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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2988

Chapter 2988 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chakrabarty, T.; Gangopadhyay, M., 1996:
The genus Sauropus Blume (Euphorbiaceae) in the Indian subcontinent

Whiteley, A., 1997:
The genus Schisandra in cultivation

Zimmermann, N.F.A., 1996:
The genus Schwantesia Dinter

Eardley, CD., 1996:
The genus Scrapter Lepeletier & Serville (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)

Matocec, N.; Antonic, O.; Mrvos, D., 1995:
The genus Scutellinia (Pezizales, Ascomycotina) in Croatia: preliminary part

Gardner, D.E., 1997:
The genus Septoria (Fungi: Deuteromycetes) in Hawaii

Borhidi, A.; Fernandez, M.Z., 1993:
The genus Stenostomum C.F. Gaertn. (Rubiaceae) or the reconsideration of the New World Antirhea species

Stahl, B., 1994:
The genus Symplocos (Symplocaceae) in Bolivia

Cagniant, H., 1997:
The genus Tetramorium (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Morocco: key and catalogue of species

Kalanda, K.; Lisowski, S., 1995:
The genus Vernonia (Asteraceae) in the flora of Central Africa (Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi)

Silva Filho, P.V. da, 1993:
The genus Virola (Myristicaceae) in the PAMG/EPAMIG Herbarium

Papp, J.; Chou LiangYih, 1995:
The genus Wesmaelia Foerster of Taiwan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Euphorinae)

Subedi, B.P., 1996:
The geo-demographic context of population ageing in Nepal

Szoszkiewicz, K., 1996:
The geobotanical diversity of Phragmitetea rushes in the valley of the middle Notec River

Lymbery, A.J.; Thompson, R.C.; Kruger, J.G., 1995:
The geographic distribution of hydatid infection in cattle in Western Australia

Fan RenJun; Yang XingKe, 1995:
The geographical distribution of the Chrysopidae (Neuroptera) in China

Takaoka, H., 1996:
The geographical distribution of the genus Simulium Latreille in the Oriental and Australasian regions

Zhang XiaoFang; L.G.oChen; Y.H.iBin; Liu XiaoDong; Liu HongWei, 1995:
The geographical variation of Lilium dauricum

Liu H.Ping, 1996:
The geographical variation of relative contents of foliar volatile terpenes in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr

Dybdahl, M.F.; Lively, C.M., 1996:
The geography of coevolution: comparative population structures for a snail and its trematode parasite

Anikst, D.M.; Tyuryukanov, A.N., 1994:
The geography of the effect of nitrogen fertilizer rates on protein content in spring wheat grain

Barabe, D.; Jeune, B.; Boubes, C., 1996:
The geometry of the inflorescence of Symplocarpus (Araceae): physical or biological problem?

Prunier, G., 1997:
The geopolitical situation in the Great Lakes area in light of the Kivu crisis

Morita, O.; Goto, M.; Ehara, H., 1994:
The germination and establishment of surface-sown grass seeds. 6. Uprooting strength of seminal root of grass species at early seedling stage

Pelaez, D.V.; Boo, R.M.; Elia, O.R., 1996:
The germination and seedling survival of Condalia microphylla Cav. in Argentina

Rayner, J., 1994:
The germination of Bursaria spinosa var. spinosa

Dell'aquila, A.; D.T.ri, M., 1996:
The germination response to heat and salt stress in evaluating vigour loss in aged wheat seeds

Guo TianChi; Chen QuanYou; Y.Y.nMin; D.Y.Shiou, 1996:
The germplasm resources of Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf

Sponsel, V.M.; Ross, J.J.; Reynolds, M.R.; Symons, G.M.; Reid, J.B., 1996:
The Gibberellin Status of lip1, a Mutant of Pea That Exhibits Light-Independent Photomorphogenesis

Sander, H., 1993:
The ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) in Estonia

Jachnik, P.; Mikkelsen, P., 1997:
The global and regional framework. WTO and the World Market for milk and dairy products - an IDF situation report, spring 1997

Reaka Kudla, M.L., 1997:
The global biodiversity of coral reefs: a comparison with rain forests

Padberg, D.I., 1997:
The global context of agro-food marketing

Hawkes, R.A., 1996:
The global distribution of bluetongue

Minami, K., 1996:
The global environment with special reference to food production

Murray, A.F., 1995:
The global fund for women. Women, money, and empowerment

Anonymous, 1996:
The global market for urea

Birtwistle, J.S., 1996:
The global outlook for surfactants from a U.S. perspective

Anonymous, 1997:
The global situation

Higgins, B.R., 1996:
The global structure of the nature tourism industry: ecotourists, tour operators, and local businesses

Chossudovsky, M., 1995:
The globalization of famine

Connor, J.M.; Schiek, W.A., 1997:
The globalization of food processing

Argent, N., 1996:
The globalized agriculture-finance relation: South Australian farm families and communities in a new regulatory environment

Hansen, J.D.; Pyee, J.; Xia, Y.; Wen, T.J.; Robertson, D.S.; Kolattukudy, P.E.; Nikolau, B.J.; Schnable, P.S., 1997:
The glossy1 locus of maize and an epidermis-specific cDNA from Kleinia odora define a class of receptor-like proteins required for the normal accumulation of cuticular waxes

Illmen, M.; Thrane, C.; Penttila, M., 1996:
The glucose receptor gene cre1 of Trichoderma: isolation and expression of a full-length and a truncated mutant form

Simonsen, L., 1997:
The glucose-induced thermogenesis in different tissues in man

Eiras Dias, J.E.; Galvao, N.; Paludetti, G., 1996:
The glucosephosphate isomerase and the phosphoglucomutase as isozyme markers of some Portuguese grapevine cultivars

Williams, G.C.; Karacabeyli, E., 1996:
The glulam rivet - an efficient fastener in wood construction

Wakabayashi, Y., 1995:
The glutamate crossway

Mezes, M.; Oppel, K., 1994:
The glutathione depleting effect of feed deprivation in the blood plasma and liver of domestic fowl

Mori, M.; Kozukue, N., 1995:
The glyalkaloid contents of potato tubers: differences in tuber greening in various varieties and lines

Brand Miller, J., 1997:
The glycaemic index of food

Hupf, H.; Sparrer, D.; Schlicht, C., 1997:
The glycerol factor in the evaluation of wines from foreign origin

Bourguignon, J.; Vauclare, P.; Diallo, N.; Macherel, D.; Neuburger, M.; Douce, R., 1995:
The glycine decarboxylase system from higher plants

Gil-Navarro, I.; Gil, M.L.; Casanova, M.; O'Connor, J.E.; Martínez, J.P.; Gozalbo, D., 1997:
The glycolytic enzyme glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase of Candida albicans is a surface antigen

Delorme, Y., 1996:
The goat producers of Haut-Beaujolais

Anonymous, 1996:
The goat production sector in Norway

Vigneron, M., 1996:
The goat production situation in Palestine, and the action taken by Veterinaires Sans Frontieres in this area

Rodriguez de Ledesma, A.; Gonzalez Crespo, J., 1996:
The goat sector in Extremadura

Schnorbach, H.J., 1995:
The golden apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck), an increasingly important pest in rice, and methods of control with BayluscidReg.

Vanhove, N., 1996:
The golf market in Belgium and the Netherlands: recent trends and tourism potential

Gamble, J.C., 1994:
The good, the bad and the ugly: the last ten years at the East Volusia Mosquito Control District

Jayal, N.G., 1997:
The governance agenda: making democratic development dispensable

Schroder, W.; Mavondo, F., 1996:
The government agribusiness interface: a review of conceptual issues and viewpoints for the Australian food manufacturing sector

Titovsek, J., 1992:
The gradation of Apethymus abdominalis and A. braccatus in Krakovo forest

Wang YuanYu; L.B.Jun; Zhou BiYing; Liu GuoHua; Zheng XianMing, 1996:
The graft compatibility of different rootstock-scion combinations of sweet persimmons

Sergeev, S., 1994:
The grain market and its regulation

Lin ChenGuang, 1996:
The grain problems of the southeast coastal development areas of China and their solution

Gabucan, D., 1996:
The grain production enhancement program in the Philippines

Kondo, N.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuya, K.; Katahashi, H.; Imai, Y., 1996:
The granule formulation of selective rice herbicide cyhalofop butyl

Metwali, A.; Elliott, D.; Blum, A.M.; Li, J.; Sandor, M.; Lynch, R.; Noben-Trauth, N.; Weinstock, J.V., 1996:
The granulomatous response in murine Schistosomiasis mansoni does not switch to Th1 in IL-4-deficient C57BL/6 mice

Askerov, I., 1996:
The grape growing and wine producing sub-complex of Russia

L.C.uanSheng; Chen CueiLian; Qiou XinYu; L.Q.ngLin, 1996:
The grape selection Seedless 8612

Guo SiJia; Xing ZhongZhi; Chen YiZhong; L.K.Chang; Zhang DongSheng; M.D.oCai, 1989:
The grassland vegetation structure, productivity and its dynamics of Ningxia

D.Toit, P.C.V., 1995:
The grazing index method of range condition assessment

Trigano, S. et al., 1996:
The great Club Med venture

Hedges, S.A., 1996:
The great bait debate

Deeprose, J., 1997:
The great cheese centenary

Morales Espinoza, A., 1996:
The great distribution in Venezuela and its likely implications for the agrofood sector

Kotze, D.A.; Kotze, P.M.J.; Kellerman, G.E.J., 1995:
The great divide: a case study of developers and people

Wierzejska Bujakowska, A., 1996:
The greatest biological nitrogen rates for 22 potato cultivars and an influence of late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary) control on their levels

Pignedoli, S., 1995:
The green German presents Xylon

Toth, E.; Izsaki, K., 1995:
The green crop of different types of alfalfa varieties dependent on the age of cultivars and weather conditions

Rahman, A., 1997:
The green miracle of Jalal

Gallbraith, J., 1996:
The green process

Conti, E.; Bin, F.; Estragnat, A.; Bardy, F., 1997:
The green stink bug, Nezara viridula L., injurious to castor, Ricinus communis L., in southern France

Steiguer, J.E. de; Peyron, J.L., 1996:
The greenhouse effect, forests and economic well-being

Arent, G.L., 1996:
The greenhouse wastestream

Eden, M.; Hill, R., 1996:
The gremlin in the greenhouse

Varga, P.; Kadlicsko, S.; Simay, E.I., 1997:
The grey rot disease caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid., with special reference to sunflower

Ridgely, H., 1996:
The grocer-farmer composting connection

Cui Sheng, 1996:
The gross anatomy of the parasympathetic ganglia of the head in the bactrian camel

Schnitter, P.; Trost, M., 1995:
The ground beetle fauna (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the eastern Harz Mts. - summary of the species and biotope protection programme Harz of Saxony-Anhalt

Trautner, J., 1994:
The ground beetles of Baden-Wurttemberg (Col., Carabidae s. lat.) - overview of current status and updating of checklists and red lists

Bagheri Zenous, E., 1995:
The groundnut seed beetle (Caryedon palaestinicus Stout. Coleoptera, Bruchidae). A new pest in Iran

Tsonev, R.; Tsoneva, E., 1995:
The growing habits of one-year-old branches in some apricot varieties

Churchill, H.C.; Zel, D.W. van der, 1996:
The growing of poplars for a niche market

Sas Piotrowska, B.; Piotrowski, W.; Misiak, M., 1996:
The growth and development of potato pathogens on media with extracts from Polygonaceae plants. I. Pathogens causing dry leaf-spot disease

Reh, J., 1995:
The growth and development of red oak (Quercus rubra) and sessile oak (Quercus petraea) under the conditions of Lucenec's hollow

Vysniauskas, A.; Paketuriene, D., 1995:
The growth and duration of sexual maturation of Fasciola hepatica in experimental fascioliasis of the sheep

Fujihara, T.; Maeda, S.; Ogino, T.; Matsui, T.; Naruse, H., 1996:
The growth and fat nutrition in lambs fed a diet with treated (Spray-dried) beef-tallow supplement

Vidal, M.; Membiela, P.; Alvarez, E., 1994:
The growth and maintenance of freshwater insects in the laboratory

Duggan, M.B.; Harbottle, L., 1996:
The growth and nutritional status of healthy Asian children aged 4-40 months living in Sheffield

D.R.iter, H.A.; Tromp, J., 1996:
The growth and quality of axillary shoots of chrysanthemum as affected by number and position

Sharma, K.K.; Pradeep Khanna; Ajay Gulati, 1996:
The growth and yield of wheat and paddy as influenced by Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. boundary plantation

Eklkofer, E.; Matthies, D., 1995:
The growth behaviour of planted spruce on a previously compacted site

Shimotubo, K.; Kusuda, O.; Kitagawa, H.; Kim JeongIll, 1995:
The growth behaviour of the rice plant under the abnormal weather conditions of 1993

Wan YongShan; L.X.angDong; Zhang GaoYing, 1996:
The growth dynamics of high-yielding summer groundnut in relay cropping with wheat

Phares, K.; Kubik, J., 1996:
The growth factor from plerocercoids of Spirometra mansonoides is both a growth hormone agonist and a cysteine proteinase

Ramsay, P.M.; Oxley, E.R.B., 1997:
The growth form composition of plant communities in the Ecuadorian paramos

Anthony, R.V.; Liang, R.; Kayl, E.P.; Pratt, S.L., 1995:
The growth hormone/prolactin gene family in ruminant placentae

Lingle, T.R., 1996:
The growth in the speciality coffee industry

Kaukab Malik; Shakoori, A.R., 1994:
The growth of Bacillus thuringiensis and induction of proteins in the presence of cadmium chloride

Hoshikawa, K.; Juliarni, 1995:
The growth of apios (Apios americana Medikus), a new crop, under field conditions

Drogoszewski, B., 1995:
The growth of different willow varieties on habitats with unfavourable moisture conditions

Watanabe, I.; Kawashima, K.; Sughii, S., 1996:
The growth of introduced Azolla in Japan

Lambrinidis, G.; Luong Van Thinh, J.; Renaud, S., 1997:
The growth of juvenile Trochus niloticus fed on algae

Januszewicz, E.K., 1996:
The growth of root system and aboveground part of new yellow lupin genotypes (Lupinus luteus L.)

Seneviratne, P.; Nugawela, A.; Samarakoon, S.M.A.; Ramawickrama, D., 1996:
The growth of stock plants and its effect on the scion growth of young buddings of Hevea brasiliensis (Muell Arg)

Borkowska, B.; Gorecki, R., 1996:
The growth of strawberry plants propagated in vitro on substrates with different composition and acidity

Elersek, L.; Piskernik, M., 1983 :
The growth of young spruce plantations on different sites in the Novo mesto forest area of Slovenia

Frelut, M.L.; Bihain, B.E.; Willig, T.N.; Navarro, J., 1996:
The growth pattern of morbidly obese children. A genetically different population?

Lok EngHai; Ahmed Zahaidi Yahya, 1996:
The growth performance of plantation grown Aquilaria malaccensis in Peninsular Malaysia

Leach, L.M.; Ellis, M.; Sutton, D.S.; McKeith, F.K.; Wilson, E.R., 1996:
The growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of halothane carrier and negative pigs

Seneviratne, P.; Wijesekara, G.A.S., 1994:
The growth phase and its effect on bud proliferation and growth of in vitro culture of Hevea brasiliensis

Gruzewska, A.; Szeliga, W.; Tretowski, J., 1995:
The growth rate of wool on Polish Lowland ewes

Lees, J.C., 1995:
The growth, branchiness, and resprouting of sapling northern hardwoods after spacing

Daymond, A.J.; Wheeler, T.R.; Hadley, P.; Ellis, R.H.; Morison, J.I.L., 1997:
The growth, development and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.) in response to temperature and CO2

Seneviratne, P., 1996:
The growth, phase change and rejuvenation of trees with special reference to Hevea brasiliensis (Muell. Arg.)

Sindelar, J.; Frydl, J., 1995:
The growth, production, and quality of interspecific hybrids of Larix when compared with 25 years old progeny populations of European larch (Larix decidua Mill.)

Lin, E.; Luscombe, C.; Wang, Y.Y.; Shaw, T.; Locarnini, S., 1996:
The guanine nucleoside analog penciclovir is active against chronic duck hepatitis B virus infection in vivo

Vyvey, G., 1997:
The guarantee section of FEOGA

Burger, D., 1997:
The guidelines for sustainable development

Reena, K.; Ramakrishna, T., 1996:
The gynandromorph of Armigerus subalbatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Shinners, T.C.; Olson, A.R., 1996:
The gynoecial infection pathway of Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi in lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)

Racin, G.E.; Sharov, A., 1994:
The gypsy moth life system models interface

Webb, N.R., 1994:
The habitat, the biotope and the landscape

Lavranos, J.J.; Roosli, W., 1996:
The habitats of Pachypodium in Madagascar. Part 1

Alptekin, D.; Kasap, H., 1997:
The habitats of preadult stages of Culicidae (Diptera) species commonly found in Cukurova and important physical and chemical characteristics of these habitats

Keskin, E.; Durgun, Z.; Kocabatmaz, M., 1995:
The haematological influences of seaweed extract on growing Japanese quails

Ziccardi, M.; Lourenço-de-Oliveira, R.; Nogueira, R., 1996:
The haemoculture of Trypanosoma minasense Chagas, 1908

Muir, W.W., 1996:
The haemodynamic effects of milrinone HCl in halothane anaesthetised horses

Shu ZhiQun; X.X.Shi; Zhu ZhiMin; Long QiXin; X.L.n, 1997:
The haemolymph pathological biochemistry changes of Argyrogramma agnata after heterologous NPV infection

Ramírez, L.E.; Lages-Silva, E.; Soares Júnior, J.M.; Chapadeiro, E., 1994:
The hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) as experimental model in Chagas' disease: parasitological and histopathological studies in acute and chronic phases of Trypanosoma cruzi infection

Dubova, J., 1996:
The haploid embryoids development in anther culture of transformed tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Phillips, J., 1996:
The hard man: rugby and the formation of male identity in New Zealand

Wiech, K.; Adomas, J., 1994:
The harmful fauna of box

Pastucha, A., 1995:
The harmfulness of Phoma exigua var. exigua to soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

Thomas, E., 1997:
The hatching test - an equal alternative to mechanical release of encysted juveniles in cyst-forming nematodes

Purvis, G., 1996:
The hazard posed by methiocarb slug pellets to carabid beetles: understanding population effects in the field

Yan, J.H., 1995:
The health and fitness benefits of tai chi

Hill, P.S.; Faafoi, E., 1996:
The health of Australian South Sea Islanders in Mackay

Capecki, Z., 1996:
The health of Carpathian forests and the threat to them from pests

Wallace, J., 1995:
The health of a new nation

Rosnev, B.; Petkov, P., 1994:
The health of some species of the genus Fraxinus in Bulgaria

Vivas, N.; Glories, Y.; Bourgeois, G.; Vitry, C., 1996:
The heartwood ellagitannins of different oak (Quercus sp.) and chestnut species (Castanea sativa Mill.). Quantity analysis of red wines aging in barrels

Roman, G.; Roman, A.M.; Alexandrescu, D.; Crivineanu, M.; Dumbrava, M.; Stirbu, C., 1994:
The heat requirements of maize hybrids grown on reddish-brown soil on the central part of the Romanian Plain

Bozner, P., 1996:
The heat shock response and major heat shock proteins of Tritrichomonas mobilensis and Tritrichomonas augusta

Goffe, P. le, 1996:
The hedonic price method: principles and application to environmental goods valuation

Beveridge, I.; Spratt, D.M., 1996:
The helminth fauna of Australasian marsupials: origins and evolutionary biology

Kornyushin, V.V.; Iskova, N.I.; Smogorzhevskaya, L.A.; Ardamatskaya, T.B., 1996:
The helminth fauna of an isolated Black Sea population of the common eider Somateria mollissima

Rehbein, S.; Kollmannsberger, M.; Visser, M.; Winter, R., 1996:
The helminth fauna of slaughtered sheep from Upper Bavaria 1: species composition, prevalence and worm counts

Rehbein, S.; Lindner, T.; Kollmannsberger, M.; Visser, M.; Winter, R., 1997:
The helminth fauna of slaughtered sheep from Upper Bavaria. 2. Relationship between faecal egg counts and worm burden

Vidović, D.; Boulanger, N.; Kuye, O.; Toral, J.; Ito, K.; Guenot, J.; Bluethmann, H.; Nagy, Z.A., 1997:
The helper T-cell repertoire of mice expressing class II major histocompatibility complex beta chains in the absence of alpha chains

Thiel, R.E., 1996:
The helplessness of development policy: an assessment of aid in the modern world

Fazeli, A.R.; Steenweg, W.; Bevers, M.M.; Colenbrander, B., 1996:
The hemizona assay: evaluation of sperm zona pellucida interaction

Cifuentes, J., 1996:
The hepialids and cossids of Navarra (Spain) (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae, Cossidae)

Flynn, J., 1996:
The herbal management of stress

Gamuev, V.V.; Kornienko, V.V.; Spesivtsev, L.G., 1994:
The herbicide system during the vegetative period of beet

Giardini, G., 1996:
The heredity of apartheid and national reconciliation in agriculture of the New South Africa

Soare, T.; Dencescu, S., 1994:
The heredity of the soybean leaf petiole length character

Allison, D.B.; Kaprio, J.; Korkeila, M.; Koskenvuo, M.; Neale, M.C.; Hayakawa, K., 1996:
The heritability of body mass index among an international sample of monozygotic twins reared apart

Morris, A.; McCrone, D.; Kiely, R., 1995:
The heritage consumers: identity and affiliations in Scotland

Coates, C.J.; Johnson, K.N.; Perkins, H.D.; Howells, A.J.; O'Brochta, D.A.; Atkinson, P.W., 1996:
The hermit transposable element of the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina, belongs to the hAT family of transposable elements

Golchin, A.; Clarke, P.; Oades, J.M., 1996:
The heterogeneous nature of microbial products as shown by solid-state 13C CP/MAS NMR spectroscopy

Brandt, P., 1995:
The heterologous import of a precursor-protein into isolated chloroplasts directed by a bipartite transit sequence

Lin WenXiong; Liang YiYuan, 1997:
The heterotic effects on dry matter production and grain yield formation in hybrid rice

Frassineti, A.; Bottacci, A., 1997:
The heterotrophic beech stand of Pietraporciana (near Siena). Stand structure and botanical composition

Beckers, T., 1996:
The hidden agenda: the expropriation of time in Europe

Loader, R.H.bbs, J., 1996:
The hidden costs and benefits of BSE

Frick, R., 1997:
The hidden faces of intensive conditioning

Delepine, A.; Caubert, A.; Franget, G.; Huc, F.; Jouve, M.H., 1996:
The hidden side of banana cultivation or pesticides in banana tree culture

Greiner, T., 1997:
The hidden starvation. Nutrition in developing countries - an important task

S.Fischer, A.C., 1995:
The hide beetle Dermestes maculatus De Geer (Coleoptera, Dermestidae): material damage to insulating plates for stables and agricultural products stores

Nayeri, S.; Kahlen, J.P.; Carlberg, C., 1996:
The high affinity ligand binding conformation of the nuclear 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor is functionally linked to the transactivation domain 2 (AF-2)

Dutton, E.R.; Betancur, C.; Williamson, C.M.; Ball, S.T.; Rostene, W.; Peters, J., 1996:
The high affinity neurotensin receptor, Ntsr, is proximal to Acra4 in distal mouse chromosome 2 and cannot be a candidate gene for wasted

Nunez S.O.M., 1996:
The high altitude forests of Guatemala: their importance and future

Arora, S., 1996:
The high cost of asset management

Horvat, S.; Medrano, J.F., 1996:
The high growth (hg) locus maps to a deletion in mouse chromosome 10

Michalik, I.; Lietavova, J., 1995:
The high molecular weight subunits of glutenins as a criterion of bread-making quality in wheat grain

Parry, J.T., 1996:
The high terrace gravels, Northeast Thailand - a re-evaluation and an integrated theory of their origin

Eycken, W. van der; Engler de Almeida, J.; Montagu, M. van; Gheysen, G., 1994:
The high transcript level of Lemmi 9 in Meloidogyne incognita-induced giant cells is possibly due to osmotic stress conditions

Chaverri Polini, A.; Jimenez Marin, W., 1996:
The high zones of the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica. Towards sustainable development?

Anonymous, 1996:
The high-fibre feeding programme

Feiler, H.S.; Desprez, T.; Santoni, V.; Kronenberger, J.; Caboche, M.; Traas, J., 1995:
The higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana encodes a functional CDC48 homologue which is highly expressed in dividing and expanding cells

Lyubins' ka, L.G.; Bolyukh, V.O., 1997:
The higher plant flora of the Podolian Tovtry National Park

Wellington, J.E.; Allen, G.P.; Gooley, A.A.; Love, D.N.; Packer, N.H.; Yan, J.X.; Whalley, J.M., 1996:
The highly O-glycosylated glycoprotein gp2 of equine herpesvirus 1 is encoded by gene 71

Eroles, P.; Sentandreu, M.; Elorza, M.V.; Sentandreu, R., 1997:
The highly immunogenic enolase and Hsp70p are adventitious Candida albicans cell wall proteins

Oglesbee, M.J.; Liu, Z.; Kenney, H.; Brooks, C.L., 1996 :
The highly inducible member of the 70 kDa family of heat shock proteins increases canine distemper virus polymerase activity

Vela, J.M.; Ferrer, J. de, 1994:
The hispine Leptispa filiformis (Germar, 1842) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in the Iberian fauna

L.G.oQin; Wang JianHua; Xue DengMin; Cao GuangRong, 1995:
The histochemical determination of tissue selenium and the study on the pathological changes in milk goats

Gardevski, M.; Gardevska, I.; Lupcke, W.; Angelov, A.; Mateev, R.; Boteva, M., 1995:
The histologic and ultrastructural changes in the lymphoid organs of chickens, infected with very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV)

Longhurst, H.J.; Holder, A.A., 1997:
The histones of Plasmodium falciparum: identification, purification and a possible role in the pathology of malaria

Rashed, A.A.; Wanas, M.Q.; al Shareef, A.M.; al Attar, N.M.; Sabry, A.A.; Morsy, T.A., 1995:
The histopathological effect of metacercariae of the genus Brachylaima on the land snail, Monacha obstructa

Rahemo, Z.I.; A.D.n, F.M.N., 1995:
The histopathology caused by two nematode larvae in two species of fishes

Crook, D.S.; Hunt, C.O.; Jones, A.M., 1994:
The historic landscape of les bisses in the Valais, Switzerland

Borrmann, K., 1996:
The historical forest garden of Luttenhagen

Hulata, Gideon, 1995:
The history and current status of aquaculture genetics in Israel

Burlini, F., 1994:
The history and current status of ostrich breeding

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The importance of Provado for earliness management in cotton

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The importance of active regulation of the wood assortment market

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The importance of agricultural extension in the transformation process in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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The importance of beekeeping in Germany

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The importance of biological control for the reduction of the incidence of major weeds in developing countries

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The importance of biosafety in the deployment of private transgenic sorghums in the environment

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The importance of body fat distribution in early life

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The importance of broodstock nutrition on the viability of larvae and spat in the Chilean oyster Ostrea chilensis

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The importance of by-products for compound feed manufacture

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The importance of coffee in the El Salvador firewood market

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The importance of community involvement in sustainable tourism development

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The importance of community participation in coastal zone management: a Bangladesh perspective

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The importance of continuous crystallization in the area of energy saving by the sugar industry

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The importance of crop rotation in modern farming

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The importance of cropping choices

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The importance of environmental regulations in pig production. Nitrogen surpluses must not be allowed to arise at all

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The importance of experimental design to the development of empirical prediction equations: a case study

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The importance of familiarity when grouping gilts, and the effect of frequent grouping during gestation

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The importance of forage milk. How should it be evaluated?

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The importance of forests for flood control

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The importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the eating habits of the French

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The importance of herbage plants in the limitation of the losses by drainage of the main nutrients

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The importance of hydrogen peroxide in phagocytic bactericidal activity of Japanese eel neutrophils

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The importance of indigenous organizations to the sustainability of contemporary Yoruba strip-weaving industries in Iseyin, Nigeria

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The importance of information for forest management in the light of actual forestry tasks

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The importance of insect taxonomy and biosystematics to forestry

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The importance of integrated control of malaria for the preservation of wetlands in Latin America

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The importance of international cooperation in the development of the domestic food system

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The importance of introducing cytogenetic certificates for breeding animals

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The importance of knowledge of biochemical basis of ensiling for designing of procedures at silage making

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The importance of maintaining bromeliad imports

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The importance of marketing to the seed industry

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The importance of mastitis control for milk production and quality

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The importance of measured intake in assessing exposure of breast-fed infants to organochlorines

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The importance of microfibril angle for the processing industries

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The importance of milk and milk products in nutrition - production and consumption

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The importance of milk proteins in human nutrition

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The importance of monitoring antagonists survival for efficient biocontrol

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The importance of morphological characteristics for identification of oak species

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The importance of mycotoxins in the quality of maize grains for food

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The importance of neighbors, soil pH, phosphorus, and nitrogen for the growth of two C4 grasses

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The importance of nematodes in early growth and development of cotton

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