Supplementation of dairy cows at pasture with protein concentrates with varying ruminal digestibility. 1. Milk yield, milk composition and liveweight gain

Gagliostro, G.A.; Garcia, S.C.; Santini, F.J.; Dillon, A.; Lavandera, S.E.

Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 15(2): 517-520


Accession: 002972221

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The effect on milk yield of replacing soyabean oilmeal (SO) with blood meal (BM) in the concentrate was studied in dairy cows in mid-lactation. Concentrate composition for the different groups was (1) 62% maize + 35% SO (2) 72% maize + 17% SO + 8% BM; (3) 82% maize + 15% BM. Milk yields for the 3 groups were 19.1, 17.8 and 19.3 kg/cow per day respectively. Concentrates were given at 6 kg/cow per day. No significant differences were observed between the 3 groups with regard to milk composition or liveweight gain.