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Relationship between soybean maturity group and the phenology and abundance of stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) : impact on yield and quality

McPherson, R.M.

Journal of Entomological Science 31(2): 199-208


ISSN/ISBN: 0749-8004
Accession: 002942094

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Soyabean, Glycine max, varieties in maturity groups IV-VIII were sampled weekly for stink bugs from mid-June to mid-October 1993 and 1994 in Georgia, USA. Plots were either treated with tralomethrin to control stink bugs or left untreated to measure yield and seed quality losses to the pests. In 1993, stink bug populations peaked at 8.3 per 25 sweeps in the Group IV NK S4884 in late-August, 6 weeks after the R4 growth stage (full pod without seeds).

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