Section 3
Chapter 2,980

The breeding of Yuhua 7 - a new cultivar of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in China

Ge XiuRong; Zhang XinYou; Tang FengShou; Dong WenZhao; Di Xian

Oil Crops of China 18(3): 14-16


Accession: 002979874

Kaifeng Datuoyang, a variety with good adaptability, was crossed in 1977 with Xuzhou 68-4, a variety with early maturation, large fruit and high productivity. After years of single plant selection, observation and identification, the breeding line 02-4 was chosen for multiple location trials in 1991-94 and was named Yuhua 7. It is characterized by high yield, earliness, erect stature and dark green leaves.

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