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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2979

Chapter 2979 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Richardson, D., 1997:
The Internet and rural development: opportunities for forestry

Phillips, C.V.; Messina, V., 1997:
The Internet and vegetarian science

Cahill, J., 1997:
The Internet tidal wave

Mattison, J.; Batchelor, D.; Navarre, P.; Stanfield, C., 1996:
The Internet: A communications and management tool for dairy producers and agri-support personnel

Rhodus, T.; Hoskins, J., 1996:
The Internet: changing the way horticulturists communicate

Clauwers, M., 1997:
The Interprofessional Association for Belgian meat (IVB)

Han, C.D.; Martienssen, R., 1995:
The Iojap (Ij) protein is associated with 50S chloroplast ribosomal subunits

Fritsch, R.M., 1996:
The Iranian species of Allium subg. Melanocrommyum sect. Megaloprason (Alliaceae)

Anonymous, 1996:
The Irish Dairy Board (IR) and its operation

Gairdner, J.; Keegan, D., 1996:
The Irish story unfolds

E.Q.osy, D.E.D.; Kamal, S., 1996:
The Irrigation Advisory Service: a proper extension tool

Campbell, R.J., 1994:
The Israeli lychee industry

Zilli, M., 1996:
The Italian Forestry Service and law no. 113 of 1992

Giacomini, C.; Bonomi, B.M.; Martorana, G., 1996:
The Italian experience of producers' associations in agriculture

Menditto, A.; Patriarca, M.; Chiodo, F.; Morisi, G., 1996:
The Italian external quality assessment scheme for trace element analysis in body fluids

Avanzato, D.; Monastra, F.; Corazza, L.; Palma, L. de; Novello, V.; Fabbri, A.; Dollo, L.; Barone, E.; Caruso, T.; Marra, F.P.; Ingelese, P.; Motisi, A., 1995:
The Italian research on pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)

Alteri, E., 1996:
The Italian situation

Carberry, E.L., 1996:
The Iwokrama International Rain Forest Programme in Guyana: conserving biological diversity

Smith, P.G.; Kerry, S.M., 1996:
The Iwokrama Rain Forest Programme for sustainable development: how much of Guyana's bat (Chiroptera) diversity does it encompass?

Halley, J.M.; Lawton, J.H., 1996:
The JAEP ecology of farmland modelling initiative: spatial models for farmland ecology

Sasaki, T., 1997:
The Japan rice genome project: enhanced use of genetic resources

Sasaki, T.; Yano, M.; Kurata, N.; Yamamoto, K., 1996:
The Japanese Rice Genome Research Program

Sullivan, M., 1996:
The Japanese golf holiday market

Lacko, A., 1996:
The Japanese market

Maekawa, T., 1996:
The Japanese seed industry

Schmidt, O., 1995:
The Japanese wing-nut Pterocarya rhoifolia

Anonymous, 1993:
The Jepson manual: higher plants of California

Mesini, A., 1996:
The Jerusalem artichoke: an interesting feed

Shenhav Keller, S., 1995:
The Jewish pilgrim and the purchase of a souvenir in Israel

Meijer, D.G., 1996:
The John Deere PowrQuad gear-box

Muller, R.; Ordolff, D.; Schoop, P.; Doluschitz, R., 1996:
The Journal of Agricultural Informatics on the threshold of the information age

Khastagir, A.K., 1995:
The Jute Corporation of India Ltd - a profile

Assaad, F.F.; Mayer, U.; Wanner, G.; Jurgens, G., 1997:
The KEULE gene is involved in cytokinesis in Arabidopsis

Jones, S.; Khare, J.N.; Mosse, D.; Sodhi, P.; Smith, P.; Witcombe, J.R., 1996:
The KRIBHCO Rainfed Farming Project: an approach to participatory farming systems development

Booth, H.; Graupner, J., 1996:
The KSK-1 short-distance cable-crane installation

Knowles, D.M.; Cesarman, E., 1997:
The Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (human herpesvirus-8) in Kaposi's sarcoma, malignant lymphoma, and other diseases

Macdonald, J., 1994:
The Kaputa experience: antecedents of primary health care

Duterte, O., 1995:
The Karoo oasis. Milk in the desert

Posey, D.A., 1996:
The Kayapo Indian protests against Amazonian dams: successes, alliances, and un-ending battles

Way, M., 1996:
The Kew Seed Bank and the collection, ex situ conservation and utilisation of wild plant species from the dry tropics

Barthelmes, S., 1996:
The KliWaDu (climate-water-fertilizer) system of greenhouse cultivation protects soil and groundwater

Blaisonneau, J.F.kuhara, H.W.solowski-Louvel, M., 1997:
The Kluyveromyces lactis equivalent of casein kinase I is required for the transcription of the gene encoding the low-affinity glucose permease

Jepsen, A.B., 1997:
The Koagulator 2000 and 2000 S

Wunsch, H., 1996:
The Konnern sugar factory: design, erection and performance

Anonymous, 1995:
The Korean Terminology of Parasites (II)

Blatner, K.A.; Lee SangMin; Chapman, R.C.; Hansen, B., 1996:
The Korean market for temperate hardwoods: a comparison of trade statistics

Kozorog, E., 1995:
The Kozlov rob urban forest

Myhr, K.; Oskarsen, H.; Haraldsen, T.K., 1996:
The Kvithamar field lysimeter. I. Objectives, methods and results of soil analyses

Lopez, N.; Muller, R.; Prehaud, C.; Bouloy, M., 1995:
The L protein of Rift Valley fever virus can rescue viral ribonucleoproteins and transcribe synthetic genome-like RNA molecules

Zhang, H.Q.; Linskens, H.F., 1996:
The LI-rings in pollen tubes

Holland, J.M.; Drysdale, A.; Hewitt, M.V.; Turley, D., 1996:
The LINK IFS project - the effect of crop rotations and cropping systems on Carabidae

Roo, A.P.J. de, 1996:
The LISEM project: an introduction

Prokhorov, L.N.; Zinin, V.F., 1996:
The LTZ-55 wheeled tractor - optimum basis for forest tending and thinning machinery

Boot, H.J.; Kolen, C.P.; Andreadaki, F.J.; Leer, R.J.; Pouwels, P.H., 1996:
The Lactobacillus acidophilus S-layer protein gene expression site comprises two consensus promoter sequences, one of which directs transcription of stable mRNA

Cancilla, M.R.; Davidson, B.E.; Hillier, A.J.; Nguyen, N.Y.; Thompson, J., 1995:
The Lactococcus lactis triosephosphate isomerase gene, tpi, is monocistronic

Sekgoma, G.A., 1994:
The Lagos Plan of Action and some aspects of development in Sierra Leone

Hsieh, C.I.; Katul, G.G.; Schieldge, J.; Sigmon, J.T.; Knoerr, K.K., 1997:
The Lagrangian stochastic model for fetch and latent heat flux estimation above uniform and nonuniform terrain

Anonymous, 1995:
The Land Reform Research Programme: end of programme review

Platt, G., 1996:
The Landmark Dairy Conference. Milk - the last beverage frontier

Dilaj, J., 1997:
The Lantic Sugar refinery in Montreal. A pioneer in the use of self-managed work teams

Guillet, D.W.; Furbee, L.; Sandor, J.; Benfer, R., 1995:
The Lari soils project in Peru - a methodology for combining cognitive and behavioural research

Anonymous, 1996:
The Laurentides, what Laurentides?

Rooij, S.A.M. van; Drost, H.J., 1996:
The Lauwersmeer. 25 years of development as a nature reserve

Zijlstra, E.F.; Eerden, M.R. van; Beemster, N.; Zijlstra, M., 1996:
The Lauwersmeergebied, a developing wetland

MacDonnell, L.J.; Getches, D.H.; Hugenberg, W.C.J., 1995:
The Law of the Colorado River: coping with severe sustained drought

Bardaj, I.; Gimenez, M.M., 1995:
The Leader I initiative and its contribution to pluriactivity in Castille and Leon

Pesce, A., 1997:
The Leader II EU initiative

Anonymous, 1995:
The Leader II rural innovation programme. The Maestrazgo Development Centre

Antoun, M.A., 1997:
The Lebanon seed industry

Mori, S.A.; Lepsch Cunha, N., 1995:
The Lecythidaceae of a central Amazonian moist forest

Wincker, P.; Ravel, C.; Blaineau, C.; Pages, M.; Jauffret, Y.; Dedet, J.P.; Bastien, P., 1996:
The Leishmania genome comprises 36 chromosomes conserved across widely divergent human pathogenic species

Vojnits, A.; Acs, E.; Balint, Z.; Gyulai, P.; Ronkay, L.; Szaboky, C., 1993:
The Lepidoptera fauna of the Bukk National Park

Karsholt, O.; Razowski, J., 1996:
The Lepidoptera of Europe : a distributional checklist

Dubuc, A., 1996:
The Lewarde historic mining centre

Adham, I.M.; Burkhardt Goettges, E.; Engel, W., 1996:
The Leydig insulin-like peptide

Tabourne, C.E.S., 1995:
The Life Review Program as an intervention for an older adult newly admitted to a nursing home facility: a case study

Lembeck, M., 1996:
The Linde ammonia concept (LAC)

Korotaev, A., 1996:
The Lindulovo larch forest

Brown, M., 1996:
The Log Hog aluminium roundwood trailer

Henry, Eric, 1995:
The Loire valley and its horticulture

Corsi, A.; Cumino, P., 1996:
The Lome Convention and the agricultural trade between EEC and ACP African countries

Bull, P.; Church, A., 1996:
The London tourism complex

Ibarra Manriquez, G.; Sinaca Colin, S., 1996:
The Los Tuxtlas Tropical Biology Station, Veracruz, Mexico: annotated flora (Mimosaceae and Verbenaceae)

Martinez Saiz, J.M.; Valera Cordoba, M.; Alcala, A.M., 1996:
The Losina horse

Vlosky, R.; Chance, N.; Doucet, J., 1997:
The Louisiana secondary solid wood products industry

Santos, S.M.P.N.M. dos, 1995:
The Lusitano horse and equestrian tourism

Williams, A., 1995:
The Luso-American development foundation

Schweifer, N.; Barlow, D.P., 1996:
The Lx1 gene maps to mouse chromosome 17 and codes for a protein that is homologous to glucose and polyspecific transmembrane transporters

Golde, W.T.; Burkot, T.R.; Piesman, J.; Dolan, M.C.; Capiau, C.; Hauser, P.; Dequesne, G.; Lobet, Y., 1995:
The Lyme disease vaccine candidate outer surface protein A (OspA) in a formulation compatible with human use protects mice against natural tick transmission of B. burgdorferi

Dehoux, J.P.; Dieng, A.; Buldgen, A., 1996:
The M'Bayar horse in the central peanut-growing basin of Senegal

Perry, S.E.; Nichols, K.W.; Fernandez, D.E., 1996:
The MADS domain protein AGL15 localizes to the nucleus during early stages of seed development

Filipecki, M.K.; Sommer, H.; Malepszy, S., 1997:
The MADS-box gene CUS1 is expressed during cucumber somatic embryogenesis

Kirkby, M.J.; Baird, A.J.; Diamond, S.M.; Lockwood, J.G.; McMahon, M.L.; Mitchell, P.L.; Shao, J.; Sheehy, J.E.; Thornes, J.B.; Woodward, F.I., 1996:
The MEDALUS slope catena model: a physically based process model for hydrology, ecology and land degradation interactions

Bierlen, R.; Wailes, E.J.; Cramer, G.L., 1997:
The MERCOSUR rice economy

Bulgakov, V.M.; Fin' ko S.V.; Glukhovskii, V.S.; Mazurenko, A.M., 1995:
The MKP-4 root-harvesting machine with vibratory working parts

Guigoz, Y.; Nourhashemi, F.; Vellas, B., 1997:
The MMA (Mini Nutritional Assessment): update

Morozov, I.I.; Medvedev, D.I.; Monakhov, A.I.; Sergeev, A.A., 1995:
The MPP-1,3 machine for preparing seedbeds in nurseries

Bonin, C.; Potter, I.V.nzin, G.; Reiter, W., 1997:
The MUR1 gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encodes an isoform of GDP-D-mannose-4,6-dehydratase, catalyzing the first step in the de novo synthesis of GDP-L-fucose

Liakos, V., 1995:
The Macedonian bee Apis mellifica macedonica , as a long-term solution to acariasis in Crete

Bonini, R.; Delmastro, R.; Paletto, G.; Tarello, M., 1995:
The Machinery Directive and noise

Bergen, M.A. van; Snoeijer, W., 1996:
The Madagascar periwinkle and related species

Carr, J.W.; Hammond, G.E.; Ambali, A.J.D.; Anderson, J.M., 1997:
The Magaguadavic River as an index river for interactions between wild and aquaculture Atlantic salmon

Farman, M.L.; Taura, S.; Leong, S.A., 1996:
The Magnaporthe grisea DNA fingerprinting probe MGR586 contains the 3' end of an inverted repeat transposon

abedzki, L., 1994:
The Makkink equation and its applicability to the determination of meadow evapotranspiration for irrigation scheduling

Chirwa, W.C., 1996:
The Malawi government and South African labour recruiters, 1974-92

Collins, W.E.; Sullivan, J.S.; Morris, C.L.; Galland, G.G.; Richardson, B.B.; Roberts, J.M., 1997:
The Malayan IV strain of Plasmodium falciparum in Aotus monkeys

Bingen, J.; Carney, D.; Dembele, E., 1995:
The Malian Union of Cotton and Food Crop Producers: its current and potential role in technology development and transfer

Elmstahl, S.; Riboli, E.; Lindgarde, F.; Gullberg, B.; Saracci, R., 1996:
The Malmo food study: the relative validity of a modified diet history method and an extensive food frequency questionnaire for measuring food intake

Elmstahl, S.; Gullberg, B.; Riboli, E.; Saracci, R.; Lindgarde, F., 1996:
The Malmo food study: the reproducibility of a novel diet history method and an extensive food frequency questionnaire

Atkins, P.J.; Gastoni, M., 1997:
The Maltese food system and the Mediterranean

Kohler Rollefson, I.; Rathore, H.S., 1995:
The Malvi camel breed: an important genetic resource

Kohler Rollefson, I.; Rathore, H.S., 1996:
The Malvi camel: a newly discovered breed from India

Melnick, M.J.; Thomson, R.W., 1996:
The Maori people and positional segregation in New Zealand rugby football: a test of the Anglocentric Hypothesis

Milla, F.; Cancino, J.; Emanuelli, P., 1995:
The Marco CEM method. An alternative procedure for determining the conversion factor for a cubic metre of stacked wood to solid volume

Anonymous, 1996:
The Maremmana: a hardy beef breed of cattle

Bayley, B., 1995:
The Marketing of Agricultural Products Bill: some major questions

Steinhilber, P.M.; Meisinger, J.J., 1995:
The Maryland Nutrient Management Program

Cappas e Sousa, J.P., 1996:
The Maya and their beekeeping with stingless bees

Dufresne, L.; Locher, U., 1995:
The Mayas and Cancun: migration under conditions of peripheral urbanization

David, B.; Watchman, A.; Goodall, R.; Clayton, E., 1995:
The Maytown ochre source

Hauskeller, H.M.; Hauskeller Bullerjahn, K.; Lupke, B. von, 1996:
The Medingen method and the growth reaction of Scots pine future-crop trees

Alvarez Sala Walther, L.A.; Nunez Cortes, J.M.; Oya Otero, M. de, 1996:
The Mediterranean diet in Spain. Legend or reality? 2. Other elements of the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fruit, fish. Evolution of diet and cardiovascular diseases in Spain in recent decades

Maselli, S.; Diaz Lifante, Z.; Aguinagalde, I., 1996:
The Mediterranean populations of Brassica insularis: a biodiversity study

Barton, J.H., 1995:
The Mediterranean region provides a microcosm for the global intellectual property rights debate

Aubaile Sallenave, F., 1996:
The Mediterranean, one cuisine, several cuisines

Pringle, E., 1996:
The Melanitis leda conundrum

Romero, R.; Monteiro, R., 1995:
The Melastomataceae in the sandy coastal plains of Picinguaba, Serra do Mar State Park, Ubatuba Municipality, Sao Paulo

Yuan, D.S.; Stearman, R.; Dancis, A.; Dunn, T.; Beeler, T.; Klausner, R.D., 1995:
The Menkes/Wilson disease gene homologue in yeast provides copper to a ceruloplasmin-like oxidase required for iron uptake

Rakoto Ramiarantsoa, H., 1997:
The Merina peasantry of the Madagascar central highlands: a derailed ethno-agricultural economy?

Mastro, G. de; Tedone, L., 1996:
The Metaponto area

Riddick, S., 1997:
The Mexican avocado industry prepares to export to the U.S. northeast

Viton, A., 1996:
The Mexican sugar economy on recovery path

Chullen, J., 1995:
The Mexican sugar industry

Garcia Chavez, L.R.; Santoyo Cortes, H., 1997:
The Mexican sugar industry and HFCS

Anonymous, 1997:
The Mexico-United States battle over HFCS

Snyder, W.W., 1996:
The Michelin stars: myth and reality

Kaneene, J.B.; Saffell, M.; Fedewa, D.J.; Gallagher, K.; Chaddock, H.M., 1997:
The Michigan equine monitoring system. I. Design, implementation and population estimates

Kaneene, J.B.; Ross, W.A.; Miller, R., 1997:
The Michigan equine monitoring system. II. Frequencies and impact of selected health problems

Anonymous, 1996:
The Middle East sugar refineries

Moffitt, J.E., 1995:
The Milk Development Council

Sheard, R., 1995:
The Milk Group. The producers' milk business

Hillesheim, A. de A.; Cordeiro, J.L.F.; Agostini, I., 1995:
The Milk Production Unit of the Itajai Experimental Station - 14 years of activity

Villiers, J.F., 1996:
The Mimosoideae subfamily of the Leguminosae in lowland moist forests in Africa and Madagascar: biodiversity and distribution

Cheng, W.H.; Taliercio, E.W.; Chourey, P.S., 1996:
The Miniature1 Seed Locus of Maize Encodes a Cell Wall Invertase Required for Normal Development of Endosperm and Maternal Cells in the Pedicel

Mesa, A.; Hernandez, M.; Hernandez, I., 1993:
The Ministry of Agriculture national land evaluation system

Dubuc, M., 1995:
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food introduces a programme to fight bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD)

Wiygul, G., 1996:
The Mississippi cotton boll weevil GIS project - 1995 update

Magarey, P.; Western, M., 1997:
The Model T MetStation prototype - a useful low cost weather station/disease predictor

Matsuo, M.; Shibayama, H., 1996:
The Monochoria test method in a trial for studying allelopathic effects of rice varieties to suppress or control paddy weeds for sustainable agriculture

Besozzi, M., 1996:
The Montbeliard breed for quality milk and meat

Klintevall, T.; Wallinder, C., 1997:
The Month's Epistle.

Anonymous, 1996:
The Montreal Declaration

Soffe, R.J.; Hetherington, S.P., 1997:
The Moorland Scheme - examining the response

Apel, P.; Horstmann, C.; Pfeffer, M., 1997:
The Moricandia syndrome in species of the Brassicaceae - evolutionary aspects

Sedra, M.H.; E.F.lali, H.; Nour, S.; Boussak, Z.; Benzine, A.; Allaoui, M., 1996:
The Moroccan date palm grove: evaluation of the palm patrimony

Lalaa, H., 1996:
The Moroccan woman: the dynamics of sociocultural time of her own

Hess, W.J., 1995:
The Morton Arboretum: a resource

Anonymous, 1995:
The Morucha cattle breed

Choi TaeSaeng; Fukasawa, K.; Zhou RenPing; Tessarollo, L.; Borror, K.; Resau, J.; Woude, G.F. vande, 1996:
The Mos/mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway regulates the size and degradation of the first polar body in maturing mouse oocytes

Upadhyaya, N.M.; Zinkowsky, E.; Kositratana, W.; Waterhouse, P.M., 1996:
The M(r) 43K major capsid protein of rice ragged stunt oryzavirus is a post-translationally processed product of a M(r) 67,348 polypeptide encoded by genome segment 8

Behringer, Richard R., 1995:
The Mullerian inhibitor and mammalian sexual development

Bennetzen, J.L., 1996:
The Mutator transposable element systems of maize

Mann, E.J.; Banerjee, A.K., 1996:
The Muzaffarpur challenge

Knauss, J., 1996:
The Mycenaean river diversion scheme at Tiryns and the drainage of the Swamp of Lerna

Anonymous, 1997:
The Mycota. A comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research. Volume V: Plant relationships: Part B

Anonymous, 1996:
The Mycota. A comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research. Volume VI: Human and animal relationships

Anonymous, 1997:
The Mycota. A comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic applied research. Volume 4: Environmental and microbial relationships

Ganeshan, S.; Rajabalee, A., 1996:
The Mythimna spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) complex on sugarcane in Mauritius

Whitham, S.M.cormick, S.B.ker, B., 1996:
The N gene of tobacco confers resistance to tobacco mosaic virus in transgenic tomato

Bernasconi, P.; Patel, B.C.; Reagan, J.D.; Subramanian, M.V., 1996:
The N-1-Naphthylphthalamic Acid-Binding Protein Is an Integral Membrane Protein

Legrand, D.; Berkel, P.H.C. van; Salmon, V.; Veen, H.A. van; Slomianny, M.C.; Nuijens, J.H.; Spik, G., 1997:
The N-terminal Argsuperscript 2, Argsuperscript 3 and Arg4 of human lactoferrin interact with sulphated molecules but not with the receptor present on Jurkat human lymphoblastic T-cells

Knight, J.S.; Gray, J.C., 1995:
The N-terminal hydrophobic region of the mature phosphate translocator is sufficient for targeting to the chloroplast inner envelope membrane

Koide, Y.; Hirano, H.; Matsuoka, K.; Nakamura, K., 1997:
The N-terminal propeptide of the precursor to sporamin acts as a vacuole-targeting signal even at the C terminus of the mature part in tobacco cells

van den Heuvel, J.F.; Bruyère, A.; Hogenhout, S.A.; Ziegler-Graff, V.; Brault, V.; Verbeek, M.; van der Wilk, F.; Richards, K., 1997:
The N-terminal region of the luteovirus readthrough domain determines virus binding to Buchnera GroEL and is essential for virus persistence in the aphid

Bagnaresi, P.B.sso, B.P.pillo, P., 1997:
The NADH-dependent Fe(3+)-chelate reductases of tomato roots

Catherwood, K.; Henneberry, D., 1997:
The NAFTA wheat import market: implications of Chilean accession into the agreement

Cridland, S.; Burnside, D.; Smith, R., 1996:
The NDVI - use in rangeland management

Tamimi, R.; Steingrimsson, E.; Copeland, N.G.; Dyer-Montgomery, K.; Lee, J.E.; Hernandez, R.; Jenkins, N.A.; Tapscott, S.J., 1996:
The NEUROD gene maps to human chromosome 2q32 and mouse chromosome 2

Burnash, R.J.C., 1995:
The NWS River Forecast System - catchment modeling

Svaren, J.; Apel, E.D.; Simburger, K.S.; Jenkins, N.A.; Gilbert, D.J.; Copeland, N.A.; Milbrandt, J., 1997:
The Nab2 and Stat6 genes share a common transcription termination region

Rawat, J.S.; Rawat, M.S., 1994:
The Nana Kosi watershed, Central Himalaya, India. Part II: human impacts on stream runoff

Chitale, M.A., 1997:
The Narmada project

Pirozzoli, H.; Jones, P., 1996:
The National Ag Safety Database: factors influencing adoption

Suffness, M.; Cragg, G.M.; Grever, M.R.; Grifo, F.J.; Johnson, G.; Mead, J.A.R.; Schepartz, S.A.; Venditti, J.M.; Wolpert, M., 1995:
The National Cooperative Natural Products Drug Discovery Group (NCNPDDG) and International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG) programs

Anonymous, 1996:
The National Federation of Dairy Industries in 1995

Davies, J.; Lightowler, H., 1997:
The National Food Guide: how relevant is it to vegans?

Beaverstock, J.; Bell, M.; Child, L.; Evans, D.; Sheail, J., 1997:
The National Forest and global environmental sustainability

Silvy, C., 1996:
The National Institute for Agronomical Research (INRA) (France): survey and prospects in the field of scientific and technical information (STI)

Sanagustin Sanz, M., 1996:
The National Irrigation Plan: the impact in Aragon

Connolly, S.; Bailey, S.J., 1996:
The National Lottery: a preliminary assessment of net additionality

Evans, G., 1995:
The National Lottery: planning for leisure or pay up and play the game?

Bailey, S.J., 1995:
The National Lottery: public expenditure control and accountability

Wouts, W.M., 1996:
The National Nematode Collection of New Zealand

Ducci, F.; Rogatis, A. de; Proietti, R., 1995:
The National Register of Seed Orchards (Law No. 269/1972): future prospects

Chadha, K.L., 1995:
The National Research Center on Banana, Podavur, Tamil Nadu, India

Ballenger, N., 1996:
The National Research Council report on the Colleges of Agriculture at the Land Grant Universities: implications for the northeast

Ballenger, N.; Kouadio, D., 1995:
The National Research Council study of the colleges of agriculture at land grant universities: status and thoughts for agricultural economists

Bockheim, J.G.; Kimble, J.M.; Ping, C.L., 1996:
The National Soil Survey Center database for permafrost-affected soils (Gelisols)

Anonymous, 1995:
The National Trust and nature conservation 100 years on. Proceedings of a conference at the Royal Society, 20-21 June 1994

Harvey, HJ., 1995:
The National Trust and nature conservation: prospects for the future

Alexander, K., 1997:
The National Trust's work with veteran trees

Henderson, E.; Russell, S., 1997:
The Navajo gaming referendum: reservations about casinos lead to popular rejection of legalized gambling

Barron, J.R., 1995:
The Nearctic species of Lathrolestes (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ctenopelmatinae)

Swingler, S.; Gallay, P.; Camaur, D.; Song, J.; Abo, A.; Trono, D., 1997:
The Nef protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 enhances serine phosphorylation of the viral matrix

Simons, T.; Tripp, T.M., 1997:
The Negotiation Checklist: How to win the battle before it begins

Gaul, T.; Stuber, V., 1996:
The Nelder oak spacing trial at Gohrde

Schurch, B.; Muller, E., 1995:
The Nestle Foundation's Fellowship Program 1966-1995

Sikkema, R., 1996:
The Netherlands roundwood processing industry in 1995

Anonymous, 1996:
The Netherlands' dairy industry: traditionally export orientated

Molendijk, L.P.G.; Mulder, A., 1996:
The Netherlands, nematodes and potatoes; old problems are here again

Morchoine, C., 1997:
The Netherlands. An ambition for agriculture and the CAP

Aspock, H.; Holzel, H., 1996:
The Neuropteroidea of North Africa, Mediterranean Asia and of Europe: a comparative review (Insecta)

Weiss, M., 1995:
The New American Green: Olympia Fields park and community center

Simpson, J.D., 1997:
The New Brunswick tree improvement program

Kent, R., 1994:
The New Jersey State Airspray Program, 1993

Kent, R., 1992:
The New Jersey state airspray program activities in 1991

Anonymous, 1996:
The New South Wales beef industry

Anonymous, 1995:
The New South Wales feedlot manual

Whyte, A.G.D., 1996:
The New Zealand Forest Accord: a step backward in participatory forest management

Wijewardana, D., 1996:
The New Zealand Government's response to international environmental issues

Thiele, G.F., 1996:
The New Zealand experience: towards a free market economy

Evans, K.A.; Boag, B., 1996:
The New Zealand flatworm: will climate change make it a potentially European problem?

Hutchins, G., 1996:
The New Zealand fuchsias: an assessment of the species and hybrids in cultivation

Meadows, G., 1996:
The New Zealand guide to cattle breeds

Anonymous, 1996:
The New Zealand sheep and beef farm survey 1994-95: production and financial analysis from a sample of sheep and beef farms for the season July 1st to June 30th

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The South African mushroom industry

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The Spanish dairy and cheese sectors begin to get organised

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The United Kingdom

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The World Bank's partnership with nongovernmental organizations

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The Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network

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The absence of a tail mucro in Xiphinema index (Nematoda: Longidoridae) appears not to be an inherited characteristic

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The accessory gland proteins in male Drosophila: structural, reproductive, and evolutionary aspects

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The accident reporting scheme: what happens to the data and why

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The accomplishments of Leizhou Forestry Bureau in managing tropical forest

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The accounting policy of enterprises

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The accumulation and clearance of equol in the blood of ewes grazed on either high or low formononetin red clovers

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The accumulation and compartmentalization of isometamidium chloride in Trypanosoma congolense, monitored by its intrinsic fluorescence

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The accumulation and distribution of dry matter characteristic of upland and Sea Island cottons

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The accumulation and trends in change of the storage substance of Masson pine seed kernels during development

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The accumulation of amino-acids and humic substances in media conditioned by axenic and non-axenic duckweed (Lemna minor L.) and their possible ecological significance

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The accumulation of arsenic, bromine and iodine in needles of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) at sites with low pollution

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The accumulation of cadmium in grass (Axonopus compressus) and its possible use as an indicator of metal pollution

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The accumulation of lysine controlled by the o2 gene in QPM

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The accumulation of mutations in asexual populations and the structure of genealogical trees in the presence of selection

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The accumulation of potassium by biomass of spring cereal crops

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The accumulation of stilbene glycosides in Vitis vinifera cell suspension cultures

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The accumulation of whole body skeletal mass in third- and fourth-grade children: effects of age, gender, ethnicity, and body composition

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The accuracy of cytology in the diagnosis of prostatic cancer in the dog

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The accuracy of indirect methods for predicting feed intake of sheep at steady-state intake and following abrupt changes in intake

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The accuracy of manual runoff and sediment sampling from erosion plots

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The accuracy of site-specific fertilizer application by means of a spinning-disc fertilizer spreader

White, P.F.; Treacher, T.T.; Termanini, A.; Rihawi, S., 1997:
The accuracy of using the ratio of nitrogen to acid detergent fibre in faeces to partition nitrogen between faeces and urine in total excreta collections from ewes

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The acetylene-induced decline in nitrogenase activity in root nodules of Elaeagnus angustifolia

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The acid composition of fat deposits in wild boars of two ages kept in captivity

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The acid-base regime of forest-steppe soils on the Ob plateau

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The acidification of the Herrenwieser See, Black Forest, Germany, before and during industrialisation

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The acidity of stored Sitka spruce chips

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The acidogenic potential of herbal baby drinks

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The acoustic impulse response method for measuring the overall firmness of fruit

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The acquisition and maintenance of safer sexual behaviors among injection drug users

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The acquisition and utilization of carbon in early spring by kiwifruit shoots

Cantin, R.; Fortin, J.F.; Lamontagne, G.; Tremblay, M., 1997:
The acquisition of host-derived major histocompatibility complex class II glycoproteins by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 accelerates the process of virus entry and infection in human T-lymphoid cells

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The acquisition of mineral nutrients by roots: rhizosphere processes

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The acquisition of phosphorus sorbed on a goethite by maize

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The acrodermatitis enteropathica mutation transiently affects zinc metabolism in human fibroblasts

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The act of participation: a context for linking drama and PRA

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The actin microfilament network within elongating pollen tubes of the gymnosperm Picea abies (Norway spruce)

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The actinolaims. Predatory soil nematodes from India

Friedrich, T., 1997:
The action of FAO with respect to technology of application of agrochemicals

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The action of chemical fertilizers on winter wheat quality

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The action of combined gamma-irradiation with stimulating and mutating doses on maize seeds

Jin, Z.Q., 1996:
The action of ginsenoside Re on inotropy and chronotropy of isolated atria prepared from guinea pigs

Mikulets, Yu, 1996:
The action of vitamin E on iron utilization and functional activity of thyroid gland in broiler chicks

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The action of zearalenone in processes of floral morphogenesis in soyabeans

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The action potentials and currents on the I-V plane in the molluscan neuron

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The actions of polynucleotides on effector stage cloned murine T-helper cells differ in each subset and depend on antigen concentration

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The activated coagulation time (ACT): two simple screening tests for evaluating coagulation disorders in dogs

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The activated sludge model no.2: biological phosphorus removal

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The activation domain of the maize transcription factor Opaque-2 resides in a single acidic region

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The activation of the spermatozoon motility by addition of sugar to the semen stored in glass capillaries

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The activation of wood fibre for thermoplastic coupling, the reaction of wood with a potential coupling agent

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The Active Oxygen Response of Cell Suspensions to Incompatible Bacteria Is Not Sufficient to Cause Hypersensitive Cell Death

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The active site of sorghum leaf NADP-dependent malate dehydrogenase

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The activities of ACSAD of pistachio studies in dry lands

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The activities of microorganisms and the physiological effect of germicide in cut rose during postharvest life

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The activity and results of the 1995 year's operations of the Aerobiological Network of Hungary

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The activity management mission of tourist offices: results of a survey carried out in Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur

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The activity of 2-substituted quinoline alkaloids in BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania donovani

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The activity of Mucuna deeringiana and Chenopodium ambrosioides crude extracts upon Meloidogyne incognita race 3

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The activity of a combination of penicillin and novobiocin against bovine mastitis pathogens: development of a disk diffusion test

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The activity of adenosine deaminase in the blood and various tissues of horses of the Haflinger and Thuringer Kaltblut breeds

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The activity of lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase in the serum of cows at parturition or with fatty liver

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The activity of pancreatic lipase (EC in broiler chickens fed on diets containing fat and DL-methionine

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The activity of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in apple leaves after wounding

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The activity of some steppe species of natural pastures in south-east Ukraine in relation to anthropogenic impact

Cociu, V., 1995:
The activity of the Working group for apricot culture and decline, a model and stimulant for development of apricot culture in Romania

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The activity of triple combinations of antifolate biguanides, with and without folinic acid, against plasmodium falciparum in vitro

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The activity of volatile compounds from Lavandula angustifolia against Psoroptes cuniculi

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The activity pattern and foraging habits of Pachycondyla villosa (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in cocoa plantations in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico

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The actual agrarian policy

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The actual productivity of a framesaw

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The actual significance of serological examination in the diagnosis of endemic diseases

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The actual situation of amarelinho or variegated chlorosis in citrus crops in Sao Paulo

Caput, P., 1995:
The actual situation of rare breeds preservation in Croatia

Mati, R., 1995:
The actual state and perspectives of agricultural development of East Slovakian lowlands

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The acuarioid nematodes (Acuarioidea) of the upper digestive tract of new world waders and their transmission in marine environments

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The aculeate fauna of the Burgerpark in Bremen (Hymenoptera Aculeata)

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The aculeate wasps and bees (Hym., Aculeata) of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire and the development of a national quality assessment scheme

Archer, M.E., 1996:
The aculeate wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of Herm and Sark, Channel Islands

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The aculeate wasps and bees (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) of Shipley Glen in Watsonian Yorkshire with a then and now comparison

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The acute effects of spraying pesticides on subsets of lymphocytes in peripheral blood of apple orchard workers

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The acute impact of ethanol on glucose, insulin, triacylglycerol, and free fatty acid responses and insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes

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The acute inflammatory response in the chicken

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The acute mortality effects of carbon dioxide on various life stages of Sitophilus oryzae

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The acute phase serum amyloid A protein (SAA) in the horse: isolation and characterization of three isoforms

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The acute reversal of a diet-induced metabolic acidosis does not restore endurance capacity during high-intensity exercise in man

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The acute toxicity and sublethal effects of nitrite on growth and feed utilization of European eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.)

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The acute toxicity of Riedeliella graciflora in laboratory animals

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The acylation-stimulating protein pathway and regulation of postprandial metabolism

Ikeda, A.; Imai, K.; Hioki, M., 1995:
The adaptability of non-split application of fertilizer in nursery box to rice in Aichi Prefecture

Sitompul, S.M., 1995:
The adaptability to water-limited conditions of several grain legumes

Crockford, A.J.; Behncke, C.; Williams, H.D., 1996:
The adaptation of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli to oxidative stress and its overlap with other environmental stress responses

Kowalczuk, J., 1995:
The adaptation of combine harvesters to low cutting

Sands, J., 1997:
The adaptation of surge irrigation controllers for open ditch delivery systems

Castillo Quero, M., 1994:
The adaptation of the dairy sector to the quota system

Launois, M., 1996:
The adaptations of an apterous grasshopper to drought in the north-east of Brazil

Pitafi, K.D.; Day, T.H., 1994 :
The adaptive significance of female remating in seaweed flies, Coelopa frigida

Gabaraeva, N.I., 1997:
The adaptive significance of the ultrastructural features of developing microspores of Nymphaea colorata (Nymphaeaceae)

Djordjevic, S.; Weinman, J.; Redmond, J.; Djordjevic, M.; Rolfe, B., 1996:
The addition of 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-riboside to nodulation-defective purine auxotrophs of NGR234 restores bacterial growth but leads to novel root outgrowths on siratro

Scholten, R.H.J.; Binnendijk, G.P., 1997:
The addition of the enzymes beta -glucanase and xylanase to the diets of weaned piglets

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The addition of vitamin and mineral mixture Ekomix D or virginiamycin to broiler chicken feeds

Staudinger, F., 1996:
The additional sale of outside products in farm shops and farmers' markets: commercial law position

Grimble, G.K., 1996:
The adequacy of enteral nutrition

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The adhesion of mouse leukocytes to protoscoleces (Echinococcus granulosus) in vitro

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The adhesive attitude of the gill-parasitic ancyrocephaline monogenean Bifurcohaptor indicus

Meissonnier, E.; Mayer, E., 1994:
The adjustable dry period: effects on herd management and dairy cow health

Kirchner, M., 1997:
The administrative committee procedure of the EU: effects on agricultural policy

Antonov, A.V., 1996:
The administrative structure for the forest sector in Russia

Golden, N.H., 1997:
The adolescent: vulnerable to develop an eating disorder and at high risk for long-term sequelae

Hagen, H., 1996:
The adoption and use of risk assessment in EU safety legislation

Mendoza, T.C., 1995:
The adoption of beneficial agricultural practices for lowland rice production in the Philippines

Sain, G.E.; Barreto, H.J., 1996:
The adoption of soil conservation technology in El Salvador: linking productivity and conservation

Schulte, A., 1994:
The adsorption of Cd, Zn, Cu and Pb in acid forest soils

Chen, C.Y.; Wu,, 1995:
The adsorption of benzene, toluene and ethylbenzene on soils near infinite dilution

Zeng, L., 1996:
The advance of phosphine resistance in stored grain insects

Coetzee, Z., 1996:
The advancement of business opportunities through stimulation of regional consumption potential for poultry

Tang, X.F., 1994:
The advances in chemical control of pear scab disease (Venturia nashicola)

Ren HuaZhong; Shen HuoLin, 1996:
The advances in the study of inheritance and breeding of resistance to Phytophthora capsici Leon. in Capsicum

Becchi, G., 1997:
The advantages of choice feeding

Bowley, S.; McKersie, B.D.; Erickson, L.R., 1996:
The advantages of alfalfa biotechnology

Smith; Wilkin; Williams, 1996:
The advantages of an unsteady panel method in modelling the aerodynamic forces on rigid flapping wings

Morse, S.; Oosterhuis, D., 1996:
The advantages of using a slow release N fertiliser

Sooryamoorthy, R., 1996:
The advent of consumerism: the context of a developing society - Kerala

Moutawakel Bennis, N. el, 1997:
The advent of women athletes

Boaden, P.J.S., 1995:
The adventive seaweed Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland

Tuormaa, Tuula E., 1996:
The adverse effects of alcohol on reproduction

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The adversities of chestnut and new trends in protection (2nd part)

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The aerobic stability of grass silage treated with sulphite salts

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The aerobic treatment of silage effluent: effluent characterization and fermentation

Zuo ChunCheng; M.C.engLin; Zhang ShouQin; Wang ChengHe, 1997:
The aerodynamic principle of a new air precision seed-metering device

Erisman, J.W.; Draaijers, G.; Duyzer, J.; Hofschreuder, P.; Leeuwen, N. van; Romer, F.; Ruijgrok, W.; Wyers, P., 1997:
The aerosol project: introduction and some background information

Erlmann, V., 1996:
The aesthetics of the global imagination: reflections on world music in the 1990s

van den Broek, N., 1996:
The aetiology of anaemia in pregnancy in West Africa

Pitche, P.; Bahounde, A.; Agbo, K.; Tchangai Walla, K., 1996:
The aetiology of pruritus presented at a dermatology clinic in Lome (Togo)

Chu, Y.I.; Lo, L.W., 1995:
The affect of emergence age of smaller tea tortrix (Adoxophyes sp.) on oviposition

Sekizawa, S.; Tsubone, H.; Hishida, N.; Kuwahara, M.; Sugano, S., 1997:
The afferent activity of the superior laryngeal nerve, and respiratory reflexes specifically responding to intralaryngeal pressure changes in anesthetized Shiba goats

Getaz, M.A.; Pillay, D.; Jullienne, L.M.S.A., 1995:
The affination of B-sugar at Noodsberg

Giry, C., 1995:
The afforestation of agricultural land: what should be done to raise awareness and inform?

Tran Van An; Duong Thanh Liem, 1996:
The aflatoxicosis problem and management of aflatoxin in feed in Vietnam

Widstrom, Neil W., 1996:
The aflatoxin problem with corn grain

Kaczor, A.; Kozowska, J., 1996:
The after-effect of simulated acid rain on changes in the content of manganese and iron in soil and cocksfoot

Grynspan, A., 1996:
The aftermath of the MMB: a devastating Vesting Day?

Syakalima, M.; Takiguchi, M.; Yasuda, J.; Hashimoto, A., 1997:
The age dependent levels of serum ALP isoenzymes and the diagnostic significance of corticosteroid-induced ALP during long-term glucocorticoid treatment

Chistyakova, A.A., 1996:
The age mosaic structure of East European broadleaved forests

Burgt, X.M. van der, 1996:
The age of old Scots pine trees in the Netherlands

Renard, A.C., 1995:
The age of seniors

Charlwood, J.D.; Sama, S., 1996:
The age structure, biting cycle and dispersal of Stomoxys niger Macquart (Diptera: Muscidae) from Ifakara, Tanzania

Dorman, J.B.; Albinder, B.; Shroyer, T.; Kenyon, C., 1995:
The age-1 and daf-2 genes function in a common pathway to control the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans

Mitchell, J.A., 1995:
The agent of enhanced degradation of dicarboximide fungicide in soils

Raji, B.A.; Esu, I.E.; Chude, V.O.; Dedzoe, C.D., 1996:
The aggeric epipedon: a proposed amendment to Soil Taxonomy

Ruiz, A.; Ocampo, G.; Soto, A.; Jose, M.V., 1996:
The aggregation of Ascaris lumbricoides according to age groups after mass anthelmintic treatment

Jensen, G.B.; Andrup, L.; Wilcks, A.; Smidt, L.; Poulsen, O.M., 1996:
The aggregation-mediated conjugation system of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis: host range and kinetics of transfer

Dindo, M.L., 1996:
The aggressive tiger mosquito is rapidly spreading in our country

Anonymous, 1995:
The aging dog and the aging cat. Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine, Basel, 11-13 May 1995

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