Section 3
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Synthesis of some new coumarin derivatives with evaluation of their antimicrobial activity

Abd, E.H.fez, O.M.; Mandour, A.H.; Khattab, A.; Nassar, M.I.; Kubecy, T.

Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 35(1-6): 113-126


Accession: 002974550

6-Amino coumarin (Ib) was condensed with some aromatic aldehydes to give the Schiff's bases (IIa-f). Compound (Ib) was also reacted with some halo-compounds to give coumarin-6-amino derivatives (IIIa-c). 6-Nitrocoumarin-3-sulfonyl chloride (IVa) and thiocoumarin-6-sulfonyl chloride (VIIa) were reacted with some amines to give 6-nitrocoumarin-3-sulfonamide derivatives (IVb-k) and thiocoumarin-6-sulfonamide derivatives (VIIb-d), respectively. On the other hand, thiocoumarin (V) was reacted with primary amines to give benzopyran-2-imino derivatives (VIa-f). The antimicrobial activity of the prepared compounds was also investigated.

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