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The circulating concentrations of FSH, LH and prolactin in the oestradiol-implanted ovariectomized ewe treated with caffeine

, : The circulating concentrations of FSH, LH and prolactin in the oestradiol-implanted ovariectomized ewe treated with caffeine. Animal Reproduction Science 45(4): 273-282

The study used oestradiol-implanted ovariectomized ewes. A single intravenous dose of caffeine (20 mg/kg bodyweight) did not affect circulating gonadotropin concentrations (pulsatile LH secretion and mean concentration of FSH) compared with untreated controls. The treatment significantly increased circulating prolactin levels: the effect was observed immediately after treatment, the levels being increased over the next 3 h before returning to pretreatment levels.

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Accession: 002980332

DOI: 10.1016/s0378-4320(96)01597-7

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