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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2981

Chapter 2981 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Narkiewicz Jodko, J., 1994:
The carrot fly (Psila rosae)

Sinacori, A.; Verde, G. lo; Mineo, G., 1992:
The carrot rust fly (Psila rosae F., Diptera, Psilidae): a pest attacking fennel cultures in Sicily

Lewis, D.J.; Thorpe, S.A.; Reynolds, S.L., 1996:
The carry-through of residues of thiabendazole, tecnazene and chlorpropham from potatoes following manufacture into potato crisps and jacket potato crisps

Russell, P., 1997:
The carton versus the polybottle. Consumer-friendly issues

Bianchini, M.; Pacini, E., 1996:
The caruncle of Ricinus communis L. (castor bean): its development and role in seed hydration, rehydration, and germination

Enghagen, L.K.; Healy, E., 1996:
The case against overbooking

Ricker, M.; Jessen, J.H.; Daly, D.C., 1997:
The case for Borojoa patinoi (Rubiaceae) in the Choco Region, Colombia

Greif, F., 1995:
The case for a 'regional potential map of agriculture'

Werblow, U., 1996:
The case for a more sector oriented approach to agricultural development - from sector objectives and strategies to investment programmes

MacDonald, G.B., 1995:
The case for boreal mixedwood management: an Ontario perspective

Anonymous, 1997:
The case for fortifying sugar with vitamin A

Freudenberger, D.; Palmer, R., 1996:
The case for harvesting kangaroos: is their impact different than sheep?

Oram, R.N., 1994:
The case for increasing biodiversity in the legume component of southern Australian pastures

Greenall, J., 1996:
The case for organic. Are specialist systems a tactical manoeuvre?

Bougourd, S.M.; Plowman, A.B.; Ponsford, N.R.; Elias, M.L.; Holmes, D.S.; Taylor, S., 1995:
The case for unselfish B-chromosomes: evidence from Allium schoenoprasum

Saley, m, 1996:
The case of Niger: the Touareg from the past to the future

Weitzel, J.; Strätling, W.H., 1997:
The case of chicken attachment region binding protein reinforces the importance of pre-screening of several libraries for cDNA cloning

Francis, J.; Sibanda, S., 1995:
The case study method: a potential approach to on-farm studies involving livestock

Reichardt, W.; Gernand, E., 1996:
The casein value of cow milk

Arpaia, M.L.; Meyer, J.L.; Witney, G.W.; Bender, G.S.; Stottlemyer, D.S.; Robinson, P.R., 1996:
The cashin creek nitrogen fertilizer trial - what did we learn?

Sammons, G., 1997:
The casino hotel and the internet: what's on-line?

Silva, J.R. da; Vegro, C.L.R.; Assumpcao, R. de; Pontarelli, C.T.G., 1996:
The cassava processing industry in Sao Paulo and Parana states, 1995

Campos Pereira, M. de, 1996:
The cat fur mite (Lynxacarus radovskyi) in Brazil

Gold, R.E.; Howell, H.N.J.; Decker, T.N., 1993:
The cat's out of the bag

Brzeska, H.; Szczepanowska, J.; Hoey, J.; Korn, E.D., 1996:
The catalytic domain of acanthamoeba myosin I heavy chain kinase. II. Expression of active catalytic domain and sequence homology to p21-activated kinase (PAK)

Huang, X.H.i; Liu,; Wang, L.H.a; Li, R.G.i; Yan,, 1994:
The catalytic features of peroxidase during tracheary element differentiation of isolated Zinnia mesophyll cells

Reinirkens, P.; Vartmann, C., 1996:
The catena as a criterion for soil conservation in building planning

Setatou, H.B.; Simonis, A.D., 1995:
The cation-anion balance in crops as a factor in determining the effect of nitrogen fertilizers on soil acidity

Hill, D.H., 1995:
The cattle and buffalo of Africa: management

Sic, R.; Bosnic, P.; Viduc, D.; Bozic, P., 1995:
The cattle breeding improvement programme in Croatia. 1. Morphological and phenotypic values of traits in bulls of the Simmental breeding programme

Serra Freire, N.M. da; Nuernberg, S., 1995:
The cattle tick and babesiosis-anaplasmosis in Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Arantes, G.J.; Marques, A.O.; Honer, M.R., 1995:
The cattle tick, Boophilus microplus, in the municipality of Uberlandia, MG: analysis of its resistance to commercial acaricides

Shibata, Takeshi, 1996:
The causal mutation for malignant hyperthermia in commercial pigs and the pale, soft and exudative meats

Dickerson, M.C.; Johnston, J.; Delea, T.E.; White, A.; Andrews, E., 1996:
The causal role for genital ulcer disease as a risk factor for transmission of human immunodeficiency virus

Glinski, Z.; Chmielewski, M.; Kauko, L., 1995:
The causative agents of septicaemia of the honey bee - isolation and identification

Pei SuQing; Wang YuQuan; H.J.Qiu; Kang ShaoLan; Xiao ChongBin; Huang WuFang, 1995:
The cause and control approaches of Ya pear black skin

P.CunXiang, 1995:
The causes and integrated control of cotton boll rot

Alexandrian, D., 1995:
The causes of fires in Ardeche vary between neighbouring cantons

Zhen JinZhong, 1995 :
The causes of low cotton production in Huangchuan County and measures to increase production

Bogre, L.; Zwerger, K.; Meskiene, I.; Binarova, P.; Csizmadia, V.; Planck, C.; Wagner, E.; Hirt, H.; Heberle-Bors, E., 1997:
The cdc2Ms Kinase Is Differently Regulated in the Cytoplasm and in the Nucleus

Daly, J.G.; Kew, A.K.; Moore, A.R.; Olivier, G., 1996:
The cell surface of Aeromonas salmonicida determines in vitro survival in cultured brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) peritoneal macrophages

Johnson, L.R.; Pilder, S.H.; Olds-Clarke, P., 1995:
The cellular basis for interaction of sterility factors in the mouse t haplotype

Andrews, J.M.; Newbound, G.C.; Oglesbee, M.; Brady, J.N.; Lairmore, M.D., 1997:
The cellular stress response enhances human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 basal gene expression through the core promoter region of the long terminal repeat

Kleman-Leyer, K.M.; Siika-Aho, M.; Teeri, T.T.; Kirk, T.K., 1996:
The Cellulases Endoglucanase I and Cellobiohydrolase II of Trichoderma reesei Act Synergistically To Solubilize Native Cotton Cellulose but Not To Decrease Its Molecular Size

Maraun, M.; Scheu, S., 1995:
The cellulolytic activity of microflora in forest litter (Fagus sylvatica) and in cast pellets of the diplopod Glomeris marginata

Bergman, M., 1996:
The centenery of Olympic philately

Hoffmann, M.H., 1996:
The central European wild and cultivated North American asters

Schutz, R.A.; Schutz, M.T.B.; Angelucci, M.E.M.; Munoz, E.M.A.; D.C.nha, C., 1996:
The central nervous system stimulant effects of the ethanolic extract from the toxic Brazilian plant Pseudocalymma elegans

Pellegrino, L.; Battelli, G.; Resmini, P., 1997:
The centripetal ripening pattern in Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Sturhan, D., 1996:
The cereal and grass cyst nematodes Heterodera hordecalis and H. bifenestra in Germany

Rumpenhorst, H.J.; Elekcioglu, I.H.; Sturhan, D.; Ozturk, G.; Enneli, S., 1996:
The cereal cyst nematode Heterodera filipjevi (Madzhidov) in Turkey

Jouve, A.M.; Belghazi, S.; Kheffache, Y., 1995:
The cereals sector in the Maghreb countries: constant stakes and changing policies

Pellizzi, G.; Liberatori, S.; Limongelli, R., 1996:
The certification of agricultural machines in Italy

Castri, F. di, 1995:
The chair of sustainable development

Huber, JT.; Eveleigh, E.; Pollock, S.; McCarthy, P., 1996:
The chalcidoid parasitoids and hyperparasitoids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Choristoneura species (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in America north of Mexico

Lennon, R.; Titterington, A.J., 1995:
The challenge of Northern Ireland tourism; Northern Ireland: prospects for hotel investment and tourism recovery

Seydack, A.H.W., 1996:
The challenge of indigenous forest management: from information to implementation

Berger, D.J., 1996 :
The challenge of integrating Maasai tradition with tourism

Yetley, E.A.; Rader, J.I., 1996:
The challenge of regulating health claims and food fortification

James, Bruce R., 1996:
The challenge of remediating chromium-contaminated soil

Stanbury, W.T.; Vertinsky, I.B.; Wilson, B., 1995:
The challenge to Canadian forest products in Europe: managing a complex environmental issue

Norbye, O.D.K., 1996:
The challenge to development research

Mulengera, M.K.; Payton, R.W.; White, S.; Kayombo, B., 1996:
The challenges and options of modelling soil loss for soil conservation planning in developing countries

Herve, M., 1996:
The challenges facing the dairy industry

Villapando, I.L., 1996:
The challenges of mycotoxin research and development work on foods and feedstuffs in the Philippines

Maindonald, J.H., 1996:
The challenges of pest risk analysis

Feist, W., 1997:
The challenges of selecting finishes for exterior wood

Hotz, A., 1996:
The change from ski sport to snow sport: we all slide, tilt and twist

Lacquement, G., 1995:
The change in agricultural policy in the new German Lander

Polyanskaya, L.M.; Lukin, S.M.; Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1997:
The change in composition of microbial biomass in cultivated soils

Kassahun, B.W.; Velisek, J.; Davidek, J.; Hajslova, J., 1995:
The change of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata) glucosinolate content during storage

Sarr, f, 1996:
The change of direction of professional women towards the rural sector

J.Z.ongCheng; X.W.nZhi, 1995:
The change of soil environment with reducing-yield of continued-cropping in soybean

Kim, J.Y.; Kim, C.S., 1996:
The change of the system and function of the service centers in rural areas: the case of Kimje

Owuor, P.O., 1991:
The changes in chemical composition of Kenyan black teas in relation to time of the year and weather factors

Tang YuLin; Chen WanFen; Zhou Xie, 1996:
The changes in endogenous levels of plant hormones during root and bud formation in tobacco leaf explants

Lehmann, F.O.; Dickinson, M.H., 1997:
The changes in power requirements and muscle efficiency during elevated force production in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster

Saharjo, B.H., 1995:
The changes in soil chemical properties following burning in a shifting cultivation area in South Sumatra

Toth, T.; Papp, J.; Ibrahim, Z.I., 1995:
The changes of NO3-N content in the soil of orchards with different soil conditions

L.Y.ngZhang; Hau BiWen, 1995:
The changes of endogenous IAA and cytokinin contents during adventitious root formation in thin cell layer cultures of Cichorium intybus explants

Zhao DeGang; Meng FanJing, 1996:
The changes of endogenous zearalenone content in wheat during flowering and grain maturity

Chen XuiFang; Wang KunFan, 1995:
The changes of enzymatic browning factors during the development of peaches

Liu Wei; Wang WenJie, 1996:
The changes of nucleic acid and ultrastructure of Fritillaria pallidiflora Schrenk. bulb in stratification

Luo Meng; Fang TianQi; Zhang ZhiZhong; L.T.anRan, 1996:
The changes of polygalacturonase activity and ethylene concentration and their relation to softening during ripening of Cucumis melo

Ilukha, V.A.; Usenbaeva, L.B.; Kozhevnikova, L.K.; Tyutyunnik, N.N.; Unzhakov, A.R., 1996:
The changes of some blood indices of fur animals in the lactation period

Knutson, R.D.; Outlaw, J., 1996:
The changing Federal philosophy on pricing milk

Anonymous, 1997:
The changing Middle East sugar scene: implications for trade flows

McPhail, I., 1996:
The changing environment of managing use in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

Altekruse, S.F.; Swerdlow, D.L., 1996:
The changing epidemiology of foodborne diseases

Prociv, P.; Luke, R.A., 1995:
The changing epidemiology of human hookworm infection in Australia

Heeley, H., 1997:
The changing face of sugar bagging

Ducker, M.J., 1996:
The changing face of the National Agricultural Centre - towards the 21st century

Paulin, G., 1996:
The changing food at home budget: 1980 and 1992 compared

MacBean, R.D., 1996:
The changing global consumer

Oppermann, M., 1996:
The changing market place in Asian outbound tourism: implications for hospitality marketing and management

Namerova, I., 1997:
The changing nature of rural economies in the Slovak countryside

Kletke, D., 1996:
The changing numbers and sizes of Oklahoma farms and ranches

Kukovics, S.; Javor, A.; Molnar, A., 1996:
The changing ownership and the production systems in the present Hungarian sheep industry

Kullberg, B.J.; Voss, A., 1996 :
The changing pattern of Candida infections: other species and greater resistance

Omokhodion, S.I.; Akang, E.E.U.; Pindiga, H.U.; Abowehyere, J.; Liman, A.S., 1997:
The changing pattern of childhood infective endocarditis in Ibadan: a report of neonatal candidal endocarditis and a review of 33 years of autopsy records

Wood, R.; O.K.efe, E.A.; Maartens, G., 1996:
The changing pattern of transmission and clinical presentation of HIV infection in the Western Cape region of South Africa (1984-1995)

Kentish, B.; Fawns, R., 1995:
The changing professional identity of foresters

Lowe, P.D., 1995:
The changing public interest in agriculture: with specific reference to grassland farming in EU agri-environmental policy

Harriss White, B., 1995:
The changing public role in services to food and agriculture

Sadi, M.A., 1997:
The changing responsibilities of credit managers in international lodging facilities

Post, J.; Terluin, I., 1997:
The changing role of agriculture in rural employment

Jin ShuRen; Henry, G., 1994:
The changing role of cassava in South China's agro-industrial development: problems and opportunities

Rushton, J.; Ellis, P.R., 1996:
The changing role of cattle in the mixed farming systems around Bangalore, India

Tang ShengLan, 1997:
The changing role of township health centres

DeFrantz, A.L., 1997:
The changing role of women in the Olympic Games

Smith, S.M., 1995:
The changing rural policy context

Thomson, C.D.; Robinson, M.F., 1996:
The changing selenium status of New Zealand residents

Dodson, C., 1996:
The changing structure of nonreal estate credit markets

Puff, C.; Igersheim, A., 1994:
The character states of Mussaendopsis Baill. (Rubiaceae, Coptosapelteae)

Dever, L.V.; Baron, A.C.; Leegood, R.C.; Lea, P.J., 1995:
The characterisation of a mutant of Amaranthus edulis lacking phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

Dong AiMing, 1996:
The characteristic study of longitudinal-flow heat exchanger tube bank

Geibel, M.; Feucht, W., 1994:
The characteristic weak glycosidic bonding of flavonoid 5-glucosides from Prunus cerasus bark and their contribution to the resistance against Cytospora persoonii

Zhu ZhiJian; T.Y.ngHai; X.S.Shan; Liu ZhenYong; Shen DeWen, 1996:
The characteristics and application of the spatial distribution parameters of Eutomostethus deqingensis larvae

W.F.ngLan; Huang WenLong, 1995:
The characteristics and high-yielding cultivation of summer maize cv. Xiyu No. 3

Blum, J.C.; Sauveur, B., 1996:
The characteristics and quality of hen eggs

Hailin Qu; Li, I., 1997:
The characteristics and satisfaction of mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong

Zgajnar, L., 1996:
The characteristics and significance of wood fuel in Slovenian energy requirements

Humphries, R.E.; Sibly, R.M.; Meehan, A.P., 1996:
The characteristics of 'behavioural resistance' and bait avoidance in house mice in the UK

Barzdajn, W.; Drogoszewski, B.; Zientarski, J., 1996:
The characteristics of a pine stand (Pinus sylvestris L.) grown under the canopy of mother trees

G.M.nRu; Jiang YuanMao; Huang HuaCheng; Peng FuTian, 1996:
The characteristics of absorption and translocation of soil application of 10B in different amounts and different seasons to apple trees

Bogdanov, N.; Krstic, B., 1997:
The characteristics of agriculture and agricultural policy in Yugoslavia

Liu LiMing, 1996:
The characteristics of climate change in Guangdong-temperature, precipitation and sunshine time

M.J.Yuan; L.Z.aoHui; X.H.ngFu; Chen TianYe; M.S.aoMin, 1996:
The characteristics of community of major insect pests and their natural enemies in different period of spring planted cotton

Zeng JiangHai; Wang ZhiPing; H.C.unSheng; Zhang YuMing, 1996:
The characteristics of decomposition and accumulation of soil organic matter in semi-humid region of North China

Jiang PengYan, 1996:
The characteristics of direct-sown rice and measurement of increased yield

Ma, L.J.; Sheng, M.Y., 1995:
The characteristics of grape brown rot disease

Aryeetey, E.; Udry, C., 1997:
The characteristics of informal financial markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

M.R.iKun; Jiang JiaLi; Jia XiuLing; Liu ShuZhen, 1995:
The characteristics of leaf water potential in water saving cultivation of high yielding winter wheat

Wild Peters, L.; Kehl, K.; Teuber, I.; Wild, A., 1995:
The characteristics of light dependence of the transcript levels of proteins involved in photosynthesis in rape plants

Feher, I., 1996:
The characteristics of preparing agrarian projects

Zhu ZhiLin; Chen FaZu; Sun XiaoMin; Wang ShuSen, 1995:
The characteristics of profiles of wind speed, temperature and humidity, and their flux estimations in wheat fields on the borders of oases

Zhong Heng; Xie YongQuan, 1994:
The characteristics of reflection spectrum in subaerial blue-green algae in Dinghu Mo ore-field of Guangdong Province

Zhou MingGuo; M.Z.ongHua; Dang XiangLiang; Wang JianXing; Y.Z.ongYin, 1996:
The characteristics of resistant isolates of Xanthomonas oryzae to Saikuzuo

Zhou HongFei; L.Y.n, 1996:
The characteristics of soil moisture budget in oasis farmland

Sha JiQin; Zheng DaXian, 1993:
The characteristics of the F biological accumulation of tea variety 'Huang Dan'

Sivcev, I.; Draganic, M., 1994:
The characteristics of the entomopathogenic fungus Pandora neoaphidis

Zarazaga, L.A.; Malpaux, B.; Chemineau, P., 1997:
The characteristics of the melatonin secretory rhythm are not modified by the stage of pregnancy in ewes

Lee, N.H.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, J.M.; Jung, H.S., 1996:
The characteristics of vacuum drying disks of domestic softwoods (I)

Takahashi, T.; Soeya, M.; Toda, H., 1996:
The characteristics of vertical movements of elements in artifically established Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress stands

Asai, T.; Aoki, K.; Nishikawa, K.; Yamada, F.; Machii, T.; Koizumi, K.; Nakai, T., 1995:
The characteristics of yield formation in rice with different cultivation and fertilizer application methods in a year with a good harvest (1994)

Kwong Chung, K.J.; Chang, Y.C.; Bauer, R.; Swann, E.C.; Taylor, J.W.; Goel, R., 1995:
The characteristics that differentiate Filobasidiella depauperata from Filobasidiella neoformans

Tack ByeongYun; Chung MyungSook; Joo KyoungHwan; Kim SooJin, 1995:
The characterization and localization of antigenic protein of Trichinella spiralis larvae

Berger, R.; Theodor, L.; Shoham, J.; Gokkel, E.; Brok-Simoni, F.; Avraham, K.B.; Copeland, N.G.; Jenkins, N.A.; Rechavi, G.; Simon, A.J., 1996:
The characterization and localization of the mouse thymopoietin/lamina-associated polypeptide 2 gene and its alternatively spliced products

Y.C.enChung; Kao HwieHsin; Wang ChungHsiung; Chao JungTai; L.S.engShan, 1997:
The characterization of Lymantria xylina nucleopolyhedrovirus (LyxyNPV) and the establishment of in vitro multiplication of LyxyNPV

Sanger, L.J.; Cox, P.; Splatt, P.; Whelan, M.J.; Anderson, J.M., 1997:
The characterization of a lignin-derived organic matter fraction in soils developed under different vegetation types

Jones, D.R., 1995:
The characterization of isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense from Asia

Ruland, W., 1997:
The characterization of maize seed in international trade

Sun Hang; Zhou ZheKun, 1996:
The characters and origin of the flora from the big bend gorge of Yalutsangpu (Brahmaputra) River, eastern Himalayas

Liu BaoZhang; L.J.nLong, 1997:
The characters for the boundary layer and mechanism of acid rain formation in the Qingdao area, China

Zhang JianRen;, 1997:
The characters of accumulation of dry matter and nutrient uptake by strawberry plants

Mawdsley, J.R., 1994:
The checkered beetles of Nepal (Coleoptera: Cleridae)

Landry, S., 1995:
The cheese market in the first half of 1995

Anonymous, 1994:
The cheese sector in 1993. Increasing sales and prices

Lopez, J.L.; Moure, J., 1995:
The cheese sector in France

Baryshev, A.A.; Glotov, A.S., 1995:
The cheesemaking properties of milk from cows of the Kostroma breed

Navrotescu, M.T.; Toma, O., 1996:
The chemical and bacteriological analysis of the natural depolluted water by the help of the reed thicket

Gurbuz, U.; Dogruer, Y.; Anil, N., 1995:
The chemical and microbiological quality of pastrami produced by using various salting techniques and kept at +4 degrees C

Cabrera, R.; Manuel, I.; Correa, J.R., 1993:
The chemical and mineralogical composition of a Mozambique quartzitic sandy soil

Stevenson, P.C.; Padgham, D.E.; Haware, M.P., 1994:
The chemical basis of resistance in chickpeas, Cicer arietinum L., to Fusarium wilt, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri

Dlugi, R.; Kins, L.; Seiler, T.; Seidl, W.; Seifert, P.; Kasper, A.; Sievering, H.; Zelger, M.; Kohler, E.; Reusswig, K., 1997:
The chemical behaviour and deposition of ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and ammonia

Zhou, Z.X.n; Chou, G.X.n, 1995:
The chemical components in the essential oils from Mentha cordifolia

Zdunczyk, Z.; Juskiewicz, J.; Flis, M.; Amarowicz, R.; Krefft, B., 1996:
The chemical composition and nutritive value of low-alkaloid varieties of white lupin. 1. Seed, cotyledon and seed coat characteristics

Okot, M.W., 1995:
The chemical composition of Haplochromis and Rastraneobola argenta fish meals

Masson, G.; Puech, J.L.; Moutounet, M., 1996:
The chemical composition of barrel oak wood

Capecka, E., 1996:
The chemical composition of the radish Raphanus sativus L. as related to environmental conditions during cultivation

Ding, Z.H.i; Yiao,; Chen,; Ding, J.K.i, 1994:
The chemical constituents of Asarum petelotii

Liu QiXin; Hui Hong, 1997:
The chemical constituents of volatile oil from Ferula L. in China and its taxonomical significance

Oliveira Filho, A.M.; Melo, M.T., 1994:
The chemical control of vectors of leishmaniasis

David Henriet, A.I.; Farine, J.P.; Brossut, R., 1995:
The chemical factors in the sexual behaviour of Eurycotis floridana (Dictyoptera, Polyzosteriinae)

Yamamoto, M.; Watanabe, Y., 1996:
The chemical forms of Zn, Mn and Cu in soils of Sugadaira-Kuogen

Leigh, G.J., 1995:
The chemical mechanism of biological nitrogen fixation and the chemistry of model systems

Hayashi, N.; Honda, K.; Hara, S.; Idzumibhara, H.; Mikata, K.; Komae, H., 1996:
The chemical relationship between fungus and beetles on Ponderosa pine

Hao, X.J.ang; Node; Manabu; Zhou; Jun; Chen;; Kaoru, F., 1994:
The chemical structures of spiramine H, I and O

Khan, M.A.; Nizami, S.S.; Khan, S.A., 1994:
The chemical studies of Zizyphus jujube

Melcher, E.; Peek, R.D., 1995:
The chemical wood preservation in the former GDR - an overview

Ghosal, S.; Sundaram, R.; Muruganandam, A.V.; Singh, S.K.; Satyan, K.S.; Bhattacharya, S.K.; Saravanan, V.; Mishra, N., 1997:
The chemistry and action of 6-alkylsalicylates of Indian Ginkgo biloba

Abbas, H.K.; Duke, S.O.; Shier, W.T.; Riley, R.T.; Kraus, G.A., 1996:
The chemistry and biological activities of the natural products AAL-toxin and the fumonisins

Zhang, J.Z., 1995:
The chemistry and distribution of taxane diterpenoids and alkaloids from genus Taxus

Valenti, P., 1997:
The chemistry and medicinal chemistry of geiparvarin

Skjemstad, J.O.; Clarke, P.; Taylor, J.A.; Oades, J.M.; Mcclure, S.G., 1996:
The chemistry and nature of protected carbon in soil

Dupuis, B., 1997:
The chemistry and toxicology of potassium bromate

Artaxo, P.; Gerab, F.; Yamasoe, M.A.; Martins, J.V., 1995:
The chemistry of atmospheric aerosol particles in the Amazon Basin

Simpson, R., 1996:
The chemistry of clarification

Euler, M.; Baldwin, I.T., 1996:
The chemistry of defense and apparency in the corollas of Nicotiana attenuata

Tuzinsky, L.; Tothova, S., 1995:
The chemistry of precipitation and gravitational water in the emission region Jelsava-Lubenik

Fraser,; Mulholland, D.A.; Taylor, D.A.H., 1995:
The chemotaxonomic significance of the limonoid, nymania-1, in Turraea obtusifolia

Viljoen, A.M.; Van Wyk, B.E.; Dagne, E., 1996:
The chemotaxonomic value of 10-hydroxyaloin B and its derivatives in Aloe series Asperifoliae Berger

Peters, W.; Robinson, B.L.; Mittelholzer, M.L.; Crevoisier, C.; Stürchler, D., 1995:
The chemotherapy of rodent malaria. LII. Response of Plasmodium yoelii ssp. NS to mefloquine and its enantiomers

Fleck, S.L.; Robinson, B.L.; Peters, W.; Thévin, F.; Boulard, Y.; Glénat, C.; Caillard, V.; Landau, I., 1997:
The chemotherapy of rodent malaria. LIII. 'Fenozan B07' (Fenozan-50F), a difluorinated 3,3'-spirocyclopentane 1,2,4-trioxane: comparison with some compounds of the artemisinin series

Fleck, S.L.; Robinson, B.L.; Peters, W., 1997:
The chemotherapy of rodent malaria. LIV. Combinations of 'Fenozan B07' (Fenozan-50F), a difluorinated 3,3'-spirocyclopentane 1,2,4-trioxane, with other drugs against drug-sensitive and drug-resistant parasites

Hutin, C., 1997:
The cherry market

Price, R.D.; Timm, R.M., 1995:
The chewing louse genus Aotiella (Phthiraptera: Gyropidae) from South American night monkeys, Aotus (Primates: Cebidae)

Pallante, K.M.; Niu ZeLing; Zhao YuFeng; Cohen, A.J.; Nah HyunDuck; Adams, S.L., 1996:
The chick alpha 2(I) collagen gene contains two functional promoters, and its expression in chondrocytes is regulated at both transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels

Duncan, M.K.; Haynes, J.I.; Piatigorsky, J., 1995:
The chicken beta A4- and beta B1-crystallin-encoding genes are tightly linked

Davis, D.L.; Burch, J.B., 1996:
The chicken vitellogenin II gene is flanked by a GATA factor-dependent estrogen response unit

Shabalta, O.M.; Nguen Tkhi Chat, 1994:
The chief pests of soyabean in the Krasnodar region

Svachula, V.; Pulkrabek, J.; Sroller, J., 1994:
The chlorophyll content of the leaves of sugarbeet and fodder beet as criteria of the effect of biologically active substances

Chang, D.C.N.; Liu, M.L., 1995:
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The choice of protective equipment in the light of the European standard

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The choice of raw milk and quality requirements go hand-in-hand at Triballat

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The choice of varieties in Spain

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The classification of chromosomal defects of spruce trees as an alternative in environmental studies

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The classification of natural areas protected by Law 394/1991

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The clavicle of newborn dogs

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The cloning of plants

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The coffee market in the next ten years

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The collection and preservation of plant material from the tropical forest canopy

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The combine harvester market

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The combine harvester: towards the year 2000

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The combined effects of the fungus Metarhizium flavoviride Gams & Rozsypal and the insecticide cypermethrin on Locusta migratoria migratorioides (Reiche & Fairmaire) in the laboratory

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The combined field experiment for determining evapotranspiration in North China Plain

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The commercialization of propolis

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The commodified 23, or, Michael Jordan as text

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The communes in the process of democratization: the difficult search for effective local power in Mauritania

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The comparison of injection site reactions caused by two commercial multivalent clostridial vaccines

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The competitive edge

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The competitive environment for agricultural bankers in the US

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The competitiveness of American livestock production: myth or reality

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The competitiveness of agricultural and food products in selected foreign markets

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The competitiveness of crops depends on the market: potatoes are superior to cereals but they are also more risky

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The competitiveness of long term investment

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The competitiveness of the food industry

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The complex genetic basis of resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis toxin in insects

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The complex relationship between water and agriculture

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The complexities of understanding vitamin A in food and diets: the problem

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The Complexity of Enzymic Control of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration May Affect the Regeneration Potential of Plant Protoplasts

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The composite body: hip-hop aerobics and the multicultural nation

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