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The susceptibility of tomato and pepper plants to infection with tomato spotted wilt virus - TSWV

Fiedorow, Z.; Krakowska, A.

Materiay Sesji Instytutu Ochrony Roslin 35(2): 235-237


Accession: 002995488

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Susceptibility of 11 tomato and 16 Capsicum cultivars to tomato spotted wilt tospovirus and the effect of TSWV on yield were studied under greenhouse conditions. All the Capsicum cultivars were highly susceptible (90% of infected plants). Three tomato cultivars (Grosset, Perkoz and Sonka) were free from infection and the remaining cultivars were infected by 10-60%. The younger plants were more susceptible than the older ones. The decrease in tomato and Capsicum yield was 38.7 and 92.2%, respectively.

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