The main elements in the fertilizer system for vegetable crops and potatoes in a crop rotation under conditions of the seventh and eighth rotation cycles on slightly leached Altai chernozem. Report 3. The effect of long-term application of fertilizers on the removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by vegetable crops and potatoes and their balance in the rotation

Almazov, B.N.; Kholuyako, L.T.

Agrokhimiya (3): 53-59


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 002989786

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Results are presented for the 7th and 8th cycles (1978/79-1987/88) of a rotation of tomatoes, cabbages, carrots, potatoes and cucumbers given no fertilizers, various rates of N, P and K or organic fertilizers. Without fertilizers, the N, P and K concentrations in the DM were highest in cucumbers and lowest in potatoes. The increased N, P and K uptake when fertilizers were applied was due more to increased yield than to increased nutrient content in the crops, but nutrient accumulation per unit yield also increased. The coefficient of utilization of fertilizer nutrients was highest for K and lowest for P. The coefficients decreased with increasing saturation of the rotation with mineral fertilizers. Even after long-term application of optimum rates of mineral fertilizer, negative soil K and N balances were noted.