Studies on the seeding and harvesting dates of early and late maturing varieties of forage rye. III. Analysis of growth influenced by seeding and harvesting dates

Kwon ChanHo; Kim DongAm

Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland Science 15(1): 37-42


Accession: 002968929

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Field trials were carried out in 1986-89 to assess the effects of sowing and harvest dates on the growth of early (cv. Wintermore) and late maturing (cv. Kodiak) rye. Early sowing resulted in increased leaf and tiller numbers in both cultivars. The tiller dry weight of Wintermore was higher than that of Kodiak in September sowings. Maximum LAI and leaf index duration (LAID) were achieved with early sowing and early maturing cultivars. There was a high correlation between LAI and LAID, and DM accumulation.