Section 4
Chapter 3,007

Use of interspecific hybrids between Brassica napus and Brassica carinata in breeding to improve quality in swede rape

Szestowicka, B.; Spasibionek, S.; Krzymanski, J.

Rosliny Oleiste 16(1): 63-68


Accession: 003006268

As yellow-seeded forms in Brassica spp. have higher seed oil and protein and lower fibre contents than black-seeded ones, B. napus with yellow-brown testa was crossed with yellow-seeded B. carinata to introduce genes for yellow-seededness from genome C of the latter into genome C of the former. Crossing efficiency depended on the parental strains used. Hybrids were successfully obtained by embryo rescue. They were intermediate in morphology and for the most part sterile.

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