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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2976

Chapter 2976 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bespyatova, L.A., 1995:
Tabanomyces milkoi (Dudka et Koval) Couch, Andreeva, Laird, Nolan, causing mycosis in horseflies in Karelia

Mello, C.M.C. de; Eira, M.T.S. da, 1995:
Tabebuia spp. seed conservation

Guddewar, M.B.; Shukla, A.; Chandra, R.; Pandey, S.; Saini, M.L., 1994:
Tabenaemontana coronaria R. Br. (Apocynaceae), a potential source of botanical insecticides

Ayanoglu, H.; Kaska, N., 1995:
Table apricot culture in Mut (Turkey)

Bomersheim, Y.W.; Carlson, J., 1997:
Table grape situation and outlook

Bomersheim, Y.W.; Hanson, S.; Strzelecki, K.K., 1996:
Table grape situation in selected countries

Faretra, F.; Santomauro, A.; Piglionica, V., 1996:
Table grapes: current situation in the control of fungal diseases

Anonymous, 1996:
Table of combine harvester characteristics

Suarez Lopez, M.P.; Ruiz Lopez, M.D.; Olea Serrano, M.F., 1996:
Table of standard helpings for the interpretation of rural diet studies

Garrido Fernandez, A., 1995:
Table olive research in the European Union: Spain's contribution

Rebula, E., 1995:
Tables of form height, timber volume and assortments for European fir

Searle, A.G.; Selley, R.L., 1996:
Tables of genetic homology

Vidal, A.; Rodriguez, J.; Gra, H.; Arrastia, J., 1993:
Tables of green weight of crown biomass in natural conifer forests of the province of Pinar del Rio

Peters, R., 1995:
Tables of types of potato planters

Muniz, Marisol, 1997:
Tables used to estimate sample size in performance experiments with pigs in the pre-fattening and fattening stages

Shen, J.; Chen, Z.; Gao, Y., 1996:
Taccalonolides from Tacca plantaginea

Zeegers, T., 1997:
Tachinid flies (Diptera: Tachinidae) from Dutch oak processionary

Herting, B.; Tschorsnig, H.P., 1997:
Tachinidae (Diptera) recorded from Switzerland

Tschorsnig, H.P., 1997:
Tachinidae (Diptera) recorded from the Swiss National Park and adjacent areas, collected by Fred Keiser

Sonea, I.M.; Wilson, D.V.; Bowker, R.M.; Robinson, N.E., 1997:
Tachykinin receptors in the equine pelvic flexure

Henriksen, J.S.; Saermark, T.; Vilhardt, H.; Mau, S.E., 1995:
Tachykinins induce secretion of prolactin from perifused rat anterior pituitary cells by interactions with two different binding sites

Schmidt, P.; Poulsen, S.S.ier; Hilsted, L.; Rasmussen, T.N.rre; Holst, J.J.ul, 1996:
Tachykinins mediate vagal inhibition of gastrin secretion in pigs

Mayaud, P., 1997:
Tackling bacterial vaginosis and HIV in developing countries

Hunt, C., 1996:
Tackling environmental threats on pacific atolls

Madole, J., 1996:
Tackling organics at the summer games

Jansen, M., 1997:
Tackling ripe rot from blooming to picking

Sharma, R.D., 1996:
Tackling the problem of blackbucks in Bustard Sanctuary, Karera

Verschoor, G., 1997:
Tacos, tiendas and mezcal: an actor-network perspective on small-scale entrepreneurial projects in western Mexico

Nakagawa, H.; Etoh, T.; Yokota, Y.; Ikeda, F.; Hatano, K.; Teratani, N.; Shimomura, K.; Mine, Y.; Amaya, T., 1996:
Tacrolimus has antifungal activities against Malassezia furfur isolated from healthy adults and patients with atopic dermatitis

Anonymous, 1996:
Tactical and skill approaches to teaching sport and games

Gumbrell, R.C.; Saville, D.J.; Graham, C.F., 1996:
Tactical control of ovine Campylobacter abortion outbreaks with a bacterin

Thuresson, T., 1995:
Tactical forestry planning: common sense assisted by computers, and models linked to the strategic plan

Yoshimoto, A., 1996:
Tactical harvest scheduling using zero-one integer programming

Cabelguenne, M.; Puech, J.; Debaeke, P.; Bosc, N.; Hilaire, A., 1996:
Tactical irrigation management using real time EPIC-phase model and weather forecast: experiment on maize

Raffe, J.K. van, 1995:
Tactical planning - how to do it

Van Iersel, Marc, 1997:
Tactile conditioning increases water use by tomato

Bridges, Christine M., 1997:
Tadpole swimming performance and activity affected by acute exposure to sublethal levels of carbaryl

Anonymous, 1997:
Taekwondo in Sydney

Zarlenga, D.S.; George, M., 1995:
Taenia crassiceps: cloning and mapping of mitochondrial DNA and its application to the phenetic analysis of a new species of Taenia from Southeast Asia

Rakha, N.K.; Dixon, J.B.; Carter, S.D., 1996:
Taenia multiceps (Cestoda): Ia antigen expression and prostaglandin secretion by parasite-modified, murine peritoneal macrophages

White, A.C.; Baig, S.; Robinson, P., 1996:
Taenia saginata oncosphere excretory/secretory peptidases

White, A.C.; Robinson, P.; Kuhn, R., 1997:
Taenia solium cysticercosis: host-parasite interactions and the immune response

Mercado, R.; Arias, B., 1995:
Taenia sp. and other intestinal cestode infections in individuals from public outpatient clinics and hospitals in the north section of Santiago, Chile, 1985-1994

Simanjuntak, G.M.; Margono, S.S.; Okamoto, M.; Ito, A., 1997:
Taeniasis/cysticercosis in Indonesia as an emerging disease

Anand Kumar; Jagdish Lal, 1995:
Taeniophyllum crepidiforme (King & Pantl.) King & Pantl.- a rare orchid

Mattinson, B.C.; Oldham, C.M., 1989:
Tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis), an evergreen fodder tree, in grazing systems of mediterranean type climates: 3. An economic analysis

Soule, J.A., 1993:
Tagetes minuta: a potential new herb from South America

Schepman, M.A.; Jansen, M., 1994:
Tagetes patula for control of root nematodes

Conijn, C.G.M.; Molendijk, L.P.G.; Schepman, M.; Koster, A.T.; Schenk, A.M.E.; Kroonen Backbier, B.; Gommers, F.J.; Brinkman, H., 1996:
Tagetes spp. and root lesion nematodes

Yoshimura, S.Y.shimura, A.I.ata, N.M.couch, S.; Abenes, M.; Baraoidan, M.; Mew, T.; Nelson, R., 1995:
Tagging and combining bacterial blight resistance genes in rice using RAPD and RFLP markers

Wang, B.; Xu, W.W.; Wang, J.Z.; Wu, W.; Zheng, H.G.; Yang, Z.Y.; Ray, J.D.; Nguyen, H.T., 1995:
Tagging and mapping the thermo-sensitive genic male-sterile gene in rice (Oryza sativa L.) with molecular markers

Jin QingSheng; Qiu BoQin; Yan WenChao; Luo RuBi, 1996:
Tagging of a gene for aroma in rice by RAPD and RFLP (II)

Jin QingSheng; Qiu BoQin; Yan WenChao; Luo RuBi, 1995:
Tagging of a gene for aroma in rice by RAPD and RFLP. I

Foguet, J.L.; Blanco, A.; Vinciguerra, H., 1994:
Tahiti lime in Tucuman

Meyer, J.Y.; Florence, J., 1996:
Tahiti's native flora endangered by the invasion of Miconia calvescens DC. (Melastomataceae)

Winterling, C.; Graf, B., 1995:
Tail-tip lesions in beef cattle: causes and contributory factors

Boekeloo, B.O.; Schamus, L.A.; Simmens, S.J.; Cheng, T.L., 1996:
Tailoring STD/HIV prevention messages for young adolescents

Plucknett, D.L., 1996:
Tailoring agricultural research for sub-Saharan Africa

White, H.; Morrissey, O., 1997:
Tailoring conditionality to donor-recipient relationships

Singh, D.P., 1997:
Tailoring the plant type in pulse crops

Mathew, B., 1996:
Tails of the desert

Ramos, P.L.; Guerra, O.; Peral, R.; Oramas, P.; Guevara, R.G.; Rivera Bustamante, R., 1997:
Taino tomato mottle virus, a new bipartite Geminivirus from Cuba

Chang ChingChyn, 1995:
Tainung No. 13 pineapple

Yang, D.S., 1996:
Taiwan and its sugar industry

Bailey, M., 1996:
Taiwan outbound

Chen YiChin, 1995:
Taiwanese rice genome research programme

Toutiaie, A.; Nategh, Z., 1996:
Tajan, a new wheat cultivar released for the northern regions of Iran

Dickson, S.L.; Kiyoguchi, D., 1994:
Take me out to the ball game

Mielke, H., 1995:
Take-all in wheat cultivation

Bateman, G.L.; Hornby, D., 1995:
Take-all of cereals: challenges of field experimentation on a patch-forming disease caused by a soil-borne pathogen

York, K., 1996:
Take-all patch in cereals and amenity turf

Schoene, H.; Kuehme, W.D.; Schoene, H., 1995:
Take-off behavior and vanishing bearings of honeybees after displacement with open view or in a sight-proof box

Williams, M.R.; Layton, M.B., 1996:
Taken by storm: a report of the tobacco budworm problem in Mississippi

Hunt, J., 1996:
Taken for a ride

Lyons, A.J.S., 1997:
Taking CIP a step further

Fink, M., 1995:
Taking account of crop residues in mineral N fertilizer application

Texier, C., 1997:
Taking account of environmental protection in the raising of pigs

Anonymous, 1997:
Taking action to reduce poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Stetz, K.M.; Brown, M.A., 1997:
Taking care: caregiving to persons with cancer and AIDS

Srinivas, N., 1996:
Taking count of the depth of the ditches: understanding local organization forms, their problems, and strategic responses

Merillon, Y.; Evain Bousquet, N., 1996 :
Taking environmental problems into account: irrigation in the management of water resources

Argillier, O.; Barriere, Y., 1996:
Taking feeding value into account for the registration of silage maize cultivars in official lists in Europe

Riddell, C., 1996:
Taking flight

Grunenfelder, R.; Brulisauer, F., 1996:
Taking genetics into account when evaluating urea values

Taconet, O.; Vidal Madjar, D.; Emblanch, C.; Normand, M., 1996:
Taking into account vegetation effects to estimate soil moisture from C-band radar measurements

Keating, F., 1997:
Taking orders: fitness in the forces

Pollinger, A., 1996:
Taking silage out of travelling silos - is the silo cutting tong an alternative?

Goodale, T., 1996:
Taking stock at millennium's end

Andersson, S.; Landquist, B., 1997:
Taking stock of beet cyst nematodes

Frankel, Wayne N., 1995:
Taking stock of complex trait genetics in mice

Ehmann, N.R., 1994:
Taking the bait

Tamale, S., 1996:
Taking the beast by its horns: formal resistance to women's oppression in Africa

Delaplane, K.S., 1995:
Taking the bite out of mites with vegetable oil and antibiotics

Anonymous, 1995:
Taking the clean organic approach

Szillat, E.H. et al., 1996:
Taking the fast lane on the information highway

Farrell, M., 1997:
Taking the headaches out of manure handling

Yurgalevitch, C.M.; Tenny, L.S.; Ulmer, D.S., 1995:
Taking the pulse of irrigation: a mobile irrigation lab's perspective

Kidd, B., 1996:
Taking the rhetoric seriously: proposals for Olympic education

Hewitt, L., 1995:
Taking the sweetness out of sugar

Lewis, A., 1996:
Taking tomatoes to a changing market place

Schwindt, R.; Globerman, S., 1996:
Takings of private rights to public natural resources: a policy analysis

Lehtinen, A.A., 1996:
Tales from the Northern Backwoods: fairy tales and conspirators in Finnish forest politics

Farr, K.A.; Wilson Figueroa, M., 1997:
Talking about health and health care: experiences and perspectives of Latina women in a farmworking community

Chen ShaoJun, 1996:
Talking about the food component improvement in China

Dangl, J.L.; Preuss, D.; Schroeder, J.I., 1995:
Talking through walls: signaling in plant development

Brar, G.S.; Palazzo, A.J., 1995:
Tall and hard fescue responses to periodic soil water deficits

Giesler, L.J.; Yuen, G.Y.; Horst, G.L., 1996:
Tall fescue canopy density effects on brown patch disease

Skinner, R.H.ward; Nelson, C.J.; Coutts, J.H., 1996:
Tall fescue growth after paraquat application to elongating or mature leaves

Hoveland, C.S.; Durham, R.G.; Bouton, J.H., 1997:
Tall fescue response to clipping and competition with no-till seeded alfalfa as affected by fungal endophyte

Storlie, E.; Xie, H.T.lbert, L., 1996:
Tall off-types in semidwarf spring wheat with height-reducing genes Rht1 and Rht2

Wagenmakers, P.S., 1995:
Tall trees intercept much light

Smith, K.F., 1996:
Tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum (Podp.) Z.W. Liu + R.R.C. Wang): a neglected resource in Australian pasture

Teeffelen, W. van, 1996:
Taller trees are worth considering

Mitchell, R.; Masters, R.; Waller, S.; Moore, K.; Young, L., 1996:
Tallgrass prairie vegetation response to spring burning dates, fertilizer, and atrazine

Marchissio, S.L.; Miralles, D.A.B. de, 1993:
Talpicola klossae sp. n. and new find of Binema korsakowi (Sergiev, 1923) (Nematoda: Thelastomatidae) parasites of Neocurtilla claraziana (Orthoptera: Grillotalpidae)

Anonymous, 1995:
Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.)

Musmeci, R., 1996:

Wallace, M.G.; Cortner, H.J.; Burke, S., 1996:
Taming nature: the Enlightenment's legacy for the future?

Corrigan, B., 1996:
Tamper resistant baiting issues

Long, S.E., 1996:
Tandem 1;30 translocation: a new structural abnormality in the horse (Equus caballus)

Field, H.; Field, M.C., 1997:
Tandem duplication of rab genes followed by sequence divergence and acquisition of distinct functions in Trypanosoma brucei

Chubareva, L.A., 1995:
Tandem fusion of chromosomes and karyotype structure of Montisimulium montium from Tadzhikistan

Headley, J.V.; Peru, K.M.; Arts, M.T., 1995:
Tandem mass spectrometry of herbicide residues in lipid-rich tissue

Anonymous, 1995:
Tandem milking parlours are always competitive

Krishnan, R.; Chang, R.Y.; Brian, D.A., 1996:
Tandem placement of a coronavirus promoter results in enhanced mRNA synthesis from the downstream-most initiation site

Bermudes, D.; Peck, K.R.; Afifi, M.A.; Beckers, C.J.; Joiner, K.A., 1994:
Tandemly repeated genes encode nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase isoforms secreted into the parasitophorous vacuole of Toxoplasma gondii

Kifetew, G.L.ndberg, H.W.klund, M., 1997:
Tangential and radial deformation field measurements on wood during drying

Agaronyan, A.G.; Arutyunyan, Z.; Ananyan, A.M.; Petrosyan, N.K.; Movsisyan, R.A.; Soroka, S.V.; Soroka, L.I.; Andreev, A.S., 1995:
Tank mixes of herbicides in cereal crops in Armenia

Blair, A.M.; Jones, P.A.; Orson, J.H., 1995:
Tank mixtures of 'fops' and 'dims' to reduce herbicide costs in autumn-sown oilseed rape

Johnson, B.J., 1996:
Tank-mixed postemergence herbicides for large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) and goosegrass (Eleusine indica) control in bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) turf

Sujatha, P.; Asha Gupta, 1996:
Tannery effluent characteristics and its effects on agriculture

Mila, I.; Scalbert, A., 1994:
Tannin antimicrobial properties through iron deprivation: a new hypothesis

Cadahia, E.; Conde, E.; Garcia Vallejo, M.C.; Fernandez de Simon, B., 1997:
Tannin composition of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. globulus and E. rudis. Part I. Wood

Cadahia, E.; Conde, E.; Fernandez de Simon, B.; Garcia Vallejo, M.C., 1997:
Tannin composition of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. globulus and E. rudis. Part II. Bark

Koudou, J.; Roblot, G.; Wylde, R., 1995:
Tannin constituents of Terminalia glaucescens

Agudelo, R.A.; Fliedel, G.; Alarcón, O.M., 1997:
Tannin elimination and improvement of the digestibility of protein sorghum grains

Tanaka, N.; Shimomura, K.; Ishimaru, K., 1995:
Tannin production in callus cultures of Quercus acutissima

Bakkali, A.T.; Jaziri, M.; Ishimaru, K.; Tanaka, N.; Shimomura, K.; Yoshimatsu, K.; Homes, J.; Vanhaelen, M., 1997:
Tannin production in hairy root cultures of Lawsonia inermis

E.R.shid, A.A.; Nadir, A.S.; E.M.hdy, R., 1995:
Tannin, fibre and ash content of marketable tea samples packaged in Egyptian factories

Gornik, D.; Tisler, V., 1996:
Tannin-based adhesives

Vazquez, G.; Antorrena, G.; Gonzalez, J.; Alvarez, J.C., 1996:
Tannin-based adhesives for bonding high-moisture eucalyptus veneers: influence of tannin extraction and press conditions

Yoshida, T.; Haba, K.; Arata, R.; Nakata, F.; Shingu, T.; Okuda, T., 1995:
Tannins and related polyphenols of melastomataceous plants. VII. Nobotanins J and K, trimeric and tetrameric hydrolyzable tannins from Heterocentron roseum

Hussein, S.A.M.; Barakat, H.H.; Merfort, I.; Nawwar, M.A.M., 1997:
Tannins from the leaves of Punica granatum

Wiseman, J., 1994:
Tannins in faba beans

Cadahia, E.; Conde, E.; Garcia Vallejo, M.C., 1995:
Tannins in wood and bark of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh

Matthews, S.; Donnelly, D.M.X.; Scalbert, A.; Rolando, C.; Herve D.P.nhoat, C., 1995:
Tannins of Picea sitchensis bark

Han Li; Hatano, T.; Okuda, T.; Yoshida, T., 1995:
Tannins of Stachyurus species. III. Stachyuranins A, B and C, three new complex tannins from Stachyurus praecox leaves

Borkowski, B.; Mikowska, K., 1995:
Tannins, tannoids and related compounds. I. General information

Borkowski, B.; Mikowska, K., 1996:
Tannins, tannoids and related compounds. II. Gallotannoids

Pearce, R.B., 1996:
Tansley Review No. 87. Antimicrobial defences in the wood of living trees

Smith, C.J., 1996:
Tansley review No. 86. Accumulation of phytoalexins: defence mechanism and stimulus response system

Romany, P., 1994 :
Tanyas and people

Janecek, B.F.U., 1995:
Tanytarsus niger Andersen (Diptera: Chironomidae) and the chironomid community in Gebhartsteich, a carp pond in northern Austria

Creevey, L.E., 1996:
Tanzania - food processing

Mahunnah, R.L.A.; Mshigeni, K.E., 1996:
Tanzania's policy on biodiversity prospecting and drug discovery programs

Dembe, E.; Bergin, P., 1996:
Tanzania: strategic planning for action: how Tanzania National Parks' Community Conservation Service works towards park-specific action plans

Putterman, L., 1994:
Tanzanian markets 'as unpredictable as the rains'

Mrema, M., 1994:
Tanzanian women and progress in Tuke Consumers' Marketing Cooperative

Mia, M.W.; Yamauti, A.; Kono, Y., 1994:
Tap root growth of some food legumes under different air temperature and soil moisture conditions

Schneider, P.R.; Finger, C.A.G.; Klein, J.E.M.; Totti, J.A.; Bazzo, J.L., 1996:
Taper and wood assortments for Eucalyptus grandis Maiden in the state of Rio Grande do Sul

Dyer, P.S.; Nicholson, P.; Lucas, J.A.; Peberdy, J.F., 1996:
Tapesia acuformis as a causal agent of eyespot disease of cereals and evidence for a heterothallic mating system using molecular markers

Malnick, S.D.H.; Geltner, D., 1996 :
Tapeworm disease in vegetarians

Dwinell, M.B.; Bass, P.; Schaefer, D.M.; Oaks, J.A., 1997:
Tapeworm infection decreases intestinal transit and enteric aerobic bacterial populations

de Chambrier, A.; Scholz, T.; Vaucher, C., 1996:
Tapeworms (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea) of Hoplias malabaricus (Pisces: Characiformes, Erythrinidae) in Paraguay: description of Proteocephalus regoi sp. n., and redescription of Nomimoscolex matogrossensis

Nene, Y.L.; Sheila, V.K., 1995:
Tapioca pearls-a potential substitute for agar in microbiological media

Fragoso, J.M.V., 1997:
Tapir-generated seed shadows: scale-dependent patchiness in the Amazon rain forest

Falaki, M.; Sneyers, M.; Prandi, A.; Massart, S.; Corradini, C.; Formigoni, A.; Burny, A.; Portetelle, D.; Renaville, R., 1996:
TaqI growth hormone gene polymorphism and milk production traits in Holstein-Friesian cattle

Heltemes, L.M.; Tuggle, C.K.; Lamont, S.J., 1997:
TaqI polymorphism in Oct-1 in chickens

Blaikie, A., 1997:
Tarantula hair ophthalmia nodosa

Yahara, S.; Ding, N.; Nohara, T.; Masuda, K.; Ageta, H., 1997:
Taraxastane glycosides from Eclipta alba

Estell, R.E.; Fredrickson, E.L.; Anderson, D.M.; Havstad, K.M.; Remmenga, M.D., 1996:
Tarbush leaf surface terpene profile in relation to mammalian herbivory

Romani, G., 1996:
Tare allowances, what to do? Beet growers would like to change the rules

Kefford, B., 1996:
Target 10. An Australian dairy industry approach to making more profitable use of pasture

Phipps, P.M.; Eisenback, J.D., 1996:
Target and non-target effects of nematicide treatments in peanuts, 1995

Buchberger, W., 1997:
Target and nontarget effects of Dimilin

Nylund, A.; Krossoy, B.; Watanabe, K.; Holm, J.A., 1996:
Target cells for the ISA virus in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Ketting, R.F.; Fischer, S.E.; Plasterk, R.H., 1997:
Target choice determinants of the Tc1 transposon of Caenorhabditis elegans

Seeling, U., 1995:
Target diameter thinning in young Norway spruce stands at Olpe: results of roundwood and lumber quality

Trindade, D.R.; Poltronieri, L.S.; Albuquerque, F.C.D., 1997:
Target leaf spot caused by Thanatephorus cucumeris on orange trees in the State of Para, Brazil

Penno, J.W., 1997:
Target liveweights for replacement heifers

Perdue, R.R., 1996:
Target market selection and marketing strategy: the Colorado downhill skiing industry

Praat, J.P.; Ritchie, W.R.; Baker, C.J.; Hodgson, J., 1996:
Target populations for direct-drilled ryegrass and tall fescue

Holloway, J.W.; Chernetz, J.E.; Leonard, B.R.; Ottea, J.A., 1996:
Target site resistance to pyrethroids in larval and adult tobacco budworms, Heliothis virescens

Nicoletti, R.; Lahoz, E., 1995:
Target spot: fear of introduction of this tobacco disease

Sinclair, J.; Park, Y.I.; Chow, W.S.; Anderson, J.M., 1996:
Target theory and the photoinactivation of Photosystem II

Christensen, S.; Nordbo, E.; Rasmussen, G., 1995:
Target weed management and differentiated herbicide use in cereals

Seeling, U., 1996:
Target-diameter thinning of young spruce stands

Geiger, K.; Kratzsch, D.; Menzel, R., 1995:
Target-directed orientation in displaced honeybees

Anonymous, 1996:
Target-group marketing

Sumartojo, E.; Carey, J.W.; Doll, L.S.; Gayle, H., 1997:
Targeted and general population interventions for HIV prevention: towards a comprehensive approach

Xu, H.; Mendgen, K., 1997:
Targeted cell wall degradation at the penetration site of cowpea rust basidiosporelings

Taylor, M.; Pillai, G.; Kvalsvig, J.D., 1995:
Targeted chemotherapy for parasite infestations in rural black preschool children

Concibido, V.C.; Young, N.D.; Lange, D.A.; Denny, R.L.; Danesh, D.; Orf, J.H., 1996:
Targeted comparative genome analysis and qualitative mapping of a major partial-resistance gene to the soybean cyst nematode

Khandker, S.R.; Chowdhury, O.H., 1996:
Targeted credit programs and rural poverty in Bangladesh

Xiang, M.; Gan, L.; Zhou, L.; Klein, W.H.; Nathans, J., 1996:
Targeted deletion of the mouse POU domain gene Brn-3a causes a selective loss of neurons in the brainstem and trigeminal ganglion, uncoordinated limb movement, and impaired suckling

Kempin, S.A.; Liljegren, S.J.; Block, L.M.; Rounsley, S.D.; Yanofsky, M.F.; Lam, E., 1997:
Targeted disruption in Arabidopsis

Saegusa, H.; Takahashi, N.; Noguchi, S.; Suemori, H., 1996:
Targeted disruption in the mouse Hoxc-4 locus results in axial skeleton homeosis and malformation of the xiphoid process

McKercher, S.R.; Torbett, B.E.; Anderson, K.L.; Henkel, G.W.; Vestal, D.J.; Baribault, H.; Klemsz, M.; Feeney, A.J.; Wu, G.E.; Paige, C.J.; Maki, R.A., 1996:
Targeted disruption of the PU.1 gene results in multiple hematopoietic abnormalities

Eddy, E.M.; Washburn, T.F.; Bunch, D.O.; Goulding, E.H.; Gladen, B.C.; Lubahn, D.B.; Korach, K.S., 1996:
Targeted disruption of the estrogen receptor gene in male mice causes alteration of spermatogenesis and infertility

Joshi, R.L.; Lamothe, B.; Cordonnier, N.; Mesbah, K.; Monthioux, E.; Jami, J.; Bucchini, D., 1996:
Targeted disruption of the insulin receptor gene in the mouse results in neonatal lethality

Huszar, D.; Lynch, C.A.; Fairchild Huntress, V.; Dunmore, J.H.; Fang, Q.; Berkemeier, L.R.; Gu, W.; Kesterson, R.A.; Boston, B.A.; Cone, R.D.; Smith, F.J.; Campfield, L.A.thur; Burn, P.; Lee, F., 1997:
Targeted disruption of the melanocortin-4 receptor results in obesity in mice

Morham, S.G.; Kluckman, K.D.; Voulomanos, N.; Smithies, O., 1996:
Targeted disruption of the mouse topoisomerase I gene by camptothecin selection

Vieri, M., 1997:
Targeted distribution for tree crops

Barlow, C.; Schroeder, M.; Lekstrom-Himes, J.; Kylefjord, H.; Deng, C.X.; Wynshaw-Boris, A.; Spiegelman, B.M.; Xanthopoulos, K.G., 1997:
Targeted expression of Cre recombinase to adipose tissue of transgenic mice directs adipose-specific excision of loxP-flanked gene segments

Lundgren, K.; Montes de Oca Luna, R.; McNeill, Y.B.; Emerick, E.P.; Spencer, B.; Barfield, C.R.; Lozano, G.; Rosenberg, M.P.; Finlay, C.A., 1997:
Targeted expression of MDM2 uncouples S phase from mitosis and inhibits mammary gland development independent of p53

Hadsell, D.L.; Greenberg, N.M.; Fligger, J.M.; Baumrucker, C.R.; Rosen, J.M., 1996:
Targeted expression of des(1-3) human insulin-like growth factor I in transgenic mice influences mammary gland development and IGF-binding protein expression

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Tax evasion

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Technology of animal production under different economic conditions

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Technology of chemical modification of konjac glucomannan from Amorphophallus konjac and properties of modified products

Manfredi, E., 1997:
Technology of collectors for cotton

Y.S.engQuan; Fang LiXin; Tang WenQing; Liu JianFeng, 1995:
Technology of controlling major pests on litchi trees

Leonard, J.E., 1996:
Technology of fertiliser blending

Marinov, P., 1995:
Technology of intensive apricot cultivation

Christiaens, P., 1997:
Technology of new methods of substrate production

Laxminarayana, G.S.; Ghosh, B.C.; Kulkarni, S., 1997:
Technology of ready-to-use banana milk shake powder

Winkler, H., 1996:
Technology of semi-hard Smear cheese

V"alchev, S.; Mikhov, M.; Todorov, T.V.; Panaitov, Z., 1995:
Technology of sowing tomatoes and simultaneously mulching with black polyethylene

Vokaal, B.; Cepl, J.; Hausvater, E.; Kostrica, V.; Rasocha, V.; Vacek, J.; Zrust, J., 1995:
Technology of systematic production of potatoes for different uses

Mikhailitsyn, F.S.; Petrov, Y.F.; Bol' shakova, A.Y.; Lebedeva, M.N.; Lychko, N.D., 1995:
Technology of the manufacture of antiparasitic preparations. 4. Production technology of the anthelmintic bromoxan in micronized form and evaluation of its activity against Fasciola

Wang, H.F.; Chen, R.F.; Xu, X.Q., 1995:
Technology of the preparation of highly active antioxidant from tea

Murphy, P.A., 1996:
Technology of vitamin A fortification of foods in developing countries

Castillo, M.; Jordan, M.J.; Abellan, A.; Laencina, J.; Lopez, M.B., 1996:
Technology of whey utilization

Obdrzalek, J., 1997:
Technology of woody plant propagation and cultivation

Anonymous, 1996:
Technology road map for forest operations in Canada

Mazanti, P., 1997:
Technology suppliers at your fingertips

Sohatasky, V., 1995:
Technology transfer - a view from the Ukraine

Mugabe, J.; Clark, N., 1996:
Technology transfer and the biodiversity convention: issues of conservation and sustainable use

E.Kholy, O.A., 1995:
Technology transfer and the environment: a developing country perspective

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