Section 4
Chapter 3,008

Uterine lavage with saline as a treatment for endometritis in the mare

Castilho, L.F.F.; Mattos, R.; Malschitzky, E.; Gregory, R.M.; Mattos, R.C.

Arquivos da Faculdade de Veterinaria, UFRGS 23: 43-52


Accession: 003007425

Ten mares aged from 8 to 10 years were experimentally infected with Streptococcus zooepidemicus to determine: if a series of uterine lavages promote bacterial elimination; if this elimination occurs before that caused by the mare's natural defences, and the number of lavages necessary per day to promote physical clearance. Half of the mares were given 5 lavages/day for 6 days and the remainder were not treated.

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