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Seasonal incidence of ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps clareae Delf. and Baker and its control in Apis mellifera L. colonies

Gatoria, G.S.; Brar, H.S.; Jhajj, H.S.

Journal of Insect Science 8(2): 157-159


ISSN/ISBN: 1536-2442
Accession: 002952426

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The seasonal incidence of Tropilaelaps clareae and the use of sulfur for control were studied in the Indian Punjab during 1984-89. The ectoparasite was observed throughout the year in colonies of Apis mellifera, with peaks of infestation during March-April (21.75+or-6.30-29.86+or-8.50%) and October-November (13.18+or-7.64-14.23+or-7.64%). The incidence progressively decreased from 26.8% in 1984 to 1.73% in 1989.

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