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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2983

Chapter 2983 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Msamanga, G.I.; Fawzi, W.W., 1997:
The double burden of HIV infection and tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa

Marzachi, C.; Antoniazzi, S.; D'aquilio, M.; Boccardo, G., 1996:
The double-stranded RNA genome of maize rough dwarf Fijivirus contains both mono and dicistronic segments

D.Antonio, C., 1996:
The dragonflies from Calabria (Southern Italy) (Odonata)

D.Antonio, C., 1995:
The dragonflies from Campania (Southern Italy) (Odonata)

Dukhovny, V.A.; Umarov, P.D.; Ruziev, U., 1996:
The drainage and water strategy

Thomas, N., 1996:
The dream of Joseph: practices of identity in pacific art

Gluzman, C., 1994:
The drilofaune associated with Eichhornia crassipes in Buenos Aires rivers and their feeding behaviour

Thorsen, E., 1996:
The drinks war has reached Sweden

Wohlmeyer, H., 1996:
The driven sector: agriculture and ecology

Czaplak, I., 1996:
The drought of 1992 in Poland and general patterns of the distribution of the series of days without precipitation

Sakova, L.; Paclik, R.; Curn, V., 1995:
The drought tolerance of four Brassica species

Rementeria, I. de, 1996:
The drugs trade and the environment

Mascolini, M., 1997:
The drugs we've got the drugs we're getting beyond blood

Linquist, B.J.; Adolph, D., 1996:
The drum speaks - are we listening? Experiences in development with a traditional Gabra institution - the Yaa Galbo

Peters, K.; Bruckner Schatt, G., 1995:
The dry deposition of gaseous and particulate nitrogen compounds to a spruce stand

Valdimarsson, O., 1997:
The dry eye of the figureless god

Tomic, Z.; Stosic, M.; Colic, D., 1989:
The dry matter yield of grass cultivars in the uplands of Serbia

Gminder, A., 1994:
The dry-stiped species of the genus Limacella in Europe

Xie YuWu; White, E.T., 1997:
The drying of sugar crystals

H.D.Ming; Huang JiHong, 1995 :
The drying process and control factors of the reverse-net drier

Chen, G.; Keey, R.B.; Walker, J.C.F., 1997:
The drying stress and check development on high-temperature kiln seasoning of sapwood Pinus radiata boards. Part I: moisture movement and strain model

Chen, G.; Keey, R.B.; Walker, J.C.F., 1997:
The drying stress and check development on high-temperature kiln seasoning of sapwood Pinus radiata boards. Part II: Stress development

Tolleneer, J., 1995:
The dual meaning of 'Fatherland' and Catholic gymnasts in Belgium, 1882-1914

Yan Wen Mei, Z.W.i Cheng; Zheng Hong, 1995:
The dual transport system of cytoplasmic streaming in stigma papillae in relation to the cytoskeletal framework in Eichhornia crassipes

Lenardon, G.; Marocco, R., 1994:
The dunes of Belvedere-San Marco. An ancient river bank? Sedimentological considerations

Ling WangChoon, 1996:
The durability of Sarawak timbers in soil contact

Wheeler, T.R.; Hong, T.D.; Ellis, R.H.; Batts, G.R.; Morison, J.I.L.; Hadley, P., 1996:
The duration and rate of grain growth, and harvest index, of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in response to temperature and CO2

Vivas, N.; Gaulejac, N.S.C. de; Doneche, B.; Glories, Y., 1997:
The duration effect of natural seasoning of Quercus petraea Liebl. and Quercus robur L. on the diversity of existing fungi flora and some aspects of its ecology

Rendell, D.; Callinan, L., 1996:
The duration of anthelmintic effects of moxidectin and ivermectin in grazing sheep

Wang, H.; Dudley, A.W.; Dupont, J.; Reeds, P.J.; Hachey, D.L.; Dudley, M.A., 1996:
The duration of medium-chain triglyceride feeding determines brush border membrane lipid composition and hydrolase activity in newly weaned rats

Matschke, J.; Amenda, R., 1995:
The dying of root tips in woody plants caused by herbicides

Nowak, O.; Svardal, K.; Schweighofer, P., 1995:
The dynamic behaviour of nitrifying activated sludge systems influenced by inhibiting wastewater compound

Jin JianPing; Lin Lu; F.J.aRui, 1995:
The dynamic changes of ABA content in Chinese wampee seed during median and late developmental stages

Hora, G., 1994:
The dynamic contact angle - a characteristic to predict the lifetime of a wood topcoat

Lee, T.H., 1995:
The dynamic control policy for disappearing crops

Anonymous, 1997:
The dynamic duo: efficacy & safety

Zhou, X.L.; Konohira, Y.; Minematsu, H., 1995:
The dynamic forest register system (II). Forest information management based on an operation plan

Gigon, A.; Leutert, A., 1996:
The dynamic keyhole-key model of coexistence to explain diversity of plants in limestone and other grasslands

Malter, A.J., 1996:
The dynamic nature of the market for ornamentals: implications for virus research

Dorfman, J.H.; Lastrapes, W.D., 1996:
The dynamic responses of crop and livestock prices to money-supply shocks: a Bayesian analysis using long-run identifying restrictions

Wang Jin Liang, R.D.C.un; Cheng Zhi Ying; Yang Chong Ren, 1996:
The dynamic variation of 20-hydroxyecdysone in Cyanotis arachnoidea

Miroshnichenko, Y., 1996:
The dynamics and biogeochemistry of an arid zone

Matveev, V. {a}; 1 ; 1 Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, P.O.B.x 921, A., N.S.W. 2640, A., 1995:
The dynamics and relative strength of bottom-up vs top-down impacts in a community of subtropical lake plankton

Shipley, L.A.; Spalinger, D.E.; Gross, J.E.; Hobbs, N.T.ompson; Wunder, B.A., 1996:
The dynamics and scaling of foraging velocity and encounter rate in mammalian herbivores

Anonymous, 1996:
The dynamics and strategies of European agriculture

Marchini, A.; Proietti, T., 1996:
The dynamics in the last decade of the technical efficiency of Italian farms

Niemeijer, D., 1996:
The dynamics of African agricultural history: is it time for a new development paradigm?

Stewart, H.C.; Walde, S.J., 1997:
The dynamics of Aphis pomi De Geer (Homoptera: Aphididae) and its predator, Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Rondani) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae), on apple in Nova Scotia

Potter, L.M., 1996:
The dynamics of Imperata: historical overview and current farmer perspectives, with special reference to South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Liu Li; Shen YiPing; Guan XiaoHong; Zhang ZhiHao; S.B.ngHua, 1995:
The dynamics of TNF activity induced by spleen cells of Schistosoma japonicum-infected mice

Berlan, J.P., 1994:
The dynamics of agricultural integration in Provence

Prasitirat, P.; Thammasart, S.; Chompoochan, T.; Nithiuthai, S.; Taira, N., 1996:
The dynamics of antibody titres and faecal egg output in cattle and buffalo following infection with 500 and 1000 Fasciola gigantica metacercariae

Ciglar, I.; Baric, B., 1996:
The dynamics of arthropod fauna in the apple orchard of north Croatia

Roberts, M.G., 1996:
The dynamics of bovine tuberculosis in possum populations, and its eradication or control by culling or vaccination

Kurtela, M.; Vrsek, I.; Toplak, M.; Siftar, A., 1994:
The dynamics of chestnut decline in an urban environment

Orze, S., 1996:
The dynamics of diameter increment in pine stands located within the reach of emissions from colour metal industry plants

See, L.S.; Alexander, I.J., 1996:
The dynamics of ectomycorrhizal infection of Shorea leprosula seedlings in Malaysian rain forests

Rivero Lynch, A.; Godfray, H.C.J., 1997:
The dynamics of egg production, oviposition and resorption in a parasitoid wasp

Mccloskey, M.; Firbank, L.G.; Watkinson, A.R.; Webb, D.J., 1996:
The dynamics of experimental arable weed communities under different management practices

Pasicolan, P.; Calub, A.; Sajise, P., 1996:
The dynamics of grassland transformation in Salindingan, Ilagan, Isabela, Philippines

Lukashevich, N.P.; Kukrash, L.V., 1994:
The dynamics of growth of pea stems

Tambi, Ne, 1996:
The dynamics of household beef consumption in Cameroon

Sorokina, N.P.; Kogut, B.M., 1997:
The dynamics of humus content in arable Chernozems and approaches to its study

Van Baalen, M.; Sabelis, M.W., 1995:
The dynamics of multiple infection and the evolution of virulence

Czerniakowski, Z.W., 1995:
The dynamics of occurrence of Sitona lineatus L. on waste land and fallow in south-eastern Poland

Wang YanFei; Xiang LiJun; Y.B.Cheng; H.Q.Lin; Jia ZuoChen, 1997:
The dynamics of oil accumulation in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and its relationship with temperature conditions

Gibson, C.E., 1997:
The dynamics of phosphorus in freshwater and marine environments

Burke, A.E., 1996:
The dynamics of product differentiation in the British record industry

Mietelski, J.W.; Jasinska, M.; Kozak, K.; Barszcz, J.; Greszta, J., 1996:
The dynamics of radioactive caesium contamination changes in selected parts of the forest ecosystems of Carpathian and Sudetan Mountains

Tang YongHong; Zhang SongWu; Gao RuSong; Wang ChangFa, 1997:
The dynamics of rice quality during ripening of rice kernels

Mansfield, S.G.ry; Briarty, L.G.egory, 1996:
The dynamics of seedling and cotyledon cell development in Arabidopsis thaliana during reserve mobilization

Rose, D.A., 1996:
The dynamics of soil water following single surface wettings

Lebedeva, I.Y.; Kuzmina, T.I.; Jebedev, V.A., 1996:
The dynamics of somatotropin concentration in follicular fluid in the course of antral follicle maturation and atresia in bovine ovaries

Kovaleva, E.M.; Samsonova, V.P.; Dmitriyev, E.A., 1995:
The dynamics of some labile properties of arable soddy-podzolic soil

Zobel, M.; Suurkask, M.; Rosen, R.; Partel, M., 1996:
The dynamics of species richness in an experimentally restored calcareous grassland

Nichita, I.; Dascaliuc, A., 1994:
The dynamics of the content of nucleic acids and proteins in wheat plants continuously vernalized

Formento, S.; Francia, A.; Gavidia, R., 1997:
The dynamics of the contractual relationship between primary producers and agroindustrial enterprises

Machal, L.; Kalova, J.; Juran, P.; Jerabek, S., 1996 :
The dynamics of the relationship between ejaculate quality and cholesterol and total lipids concentration in the blood plasma in two lines of the cocks

Garzon, F., 1995:
The dynamics of torrent beds

Laflamme, G., 1995:
The earliest report of scleroderris canker in North America

Hardie, J.; Schlumberger, A., 1996:
The early appearance of foraging flight associated with starvation in an aphid

Smith, P.H.; Foster, E.M.; Boyd, L.A.; Brown, J.K.M., 1996:
The early development of Erysiphe pisi on Pisum sativum L

Hardy, G.E.S.J.; Colquhoun, I.J.; Nielsen, P., 1996:
The early development of disease caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi in Eucalyptus marginata and Eucalyptus calophylla growing in rehabilitated bauxite mined areas

Hagan, J.M.; Vander Haegen, W.M.tthew; Mckinley, P.S., 1996:
The early development of forest fragmentation effects on birds

Tornesi, M.B.; Archer, J., 1996:
The early development of mouse embryos in vitro in medium supplemented with different batches of serum and bovine serum albumin

Johnston, M., 1997:
The early development of urban forestry in Britain: Part I

Frost, A.J.; Bland, A.P.; Wallis, T.S., 1997:
The early dynamic response of the calf ileal epithelium to Salmonella typhimurium

Lazof, D.B.; Goldsmith, J.G.; Rufty, T.W.; Linton, R.W., 1996:
The Early Entry of Al into Cells of Intact Soybean Roots (A Comparison of Three Developmental Root Regions Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging)

Kourtz, L.; Ko, K., 1997:
The early stage of chloroplast protein import involves Com70

Waliser, T., 1996:
The early years with apple V-trellis

Zicsi, A., 1994:
The earthworms of Austria (Oligochaeta: Lumbridicae), with identification keys of the species

Anonymous, 1996:
The east-west agro-alimentary system towards the third millennium: the Memorandum of the Bertinoro Group

Wall, C.R.; Sanders, M.R.; Turner, K.M.T., 1996:
The eating behaviour, attitude and nutrition knowledge of mothers of children with persistent feeding difficulties

Romo Jimenez, M.L.; Bichindaritz, I.; Bolan Machuca, B.; Samuel Lajeunesse, B., 1996:
The eating diary. A retrospective study in 115 patients admitted for eating disorders

Eikelenboom, G.; Hoving Bolink, A.H.; Wal, P.G. van der, 1996:
The eating quality of pork. 2. The influence of intramuscular fat

Fullard; Dawson, 1997:
The echolocation calls of the spotted bat Euderma maculatum are relatively inaudible to moths

H.Z.iHong; X.Y.ngHua; Hou FangLin; Lin FengYing, 1996:
The eco-geographical distribution of chemical composition of soybean seeds

Esenov, P., 1995:
The ecological and melioration state of the irrigated zone of the Dashkhovuz district of Turkmenistan

Vandermeer, John, 1995:
The ecological basis of alternative agriculture

Pickett, S.T.A.; Ostfeld, R.S.; Likens, G.E.; Shachak, M., 1996:
The ecological basis of conservation: heterogeneity, ecosystems, and biodiversity

Wade, R., 1995:
The ecological basis of irrigation institutions: East and South Asia

Thompson, S.; Treweek, J.R.; Thurling, D.J., 1997:
The ecological component of environmental impact assessment: a critical review of British environmental statements

Muica, C.; Zavoianu, I., 1996:
The ecological consequences of privatisation in Romanian agriculture

Makulbekova, G.B., 1996:
The ecological evaluation of the present condition of rangeland vegetation of Kazakhstan deserts

Zhao KuiYi, 1996:
The ecological impact of fire on the peatland forest in the Da Xingan Mountain, China

Anonymous, 1996:
The ecological implications of fire in Greater Yellowstone. Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, 19-21 September, 1993

Nepstad, D.C.; Moutinho, P.R.berto; Uhl, C.; Vieira, I.C.lia; Silva, J.M.ria Cardosa Da, 1996:
The ecological importance of forest remnants in an eastern Amazonian frontier landscape

Spaargaren, G., 1997:
The ecological modernization of production and consumption: essays in environmental sociology

Perko, F., 1989:
The ecological niche and economic significance of the spruce tree in fir-beech sites of the High Karst

Zhang GuoDong; Wang JinLing, 1995:
The ecological regionalization of protein and oil contents of soyabean seeds in Heilongjiang Province

Chen WanRu; Chen ZengHong; Dong DiaoVa, 1995:
The ecological relation between the growth of Termitomyces albuminosus and Termitosphaeria duthiei and substrates

Bignal, E.; McCracken, D., 1996:
The ecological resources of European farmland

Madon, O.; Medail, F., 1997:
The ecological significance of annuals on a Mediterranean grassland (Mt Ventoux, France)

Holdgate, Martin, 1996:
The ecological significance of biological diversity

Ruiz de Clavijo, E., 1995:
The ecological significance of fruit heteromorphism in the amphicarpic species Catananche lutea (Asteraceae)

Zhou DaoWei, 1994:
The ecological significance of grassland fire

Baker Brosh, K.F.; Peet, R.K., 1997:
The ecological significance of lobed and toothed leaves in temperate forest trees

Vertogradskaya, I.; Savchenko, I., 1996:
The ecological state of mountain territories

Zenova, G.M.; Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1997:
The ecological status of actinomycetes of the genus Micromonospora

Huang HengLu;; Zhu YuXing; Li, Y.C., 1995:
The ecological status, diversity and utility of Chinese Job's Tears

Veblen, T.T.; Hill, R.S.; Read, J., 1996:
The ecology and biogeography of Nothofagus forests

Anonymous, 1996:
The ecology and conservation of spatially structured populations. Papers given at a meeting held 18-20 October 1995 at Chize, Deux-Sevres, France

Shaw, W.B.; Burns, B.R., 1997:
The ecology and conservation of the endangered endemic shrub, kowhai ngutukaka Clianthus puniceus in New Zealand

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology and control of witches' broom in cupuacu trees in Brazil. (1) Chemical inhibition of mycelial growth, germination and dispersal of basidiospores from basidiocarps

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology and control of witches' broom in cupuacu trees in Brazil. (2). Inhibition of basidocarps formation by chemical spraying

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology and control of witches' broom in cupuacu trees in Brazil. (3). Inhibition of the disease occurrence by chemical spraying

Anonymous, 1994:
The ecology and evolution of gall-forming insects; Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, August 9-13, 1993

West, S.A.; Herre, E.A.len; Windsor, D.M.; Green, P.R.S., 1996:
The ecology and evolution of the New World non-pollinating fig wasp communities

Rauscher, H.M.; Perala, D.A.; Worth, C.V., 1995:
The ecology and management of aspen

Anonymous, 1996:
The ecology and management of grazing systems

Peters, C.M., 1996:
The ecology and management of non-timber forest resources

Parris, B.S., 1997:
The ecology and phytogeography of Mount Kinabalu pteridophytes

Hine, P.M., 1996:
The ecology of Bonamia and decline of bivalve molluscs

Ecroyd, C.E., 1996:
The ecology of Dactylanthus taylorii and threats to its survival

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology of Fusarium disease in black-pepper in Brazil. (1). The infection sites of pathogen in black-pepper

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology of Fusarium disease in black-pepper in Brazil. (2). The relationship between disease occurrence and soil spore densities

Yoneyama, S.; Stein, R.L.B., 1995:
The ecology of Fusarium disease in black-pepper in Brazil. (3). The relationship between disease occurrence and soil type

Choi, K.H.; Kwon,; Lee, S.W.n; Ryu, O.H., 1997:
The ecology of Tetranychus viennensis Zacher and its chemical control effects

Symondson, W.O.C. .; Liddell, J.E. ., 1996:
The ecology of agricultural pests: biochemical approaches

Hails, R.S., 1997:
The ecology of baculoviruses: towards the design of viral pest control strategies

O.Hara, J.L., 1994:
The ecology of bayleaf palm (Sabal morrisiana) and implications for its sustainable management in the Rio Bravo conservation and management area, Belize

Hofmeister, H.; Nottbohm, G., 1995:
The ecology of forests

Sanchez, M.E.; Gibbs, J.N., 1995:
The ecology of fungal cankers on Cupressus macrocarpa in southern England

Snow, A.A.; Spira, T.P.; Simpson, R.; Klips, R.A., 1995:
The ecology of geitonogamous pollination

Williams Linera, G.; Lawton, R.O., 1995:
The ecology of hemiepiphytes in forest canopies

van Klinken, RD.; Walter, GH., 1996:
The ecology of organisms that breed in a divided and ephemeral habitat: insects of fallen rainforest fruit

Karp, R.J., 1995:
The ecology of poverty, undernutrition, and learning failure

Eissenstat, D.M.; Yanai, R.D., 1997:
The ecology of root lifespan

Anderson, D.S.; Davis, R.B.; Rooney, S.C.; Campbell, C.S., 1996:
The ecology of sedges (Cyperaceae) in Maine peatlands

Wolfe, L.M.; Shmida, A., 1997:
The ecology of sex expression in a gynodioecious Israeli desert shrub (Ochradenus baccatus)

Boisseau, B., 1994:
The ecology of stone pine

Guerrero, V.C., 1995:
The ecology of the Anacostia Kenilworth Marsh: inventory of vegetation and restoration efforts, year II

Yeboah, S., 1982:
The ecology of the multimammate mouse (Praomys natalensis) and the spotted mouse (Lemniscomys striatus) in Eastern Ghana

Norman, M.J.T.; Pearson, C.J.; Searle, P.G.E., 1995:
The ecology of tropical food crops

Anonymous, 1996:
The ecology of tropical forest tree seedlings

Dowling, P.M., 1996:
The ecology of vulpia

Barlow, ND., 1996:
The ecology of wildlife disease control: simple models revisited

Alford, A.R.; Drummond, F.A.; Gallandt, E.R.; Groden, E.; Lambert, D.A.; Liebman, M.; Marra, M.C.; McBurnie, J.C.; Porter, G.A.; Salas, B., 1996:
The ecology, economics, and management of potato cropping systems: a report of the first four years of the Maine potato ecosystem project

Southcott, RV., 1996:
The ecology, life-history and morphometrics of the Australian chigger mite Eutrombicula samboni (Womersley) (Acarina: Trombiculidae)

Jelen, B., 1995:
The economic activity of the agricultural industrial works in Tarnow in respect of its productivity and economic performance

Kydd, J.; Pearce, R.; Stockbridge, M., 1997:
The economic analysis of commodity systems: extending the policy analysis matrix to account for environmental effects and transactions costs

Simon, K.; Alonso, R., 1995:
The economic and financial characterization of agricultural cooperatives of Navarra

Hearne, R.R.; Easter, K.W., 1997:
The economic and financial gains from water markets in Chile

Marchesini, F., 1994:
The economic and financial position of agricultural machinery manufacturers

Chudoba, L., 1994:
The economic and financial situation of the sugar industry after four years' activity under free market conditions

Allin, P., 1997:
The economic and social effects of the National Lottery

Busch, M.; Czech, D.; Reiter, K., 1996:
The economic and social integration in agricultural settlements of farmers who were driven from their homes or refugees - four case studies

Wells, M.P., 1996:
The economic and social role of protected areas in the new South Africa

Anonymous, 1995:
The economic appraisal of environmental projects and policies: a practical guide

Howard, W.; Fox, G.; Turvey, C., 1996:
The economic benefits of new information technology

Warren, S.J.hnson, G., 1997:
The economic benefits of sorting SPF lumber to be kiln-dried on the basis of initial moisture content

Choe, K.A.; Whittington, D.; Lauria, D.T., 1996:
The economic benefits of surface water quality improvements in developing countries: a case study of Davao, Philippines

Villari, P.; Spielman, A.; Komar, N.; McDowell, M.; Timperi, R., 1994:
The economic burden imposed by a case of eastern encephalitis

Gyapong, J.O.; Gyapong, M.; Evans, D.B.; Aikins, M.K.; Adjei, S., 1996:
The economic burden of lymphatic filariasis in northern Ghana

Callaway, J.M.; McCarl, B., 1996:
The economic consequences of substituting carbon payments for crop subsidies in U.S. agriculture

McInerney, J.P., 1995:
The economic context for grassland farming

Gratton, C.; Richards, G., 1996:
The economic context of cultural tourism

Tanjuakio, R.V.; Hastings, S.E.; Tytus, P.J., 1996:
The economic contribution of agriculture in Delaware

Leung PingSun; Sharma, K.R.; Nakamoto, S.T., 1997:
The economic contribution of agriculture in Delaware: Comment

Tanjuakio, R.V.; Hastings, S.E., 1997:
The economic contribution of agriculture in Delaware: Reply

Srivastava, K.K.; Nauriyal, D.K., 1995:
The economic contribution of children of farm households in tribal society and its effect on schooling

Colonna, C.M., 1995:
The economic contribution of volunteerism toward the value of our cultural inventory

Tabor, S., 1995:
The economic effectiveness of investments in mechanization service centres

Grgic, Z., 1995:
The economic efficiency of different apple production techniques in Croatia

Magazin, P.; Chiran, A.; Caia, A.; Banu, A., 1994:
The economic efficiency of the crop yield in the conditions of farmer associations on different forms of property

Grevers, M.; Taylor, J., 1995:
The economic feasibility of subsoiling Solonetzic soils in Saskatchewan

Dyne, D.L. van; Kaylen, M.S.; Blase, M.G.; Pashi, K.; Haug, G., 1997:
The economic feasibility of using biomass to fuel a mass burn boiler: a case study for a chemical plant in north eastern Missouri

X.Peng, 1989:
The economic groups of grassland plants in Xinjiang

Genereux, L., 1996:
The economic health of a region: the cause and effect of business travel and meetings

Ashworth, S.W.; Mainland, D.D., 1996:
The economic impact of BSE on the UK beef industry

Fernandez Cornejo, J.; Jans, S., 1996:
The economic impact of IPM adoption for orange producers in California and Florida

Finn, A.; Erdem, T., 1995:
The economic impact of a mega-multi-mall: estimation issues in the case of West Edmonton Mall

Slee, B.; Farr, H.; Snowdon, P., 1997:
The economic impact of alternative types of rural tourism

Gonzalez Caban, A., 1993:
The economic impact of fire on forest resources: improving the US Forest Service's fire management planning system capabilities to use non-market values

Bielik, P., 1995:
The economic impact of subsidies on agricultural products

ChoongK.L.e; KyungSang Kwon, 1997:
The economic impact of the casino industry in South Korea

Albuquerque, K. de, 1996:
The economic impact of the cruise industry: a new Zinder Report

Woods, M.D.; Freeman, D.W.; Walker, O.L.; Lu, J.; Topliff, D.R., 1997:
The economic impact of the horse racing industry on Oklahoma's economy

Archer, B.; Fletcher, J., 1996:
The economic impact of tourism in the Seychelles

Goldman, G.; Nakazawa, A.; Taylor, D., 1995:
The economic impact of visitors to your community

Torell, L.; Drummond, T., 1997:
The economic impacts of increased grazing fees on Gila National Forest grazing permittees

Johnson, T.G., 1996:
The economic impacts of infrastructure development

Burns, M.E.; Walsh, C., 1994:
The economic implications of climate change

Seyani, J.H., 1996:
The economic importance and research needs for Uapaca in Malawi

Noss, A.J., 1997:
The economic importance of communal net hunting among the BaAka of the Central African Republic

Hill, Dennis S., 1997:
The economic importance of insects

Schakel, W., 1996:
The economic importance of the agricultural complex in rural regions: investigated from the example of the rural districts of Emsland and Werra-Meissner

Eaton, D.; Sarch, M.T., 1997:
The economic importance of wild resources in the Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, Nigeria

Gaydukova, V.I.; Makhonin, I.A.; Tyuryakova, E.K., 1994:
The economic mechanism of functioning of internal subsections of farm enterprises

Pevetz, W., 1995:
The economic position of Austrian agriculture and forestry in 1994. The 36th Green Report

Pevetz, W., 1996:
The economic position of the Austrian agricultural and forestry sector in 1995. 37th Green Report

Ricker, M., 1994:
The economic potential of a tropical rainforest in Veracruz, Mexico

Perlack, R.D.; Walsh, M.E.; Wright, L.L.; Ostlie, L.D.vid, 1996:
The economic potential of whole-tree feedstock production

Sipos, A., 1995:
The economic preconditions for agricultural development

Todd, M., 1997:
The economic prospects for white sugar

Michaud, C., 1996:
The economic role of salmonid culture in rural development

Weber, W.; Schnieder, C.; Kortluke, N.; Horak, B., 1995:
The economic significance of sport

Muzzarelli, F., 1995:
The economic significance of the parameters of a mechanical innovation project

Zhukov, V.; Rodionova, N., 1996:
The economic situation and choice of economic structures in the agroindustrial complex of Russia and CIS countries

Pevetz, W., 1997:
The economic situation of Austrian agriculture and forestry in 1996: 38th Green Report

Beard, R., 1995:
The economic theory of extensive pastoralism

Bell, F.W., 1997:
The economic valuation of saltwater marsh supporting marine recreational fishing in the southeastern United States

Siikamaki, J., 1997:
The economic value of decreased use of pesticides? A contingent valuation study on willingness to pay

Romano, S., 1995:
The economic value of game hunting

Casey, J.F.; Vukina, T.; Danielson, L.E., 1995:
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The effect of boar (Sus scrofa) rooting on the distribution of organic matter in soil profiles and the development of wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa L.) in the oak-hornbeam stand (Tilio-Carpinetum) in the Biaowieza Primeval Forest

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The effect of deterpenation process on the medicinal quality of nutmeg oil

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The effect of detopping the field bean plants (Vicia faba L. minor) and lack of the pod setting on the symbiosis with root nodule bacteria

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The effect of diet and reproductive maturity on the growth and reproduction of Helisoma anceps (Pulmonata) infected by Halipegus occidualis (Trematoda)

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The effect of diet in late pregnancy on colostrum production and immunoglobulin absorption in sheep

O'doherty, J.V.; Crosby, T.F., 1996:
The effect of diet in late pregnancy on progesterone concentration and colostrum yield in ewes

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The effect of diet on lipid, apoprotein and lipoparticle variation in the ECTIM study in Belfast

Jurgens, M.H.; Rikabi, R.A.; Zimmerman, D.R., 1997:
The effect of dietary active dry yeast supplement on performance of sows during gestation-lactation and their pigs

Cheng YeongShiang; Jang DerFang; W.J.hFang, 1994:
The effect of dietary aflatoxin content on Taiwan country chickens during 1-5 weeks of age

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The effect of dietary arachidonic acid on plasma lipoprotein distributions, apoproteins, blood lipid levels, and tissue fatty acid composition in humans

Nelson, G.J.; Schmidt, P.C.; Bartolini, G.; Kelley, D.S.; Kyle, D., 1997:
The effect of dietary arachidonic acid on platelet function, platelet fatty acid composition, and blood coagulation in humans

Miura, T.; Uehara, M.; Suzuki, K.; Goto, S., 1997:
The effect of dietary calcium levels on fecal steroid excretion in rats

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The effect of dietary crude protein as protected soybean meal on mammary metabolism in the lactating dairy cow

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The effect of dietary energy level on microbial yield in the rumen of sheep

Fernández, C.; Fraga, M.J., 1996:
The effect of dietary fat inclusion on growth, carcass characteristics, and chemical composition of rabbits

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The effect of dietary fat on activities of lipogenic enzymes in liver and adipose tissue of zinc-adequate and zinc-deficient rats

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The effect of dietary fat on salivary habituation and satiation

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The effect of dietary fat type on the fatty acid composition of sphingomyelin in rat liver and heart

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The effect of dietary ingredients and age on the microscopic structure of the gastrointestinal tract in poultry

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The effect of dietary levels of selenium on radiation resistance and radiation-induced carcinogenesis

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The effect of dietary lipid on polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) undergoing parr-smolt transformation

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The effect of dietary lysine and methionine concentrations on the growth characteristics and breast meat yields of Australian broiler chickens

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The effect of dietary lysine on growth, carcass composition, and lipid metabolism in high-lean growth gilts fed from 72 to 136 kilograms

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The effect of dietary menhaden meal and storage on the omega-3 fatty acids and sensory attributes of egg yolk in laying hens

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The effect of dietary methionine and its relationship to lysine on growth performance of the segregated early-weaned pig

Galbraith, H.; Chigwada, W.; Scaife, J.R.; Humphries, W.R., 1997:
The effect of dietary molybdenum supplementation on tissue copper concentrations, mohair fibre and carcass characteristics of growing Angora goats

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The effect of dietary oil containing (n-3) fatty acids on the fatty acid, physicochemical, and organoleptic characteristics of pig meat and fat

Vicente Salvador, J.L.; Tellez Isaias, G.; Lopez Coello, C.; Ceniceros Ruiz, M.A.; Hargis M.B., 1995 :
The effect of dietary paprika seed supplementation on Salmonella enteritidis infection in broilers

Fernandez Palacios, H.; Izquierdo, M.; Robaina, L.; Valencia, A.; Salhi, M.; Montero, D., 1996:
The effect of dietary protein and lipid from squid and fish meals on egg quality of broodstock for gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata)

Li, K.W.; Petro, T.M.; Spalding, P.M., 1996:
The effect of dietary protein deficiency and realimentation on serum growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I in growing mice

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The effect of dietary protein level, water temperature and growth hormone administration on growth and metabolism in the common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

L.Y.Tsai; Pan ChingMoo; Chen TianFwu; Lin ChungYi, 1996:
The effect of dietary protein on sexual maturity and semen characteristics of Muscovy drake

Donaldson, J., 1997:
The effect of dietary protein on the establishment and maturation of nematode populations in adult sheep

Roberts, S.A.; Thibault, L.; Murray, A.C.; Schaefer, A.L., 1996:
The effect of dietary protein source on biochemical indices of stress in stress-susceptible pigs

Andreou, C.; Patsouris, E.; Kavantzas, N.; Konstantopoulos, D.; Pikoulis, E.; Davaris, P., 1996:
The effect of dietary restriction on the epithelial alterations of the cheek pouch mucosa in hamsters during chemical carcinogenesis

Kirchgessner, M.; Hirschvogl, G.; Eder, K.; Roth Maier, D.A., 1997:
The effect of dietary riboflavin supplementation during pregnancy and lactation on riboflavin concentrations of milk, liver and carcass of lactating rats

Ibnouf, F.O.; E.Z.beir, E.A., 1992:
The effect of dietary tannins on incidence of leg abnormalities in chicks fed different calcium:phosphorus ratios

Hsieh ChingFang; Liu ChinChen; Hsu KouNan, 1996:
The effect of different air pollutants on the growth of crops in the coastal area of central Taiwan

H.X.eHua; H.Y.Li; Shao You; Sun Li, 1994:
The effect of different closing dates on fresh matter and seed yields of Shangnong tetraploid ryegrass

Pal, P.K.; Hossain, S.A.; Sarkar, P.K., 1995:
The effect of different coagulants on quality of churpi

Coote, T.A.; Hone, P.W.; Kenyon, R.; Maguire, G.B., 1996:
The effect of different combinations of dietary calcium and phosphorus on the growth of juvenile Haliotis laevigata

Atanasova, D., 1995:
The effect of different combinations of herbicides and mineral fertilizers on some biochemical indices of strawberry fruits

Sanz Sampelayo, M.R.; Ruiz Mariscal, I.; Extremera, F.G.l; Boza, J., 1997:
The effect of different concentrations of protein and fat in milk replacers on protein utilization in kid goats

Castagnoli, M.; Simoni, S., 1994:
The effect of different constant humidities on eggs and larvae of Amblyseius californicus (McGregor) (Acarina, Phytoseiidae)

Zajac, T., 1993:
The effect of different cover crops and cultivation technology on growth and yield of undersown red clover in different habitat conditions

Y.Z.enWen; Yue ShouSong; Shen ChengGuo; Y.S.ngLie; Egli, D.B.; Sanford, D.A. van, 1995:
The effect of different densities on leaf senescence after anthesis and grain weight in winter wheat

Azman, M.A.; Coskun, B., 1994:
The effect of different dicalcium phosphate sources on egg yield and egg shell quality

Ellmer, F., 1994:
The effect of different fertilization systems on the agrophysical condition of sandy soil

Ushakova, G.I., 1996:
The effect of different forms of fertilizer on the composition of infiltrates in pine forests

Adamiak, J.; Adamiak, E., 1996:
The effect of different forms of organic fertilizer on yield and quality of sugarbeet

Christley, R.M.; Hodgson, D.R.; Evans, D.L.; Rose, R.J., 1996:
The effect of different grades of laryngeal function on arterial blood gases during exercise

Klimont, K., 1996:
The effect of different herbicides on weed control in soyabeans

Arpaci, S.; Atli, H.S., 1995:
The effect of different in-row spacings on yield, growth and same qualifications under arid conditions

Coutteau, P.; Camara, M.R.; Sorgeloos, P., 1996:
The effect of different levels and sources of dietary phosphatidylcholine on the growth, survival, stress resistance, and fatty acid composition of postlarval Penaeus vannamei

Finnerty, M.; Enright, W.J.; Prendiville, D.J.; Spicer, L.J.; Roche, J.F., 1996:
The effect of different levels of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antibody titres on plasma hormone concentrations, sexual and aggressive behaviour, testis size and performance of bulls

Bolat, D.; Deniz, S.; Baytok, E.; Oguz, M.N.; Gul, M., 1995:
The effect of different levels of supplementary barley on fattening performance and carcass traits in grazing lambs

Stakhurlova, L.D.; Shcherbakov, A.P., 1996:
The effect of different means of introducing nitrogen fertilizers on the dynamics of mineral compounds of nitrogen and enzyme activity in leached Chernozem

Auerswald, H.; Drews, M.; Krumbein, A., 1996:
The effect of different methods of cultivation on characteristics of the internal quality of greenhouse tomatoes in the course of one year

Zaydel'man, F.R.; Shvarov, A.P.; Bannikov, M.V.; Pavlov, Y.B., 1996:
The effect of different methods of introducing sand into drained peat soils on their temperature and moisture regimes

E.S.eid, H.M.; Imam, R.M.; Abd E.H.lim, S.M., 1996:
The effect of different night temperatures on morphological aspects, yield parameters and endogenous hormones of sweet pepper

Prenkic, R., 1994:
The effect of different nitrogen rates on peach yield and quality

Biss, M.E.; Hathaway, S.C., 1996:
The effect of different on-line dressing practices on microbiological and visible contamination of lamb carcasses

Berek, A.K.; Radjagukguk, B.; Maas, A., 1995:
The effect of different organic materials on the alleviation of Al toxicity in soybean on a red-yellow podzolic soil

Saniga, M., 1995:
The effect of different periods and degrees of shading on growth of spruce and beech in combined regeneration

Wiles, G.C., 1994:
The effect of different photoperiods and temperatures following bulb initiation on bulb development in tropical onion cultivars

Aksoy, A.R.; Ulusan, H.O.K.; Ozbey, M.; Tilki, M., 1996:
The effect of different photoperiods on the fattening performance of Red Karaman and Red Karaman x Tuj male lambs

Samanci, B., 1995:
The effect of different planting dates on the extent of bird damage in sunflower

Teketay, Demel, 1996:
The effect of different pre-sowing seed treatments, temperature and light on the germination of five Senna species from Ethiopia

Klewiec, J.; Gabryszuk, M., 1996:
The effect of different proportions of Merino in the genotype of Merino x Booroola crossbreds

Rodriguez, I.; Crespo, G.; Rodriguez, M.; Aguiar, M., 1994:
The effect of different proportions of faeces-zeolite on the yield and chemical composition of Panicum maximum cv. Likoni

de Carvalho Queiroz, M.M.; de Mello, R.P.; da Serra Freire, N.M., 1996:
The effect of different proportions of males and females over the Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann 1819) (Diptera, calliphoridae) biotic potential and longevity under laboratory conditions

Kurup, P.G.; Krishnamurthy, S., 1993:
The effect of different pulses and banana on the glycemic response and lipemic index in healthy humans

Jankovic, R., 1994:
The effect of different rates of NPK nutrients on the productivity of pear cultivars William's and Beurre Bosc

Venezia, G.; Puglia, S. del; Cascio, B.L., 1996:
The effect of different soil tillage methods on the stability of structural aggregates in a brown Mediterranean soil and in a volcanic soil

Pahl, H., 1997:
The effect of different stocking densities on performance and profitability in fattening bulls. 1st communication: the effect on performance

Pahl, H., 1997:
The effect of different stocking density on performance and profitability in fattening bulls. 2: the effect on profitability

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The effect of different storage conditions on the germination and growth of two varieties of Chrysophyllum albidum (G.Don.)

Pankanin Franczyk, Malgorzata, 1995:
The effect of different surroundings on aphids and their parasitoids occurring on oat crops

Theberge, M.C.; Prevost, D.; Chalifour, F.P., 1996:
The effect of different temperatures on the fatty acid composition of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae in the faba bean symbiosis

Cantero Martinez, C.; Vilardosa, J.M., 1995:
The effect of different tillage systems on soil-water conservation in Mediterranean conditions

Feldman, S.R.; Alzugaray, C.; Torres, P.S.; Lewis, P., 1997:
The effect of different tillage systems on the composition of the seedbank

Sheptukhov, V.N.; Nesterova, A.V.; Konovalov, S.N.; Skvortsova, E.B., 1997:
The effect of different tillage systems on the water regime, structure, and hydrophysical properties of dernopodzolic soils

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The effect of different types of ammoniation treatment on the in sacco degradability and in vivo digestibility of wheat straw

Jones, P.A.; Blair, A.M.; Orson, J.H., 1995:
The effect of different types of physical damage to four weed species

Chen DaiWen; Yang Feng; Chen KeRong, 1995:
The effect of different types of proteins in prestarter and starter diets on the hypersensitivity and diarrhoea of young pigs

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The effect of different water and N supplies on the nitrate content of table beet on sandy soils. (Preliminary report)

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The effect of different ways of supplementation on the vitamin D status of Merino sheep

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The effect of different wetting regimes on the protective action of apple scab fungicides

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The effect of different winter housing methods on the behaviour of dairy cows

Volschenk, C.G.; Hunter, J.J.; Watts, J.E., 1996:
The effect of different zinc levels on the growth of grapevines

Mikoajczak, Z.; Bartmanski, A., 1996:
The effect of differentiated grass cutting on B, Cu, Mn and Zn contents in soil

Schoeman, M.W.; Webber, J.F.; Dickinson, D.J., 1996 :
The effect of diffusible metabolites of Trichoderma harzianum on in vitro interactions between basidiomycete isolates at two different temperature regimes

Tamba Berehoiu, R.; Ristea, P., 1995:
The effect of diluent on cytological indices of bull spermatozoa post-thawing

Tamba Berehoiu, R.; Ristea, P., 1995:
The effect of diluent on cytological indices of thawed semen

Dowley, L.J.; O'sullivan, E., 1996:
The effect of dimethomorph on the control of late blight of potatoes Ging, L.X.e Yuan; Liu Jing Fu; Lin; Liu Jing; Liu Fan, 1997:
The effect of direct application of phosphate rock on increasing crop yield and improving properties of red soil

Machackova Vvana, R.T.kva; Krekule, J., 1995:
The effect of direct electric current on transport of chloride ions, sucrose and assimilates in Chenopodium rubrum

Bartolomejev, A.; Soucek, J., 1996:
The effect of dirigible axle on the size of tensile resistance in turning of tractor semi-trailer

Tseng, D.W.S.; Connor, M.A., 1994:
The effect of disc submergence level on the performance of a laboratory-scale anaerobic rotating biological contactor: implications for digester design and modelling

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The effect of discontinuation of postmilking teat disinfection in low somatic cell count herds. I. Incidence of clinical mastitis

Lam, T.J.G.M.; Vliet, J.H. van; Schukken, Y.H.; Grommers, F.J.; Velden Russcher, A. van; Barkema, H.W.; Brand, A., 1997:
The effect of discontinuation of postmilking teat disinfection in low somatic cell count herds. II. Dynamics of intramammary infections

Pate, J.; Loomis, J., 1997:
The effect of distance on willingness to pay values: a case study of wetlands and salmon in California

Shul' ga, A.A.; Koudelka Hep, M.; Rooij, N.F. de, 1995:
The effect of divalent metal ions on the performance of a glucose-sensitive ENFET using potassium ferricyanide as an oxidising substrate

Prijono, S.N.; Smith, W.K., 1994:
The effect of divergent selection for the performance of broiler chickens

Ong, Y.S.; Williams, B.; Holt, R., 1996:
The effect of domestic water filters on water fluoride content

Kruska, Dieter., 1996:
The effect of domestication on brain size and composition in the mink (Mustela vison)

Petersson, E.; Jarvi, T.; Steffner, N.G.; Ragnarsson, B., 1996:
The effect of domestication on some life history traits of sea trout and Atlantic salmon

Furuse, M.; Mabayo, R.T.; Okumura, J.I.hi, 1996:
The effect of domperidone on the delayed crop emptying rate induced by medium chain triacylglycerol in the chicken

Kirkwood, R.N.; Thacker, P.A.; Aherne, F.X.; Goonewardene, L.A., 1996:
The effect of dose and route of administration of prostaglandin F2 alpha on the parturient response of sows

Derecha, O.A.; Krivich, N.Y.; Korotin, P.M., 1992:
The effect of doses and timing of application of nitrogen fertilizers on weeds and, resistance of winter wheat to lodging and diseases at different methods of plant protection

Aguilera Tejero, E.; Pascoe, J.R.; Smith, B.L.; Woliner, M.J., 1997:
The effect of doxapram-induced hyperventilation on respiratory mechanics in horses

Mars, H. de; Wassen, M.J.; Peeters, W.H.M., 1996:
The effect of drainage and management on peat chemistry and nutrient deficiency in the former Jegrznia-floodplain (NE-Poland)

Manning, R., 1996:
The effect of drawing wax foundation on honey production and the cost of production for export

Gucci, R.; Massai, R.; Xiloyannis, C.; Flore, J.A., 1996:
The effect of drought and vapour pressure deficit on gas exchange of young kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa var. deliciosa) vines

Zrust, J., 1995:
The effect of drought on the potato leaf area

Andrich, G.; Balzini, S.; Zinnai, A.; Silvestri, S.; Galoppini, C., 1996:
The effect of drought stress on some characteristics of sunflower seeds

Moolman, A.C.; Van Rooyen, N.; Van Rooyen, M.W., 1996:
The effect of drought stress on the dry matter production, growth rate and biomass allocation of Anthephora pubescens Nees

Moolman, A.C.; Van Rooyen, N.; Van Rooyen, M.W., 1996:
The effect of drought stress on the morphology of Anthephora pubescens Nees

Leys, J.; Koen, T.; Mctainsh, G., 1996:
The effect of dry aggregation and percentage clay on sediment flux as measured by a portable field wind tunnel

Taylor, D.M.; McConnell, I.; Fernie, K., 1996 :
The effect of dry heat on the ME7 strain of mouse-passaged scrapie agent

Haigh, P.M., 1996:
The effect of dry matter content and silage additives on the fermentation of bunker-made grass silage on commercial farms in England 1984-91

Haigh, P.M., 1996:
The effect of dry matter content and silage additives on the fermentation of bunker-made grass silages on commercial farms in Wales 1987-93

Standifer, N.E.; Madsen, J.D., 1997:
The effect of drying period on the germination of Eurasian watermilfoil seeds

Susanto, E.; Syahril ; Waspodo, P., 1995:
The effect of drying temperature and treatment of areca fruit (Areca catechu L.) on the quantity of the whole seed

Raikes, C.; Lepp, N.W.; Canaway, P.M., 1996:
The effect of dual species mixtures and monocultures on disease severity on winter sports turf

Blum, A.; Golan, G.; Mayer, J.; Sinmena, B., 1997:
The effect of dwarfing genes on sorghum grain filling from remobilized stem reserves, under stress

Shakirova, F.M.; Maksimov, I.V.; Khairullin, R.M.; Bezrukova, M.V.; Yamaleev, A.M., 1994:
The effect of ear septoriosis on the dynamics of lectin accumulation and phytohormone content in developing wheat grain

Eklund, A., 1997:
The effect of early experience on MHC-based mate preferences in two B10.W strains of mice (Mus domesticus)

Brown, L.L.; Iwama, G.K.; Evelyn, T.P.T., 1996:
The effect of early exposure of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) eggs to the p57 protein of Renibacterium salmoninarum on the development of immunity to the pathogen

Ringo, E.; Birkbeck, T.H.; Munro, P.D.; Vadstein, O.; Hjelmeland, K., 1996:
The effect of early exposure to Vibrio pelagius on the aerobic bacterial flora of turbot, Scophthalmus maximus (L.) larvae

Leonard, M.L.; Zanette, L.; Clinchy, M., 1996:
The effect of early exposure to the opposite sex on mate choice in White Leghorn chickens

Cranstoun, D.A.S., 1996:
The effect of early ripening on commercial uptake of spring barley varieties in Scotland

Ihrig, R.A.; Bradley, J.R.J.; Duyn, J. van, 1996:
The effect of early season terminal bud and square removal on cotton yields in North Carolina

Peck, S.L.; Ellner, S.P., 1997:
The effect of economic thresholds and life-history parameters on the evolution of pesticide resistance in a regional setting

Darolova, A.; Hoi, H.; Schleicher, B., 1997:
The effect of ectoparasite nest load on the breeding biology of the penduline tit Remiz pendulinus

Courchene, T.; Lam, F.; Barrett, J.D., 1996:
The effect of edge knots on the strength of SPF MSR lumber

Nelson, J.L.; Cherry, K.A.; Porter, K.W., 1996:
The effect of edges on the distribution of arboreal marsupials in the ash forests of the Victorian Central Highlands

Shea, K.; Nisbet, R.M.; Murdoch, W.W.; Yoo, S., 1996:
The effect of egg limitation on stability in insect host-parasitoid population models

Van Randen, E.J.; Roitberg, B.D., 1996:
The effect of egg load on superparasitism by the snowberry fly

Breslavets, V.A.; Kulikov, L.V.; Kasem, A.A., 1995:
The effect of egg weight and age on hatchability of fowls

Mitrovic, S.; Hristov, S.; Vitorovic, D.; Petrovic, M., 1995:
The effect of egg weight on incubation results in a line of Hybro heavy hybrid fowls

Daskin, A.; Tekin, N., 1996:
The effect of egg-yolk on the quality of frozen Angora buck semen

Stafford, K.J.; Spoorenberg, J.; West, D.M.; Vermunt, J.J.; Petrie, N.; Lawoko, C.R., 1996:
The effect of electro-ejaculation on aversive behaviour and plasma cortisol concentration in rams

Ramon, H.B.erdemaeker, J.D., 1996:
The effect of electro-hydraulic devices on the performance and stability of a feedback system

Brearley, J.; Venis, M.A.; Blatt, M.R., 1997:
The effect of elevated CO2 concentrations on K+ and anion channels of Vicia faba L. guard cells

Nosberger, J.; Luscher, A.; Hebeisen, T.; Zanetti, S.; Fischer, B., 1995:
The effect of elevated CO2 on growth of perennial ryegrass and white clover

Poorter, H.B.rkel, Y.V.n; Baxter, R.H.rtog, J.D.n; Dijkstra, P.G.fford, R.; Griffin, K.; Roumet, C.R.y,, S., 1997:
The effect of elevated CO2 on the chemical composition and construction costs of leaves of 27 C3 species

Roden, J.S.; Ball, M.C., 1996:
The Effect of Elevated [CO2] on Growth and Photosynthesis of Two Eucalyptus Species Exposed to High Temperatures and Water Deficits

Pushnik, J.C.; Demaree, R.S.; Houpis, J.L.J.; Flory, W.B.; Bauer, S.M.; Anderson, P.D., 1995:
The effect of elevated carbon dioxide on a Sierra-Nevadan dominant species: Pinus ponderosa

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