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The influence of the method of sowing white clover and perennial ryegrass and of nitrogen fertilizer application on the yield and feeding value of a pasture sward grazed by heifers

Ostrowski, R.; Daczewska, M.

Wiadomosci Instytutu Melioracji i Uzytkow Zielonych 18(3): 13-30


Accession: 002988958

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In a trial at Pawowice an old pasture containing 70% Agropyron repens was rotary cultivated or harrowed and resown in Apr. 1986 with Trifolium repens Astra, alone or with Lolium perenne Argona. Control plots were left untreated and all plots were given 0, 60, 120 or 240 kg N + 70 kg P2O5 + 100 kg K2O/ha and grazed 4-5 times/year by heifers. In the 3rd regrowth of the resowing year T. repens made up 5-51% of the renovated swards, depending on cultivation method and N rate, compared with 0-2% on the untreated plots. Where L. perenne was sown, it comprised 1-23% of the sward, compared with 1-10% in control plots. The changes in botanical composition in 1987-89 are shown graphically.

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