Promoting non-traditional agricultural exports in Madagascar: impact of an export promotion program

Holtzman, J.S.

African Rural and Urban Studies 2(2/3): 143-178


Accession: 002932824

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An examination is presented of Madagascar's nontraditional agricultural exports (NTAE) programme, and assesses, in a preliminary way, the impacts of this programme on export performance, exporter horizons, employment linkages, and investment in production and processing of selected NTAE. The results of the Madagascar Agricultural Export Liberalization and Support Project, developed by Abt Associates Inc., USAID/Madagascar, and the Government of Madagascar, are examined closely. Issues discussed are: international market research; the impact of a multidisciplinary mix of local and international staff; the process and strategy of promoting non-traditional agricultural exports; organizing private exporters into trade associations; moving beyond market research to market intelligence and deals; whetting the interest of prospective USA and EU partners; an impact assessment; export performance for selected commodities, 1988-94; exports by destination as a measure of project impact; exporters' views on MAELSP inputs and impacts; expanded numbers of international buyers and higher product prices; investment impacts; and, technical and management skill enhancement.