Section 3
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The effects of dietary vitamin C and E supplementation on the performance and immune response of broilers

Gonzalez Vega Aguirre, D.; Arce Menocal, J.A.; Avila Gonzalez, E.; Morillo Gonzalez, A.; Cortes Coronado, R.

Veterinaria Mexico 26(4): 333-340


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-5092
Accession: 002984809

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1600 Indian River x Peterson broiler chicks were distributed into 4 treatments with 400 broilers per replicate. The dietary supplementations were with 200 ppm of vitamin C, 75 000 I.U./tn of vitamin E and 200 ppm of vitamin C + 75 000 I.U./tn of vitamin E. Performance and primary and secondary responses in antibody levels to sheep erythrocytes (LRG), Brucella abortus (Ba) and to Newcastle modified live and dead virus vaccine (NMADV) were measured.