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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2971

Chapter 2971 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dong KuanHu; Jin ZongLi; Wang YinKui; Zhang JianQiang, 1995:
Study on dynamics of herbage yield in Bothriochloa ischaemum shrub grassland of Shanxi

Kim DeogSu; O.S.ngKun; Chin MoonSup, 1995:
Study on early cultivation techniques for food-type sweet potatoes in the north-central Korea Republic

Chen ZaoYing; Lun SiChun; Cao Hong, 1996:
Study on early pregnancy diagnosis of ewes by ultrasonic tomographic scanning

Shen XueRong; Chen XinRong; X.Z.iHong; Wang XingHai; Shen ZhiLian; Pan ZhiHua, 1996:
Study on early shooting, high-yield and keeping mother bamboo of Phyllostachys propinqua

X.Y.ngHua; H.Z.iHong; Xin YiQun, 1996:
Study on eco-geographical variation in chemical composition of soyabeans. Second report

H.Y.eXiang; Zhou HeFeng; Sun Guo, 1996:
Study on economic benefit of Phyllostachys praecox f. pervernalis afforestation

Wang KuiHong; Gao XiaoHui; Pan JinGui; W.L.Dong; W.J.Hua; Guo RenFan, 1996:
Study on economic benefit of fertilizer application in Phyllostachys pubescens forest

Pandey, S.K.; Ramesh, B.; Gupta, P.K., 1994:
Study on effect of genotype and culture medium on callus formation and plant regeneration in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Thakare, C.S.; Patil, P.L.; Rasal, P.H., 1996:
Study on effects of Rhizobium strains on yield of soybean

Ren YongHao; Chen JianJun, 1995:
Study on effects of rhizosphere pH on tobacco growth

Fan, Z.X. et al., 1994:
Study on efficacy of systemic and contact fungicide mixture (ND-901, ND-903) in controlling downy mildew of plastic greenhouse cucumbers

Yang YuFeng; Sasaki, A.; Kato, T., 1995:
Study on efficiency of modification as a predictor of brewing quality in a malting barley breeding programme

Pandya, H.V.; Shah, A.H.; Patel, C.B.; Purohit, M.S.; Rai, A.B., 1995:
Study on egg parasitism of rice yellow stem borer in Gujarat

W.B.Hua, Sun Gen Lou, 1995:
Study on embryo culture of interspecific and intergeneric hybrids from genus Leymus

Mahapatra, A.K.; Pramanik, S.; Sasmal, N.K., 1996:
Study on embryonation of Toxocara canis ova and migration of larvae in rabbit

Sun YueQi; Wang AiMin; Wang Chun, 1996:
Study on energy in the diet of young nutrias

Chan, H.; Li, R.; Bou, S., 1995:
Study on enhancement of the development rate of nuclear transferred bovine embryos

Lin GenShen; Zhang Rong; Zhang BaoCai; Liu YuJie; Guo JianPing; Shao TieLiang, 1995:
Study on environmental noise in sawmills

Shan GuoMin; Qian ChuanFan; Guo QinYuan; Cheng Ming; S.Q.aoLing, 1996:
Study on enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for residue determination of triazine herbicides

Yuan HongChang; Zhang ShaoJi; Liu ZhiDe; Jiang QingWu; Yang QiuJie; H.L.uSheng; W.Z.ongDao; Zhao GenMing, 1995:
Study on epidemiology and optimal strategies for control of schistosomiasis japonica in a lake marshlands region

L.J.anLong; Huang JinFeng; Wei NaHan, 1996:
Study on establishing remote sensing indices and optical models of monitoring and estimating yields in different types of grasslands

Weng RenXian; Chen YiChun; Liao TianCi, 1996:
Study on esterase isoenzymes of Zoysia spp

Mao Zhi, 1997:
Study on evaluation of performance on irrigation systems in China

Lin YiBo; Yang XiaoYan; Liu FenLan, 1994:
Study on evaluation of waterlogging tolerance in 50 wheat varieties (Triticum aestivum L.)

Meng Ping; Zhang JinSong; Song ZhaoMing; L.G.angMing; M.X.uLing, 1996:
Study on evapotranspiration in agroforestry

Mao GuoFang; Chu JinHai, 1997:
Study on evolution of soil ecological environment in zero-tillage rice fields after wheat cropping and countermeasures

M.B.iLin; Wang Lan; Zhang KangJian; Zhang YunXia, 1994:
Study on extraction method of Eucommia ulmoides rubber in the laboratory

Zhang ZongHe; Huang JiaLing; L.B.ngJu; Sun XianYu; Chen JiaHong; Chen WenWen; Qin Qing, 1996 :
Study on extraction technique of tannin from black wattle bark

Sun GuoChang; Shi De; Sun ShuYuan, 1995:
Study on factors influencing identification of strains of Pyricularia oryzae

Malik, J.S.; Sharma, R.K., 1996:
Study on farmers' perceptual experiences of HAU advisory system

Liu YiHai; Cheng ShiYing, 1997:
Study on fast setting technology for cement bonded particleboard

Yamamoto, S.; Masuda, N.; Shimomura, Y.; Abe, D.; Tanaka, T., 1995:
Study on feasibility of computer graphic use in landscape assessment of hilly land

Tomar, S.S.; Sharma, R.C.; Singh, R.B., 1996:
Study on female kid losses up to age at first kidding and replacement rate in dairy goats

Berghe, C.H. van den; Sota, P.; Mujawayezu, A., 1994:
Study on fertilizer addition in the composting process on farms in Mugamba - Burundi

Wang ZhiYa; Zhou NaiJian; Lin DaYi; Zheng RunMei; Lin ChengGu, 1995:
Study on fertilizer application for high yield, low-input millet in a hilly arid area in mid-Shanxi Province

Chen JinLin; Zhang XianYi; Y.C.angQing; Liang WenYan; Zhang BiSong; L.Q.Peng, 1996:
Study on fertilizing practice for high yield Phyllostachys pubescens grove

Qiu JinLong; Wang LongHua; Yan JiQiong, 1997:
Study on fiber differentiation of unfertilized cotton ovules in vitro

Tang XiaoHua; Zhu QingWen; Sun MeiYu; Wang ShuFang, 1996:
Study on fibreboard milling wear resistant metal

Pan HongYu, 1995:
Study on field control of Asian corn borer with Steinernema carpocapsae agriotes

M.X.; M.C.engLin; Zhang ShouQin; Zhang YunFeng, 1997:
Study on field plant distribution of precision planter with the seed drop tube

Song XuMing; Sun HongTao; F.W.iDong; W.C.angBing; Yuan ZhiHui, 1996:
Study on flax anther culture

Liu ShuMing, 1996:
Study on flowering behaviours and crossbreeding techniques of alfalfa

Shui JianGuo; Chen XiQing, 1995:
Study on fluctuation of moisture in different depths in the profiles during dry seasons in a red soil and utilization of deep layer moisture

Chi XinZhi; Yuan YongLan; Guo ZhenZong; Yang WanHai, 1995:
Study on forecasting model of districts of wheat diseases and insect pests in Shandong Province

Zhu WenXue; Cao ChongWen, 1996:
Study on formation and development of stress cracks in corn during high temperature drying

Shao YuTing; Zhen QingXiang; Liu ShiDuo, 1995:
Study on forms and availability of Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe of principal agricultural soils in Gansu Province

Wang XiuDe; Wang FangTao; Liao ZhaoXiong; Lin JinYuan; Mao Pei, 1996:
Study on formula selection and rational application amount of organic-inorganic granular fertilizer for some vegetable species

Gong MingQin, 1996:
Study on fungi of the order Boletales in Jianfengling tropical forest region, Hainan Island

Feng ShuZhang; X.C.ongBo; Huang PeiTang; Liu Zi; Zhang YuHong; Liu XiaoMing; L.F.ngSheng; Meng RuiQi; Yao XiangYan; Zhu Ping, 1997:
Study on gene recombination of the E. coli heat-stable enterotoxin gene with the K99 gene and the LacZ gene

Chen XueQiu et al., 1994:
Study on genetic effect of yield heterosis in sorghum nucleo-cytoplasm hybrids

Huang DanFeng; W.A.Zhong; Liu PeiYing, 1995:
Study on genetic stability of Amorphophallus rivieri tissue culture progenies

Liao QinGan; Lin YiZhoog; L.G.oPin; Han QiQin; Bai WenJu; Wang SuLu, 1995:
Study on genetic tendencies of cold resistance and economic characters of apple hybrid progenies

Li, W.H., 1994:
Study on genetic variability in early-maturing germplasm resources of Upland cotton

L.S.engLian; W.Z.enLan, 1996:
Study on geographical distribution of the genus Stipa L. in China

Sun YuZhen; H.X.aoRong; Chen Hui, 1996:
Study on germination temperatures and methods of breaking dormancy in the seeds of Zoysia japonica

Nagata, M.; Cao QiXin; Mitarai, M.; Fujiki, T.; Kinoshita, O., 1996:
Study on grade judgment of fruit vegetables using machine vision (part 1) - the development of sorting system and software for shape judgment on multiple-layer neural network

Cao QiXin; Nagata, M.; Mitarai, M.; Fujiki, T.; Kinoshita, O., 1996:
Study on grade judgment of fruit vegetables using machine vision (part 2) - judgment for several varieties of strawberry by developed software

Ilchovska, D., 1995:
Study on grain set in single hybrids with simultaneous use of two types of male-sterile cytoplasm in the maternal component

Jin ZhuLi; L.M.uZhao; A.L.iZeng; Wang YinKui, 1995:
Study on grazing behaviour of Angora goat on the loess Plateau of China

Okuyama, T.; Imaizumi, M., 1997:
Study on groundwater flow system using underground temperature survey method

Y.ShuiGen, 1996:
Study on groundwater resources of water-saving demonstration area in Beijing Xijiao farm

Chen LianQing; Han NingLin, 1996:
Study on growing media for potted seedlings of Masson pine and Chinese fir

Hoque, M.M.; Sadek, M.A.; Khan, M.M.R.; Rahman, M.M., 1994:
Study on growing of maize by different tillage methods

Bai YongFei; X.Z.iXin, 1994:
Study on growth and development patterns of 9 species of herbage in steppe region

Zheng KeWu; L.Y.Wei; L.Y.ngFeng, 1996:
Study on growth characteristics and amount of N, P and K fertilizers applied in rushes

Wang ZiQiang; Dong MinYuan; Y.Z.angTu, 1996:
Study on growth characters and dry matter formation in spring soyabeans

Cui ShuYu et al., 1996:
Study on growth inhibitors in ginseng seeds

Saikia, L.; Bhuyan, C.K.; Dutta, P.K., 1995:
Study on growth, yield and keeping quality of betelvine (Piper betle L.) cv. Local Bangla as influenced by source and level of nitrogenous fertilizers

Son, S.G.; Heo, J.H.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, C.H.; Kim, G.S.; Kim, J.S., 1995:
Study on haemodynamics in cows with mastitis

Fan XingHai; Huang ShouBo; F.M.oYi; F.J.nHe, 1996:
Study on heat balance properties in a tree-tea intercropping plantation

D.L.i; Hokon, O.; Zhanbula ; Kobayashi, H.; Sugiura, T.; Uto, M., 1994:
Study on herbage seeds and their germination in sheep faeces

Han Guang, 1996:
Study on herbage yield of sandy grasslands in Horqin steppe during the cold season

Wang YuFu; Yan ZhongFeng; Fan Jian; Qiao GuangJun; L.Y.n; W.G.angWen; Wang DianKui; Yang LiJun; Wang YanHua, 1996:
Study on heterosis and affinity of flax

L.J.ngDing; Guo LinSong; Chu ShuHua; Sun XiaoYun; Furuhama, S., 1996:
Study on hydrogen as a substitute fuel for engines

Sakata, Y.; Morishita, M.; Chen YouYuan; Chen HaiRong, 1996:
Study on identification of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) resistance in some sweet pepper varieties in China

Bao XiaoMing, 1997:
Study on identification stage and index of waterlogging tolerance in various wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum L.)

Lei FuHou; Shi BoAn; Huang ZaiYing; Wang Hui; Guo MingGao, 1996:
Study on immobilization of laccase on urushiol resin

Chen JiQing; Lan FengChong; Zheng ShiHong, 1997:
Study on improvement in riding comfort of tracked skidding tractor

Wang Yang, 1996:
Study on improvement of measurement accuracy of turbo-flowmeter in pump test

Xin Jiang, 1995:
Study on improvement of saline soils for establishing sown pasture

Gong XueKun; Zhao XiangYun; Chen XinLu; Hou FangMei; Gao FangYou, 1996:
Study on improvement of survival rate of lily plantlets from tissue culture transplanted into soil

Zhou JianPing; Zheng LeChang; Zhang JunYu, 1994:
Study on improving pregnancy in dairy cows using chorionic gonadotropin

G.H.ngRu; Bai ShuJuan; Zhou WeiXing; Ding ChengLong, 1995:
Study on improving seed germination rate of Panicum maximum

Das, S.C.; Nair, G.B.; Mullick, S.G.; Biswas, G.; Sikdar, A.; Bhattacharya, D., 1996:
Study on in vitro antimicrobial sensitivity of Campylobacter species of animal and human origin; Zheng MingQiu; Cai BaoXiang; W.L.anQing; Tang JingDong, 1994:
Study on inactivated vaccine in oily adjuvant against the egg drop syndrome

Chen YiChun; Sun GuangZu; Zheng YueXue; Yan WenYi; Wang GuangJin; Tang FengLen; Han FangPui; Ben YuXin; Xue Xi; Zhang YanBin, 1994:
Study on increasing fertility of distant hybrids by irradiation of androgametes of spring wheat

M.S.uYing; Yin TianFu; Wang Ping; Song HaiXing; L.J.Ping; Zhang YangTang, 1995:
Study on induced synthesis of HSP by soyabeans of different geographical origins. IV. Comparative study of recovery of HSP of summer soyabeans from North China and spring soyabeans from South China

Wang Ping; Song HaiXing; M.S.uYing; Yin TianFu; Zhang RangTang; L.J.Ping, 1995:
Study on induced synthesis of HSP in soyabeans of different geographical origins. III. Comparison of induced synthesis of HSP in spring soyabeans from South China and summer soyabeans from North China

Zhang SongHan; Guan LiQin; Chen JianShen; Hou QuanMin; L.S.anQing, 1996:
Study on infestation, damage and eco-economic threshold of Leptochloa chinensis in direct-sowing rice fields

Wang ChaoJun; Y.G.iPing; Song XiaoYun; Wan BaoFan; Guo Tie, 1996:
Study on inhalation anaesthesia with enflurane in pigs

Guo JianHua; Pan DengMing; Ren XinZheng, 1995:
Study on inhibiting characteristics of Bacillus sp. biocontrolling bacterial wilt

Yang MuDan;; Wang GuoHua; Chen Yan; H.Q.ngQuan; Hua ZhengYuan; Chen ZhangFu; Miu JianQiang; Y.D.ngXian, 1996:
Study on insect and spider populations in masson pine (Pinus massoniana) forest

Zhou ZhiLi; Fang ZaiHua; Zhao Quan; Shi XiuYan, 1995:
Study on instantaneous center and movement characteristics for tractor mounted plough

Xiao SongHua; Pan JiaJu; Zhang TianZhen, 1996:
Study on interaction effect of virescent genes in Upland cotton

Zhang DaoYong; Wang WenGui; Lin Yi, 1995:
Study on isolation, identification, and control techniques of avian Pseudomonas aeruginosa

L.Qing, 1996:
Study on isozymes of Cx-cellulase in Cerambycidae

M.W.nLi; Xie XinMing; Wang ZhenXing; Yang XiLin; F.X.uLi, 1995:
Study on isozymes of genetic resources of Stipa krylovii Roshev. in Inner Mongolia steppe

Gao HuiYuan; L.W.iJun; Tursunay ; X.J.ang, 1995:
Study on leaf water potential, transpiration and water use efficiency in different growth forms of Phragmites australis

Hamamoto, K., 1995:
Study on longitudinal vibratory cutting of wood - effects of working conditions on cutting force

L.Y.ngJi; Shong ZhenYun; Liu WenLie; Liu DaoSheng; L.S.uiGen, 1995:
Study on loss of tobacco yield due to weed damage in tobacco fields with rice stubble and economic threshold

W.S.Qin; Ning Bu; Bao LaiXiao, 1996:
Study on maintaining viability of herbage pollen in liquid nitrogen

Kim, J.G.; Han, M.S.; Kim, G.Y.; Han, J.D.; Jin, H.J.; Shin, C.N., 1996:
Study on making baled silage from selected forage crops and pasture grasses. III. Evaluation of chemical components and energy contents of baled silages with selected forages

P.A.Bin; L.R.nShu; A.J.n, 1997:
Study on manufacturing technique of reed particleboard bonded with diisocyanate resin

Zhao JianDe; Zhang BingXian; Liu FuQuan, 1995:
Study on measures for promoting establishment of sugarbeet plants on alkaline soils

Wawrzynczak, P., 1995:
Study on mechanical harvesting of sour cherries

Situ, S.; Zhang, W.; Wang HeZhou, 1996:
Study on mechanism of water-saving and high-yielding through measures combining surge irrigation with agricultural methods

L.Z.iYun; Liu HouLi, 1995:
Study on meiotic chromosome pairing of Orychophragmus violaceus

Park Heon; Gang EunChang; Chun SungJin; Yoon KyungSeob, 1995:
Study on mensurability of internal defect prediction and of classification of log by NDE (non-destructive evaluation) (I) Focused on cross direction of log

L.Long, 1996:
Study on meridian passage of impeller in centrifugal pumps

Liu GuiLin; Wang JinPing, 1995:
Study on metabolic obstruction caused by imbalanced protein:energy ratio in cows

Liu, G.D.; Liu, G.L., 1996:
Study on method for screening rice genotypes tolerant to low potassium; Zhang LiBin; Wang Jun, 1997:
Study on microcomputer control system of far-infrared dryer

Zhang ChongYu; Shi XiaoJun; L.F.ngShuang, 1994:
Study on model of heat production by grey goat (1)

Xing ShiYan; Shi Xin; Sun Xia; Hou DianHou; D.C.engTao, 1996:
Study on moisture content in Ginkgo biloba seedlings

Zhao YaRong; Song ShengGui; Zhang JinYing; Wang FuQuan; Yan LiuSong; R.J.ngHui; Jiang JinShu; H.Z.engMing, 1996:
Study on monoclonal antibodies against Cryptosporidium baileyi

Zhu JianGua; Jiao XinAn; Zhang RuKuan; Liu XiuFang, 1996:
Study on monoclonal antibodies against infectious bronchitis virus

S.Y.Wen; Zhao ShangYi; Zhang YanJun; Zhou TongDu; H.Q.Wei; Shi HuiLian; A.Z.enQin; Lang FengQing, 1995:
Study on morphocytology of microsporogenesis in male sterile line of radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

X.J.ang; L.W.iJun; Gao HueYuan; A.S.anZhou, 1995:
Study on morphology and structure of three growth forms of Phragmites australis

Yang JiuYan; F.Z.angQian, 1995:
Study on morphology of pollen grain in three Ceratoides species

W.J.angSheng; Liu HouLi; Shu ZhenBing; Shi XuWen, 1995:
Study on multiple siliqua in Brassica napus L

Toscano, G.P.; Lazzaroni, C.; Gallo, S.; Brugiafreddo, P., 1995:
Study on muscle hypertrophy in beef cattle: TSH and its relationship with T3, T4, FT3 and FT4

Yang LiMei; Chen ZhongCheng; Bao HuaLi; Zhong QuoHong, 1995:
Study on natural population dynamics of rice planthoppers and techniques for their chemical control

Zhang HanGuo; Gao ShiXin; Zhang MinLi; Zhou XianChang; Pan BenLi; Yuang XiuLing, 1995:
Study on natural population genetic structure of Larix olgensis Henry

Caldato, S.L.; Floss, P.F.; Croce, D.M. da; Longhi, S.J., 1996:
Study on natural regeneration, seed banks and seed rain in the Genetic Reserve Forest of Cacador, SC

Bian YinBing; Shen BaoXian; Zhao ChunShen; Zhou MaoHuan; Wang ChunHe; H.Q.ngSong, 1995:
Study on needle-cast of Cunninghamia lanceolata caused by Lophodermium uncinatum

Liu He, 1996:
Study on neural network expert system for fruit shape judgement

Ishida, H.; Muramatsu, N.; Nukaya, H.; Kosuge, T.; Tsuji, K., 1996:
Study on neurotoxic shellfish poisoning involving the oyster, Crassostrea gigas, in New Zealand

Zheng GuangSheng; Peng GenYuan; Zhang QiGang, 1995:
Study on nitrate accumulation in celery with 15N tracing techniques

Cheng LiLi; Wen QiXiao, 1996:
Study on nitrogen forms in phenolic polymers incorporating protein by 15N CP-MAS NMR

Yuan JiChao; Sun XiaoHui; Tian YianHua; M.J.n, 1996:
Study on nitrogen requirement and split application of nitrogen fertilizer in ratoon rice

Hu, H.T.; Yen, C.H., 1995:
Study on nitrogen, sulfur and metallic ions dynamics in ectomycorrhizal mat soils of coal mine spoils

Piao TieFu et al., 1995:
Study on number and morphology of chromosomes in Vigna cylindria (L.) Skeels

Fei ShiMin, 1995:
Study on nutrient characteristics of trees in a loblolly pine plantation

Fukino, Y.; Oishi, K.; Kondo, S.; Makita, K.; Akisada, C., 1997:
Study on nutrient intake, physical activities and blood properties among elementary school children in Fuji City

Liu QingHua; Zou XiaQing, 1995:
Study on nutrient requirements of growing Minnan Yellow cattle - to verify Chinese feeding standards for beef cattle

B.L.angWu; W.Z.iSong; Chen JiaHong; Wang YongMei; W.D.ngMei, 1996:
Study on one-step method for preparing pyrogallol from tara powder

Liao JinLing; Feng ZhiXin, 1997:
Study on ontogeny of the nematode Meloidogyne hainanensis

Abe, S.; Sakabe, S.; Hirata, M.; Kamuro, H.; Asahara, N.; Watanabe, M., 1997:
Study on optimal fat content in total parenteral nutrition in partially hepatectomized rats

Yoshino, H.; Usuki, N.; Prechawit, C.; Eriguchi, H.; Yamamoto, H., 1997:
Study on optimal gate operation method in a long open channel; L.C.angSheng; L.H.ngGuang; Pang ZhenWei; Pan JianZhong; Yao JingQi; Zhu YuanJin, 1996:
Study on optimal stand density and control techniques for Larix olgensis plantations

L.Z.ngRan; L.F.ngDong; Wang BaoPing; Zhou DaoShun; Wen RuiJun; Zhang ChunWei, 1996:
Study on optimum management density and crop age of plywood-orientated Paulownia elongata plantation

Wang AnLi; M.X.eQuan; Ling LiYing, 1996:
Study on optimum supplement of vitamin C in formulated diet for Chinese prawn, Penaeus chinensis

Y.Y.oJing; Wang TaiZhe, 1996:
Study on organ formation in tissue culture of Hosta sp

H.Z.nMin; H.S.iYi, 1995:
Study on organelle DNA in generative cells and sperm cells in Pharbitis

Zheng JiaQiang, 1994:
Study on outlet swirling flow of axial-flow fan

Rao, K.R.; Panwar, V.P.S., 1996:
Study on oviposition - damage relationship in respect of shoot fly species (Atherigona soccata Rondani and A. naqvii Steyskal) in maize

L.K.ngNian; Zhou JianXun; Xing LiPing; Guo WeiZhong; M.Y.n, 1995:
Study on packing technology of chip compaction

Wang Xian; Liu Ming; Liu MingXiong; Liu JiWu, 1996:
Study on pancreatic secretion in the first pancreatic duct of Pekin ducks

Tao HanZhi; Chen PeiCong; Gao LiPing; Cheng ZhuYu, 1994:
Study on parthenocarpy of Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia deliciosa)

Song XiaoXuan; Zhu HeQin; Guo JinCheng, 1997:
Study on pathogenicity differentiation for Verticillium dahliae Kleb. Anyang strains on cotton

Liu Cheng I.; Wang PeyChyi, 1994:
Study on pathogenicity of Cytophaga columnaris and its extracellular product in eel

Y.L.Yang; Y.H.aCheng; Shi Yin; Mao LinChun, 1994:
Study on peanut products low in lipid and high in protein

Bozac, R.; Orban, V.; Parv, M.; Pap, G., 1993:
Study on periodicity in weather cycles using harmonic analyses

Wang ZhiLong; Sun ChuanWei; Zhang XinXue; H.J.anXing; Jiang RuQin, 1995:
Study on peroxidase isozyme in the interspecific advanced lines from Gossypium

L.L.Qiao; Gong FuChang; Chen XioGuang, 1996:
Study on personnel training in speciality of agricultural machinery in universities for 21st century

L.X.uJu; Meng FanJing, 1996:
Study on photoperiod-induced flowering in soyabeans. I. Change in contents of plant growth regulators and assimilates in the first leaves

Zhao Cun; Zhang XingTan; Bai HuiXia; Lin JianXing; Chen XiuWen, 1996:
Study on photoperiodic screening of the soyabean

Deng ZhongChi; Sun JiZhong; Zhang JinFa; Liu JinLan; Wang Bin, 1995:
Study on photosynthetic characteristics of cotton hybrids and their parents

Hua ZhiFu et al., 1995:
Study on physiologic specialization of corn smut

Kim Hon; Kim UBom, 1995:
Study on physiological and biochemical effects of rare earth element treatment of maize seeds

Wang YaoFu; Han JinFeng; Lin XueWu, 1996:
Study on physiological and biochemical responses of flue-cured tobacco to drought stress during early growth of the plants

Chen Ying; Han YiFan; Tian YingChuan;; Nie ShaiJi, 1995:
Study on plant regeneration from Populus deltoides explants transformed with Bt. toxin gene

Zhang Song; Zhang QiPei, 1994:
Study on plant regeneration via flower bud culture of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.)

L.G.angMing; Meng Ping; M.X.uLing, 1996:
Study on plant transpiration and system evapotranspiration within an agroforest system of forest belt-fruit trees-crops

F.S.ouZhong; Zhang JieFu; Chen YuQing; Q.C.nKou, 1996:
Study on plant-type structure in rapeseed (Brassica napus) and its ideotype. I. A comparison of plant-types between apetalous and petalous genotypes

Liu HuaQing; Zhang ChangHai; Cai Jin; H.J.anZhong; Shi Lei, 1996:
Study on plantations for the white wax insect

Zhan ZhiQuan; Zhou Yi; Chen ShouZhu; Chen YuanSheng, 1996:
Study on planting a grass outer fringe on sandy coast shelter forest in Guangdong Province

Caruso, G., 1997:
Study on plastic film mulch for strawberry cultivation in southern Italy

Chen XueTang; Chen AnTong, 1996:
Study on poor regeneration of Cunninghamia lanceolata in a plantation stand after cutting

Sun YuanMin; J.J.Qing; J.G.oQing; Gao YuDe; G.X.angWu, 1996:
Study on population adjusting technique for super-high yielding wheat production

Pandya, H.V.; Patel, C.B.; Patel, J.R.; Patel, M.B.; Patel, K.K.; Radadia, G.G.; Mehta, V.R.; Bhatt, T.A.; Vyas, S.T.; Patel, J.M., 1996:
Study on population dynamics of sugarcane root borer

L.J.n; Yang QiuZhen; Yang XingWei, 1997:
Study on prediction model for vegetable yield in off-seasons in Shanghai

Huang JiaLing; Zhang ZongHe; G.S.engHe; L.D.ngXing; Qin Quing; Wang LianZhu; Chen WenWen, 1997:
Study on preparation of gallic acid from gall-flower extract by alkaline hydrolysis

Chen ChangFa; Shi WenHua; Zhou XueFeng, 1997:
Study on preparation of high-purity longifolene from heavy-turpentine

Lin PeiGuo; Pan WenGan; Wang DianRui; Luo WeiGuo; Sun Kui; Dong Hui, 1995:
Study on preventing mice from acute renal failure by jasmine tea and tea added with herbal medicine

H.B.oXiang; Wang YinAn; Peng YongHe; L.L.; X.Q.nLin; Fang MingJun, 1996:
Study on preventing postpartum paralysis in dairy cows with Weichankang (pericalving health protectant)

Jiang JianSheng; H.Z.Zhi; Zhu XingYun, 1995:
Study on primary production in Puccinellia grassland and its relation to major ecological factors

Zhang Hai; Feng ChenLi; Liu ChenGen; Liu Tao, 1996:
Study on producing a new type of feed additive for cows by fermentation with an induced mutant of Aspergillus oryzae

H.G.anChang; H.C.aoZong; H.H.ngYing, 1996:
Study on production and management scale of edible bamboo shoot

Singh, J.; Kashyap, R.; Shrivastava, R.K., 1994:
Study on production efficiency and fruit quality of mango in eastern Madhya Pradesh

Kanno, Tsutomu, 1995 :
Study on productivity and utilization of tropical and temperate grasses under intensive grazing

Bahrun ; Soebarinoto ; Soetrisno, R.D., 1996:
Study on productivity of some maize cultivars at different plant spacings

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Study on program exploitation for data base and analysis of management outcome in Korea native cattle breeding farm house

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Study on proper harvesting time of mango

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Study on propriety of estimation of dietary fiber intake by Japanese standard tables of dietary fiber

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Study on protective biology chemical constituents and biological activities of Taxus species

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Study on purification of papaya ringspot virus

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Study on quantitative analysis to distribution of tensioning stress and levelling of circular saw

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Study on raising healthy sugarbeet seedlings in paper pots

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Study on rapeseed meal instead of soybean meal in diets for growing-finishing pigs

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Study on reasonable groundwater depth at jointing and booting stages of winter wheat in Nanjing polder areas

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Study on red blight of old juniper caused by Alternaria tenuis Nees

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Study on redox features of calcareous purple soils after waterlogging

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Study on reforestation failures and management of the Riam Kanan catchment area, South Kalimantan

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Study on regional systems of ecotypes and natural biota in China

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Study on regulation of development of maize kernels. III. The approach to chemical regulation under conditions of tissue culture

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Study on relationship among poplar log peeling, veneer quality and wood properties

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Study on relationship between Pinus taiwanensis Hay. and Tricholoma matsutake (Ito et Imai) Sing. (III) Comparison of mycorrhizal development of Pinus taiwanensis seedlings inoculated with Tricholoma matsutake in different media

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Study on relationship between environment factor of Phyllostachys pubescens forest and damage of Otidognathus davidis

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Study on relationship between free proline concentration of citrus anther and pollen fertility

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Study on relationship between physical characteristics of mixed feeds and growth performance of growing-finishing pigs

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Study on renovation pruning in loquat

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Study on replication of Plutella xylostella granulosis virus in Spodoptera frugiperda cells transfected by DNA

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Study on reproductive disorders related to chromosome abnormalities in domestic animals

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Study on residue degradation of suprathion in citrus

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Study on resources and flora of legume forage in Shaanxi

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Study on response of heated tomato after cold storage

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Study on rodent community composition and control strategy in Zibo City, Shandong Province

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Study on root distribution characteristics of shelterbelt for farmland in Xuhuai Plain area

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Study on rumen microbial synthetic efficiency under different ratio of concentrate to roughage

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Study on salt tolerance in four legumes at seed germination and seedling stages

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Study on saltation of Beauveria bassiana, an important entomogenous fungus, subcultured in different conditions

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Study on scarification and fertilization of degraded Chinese wildrye meadow pasture

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Study on screening of phosphorus-tolerant arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

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Study on secondary plant compounds of insect resistant and susceptible rice varieties

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Study on seed germination of a leguminous liana - Bauhinia vahlii Wight & Arnott

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Study on seedborne pathogens of Astragalus cicer

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Study on seeds and seedlings of Pinus halepensis provenances from Italy

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Study on seeds classificator with rotating conical sieve

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Study on selecting of improved strain 8703 of YangZhou Pickled Tender cucumber and the usage technique for it

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Study on selection and application of Trichogramma to control the soyabean moth

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Study on self dietary record and weight change in obese children

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Study on several problems of soyabean anther culture

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Study on shape judgment of vegetables and fruits of long size by using neural network

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Study on significance of food items rarely consumed by college women

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Study on simplified methods of surveillance in areas of malaria basically eliminated

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Study on single cropping rice fertilization recommendation by computer

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Study on single-cell-protein production from warm water extract of Larix gmelinii Rupr. chips

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Study on site classification of the inland region in Zhejiang

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Study on slow release activity of borax, gypsum and nimin on fertiliser nitrogen under lowland rice ecosystem

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Study on small self-propelled rotary cultivator used in plastic shed

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Study on soil adhesion phenomena by chemical adsorption

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Study on soil degradation in poplar plantations and techniques for maintaining and increasing soil fertility

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Study on soil erosion patterns in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

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Study on soil mechanical mechanism in anti-water erosion ability of soil-root composite

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Study on soil mercury fractions and their influencing factors

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Study on soil polysaccharides in fields used for continuous cropping of soyabeans

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Study on soil sickness caused by continuous cropping of soyabeans. I. Effect of mycotoxin produced by Penicillium purpurogenum

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Study on soil strength with microwave reflection loss

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Study on soil-cutting of up-cut rotary cultivation

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Study on somatic clonal line variation and its patterns in ramie Boehmeria nivea

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Study on some elements of the floral biology of myrobalan plum varieties and forms

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Study on some immunological traits and their relationship with productivity in the pig

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Study on some problems of mercury in milk powder by cold atomic-unchromatic dispersion atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry

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Study on sorption of grain kernels while soaking in water

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Study on sound transmission loss of wooden rectangular plates by a small acoustical box II. Sound transmission loss of hollow-core wall panels

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Study on sowing herbage by sheep defaecation

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Study on sporulation of Metarhizium

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Study on stability of chlorophyll-carotene paste from pine needles and twigs

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Study on stages of the albescent phenomenon in tea plants

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Study on stationary turning performance of articulated tracked vehicles

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Study on storage of Citrus germplasm in vitro (brief report)

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Study on storage techniques for Hayward kiwifruit

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Study on storing strawberry at a temperature near the freezing point of water

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Study on stress management in sugarcane

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Study on stress waves for development of glulam from domestic small diameter log (I). Effect of MC on stress wave in glulam member

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Study on subchronic toxic effects of Oxytropis kansuensis on mice and its safe utilization

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Study on suitable application amount of livestock and poultry droppings in Shanghai area

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Study on suitable germination conditions for Festuca rubra seeds

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Study on suitable planting methods and seeding rates of sesame line KU 7118 and KU 7131 as compared with other varieties

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Study on sulfonamide residues in cow milk samples

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Study on sunflower stem particleboard overlaid with LPM

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Study on supplementary feeding benefit for pregnant ewes in cold season in desert steppe

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Study on synthesis and application of 2-(3,4-dichlorophenoxy) triethylamine

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Study on technique of ecologically sound organic soilless culture and its nutrient physiology

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Study on techniques for integrated control of Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu in North Hubei

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Study on techniques for planting maize and fodder legumes in fields after wheat

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Study on technology of mixture of insecticides and fungicides to control main diseases and insect pests of winter wheat at three periods

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Study on test facility for evaluating fertilized eggs by bioelectricity

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Study on the 23 kDa gene recombinant antigen of strains of Schistosoma japonicum in China; screening of coded 23 kD antigen gene clones

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Study on the Mo deficiency of winter wheat and Mo application in the yellow-brown earths in Hubei

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Study on the Nypa fruticans Wurmb. in Okinawa. I. The present state of the natural growth

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Study on the Tarsonemid mites (Acari: Tarsonemidae) from Korea. III. Distribution of tarsonemid mites associated with ornamental trees

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Study on the VA mycorrhizae of Acer truncatum Bunge

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Study on the abortive processes of pollen in male sterile rice

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Study on the accumulation and biological cycles of chemical elements in Lithocarpus xylocarpus forest on the north side of Ailao Mountain

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Study on the active site of rice grain acid invertase

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Study on the activities of stage specific enzyme during the softening of Chinese gooseberry

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Study on the acute toxicity of norfloxacin nicotinate in chickens

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Study on the adaptability of a rice simulation model

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Study on the adsorption and desorption of 14C-bensulfuron-methyl in soil

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Study on the aetiological and pathological aspects of an osteoporosis syndrome in Bactrian camels

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Study on the afforestation technique for Pinus elliottii in subtropical coastal bedrock

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Study on the agro-chemical characteristics and utilization of high-efficiency polymer-coated urea

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Study on the analysis of nucleic acid sequence and gene amplification of egg drop syndrome-76 virus

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Study on the anti-Coxsackie (anti-cox) B virus infection effect of Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor polysaccharide in mouse model

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Study on the anti-idiotypic antibody to swine vesicular disease virus: preparation and identification of Ab2

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Study on the antibiosis of exudate JK-91-b against rice sheath blight (SHB)

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Study on the antibody prevalence in sheep vaccinated with Rev 1 vaccine

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Study on the antimicrobial and antibilharzia activity of Zizyphus vulgaris

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Study on the antioxidative activity of human milk

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Study on the apple insect community and its control technology

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Study on the application of an augmentor

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Study on the application of dot immuno-gold filtration assay (DIGFA) for the detection of avian infectious bronchitis virus

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Study on the application of microwave-heating system for making bent-wood furniture (I) - Solid-wood bending properties of Robinia pseudo-acacia L. by microwave-heating

Zhang ChuShuang; Zhou LiHong; Zhu JinHua; Xia ChunHua; Zhu JuanFen; Liu RongXiang, 1995:
Study on the application of tea saponin in the prevention and cure of schistosomiasis. I. Using tea saponin as the molluscicide to Oncomeliana, the intermediate host of schistosomiasis

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Study on the application of the resources of genus Prunus for introducing and breeding of mei flowers against cold injury (1984-1992)

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Study on the bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties on solid medium of 24 previously isolated essential oils

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Study on the best method for making calcium polysulfides

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Study on the biological and immunological activity of recombinant protein PfCMR-IL-2

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Study on the biological characteristics of teliospores of Sphacelotheca reiliana (I)

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Study on the biological characters and the control of Mycogone perniciosa Magn

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Study on the biological characters of Contarinia pyrivora Riley and its control; Yang XiangDong; Liu Shun; Feng ShengSong, 1995:
Study on the biological characters of persimmon fruit worm

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Study on the biological properties of a novel recombinant baculovirus

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Study on the biology and pathogenicity of Alternaria solani on tomato

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Study on the bionomics and control methods of Phlossa jianningana Yang et Jiang

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Study on the bionomics and control of Tetranychus truncatus Ehara

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Study on the bionomics of Norbanus aiolomorphi Yang et Wang

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Study on the bionomics of Scolytus seulensis Murayama on fruit trees in Xinjiang and its control

Bae, S.D.; Song, Y.H.n; Park, K.B.e, 1996:
Study on the bionomics of overwintering green leaf-hopper, Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler, in Milyang

Bae, S.D.; Song, Y.H.n; Park, K.B.e, 1995:
Study on the bionomics of overwintering small brown planthopper, Laodelphax striatellus Fallen, in Milyang

W.J.aJiao; Zhang WeiQiu; Liang GuangWen, 1996:
Study on the bionomics of palm thrips; Bao YiDan; Liao PingHua; Liu XiangSheng, 1997:
Study on the braking performance of walking tractor and trailer combinations

Han InGyong, 1995:
Study on the breeding of Chinese cabbage F1 for autumn Hamhung 3

R.C.anGi; Kim SuYon, 1995:
Study on the breeding of female type cucumber F1 Guloi 82 suitable for the different cultivation

Huang JianChang; Pan WenLi; Liao ZongKai; Lin YingQi; Zhou QingXian, 1996:
Study on the breeding of sweet orange cultivar Huadu Seedless Anliucheng

Gong DeMing; Lin YanQuan; Chen RuKai, 1996:
Study on the breeding techniques for smut resistance in sugarcane. III. Relationship between bud characteristics and resistance to smut

Dong XingQi et al., 1994:
Study on the category of plasmid DNA and molecular epidemiology of Yersinia pestis isolated from Yunnan natural plague foci

B.Z.iGao; Huang KeHe; Chen WanFang, 1996:
Study on the cell mediated immunity mechanism in the selenium-enhanced resistance of chicks to infectious bursal disease

M.G.oHua; L.W.nXong, 1995:
Study on the change of GAs, ABA level and ABA/GAs ratio in the embryos of spring wheat and winter wheat during vernalization

Zhang Tao et al., 1994:
Study on the characteristic of the virulence factor of Y. pestis from Yanchi M. unguiculatus focus in Ningxia

Y.M.ngJiang; Chen QiChang; L.M.nHong; Shi MeiZhong; Cao JianBo, 1996:
Study on the characteristics of litter and soil under evergreen broadleaved forests dominated by Cyclobalanopsis glauca in Zhejiang, China

Meng QingWei; Wang ChunXia; Zhao ShiJe; Zhao LanYong, 1995:
Study on the characteristics of photosynthesis in Ginkgo biloba

Song BingSheng, 1996:
Study on the characteristics of rabbit haemorrhagic virus erythrocyte membrane compound and its application in serological tests

Dai LiangXiang; Zhang ZhiMeng; Wang YinHuai, 1995:
Study on the characteristics of sulphur nutrition of high-yield winter wheat

Y.X.uZhen; X.X.angMing; L.Y.Xiang; Zhang DeMing; Guo LiRong, 1995:
Study on the characteristics of vegetative organs of Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walt.) Kuntze and Axonopus compressus (Swartz) Beauv; Huang ShanWu, 1995:
Study on the characters of Floribunda roses

Zhu Kai; Wang QingLu; Nie Xin, 1995:
Study on the chemical components of the essential oil of Lysimachia foenum-graecum Hance

Liu XiangXin; Sun ZhiLiang; Feng QiHua; Sheng ZhongHai, 1996:
Study on the chemical composition and antibacterial activity of wolf's milk (Euphorbia humifusa)

Yang MingFei; Pan XueFeng; Zhao XiaoHong; Wang JiaZhi, 1996:
Study on the chemical constituents of the essential oil of berries of Physalis pubescens

Zhou WeiChun; Jiang ZiRong, 1997:
Study on the chemical constituents of unsaponifiable matter in chlorophyll-carotene paste from pine needles and twigs

Ozar, A.I.; Genc, H., 1993:
Study on the chemical control of cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Coleoptera, Bruchidae) in the field period in the Aegean Region

Wang Rui; J.G.anSheng; Qin XiXiang, 1995:
Study on the chemicals in bark of Populus tomentosa Carr. resistant to Anoplophora glabripennis Motsh

Vijan, A.R.; Madan, R.N., 1996:
Study on the chemistry of Dendrocalamus giganteus lignin

Wang EnRong; L.S.Yun; S.X.aoPing, 1996:
Study on the classes of specific antibodies in cerebral cysticercosis patients and their diagnostic significance

Parodi M.G.; Lerner, M., 1995:
Study on the cold storage of 'Hass' avocado

Miao GuoYuan; Yin Jun; Gao ZhiQiang; L.B.; Adams, W.A., 1997:
Study on the combined effects of simulated rainfall and nitrogen treatments on the yield and soil moisture changes in rainfed winter wheat

Chen XiQuan; WanJun ; XiaoMei, Y.; Li, L., 1993:
Study on the combined vaccine viral haemorrhagic disease and Clostridium welchii Type A infection in rabbits

Tian Jie, 1995:
Study on the community of rodents and fleas in natural plague foci of Jianchuang

Wiyono, A., 1994:
Study on the comparison between ELISA and serum neutralization test for the detection of antibody against bovine herpesvirus 1

Yen, J.H.; Tzean, S.S., 1996:
Study on the complex causal agents of Japanese black pine, Pinus thunbergii, wilt disease

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Study on the complex storey structure and distribution of fire belt mixed forest

Zhang FuYuan; Bai ZhiMing; Zhang YuFeng, 1995:
Study on the comprehensive assessment of the nutritive value of Pleurotus ostreatus growing in vinegar waste

Beregszaszi, P., 1995:
Study on the concept of environment-oriented tourism

Grassi, G.; Faeti, V.; Moschella, A.; Ranalli, P., 1996:
Study on the content of psychoactive substances in hemp by means of traditional and immunological methods with a view to breeding and drug control

Zheng GuiPing; Zhao JiuZhou; Wang LiFa; Zhao Ping, 1995:
Study on the contents of three elements in the rhizosphere soil, roots and canopy of continuously cropped soyabeans

Lu, G.Q.; Ling, Z.N., 1996:
Study on the control index of Oxya chinensis (Thunb.) occurring in the rice fields along the yellow river

Chen, Z.; Hu, Y.; Yang, F.; Song, W.; Ye, F., 1994:
Study on the control of Asetacus cunninghamiae

Lu, B.Q.; Huang, X.H.; Xiao, Y.; Xhang, Y.G.; Li, C.B., 1995:
Study on the control of Panonychus citri Mcg. by mixed spraying of various chemical fertilizers and surface-active agents

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Study on the control of Physalospora piricola Nose of apple trees

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Study on the control of apple russet ring by integrated methods

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Study on the control of biennial bearing of satsuma by chemical spraying

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Study on the control of entomopathogenic nematode against poplar clear wing (Paranthrene tabaniformis)

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Study on the control of kiwifruit swollen vine disease and Septobasidium pedicellatum (Schw.) Pat

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Study on the control of maize sheath blight disease by removing infected leaves

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Study on the control of mouldy core disease of Hokuto apple variety

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Study on the control thresholds of rice yellow stem borer Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker)

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Study on the correlation between root weight and sugar content in sugar beet

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Study on the correlation between seed protein and yield and some morphological characters of barley using path analysis

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Study on the crop production efficiency on both sides of the forest belt

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Study on the cross compatibility between peach and apricot

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Study on the cultivation of macadamia nut (Macadamia tetraphylla Shell and Macadamia integrifolia Shell) as alternatives for the coffee and citrus zones of northeastern hills of Puebla and north central Veracruz

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Study on the cultivation of the Chinese chestnut variety Yimong Duanzhi for early and high yields

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Study on the culture of young embryos of dwarfing rootstock M9

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Study on the cytogenetics of the polyploidy in O. sativa x O. grandiglumis F2 plants

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Study on the damage to soyabean seedlings by petrochemical pollution of the air in Daqing

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Study on the decision model for integrated control of rice blast

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Study on the decline of stocks in the vineyards of Roussillon

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Study on the design and adaptive control system of the gravity seed cleaner

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Study on the detection of antibody against EDS-76 virus using an indirect haemagglutination assay

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Study on the detection using ELIB of circulating antigens of patients with cerebral cysticercosis

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Study on the determination of moisture content of flowing and static grain

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Study on the development of a technique for preserving straw under wet condition in Bangladesh

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Study on the disseminating distance of ascospore of sunflower stem rot fungus

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Study on the distribution and classification of the hairs of Hippophae rhamnoides L. subsp. sinensis Rousi

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Study on the distribution and man-hour density of nocturnal man biting mosquitoes

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Study on the distribution of carbohydrate reserves in plants of typical steppe

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Study on the diverse centres of origin of pummelo germplasm

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Study on the drilling of wood by low-frequency vibratory drills I. Effects of vibrating and drilling conditions on cutting resistance

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Study on the drought and heat resistances of apple rootstocks

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Study on the drought resistance index of kiwifruit leaves

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Study on the dry matter in food utilization in the silkworm, Bombyx mori L. at different rearing terms during the spring season

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Study on the dwarfing ability and early productivity of several pear interstocks

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Study on the dynamics of wool's growth in crossbred type sheep

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Study on the eco-biological characteristics and utilisation of Artemisia growing on arid ranges

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Study on the ecological properties of Phyllostachys tianmuensis

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Study on the ecology of the Mongolian gazella

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Study on the economic threshold of Melanagromyza sojae

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Study on the effect of Zhuxuanling for citrus fruit storage

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Study on the effect of 5 rootstocks on the growth and bearing of Guijing satsuma mandarin

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Study on the effect of 60Co gamma -ray radiation on the callus of broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica P.)

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Study on the effect of Astragalus membranaceus on anti-rhinoviral activity of a human recombinant interferon alpha 2b on human diploid cell lines

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Study on the effect of Figaron on the coloration and fruit quality of Navel orange and mandarin trees

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Study on the effect of Format on the fruit development of kiwifruit

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Study on the effect of Maifanshi on the rooting ability of grape cuttings

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Study on the effect of Pleurotus ostreatus on the degradation of different main components of wheat straw culture medium with various C/N ratios

Zhang QingJun, 1997:
Study on the effect of a combination of artemether and mefloquine in the treatment of patients with chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria

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Study on the effect of anti-56-kDa protein antibody against Rickettsia tsutsugamushi by immunofluorescent test

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Study on the effect of application of phosphorus fertilizers on satsuma mandarin trees

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Study on the effect of bagging and bag removal date on the fruit quality of Fuji apples

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Study on the effect of balanced fertilizer application on the yield and fruit quality of satsuma mandarin grown in a red soil orchard

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Study on the effect of cutting the central leader on the increase of production of adult pear trees

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Study on the effect of different bags on apple quality

W.MeiJun, 1996:
Study on the effect of different interstocks on the growth and bearing of young apple trees

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Study on the effect of dihydroartemisinin (qinghaosu) on sporogonic stages of Plasmodium cynomolgi

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Study on the effect of foliar-fertilization on the dimension, N and chlorophyll contents of apple leaves

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Study on the effect of furrow-style watering for rice cultivation

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Study on the effect of gibberellin on the formation of seedless berries of grape

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Study on the effect of heat stress on agronomic traits, grain yield and yield components in twenty five bread wheat genotypes

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Study on the effect of herbicides on the infectivity of cucumber mosaic virus

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Study on the effect of lateral bud germination of Phyllostachys praecox f. prevernalis

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Study on the effect of magnesium fertilizer on the production of mango trees

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Study on the effect of rootstocks on the growth and production of plum cultivar Furong

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Study on the effect of rootstocks on the growth vigor and physiobiochemical characters of Liangping pummelo

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Study on the effect of selected chemotherapy combined with health education to control schistosomiasis in marshland of the Yangtze river

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Study on the effect of several plant growth regulators on the grape berry size and quality

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Study on the effect of some insecticides on forage cultures and their influences in the homeostasis in rumen animals

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Study on the effect of soyabean seedling type and inoculation date on development of Heterodera glycines Ichinohe, 1952

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Study on the effect of spraying Gaiwanbao 2 for fruit drop control on Red Delicious apples

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Study on the effect of spraying Cultar on the growth and production of Zuoshan 1 grape variety

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Study on the effect of spraying US-102 on the production and quality of carambola cultivar Xiangmi

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Study on the effect of summer application of basic manures on the growth and production of Ralls Janet apple trees

Constantinovici, D., 1997:
Study on the effect of the in vitro action of culture media with different plant growth regulator balances on categories of explants of Beta vulgaris (L.)

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Study on the effect of thinning staminate flowers on the production of chestnut trees

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Study on the effect of training form on the vegetative and productive performance of olive trees

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Study on the effect of triadimefon treatment on the contents of reducing sugar and free amino acid in seedling leaves of wheat

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Study on the effect of two sucrose concentrations on freezing and thawing results in biopsied mouse embryos

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Study on the effect of using 27% sasanqua saponin nicotine soluble aquae concentrated as plants insecticides to control aphids

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Study on the effect of various mixture ratios and row spacings on yield and yield components of some clover species and annual ryegrass in Samsun

Gao LanYing et al., 1996:
Study on the effectiveness of FS-1 Shachongwang against cockroaches

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Study on the effects and utilization of crossing inbred lines in non-heading Chinese cabbage

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Study on the effects of altitude and meteorological factors on the fruit quality of citrus trees

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Study on the effects of different drying methods on nutrient content and quality of hays

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Study on the effects of different interstocks on the fruit coloring and quality of topworked Wakiyame satsuma

Ozyazc, M.A.; Manga, I., 1996:
Study on the effects of different row spacings and phosphorus fertilizer rates on hay and crude protein yields and crude protein concentration of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) in Bafra

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Study on the effects of distillation condition and withering time on the yield and characteristics of salam leaf oil (Eugenia polyantha Wight)

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Study on the effects of etiolation, IBA concentration and activated charcoal on the rooting of micropropagated Aliso and Tioga strawberry plants

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Study on the effects of meteorological factors on physiological fruit drop of citrus trees

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Study on the effects of mineral element nutrition on the flower bud formation of Pongan mandarin during the stage of flower bud differentiation

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Study on the effects of organic manures and leaf-spraying P and K on the fruit quality of extra-early satsuma mandarin

Zhou RuiYang, 1997:
Study on the effects of photoperiod and temperature on neutral physiological gynoecious lines of ramie

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Study on the effects of plant growth regulators on the phenophase and fruit set of Jingshui 1 pear variety

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Study on the effects of plant hormones for grape secondary shoot cuttings in water

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Study on the effects of prepared chicken droppings as feeds on nursing sows

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Study on the effects of shipping stress on commercial broilers. Experimental observation of some haematological values

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Study on the effects of single and combined soil solarization and the use of resistant tomato varieties on the populations of Meloidogyne javanica and the production of tomato in South Morocco

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Study on the effects of soil types and their geological background on the fruit quality of Nanfeng Miju

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Study on the effects of spraying AF agent on the production and fruit quality of grapevines

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Study on the effects of the population dynamics of soyabean aphid (Aphis glycines) on both growth and yield of soyabean

Wu, G.Y., 1995:
Study on the effects of thinning swelling buds on the production and fruit quality of pear trees

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Study on the effects of topworking with Navel orange

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Study on the efficacies of wheat-pepper interplantation to evade aphid damage and alleviate virus disease

Phan Thanh Phuong; Nguyen Van Quang, 1996:
Study on the efficacy and the length of immunity induced by emulsified vaccine against swine erysipelas and pasteurellosis

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Study on the efficiency of transforming degraded dietary nitrogen into microbial protein

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Study on the efficient use of soil water and nitrogen by winter wheat

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Study on the electrocardiograms of broilers

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Study on the electrophoresis character of peroxidase in apple tree

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Study on the embryonic development of the kusmi strain of Kerria lacca

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Study on the energy balance in children with IDDM at a summer camp

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Study on the epidemiological characteristics of plague in Tibet and its control strategy

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Study on the establishment and production techniques for first-generation clonal seed orchards of masson pine (Pinus massoniana)

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Study on the establishment of criteria for minimum tillage in relation to paddy soil properties. 5. Plasticity and dispersion degrees in paddy soil

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Study on the esterase isoenzyme in tea mutagenic breeding

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Study on the estimation of lysine damage of soy protein by available lysine content

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Study on the estrous cycle in the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)

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Study on the etiology of 'lettuce drop' of red chicory in a typical area of cultivation in Veneto

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Study on the evaluation of soyabean germplasm resistant to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Study on the evolution route of tea pollen morphology

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Study on the exhausted substrate of Pleurotus ostreatus as source of proteases

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Study on the expansion of dairy farms managed by family labour

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Study on the extraction of high-molecular-weight DNA from Pleurotus ostreatus

Kong Fanxiang, 1996:
Study on the factors affecting protoplast release in mycorrhizal fungus Cenococcum geophilum

Liu RongJun, 1997:
Study on the factors affecting the bagged Nagafu 2 fruit quality

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Study on the factors of influencing in situ hybridization in Triticeae

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Study on the family history of nutritional diseases and their prevention

Chang, Gan Nan, 1995:
Study on the fast serodiagnosis of hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus infection in pig by using protein A agglutination test

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Study on the fattening performance of calves fattened to different live weights

L.Changlian, 1996:
Study on the fauna and division of butterflies in Yunnan

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Study on the feasibility of delineating mosquitogenic conditions in and around Delhi using Indian Remote Sensing Satellite data

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Study on the fire resistance of 23 tree species

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Study on the flowering habit of photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterile rice

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Study on the fluctuation of endogenous hormones during litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn) fruit setting and its induced parthenocarpy

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Study on the fodder utilization of barley cultivated on paddy land after rice. 1. Pattern of dry matter accumulation and silage yield of barley as affected by morphological growth stage

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Study on the formation of the follicle in the early oogenesis of Lucilia illustris Meigen

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Study on the frequency of intestinal helminth eggs in public toilets in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Study on the fruit development of Chuliang longan variety

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Study on the gastrointestinal parasite fauna of ponies in northern Germany

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Study on the genetic background of some specific citrus germplasms of Fujian province

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Study on the genetic control of flowering duration in flax

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Study on the genetic diversity of coconut palm by means of RFLP

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Study on the genetic law of alloplasmic male sterile in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. pekinensis (Lour) Olsson)

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Study on the genetic structure of populations of Hunan White pigs using DNA fingerprinting

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Study on the genotyping of the porcine stress syndrome

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Study on the germplasm resources of Cucurbita for seed and its utilization

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Study on the grassland in the Yellow River delta of China

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Study on the group compositions of the extractive substances from leaves of Ginkgo biloba and crowns of Cunningham lanceolata

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Study on the growing character and selection of the rational seeding period of radish for after crop of maize

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Study on the growth and bearing habit of Skaggs Bonanza Navel orange under film-covered greenhouse conditions

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Study on the growth of three Eucalyptus species in eastern Taiwan

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Study on the growth rate of Hungarian cold-blooded foals from birth to weaning

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Study on the haemagglutination activity of avian nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis virus

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Study on the hemagglutination activity of avian infectious bronchitis virus

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Study on the histopathology of bronchopneumonia in rabbits caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

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Study on the histopathology of three pine stem rust diseases

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Study on the humus of soils in Henshan Natural Reserve

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Study on the hybridization of polymer-macromers for the dimensional stabilization of woody materials

Chiang MingShu; Chen ChunYen; Chen Cheng, 1996:
Study on the ideal cross combination of sorghum in Taiwan

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Study on the identification of genetic constitution by means of isoenzyme electrophoresis in maize (Zea mays L.)

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Study on the immunopharmacological actions of chicken bile

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Study on the impacts of climate changes on the distribution of Pinus tabulaeformis in China

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Study on the improvement of cotton germplasm

Zhong ZhuoJia; L.B.iXiang; Liang Feng; Liu QingXing; Xiao ChaoSheng, 1995:
Study on the improvement of powered paddy plough suitable for paddy fields and dry land

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Study on the in vitro clonal propagation of lucerne

Mugnai, L.; Imbriani, R.; Surico, G., 1996:
Study on the incidence and severity of grapevine esca disease in some vineyards in Tuscany

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Study on the incidence of black bean in coffee. Preliminary evaluation of the effect of genetic, nutritional, climatic and morphophysiological factors

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Study on the incidence of pound dogs infested with heartworms and a comparison of different methods of detection during the summer season in Taipei

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Study on the incinerating treatment of rice hull produced by RPC and its heat utilization

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Study on the induction and differentiation of the callus from mature embryos of wheat

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Study on the infecting process of Mycena osmundicola on Gastrodia elata by autoradiography

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Study on the influence of dietary Mn and Zn level to the transfer of Mn and Zn from the yolk sac during the yolk sac period in broiler

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Study on the inheritance and correlations among wood quality characteristics in improved clones of Populus x 'Popularis'

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Study on the inheritance of chilling requirement of crossed peach progenies

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Study on the integrated pests and diseases control system for citrus in Hauning county

M.S.uMei; L.B.oYing, 1996:
Study on the interaction between soyabean cultivars, lines and germplasms and the soyabean frogeye leaf spot pathogen (Cercospora sojina Hara) in Heilongjiang Province

Zhang JinChi; L.Y.Shan; Kang LiXin; Jin HaiHua; Zhou KeMei, 1996:
Study on the interceptional characteristic of main shelterforest canopies on seawall in Jiangsu Province

Hua JinPing; Wei ZhenGuo; Y.X.anDa; L.Z.ngYou, 1995:
Study on the introduction and utilization of male-sterile lines of Gossypium harknessii

Yang ZhiYong; Yun XueFeng; D.G.angCai; Zhao ShuYin, 1995:
Study on the irrigation systems of maize and millet in dryland areas

Pak JongHyok, 1995:
Study on the isolating character of leaf colour, awn and defoliating traits in D2, D3 and D4 generations of variable plants (Pyongyang 15 + reed DNA)

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Study on the isozymes in Leymus chinensis

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Study on the karyotypes of two species and one variety in Ranunculus from China

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Study on the leaf sheath of rice with the scanning electron microscope

Zhang WenXu, 1996:
Study on the lemma tip in 21 species of Oryza

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Study on the life cycle of Haemaphysalis punctata

G.Y.n; Zhang YingChun, 1996:
Study on the life table of Chinese pear psyllid

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Study on the live vaccine of plague. VI. Observation on the duration of new vaccine 0614F strain after intensive vaccination

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Study on the localization of nephropathogenic IBV in chickens with the indirect fluorescent antibody test

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Study on the losses of dry matter and crude protein in lucerne caused by leaf-chewing injurious insects

Zheng Yong Guang; X.Y.ngBao, 1996:
Study on the main regions for introduction of slash pine based on climatic factors in China

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Study on the main traits of photoperiod sensitive genic male sterile line (PGML) of rice and its utilization

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Study on the major economic characteristics of Bai-Tang-Ying lychee, a famous early-maturing cultivar with excellent eating quality

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Study on the management of local farmers' association in Taichung area

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Study on the mathematical model of Japanese rotary blades for computer aided design (CAD) (part 2). Angle elements of blade-tip and neck-portion

Liu QingGuo; Xing ZuoQun; Wang Jian; Xing BoLin, 1997:
Study on the measurement of moisture content of grain by friction

Pei Hao; A.Y.nQing, 1996:
Study on the measures of monitoring soil water stress by polar orbit meteorology

Wang GuoLin; M.X., 1997:
Study on the mechanical properties of soil tillage under the action of dynamic load

Han Bo; Gao DeYi; Wang QingLan, 1995:
Study on the mechanism of controlling stress, induced in the Chinese miniature pig during transport at high temperature, with supplementary sodium chloride powder

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Study on the mechanism of effect of polyamines on the cold resistance of melon seedlings

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Study on the mechanism of fruit cracking of Yuhuanyou pummelo and its control

Xiao JianGuo; Jiang AiXiang; Feng GuiLing; Shi SiFa, 1996:
Study on the mechanism of male sterility induced by CHA Jinaolin in wheat

L.X.ngHong; Kang ShaoLan; Cao ZhiMin; Zhang GuoBao, 1995:
Study on the mechanism of resistance of maize seedlings to head smut (Sphacelotheca reiliana)

X.Q.Chuan; W.Y.Ming; Liu QingSheng, 1997:
Study on the mechanization of combined sowing for film-covered cotton in wheat field

Cao QunGen; Luo PeiTao, 1996:
Study on the microbiological characteristics of leaf litter decomposing in Phyllostachys pubescens bamboo stands

Tanevski, D., 1994:
Study on the microclimate in a tractor cab

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Study on the midges in Shanya city, Hainan province

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Study on the migration trajectories of Nilaparvata lugens

F.G.oMing; VanDam, A.M.; Findenegg, G.R., 1996:
Study on the mineralization and leaching of organic N of rye

Zhong ZuoLiang; Zhou GuoLi, 1995:
Study on the mode of action of rotenone on Culex quinquefasciatus larvae

Dascalescu, D., 1994:
Study on the modification of the draw-bar pull according to the medium soil pressure at the caterpillar tractors

Chen HuaiTao; Zhu XuanRen; Wang QiuChan; Ren AnHua, 1996:
Study on the morphology and character of erythrocytes in bactrian camels

Liu JinHua; Y.X.nLong, 1995:
Study on the mosquitoes and the biting midges in Jianfengling tropical forest

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Study on the multiplication of seed potatoes in Tunisia: virus diseases

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Study on the natural enemies of Chinese diprionid sawflies

Cheng BiQiang;; M.X.nXiang, 1996:
Study on the new economic plant of safrole of Cinnamomum heyeanum

Petrov, G., 1995:
Study on the nitrate content in Chardonnay grapes and wine at Pleven

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Study on the nitrogen leaching in rice fields

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Study on the numerical taxonomy of Ulmaceae from southern China

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Study on the nutrient development of maize grain during filling period and suitable harvest time in the new variety of fresh edible maize 'Jin-xian No.1'

Huang XianGan; Liu WinGe; Feng YuNing, 1996:
Study on the nutrition release process of summer green manure crop Mung bean after ploughing and burying into the soil

Gao DongSheng; L.X.anLi; G.M.nRu; Geng Li, 1996:
Study on the nutritional characters of spur-type apple trees

Wang ShiJi; Liu YaRong; Liu JianWei; Zhang JianGuo; Leng GuoYou; Zhou ShuLi, 1996:
Study on the nutritional diagnosis of Populus x euramericana in a reclaimed coal ash area

X.M.Nong; Cheng XiangLing; L.D.Sheng; L.Z.engKuo, 1995:
Study on the nutritional ingredients of Chinese toon buds in improved varieties

Wang ZhiJun, 1995:
Study on the nutritional value of chrysanthemum

Wang XiaoPing; Ruan JianYun; Han WenYan; W.B.nHua; W.X.n; Yao GuoKun, 1995:
Study on the nutritive peculiarity of potassium in tea plant

Wang Jun, J.H.ming; Huang Dingfang, 1996:
Study on the occurrence and control of Chinese fir anthracnose disease

Huang JinShui, 1995:
Study on the occurrence and integrated management of Euzophera batangensis

X.H.ngWei; Zhu YangPing, 1997:
Study on the occurrence of Gymnosporangium asiaticum in Hangzhou district and its control

Widayati, W.E., 1996:
Study on the occurrence of diazotrophic bacteria in sugarcane stalks

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Study on the occurrence of grey mildew on strawberry and its control

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Study on the occurrence of peach black spot (Alternaria alternata) and disease dissemination

Wang JiChang; H.W.nFen, 1997:
Study on the occurrence of pear rust disease

Zhei JianZhong; Zhang HongSheng, 1997:
Study on the occurrence regularity and control of peach scab

Chen YuQin; L.S.uYan; L.Y.Sheng; Liu Ping; L.M.i; Feng GuiHua, 1997:
Study on the occurring regularity of peach leafminer and its control

Wang, C.; Zhang, Y., 1996:
Study on the optimization of crossbreeding systems for pigs

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Study on the optimization of gibberellic acid fermentation medium

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Study on the optimum cool storage temperature for Huanghua pear fruits; M.Z.iHeng; G.M.oRui; L.B.oJun; Gao LiPing; Cheng YuLin, 1997:
Study on the optimum crop-load for adult Pingguoli pear trees

Peng, Y.H.; Zhang, W.C., 1995:
Study on the optimum soil humidity for growth and fruit development of kiwifruit

Zhou Yun; J.Z.oLiang; Lin WeiZhen, 1997:
Study on the optimum storage temperature and chilling injury mechanism of longan fruit

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Study on the organic matter in soils of the taiga-forest ecosystems

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Study on the ovicidal and larvicidal activity of ten insecticides to the cotton bollworm (Heliothis armigera)

Zhu JianLan; Chang YongYi; Chen DeRong, 1996:
Study on the pathogen and control of apricot black spot disease

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Study on the pathogenicity of PVY isolates on tobacco: proposal for a classification integrating resistance to necrosis

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Study on the pathotypes of rice leaf blight bacteria in Guangdong, China

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Study on the peanut yellowing caused by Criconemella curvata

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Study on the performance of an up-flow aerated biofilter (UAB) in municipal wastewater treatments

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Study on the photosynthetic characteristics of Eucommia ulmoides leaves

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Study on the photosynthetic properties of the saplings of Red Delicious and Starkrimson apple

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Study on the physical, mechanical and aerodynamic properties of peanut pods

Cheng, S.Y.; He, F.R., 1993:
Study on the physiological characteristics of maturation of pear fruits

Medard, R., 1995:
Study on the physiological mechanism controlling the planeness of the Manihot esculenta leaf blade

Huang ZhiPeng; Zhang XueBo, 1995:
Study on the physiological races of rice blast pathogen in different cropping types of rice

Vanachter, A., 1995:
Study on the physiological specialisation of Plasmodiophora brassicae in Belgium

Cheng BiQiang; M.X.nXiang;; Y.X.eJian; Ding JingKai, 1996:
Study on the plant resources of nerolidol and their uses

Zhou ShiQiang; Huang JinYan, 1996:
Study on the population density of young Bashania fangiana after natural regeneration

Berkani, A.; Mouats, A.; Dridi, B., 1996:
Study on the population dynamics of Phyllocnistis citrella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) Stainton in Algeria

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Study on the potential mutagenicity of combinations of some selected anticoccidials

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Study on the potentiality of duckweeds as a feed for cattle

G.Y.n; Zhang YingChun; Zhang ZhenFang, 1996:
Study on the predation of Stethorus punctillum Weise to Tetranychus urticae (Koch)

Fan YiHen; Chen YaJuan, 1995:
Study on the prediction of occurrence of the soyabean pod borer

Zhou DaRong; Song YanYing; H.K.ngLai; Wang ZhenYing; Zheng Li; Zhang GuangYi, 1997:
Study on the preference habitat of Trichogramma ostriniae: 1. Natural population distribution and dynamics of the parasitoid in different habitats

Zhou DaRong; Song YanYing; Wang ZhenYing; H.K.ngLai; Wen LiPing; Goa YunXia; Zheng Li; Zhang GuangYi, 1997:
Study on the preference habitat of Trichogramma ostriniae: III. The attraction and augmentation function of summer corn interplanted with creeping type mung bean for the parasitoid and its application in Asian corn borer control at ear stage of corn

Zhou DaRong; Song YanYing; Wang ZhenYing; H.K.ngLai; Zheng Li; Zhang GuangYi, 1997:
Study on the preferred habitat of Trichogramma ostriniae: II. Effect of summer corn interplanted with creeping type mungbean on the parasitic rate

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Study on the presence of cholesterol oxides in fresh and processed pigmeat

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Study on the presence of the main pesticide classes in fruit and vegetable samples

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Study on the prevalence of toxoplasmosis in cattle, sheep and goats in the Adana region with the ELISA and indirect haemagglutination test

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Study on the prevalence of white spots of the liver in pigs in Belgium and its relationship to management practices and anthelmintic treatment

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Study on the prevention and treatment of mastitis in dairy cows

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Study on the prevention of environmental bovine mastitis

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Study on the primary productivity of ryegrass and white clover pasture

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Study on the production of cloned animals by recycling nuclear transplantation. 3. Production of third generation cloned embryos in rabbits

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Study on the properties of oriented strandboards overlaid with bamboo sheets

Lin Yong; W.G.oLi; Teng Bing, 1996:
Study on the quantitative analysis of X ray photographs of bones

H.J.anGuang; Lin Sheng; Zhang GenFa, 1995:
Study on the quantitative characters in immature clones of Hevea brasiliensis by genetic methods

Zhang YuanWu; Y.Y.Jun, 1995:
Study on the radiosensitivity of monosomic lines of Sumai 3 to gamma radiation from 60Co

Song Yang; Tong ShiDe; L.Z.enZhi, 1996:
Study on the rapid diagnosis of melioidosis

L.X.eQin; Wang ZhenYing; MaJiaHao ; Yang ZhenGuo; Wang WenDong, 1997:
Study on the rapid diagnosis of the main bacterial diseases in the cultured freshwater fishes

Jin Feng, 1995:
Study on the reading of the Ascoli test for anthrax with photoelectric colorimetry

Ren LuQuan; Cong Qian; W.L.anKui; Chen DeXing, 1995:
Study on the reduction of soil adhesion and resistance by the application of nonsmooth surface electroosmosis

Wang WenHui, 1996:
Study on the regional distribution of animal tumours in Gansu

S.D.Chun; Guo LiMin; Zhang FuSuo, 1995:
Study on the regularity of mineral N release and fertility of chicken feathers

M.S.uMei; L.B.oYing, 1997:
Study on the regularity of outbreak and control of grey speck disease of soyabean

Chen MingChieh, 1995:
Study on the related condition of calculating peak flow rate by rational formula

Chen ShaoJiang; Zhang GuoDong, 1994:
Study on the relationship between amino acid composition and genetic code in soybean storage protein

Zhao HuiJie; Liu HuaShan; Lin XueWu; W.Y.eTing, 1996:
Study on the relationship between anther abortion of cytoplasmically male-sterile wheat lines and metabolism of active oxygen

X.M.ngLiang; W.J.anZhong; Wang ZiLi, 1995:
Study on the relationship between high yield and carbon-nitrogen metabolism and vascular bundles in rice with tiller-controlling culture

Chen JiangZhong; Sheng BingCheng; Liu KeJun, 1996:
Study on the relationship between peroxidase isoenzymes and resistance to Physalospora canker in apple

Shen RuiQing; Nan NingLi, 1996:
Study on the relationship between seed-borne fungi and the primary infection of root diseases in wheat

Xia ZhaoFei; Jin JiuShan; W.G.oLi, 1996:
Study on the relationship of liver function and vitamin D3 metabolism to osteomalacia in dairy cows

Sah JyGau; Chen JuanYi, 1996:
Study on the remediation of Cd and Pb contaminated soils by using electric kinetic technique

Singaram, P., 1996:
Study on the residual effect of phosphatic fertilizers on the availability and yield of urdbean in a cropping sequence

Zhu LuSheng; Gao XingWen; Cui FengYun;, 1995:
Study on the residues of fenpropathrin in apple

Xu, F.; Xi, K.; Gang, X.; Zhou, Y.S.; Xu, W.G.; Xu, K.Q.; Ge, M.H., 1994:
Study on the resistances of various year classes of Pinus massoniana to pine wood nematode (PWN), Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

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Study on the resources of rare and endangered plants in Guangdong

Han TianFu; Wang JinLing, 1996:
Study on the responses of different ecotypes of Chinese soyabeans to postflowering photoperiod

Kim, C.H.; Cheong, B.H., 1996:
Study on the rice yield reduction by over-head flooding

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Study on the safety and immunogenicity of an attenuated bovine testis cell vaccine strain of mink virus enteritis

Yoon KabHee; Lee WonKyu; Lee TaiSoo; Byun ByungHo; Y.C.angKeun, 1995:
Study on the sawdust cultivation of Lentinus edodes. (I.) Mushroom productivities and qualities of Lentinus edodes depending on sawdust media conditions

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Study on the selection and breeding of the new strain FJR 834

Chen QingHong; Zhang ZhongHai; Qin ZhongQi; Jiang YingChun, 1996:
Study on the selection of male plants for Jinkui kiwifruit, and pollen xenia

Navia, J.L.; Roberts, R.A.; Wingard, R.E.Jr, 1995:
Study on the selectivity of benzoylation of metal chelates of sucrose

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Study on the shape characteristics of the rotary blade surface

Lazarova Topchiiska, M., 1995:
Study on the sharka virus of plum (plum pox virus) on peach in Bulgaria

Anonymous, 1995:
Study on the simulation and forecast model of epidemic of rice leaf blast in Jilin Province II. Establishment and examination of the simulation model

Anonymous, 1994:
Study on the simulation and forecast model of epidemic of rice leaf blast in Jilin Province. I. The establishment of models of subsystems of rice leaf blast

Zhao, J.M.; Zhao, F., 1995:
Study on the soil management system for apple orchards in the arid region

Khodabandeh, A., 1994:
Study on the sowing date of sunflower varieties in northern Khuzestan region

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Study on the spatial distribution and sampling techniques of jujube looper larvae

Zhang YanXuan; Y.D.Yi; Chen Wei; Chi YanBei; Lin JianZhen, 1996:
Study on the spatial distribution and temporal dynamics of Tetranychus kanzawai (Acari: Tetranychidae) in open-air strawberry gardens

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Study on the spermatophytic flora of South China Sea Islands

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Study on the standing crop of energy in south subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest in Heishiding Nature Reserve, Guangdong

Liu YaoRong; Qiu FuGeng, 1996:
Study on the storage methods for conserving Phyllostachys pubescens shoots

Wang FengHu; Cai LiPing, 1996:
Study on the strength of a new type of corner joint (Moltinject) on cabinet furniture

Zhang QiSheng; Sun FengWen; Wang JianHe, 1995:
Study on the structure and technology of bamboo composite board

Huang, S.Q.; Chen, C.G.; Fang, S.S.; Yie, S.L.; Yie, S.X.; Yie, J.Z., 1995:
Study on the suitability of Fortunella rootstocks for the early high production culture of Pongan variety grown on red soil

Shen ZhaoMin; Zhou YuBin; L.Z.enGuo, 1997:
Study on the suitable combination of early, mid and late season citrus cultivars in the different regions of 5 provinces

Shen, Z.M., 1995:
Study on the suitable set of early, medium and late cultivars in China

Y.Yong, 1992 :
Study on the sulphur situation in the soil of tea gardens

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Study on the surface characteristics of plough mouldboard materials and their effects on soil adhesion

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Study on the survival ability of Trichomonas vaginalis in mineral baths

Wei Ping, 1995:
Study on the swollen head syndrome of chickens - a review

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Study on the synergistic action of humic acid on absorption and transportation of phosphate in wheat by using the 32P tracer method

Guo TiangQiao; Jin Qi; Teng XuFeng; Guo XueFei; Liu DeChen, 1996:
Study on the synthesis of sandalwood fragrance campholenyl methyl cyclohexanol

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Study on the tarsonemid mites (Acari: Tarsonemidae) from Korea. II. Four unrecorded species of Tarsonemus

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Study on the technique for evaluation of resistance in wheat varieties to wheat midge (Sitodiplosis mosellana)

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Study on the techniques for cultivating Calculus bovis in imitative twin gallbladders of cattle

Xue GuangRong; Yang ZhenYing; Hong Yi; Shi YongZhong, 1996:
Study on the techniques for eliminating pear viruses by shoot tip culture

Qin XiXiang; Gao RuiTong; L.J.Zhen; Cao GuiHong; Chen WeiPei, 1996:
Study on the technology of integrated measures to control Anoplophora glabripennis by means of selecting insect-resistant poplar species

Gao ZhenZhong; W.F.ngMing, 1995:
Study on the technology of retention rate determination and improved method for TPFR strengthening of wet-processed fibreboard

Shen RuiZhou; Zhao SongHao, 1993:
Study on the therapeutic efficacy of norfloxacin and other drugs on experimentally induced pullorum disease

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Study on the top-working techniques for apple trees

Rui ChangHui; Zhao YongQiao; Fang XianLin; R.L.Jun; Zhao JianZhou; Wei Cen, 1995:
Study on the toxicity-synergizing effects of the biotic pesticide abamectin

Wang WenQuan; Gong GuoJi; Tan FuJie, 1995:
Study on the toxicology of diflubenzuron VII. Influence of diflubenzuron on cuticle protein synthesis series of Mythimna separata Walker

Pei JianWu; Gan MengHou, 1996:
Study on the transfer of antibiotic-resistance of Staphylococcus aureus from chickens

Wang PeiYi; Yin Shun; Gao ChangLan; Sheng Qi; Zhao ZhongPing; L.D.ngJun; Cao XinChun; Liu LunHua; Wan GongQun; Liu Bo; Gong MaoQing; Liu Xin; Zhang DianBo; Wang HongFa, 1997:
Study on the transmission threshold of bancroftian filariasis in Shandong province

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Study on the types of embryoid in tissue culture of Litchi chinensis Sonn

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Study on the ultrastructure of leaf cells of Brassica oleracea var. capitata under heat stress

Jiang XiaoMei; Zhang LiFei; Zhou Fu, 1996:
Study on the ultrastructure of pits in the major Chinese hardwoods

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Study on the undulatory temperature on peaches during cold-storage and its mechanism

Verma, M.L.; Bhandari, A.R., 1996:
Study on the uptake of macronutrients by pea as affected by nitrogen and phosphorus levels

Lee, S.M.; Lam Chan, L.T., 1995:
Study on the use of transparent polybags to culture orchid plantlets in vitro

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Study on the usefulness of shampoo containing 0.75% miconazole nitrate for treatment of dandruff. A double-blind, comparative study

Lee InDuk; Jacob, H., 1996:
Study on the utilization of Festulolium braunii for the development of new forage resources

Choi,; Hur, B.K.o; Lee, B.H.; Ha, S.K.un; Kim, J.R.e; Hong, Y.K., 1994:
Study on the utilization of agricultural bibliographic information databases

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Study on the utilization of intersubspecific heterosis in rice by two-line method-analysis of cytoplasmic effects

Chen, J.Y.; Xu, X.B.; Li, F., 1995 :
Study on the utilization of kumquat resources in China, and future strategy

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Study on the variation in soil moisture storage of forest land in Lien-Hua-Chi area

H.D.nXiao; Xia YunLong; W.S.anMei, 1995:
Study on the variation of community structures of soil Acari under different fertilizer conditions

Kim DungMu; Pyon YongIl, 1995:
Study on the variation of traits of winter wheat by the injection of foreign DNA

Guan LiRen; X.Y.ngXiang; Zuo XinPing; Wang Ge, 1996:
Study on the vectors transmitting cutaneous leishmaniasis in Karamay, Xinjiang, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China

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Study on the viability of producing maize lines by means of anther culture

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Study on the water regime of sandy soil and groundnut irrigation in an ancient channel of Huanghe River

Liu XuanZhang; Tian DaLun; Zhou ZhiHua, 1995:
Study on the water-purifying function of Chinese fir plantation ecosystem

Chen HsinHsiung, 1996:
Study on the watershed groundwater hydrology in Taiwan

Tsou CheTsung; Shiah TsangChyi; Yin HwaWen; Chen ChiJung; K.W.nJun, 1996:
Study on the weatherability and colorfastness of finishes on sludge-cement fiberboard

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Study on the whole crop pellet making of barley cultivated on paddy land after rice

Kurt, O., 1996:
Study on the yield and yield components and some agronomic characters of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) cultivars

Burcea, M., 1995:
Study on the yield characteristics and nectar capacity of promising Romanian sunflower hybrids and of those from the FAO system occurring in comparative cropping systems at ICCPT - Fundulea

Wang YuZhen; Yuan YongLan; Zhao BaiLing; Zhang ZhaoSheng; Sun YunCun; Zhang GuangYi, 1997:
Study on the yield losses of winter wheat caused by sheath blight in Shandong and its control threshold

Tomov, N.; Petrov, P., 1995:
Study on the yield potential of early maize hybrids

Dhital, B.K.; Ghimire, S.R.; Subedi, M., 1997:
Study on time taken to attain different crop growth and development stages of some selected potato cultivars at Lumle Centre

W.K.Xian; L.W.i; X.M.aoZhen; Dang ChangXun; Liu Yue, 1996:
Study on tissue culture of Larix olgensis

Tsukada, N.; Sugaharan, A., 1996:
Study on trace element values in hair analysis of boys living in national home for resocialization of minors

T.Cong, 1996:
Study on transfer of Ni in soil-plant system using 63Ni tracer method

X.X.angLing; L.X.ngHua; Liu WeiHua; L.J.Lin; Wang Yi, 1996:
Study on transferring the soybean mosaic virus coat protein (SMV-CP) gene into soyabeans using the Ri-plasmid

Zheng QingFang; Liu YuBao; Jiang BiLiang; Zheng LongPeng; H.R.ngBin, 1996:
Study on transformation of uncultivated Acidosasa notata stand into shoot use stand

Zhang JiCheng; Xue ZhaoDong; L.X.uTi; Y.F.ngPing, 1996:
Study on transmitting patterns of ramie mosaic disease and its control

Lin FuPing; Hong ZhongDong; Zheng XiaoPing; Cheng YuMin, 1996:
Study on tree eriophyid mites

J.Z.iXian; Guo ChangGeng; Y.Y.nFu, 1996:
Study on ultra-dry storage in four melon seeds

Chen, W.; Cai, H.; Chen, J.; Zhong, X.; Chen, L., 1996:
Study on ultrastructural cytochemistry and pathogenic mechanism of Trichomonas vaginalis

S.Z.en; X.W.nYing; Zhang ZhongLun; M.Y.Qin; F.C.iZhen; Zheng YanZhen; Liu ChengXing, 1997:
Study on ultraweak bioluminescence of soyabean seeds lacking one or more lipoxygenase isoenzymes

Chen XiaoMin; Mao ZeSheng; X.Z.ongXiang, 1995:
Study on unsaturated hydraulic conductivity in seashore saline soil

Feng JianGuo; Tao Xun; Zhang AnSheng; Zhuang QianYing, 1997:
Study on using artificial eggs of Trichogramma chilonis to control Helicoverpa armigera

X.Q.ngFeng; Hong JiaBao; W.H.uZhang; Feng Wei, 1997:
Study on using entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria brongnartii to control white grubs in peanut fields

Chen YouJun; Wang FuJun; Peng GenYuan; W.Z.aoJu; Zheng QiGang, 1994:
Study on utilization of N in nitrophosphates and urea-superphosphate by spring wheat with 15N

Sun YuanShu; Wang ChongYi, 1997:
Study on utilization of the dominant male sterile triticale in breeding

X.KeZhang et al., 1994:
Study on variability of specific leaf weight in Panax ginseng

Ratuszniak, E., 1996:
Study on variability of the black spot character of potato tubers

L.Z.aoFeng; Zhou DongXiong;, 1995:
Study on variant types of karyotypes in Fokienia hodginsii

Zhang JianJun; Fan KunHua; Zhang ZhenHua, 1994:
Study on variation in rice (Oryza sativa L.) somaclones from in vitro irradiated somatocytes

Zhao JingYin; Yao Zheng; Wang YaGu; Shen GengXiang; Yuan DaWei; H.Q.Yong, 1995:
Study on variations in biological effects and chemical-physical characters during composting of animal wastes

Inoue, E.; Noguchi, R.; Kim, Y.K., 1997:
Study on vibration characteristics and measuring method for farm machinery

Hamamoto, K., 1996:
Study on vibratory polishing of wood by coated abrasive film: effects of polishing conditions on stock removal

Taveekijakarn, P.; Miyazaki, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Arai, S., 1996:
Study on vitamin E deficiency in amago salmon

Zang WeiMin; Wang ChuanQing, 1995:
Study on vitellus plate agglutination test for the detection of pullorum disease antibody

Deng ShiZong; Wei BinEr, 1995:
Study on water balance of the Cunninghamia lanceolata forest in the different ecological geographic areas in Guangxi

Meng Kai; Zhang XingYi, 1997:
Study on water uptake of soyabeans in the black soil region of northeastern China

W.YouXian, 1996:
Study on water-soluble organic reducing substances: III. Electrochemical properties of decomposition products of rice straw and their interactions with variable charge soils

Murthy, B.G.; Prathibha, N.C., 1995:
Study on weed flora in dryland condition

Guan LiQuin; Hou QuanMin; Chen JianSheng; Zhang SongHan; Wang ZhiXiong, 1997:
Study on wheat yield loss caused by infestation of Alopecurus japonicus and Vicia sativa

Cao JingQin, 1994:
Study on yield and nutrient accumulation in Lolium perenne with various combinations of N-P fertilizers in hilly red soil region

Aytac, S.; Esendal, E., 1996:
Study on yield and yield components of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars grown in the Samsun area

Ylmaz, N.; Bostan, S., 1996:
Study on yield and yield components of some spring triticale lines in Van

Kang YeBin; Shang HongSheng; Wang ShuQuan, 1996:
Study on yield loss in wheat caused by Gerlachia nivalis

Stoyanova, M.; Milkov, E., 1995:
Study on yield, protein content and technological quality in local French bean varieties

Ylmaz, N.; Sepetoglu, H., 1996:
Study to determine the best sowing method for some soft wheat (Triticum aestivum spp.) cultivars in Van

Okut, H.; Akca, Y., 1995:
Study to determine the causal relations between fruit weight and certain important fruit characteristics using a path analysis

Torun, M.; Koycu, C., 1996:
Study to determine the nitrogen requirements of some maize cultivars for the Carsamba Plain

Mill, J.; Wolf, K., 1996:
Study upon the frequency of stride and the length of the speed of Thoroughbred racehorses

Sarmiento, M.M.V.; Sierra, D.A.R.; Sanabria, J.; Lopez Avila, A., 1995:
Study with different doses of Aschersonia aleyrodis Webber and parasitism of Encarsia formosa Gahan on 3rd- and 4th-instar nymphs of the greenhouse whitefly

Chivanov, V.D.; Mishnev, A.K.; Kravchenko, N.S.; Kabanets, V.M.; Sarbash, V.N.; Onychko, T.A.; Grebenik, L.I.; Aksenov, S.A.; Eremenko, I.A., 1995:
Studying herbicides of the sulphonyl-urea class and their metabolites using the method of time-of-flight plasma desorption mass-spectrometry with ionization by fission fragments of 252Cf (TOF-PDMS). Report 1. TOF-PDMS is an express method of determining metsulfuron-methyl and chlorsulfuron in biomatrices

Chivanov, V.D.; Mishnev, A.K.; Kravchenko, N.S.; Kabanets, V.M.; Sarbash, V.N.; Onychko, T.A.; Grebenik, L.I.; Aksenov, S.A.; Eremenko, I.A., 1995:
Studying herbicides of the sulphonyl-urea class and their metabolites using the method of time-of-flight plasma desorption mass-spectrometry with ionization by fission fragments of 252Cf (TOF-PDMS). Report 2. Potentialities of TOF-PDMS as a method of screening plant resistance to sulphonyl-ureas in model systems

Vodyanitskii, Y.N., 1996:
Studying iron oxides in soils by sampling thermomagnetic analysis

Grant, B.C.; Donnelly, D., 1997:
Studying leisure: a model for bursary physical education

Blakeley, D.; Chapman, N.; Claydon, K.; Claydon, M.; Harris, S.; Wakelam, J., 1996:
Studying muntjac in the King's Forest, Suffolk

Moiseev, I.T.; Agapkina, G.I.; Rerikh, L.A., 1994:
Studying the behaviour of 137Cs in soils and its absorption by agricultural crops in relation to different factors

Makarov, V.A., 1996:
Studying the operation of excentric fertilizer mixer

Giulivo, C.; Pitacco, A., 1997:
Studying the root system of grapevine

Glancy, M.; Little, S.L., 1995:
Studying the social aspects of leisure: development of the Multiple-Method Field Investigation Model (MMFI)

Messner, M.A., 1996:
Studying up on sex

Akimov, G.I.; Portenko, L.G., 1996:
Studying vegetative compatibility in Verticillium dahliae Kleb. with non-nitrate-utilizing mutants

Seneviratne, P., 1995:
Stumped buddings for a complete stand

Ali, A.S.A.; Jensen, J.F., 1996:
Stunning methods for poultry - review

Gara, I.W.yan; Kondo, H.; Maeda, T.; Inouye, N.; Tamada, T., 1997:
Stunt disease of Habenaria radiata caused by a strain of watermelon mosaic virus 2

Rivera Dommarco, J.; Gonzalez Cossio, T.; Flores, M.; Hernandez Avila, M.; Lezana, M.A.; Sepulveda Amor, J., 1995:
Stunting and wasting in children less than five years old in different regions and levels in Mexico

Popkin, B.M.; Richards, M.K.; Montiero, C.A., 1996:
Stunting is associated with overweight in children of four nations that are undergoing the nutrition transition

Laguna, I.G.; Ploper, L.D.; Laguzzi, S.M., 1996:
Stunting of maize in north-east of Argentina

Shapiro, F.; Nir, I., 1995:
Stunting syndrome in broilers: effect of age and exogenous amylase and protease on performance, development of the digestive tract, digestive enzyme activity, and apparent digestibility

Gregory, N.G.; Wilkins, L.J., 1997:
Stupefying and lethal effects of alpha chloralose in chickens

Lokesha, R.; Vasudeva, R.; Sarala, B.S.; Reddy, P.P.; Nayak, S.N., 1996:
Stylar length variation in Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Caesalpiniaceae) - basic patterns

Barrett, S.C.H.; Lloyd, D.G.; Arroyo, J., 1995:
Stylar polymorphisms and the evolution of heterostyly in Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)

Ventura, F., 1995:
Styles of beef cattle breeding and resource use efficiency in Umbria

Han Xinli, Yan Fushun, 1995:
Stylet penetration behaviour of soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, on host and non-host plants

Khan, A.; Bilqees, F.M., 1995:
Stylet-bearing nematodes associated with poplar (Populus caspica Bornm.) in Mardan district, N.W.F.P., Pakistan

Mohamed Saleem, M.A.; Leeuw, P.N. de, 1994:
Stylo-based pasture development for agropastoral production systems

Anonymous, 1994:
Stylosanthes as a forage and fallow crop. Proceedings of the regional workshop on the use of Stylosanthes in West Africa, Kaduna, Nigeria, 26-31 October, 1992

Mohamed Saleem, M.A., 1994:
Stylosanthes for pasture development: an overview of ILCA's experience in Nigeria

Surendran, C.; Subramanian, S.; Paramathma, M.; Dorairaj, M.S.; Sivasamy, N.; Joel, A.J., 1995:
Stylosanthes scabra (Muyal Masal): a protein rich drought tolerant fodder legume

Griffiths, R.G., 1994:
Stylosanthes seed production management

Brass, T.J.; Keever, G.J.; Gilliam, C.H.; Eakes, D.J.seph, 1996:
Styrene lining and container size affect substrate temperature

Brass, T.J.; Keever, G.J.; Eakes, D.J.seph; Gilliam, C.H., 1996:
Styrene-lined and copper-coated containers affect production and landscape establishment of red maple

Brass, T.J.; Keever, G.J.; Gilliam, C.H.; Eakes, D.J.seph, 1997:
Styrene-lined and copper-coated containers affect production of Cornus florida

Devisch, R., 1996:
Sub Saharan African universities caught between the 'white' diploma and endogenous development

Gowda, R.N.S.; Das, S.N.; Chatterjee, S., 1995:
Sub-acute toxicity of a herbal product (research name IH-AO2) in rats: a histopathological evaluation

Das, S.N.; Chatterjee, S., 1994:
Sub-acute toxicity study on Stresszee

Ajay, V.S.Rathore, 1995:
Sub-cellular localization of 65Zn as determined by non-aqueous approach

Balakishan, T.; Rao, D.S.T., 1994:
Sub-clinical ketosis in buffaloes

Rao, M.S.darsana; Kumar, A.A.anda; Sreemannarayana, O., 1996:
Sub-clinical mastitis in sheep

Verrier, J.L., 1996:
Sub-group collaborative study on PVY

Lolas, P., 1996:
Sub-group collaborative study on broomrape. 1995-1996 report

Meredith, W.R.Jr; Pettigrew, W.T.; Heitholt, J.J., 1996:
Sub-okra, semi-smoothness, and nectariless effect on cotton lint yield

Rayment, S.J.; Barrett, S.P.; Livesley, M.A., 1997:
Sub-specific differentiation of intestinal spirochaete isolates by macrorestriction fragment profiling

Aguas, P.M.P.; Godwin, R., 1996:
Sub-surface injection of liquid waste

Lutzeyer, H.J.; Mapa, R.B.; Kumara, D.K.G.N.P.; Sampson, A., 1992:
Sub-theme: modern agroforestry systems

Imada, M.; Aragami, K., 1995:
Sub-working groups included in an applied working group of clear-cutting in alternate blocks system

Natanman, R.; Chandrasekaran, D., 1996:
Subabul leaf meal (Leucaena leucocephala) as a protein supplement for broilers

Mahboob, M.; Siddiqui, M.K.J.; Mustafa, M., 1995:
Subacute effects of a neem pesticide on some of the detoxifying enzymes of rats

Garrett, E., 1996:
Subacute rumen acidosis. Clinical signs and diagnosis in dairy herds

Sarkar, S.N.; Chattopadhyay, S.K.; Majumdar, A.C., 1995:
Subacute toxicity of urea herbicide, isoproturon, in male rats

Trinajstic, I., 1993:
Subalpine beech forests (Doronico-Fagetum) of Biokova Mountain, Croatia

Shamir, M.H.; Shahar, R.; Aizenberg, I., 1997:
Subarachnoid cyst in a cat

Chehrenama, M.; Zagardo, M.T.; Koski, C.L., 1997:
Subarachnoid hemorrhage in a patient with Lyme disease

Gómez-Villamandos, J.C.; Hervás, J.; Moreno, C.; Carrasco, L.; Bautista, M.J.; Caballero, J.M.; Wilkinson, P.J.; Sierra, M.A., 1997:
Subcellular changes in the tonsils of pigs infected with acute African swine fever virus

Leidreiter, K.; Kruse, A.; Riens, B.; Winter, H.; Lohaus, G.; Robinson, D.; Heineke, D.; Heldt, H.W., 1995:
Subcellular compartmentation of metabolites in plant cells

Rumeau, D.; Cuiné, S.; Fina, L.; Gault, N.; Nicole, M.; Peltier, G., 1996:
Subcellular distribution of carbonic anhydrase in Solanum tuberosum L. leaves: characterization of two compartment-specific isoforms

Majumder, M.; Chatterjee, B.P., 1996:
Subcellular distribution of jacalin in Artocarpus integrifolia seed

Roth, H.P.; Moser, C.; Kirchgessner, M., 1996:
Subcellular distribution of protein kinase C (pKC) in erythrocytes and concentration of D-myo-inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) in platelets and monocytes of force-fed zinc-deficient rats

Rouleau, M.; Smith, R.J.; Bancroft, J.B.; Mackie, G.A., 1995:
Subcellular immunolocalization of the coat protein of two potexviruses in infected Chenopodium quinoa

Hemphill, A., 1996:
Subcellular localization and functional characterization of Nc-p43, a major Neospora caninum tachyzoite surface protein

Zhu Mei Jun, Chen Jia, 1995:
Subcellular localization and kinetic characterization of ABA binding proteins in maize root

Garcia, I.; Rodgers, M.; Lenne, C.; Rolland, A.; Sailland, A.; Matringe, M., 1997:
Subcellular localization and purification of a p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase from cultured carrot cells and characterization of the corresponding cDNA

Oleksiewicz, M.B.; Costello, F.; Huhtanen, M.; Wolfinbarger, J.B.; Alexandersen, S.; Bloom, M.E., 1996:
Subcellular localization of Aleutian mink disease parvovirus proteins and DNA during permissive infection of Crandell feline kidney cells

Haynes, P.A.; Russell, D.G.; Cross, G.A., 1996:
Subcellular localization of Trypanosoma cruzi glycoprotein Gp72

Kukolj, G.; Jones, K.S.; Skalka, A.M., 1997:
Subcellular localization of avian sarcoma virus and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrases

Hudak, K.A.; Thompson, J.E., 1997:
Subcellular Localization of Secondary Lipid Metabolites Including Fragrance Volatiles in Carnation Petals

Takahashi, H.; Saito, K., 1996:
Subcellular localization of spinach cysteine synthase isoforms and regulation of their gene expression by nitrogen and sulfur

Chang, B.Y.; Lin, N.S.; Liou, D.Y.; Chen, J.P.; Liou, G.G.; Hsu, Y.H., 1997:
Subcellular localization of the 28 kDa protein of the triple-gene-block of bamboo mosaic potexvirus

Stoltz, M.A.; van der Merwe, C.F.; Coetzee, J.; Huismans, H., 1996:
Subcellular localization of the nonstructural protein NS3 of African horsesickness virus

Pinton, R.; Mohamed, A.A.; Varanini, Z., 1994:
Subcellular localization of zinc in zinc-sufficient and zinc-deficient bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants

Kuske, C.R.; Hill, K.K.; Guzman, E.; Jackson, P.J., 1996:
Subcellular Location of O-Acetylserine Sulfhydrylase Isoenzymes in Cell Cultures and Plant Tissues of Datura innoxia Mill

Hu, N.T.; Hung, M.N.; Liao, C.T.; Lin, M.H., 1995:
Subcellular location of XpsD, a protein required for extracellular protein secretion by Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Marrison, J.L.; Schunmann, P.; Ougham, H.J.; Leech, R.M., 1996:
Subcellular Visualization of Gene Transcripts Encoding Key Proteins of the Chlorophyll Accumulation Process in Developing Chloroplasts

Leidreiter, K.; Kruse, A.; Heineke, D.; Robinson, D.G.; Heldt, H.W., 1995:
Subcellular volumes and metabolite concentrations in potato (Solanum tuberosum cv. Desiree) leaves

Balli, S.; Yuksel, E.; Ozmen, M.; Demirhan, B., 1996:
Subchronic effects of sublethal exposure of azinphos-methyl on swiss albino mice

Khan, M.A.; Muhammad Asgher; Javed, M.T., 1996:
Subchronic toxicity of malathion in rats

Kawabe, M.; Takesada, Y.; Tamano, S.; Hagiwara, A.; Ito, N.; Shirai, T., 1996:
Subchronic toxicity study of L-isoleucine in F344 rats

Inokuma, H.; Saito, T.; Onishi, T., 1996:
Subclasses and mitogenesis of peripheral mononuclear cells from Japanese Black and Hereford calves

Djoenaidi, W.; Notermans, S.L.; Verbeek, A.L., 1996:
Subclinical beriberi polyneuropathy in the low income group: an investigation with special tools on possible patients with suspected complaints

Jithendran, K.P.; Bhat, T.K., 1996:
Subclinical coccidiosis in Angora rabbits, a field survey in Himachal Pradesh, India

Scanlon, K.S.; Blank, S.; Sinks, T.; Lett, S.; Mueller, P.; Freedman, D.S.; Serdula, M.; Falk, H., 1995:
Subclinical health effects in a population exposed to excess vitamin D in milk

Kaldrumidou, E.; Poluzopoulou, Z.; Papaioannou, N.; Tsangares, T.; Papasteriades, A., 1994:
Subclinical lead poisoning in sheep: ultrastructural study of the lesions in the liver and kidneys

Mishra, P.R.; Sidhartha Hazari; Pal, A., 1996:
Subclinical mastitis in goat with special reference to fungus

Dario, C.; Laudadio, V.; Corsalini, T.; Bufano, G.; Buonavoglia, C., 1996:
Subclinical mastitis in sheep: occurrence, etiology and milk production in different genetic types

Logue, D.N., 1997:
Subclinical mastitis, the Scottish situation

Cremoux, R. de; Menard, J.L.; Baudry, C., 1996:
Subclinical mastitis. Effect of mammary infections on milk yield and composition

Piasentier, E.; Bovolenta, S.; Filacorda, S.; Susmel, P., 1995:
Subcutaneous adipocyte diameter variations during lactation in sheep

Davey, R.T.; Chaitt, D.G.; Piscitelli, S.C.; Wells, M.; Kovacs, J.A.; Walker, R.E.; Falloon, J.; Polis, M.A.; Metcalf, J.A.; Masur, H.; Fyfe, G.; Lane, H.C., 1997:
Subcutaneous administration of interleukin-2 in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected persons

Abe, T.; Sakurai, T.; Kurata, J.; Kawakami, Y.; Fukunaga, T., 1996:
Subcutaneous and visceral fat distribution and daily physical activity: comparison between young and middle aged women

Del Giudice, P.; Bernard, E.; Perrin, C.; Marty, P.; L.F.choux, Y.; Ortonne, J.P.; Michiels, J.F.; Dellamonica, P., 1996 :
Subcutaneous cysticercosis

Herzberg, A.J.; Boyd, P.R.; Gutierrez, Y., 1995:
Subcutaneous dirofilariasis in Collier County, Florida, USA

Haldane, D.J.; Johnston, B.L.; Walsh, N.M., 1996:
Subcutaneous dirofilariasis in Nova Scotia

Maeda, M.; Nakajima, T.; Kitajima, Y.; Inaba, H.; Hotchi, M., 1996:
Subcutaneous mucormycosis seen after gypsum fixation for bone fracture

Keegan, K.G.; Dillavou, C.L.; Turnquist, S.E.; Fales, W.H., 1995:
Subcutaneous mycetoma-like granuloma in a horse caused by Aspergillus versicolor

Zaitz, C.; Heins-Vaccari, E.M.; de Freitas, R.S.; Arriagada, G.L.; Ruiz, L.; Totoli, S.A.; Marques, A.C.; Rezze, G.G.; Müller, H.; Valente, N.S.; Lacaz, C.da.S., 1997:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Phoma cava. Report of a case and review of the literature

Pires, M.C.; Costa, A.R.; Muller, H.; Gatti, T.R.S.R.; Reis, V.M.S. dos, 1996:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by mycelia sterilia with local ascendant phlebitis: report of a case

Arnaud, M.V.C.; Vieira, T.L.; Moraes, M.A.P., 1996:
Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis in the State of Para: report of three cases

Lye, G.R.; Wood, G.; Nimmo, G., 1996:
Subcutaneous zygomycosis due to Saksenaea vasiformis: rapid isolate identification using a modified sporulation technique

Fonseca, A. de P.M. da; Fonseca, W.S.M. da; Araujo, R. da C.; Batista, T.S.G.; Silva, S.M.R. da, 1996:
Subcutaneous zygomycosis: report of three cases

Maruyama, M.; Ebuchi, M.; Sugano, N.; Takamatsu, S.; Kudo, T., 1997:
Subcutaneously implanted enteral nutrition port

Vitavasiri, A.; Charoenchasri, P.; Kaewmanee, S.; Bhaibulaya, M., 1995:
Subdermal myiasis caused by maggots of Chrysomyia bezziana

Lee, Y.T.; Leung, N.W.; Kay, R.; NG.H.K., 1997:
Subdural effusion in chronic cryptococcal meningitis in a cirrhotic patient

Sommer, U.; Schlechta, C.; Kressin, M.; Schnorr, B., 1997:
Subepithelial nerve endings in the lingual marginal papillae of newborn piglets

Garcia Vallejo, M.C.; Conde, E.; Cadahia, E.; Fernandez de Simon, B., 1997:
Suberin composition of reproduction cork from Quercus suber

Gil, L.M.C.C., 1995:
Suberin of cork

Chlebicki, A.; Lorenc, M.W., 1997:
Subfossil Fomes fomentarius from a Holocene fluvial deposit in Poland

Agababyan, M.V., 1995:
Subgenus Centaurea (Centaurea, Asteraceae): botanical and geographical analysis, centres of origin and diversity of the species

Belda, J.; Canalís, E.; Gimferrer, J.M.; Xaubet, A.; Baldó, X.; Guelar, A., 1997:
Subglottic stenosis in an HIV positive patient: an exceptional form of clinical presentation in Kaposi's sarcoma

Clark, G.A.; Stanley, C.D., 1995:
Subirrigation using drip irrigation laterals

Clarke, S.J., 1995:
Subject 10: Enzymatic and immunological procedures

Spieweck, F., 1995:
Subject 11: Density

Broadfoot, R., 1995:
Subject 12: Rheology

Rosenbruch, K.J., 1995:
Subject 13: Refractive index

Laursen, J., 1995:
Subject 15: Reducing sugars

Ducatillon, J.P., 1995:
Subject 16: Ash

Thielecke, K., 1995:
Subject 2: Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides

Emmerich, A., 1995:
Subject 4: Polarimetry and quartz plates

Vaccari, G., 1995:
Subject 5: Dry substance

Mantovani, G., 1995:
Subject 6: Spectrophotometry

Riffer, R., 1995:
Subject 7: Colour, turbidity and reflectance measurements

Bourlet, P., 1995 :
Subject 9: Chromatographic techniques for non-sugars

Bartol, T., 1995:
Subject analysis of Slovenian agricultural published documents in the years 1993 and 1994

Green, S.M.; Blundell, J.E., 1996:
Subjective and objective indices of the satiating effect of foods. Can people predict how filling a food will be?

Moore, L.H.; van Gorp, W.G.; Hinkin, C.H.; Stern, M.J.; Swales, T.; Satz, P., 1997:
Subjective complaints versus actual cognitive deficits in predominantly symptomatic HIV-1 seropositive individuals

Nemec, J.; Voltr, V.; Siblikova, D., 1997:
Subjects in the agricultural land markets

Shakoori, A.R.; Sadia Durrani; Saleem, M.A., 1994:
Sublethal effects of a synthetic pyrethroid, Ripcord 10 EC, on Tribolium castaneum

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