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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2946

Chapter 2946 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chang, R. Y.; Peterson, P. A., 1995: Resistance to Bipolaris maydis is controlled by two genes

Ellis, P. R.; Singh, R.; Pink, D. A. C.; Lynn, J. R.; Saw, P. L., 1996: Resistance to Brevicoryne brassicae in horticultural brassicas

Hennessey, M. K.; Knight, R. J, Jr, 1994: Resistance to Caribbean fruit fly in carambola germplasm

Aguirre, Km; Sayles, Pc; Gibson, Gw; Johnson, Ll, 1996: Resistance to Cryptococcus neoformans is associated with an inflammatory response to Toxoplasma gondii in the central nervous system of mice

Jonsson, H. A.; Engqvist, G., 1996: Resistance to Drechslera diseases in meadow fescue

Allefs, J. J. H. M.; Dooijeweert, W. van; Jong, E. R. de; Prummel, W.; Hoogendoorn, J., 1995: Resistance to Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica in second backcross populations of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum and S. brevidens

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945006

Robinson, J.; Jalli, M., 1996: Resistance to Finnish net blotch and scald isolates in barleys bred for Latin America

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945009

Singh, D.; Singh, S.; Cheema, D. S.; Brar, K. S., 1994: Resistance to Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in tomato genotypes

Ohm, H. W.; Ratcliffe, R. H.; Patterson, F. L.; Cambron, S. E., 1997: Resistance to Hessian fly conditioned by genes H19 and proposed gene H27 of durum wheat line PI422297

Tacconi, R.; Pola, R., 1996: Resistance to Heterodera schachtii of oleiferous radish, white mustard and kenaf

Chauhan, R. S.; Singh, B. M., 1997: Resistance to Karnal bunt in Hordeum chilense and its amphiploids with Triticum species

Demant, P.; Lipoldova, M.; Svobodova, M., 1996: Resistance to Leishmania major in mice

Julia, Valerie; Rassoulzadegan, Minoo; Glaichenhaus, Nicolas, 1996: Resistance to Leishmania major induced by tolerance to a single antigen

Janssen, G. J. W.; Norel, A. van; Verkerk Bakker, B.; Janssen, R., 1996: Resistance to Meloidogyne chitwoodi, M. fallax and M. hapla in wild tuber-bearing Solanum spp

Ivancic, A.; Kokoa, P.; Simin, A.; Gunua, T., 1995: Resistance to Phytophthora colocasiae Racib. in taro Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott: a genetic study of segregating populations

Weg, W. E. van de, 1997: Resistance to Phytophthora fragariae var. fragariae in strawberry: the Rpf2 gene

Barr, K. J.; Asher, M. J. C.; Lewis, B. G., 1995: Resistance to Polymyxa betae in wild Beta species

Robinson, J.; Jalli, M.; Lindqvist, H., 1997: Resistance to Rhynchosporium secalis in six Nordic barley genotypes

Sharma, S. B., 1995: Resistance to Rotylenchulus reniformis, Heterodera cajani, and Meloidogyne javanica in accessions of Cajanus platycarpus

Hijwegen, T.; Verhaar, M. A.; Zadoks, J. C., 1996: Resistance to Sphaerotheca pannosa in roses induced by 2,6-dichloroisonicotinic acid

Harbo, J. R.; Hoopingarner, R., 1995: Resistance to Varroa expressed by honey bees in the USA

Labrosse, B.; Pleskoff, O.; Sol, N.; Jones, C.; Henin, Y.; Alizon, M., 1997: Resistance to a drug blocking human immunodeficiency virus type 1 entry (RPR103611) is conferred by mutations in gp41

Cuvin Aralar, Maria Lourdes A.; Aralar, Emiliano V., 1995: Resistance to a heavy metal mixture in Oreochromis niloticus progenies from parents chronically exposed to the same metals

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945028

Zanin, G.; Lucchin, M., 1996: Resistance to acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase inhibiting herbicides: preliminary results on the resistance to diclofop-methyl of various Avena sterilis biotypes in Italy

Tardif, F. J.; Preston, C.; Holtum, J. A. M.; Powles, S. B., 1996: Resistance to acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase-inhibiting herbicides endowed by a single major gene encoding a resistant target site in a biotype of Lolium rigidum

Guo, B. Z.; Russin, J. S.; Brown, R. L.; Cleveland, T. E.; Widstrom, N. W., 1996: Resistance to aflatoxin contamination in corn as influenced by relative humidity and kernel germination

Yun, H. S.; Cho, Y. K.; Park, P. K.; Park, K. K., 1995: Resistance to air flow through fruits and vegetables in bulk

Yun, H. S.; Cho, Y. K.; Park, K. K., 1995: Resistance to air flow through packed fruits and vegetables in vented box

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945034

Pathipanawat, W.; Jones, R. A. C.; Sivasithamparam, K., 1996: Resistance to alfalfa mosaic virus in button medic (Medicago orbicularis)

Odds, F. C., 1995: Resistance to antifungal agents in clinically important yeasts

Joseph Horne, T.; Manning, N. J.; Hollomon, D.; Kelly, S. L., 1996: Resistance to antifungal azoles in Ustilago maydis through alteration of sterol Delta 5(6) desaturase

Schouten, H. J.; Schenk, A., 1997: Resistance to apple scab broken through in some places

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945039

Morales Valles, P. A., 1997: Resistance to attacks of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Homoptera; Aleyrodidae) in eight melon cultivars in Paraguana, Falcon state, Venezuela

Scott, Jeffrey G., 1995: Resistance to avermectins in the house fly, Musca domestica

Asensio, C.; Cosquero, P. A., 1996: Resistance to bacterial brown spot in varieties of dry beans. The breeding programme developed at the Servicio de Investigacion Agraria in Valladolid

Prior, P.; Bart, S.; Leclercq, S.; Darrasse, A.; Anais, G., 1996: Resistance to bacterial wilt in tomato as discerned by spread of Pseudomonas (Burkholderia) solanacearum in the stem tissues

Kato, A.; Inoue, Y., 1995: Resistance to banded leaf and sheath blight (Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn) after fall of lower sheaths in maize

Jarosz, A. M.; Burdon, J. J., 1996: Resistance to barley scald (Rhynchosporium secalis) in wild barley grass (Hordeum glaucum and Hordeum leporinum) populations in south-eastern Australia

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945046

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945047

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945048

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945049

Shukla, A. N., 1996: Resistance to blister rust by application of systemic fungicides on chir (Pinus roxburghii Sargent)

Urwin, Peter E.; Lilley, Catherine J.; Mcpherson, Michael J.; Atkinson, Howard J., 1997: Resistance to both cyst and root-knot nematodes conferred by transgenic Arabidopsis expressing a modified plant cystatin

Pacheco, I. A.; Bolonhezi, S.; Sartori, M. R.; Turatti, J. M.; Paula, D. C. de; Lourencao, A. L., 1994: Resistance to bruchids, fatty acid composition and grain texture in genotypes of chickpea

Ellis, P. R.; Farrell, J. A., 1995: Resistance to cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) in six brassica accessions in New Zealand

Rukaria Kaumbutho, R. M.; Ojwang, S. B. O.; Oyieke, J. B., 1996: Resistance to chloroquine therapy in pregnant women with malaria parasitemia

Umaharan, P.; Ariyanayagam, R. P.; Haque, S. Q., 1997: Resistance to cowpea severe mosaic virus, determined by three dosage dependent genes in Vigna unguiculata L. Walp

Shiohara, T.; Moriya, N.; Hayakawa, J.; Itohara, S.; Ishikawa, H., 1996: Resistance to cutaneous graft-vs.-host disease is not induced in T cell receptor delta gene-mutant mice

Joshua, R. A.; Obwolo, M. J.; Bwangamoi, O.; Mandebvu, Evelyn, 1995: Resistance to diminazine aceturate by Trypanosoma congolense from cattle in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe

Brown, Daniel A.; Windham, Mark T.; Trigiano, Robert N., 1996: Resistance to dogwood anthracnose among Cornus species

Zabalia, O.; Claure, T.; Carvajal, J., 1995: Resistance to ear rot (Fusarium moniliforme) in the population Pairumani Aychasara 101

Funayama, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1995: Resistance to fenpyroximate and pyridaben in two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch. (Acari: Tetranychidae) in southern Akita Prefecture

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945064

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945065

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945066

Bazile Pham Khac, Sandrine; Truong, Que Chi; Lafont, Jean Pierre; Gutmann, Laurent; Zhou, Xiang Yang; Osman, Mohammad; Moreau, Nicole J., 1996: Resistance to fluoroquinolones in Escherichia coli isolated from poultry

Leather, S. R., 1996: Resistance to foliage-feeding insects in conifers: implications for pest management

Duchene, E.; Desbureaux, J.; Roques, F. P.; Gate, P.; Deneufbourg, F., 1994: Resistance to frost and to winter conditions of combining pea varieties

Jonsson, J. O., 1996: Resistance to fungal diseases - an important factor in the cultivation system of the day

Manners, John M.; Dickman, Martin B., 1997: Resistance to fungal pathogens

Gullino, M. L.; Garibaldi, A., 1997: Resistance to fungicides

Chabane, K.; Leroux, P.; Bompeix, G., 1996: Resistance to fungicides and streptomycin in Phytophthora parasitica: genetic determinism and use in hybrid determination

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945074

Jeffs, S. A., 1997: Resistance to immunodeficiency viruses and its relevance to vaccine development

Maeda, A.; Kon, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Hayashi, M., 1997: Resistance to infection with mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) in the cell clones derived from persistently infected DBT cells with the JHM strain of MHV

Cervato, P.; Cravedi, P., 1995: Resistance to insecticides in Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Rhynchota Aphididae) in Italian peach orchards

Tabashnik, B. E., 1995: Resistance to insecticides, Bacillus thuringiensis, and transgenic plants

Koul, O.; Shankar, J. S.; Mehta, N.; Sharma, S. N.; Singh, B.; Taneja, S. C., 1995: Resistance to insects in selective ecotypes of Cymbopogon pendulus (Nees Ex Steud) Wats

Cellier, M.; Belouchi, A.; Gros, P., 1996: Resistance to intracellular infections: comparative genomic analysis of Nramp

Walia, U. S.; Brar, L. S.; Dhaliwal, B. K., 1997: Resistance to isoproturon in Phalaris minor Retz. in Punjab

Nankam, C.; Pataky, J. K., 1996: Resistance to kernel infection by Fusarium moniliforme in the sweet corn inbred IL125b

Ordonez, M. E.; Forbes, G. A.; Trognitz, B. R., 1997: Resistance to late blight in potato. A putative gene that suppresses R genes and is elicited by specific isolates

Trognitz, B.; Forbes, G.; Hardy, B., 1995 : Resistance to late blight of potato from wild species

Cordo, C. A.; Perello, A.; Arriaga, H. O.; Benedicto, G.; Avila, V.; Ziglino, I. R. de, 1994: Resistance to leaf spot caused by Septoria tritici in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945087

Neviani, E.; Gatti, M.; Tarelli, G. T.; Divizia, R., 1996: Resistance to lysozyme in lactic acid bacteria

Santos, J. P.; Guimaraes, P. E. O.; Waquil, J. M.; Foster, J. E., 1996: Resistance to maize weevil in quality protein maize lines and commercial corn hybrids

Labie, D., 1997: Resistance to malaria: interaction of multiple factors

Bond, Jayne Anne; Bradley, Brian P., 1997: Resistance to malathion in heat-shocked Daphnia magna

Bazin, G.; Roux, B., 1995: Resistance to marginalization in Mediterranean rural regions

Gelernter, W. D., 1997: Resistance to microbial insecticides: the scale of the problem and how to manage it

Eguaras, M.; Marcangeli, J.; Oppedisano, M.; Fernandez, N.; Garcia, O., 1996: Resistance to mites. Studies on honey bee colonies in SE Buenos Aires, Argentina

Singh, K.; Singh, S.; Gumber, R. K., 1996: Resistance to mungbean yellow mosaic virus in mung bean

Anonymous, 1995: Resistance to new technology: nuclear power, information technology and biotechnology

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945099

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945100

Cueva, F. I. C. de la; Pujol, M. R.; Rigau, T.; Bonet, S.; Miro, J.; Briz, M.; Rodriguez Gill, J. E., 1997: Resistance to osmotic stress of horse spermatozoa: the role of ionic pumps and their relationship to cryopreservation success

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945102

Lasat, M. M.; Ditomaso, J. M.; Hart, J. J.; Kochian, L. V., 1996: Resistance to paraquat in Hordeum glaucum is temperature dependent and not associated with enhanced apoplasmic binding

Becher, H. H., 1996: Resistance to penetration within single soil aggregates and their importance for ecosystem estimation approaches

Tenllado, F.; Garcia Luque, I.; Serra, M. T.; Diaz Ruiz, J. R., 1996: Resistance to pepper mild mottle tobamovirus conferred by the 54-kDa gene sequence in transgenic plants does not require expression of the wild-type 54-kDa protein

Gisi, U.; Cohen, Y., 1996: Resistance to phenylamide fungicides: a case study with Phytophthora infestans involving mating type and race structure

Morandini, P.; Murgia, I.; Campi, L.; Gomarasca, S.; Villani, S.; Ludwig, N.; Soave, C., 1996: Resistance to phytotoxins: developing selection methods based on the physiological action of the toxin

Cook, R.; Mizen, K. A., 1989: Resistance to plant parasitic nematodes in ryegrasses and white clover

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945109

Valkonen, Jari P. T.; Palohuhta, Jukka P., 1996: Resistance to potato virus A and potato virus Y in potato cultivars grown in Finland

Legnani, R.; Laterrot, H.; Selassie, K. G.; Marchoux, G., 1995: Resistance to potato virus Y (PVY) in tomato

Boiteux, L. S.; Cupertino, F. P.; Silva, C.; Dusi, A. N.; Monte Neshich, D. C.; Vlugt, R. A. A. van der; Fonseca, M. E. N., 1996: Resistance to potato virus Y (pathotype 1-2) in Capsicum annuum and Capsicum chinense is controlled by two independent major genes

Pasko, P.; Gil Ortega, R.; Luis Arteaga, M., 1996: Resistance to potato virus Y in peppers

Agur, M., 1995: Resistance to potato viruses X, Y, M, S and N in the potato varieties most widely cultivated in Estonia

Dreiseitl, A., 1997: Resistance to powdery mildew of barley lines

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945116

Singh, R. K.; Atul Singh; Saxena, M. M. S.; Singh, S. B.; Singh, G. P., 1995: Resistance to red-rot (Colletotrichum falcatum) in early-maturing crosses of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Wang, M.; Goldman, I. L., 1996: Resistance to root knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood) in carrot is controlled by two recessive genes

Starr, J. L.; Smith, C. W., 1995: Resistance to root-knot nematodes - multiple location tests

Liharska, T. B.; Williamson, V. M., 1997: Resistance to root-knot nematodes in tomato

Janssen, G. J. W., 1997: Resistance to root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp., in potato

Thompson, J. P.; Haak, M. I., 1997: Resistance to root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus thornei) in Aegilops tauschii Coss., the D-genome donor to wheat

Rabeendran, N.; Arulnandhy, V., 1995: Resistance to rust and leaf spots in ICRISAT groundnut lines in eastern Sri Lanka

Hu, Jinxin; Bumstead, Nat; Barrow, Paul; Sebastiani, Giovanna; Olien, Leonard; Morgan, Kenneth; Malo, Danielle, 1997: Resistance to salmonellosis in the chicken is linked to NRAMP1 and TNC

Jones, R. A. C.; Cowling, W. A., 1995: Resistance to seed transmission of cucumber mosaic virus in narrow-leafed lupins (Lupinus angustifolius)

Dicenta, F.; Garcia, J. E.; Gella, R.; Martinez Gomez, P., 1996: Resistance to sharka: a trait for improvement in Spanish apricots

Lapierre, H.; Prud' homme, H.; Fouchard, M.; Hariri, D.; Limouzin, F., 1995: Resistance to soil-borne wheat mosaic virus (SBWMV) in durum wheat

Galvao, C.; Jurberg, J.; Lent, H., 1996: Resistance to starvation in Triatoma nitida Usinger, 1939 in the laboratory (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae)

Fox, S. L.; Harder, D. E., 1995: Resistance to stem rust in barley and inheritance of resistance to race QCC

Wellmann, H.; Schauz, K.; Tiemann, R., 1996: Resistance to sterol demethylation inhibitors in Ustilago maydis. III. Cross-resistance patterns and sterol analyses

Yildirim, A.; Jones, S. S.; Murray, T. D.; Cox, T. S.; Line, R. F., 1995: Resistance to stripe rust and eyespot disease of wheat in Triticum tauschii

Ma, H.; Singh, R. P.; Mujeeb Kazi, A., 1997: Resistance to stripe rust in durum wheats, A-genome diploids, and their amphiploids

Ma, Hong; Singh, Ravi P.; Abdalla, Osman, 1997: Resistance to stripe rust in five durum wheat cultivars

Jackai, L. E. N.; Padulosi, S.; Ng, Q., 1996: Resistance to the legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata Fabricius, and the probable modalities involved in wild Vigna

Kato, K.; Kawamura, K.; Ueki, C., 1995: Resistance to the pinewood nematode in seedlings obtained from resistant clonal seed orchards

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945136

Cailliez, B., 1996: Resistance to the pyralid, coming soon

Robbins, R. T.; Rakes, L., 1996: Resistance to the reniform nematode in selected soybean cultivars and germplasm lines

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945141

Ahmed, E. A.; El Jack, A. E.; Salama, A. M.; Dafalla, G. A., 1996: Resistance to three isolates of zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV) in squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Kurtti, Tj; Munderloh, Ug; Hughes, Can; Engstrom, Sm; Johnson, Rc, 1996: Resistance to tick-borne spirochete challenge induced by Borrelia burgdorferi strains that differ in expression of outer surface proteins

Piccirillo, P.; Piro, F., 1996: Resistance to tobamoviruses in Nicotiana tabacum

Tsuda, S.; Yoshioka, K.; Ohdaira, Y.; Fujisawa, I., 1996: Resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus in tobacco plants transformed with the high expression vector

Ultzen, Tineke; Gielen, Jan; Venema, Fenna; Westerbroek, Annemarie; De Haan, Peter; Tan, Mei Lie; Schram, Andre; Van Grinsven, Mart; Goldbach, Rob, 1995: Resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus in transgenic tomato hybrids

Noris, E.; Accotto, G. P.; Tavazza, R.; Brunetti, A.; Crespi, S.; Tavazza, M., 1996: Resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl geminivirus in Nicotiana benthamiana plants transformed with a truncated viral C1 gene

Wang, Y. Y.; Gardner, R. C.; Pearson, M. N., 1997: Resistance to vanilla necrosis potyvirus in transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana plants containing the virus coat protein gene

Hammond, J., 1996: Resistance to various potyviruses in transgenic plants expressing different forms of potyvirus coat protein gene

Nakamura, Shigeo; Honkura, Ryoso; Ugaki, Masashi; Ohshima, Masahiro; Ohashi, Yuko, 1995: Resistance to viral infection in transgenic plants expressing ribozymes designed against cucumber mosaic virus RNA3

Valkonen, J. P. T.; Orrillo, M.; Slack, S. A.; Plaisted, R. L.; Watanabe, K. N., 1995: Resistance to viruses in F1 hybrids produced by direct crossing between diploid Solanum series Tuberosa and diploid S. brevidens (series Etuberosa) using S. phureja for rescue pollination

Ehara, Y.; Nakamura, S.; Yoshikawa, M.; Shirasawa, N.; Taira, H., 1994: Resistance to viruses in transgenic tobacco plants introduced mammalian 2,5-oligoadenylate synthetase cDNA

Sellin, Arne, 1996: Resistance to water flow in the xylem of Picea abies trees grown in contrasting edaphic conditions

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945156

Frahm, J., 1995: Resistance-the current position

Bauer, Leah S., 1995: Resistance: a threat to the insecticidal crystal proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis

Mackay, G. R., 1996: Resistance: the foundation of integrated pathogen management of late blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Lamb, D. C.; Corran, A.; Baldwin, B. C.; Kwon Chung, J.; Kelly, S. L., 1995: Resistant P45051A1 activity in azole antifungal tolerant Cryptococcus neoformans from AIDS patients

Kellerhals, M.; Goerre, M.; Weibel, F., 1996: Resistant apple cultivars: results of four taste tests

Li GuoQing; Wang YinChang; Han ZhaoJun; Gao JiaHua; Gu ZhengYuan, 1996: Resistant factors in the blade of NJ 14 and their influence on food utilization and survival of brown planthopper

Li XinHai; Zou DeTang, 1996: Resistant gene analysis of japonica rice variety, Dongnong 415, to Pyricularia grisea Saccardo

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945164

Phillips, P., 1996: Resistant oropharyngeal candidiasis in AIDS

Babovic, M.; Bulajic, A.; Delibasic, G., 1995: Resistant planting material in controlling Erwinia amylovora

Rankovic, M.; Ogasanovic, D., 1995: Resistant plums in sharka virus control

Johnson, I. T.; Gee, J. M., 1996: Resistant starch

Behall, Kay M.; Howe, Juliette C., 1996: Resistant starch as energy

Birkett, Anne; Muir, Jane; Phillips, Jodi; Jones, Gwyn; O'dea, Kerin, 1996: Resistant starch lowers fecal concentrations of ammonia and phenols in humans

Lichtfouse, E.; Chenu, C.; Baudin, F., 1996: Resistant ultralaminae in soils

Terada, Yutaka; Ishida, Mitsugi; Yamanaka, Harumichi, 1995: Resistibility to Theileria sergenti infection in Holstein and Japanese black cattle

Saurabh Sinha, 1996: Resisting change? Adaptations by traditional pastoralists to the Rajasthan Canal Project

Vasco, D. W.; Datta Gupta, A.; Long, J. C. S., 1997: Resolution and uncertainty in hydrologic characterization

Cahill, M.; Jarvis, W.; Gorman, K.; Denholm, I., 1996: Resolution of baseline responses and documentation of resistance to buprofezin in Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Forster Van Hufte, M. A.; Curtis, C. F.; White, R. N., 1997: Resolution of exfoliative dermatitis and Malassezia pachydermatis overgrowth in a cat after surgical thymoma resection

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Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945180

Devine, K. J.; Byrne, J.; Maher, N.; Jones, P. W., 1996: Resolution of natural hatching factors for golden potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis

Kodadova, B., 1996: Resolution of pheromone pulses in receptor cells of Antheraea polyphemus at different temperatures

Kramell, Robert; Schneider, Gernot; Miersch, Otto, 1996: Resolution of racemic jasmonic acid and abscisic acid by chiral high performance liquid chromatography

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945184

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945185

Piller, Kenneth J.; Rusche, Laura N.; Cruz Reyes, Jorge; Sollner Webb, Barbara, 1997: Resolution of the RNA editing gRNA-directed endonuclease from two other endonucleases of Trypanosoma brucei mitochondria

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Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945937

Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945938

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Section 3, Chapter 2946, Accession 002945998

Section 3, Chapter 2946 , Accession 002945999

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