Simulation and modelling of the rainfall distribution process in the forest canopy I. Models of throughfall, stemflow and canopy interception under constant rainfall intensity

Pei TieTao; Zheng YuanChang

Scientia Silvae Sinicae 32(1): 1-10


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-7488
Accession: 002957645

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Distribution of rainfall in a forest canopy was simulated in the laboratory using the canopies of one plant of Larix potaninii (16 years old, height 3.3 m and leaf area index (LAI) 6.123) and one plant of Quercus (10 years old, height 4.5 m and LAI 3.656). Rainfall intensity was 1.5 mm/min and duration 15 min (total rainfall 22.5 mm), falling from a height of 4-5 m. Models were developed for the processes of throughfall, stemflow and canopy interception based on the data from the simulation. Tests on the 3 models showed that the results from the simulation had a relative error of <6% compared with data from actual field conditions.