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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2942

Chapter 2942 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Risbridger, Gail P., 1996:
Regulation of Leydig cell function by inhibins and activins

Savidov, N.A.; Tokarev, B.I.; Lips, S.H., 1997:
Regulation of Mo-cofactor, NADH- and NAD(P)H-specific nitrate reductase activities in the wild type and two nar-mutant lines of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Doré, M.; Sirois, J., 1996:
Regulation of P-selectin expression by inflammatory mediators in canine jugular endothelial cells

Paul, M.J.; Andralojc, P.J.; Banks, F.M.; Habash, D.Z.; Ryan, J.; Parry, M.A.J.; Knight, J.S.; Gray, J.C.; Lawlor, D.W.; Keys, A.J., 1995:
Regulation of Rubisco by a daytime inhibitor differs in wild-type and transgenic tobacco expressing limiting amounts of phosphoribulokinase

Parry, M.A.J.; Andralojc, P.J.; Parmar, S.; Keys, A.J.; Habash, D.; Paul, M.J.; Alred, R.; Quick, W.P.; Servaites, J.C., 1997:
Regulation of Rubisco by inhibitors in the light

Hernández-Munain, C.; Lauzurica, P.; Krangel, M.S., 1996:
Regulation of T cell receptor delta gene rearrangement by c-Myb

Gruffat, D.; Durand, D.; Graulet, B.; Bauchart, D., 1996:
Regulation of VLDL synthesis and secretion in the liver

Corona, V.; Aracri, B.; Kosturkova, G.; Bartley, G.E.; Pitto, L.; Giorgetti, L.; Scolnik, P.A.; Giuliano, G., 1996:
Regulation of a carotenoid biosynthesis gene promoter during plant development

Boot, C.J.M.; Duijn, B. van; Mennes, A.M.; Libbenga, K.R., 1996:
Regulation of a class of auxin-induced genes in cell-suspension cultures from Nicotiana tabacum

L.Q.esne, S.A.; Fairlamb, A.H., 1996:
Regulation of a high-affinity diamine transport system in Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Jaggi, R.; Marti, A.; Guo, K.; Feng, Z.; Friis, R.R., 1996:
Regulation of a physiological apoptosis: mouse mammary involution

Ohtake, N.; Yamada, S.; Suzuki, M.; Takahashi, N.; Takahashi, Y.; Chinushi, T.; Ohyama, T., 1997:
Regulation of accumulation of beta -subunit of beta -conglycinin in soybean seeds by nitrogen

Leino, L.; Paape, M.J., 1996:
Regulation of activation of bovine neutrophils by aggregated immunoglobulin G

Pacheco-Moisés, F.; Valencia-Turcotte, L.; Altuzar-Martínez, M.; Rodríguez-Sotres, R., 1997:
Regulation of acyltransferase activity in immature maize embryos by abscisic acid and the osmotic environment

Spurlock, M.E.; Hahn, K.J.; Miner, J.L., 1996:
Regulation of adipsin and body composition in the monosodium glutamate (MSG)-treated mouse

Begum, F.; Samajpati, N.; Chatterjee, G.C., 1995:
Regulation of aflatoxin B1 biosynthesis: introduction of aflatoxin B1 production by various carbon and nitrogen sources

Facchini, P.J.; Johnson, A.G.; Bird, D.A., 1997:
Regulation of alkaloid biosynthesis in opium poppy and related species: prospects for pathway engineering

Vazquez Ramos, J.M.; Coello, P.; Garcia, E., 1997:
Regulation of an alpha -type DNA polymerase activity during maize germination

Holk, A.; Kaldenhoff, R.; Richter, G., 1996:
Regulation of an embryogenic carrot gene (DC 2.15) and identification of its active promoter sites

Fernandez, M.L.; Vergara-Jimenez, M.; Conde, K.; Behr, T.; Abdel-Fattah, G., 1997:
Regulation of apolipoprotein B-containing lipoproteins by dietary soluble fiber in guinea pigs

Zhang, Y.; Wang, H.; Liu, S.Y., J.; Zhong, J., 1997:
Regulation of apparent viscosity and O2 transfer coefficient by osmotic pressure in cell suspensions of Panax notoginseng

Borrell, A.; Besford, R.T.; Altabella, T.; Masgrau, C.; Tiburcio, A.F., 1996:
Regulation of arginine decarboxylase by spermine in osmotically-stressed oat leaves

Yuan WuZhou; Guan ChunYun, 1995:
Regulation of assimilate translocation by amylase activity in rapeseed pods

Petersen, E.E.; Semon, M.J.; Kerwin, J.L.; Brower, J.M., 1997:
Regulation of attachment, germination, and appressorium formation by zoospores of Lagenidium giganteum and related oomycetes by chitin, chitosan, and catecholamines

Diep, D.B., 1996:
Regulation of bacteriocin production in Lactobacillus plantarum C11

Chico, Y.; Fresnedo, O.; Botham, K.; Lacort, M.; Ochoa, B., 1996:
Regulation of bile acid synthesis by estradiol and progesterone in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Rabinovich, G.Y.; Shil' nikova, V.K.; Mitrofanov, Y.I., 1995:
Regulation of biological activity of drained dernopodzolic gleyey soils by various tillage methods

Stachecki, J.J.; Armant, D.R., 1996:
Regulation of blastocoele formation by intracellular calcium release is mediated through a phospholipase C-dependent pathway in mice

Prosser, C.G.; Davis, S.R.; Farr, V.C.; Lacasse, P., 1996:
Regulation of blood flow in the mammary microvasculature

Anonymous, 1996:
Regulation of body weight: biological and behavioral mechanisms

Trumbo, S.T.; Fernandez, A.G., 1995:
Regulation of brood size by male parents and cues employed to assess resource size by burying beetles

McMeekin, D., 1996:
Regulation of cabbage (Brassica oleracea capitata) hypocotyl elongation, and infection by Peronospora parasitica, with B-indolylacetonitrile and chloramphenicol

Farrell, J.; Campana, S.E., 1996:
Regulation of calcium and strontium deposition on the otoliths of juvenile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus

Wang HaiBo; Wei JingFang; G.Y.Xin; Shi XiPing; Fan YunLiu, 1996:
Regulation of callus status and protoplast culture in wheat

Holloszy, J.O.; Kohrt, W.M., 1996:
Regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism during and after exercise

Hampp, R.; Schaeffer, C.; Wallenda, T., 1995:
Regulation of carbon allocation in a symbiotic plant/fungus interaction

Coleman, J.R.; Majeau, N.; Fett, J.P.; Jebanathirajah, J., 1995:
Regulation of carbonic anhydrase expression in C3 higher plants

Prasad, B.T.K.ishna; Sheshshayee, M.S.; Nataraj, K.N.; Shankar, A.G.; Udayakumar, M.; Prasad, T.G., 1996:
Regulation of carboxylation by RuBisCO content and its efficiency in sunflower and soybean

Hirschberg, J.; Pecker, I.; Lotan, T.; Gabbay, R.; Mann, V., 1995:
Regulation of carotenoid biosynthesis in plants and algae

Shaul, O.; Van Montagu, M.; Inze, D., 1996:
Regulation of cell division in Arabidopsis

Brozinick, J.T.; McCoid, S.C.; Reynolds, T.H.; Wilson, C.M.; Stevenson, R.W.; Cushman, S.W.; Gibbs, E.M., 1997:
Regulation of cell surface GLUT4 in skeletal muscle of transgenic mice

Krausgrill, S.; Sander, A.; Greiner, S.; Weil, M.; Rausch, T., 1996:
Regulation of cell wall invertase by a proteinaceous inhibitor

Czarnecka, H.; Yokoyama, S., 1996:
Regulation of cellular cholesterol efflux by lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase reaction through nonspecific lipid exchange

Rodriguez, H.; Alea, F.; Kyslikova, E., 1996:
Regulation of cellulolytic activity in Cellulomonas sp. IIBC

Dunn, I.C.; Beattie, K.K.; Maney, D.; Sang, H.M.; Talbot, R.T.; Wilson, P.W.; Sharp, P.J., 1996:
Regulation of chicken gonadotropin-releasing hormone-I mRNA in incubating, nest-deprived and laying bantam hens

Reinbothe, S.; Reinbothe, C., 1996 :
Regulation of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis in Angiosperms

Jones, P.J., 1997:
Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis by diet in humans

Chen, C.T.; Guo, I.C.; Chung, B.C., 1995:
Regulation of cholesterol side-chain cleavage cytochrome P450 in mouse testis Leydig cell line I-10

Cerda, S.R.; Wilkinson, J.V.; Broitman, S.A., 1995:
Regulation of cholesterol synthesis in four colonic adenocarcinoma cell lines

E.K.ltawi, N.E.; Mousa, G.T.; Makary, B.S., 1996:
Regulation of chrysanthemum growth using GA3 and Alar to overcome salinity depressions

Belusky, V.; Lukac, O., 1995:
Regulation of climatic conditions for intensive growing of agricultural plants in greenhouse

Sangan, P.; Rajendran, V.M.; Mann, A.S.; Kashgarian, M.; Binder, H.J., 1997:
Regulation of colonic H-K-ATPase in large intestine and kidney by dietary Na depletion and dietary K depletion

Evans, L.D.; Stay, B., 1995:
Regulation of competence for milk production in Diploptera punctata: interaction between mating, ovaries and the corpus allatum

Shemesh, M.; Gurevich, M.; Shore, L.S.; Davidson, I.; Friedman, S.; Dombrovski, L., 1996:
Regulation of cyclooxygenase and products of the cyclooxygenase pathway in the bovine uterus

Redig, P.; Motyka, V.; Van Onckelen, H.A.; Kaminek, M., 1997:
Regulation of cytokinin oxidase activity in tobacco callus expressing the T-DNA ipt gene

Li, J.; Li, M.; Tsang, B.K., 1997:
Regulation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in hen granulosa cells by transforming growth factors at different stages of follicular development

Giblin, L.; Archdeacon, J.; O'Gara, F., 1996:
Regulation of dct genes in the Rhizobium meliloti-alfalfa interaction

Berger, S.; Menudier, A.; Julien, R.; Karamanos, Y., 1996:
Regulation of De-N-Glycosylation Enzymes in Germinating Radish Seeds

Martínez, J.A.; Frühbeck, G., 1996:
Regulation of energy balance and adiposity: a model with new approaches

Stanley, W.C.; Lopaschuk, G.D.; McCormack, J.G., 1997:
Regulation of energy substrate metabolism in the diabetic heart

Wilmer, J.A., 1997:
Regulation of erucic acid accumulation in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.): effects of temperature and abscisic acid

Gorny, J.R.; Kader, A.A., 1996:
Regulation of ethylene biosynthesis in climacteric apple fruit by elevated CO2 and reduced O2 atmospheres

Mathooko, F.M., 1996:
Regulation of ethylene biosynthesis in higher plants by carbon dioxide

Feng JinChao; Huang ZiChen, 1995:
Regulation of evapotranspiration in spring wheat

Reeve, W.G.; Dilworth, M.J.; Tiwari, R.P.; Glenn, A.R., 1997:
Regulation of exopolysaccharide production in Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae WSM710 involves exoR

Tang, W.D.; Sun, S.S.; Nagai, C.; Moore, P.H., 1996:
Regulation of expression of beta -glucuronidase in transgenic sugarcane by promoters of Rubisco small subunit genes

Slieker, L.J.; Sloop, K.W.; Surface, P.L.; Kriauciunas, A.; LaQuier, F.; Manetta, J.; Bue-Valleskey, J.; Stephens, T.W., 1996:
Regulation of expression of ob mRNA and protein by glucocorticoids and cAMP

Lokman, B.C.; Heerikhuisen, M.; Leer, R.J.; van den Broek, A.; Borsboom, Y.; Chaillou, S.; Postma, P.W.; Pouwels, P.H., 1997:
Regulation of expression of the Lactobacillus pentosus xylAB operon

Reynolds, S.; Smith, S., 1995:
Regulation of expression of the cucumber isocitrate lyase gene in cotyledons upon seed germination and by sucrose

Moreau Mhiri, C.; Morel, J.B.noit; Audeon, C.; Ferault, M.; Grandbastien, M.A.gele; Lucas, H., 1996:
Regulation of expression of the tobacco Tnt1 retrotransposon in heterologous species following pathogen-related stresses

Irish, E.; Jegla, D., 1997:
Regulation of extent of vegetative development of the maize shoot meristem

Abdel-aleem, S.; Nada, M.A.; Sayed-Ahmed, M.; Hendrickson, S.C.; S.L.uis, J.; Walthall, H.P.; Lowe, J.E., 1996:
Regulation of fatty acid oxidation by acetyl-CoA generated from glucose utilization in isolated myocytes

Semenkovich, C.F., 1997:
Regulation of fatty acid synthase (FAS)

Coupland, G., 1997:
Regulation of flowering by photoperiod in Arabidopsis

Dutta, J.P.; Seemanthini Ramdas, 1995:
Regulation of flowering in chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzelev.) cv. Co. 1 through supplementary illumination

Coupland, G., 1995:
Regulation of flowering time: Arabidopsis as a model system to study genes that promote or delay flowering

Borah, S.K.; Mohan, N.K., 1995:
Regulation of flowering, yield and quality in pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) with plant growth regulants

Figaro, M.K.; Mack, G.W., 1997:
Regulation of fluid intake in dehydrated humans: role of oropharyngeal stimulation

Melin, B.; Jimenez, C.; Koulmann, N., 1997:
Regulation of fluid shifts

Mihm, M.; Diskin, M.G.; Roche, J.F., 1996:
Regulation of follicle wave growth in cattle

Shintani, Y.; Dyson, M.; Drummond, A.E.; Findlay, J.K., 1997:
Regulation of follistatin production by rat granulosa cells in vitro

Chen JinGui; Zhang YuZong; Zhou Xie, 1997:
Regulation of foxtail millet mesocotyl growth by gibberellins and abscisic acid in etiolated seedlings

Kaminski, P.A.; Michel Reydellet, N.; Desnoues, N.; Elmerich, C., 1995:
Regulation of free-living and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Azorhizobium caulinodans

Kader, A.A., 1995:
Regulation of fruit physiology by controlled/modified atmospheres

Hensel, M.; Tang, C.M.; ArstHerbert N.Jr.; Holden, D.W., 1995:
Regulation of fungal extracellular proteases and their role in mammalian pathogenesis

Trahair, J.F.; Wing, S.J.; Quinn, K.J.; Owens, P.C., 1997:
Regulation of gastrointestinal growth in fetal sheep by luminally administered insulin-like growth factor-I

Dockray, G.J., 1996:
Regulation of gastrointestinal secretion: symposium overview

Fitzsimmons, D.; Hagman, J., 1996:
Regulation of gene expression at early stages of B-cell and T-cell differentiation

Kang, M.S.; Suh, S.G.; Maruta, I.; Kim, K.W., 1995:
Regulation of gene expression by 2,4-D during organogenesis in gladiolus cv. Topaz callus

Torres, N.; Bourges, H.; Tovar, A.R., 1996:
Regulation of gene expression by nutrients

Grillo, S.; Costa, A.; Tucci, M.; Amatruda, M.R.; Consiglio, F.; Vigh, L.; Leone, A., 1996:
Regulation of gene expression during cellular adaptation to water stress

Sugita, M.S.giura, M., 1996:
Regulation of gene expression in chloroplasts of higher plants

Fenoll, C.; Aristizabal, F.A.; Sanz Alferez, S.; Campo, F.F. del, 1997:
Regulation of gene expression in feeding sites

Binder, S.M.rchfelder, A.B.ennicke, A., 1996:
Regulation of gene expression in plant mitochondria

Schultz, R.M.; Worrad, D.M.; DavisW.Jr.; D.S.usa, P.A., 1995:
Regulation of gene expression in the preimplantation mouse embryo

Rogina, B.; Helfand, S.L., 1995:
Regulation of gene expression is linked to life span in adult Drosophila

Buanec, B. le, 1996:
Regulation of genetically modified crop cultivars. A seed industry viewpoint

Bianco, J.; Daymond, J.; Degivry, M.T.erese, 1996:
Regulation of germination and seedling root growth by manipulations of embryo GA levels in sunflower

Song Ping; Cao XianZu; W.Y.ngHong; Zhu XiaoHong; Liang JianSheng, 1996:
Regulation of gibberellin-binding proteins on dwarfism of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Perriello, G.; Nurjhan, N.; Stumvoll, M.; Bucci, A.; Welle, S.; Dailey, G.; Bier, D.M.; Toft, I.; Jenssen, T.G.; Gerich, J.E., 1997:
Regulation of gluconeogenesis by glutamine in normal postabsorptive humans

Zhao, F.Q.; Moseley, W.M.; Tucker, H.A.; Kennelly, J.J., 1996:
Regulation of glucose transporter gene expression in mammary gland, muscle, and fat of lactating cows by administration of bovine growth hormone and bovine growth hormone-releasing factor

Knott, R.M.; Robertson, M.; Muckersie, E.; Forrester, J.V., 1996:
Regulation of glucose transporters (GLUT-1 and GLUT-3) in human retinal endothelial cells

Zhou, X.; Thompson, J.R., 1996:
Regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase by branched-chain amino acids in skeletal muscle from rats and chicks

Moyen, C.; Roblin, G., 1997:
Regulation of glycine uptake by calcium channel modulators in pulvinar cells of Mimosa pudica

Kato Noguchi, H.; Watada, A.E., 1996:
Regulation of glycolytic metabolism in fresh-cut carrots under low oxygen atmosphere

Loredo, G.A.; MacDonald, M.H.; Benton, H.P., 1996:
Regulation of glycosaminoglycan metabolism by bone morphogenetic protein-2 in equine cartilage explant cultures

Brooks, J.; Mcneilly, A.S., 1996:
Regulation of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone receptor expression in the ewe

Wang ZhiMin; Wang Shuan; S.B.oLin, 1996:
Regulation of grain number in wheat. I. Fructan metabolism during pre-anthesis development of spikes

Murray, S.C.; Keeble, S.C.; Muse, K.N.; Curry, T.E., 1996:
Regulation of granulosa cell-derived ovarian metalloproteinase inhibitor(s) by prolactin

Mojecka Berova, M.; Kerin, V., 1995:
Regulation of green pepper vegetative growth and fruit-bearing capacity with paclobutrazol

L.Q.ngChao; Y.S.uiTing; Yang YuJun, 1995:
Regulation of groundwater resources in the Yellow River flooding area-the example of Yumin irrigated canal through regulation and storage

Liang, B.M.; Sharp, R.E.; Baskin, T.I., 1997:
Regulation of growth anisotropy in well-watered and water-stressed maize roots. I. Spatial distribution of longitudinal, radial, and tangential expansion rates

Escalada, J.; Sánchez-Franco, F.; Velasco, B.; Cacicedo, L., 1997 :
Regulation of growth hormone (GH) gene expression and secretion during pregnancy and lactation in the rat: role of insulin-like growth factor-I, somatostatin, and GH-releasing hormone

Breier, B.H.; Sauerwein, H., 1995:
Regulation of growth in ruminants by the somatotropic axis

Bennett, A.J.; Billett, M.A.; Salter, A.M.; White, D.A., 1995:
Regulation of hamster hepatic microsomal triglyceride transfer protein mRNA levels by dietary fats

Hellerstein, M.K.; Schwarz, J.M.; Neese, R.A., 1996:
Regulation of hepatic de novo lipogenesis in humans

Lobley, G.E.; Milano, G.D., 1997:
Regulation of hepatic nitrogen metabolism in ruminants

Huang,; Robinson, G.E., 1996:
Regulation of honey bee division of labor by colony age demography

Sarge, K.P.; Cullen, K.E., 1997:
Regulation of hsp expression during rodent spermatogenesis

Bull, C.D.; Metcalfe, N.B., 1997:
Regulation of hyperphagia in response to varying energy deficits in overwintering juvenile Atlantic salmon

Taylor Robinson, A.W., 1995:
Regulation of immunity to malaria: valuable lessons learned from murine models

McFadden, T.B.; Besser, T.E.; Barrington, G.M., 1997:
Regulation of immunoglobulin transfer into mammary secretions of ruminants

Carro, E.; Señaris, R.; Considine, R.V.; Casanueva, F.F.; Dieguez, C., 1997:
Regulation of in vivo growth hormone secretion by leptin

Liu, H.S.; Bilimoria, S.L., 1997:
Regulation of infected-cell-specific protein synthesis in SF IPLB-21 cells productively infected with Spodoptera frugiperda multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Sinden, R.E.; Butcher, G.A.; Billker, O.; Fleck, S.L., 1996:
Regulation of infectivity of Plasmodium to the mosquito vector

Lysne, D.A.; Hemmingsen, W.; Skorping, A., 1997:
Regulation of infrapopulations of Cryptocotyle lingua on cod

Plamondon, H.; Merali, Z., 1997:
Regulation of ingestion by CRF and bombesin-like peptides: distinct meal-related peptide level changes

Baum, J.A.; Malvar, T., 1996:
Regulation of insecticidal crystal protein production in Bacillus thuringiensis

Samaras, S.E.; Canning, S.F.; Barber, J.A.; Simmen, F.A.; Hammond, J.M., 1996:
Regulation of insulin-like growth factor I biosynthesis in porcine granulosa cells

Lombard, M.; Chua, E.; O'Toole, P., 1997:
Regulation of intestinal non-haem iron absorption

Dai Yujin, 1997:
Regulation of juvenile hormone analogue on protein synthesis in the silkgland and fat body of silkworm Bombyx mori

Gu,; Chow,, 1996:
Regulation of juvenile hormone biosynthesis by ecdysteroid levels during the early stages of the last two larval instars of Bombyx mori

Sutherland, T.D.; East, P.D., 1997:
Regulation of juvenile hormone synthesis in the blowfly Lucilia cuprina

Gautier, H.; Varlet Grancher, C., 1996:
Regulation of leaf growth of grass by blue light

Randall, D.D.; Miernyk, J.A.; David, N.R.; Gemel, J.; Luethy, M.H., 1996:
Regulation of leaf mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activity by reversible phosphorylation

Hardie, L.J.; Guilhot, N.; Trayhurn, P., 1996:
Regulation of leptin production in cultured mature white adipocytes

Horton, P.; Ruban, A.V.; Walters, R.G., 1996:
Regulation Of Light Harvesting In Green Plants

Samra, J.S.; Clark, M.L.; Humphreys, S.M.; Macdonald, I.A.; Frayn, K.N., 1996:
Regulation of lipid metabolism in adipose tissue during early starvation

Hellström, L.; Reynisdottir, S.; Langin, D.; Rössner, S.; Arner, P., 1996:
Regulation of lipolysis in fat cells of obese women during long-term hypocaloric diet

Srivastava, K.; Krul, E.S.; Lin, R.C.; Schonfeld, G., 1997:
Regulation of lipoprotein metabolism by estrogen in inbred strains of mice occurs primarily by posttranscriptional mechanisms

Yu, P.Y.n; Czuprynski, C.J., 1996:
Regulation of luminol-dependent chemiluminescence and degranulation by bovine neutrophils stimulated with opsonized zymosan

O'Shaughnessy, P.J.; McLelland, D.; McBride, M.W., 1997:
Regulation of luteinizing hormone-receptor and follicle-stimulating hormone-receptor messenger ribonucleic acid levels during development in the neonatal mouse ovary

Tang, G.M.ron, D.Z.u-Shimoni, J.; Galili, G., 1997:
Regulation of lysine catabolism through lysine-ketoglutarate reductase and saccharopine dehydrogenase in Arabidopsis

Zhao LinChuan; Y.B.ngGao, 1996:
Regulation of maize leaf senescence by selenium

Hughes, H.P.; Campos, M.; McDougall, L.; Beskorwayne, T.K.; Potter, A.A.; Babiuk, L.A., 1994:
Regulation of major histocompatibility complex class II expression by Pasteurella haemolytica leukotoxin

Kim, K.H., 1997:
Regulation of mammalian acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase

Kazansky, A.V.; Raught, B.; Lindsey, S.M.; Wang, Y.F.; Rosen, J.M., 1995:
Regulation of mammary gland factor/Stat5a during mammary gland development

Li, D.; Alic, M.; Brown, J.A.; Gold, M.H., 1995:
Regulation of manganese peroxidase gene transcription by hydrogen peroxide, chemical stress, and molecular oxygen

Nolan, J.P.; Hammerstedt, R.H., 1997:
Regulation of membrane stability and the acrosome reaction in mammalian sperm

Pfahl, M.; Chytil, F., 1996:
Regulation of metabolism by retinoic acid and its nuclear receptors

George, S.G.; Todd, K.; Wright, J., 1996:
Regulation of metallothionein in teleosts: induction of MTmRNA and protein by cadmium in hepatic and extrahepatic tissues of a marine flatfish, the turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

El-Sohemy, A.; Archer, M.C., 1997:
Regulation of mevalonate synthesis in rat mammary glands by dietary n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Neville, M.C.; Picciano, M.F., 1997:
Regulation of milk lipid secretion and composition

Flint, D.J., 1995:
Regulation of milk secretion and composition by growth hormone and prolactin

Hermey, D.C.; Ireland, R.A.; Zerwekh, J.E.; Popoff, S.N., 1995:
Regulation of mineral homeostasis in osteopetrotic (op) rats

Mathooko, F.M.; Fukuda, T.; Kubo, Y.; Inaba, A.; Nakamura, R., 1995:
Regulation of mitochondrial activity in cucumber fruit, broccoli buds and carrot by carbon dioxide

Klipp, W.; Angermuller, S.; Astroth, S.; Kamp, P.B.; Kern, M.; Kutsche, M.; Leimkuhler, S.; Paschen, A., 1995:
Regulation of molybdenum and alternative nitrogenases in the photosynthetic purple bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus

Yamaguchi, M.; Miyake, A., 1996:
Regulation of mouse placental lactogen secretion by factors secreted from the pituitary in vitro

Jiang, X.C.; Bruce, C., 1995:
Regulation of murine plasma phospholipid transfer protein activity and mRNA levels by lipopolysaccharide and high cholesterol diet

Haugk, K.L.; Roeder, R.A.; Garber, M.J.; Schelling, G.T., 1995:
Regulation of muscle cell proliferation by extracts from crushed muscle

Whiteley, N.M.; E.H.j, A.J., 1997:
Regulation of muscle gene expression over the moult in Crustacea

Dyck, D.J.; Peters, S.J.; Wendling, P.S.; Chesley, A.; Hultman, E.; Spriet, L.L., 1996:
Regulation of muscle glycogen phosphorylase activity during intense aerobic cycling with elevated FFA

Lester, G., 1995:
Regulation of muskmelon fruit senescence by calcium

Stanley, W.C.; Lopaschuk, G.D.; Hall, J.L.; McCormack, J.G., 1997:
Regulation of myocardial carbohydrate metabolism under normal and ischaemic conditions. Potential for pharmacological interventions

Fewell, J.H.; Winston, M.L., 1995:
Regulation of nectar collection in relation to honey storage levels by honey bees, Apis mellifera

Chatterjee, S.R.; Naik, M.S., 1993:
Regulation of nitrate assimilation in higher plants under light-dark conditions

Rouby, M.; Ponce Villacis, F.; Cordoba, A.; Kenis, J., 1995:
Regulation of nitrate reductase activity by nitrate during light-dark transition in detached oat leaves

L.Z.iZheng; Gong SongFu, 1994:
Regulation of nitrate reductase activity in leaves of soyabeans cv. Bragg and its nodulated mutants

Lillo, C.; Smith, L.H.; Nimmo, H.G.; Wilkins, M.B., 1996:
Regulation of nitrate reductase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activities in barley leaf protoplasts

Yang, R.; Gunasekaran, S.; Gunasekaran, M., 1996:
Regulation of nitrate reductase in Sporisorium reilianum

Prabhu, V.; Wilcox, H.E.; Boyer, G.L., 1996:
Regulation of nitrate reductase in the mycorrhizal ascomycete Wilcoxina mikolae var. mikolae

Ivashikina, N.V.; Sokolov, O.A., 1997:
Regulation of nitrate uptake and distribution in maize seedlings by nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and glutamate

Singh, B.B.; Pandey, P.K.; Singh, S.; Bisen, P.S., 1996:
Regulation of nitrate uptake and nitrite efflux in the cyanobacterium Nostoc MAC

Scaife, A.; Schloemer, S., 1994:
Regulation of nitrate uptake by spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)

Creed, I.F.; Band, L.E.; Foster, N.W.; Morrison, I.K.; Nicolson, J.A.; Semkin, R.S.; Jeffries, D.S., 1996:
Regulation of nitrate-N release from temperate forests: a test of the N flushing hypothesis

Liew, F.Y., 1994:
Regulation of nitric oxide synthesis in infectious and autoimmune diseases

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Regulation of nitrogen uptake on the whole plant level

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Regulation of node number in day-neutral Nicotiana tabacum: a factor in plant size

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Regulation of obese gene expression in KK mice and congenic lethal yellow obese KKAy mice

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Regulation of obese mRNA expression by hormonal factors in primary cultures of rat adipocytes

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Regulation of ovalbumin gene expression

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Regulation of ovarian ecdysteroid production in the housefly, Musca domestica

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Regulation of oviposition

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Regulation of oxygen diffusion in legume nodules

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Regulation of oxytocin receptors in bovine granulosa cells

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Regulation of pH in the digestive system of the cricket, Teleogryllus commodus Walker

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Regulation of paraxis expression and somite formation by ectoderm- and neural tube-derived signals

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Regulation of pectin methylesterase and polygalacturonate lyase activity during differentiation of infection structures in Uromyces viciae-fabae

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Regulation of pectinolysis in Erwinia chrysanthemi

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Regulation of pelZ, a gene of the pelB-pelC cluster encoding a new pectate lyase of Erwinia chrysanthemi 3937

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Regulation of peptide-chain initiation in muscle during sepsis by interleukin-1 receptor antagonist

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Regulation of petB mRNA stability in pea chloroplasts by redox poise

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Regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase gene transcription by thyroid hormone involves two distinct binding sites in the promoter

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Regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in Zea mays by protein phosphorylation and metabolites and their roles in photosynthesis

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Regulation of photochemical efficiency of photosystem 2 in Norway spruce at the beginning of winter and in the following spring

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Regulation of photomorphogenesis by expression of mammalian biliverdin reductase in transgenic Arabidopsis plants

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Regulation of photosynthesis and energy dissipation in triazine-resistant and susceptible Chenopodium album

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Regulation of photosynthesis in developing leaves of soybean chlorophyll-deficient mutants

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Regulation of photosynthetic activity and of stomatal aperture by the chloroplastic fructosebisphosphatase and by a sucrose transport protein involved in phloem loading

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Regulation of Photosynthetic Induction State in High- and Low-Light-Grown Soybean and Alocasia macrorrhiza (L.) G. Don

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Regulation of physiological activity of winter wheat organs treated by chemical substances

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Regulation of physiological conditions for rice calli

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Regulation of Plant Defense Response to Fungal Pathogens: Two Types of Protein Kinases in the Reversible Phosphorylation of the Host Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase

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Regulation of plant gene expression with antisense gene

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Regulation of plant growth responses to low soil water potentials

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Regulation of plant morphogenesis by lipo-chitin oligosaccharides

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Regulation of plant retrotransposons and their use for genome analysis

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Regulation of plasma leptin in mice: influence of age, high-fat diet, and fasting

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Regulation of Population Densities of Heterodera cajani and Other Plant-Parasitic Nematodes by Crop Rotations on Vertisols, in Semi-Arid Tropical Production Systems in India

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Regulation of production, distribution and translocation in plants

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Regulation of propylene induced ripening and ethylene biosynthesis by oxygen concentration in Hayward kiwifruit

Stavroulakis, G.; Sfakiotakis, E., 1997:
Regulation of propylene-induced ripening and ethylene biosynthesis by oxygen in 'Hayward' kiwifruit

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Regulation of prostaglandin secretion and proliferation of bovine endometrial stromal cells by platelet-activating factor

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Regulation of Protein Degradation

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Regulation of protein degradation in plants

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Regulation of protein tyrosine phosphorylation during bovine sperm capacitation by a cyclic adenosine 3'5'-monophosphate-dependent pathway

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Regulation of Proteolytic Enzyme Activity in Lactococcus lactis

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Regulation of psbD-psbC transcription by blue light and ultraviolet-radiation in higher plant chloroplasts

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Regulation of putrescine uptake in Leishmania mexicana promastigotes

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Regulation of rDNA transcription during chloroplast development

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Regulation of rat glucagon receptor expression

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Regulation of reproduction in the Neotropical ponerine ant, Pachycondyla villosa

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Regulation of reproductive hormone secretion in primates by short-term changes in nutrition

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Regulation of reproductive seasonality in the red deer hind: oestradiol-dependent and -independent influences on the patterns of LH concentrations

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Regulation of respiration in apple, avocado and Citrus orange fruit

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Regulation of respiration in some herbaceous plants of the forest zone

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Regulation of respiratory metabolism in fruits and vegetables by carbon dioxide

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Regulation of retroviral RNA export

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Regulation of schistosome egg antigen induced IL-4 gene transcription in murine schistosomiasis japonica

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Regulation of sex determination in maize

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Regulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) 5b activation by the temporal pattern of growth hormone stimulation

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Regulation of soil acidity on the basis of spatial variability

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Regulation of somatic embryo development in Norway spruce (Picea abies)

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Regulation of soybean nodule phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in vivo

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Regulation of steady-state concentrations of messenger ribonucleic acid encoding prostaglandin F2 alpha receptor in ovine corpus luteum

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Regulation of sucrose and starch metabolism in potato tubers in response to short-term water deficit

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Regulation of sucrose-phosphate synthase and other cytosolic enzymes by reversible protein phosphorylation. Identification of phosphorylation sites and regulation of kinase activity

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Regulation of sugar transport in poplar leaves

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Regulation of sugar uptake via the phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase systems in Bacillus subtilis and Lactococcus lactis is mediated by ATP-dependent phosphorylation of seryl residue 46 in HPr

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Regulation of supercooling and ice nucleation in insects

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Regulation of surfactant protein gene expression by retinoic acid metabolites

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Regulation of temperature in worker bees of 4 lines from different races

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Regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis in plants and its relation to the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds

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Regulation of the Accumulation and Reduction of Nitrate by Nitrogen and Carbon Metabolites in Maize Seedlings

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Regulation of the activity of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in response to changes in the photosynthetic source-sink balance in intact soybean plants

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Regulation of the apolipoprotein E by dietary lipids occurs by transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms

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Regulation of the aromatic hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) by in-utero and lactational exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)

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Regulation of the carotenoid content and chloroplast development by levulinic acid

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Regulation of the cellulolytic activity of Eubacterium cellulosolvens 5494: a review

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Regulation of the chemical signatures of two termite species, Reticulitermes santonensis and Reticulitermes lucifugus grassei, living in mixed experimental colonies

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Regulation of the Cinnamate 4-Hydroxylase (CYP73A1) in Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers in Response to Wounding and Chemical Treatments

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Regulation of the development of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) embryos in vitro by ABA

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Regulation of the ecdysone receptor, USP, E75 and MHR3 mRNAs by 20-hydroxyecdysone in the GV1 cell line of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

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Regulation of the estrogen receptor and its messenger ribonucleic acid in the ovariectomized sheep myometrium and endometrium: the role of estradiol and progesterone

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Regulation of the exciton density in photosynthetic antenna system: Cruise control

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Regulation of the expression of lipogenic enzyme genes by carbohydrate

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Regulation of the expression of milk protein genes - state of current research and future prospects

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Regulation of the expression of plant defence genes

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Regulation of the Expression of the Glycine Decarboxylase Complex during Pea Leaf Development

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Regulation of the gene expression of glucose transporter in liver and kidney of lactating cows by bovine growth hormone and bovine growth hormone-releasing factor

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Regulation of the gravitropic response and ethylene biosynthesis in gravistimulated snapdragon spikes by calcium chelators and ethylene inhibitors

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Regulation of the immune cell functions by hot water extract of hard clam

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Regulation of the inductive phase of microspore embryogenesis in Brassica napus

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Regulation of the long terminal repeat in visna virus by a transcription factor related to the AML/PEBP2/CBF superfamily

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Regulation of the market for milk and meat production in the region

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Regulation of the motility and metabolism of spermatozoa for storage in the epididymis of eutherian and marsupial mammals

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Regulation of the murine adipocyte fatty acid transporter gene by insulin

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Regulation of the orientation movement of chloroplasts in epidermal cells of Vallisneria: cooperation of phytochrome with photosynthetic pigment under low-fluence-rate light

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Regulation of the plasma non-esterified fatty acid concentration in the postprandial state

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Regulation of the polysaccharide metabolism, proteolysis, and methanogenesis in the ecosystem of rumen microorganisms when virginiamycin is introduced into the diet

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Regulation of the rat cardiac troponin I gene by the transcription factor GATA-4

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Regulation of the renal response to atrial natriuretic peptide by sodium intake in preweaned rats

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Regulation of the secretory activity of human monocytes by the polysaccharide capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans

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Regulation of the subunit composition of tomato plastidic glutamine synthetase by light and the nitrogen source

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Regulation of thiophene biosynthesis by sulphate in roots of marigolds

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Regulation of tissue-specific expression of the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor gene

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Regulation of tobacco products

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Regulation of tuber induction in potato by daylength and phytochrome

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Regulation of two loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) isocitrate lyase genes in megagametophytes of mature and stratified seeds and during postgerminative growth

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Regulation of type 1 insulin-like growth factor (IGF) receptors and IGF-I mRNA by age and nutrition in ovine skeletal muscles

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Regulation of uterine immune function during the estrous cycle and in response to infectious bacteria in sheep

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Regulation of violaxanthin de-epoxidase activity by pH and ascorbate concentration

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Regulation of worker activity in a primitively eusocial wasp, Ropalidia marginata

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Regulation of workers' pay in agricultural enterprises and service branches in Ul'yanovsk region

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Regulation, conflict and perspectives in Galician fishing

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Regulation, expression and function of a new basic chitinase gene in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Regulations for bee products

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Regulations for combined effects of pollutants: consequences from risk assessment in aquatic toxicology

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Regulations for recombinant DNA research, product development and production in the US, Japan and Europe - analogies, disparities, competitiveness

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Regulations for the certification of voluntary genetic and sanitary control of fruit plants

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Regulations governing food additives: new Directives

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Regulations on phytosanitary products. Northern Europe puts on the pressure

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Regulations on the grading of pig carcasses in Slovenia

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Regulations: evidence from the Florida dairy industry

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Regulator and effector functions of T-cell subsets in human Leishmania infections

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Regulatory activity exerted by the SAUR-AC1 promoter region in transgenic plants

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Regulatory and legal aspects of functional foods: an international perspective

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Regulatory and legal aspects of functional foods: the Australian perspective

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Regulatory and legal aspects of supplementing grazing ruminants

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Regulatory application of ELISA: compliance monitoring of bromacil in soil

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Regulatory aspects and safety issues

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Regulatory aspects of functional foods in Nigeria

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Regulatory aspects of mycotoxins in soybean and soybean products

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Regulatory aspects of pet foods

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Regulatory aspects of plant protection in the urban environment

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Regulatory aspects of the introduction of new macronutrient substitutes

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Regulatory barriers in an integrating world food market

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Regulatory circuits controlling photosynthesis gene expression

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Regulatory concerns and prospects in the European Union: an industry view

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Regulatory concerns with pesticide use in turf

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Regulatory control of fertilisers (in Denmark)

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Regulatory control of toxicity and residue problems associated with pesticide usage in Taiwan

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Regulatory effect of danggui-shaoyao-san on central cholinergic nervous system dysfunction in mice

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Regulatory effects of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LRH-A3), human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and PMS on LH and FSH secretion by yak pituitary tissues in vitro

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Regulatory effects of zinc on corn root plasma membrane H+-ATPase

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Regulatory elements in vivo in the promoter of the abscisic acid responsive gene rab17 from maize

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Regulatory elements involved in the expression of nuclear genes for plastid proteins

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Regulatory exclusion of harmful non-indigenous plants from the United States by USDA APHIS PPQ

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Regulatory factors in the control of muscle development

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Regulatory Genes Controlling MPG1 Expression and Pathogenicity in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe grisea

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Regulatory harmonization/wetlands system utilization in South-Central Florida Agricultural Landscape

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Regulatory implications of U.S.-Mexico dairy trade

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Regulatory interactions during early neurogenesis in Drosophila

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Regulatory issues in the use of insect-cell culture

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Regulatory issues related to biological control in Europe

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Regulatory mechanism of C4 gene expression in plant

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Regulatory mechanisms in stem cell biology

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Regulatory mechanisms of ion channels in xylem parenchyma cells

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Regulatory options for a changing agricultural scenario: the case of seed certification

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Regulatory pathway to commercialize transgenic varieties

Anonymous, 1996:
Regulatory peptides in the control of food intake and metabolism

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Regulatory peptides in young ruminants

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Regulatory perspective of the USDA on the use of antimicrobials and inhibitors in foods

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Regulatory perspectives on the use and misuse of antimicrobial drugs in milk production

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Regulatory phosphorylation of C4 PEP carboxylase

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Regulatory properties of NADP-malic enzyme from wheat chloroplasts

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Regulatory proteins and cis-acting elements involved in the transcriptional control of Rhizobium etli reiterated nifH genes

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Regulatory reform in the agro-food sector

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Regulatory role of 20-hydroxyecdysone of humoral immunity in the pupae of the Indian silkworm, Philosamia cynthia ricini

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Regulatory role of CD38 (ADP-ribosyl cyclase/cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase) in insulin secretion by glucose in pancreatic beta cells. Enhanced insulin secretion in CD38-expressing transgenic mice

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Regulatory sequences of two flagellin genes in Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. alesti

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Regulatory status of functional foods in Singapore

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Regulatory system of temperature-dependent flagellar motility is retained after freezing and thawing of demembranated fowl spermatozoa

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Regulatory systems modulating the transcription of the pectinase genes of Erwinia chrysanthemi are conserved in Escherichia coli

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Rehabilitating degraded land: zai in the Djenne Circle of Mali

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Rehabilitating fernlands in the dipterocarp rain forests of Sri Lanka by re-initiating secondary succession

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Rehabilitation and lasting improvement of degraded land in Indonesia

Hunt, B., 1996:
Rehabilitation counseling for people with HIV disease

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Rehabilitation in the forest industry

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Relationship between embryo development in vitro and 56-day nonreturn rates of cows inseminated with frozen-thawed semen from dairy bulls

Nowak, B., 1996:
Relationship between endosulfan residue level and ultrastructural changes in the liver of catfish, Tandanus tandanus

Guo ZhiYi; Cheng ZhiShan; M.C.iPing; Yang ZhenQiang, 1995:
Relationship between environmental factors and physiological changes of asparagus after harvest and the effects on storage

Abdel Ghaffar, A.E.; Abou Salem, M.E.; Ashoub, M.M., 1994:
Relationship between environmental pollution and incidence of repeat breeder in buffalo cows Hai; H.D.nh Chuc; Nguyen thi rat; Nguyen Thi Phuong Dong, 1995:
Relationship between excretion of canine parvovirus and immune status in dogs

Zgobica, A.; Wezyk, S., 1995:
Relationship between external egg quality traits and hatchability of laying fowls

Sahrawat, K.L.; Pardhasaradhi, G.; Rego, T.J.; Rahman, M.H., 1996:
Relationship between extracted phosphorus and sorghum yield in a Vertisol and an Alfisol under rainfed cropping

Adami, H.O.; Wolk, A., 1996:
Relationship between fat intake and breast cancer

Romijn, J.A.; Coyle, E.F.; Sidossis, L.S.; Zhang, X.J.; Wolfe, R.R., 1995:
Relationship between fatty acid delivery and fatty acid oxidation during strenuous exercise

Sondergaard, E.; Ingvartsen, K.L.; Madsen, P., 1996:
Relationship between feed intake and rate of passage through the rumen at different stages of lactation

Northcutt, J.K.; Savage, S.I.; Vest, L.R., 1997:
Relationship between feed withdrawal and viscera condition of broilers

Summerbell, C.D.; Moody, R.C.; Shanks, J.; Stock, M.J.; Geissler, C., 1996:
Relationship between feeding pattern and body mass index in 220 free-living people in four age groups

Tanaka, O.; Ohmomo, S.; Zong, Y.; Nishiyama, K.; Doi, K.; Ogata, S., 1995:
Relationship between fermentation quality of silage and presence of phages for silage-making lactobacilli

M.J.anLin; Sheng LiMin; Xiang CaiHua; X.Y.nTian, 1995:
Relationship between fertilizer application and fertility of paddy fields in the Jiahu Plain

Lieres, A.L. von; Volkmann, B., 1994:
Relationship between fertilizer, nutrient withdrawal and composition of different medicinal plants in a pot experiment

Stanca, A.M.; Rizza, F.; Crosatti, C.; Cattivelli, L., 1994:
Relationship between field and laboratory evaluation of barley genotypes for assessing frost tolerance

Chai XiZhou; Hong LiXing; Shun HuiGeng, 1995:
Relationship between flood and forest vegetation in Zhejiang Province in 1994

Ciaffi, M.; Tozzi, L.; Lafiandra, D., 1996:
Relationship between flour protein composition determined by size-exclusion high-performance liquid chromatography and dough rheological parameters

Diekmann, Martin, 1996:
Relationship between flowering phenology of perennial herbs and meteorological data in deciduous forests of Sweden

Moretto, G.; Goncalves, L.S.;, D., 1997:
Relationship between food availability and the reproductive ability of the mite Varroa jacobsoni in Africanized bee colonies

Allen, Michael S., 1996:
Relationship between forage quality and dairy cattle production

Shen LiMing, 1996:
Relationship between free amino acid content of Lathyrus sylvestris and soil water potential

Wang, C.Y., 1995:
Relationship between free radical scavenging enzymes and chilling tolerance in zucchini squash

Bar-Peled, U.M.ltz, E.B.uckental, I.F.lman,, Y.G.citua, H.L.hrer, A.; Knight, C.; Robinzon,, H., 1995:
Relationship between frequent milking or suckling in early lactation and milk production of high producing dairy cows

Antonacci, D., 1997:
Relationship between fruit cane dimensions and the qualitative characteristics of table grapes

L.B.oJiang; Lin GuiRong; Liu FengJun, 1995:
Relationship between fruit quality, storability and mineral composition of apples

Sakurai, N.; Nevins, D.J., 1997:
Relationship between fruit softening and wall polysaccharides in avocado (Persea americana Mill) mesocarp tissues

Kisha, T.J.; Sneller, C.H.; Diers, B.W., 1997:
Relationship between genetic distance among parents and genetic variance in populations of soybean

V"lchinkov, S., 1995:
Relationship between genetic homeostasis and degree of heterozygosity in maize

Afzal, M.; Biradar, D.P.; Rayburn, A.L., 1995:
Relationship between genome size and germination under cold conditions in Southwestern US maize populations

N.Jian, 1996:
Relationship between geographical distribution of Schima superba, its forest and climate in China

X.X.ngJian; Yang XianXiang; L.X.aoPing; Pan QinShang; Zhang Wei; Xiong ZhenGan, 1997:
Relationship between geometric characteristics of Oncomelania hupensis and the formula of the snail dropping speed in stable water

Metakovsky, E.V.; Annicchiarico, P.; Boggini, G.; Pogna, N.E., 1997:
Relationship between gliadin alleles and dough strength in Italian bread wheat cultivars

Carreras Solis, B.; Fernandez Larrea, O., 1995:
Relationship between glucose consumption, growth kinetics and production of active metabolite by a bacterium isolated from soil

Inaba, A.; Nakatsuka, A.; Kubo, Y.; Nakamura, R., 1995:
Relationship between glutamate accumulation and ethylene synthesis in tomato fruit during ripening

Iwahashi, Yumiko; Koizumi, Hideo; Hosoda, Hiroshi, 1996:
Relationship between glutathione and dark-induced senescence of Brassica campestris

Yan, C.C.; Huxtable, R.J., 1995:
Relationship between glutathione concentration and metabolism of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid, monocrotaline, in the isolated, perfused liver

Brown, M.L.; Aldrich, H.C.; Gauthier, J.J., 1995:
Relationship between glycocalyx and povidone-iodine resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 27853) biofilms

Winters, S.J., 1996:
Relationship between gonadotropin subunit messenger ribonucleic acid levels and plasma gonadotropin concentrations in intact and orchidectomized adult rats

Miralles, D.J.; Dominguez, C.F.; Slafer, G.A., 1996:
Relationship between grain growth and postanthesis leaf area duration in dwarf, semidwarf and tall isogenic lines of wheat

Moharramipour, S.; Murata, S.I.hi; Kanehisa, K.; Tsumuki, H., 1996:
Relationship between gramine concentration and cereal aphid populations in seedling and maturation stages in barley lines

Yang LiQing; X.C.angTai;; Yang XiHui; Y.H.aCe, 1996:
Relationship between hair follicle mite infestation and three forms of rosacea

Costantini, A.; Solano, L.; D.N.poli, R.; Bosco, A., 1997:
Relationship between hardiness and risk of burnout in a sample of 92 nurses working in oncology and AIDS wards

Luppold, W.G.; Baumgras, J.E., 1996:
Relationship between hardwood lumber and sawlog prices: a case study of Ohio, 1975-1994

Quadretti, R.; Masia, A.; Costa, G., 1997:
Relationship between harvesting date, quality and length of cold storage in kiwifruits

Peng Tien; Kuo HsienWen, 1996:
Relationship between health behavior and blood cholesterol among junior college students in central Taiwan

Awadallah, R.M.; Soltan, M.E.; Rashed, M.N., 1996:
Relationship between heavy metals in mud sediments and beach soil of the River Nile

Hermier, D.; Catheline, D.; Legrand, P., 1996:
Relationship between hepatic fatty acid desaturation and lipid secretion in the estrogenized chicken

Diers, B.W.; McVetty, P.B.E.; Osborn, T.C., 1996:
Relationship between heterosis and genetic distance based on restriction fragment length polymorphism markers in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Tian PeiZhan; Yan RiHong, 1996:
Relationship between heterosis of seed yield and vegetative growth of F1 hybrids and selection effectiveness for promising progenies in soyabean crosses

Prasad, C.; Shrivastava, M., 1996:
Relationship between hypocotyl length and cotyledon area in turnip

Lombardi Boccia, G.; Carbonaro, M.; Cappelloni, M.; Carnovale, E., 1996:
Relationship between in vitro Fe and Zn dialysability and peptide composition of albumin and globulins extracted from cooked bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Zhao Ming; Wang MeiYun, 1995:
Relationship between inbreds and hybrids in photosynthetic rate of corn (Zea mays L.)

Kosowska, B.; Zdrojewicz, Z., 1996:
Relationship between inbreeding and sex-hormone concentration in rats under stress. I. The effect of various inbreeding levels on pituitary sex-hormone concentrations in two types of stress

Kosowska, B.; Zdrojewicz, Z., 1996:
Relationship between inbreeding and sex-hormone concentration in rats under stress. II. The influence of various inbreeding levels on steroid-sex-hormone concentrations in two types of stress

Durel, C.E.; Bertin, P.; Kremer, A., 1996:
Relationship between inbreeding depression and inbreeding coefficient in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster)

Goulart, A.C.P.; Paiva, F.D.A.; Andrade, P.J.M., 1995:
Relationship between incidence of blast in wheat heads and the presence of Pyricularia grisea in the harvested seeds

Nagai, N.; Narutaki, K.; Takekawa, A., 1997:
Relationship between increase in obesity and behaviour in elementary school children in Aioi City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Hogeveen, H.; Sampimon, O.C., 1997:
Relationship between individual somatic cell count and bacteriology: a detailed study on a low bulk milk somatic cell count farm

Sontirat, S., 1996:
Relationship between infection efficiency and enzymatic activity of Paecilomyces lilacinus

Poutrel, B.; Cremoux, R. de; Pillet, R.; Heuchel, V.; Ducelliez, M., 1996:
Relationship between infection status of mammary glands and cell counts in goat milk

Weiss, D.J.; Gagne, J.M.; Armstrong, P.J., 1996:
Relationship between inflammatory hepatic disease and inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and nephritis in cats

Satoh, M.; Obata, T., 1996:
Relationship between information of phase in a parent and required head of animals for linkage analysis between DNA polymorphic loci including three markers or more in pigs

Tomar, J.B.; Prasad, S.C., 1996:
Relationship between inheritance and linkage for drought tolerance in upland rice (Oryza sativa) varieties

Vito, M. di; Zaccheo, G.; Gatta, C.D.; Catalano, F., 1996:
Relationship between initial population densities of Meloidogyne javanica and yield of sunflower in microplots

Haseeb, A.; Shukla, P.K.; Butool, F., 1996:
Relationship between initial population density of Meloidogyne incognita and growth, oil yield, and biochemical changes in plants of Ocimum canum

Dhiman, J.S.; Lynch, J.M.; Whipps, J.M.; Ousley, M., 1995:
Relationship between inoculum level of Pythium ultimum and the survival of lettuce seedlings

Suzuki, A.; Takiguchi, T.; Maeguchi, A.; Kawaminami, K.; Sato, K.; Simizu, H., 1996:
Relationship between intake of soft drinks, life style and dietary habits in high school male students

Ashraf, M.; Khanum, A., 1997:
Relationship between ion accumulation and growth in two spring wheat lines differing in salt tolerance at different growth stages

Zimna Walendzik, E.; Nowacka, E.; Rafalski, H., 1997:
Relationship between iron status of pregnant woman and body size, body composition factors before and during pregnancy

Lakra, B.S., 1995:
Relationship between irrigation levels and black scurf development in potato crop

Ito, K., 1996:
Relationship between larval density and survivorship of the cryptomeria bark borer, Semanotus japonicus Lacordaire (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), inoculated on trees of Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica D. Don

Chan LitFu; L.H.iuYing; L.C.unTang; Lai ChiHsiung, 1995:
Relationship between leaf area and dry biomass production in wetland taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott)

Chahal, S.J.; Kler, D.S.; Sarbjeet Singh, 1994:
Relationship between leaf area index (LAI) and the distribution pattern of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the profile of wheat canopy

Snelgar, W.P.; Martin, P.J., 1997:
Relationship between leaf area index and fruit size in kiwifruit

Reddy, Y.A.N.; Prasad, T.G.; Udayakumar, M., 1995:
Relationship between leaf area index, specific leaf weight and assimilation rate in rice genotypes

Thornton, M.K.; Malik, N.J.; Dwelle, R.B., 1996:
Relationship between leaf gas exchange characteristics and productivity of potato clones grown at different temperatures

Dillard, H.R.; Cobb, A.C., 1995:
Relationship between leaf injury and colonization of cabbage by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Suresh, K.; Lakkineni, K.C.; Nair, T.V.R., 1996:
Relationship between leaf nitrogen and photosynthetic characteristics in Brassica juncea and B. campestris

Peng, S.; Cassman, K.G.; Kropff, M.J., 1995:
Relationship between leaf photosynthesis and nitrogen content of field-grown rice in tropics

Naidu, C.V.; Swamy, P.M., 1995:
Relationship between leaf soluble protein content and net photosynthetic rate in tropical deciduous tree species

Araus,; Bort, J.; Ceccarelli, S.; Grando, S., 1997:
Relationship between leaf structure and carbon isotope discrimination in field grown barley

Tsuno, Y.; Omochi, O.; Yamaguchi, T.; Nakano, J.; Akaida, S., 1995:
Relationship between leaf water content and temporary increase in the net photosynthetic rate caused by leaf excision from the leaf sheath in rice

Marsal, J.; Girona, J., 1997 :
Relationship between leaf water potential and gas exchange activity at different phenological stages and fruit loads in peach trees

Gomez, M.J.; Garde, S.; Gaya, P.; Medina, M.; Nunez, M., 1997:
Relationship between level of hydrophobic peptides and bitterness in cheese made from pasteurized and raw milk

Korotkov, Y.S.; Kislenko, G.S., 1995:
Relationship between light and hygrothermic factors in the determination of a morphogenetic diapause in nymphs of Ixodes persulcatus in the north-western spurs of Eastern Sayan

Luo GuiFen et al., 1995:
Relationship between lignin content in cucumber leaves and resistance to Pseudoperonospora cubensis

Ross, R.; Mcdonald, K.; Green, D.; Schad, K., 1997:
Relationship between log and lumber modulus of elasticity

Chigusa, Yuichi; Ohshita, Mayumi; Taya, Junko; Kirinoki, Masashi; Yokoi, Hajime; Kawai, Satoru; Matsuda, Hajime, 1997:
Relationship between longevity and body weight in Glossina morsitans morsitans

Fowler, D.B.; Limin, A.E.; Wang,; Ward, R.W., 1996:
Relationship between low-temperature tolerance and vernalization response in wheat and rye

Jensen, A.; Blaha, T., 1997:
Relationship between management and hygiene factors in pig herds and slaughter check results

Firek, E., 1996:
Relationship between management and utilization of meadows and pastures

Sharma, H.O.; Nahatkar, S., 1995:
Relationship between market arrivals and prices of soyabean with special reference to Krishi Uppaj Mandi, Sehore (M.P.)

Tekinalp, G.; Oran, O.; Gürakan, B.; Saraçel, M.; Erdem, G.; Yurdakök, M.; Gürgey, A., 1996:
Relationship between maternal and neonatal iron stores

Frelut, M.L.; de Courcy, G.P.; Christidès, J.P.; Blot, P.; Navarro, J., 1995:
Relationship between maternal folate status and foetal hypotrophy in a population with a good socio-economical level

Engstrom, E.M.; Anjos, L.A., 1996:
Relationship between maternal nutritional status and overweight in Brazilian children

Kerbler, T.; Buhr, M.; Jordan, L.; Leslie, K.; Walton, J., 1997:
Relationship between maternal plasma progesterone concentration and interferon-tau synthesis by the conceptus in cattle

Høgh, B.; Marbiah, N.T.; Burghaus, P.A.; Andersen, P.K., 1995:
Relationship between maternally derived anti-Plasmodium falciparum antibodies and risk of infection and disease in infants living in an area of Liberia, west Africa, in which malaria is highly endemic

Smith, D.A.; Dollman, J.; Withers, R.T.; Brinkman, M.; Keeves, J.P.; Clark, D.G., 1997:
Relationship between maximum aerobic power and resting metabolic rate in young adult women

Pailly, O.; Habib, R.; Delecolle, R., 1997:
Relationship between mean air temperature and soluble solids evolution during maturing of kiwifruit in orchard

Liu XingHui; She WenQing; Zhang HuiBin, 1996:
Relationship between membrane fatty acid in leaves and cold resistance of longan and litchi

Lionetti, L.; Iossa, S.; Brand, M.D.; Liverini, G., 1996:
Relationship between membrane potential and respiration rate in isolated liver mitochondria from rats fed an energy dense diet; Zeng WenXian; Yang JinAn, 1996:
Relationship between meteorological condition and longan yields. I. Analysis on the selection target productive zone and yields ratio under different meteorological conditions

Shenoi, M.M.; Wajid, S.M.A.; Sreenivas, S.S., 1995:
Relationship between meteorological factors and anthracnose disease of FCV tobacco nursery

Simon, A., 1997:
Relationship between methods of measuring the fibrousness of fresh and canned white asparagus

Yang, J.L., 1996:
Relationship between microdensity and collapse in Eucalyptus regnans F. Muell

Kato, T.; Goto, M.; Sato, H., 1996:
Relationship between milk protein levels at an early postpartum stage and reproductive efficiency in dairy cows

Agabriel, C.; Coulon, J.B.; Brunschwig, G.; Sibra, C.; Nafidi, C., 1995:
Relationship between milk quality and farm characteristics

Kampl, B.; Martincic, T., 1995:
Relationship between milk urea and liver cytosolic phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase activity in cows

Rosselet, S.; Schleppi, Y.; Duc, E., 1996:
Relationship between milk yield and fertility

Pantoja, J.; Custodio, A.A.; Randel, P.F.; Cianzio, S.; Rodriguez, B., 1996:
Relationship between milk yield and somatic cell count in complete lactations in dairy herds in Puerto Rico

Toharmat, T.; Tanabe, S.; Kume, S.; Kameoka, K., 1996:
Relationship between mineral absorption and plasma mineral concentration in growing goats

Kim, M.C.; Ko, S.B., 1994:
Relationship between mineral contents of soil and mixed forages grown at 3 different altitudes on Cheju

Vaquero, M.P.; Navarro, M.P., 1996:
Relationship between moderate food restriction during pregnancy and Fe, Zn and Cu contents in maternal tissues and foetuses

Yamaguchi, F.; Uchida, S.; Watabe, S.; Kojima, H.; Shimizu, N.; Hatanaka, C., 1995:
Relationship between molecular weights of pectin and hypocholesterolemic effects in rats

Lusky, A.; Barell, V.; Lubin, F.; Kaplan, G.; Layani, V.; Shohat, Z.; Lev, B.; Wiener, M., 1996:
Relationship between morbidity and extreme values of body mass index in adolescents

Kang JinHo; Brink, G.E., 1995:
Relationship between morphological and physiological characters of white clover cultivars with different leaf size

Saitoh, K.; Kikuiri, M.; Ishihara, K., 1995:
Relationship between movement of the trifoliolate compound leaf and environmental factors in the soyabean canopy. V. Differences in leaf movement among cultivars

Tsai, J.J.; Ho, C.Y.; Wang, S.R., 1995:
Relationship between nasal resistance and airway hyperreactivity following nasal provocation with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus in allergic rhinitis

Bethenod, O.; Tardieu, F.; Katerji, N., 1996:
Relationship between net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance in leaves of field-grown maize subjected to soil compaction or soil drying

Sugiyama, N.; Okutani, I., 1996:
Relationship between nitrate reduction and oxalate synthesis in spinach leaves

Comba, M.E.; Benavides, M.P.; Gallego, S.M.; Tomaro, M.L., 1997:
Relationship between nitrogen fixation and oxidative stress induction in nodules of salt-treated soybean plants

Marcos Filho, J.; Custodio, C.C.; Camara, G.M.S.; Marcos, E.A.; Miranda, R.E., 1994:
Relationship between nitrogen sources, germination and vigour of soybean seeds

Fukuta, N.; Yukawa, T., 1996:
Relationship between nonstructural carbohydrate concentration and snow tolerance of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Yamauchi, M.N.; Gobbi, N.; Chaud Netto, J.; Campos Farinha, A.E., 1997:
Relationship between number of ovipositions of Cotesia flavipes (Cam.) and number of descendants emerging from its host Diatraea saccharalis (Fabr.)

Konndoh, H.; Nishio, M.; Katoh, K.; Takahashi, S.; Shiyomi, M., 1995:
Relationship between number of spores of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus content in grassland soil

Kumar, V.; Verma, K.S., 1997:
Relationship between nutrient element content of the index leaf and cane yield and juice quality of sugarcane genotypes

Trivedi, S.K.; Singh, V.; Daipuria, O.P.; Tomar, R.A.S., 1995:
Relationship between nutrients efficiency and cropping sequence of blackgram and mustard crops and their economics

Halle, M.; Berg, A.; Frey, I.; Koenig, D.; Keul, J.; Baumstark, M.W., 1995:
Relationship between obesity and concentration and composition of low-density lipoprotein subfractions in normoinsulinemic men

Kataoka, I.; Uchida, Y.; Beppu, K., 1997:
Relationship between occurrence of cracking and berry character of 'Fujiminori' grapes

Muller, T.; Schluter, H.; Kautzsch, S., 1995:
Relationship between oral immunization against rabies and changes in the numbers of foxes

Gao Ning; Gao HiuYuan; Shi DingSui; Abulait ; Wang JunLing; Huang WenTong, 1995:
Relationship between osmotic adjustment and drought resistance in two grass turfs under water stress

Rodriguez Mambuca, R.J.; Torres, B.M.; Ravelo Bravo, S., 1996:
Relationship between parameters of quality and freshness of sugarcane

Farjat, J.A.B.sualdo; Minvielle, M.C.; Pezzani, B.C.; Niedfeld, G., 1995:
Relationship between parasitical inoculum and immunological parameters in experimental toxocariasis

Lessire, F.; Gustin, P.; Delaunois, A.; Bloden, S.; Nemmar, A.; Vargas, M.; Ansay, M., 1996:
Relationship between parathion and paraoxon toxicokinetics, lung metabolic activity, and cholinesterase inhibition in guinea pig and rabbit lungs

Swenson, L.; Häggström, J.; Kvart, C.; Juneja, R.K., 1996:
Relationship between parental cardiac status in Cavalier King Charles spaniels and prevalence and severity of chronic valvular disease in offspring

Yuasa, K.; Hatai, K., 1995:
Relationship between pathogenicity of Saprolegnia spp. isolates to rainbow trout and their biological characteristics

Takase, S.; Suruga, K.; Suzuki, R.; Goda, T., 1996:
Relationship between perinatal appearance of cellular retinol-binding protein, type II and retinal reductase activity in chick liver

Ogata, Y.; Abe, H.; Misawa, T.; Takahashi, K.; Ban, A.; Katoh, T.; Sakai, J.I., 1995:
Relationship between perinatal death and birth weight in Japanese Black calves

Sivanarayana, G.; Reddy, S.J.; Reddy, G.R., 1995:
Relationship between personal socio-economic factors and information input pattern of ICDS and non-ICDS rural women (U.P.)

Reddy, M.R.; Singh, Y.P.; Rao, B.S., 1995:
Relationship between personal socio-psychological characteristics of agricultural assistants and their role expectation and role performance

Shehrawat, P.S.; Sharma, R.K., 1995:
Relationship between personality traits and problems encountered by educated unemployed rural youth

Nagayama, T.; Kobayashi, M.; Shioda, H.; Ito, M.; Tamura, Y., 1995:
Relationship between pesticide residues in fruit peel and flesh

Marvin, H.J.P.; Krechting, C.F.; Van Loo, E.N.; Snijders, C.H.A.; Lommen, A.; Dolstra, O., 1996:
Relationship between phenolic acids formed during rumen degradation of maize samples and in vitro digestibility

Kaodziej, Z., 1994:
Relationship between phosphorus content in potato tubers and in potato starch

Loreto, F.; Ciccioli, P.; Cecinato, A.; Brancaleoni, E.; Frattoni, M., 1995:
Relationship between photosynthesis and alpha -pinene emission from Quercus ilex leaves under different environmental conditions

Mythili, J.B.; Nair, T.V.R., 1996:
Relationship between photosynthetic carbon exchange rate, specific leaf mass and other leaf characteristics in chickpea genotypes

Schönknecht, G.; Neimanis, S.; Katona, E.; Gerst, U.; Heber, U., 1995:
Relationship between photosynthetic electron transport and pH gradient across the thylakoid membrane in intact leaves

Filella, I.; Amaro, T.; Araus, J.L.; Penuelas, J., 1996:
Relationship between photosynthetic radiation-use efficiency of barley canopies and the photochemical reflectance index (PRI)

Lopez, G.; Ros, G.; Rincon, F.; Periago, M.J.; Martinez, M.C.; Ortuno, J., 1996:
Relationship between physical and hydration properties of soluble and insoluble fiber of artichoke

Maffeis, C.; Zaffanello, M.; Schutz, Y., 1997:
Relationship between physical inactivity and adiposity in prepubertal boys

Read, R.A.; Armstrong, S.J.; Black, A.P.; Macpherson, G.C.; Yovich, J.C.; Davey, T., 1996:
Relationship between physical signs of elbow dysplasia and radiographic score in growing Rottweilers

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