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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2993

Chapter 2993 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Obua, Joseph, 1997: The potential, development and ecological impact of ecotourism in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992001

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992011

Donato de Cobo, L.; Tesouro Gonzalez, M. O., 1995: The power and cost of farm machinery

Larimore, L., 1996: The power of Windows for clubs

Capelli, G., 1993: The power of agricultural tractors

Kendall, A.; McDonald, A.; Williams, A., 1997: The power of biomass

Chambers, R.; Blackburn, J., 1996: The power of participation: PRA and policy

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992017

Ingram, J., 1994: The practical importance of the quality tests made in herbage variety evaluation

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Perret, J., 1995: The practice of social integration in tourist regions of the southern Alps

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Crompton, J. L.; Love, L. L., 1995: The predictive validity of alternative approaches to evaluating quality of a festival

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992054

Olsson, K.; Hydbring, E., 1996: The preference for warm drinking water induces hyperhydration in heat-stressed lactating goats

Smith, J. H.; Wathes, C. M.; Baldwin, B. A., 1996: The preference of pigs for fresh air over ammoniated air

Renne, E. P., 1996: The pregnancy that doesn't stay: the practice and perception of abortion by Ekiti Yoruba women

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Alma, M. H.; Yoshioka, M.; Yao, Y.; Shiraishi, N., 1996: The preparation and flow properties of HCl catalyzed phenolated wood and its blends with commercial novolak resin

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992072

Sanabria, M. E. C., 1995: The preparation of Andean products in Peru

Chung, M. J.; Cho, S. K., 1995: The preparation of enzyme complex fermented with Aspergillus sp. F-13 for feed use

McNamara, D. G., 1996: The preparation of international certification and classification schemes for ornamental crops

Bianchi, E. M., 1995: The preparation of the tincture, the soft extract, the ointment, the soap and other propolis-based products

Minx, L.; Rysavy, M.; Slimar, P., 1996: The prerequisite for the use of stochastic models for evaluation of stands with random distribution in the row

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Claerebout, E.; Hilderson, H.; Shaw, D. J.; Vercruysse, J., 1997: The presence of an early L4 population in relation to the acquired resistance of calves naturally infected with Ostertagia ostertagi

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992097

Hermanowska Szpakowicz, T.; Pancewicz, S. A., 1996: The presence of antibodies against F. tularensis among inhabitants of north-eastern Poland

Castro, B. A., 1995: The presence of aphids in citrus plantations in Honduras

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992107

Hampson, M. C.; Amarowicz, R.; Shahidi, F., 1996: The presence of melanin in Synchytrium endobioticum

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992120

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992144

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992161

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992175

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992178

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992183

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992197

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992206

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992207

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992210

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992211

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992215

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Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992223

Section 3, Chapter 2993, Accession 002992224

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