediterranean region

Anonymous, 1995:
Problems in the cryoconservation of fish semen

Bandurkin, N.G., 1995:
Problems in the dairy industry and ways of solving them

Jurado Garcia, J.J.; Espinosa Pascual, M.J., 1996:
Problems in the development of a programme for the improvement of litter size in Aragonese sheep

Kudryashov, V.I., 1995:
Problems in the development of private farming

Kyuma, K., 1995:
Problems in the development of slopeland agriculture in Asia

Palmer, S.; Houston, H.; Lervy, B.; Ribeiro, D.; Thomas, T., 1996:
Problems in the diagnosis of foodborne infection in general practice

Jamjoom, Z.A.B.; Malabarey, T.; Jamjoom, B.; Sulimani, R.; Naim U.R.hman; Sadiq, S., 1995:
Problems in the management of large prolactin-secreting pituitary adenomas

Shinano, T.; Osaki, M.; Tadano, T., 1996:
Problems in the methods of estimation of growth and maintenance respiration

Khristova, I., 1992:
Problems in the microbiological diagnosis of Lyme disease

Wolf, P.; Kamphues, J., 1995:
Problems in the nutrition of small rodents kept as pet animals

Dessi, A., 1995:
Problems in the process of development for the agricultural sector in Russia. A new phase

Gullino, M.L.; Brunelli, A., 1997:
Problems in the protection of minor crops from fungal pathogens in Italy

Hardy, C.A., 1995:
Problems in the supervision of the practicum

Zarre M.S.; Podlech, D., 1997:
Problems in the taxonomy of tragacanthic Astragalus

Khalen, Y.N., 1995:
Problems in the technology of rearing broiler fowls at specialized establishments

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Problems in the treatment of kala-azar: case report

Forsyth, P.; Dwyer, L.; Clarke, H., 1995:
Problems in use of economic instruments to reduce adverse environmental impacts of tourism

Chilimov, A.I.; Pentel' kin, S.K., 1995:
Problems in using growth stimulators in forestry

Sander, C.; Peek, R.D., 1997:
Problems in wood preservation under winter conditions

Frank, Steven A., 1996:
Problems inferring the specificity of plant-pathogen genetics

Tsotsanis, M., 1996:
Problems of 'Feta' cheese

Kochanov, M.A., 1995 :
Problems of agricultural production servicing

Chandrasekharan, B.; Bhattacharyya, H.C.; Gogoi, J.K.; Sankaran, S., 1996:
Problems of and prospects for soil management for lowland rice-pulse rotations

Czapik, Romana, 1996:
Problems of apomictic reproduction in the families Compositae and Rosaceae

Arashukov, V.P., 1995:
Problems of bankruptcy in agriculture

Mamaev, S.A.; Makhnev, A.K., 1996:
Problems of biological diversity and its maintenance in forest ecosystems

Dercas, N.; Karantounias, G., 1997:
Problems of calculating collective networks for on demand irrigation

Motycka, J.; Dolezal, O.; Pytloun, J., 1995:
Problems of calf rearing

Khristov, R., 1997:
Problems of cereals sector reform in Bulgaria

Pandey, U.B., 1996:
Problems of certification in onion seed production

Mosiej, J., 1994:
Problems of complex regulation of site conditions of plant on reclaimed areas

Lapatnyuk, A.A.; Vaskrasenskaya, L.G.; Kukrash, L.M., 1994:
Problems of cultivation and primary processing of flax on territory contaminated with radionuclides

Kurbatov, V.P., 1995:
Problems of developing the agrarian sector in the People's Republic of China

Brodzinski, Z.; Chyek, E.K.; Mickiewicz, A., 1995:
Problems of development of rural areas in agricultural advisory work

Alibekov, M.M.; Lukinov, M.P., 1994:
Problems of development of the agricultural market

Korovkin, V., 1995:
Problems of development of the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Ingushetia

Ladodo, K.S.; Vysotskaya, V.V., 1994:
Problems of dietary treatment of childhood diabetes mellitus

Kazmierczak, H.; Kromulski, J., 1996:
Problems of dynamics of a tractor-machine aggregate in aspects of its influence on an operator

Woolridge, Michael W., 1996:
Problems of establishing lactation

Thiemig, F.; Buhr, H.; Oelker, P., 1997:
Problems of evaluating PSE in pigmeat

Tishaninov, N.P., 1994:
Problems of exploitation of technology in market conditions

Sas, A., 1995:
Problems of feeding sows during the course of a reproductive cycle

Khlystun, V.N., 1996 :
Problems of financing and credit provision for the agroindustrial complex

Mbenza, M.; Aloni, K., 1995:
Problems of food production in the Katanga locality, Shaba, Zaire

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Problems of food safety in Russia

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Problems of forecasting soil-environmental consequences of Chernozem irrigation

Ivanov, I.V.; Demkin, V.A., 1996:
Problems of genesis and evolution of steppe soils: history and state of the art

Haigh, M.J., 1996:
Problems of headwater management in the Central Himalaya

Rengel, L., 1993:
Problems of interpretation of Landsat images in false colour

Kozhevnikov, Y.P., 1995:
Problems of interpreting spore-pollen spectra in the reconstruction of vegetation cover

Posun' ko, N.S., 1995:
Problems of investment stimulation in the agrofood industry

Singh, A., 1994:
Problems of land degradation in hills and approach for its reversal

Singh, B.N.P.; Pandey, A., 1995:
Problems of marketing of raw jute in Bihar

Kanchev, I.; Doichinova, J., 1996:
Problems of organizational structures in Bulgarian agriculture

Miloserdov, V.V., 1995:
Problems of ownership in a multi-layered agrarian system

Mirzawan, P.D.N.; Irawan ; Lamadji, S., 1996:
Problems of pests and diseases for sugarcane and the resistance breeding program in Indonesia

Sirotkin, A.G., 1993:
Problems of private farmers

Komarov, D.I., 1995:
Problems of privatization in the Russian food industry

Turner, M., 1997:
Problems of privatizing the seed supply in self-pollinated grain crops

Gorzelak, A., 1994:
Problems of protecting forest regeneration on burnt areas overrun by weeds

Petrac, B., 1994:
Problems of renewing agricultural activity in the Slavonia and Baranja area

Wilkinson, M.J.; Timmons, A.M.; Charters, Y.; Dubbels, S.; Robertson, A.; Wilson, N.; Scott, S.; O'brien, E.; Lawson, H.M., 1995:
Problems of risk assessment with genetically modified oilseed rape

Singh, M.K.; Awasthi, P.K.; Sharma, U.S., 1996:
Problems of rural poor in collection, processing and marketing of non-timber forest products in Madhya Pradesh

Jain, B.L., 1996:
Problems of salinization and their amelioration techniques

Breburda, J., 1994:
Problems of secondary salinization in Thailand

Analla, M.; Manrique, J.M.S., 1996:
Problems of selection criteria and genetic evaluations of the goat population in the north of Morocco

Dziaugys, V.; Klimas, R.; Klimiene, A.; Kriauziene, J.; Stikliunas, A., 1996:
Problems of selection of Lithuanian White pigs for meat content

Ciepielowski, A.; Dabkowski, S.L., 1995:
Problems of small scale storage in forests

Debashis Das, 1995:
Problems of soil erosion and measures for its control

Sarapatka, B., 1995:
Problems of soil fertility in the Czech Republic

Moshonkin, N.P.; Mil' kov, K.N., 1996:
Problems of state administration in the forest sector

Kirsch, O.C., 1996:
Problems of structural adjustment in Russian agriculture: possible privatization strategies and reform approaches

Trofimov, A.M.; Lyubarskii, E.L., 1996:
Problems of studying complex ecological-economic systems

Salyaev, R.K.; Korsunov, V.M., 1996 :
Problems of sustainable development of the agricultural complex in the Lake Baikal region

Peinemann, B., 1996:
Problems of the Indemnity and Compensation Payments Act (EALG)

Shut' kov, A.A., 1994:
Problems of the agroindustrial complex

Dekhtyar' , N.I.; Nemchenko, V.V.; Nesenenko, P.P., 1994:
Problems of the agroindustrial complex in Ukraine (as exemplified by the Odessa region)

Homolka, J., 1995:
Problems of the foodstuff industry and its relation to agricultural production

Malinowski, H.; Woreta, D.; Stocki, J., 1996:
Problems of the occurrence and management of Melolonthinae in Polish forestry

Chakrabarti, P., 1997:
Problems of the senior citizens in India - an overview

Moroz, V.V., 1995:
Problems of the sugarbeet sector in the Kuban region

Schneider, U.; Deppe, H.J., 1996:
Problems of the thermal utilization of wood and wood residues

Trifonova, M.F., 1995:
Problems of the training of specialists in agricultural production

Sadovnikova, L.K., 1995:
Problems of the usage and rehabilitation of soils polluted with heavy metals

Hoffman, B., 1994:
Problems of the use of hormones in dairy and beef cattle herds

Yamanaka, M., 1996:
Problems of the wholesale markets through the information network system

Diana, G., 1996:
Problems of tobacco culture: animal damage

Priestley, G.K., 1995:
Problems of tourism development in Spain

Umnova, E.V., 1994:
Problems of transition to the market in the agroindustrial complex of the Penza region

Senutaite, J., 1995:
Problems of trichinellosis

Schott, S., 1996:
Problems of udder health and quality of milk production. Paying attention to milk hygiene and milking technology

Efremychev, V.; Kupichenko, A.; Sukhorukova, I.; Chervyakov, A., 1996:
Problems of use of agricultural land contaminated by emissions from industrial enterprises

Ames, G.R.; Ward, A.R., 1995:
Problems of utilizing shrimp by-catch in the tropics

Grolleau, G., 1996:
Problems posed by birds in France

Rodhain, F., 1996:
Problems posed by the spread of Aedes albopictus

Jimenez, C.; Tejedor, M.; Rodriguez, A., 1993:
Problems regarding the classification of ferrallitic soils of volcanic regions

Lanteri, S.; Quagliotti, L., 1997:
Problems related to seed production in the African region

Chianese, L.; Laezza, P.; Marro, C.; Nicolai, M.A.; Garro, G.; Cappuccio, U.; Addeo, F., 1997:
Problems relating to identification of kappa -casein hydrolysis products in whey from cheese factories

Carbone, A., 1997:
Problems with 'shared brand names' for food products

Fokkens, F., 1995:
Problems with CE VU20 boiler at Glendale

Hutchinson, T.M., 1996:
Problems with a microchipped stray

Bouquiaux, J.M.; Hellemans, R., 1996:
Problems with beef production in Belgium

Peylo, A.; Willeitner, H., 1996:
Problems with boron in exterior usage

J.C.eon Chae; Chun Sur Koo; Rhoe Deok Park, 1996:
Problems with cultural techniques for large scale mechanized rice production

Shaw, W.D., 1996:
Problems with estimating the economic impacts of averting climate change: a look at water resources

Elliott, M.S.; Zettler, F.W.; Zimmerman, M.T.; BarnettO.W.Jr.; Legrande, M.D., 1996:
Problems with interpretation of serological assays in a virus survey of orchid species from Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Florida

Cole, R.D.; Mueller, D.K., 1995:
Problems with pallets: pay me now, or

Grunewaldt Stocker, G., 1997:
Problems with plant health of in vitro propagated Anthurium spp. and Phalaenopsis hybrids

Schwartz, H.J., 1995:
Problems with skin testing in patients with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Ivancan, S.; Sito, S.; Barcic, J., 1996:
Problems with the harvesting of rape

Hosie, B., 1995:
Problems with the use of ear tags in sheep

Alvarado, M.; Serrano, A.; Duran, J.M.; Rosa, A. de la, 1996:
Problems with white grubs (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) in olive groves in the province of Seville

Anonymous, 1997:
Problems/issues facing the fertilizer industry: a pre-budget memorandum

Dubravec, K.D., 1995:
Proboscidea louisianica (Mill.) Thell. (Martyniaceae) a new-comer in Croatian flora

Lopez, J.D.J.; Lingren, P.D.; Bull, D.L., 1995:
Proboscis extension response of adult Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to dry sugars

Gerard, Y.; Hober, D.; Assicot, M.; Alfandari, S.; Ajana, F.; Bourez, J.M.; Chidiac, C.; Mouton, Y.; Bohuon, C.; Wattre, P., 1997:
Procalcitonin as a marker of bacterial sepsis in patients infected with HIV-1

Pizzolato, Thompson Demetrio, 1997:
Procambial initiation for the vascular system in the spike of wheat

Maroto, J.V.; Lopez Galarza, S.; Pascual, B.; Bono, M.S.; San Bautista, A.; Alagarda, J., 1997:
Procarpil enhances earliness and parthenocarpy of pepino (Solanum muricatum Ait.)

Keskintepe, L.; Luvoni, G.C.; Rzucidlo, S.J.; Brackett, B.G., 1996:
Procedural improvements for in vitro production of viable uterine stage caprine embryos

Daigle, C.P.; Loomis, D.K.; Ditton, R.B., 1996:
Procedural justice in fishery resource allocations

Ernst, E., 1996:
Procedure and economy of extensive pig husbandry

Cueto Aguiar, L., 1994:
Procedure for diagnosing information system for management

Mcdougall, Gordon J., 1997:
Procedure for selection of cell wall-associated glycoproteins

Macnaeidhe, F., 1995:
Procedures and precautions used in sampling techniques and analysis of trace elements in plant matrices

Jasko, D.J., 1994:
Procedures for cooling and freezing of equine semen

Mushonga, J.N.; Mangombe, N., 1996:
Procedures for cultivar release and seed production for sorghum and pearl millet in Zimbabwe

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Proceedings of the third national IPM symposium/workshop. Broadening support for 21st century IPM

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Proceedings of the thirty-first UPASI scientific conference, Coonoor, India, 5 Sep. 1994

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Proceedings of the thirty-third UPASI scientific conference, Coonoor, India, 29 September 1996

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Proceedings of the workshop 'Health functional fruit and vegetables'

Anonymous, 1996:
Proceedings of the workshop on Decision Support Systems in Crop Protection. Munster, Germany 4-8 November 1996

Anonymous, 1996:
Proceedings of the workshop on the ecological aspects of vegetable fertilization in integrated crop production in the field, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany, 25-29 September 1995

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Proceedings of the workshop: Plant breeding for resistance to biotic stresses: physiological and molecular bases, Monsampolo del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno), May 19-20, 1994

Anonymous, 1996:
Proceedings of the world of aromatherapy. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy's first conference and trade show, San Francisco, California, USA, 20-23 September, 1996

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Proceedings of: an update day on constipation and incontinence in children, Palermo, Italy, 25 March, 1995

Anonymous, 1994:
Proceedings, 18th World Buiatrics Congress: 26th Congress of the Italian Association of Buiatrics, Bologna, Italy, August 29-September 2, 1994. Volume 1

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings, 47th International Symposium on Crop Protection, Gent, May 9, 1995. Part I; Part II, Part III; Part IV

Anonymous, 1993:
Proceedings, 4th meeting of experimental and applied entomologists in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, Wildlife Disease Association, American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians. Joint conference, East Lansing (Michigan), August 12-17, 1995

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Proceedings, Annual Conference of the International Embryo Transfer Society, Nice Acropolis, Nice, France, January 12-14, 1997

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Proceedings, Fifth Round-Table Conference on Dipterocarps, Chiang Mai, Thailand 7-10 November 1994

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Proceedings, German Society for General and Applied Entomology

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Proceedings, IUFRO working party 5-04.12 surfacing and finishing of wood, Austral-Asian Subgroup Meeting, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9-11 December, 1996

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Proceedings, IUFRO-DNAES international meeting: resource inventory techniques to support agroforestry and environment, October 1-3 1996, DAV College, Chandigarh, India

Anonymous, 1994:
Proceedings, Southeastern Recreation Research Conference, Volume 13, held at Ashville, North Carolina, 14-16 February 1991

Anonymous, 1994:
Proceedings, Southeastern Recreation Research Conference, Volume 15, held at Helen, Georgia, 10-12 February 1993

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Proceedings, U. S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Gypsy Moth Research Forum 1995, held at Loews Annapolis Hotel, Maryland, 17-20 January 1995

Anonymous, 1994:
Proceedings, U. S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Gypsy Moth Research Forum, held at Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland, 18-21 January 1994

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Proceedings, twenty-fifth annual conference, Agronomy Society of New Zealand

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Proceedings. 'Agrarian prospects III. Sustainable development', Prague 27-28 September 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings. 'Agrarian prospects. IV. Agrarian consequences of entry into the EU', Prague 19-20 September 1995

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings: 10th Central Hardwood Forest Conference, held at Morgantown, West Virginia, 5-8 March 1995

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings: IUFRO symposium for the southern cone of South America. Nutritional management of forest plantations, Valdivia, Chile, 25-30 April 1995

Anonymous, 1996:
Proceedings: International wildland fire foam symposium and workshop, Thunder Bay, Ontario, 3-5 May 1994

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Proceedings: Shrubland ecosystem dynamics in a changing environment. Las Cruces, NM, 23-25 May 1995

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Proceedings: Spatial analysis and forest pest management. April 27-30, 1992, Mountain Lakes, Virginia

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Proceedings: Symposium on fire in wilderness and park management, held at Missoula, Montana, 30 March-1 April 1993

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Proceedings: U.S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Gypsy Moth Research Forum 1992, January 13-16, 1992, Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

Anonymous, 1993:
Proceedings: U.S. Department of Agriculture Interagency Gypsy Moth Research Forum 1993. 19-22 January 1993, Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

Anonymous, 1995:
Proceedings: Wildland shrub and arid land restoration symposium, Las Vegas, NV, October 19-21, 1993

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Proceedings: Workshop on remote sensing support for the Global Forest Resource Assessment (FRA 2000 - Remote Sensing), 12-14 March 1996, Washington, D.C

Anonymous, 1994:
Proceedings: expert consultation on advances in agroforestry in arid and semiarid zones of Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico, DF, 20-23 July, 1993

Tandon, K.M., 1997:
Process air compressor outage and air supply augmentation

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Process and apparatus for the pre-treatment of cut sugar beets

Jebens, K.; Scheel, L., 1995:
Process and device for performance increase and enhancement when milking cows

Thiriot, C., 1995:
Process and device for placing cheeses on or removing cheeses from racks, and application of this process and device to turning of cheeses

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Process and device for taking a proportional sample for analysis from a milk flow

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Process and equipment control. VI. Applications in the food industry

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Process and equipment for manufacturing curd and slicing it into pieces

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Process and equipment used for yoghurt/fruit blending in the manufacture of stirred fruit yoghurt

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Process automation in the sugar factory: Current state and prospects

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Process capability of the Zellweger 900-automatic with dual color heads: a comparison of 1994 and 1995 results

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Process conditions affecting the physical quality of alfalfa pellets

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Process control based on dynamic properties in composting: moisture and compaction considerations

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Process development for biological control agent production in New Zealand

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Process documentation research

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Process equipment and control in the food industry. III. Final control elements

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Process evaluation of primary health care projects: a mid-term evaluation of a primary health care project in northern India

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Process for beverage tablets and products therefrom

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Process for carrying out an automatic, periodic zero adjustment

Fischer, A.G.; Kummer, P.M., 1993:
Process for decaffeinating raw coffee

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Process for determining carbon-reactive protein in milk for diagnosing inflammatory diseases of the mammary glands and/or testing the quality of milk and/or milk products, and means for carrying out the same

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Process for drying cheese and a device for carrying out the process

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Process for enzymic transformation of the triglycerides of a fat, and particularly of a milk fat

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Process for fractional separation of a plurality of components from the mixture thereof

Masuda, T.; Sonobe, T.; Matsuda, F.; Horie, M., 1993:
Process for fractional separation of multi-component fluid mixture

Outinen, M.; Harju, M.; Tossavainen, O.; Antila, P., 1995:
Process for fractionating whey proteins and the components so obtained

Rhodes, K.H., 1995:
Process for making whey-derived fat substitute product and products thereof

Kuehner, H., 1995:
Process for manufacture of a sterilized milk dessert, and the resultant product

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Process for manufacture of milk products without dispersion of substances into wastes, and cheese products

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Process for manufacturing a deep-frozen edible mixture with increased gas content, and equipment for implementing this process

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Process for manufacturing fat spreads based on milk fat in view of the fat spread guideline

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Process for manufacturing milk products from ripened metton and milk products obtained using this process

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Process for manufacturing processed cheese products, and products thus obtained

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Process for manufacturing products by coagulation or gelling of a protein material

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Process for preparing a Blue cheese flavorant

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Process for preparing sour milk, curd and yoghurt products

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Process for reconstituting unclassified cheeses or cheeses in pieces

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Process for separation of an anhydrous fat into fractions with high and low melting points and device for implementing this process

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Process for the manufacture of a calcium fortified yogurt with improved heat stability

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Process for the manufacture of a product with cheese flavour

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Process for the manufacture of milk products

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Process for the production of chocolate

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Process for transforming ordinary butter into clarified butter

Mangal Singh, 1996:
Process house upgradation - sugar mills in India

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Process improvement in acetone-butanol production from hardwood by simultaneous saccharification and extractive fermentation

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Process improvement in sugar industry by use of various chemicals

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Process improver of plantation white sugar (sulphitation) process

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Process management - an overview

Helbig, R., 1997:
Process management - supporting tools and consequences for the agricultural sector

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Process modeling and control for food processing automation using artificial neural networks

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Process modeling of controls on nitrogen trace gas emissions from soils worldwide

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Process modelling provides online quality control and process optimization in particleboard and fiberboard production

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Process observation in PRA: guidelines and reflections

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Process of OSB

Balaraman, N., 1996:
Process of making nevaro (Ficus hookerii) hay and its nutritive value for goats

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Process of producing a dehydrated polysaccharide gel containing microorganisms for preparing fermented drinks

Dawidowski, B., 1995:
Process of soil compaction and method of soil density prediction in mechanized field operations

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Process of the development of T-2 toxin-induced apoptosis in the lymphoid organs of mice

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Process optimisation for the enzymic production of buffalo milk casein hydrolysate

Thompson, P.D.; Grimwood, G.C., 1996:
Process performance of a modern batch sugar centrifugal

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Process performance of an experimental deep effluent storage reservoir under different organic loadings in northeast Brazil

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Process regulating grass straw composting

Crees, O., 1994:
Process research

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Process study on groundwater formation under sandy arable soils of northeast German lowlands

Boie, K., 1996:
Process technology for Leppersdorf

Korzukhin, M.D.; Ter Mikaelian, M.T.; Wagner, R.G., 1996:
Process versus empirical models: which approach for forest ecosystem management?

Attwater, R., 1997:
Process, property and patrons: land reform in upland Thai catchments

Kurashige, Y., 1996:
Process-based model of grain lifting from river bed to estimate suspended-sediment concentration in a small headwater basin

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Process-engineering studies on the use of plate evaporators to concentrate technical sucrose solutions

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Process-focused and product-focused community planning: two variations of empowering professional practice

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Process-sociological notes on sport, gender relations and violence control

Costa, A.M.; Fallola, A., 1995:
Processed and conserved meat

Mann, E.J., 1997:
Processed cheese

Rogers, J., 1995:
Processed foods and dietary guidelines

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Processed foods trade benefits U.S. agriculture and consumers

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Processed manure as carrier to introduce Trichoderma harzianum: population dynamics and biocontrol effect on Rhizoctonia solani

McNeil, E., 1997:
Processed sweet corn situation in selected countries

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Processes affecting the degradation of azimsulfuron in rice paddies

Anonymous, 1994:
Processes and equipment for sugar silos

Mills, B.F.; Karanja, D.D., 1997:
Processes and methods for research programme priority setting: the experience of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Wheat Programme

Serraj, R.S.nclair, T., 1996:
Processes contributing to N2-fixation insensitivity to drought in the soybean cultivar Jackson

Moorman, T.B.; Jaynes, D.B.; Jayachandran, K.; Novak, J.M.; Miller, J., 1995:
Processes controlling atrazine leaching in the pothole topography of central Iowa

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Processes controlling the chemistry of two snowmelt-dominated streams in the Rocky Mountains

Khan, A.S., 1996:
Processes in ranking nutrients of foods in a food data base

Nemecz, E.; Csikos Hartyani, Z., 1995:
Processes in soils and paleosoils: a new method for the study of weathering

Grzybek, M., 1995:
Processes in the transition of Polish agriculture to a market economy

Lewczuk, A.; Stajszczak, M.; Brodzinski, Z., 1995:
Processes of adaptation of agricultural advisory services to market economy conditions

Sato, K.; Tsubomoto, T., 1995:
Processes of decision making by students to enter the University and its major course

Hudson Edwards, K.A.; Macklin, M.G.; Curtis, C.D.; Vaughan, D.J., 1996:
Processes of formation and distribution of Pb-, Zn-, Cd-, and Cu-bearing minerals in the Tyne Basin, northeast England: implications for metal-contaminated river systems

Rybczynski, J.J.; Kozowska, W., 1994:
Processes of plant differentiation in vitro and their utilization in modifying the genome of crop grasses. I. Organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from explants and callus tissues

Rybczynski, J.J.; Kozowska, W., 1994:
Processes of plant differentiation in vitro and their utilization in modifying the genome of crop grasses. II. Manipulations at the cellular level

Harris, C.; Davies, M.C.R., 1996:
Processes of thaw-induced mass movement in non-cohesive soils: results of an instrumented slope simulation experiment

Luckner, J.L.; Nadler, R.S., 1995:
Processing adventure experiences: it's the story that counts

Yousif, A.K.; Alghamdi, A.S.; Hamad, A.; Mustafa, A.I., 1996:
Processing and evaluation of a date juice-milk drink

Lin ChyiIng, 1996:
Processing and exporting raw materials: a computable general equilibrium analysis of the Indonesian log and plywood industries

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Processing and marketing consequences of protein standardization of market milk for the German dairy industry

Block, D., 1997:
Processing and marketing woody materials

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Processing and membrane topology of the spike proteins G1 and G2 of Uukuniemi virus

Singh, J.P.; Marwaha, R.S.; Srivastava, O.P., 1995:
Processing and nutritive qualities of potato tubers as affected by fertilizer nutrients and sulphur application

Achary, K.S., 1995:
Processing and preservation of spices

Rifaat Mustapha Ali, 1996:
Processing and quality control of fishery products in the Arab countries: scope for improvement

Skriegan, E., 1994:
Processing and storage of cereal grains. Part 1: Endangering quality during storage of cereal grains

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Processing and the U.S. food system

Wiyono, B., 1995:
Processing candle nut oils with solvent extraction and pressing techniques

Miyahara, M.; Iwasaki, K.; Suzuki, T.; Abe, M.; Morichi, T.; Kouno, S., 1995:
Processing conditions of pet foods from animal by-products using twin screw extruder - investigation of material combination rate and operating conditions

Lynch, L.; Moulton, K., 1995:
Processing costs for canned peaches

Tang JungLei; Chou Chun, 1996:
Processing evaluation of wood from plantation forests - peeling of China fir logs

Wang, L.F.ores, R.; Johnson, L., 1997:
Processing feed ingredients from blends of soybean meal, whole blood, and red blood cells

Anonymous, 1996:
Processing fruits: science and technology. Volume 1: Biology, principles, and applications

Anonymous, 1996:
Processing fruits: science and technology. Volume 2. Major processed products

Elbers, K.; Tautz, N.; Becher, P.; Stoll, D.; Rümenapf, T.; Thiel, H.J., 1996:
Processing in the pestivirus E2-NS2 region: identification of proteins p7 and E2p7

Muren,, L., 1996:
Processing in vitro of pronapin, the 2S storage-protein precursor of Brassica napus produced in a baculovirus expression system

Abbott, T.P.; Nabetani, H.; Kleiman, R., 1996:
Processing jojoba meal for value-added products by membrane separations

Werf, P. van der, 1995:
Processing materials from a wet/dry collection

Nemcova, A., 1994:
Processing newly bred apricots for canning

Penzar, F.; Matusic, H., 1996:
Processing of Bog-oak (Quercus robur, Erch) into fine veneer

Strauss, R.; Schuster, S.; Götz, K.G., 1997:
Processing of artificial visual feedback in the walking fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster

Tretzel, J., 1996:
Processing of basic materials and concentrates

Ravindran, V., 1995:
Processing of cassava and sweet potatoes for animal feeding

Shashidhar, N.S.; Jayas, D.S.; Crowe, T.G.; Bulley, N.R., 1997:
Processing of digital images of touching kernels by ellipse fitting

Thane, C.; Reddy, S., 1997:
Processing of fruit and vegetables: effect on carotenoids

Majer, E.; Slivka, M., 1995:
Processing of low-grade wood by the S-800 chipper

Singh, M.; Raghavan, B.; Abraham, K.O., 1996:
Processing of marjoram (Marjoram hortensis Moench.) and rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis L.). Effects of blanching methods on quality

Massop, H.T.L.; Beest, J.G. te, 1994:
Processing of measured data of the Twenthe Canals. Main canal: analysis 1992 - 1993

Massop, H.T.L.; Beest, J.G. te, 1994:
Processing of measured data of the Twenthe canals. Main canal and branch-canal

Cai, B.; Nagasawa, T.; Kadota, S.; Hattori, M.; Namba, T.; Kuraishi, Y., 1996:
Processing of nux vomica. VII. Antinociceptive effects of crude alkaloids from the processed and unprocessed seeds of Strychnos nux-vomica in mice

Gutkoski, L.C., 1994:
Processing of oats for consumption

Njenga, H.N., 1995:
Processing of oleoresin from Kenyan Pinus radiata into rosin and turpentine

Vellidis, G.; Lowrance, R.; Hubbard, R.K., 1995:
Processing of pesticide and nutrient inputs by a restored riparian forest

Martín Alonso, J.M.; Casais, R.; Boga, J.A.; Parra, F., 1996:
Processing of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus polyprotein

Miao, Y.; Agad, M.D.; Toyoshima, H.; Yoshizaki, S., 1996:
Processing of rice by incubation (Part 1). Gelatinization properties of the milled rice flour of incubated brown rice

Miao, Y.; Agad, M.D.; Yoshizaki, S., 1997:
Processing of rice by incubation (Part 3). Whitening characteristics of incubated brown rice, H.M.A.; Kandil, H.M.; E.K.rdawy, D.A.; Khamis, H.S.; E.S.aer, H.M., 1996:
Processing of saltbush and acacia shrubs as sheep fodder under the arid conditions of Egypt

Juznic, B., 1989:
Processing of small-sized coniferous roundwood into beams

Elsunni, M.M.; Collier, J.R., 1996:
Processing of sugarcane rind into non-woven fibers

Hara, Y.; Luo ShaoJun; Wickremasinghe, R.L.; Yamanishi, T., 1995:
Processing of tea

van Dinten, L.C.; Wassenaar, A.L.; Gorbalenya, A.E.; Spaan, W.J.; Snijder, E.J., 1996:
Processing of the equine arteritis virus replicase ORF1b protein: identification of cleavage products containing the putative viral polymerase and helicase domains

Yamshchikov, V.F.; Compans, R.W., 1994:
Processing of the intracellular form of the west Nile virus capsid protein by the viral NS2B-NS3 protease: an in vitro study

Sharma, V.K.; Canditelli, M.; Fortuna, F.; Cornacchia, G., 1997:
Processing of urban and agro-industrial residues by aerobic composting: review

Pua, P.; Vladisavljevic, G., 1996:
Processing of whey by means of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis: I. Technological aspects

Weipert, D., 1995:
Processing performance of rye as influenced by sprouting resistance and pentosan contents

Rumsey, T.R.; Thompson, J.F.; Knutson, J.D., 1997:
Processing pistachio grading samples

Rosa, M.D., 1996:
Processing possibilities for kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa)

Jeong JinCheol; Park KuenWoo; Kim SungYeul, 1996:
Processing quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers as influenced by cultivars and harvesting dates

Mutalab, S.A.A.; Smithard, R., 1994:
Processing rapeseed products to reduce antinutritional effects

Farrell, M., 1997:
Processing recyclables at correctional facilities

Veselov, A.A., 1996:
Processing soft wood residues into particles for pressed items

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