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Utilization and regrowth of eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides (L.) L.)

Bailey, D.W.; Sims, P.L.; Bradford, J.A.

Rangelands in a sustainable biosphere Proceedings of the Fifth International Rangeland Congress, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 23-28 July, 1995 Volume 1 Contributed presentations: 31-32


Accession: 003007493

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Regrowth and utilization of T. dactyloides were evaluated by observing changes in plant height before and after grazing by cattle. Initial stubble height did not affect regrowth in either a subirrigated or a dryland site in Oklahoma, USA. Initial stubble height did not affect cattle preference for T. dactyloides at the subirrigated site where approximately 83% of regrowth was utilized during the second grazing period.

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