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Studies on paddy-upland rotations on fluvio-marine paddy soils. 2. Changes in yield and soil properties with cropping systems in paddy-upland rotations

Yoo ChulHyun; Yang ChangHyu; Lee KyungBo; Kim JongGu; Uhm TaekYong; So JaeDon; Rhee GyeongSoo

RDA Journal of Agricultural Science, Soil and Fertilizer 37(1): 271-278


Accession: 002967725

The changes in crop yield and soil physicochemical properties were investigated in fluvio-marine paddy soils with subsurface drainage. Bulk density and soil hardness decreased with a 1 year rotation. Soil pH was high in soyabean-barley rotation plots, organic matter content decreased in all plots except the 1 year rotation plot. Average P2O5 and exchangeable K and Ca contents increased in rotation plots.

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