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The use of mammary tumor virus (Mtv) -negative and single-Mtv mice to evaluate the effects of endogenous viral superantigens on the T cell repertoire

Scherer, M.T.; Ignatowicz, L.; Pullen, A.; Kappler, J.; Marrack, P.

Journal of Experimental Medicine 182(5): 1493-1504


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1007
PMID: 7595219
DOI: 10.1084/jem.182.5.1493
Accession: 002996387

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The known viral superantigens (vSAGs) in mice are encoded in the 3' long terminal repeats of endogenous Mtvs. A line of Mtv-negative mice and several lines of mice containing single Mtvs were created by inbreeding the F2 progeny from CBA/CaJ and C58/J mice, which have no Mtv antigens in common. This allowed the T cell repertoire of H-2k mice unaffected by Mtv superantigens, and the effects of vSAGs upon the repertoire, to be studied.

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