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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3010

Chapter 3010 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Takeda, O.; Miki, E.; Terabayashi, S.; Okada, M.; Lu, Y.; He, H.S.en; He, S.A., 1995:
Variation of essential oil components of Atractylodes chinensis growing in China

Koizumi, S.; Fuji, S.I.hi, 1995:
Variation of field resistance to leaf blast in a rice strain, Chubu 32, due to isolates of the pathogen

Kubicka, H.; Malepszy, S., 1996:
Variation of flag and subflag leaf size in rye (Secale cereale L.)

Liu LianSen; Crowe, N.L.; J.H.kYoon; Pong DiFei; Liu WeiSheng; Zhang JiaYan, 1994:
Variation of flavonoids and other phenolics in the leaves of Chinese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) cultivars

Dube, M.; Morisset, P., 1996:
Variation of foliage epidermal characters in Festuca rubra sensu lato (Poaceae) in Eastern Canada

Chen YaJun; F.X.angQian, 1996:
Variation of frost resistance of several alfalfa cultivars at the seed germination stage

Stoyanova, S.D., 1996:
Variation of gliadins in wheat cultivars associated with seed survival and multiplication

Seo JongHo; Lee HoJin, 1996:
Variation of growth and yield of silage corn according to maturity

Geoffriau, E.; Kahane, R.; Rancillac, M., 1997:
Variation of gynogenesis ability in onion (Allium cepa L.)

Yang, T.S.; Lin, J.H., 1997:
Variation of heart size and its correlation with growth performance and vascular space in domestic pigs

Mosedale, J.R.; Savill, P.S., 1996:
Variation of heartwood phenolics and oak lactones between the species and phenological types of Quercus petraea and Q. robur

Cheng XuWan; Wang Ying; L.L.nGuo, 1995:
Variation of hormones and nitrogen content in protoplast culture of Populus simonii

Denis, L.; Vear, F., 1996:
Variation of hullability and other seed characteristics among sunflower lines and hybrids

Baek SeongBum; Lee JongHo; Kim HeungBae, 1995:
Variation of immature kernel as affected by growth temperature and grain-filling period, and of seedlings obtained from barley embryo culture for shortening generation

Tanezini, C.A.; D.A.essandro, W.T.; Oliveira, A.B.C.; Rocha, J.M.; Pontes, I.S.; Sousa, J.T.; Dias, J.M., 1995:
Variation of lactose content in goat raw milk from the Goiania region

Tsegaye, S.; Becker, H.C.; Tesemma, T., 1996:
Variation of leaf esterases in some Ethiopian tetraploid wheat landraces

Komarova, E.N.; Lozhnikova, V.N.; Pospelova, V.N., 1996:
Variation of lectin activity in stem apices and leaves of tobacco plants of various biotypes during photoperiodic induction

Wang Wen; Lan Hong; Liu AiHua; Shi LiMing, 1994 :
Variation of mitochondrial DNA among domestic fowl and red jungle fowl

Zhou, J.; Kilian, A.; Warner, R.L.; Kleinhofs, A., 1995:
Variation of nitrate reductase genes in selected grass species

Chiang, M.T.; Lu, Y.S., 1996:
Variation of plasma cholesterol levels in rats fed trans fatty acids or cis fatty acids

Russo, G., 1997:
Variation of qualitative characteristic of kiwifruit grown in different areas of southern Italy

Cavallini, A.; Natali, L.; Polizzi, E.; Giordani, T., 1996:
Variation of repetitive DNA sequences in progenies of regenerated plants of Pisum sativum

Lourenco, W.R.; Cuellar, O.; Menez, F.R., 1996:
Variation of reproductive effort between parthenogenetic and sexual populations of the scorpion Tityus columbianus

Pornon, A.; Escaravage, N.; Till Bottraud, I.; Doche, B., 1997:
Variation of reproductive traits in Rhododendron ferrugineum L. (Ericaceae) populations along a successional gradient

Cheong, J.I.; Seok,; Choi, W.Y.ung; Kwon, T.O., 1995:
Variation of rice grain quality under different cultivation type in Honam area

Simpson, H.L.; Denne, M.P., 1997:
Variation of ring width and specific gravity within trees from unthinned Sitka spruce spacing trial in Clocaenog, North Wales

Zhang Yaozhong; Somantri, I.H.; Tobita, S.; Nagamine, T.; Senboku, T., 1996:
Variation of salt tolerance at germination in cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Zang, D.; Beadle, C.L.; White, D.A., 1996:
Variation of sapflow velocity in Eucalyptus globulus with position in sapwood and use of a correction coefficient

Russo, G.; Polignano, G.B., 1996:
Variation of seed and fruit characters in Ceratonia siliqua L. cultivars

Limongelli, G.; Laghetti, G.; Perrino, P.; Piergiovanni, A.R., 1996:
Variation of seed storage proteins in landraces of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) from Basilicata, southern Italy

Acikgoz, E.; Turgut, I.; Ekiz, H., 1989:
Variation of seed yield and its components in common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) under different conditions

Chi YuJie; Gao XueJun; Yan LiBo, 1995:
Variation of serum protein level in Xiang piglets at different month of age

Sodkiewicz, W.; Tomczak, M., 1996:
Variation of some physiological and spike characters affecting the reproductive behaviour of introgressive triticale lines with T. monococcum genetic information

Ichikawa, S.; Shima, N.; Ishii, C.; Kanai, H.; Sanda Kamigawara, M.; Matsuura Endo, C., 1996:
Variation of spontaneous somatic mutation frequency in the stamen hairs of Tradescantia clone BNL 02

Yamamori, M.; Endo, T.R., 1996:
Variation of starch granule proteins and chromosome mapping of their coding genes in common wheat

Campbell, M.R.; Li, J.; Berke, T.G.; Glover, D.V., 1996:
Variation of starch granule size in tropical maize germ plasm

Kim JongJin, 1996 :
Variation of sugar content in different parts of seedlings during germination in Phaseolus vulgaris

Chen WenLi; L.F.Di; Zhou JunChu, 1995:
Variation of sym plasmid and symbiotic effectiveness in isolates of Rhizobium fredii

Chalchat, J.C.; Garry, R.P.; Michet, A., 1997:
Variation of the chemical composition of essential oil of Mentha piperita L. during the growing time

Papadopoulou, K.; Koukos, P., 1996:
Variation of the essential oils of the leaves, twigs and cones of Balkan pine (Pinus peuce Grisebach) grown in Greece

Mosedale, J.R.; Ford, A., 1996:
Variation of the flavour and extractives of European oak wood from two French forests

F.T.ngSheng; Deng ZhiPang; Chen KeYi; Zeng YuanGen; F.Y.nSheng, 1996:
Variation of the physiochemical blood index of turkeys experimentally infected with histomoniasis

Brugiapaglia, E.; Barbero, M., 1994:
Variation of the subalpine/alpine limit on the Taillefer plateau (Isere, France) since the Atlantic period

Pezzi, G.; Vallini, G., 1996:
Variation of the technological value of prewashed beets during storage in the factory silo

Paiva, F.D.A.; Goulart, A.C.P., 1995:
Variation of the whitefly population and incidence of bean golden mosaic at Dourados, MS

Garcia Mateos, R.; Lucas, B.; Zendejas, M.; Soto Hernandez, M.; Martinez, M.; Sotelo, A., 1996:
Variation of total nitrogen, non-protein nitrogen content, and types of alkaloids at different stages of development in Erythrina americana seeds

Meyer, Peter, 1995:
Variation of transgene expression in plants

Mashhour, M.M.; Ibrahim, M.I.;, M.M., 1996:
Variation of unsaturated soil shear strength parameters with suction

Pere, M.C.; Dourmad, J.Y.; Etienne, M., 1996:
Variation of uterine blood flow in the sow during gestation

Polivka, H.; Staub, U.; Gross, H.J., 1996:
Variation of viroid profiles in individual grapevine plants: novel grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1 mutants show alterations of hairpin I

Zobel, Donald B., 1996:
Variation of water relations parameters with extended rehydration time, leaf form, season, and proportion of leaf

Teo, C.T.t; Munro, P.A.; Singh, H., 1997:
Variation of water-holding capacity and mechanical properties between the particle size fractions of mineral acid, lactic and rennet casein curds

An, M.; Pratley, J.E.; Haig, T.; Jellett, P., 1996:
Variation of wheat and subterranean clover cultivars in susceptibility to Vulpia residue phytotoxicity

Meli, V.S.; Kulkarni, S., 1995:
Variation of wheat leaf blight pathogen - Exserohilum hawaiiensis (Bugnicourt) Subram. and EX. M.B. Ellis

Stokes, A.M.ttheck, C., 1996:
Variation of wood strength in tree roots

Galambosi, B.; Toth, L.; Telek, E.; Mathe, I., 1996:
Variation of yield, morphology and marrubin content of horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.) accessions grown in Finland

Liu QingHong, 1997:
Variation partitioning by partial redundancy analysis (RDA)

X.Q.Xin; Y.J.Zhu; L.S.iJun, 1994:
Variation rhythm of peroxidase activity in cucumber during seedling stage and its relation to Fusarium wilt resistance

Veerendra, H.C.S., 1995:
Variation studies in provenances of Azadirachta indica (the neem tree)

Hantula, J.; Muller, M.M., 1997:
Variation within Gremmeniella abietina in Finland and other countries as determined by Random Amplified Microsatellites (RAMS)

Jansen, P.I.; Edye, L.A., 1996:
Variation within Stylosanthes sp. aff. scabra and comparison with its closest allies, S. scabra and S. hamata

Annicchiarico, P.; Piano, E., 1995:
Variation within and among Ladino white clover ecotypes for agronomic traits

Fisher, N.M.; McTaggart, I.P.; Hoad, S., 1996:
Variation within fields of potentially available soil nitrogen using the hot KCl technique

Matsumoto, N.; Abe, J.; Shimanuki, T., 1995:
Variation within isolates of Typhula incarnata from localities differing in winter climate

Bailey, E., 1994:
Variation within the antigen binding site of the major histocompatibility complex gene of domestic horses

Caradus, J.R.; Hay, M.J.M.; Mackay, A.D.; Thomas, V.J.; Dunlop, J.; Lambert, M.G.; Hart, A.L.; Bosch, J. van den; Wewala, S., 1993 :
Variation within white clover (Trifolium repens L.) for phenotypic plasticity of morphological and yield related characters, induced by phosphorus supply

Robinson, David, 1996:
Variation, co-ordination and compensation in root systems in relation to soil variability

Wegrzyn, S.; Smiaowski, T.; Grochowski, L., 1996:
Variation, correlation of traits and estimation of the genetic phenomena in the collection of winter rye, 1977-1992

Behera, Narayan, 1996:
Variational principles in evolution

Zhang, S.Y., 1997:
Variations and correlations of various ring width and ring density features in European oak: implications in dendroclimatology

Wang LiangQun; Bai ZhiLiang; Wang FengLin; Zheng LiPing; L.A.Jun, 1996:
Variations and heredity of somaclonal progeny in sorghum

Dhouibi, M.H.; Gahbiche, H.; Saaidia, B., 1995:
Variations in Ceratitis capitata infestation of fruit according to fruit locations on the tree and orange ripeness

Williams, L.; Castellano, P.; Feo, L. di; Biderbost, E.; Ducasse, D., 1995:
Variations in SPFMV (sweet potato feathery mottle virus) concentration during storage of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) storage roots, cultivar Morada INTA, with chlorotic dwarf disease

D.B.nt, J.; Vercruysse, J.; Massuku, M., 1996:
Variations in Schistosoma mattheei egg morphology and viability according to age of infection in cattle

Lopez-Carbonell, M.A.egre, L.P.insen, E.O.ckelen, H.V.n, 1996:
Variations in abscisic acid, indole-3-acetic acid and zeatin riboside concentrations in two Mediterranean shrubs subjected to water stress

Loghothetis, P.N.; Austin, B., 1996:
Variations in antigenicity of Aeromonas hydrophila strains in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum): an association with surface characteristics

Legrand, I.; Asta, J.; Goudard, Y., 1996:
Variations in bark acidity and conductivity over the trunk length of silver fir and Norway spruce

Endashaw Bekele, 1995:
Variations in basic amino acids including lysine and total protein in Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter

Plana, S.; Sinquin, G.; Maes, P.; Paillard, C.; L.P.nnec, M., 1996:
Variations in biochemical composition of juvenile Ruditapes philippinarum infected by a Vibrio sp

Stokic, S.; Tesic, M.; Rajic, I., 1995:
Variations in body weight of kittens during the nursing period (1 to 28 days old) and during the period of supplementary feeding (20 to 42 days old)

Chua, TH.; Khoo, SG., 1995:
Variations in carambola infestation rates by Bactrocera carambolae Drew and Hancock (Diptera: Tephritidae) with fruit availability in a carambola orchard

Soengas, JL.; Barciela, P.; Aldegunde, M., 1995:
Variations in carbohydrate metabolism during gonad maturation in female turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Tejos M.R.; Chacon R.E., 1995:
Variations in carbohydrates in three native grasses of flooding savannas

Nordby, H.E.; Mcdonald, R.E., 1995:
Variations in chilling injury and epicuticular wax composition of white grapefruit with canopy position and fruit development during the season

Amaral, L.A.; Nader Filho, A.; Tonhati, H.; Penha, L.H.C.; Toledo, L.M., 1995:
Variations in chloride levels in buffalo milk in different months of lactation

Ayodele, M.S., 1994:
Variations in chromosome counts of some species of Vernonia in Nigeria

Farquhar, T.; Bertram, J.; Todhunter, R.J.; Burton-Wurster, N.; Lust, G., 1997:
Variations in composition of cartilage from the shoulder joints of young adult dogs at risk for developing canine hip dysplasia

Bella, D.L.; Kwon, Y.H.; Stipanuk, M.H., 1996:
Variations in dietary protein but not in dietary fat plus cellulose or carbohydrate levels affect cysteine metabolism in rat isolated hepatocytes

Haag, H.P.; Gutierrez, L.E.; Dechen, A.R.; Mourao Filho, F.A.A.; Moreira, C.S., 1993:
Variations in dry matter and nutrients in the leaves and fruits and production of ascorbic acid and juice in 6 citrus cultivars during the growth cycle

Saylan, L., 1997:
Variations in energy balance components and aerodynamic and surface conductances of soyabeans on rainy and dry days

Singh, P.; Gupta, V.P., 1994:
Variations in fatty acid composition in Brassica during seed development

Koskela, J.; Pirhonen, J.; Jobling, M., 1997:
Variations in feed intake and growth of Baltic salmon and brown trout exposed to continuous light at constant low temperature

Sabulsky, J.; Batrouni, L.; Carballo, R.; Reyna, S.; Quiroga, D.; D.R.itter, H.; Gorostiaga, H.; Brizuela, M., 1995:
Variations in feeding during the first month of life by social stratum, Cordoba, Argentina

Redding, S.W.; Pfaller, M.A.; Messer, S.A.; Smith, J.A.; Prows, J.; Bradley, L.L.; Fothergill, A.W.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1997:
Variations in fluconazole susceptibility and DNA subtyping of multiple Candida albicans colonies from patients with AIDS and oral candidiasis suffering one or more episodes of infection

Abe, T.; Gusti, R.S.; Ono, M.; Sasahara, T., 1996:
Variations in glutelin and high molecular weight endosperm proteins among subspecies of rice (Oryza sativa L.) detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

Daghash, H.A.; E.A.l, T.S.A., 1995:
Variations in haemogram picture, alkaline reserve and serum proteins in lactating and non-lactating Friesian cows

Marino, F.; Ligero, A.; Diaz Cosin, D.J., 1995:
Variations in heavy metals concentration in different earthworm species in five mines of Galicia (NW Spain)

Larrea, P.; Suzuki, H., 1997:
Variations in horizontal distribution at different depth of soil temperature under film mulch

Zhang, Q.; Abe, T.; Takahashi, T.; Sasahara, T., 1996:
Variations in in vitro starch digestion of glutinous rice flour

Chebloune, Y.; Karr, B.; Sheffer, D.; Leung, K.; Narayan, O., 1996:
Variations in lentiviral gene expression in monocyte-derived macrophages from naturally infected sheep

Baptista, J.L.; Vervoort, T.; Stuyft, P. van der; Wery, M., 1996:
Variations in lipid plasma levels in relation to Plasmodium falciparum infection in Sao Tome

Torelm, I.; Danielsson, R.; Appelqvist, L.A.e; Bruce, A., 1997:
Variations in major nutrients and minerals due to interindividual preparation of dishes from recipes

Torelm, I.; Danielsson, R.; Danfors, S.; Bruce, A., 1996:
Variations in major nutrients and minerals due to standardized preparation for dishes and raw ingredients. 1. Losses and gains in preparation

Torelm, I., 1997:
Variations in major nutrients and nutrient data in Swedish foods. Effects of sampling, preparation and determination

Nikodemusz, E.; Bedo, S.; Gundel, K., 1996:
Variations in milk somatic cell count and hematologic values of ewes during lactation

Luneva, N.N., 1995:
Variations in morphological characters of the petals and the diversity of forms in the genus Prunus (Rosaceae)

Tracy, B.L.; Letourneau, E.G.; McGregor, R.G.; Walker, W.B., 1996:
Variations in natural background radiation across Canada

Loosveldt, P.; Thiec, D. le; Laitat, E.; Impens, R., 1994:
Variations in needle mineral elements of Picea abies grown in enriched atmospheric CO2. An X-ray microanalysis

Smalcelj, B., 1995:
Variations in number of tobacco seeds per gram

Feng DingYuan; Qiu XinFa; Dai YiaoLi, 1996:
Variations in photosynthate and its distribution in rice stands and simulation of trends in the stand and organs

Letchamo, W.; Xu, H.L.; Gosselin, A., 1995:
Variations in photosynthesis and essential oil in thyme

Chronopoulos, J.; Haidouti, C.; Chronopoulou Sereli, A.; Massas, I., 1997:
Variations in plant and soil lead and cadmium content in urban parks in Athens, Greece

Paraschak, V., 1997:
Variations in race relations: sporting events for native peoples in Canada

Rodriguez, M.C.; Tello, J.; Cuartero, J., 1995:
Variations in response of a number of tomato genotypes inoculated with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici race 2

Kunze, L.S.; Fitzgerald, S.D.; Richard, A.; Balander, R.; Reed, W.M., 1996:
Variations in response of four lines of ring-necked pheasants to infection with marble spleen disease virus

Seymore, T.; D.P.eez, H.H.; Van Vuren, J.H.J.; Deacon, A.; Strydom, G., 1994:
Variations in selected water quality variables and metal concentrations in the sediment of the lower Olifants and Selati rivers, South Africa

Valentim, R.C.; Azevedo, J.; Correia, T.M., 1997:
Variations in sexual behaviour of Braganca Galician rams in spring

He, Y.; Miyata, T., 1997:
Variations in sperm number in relation to larval crowding and spermatophore size in the armyworm, Pseudaletia separata

D.B.ttista, C.; Selosse, M.A.dre; Bouchard, D.; Stenstrom, E.; L.T.con, F., 1996:
Variations in symbiotic efficiency, phenotypic characters and ploidy level among different isolates of the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete Laccaria bicolor strain S 238

Diaz-Sala, C.; Rey, M.; Boronat, A.; Besford, R.; Rodriguez, R., 1995:
Variations in the DNA methylation and polypeptide patterns of adult hazel (Corylus avellana L.) associated with sequential in vitro subcultures

Igolkina, E.D., 1995:
Variations in the acid-alkali balance of natural waters and some aspects of establishing ecological standards

Hernando, I.; Barba, A.; Hernando, J., 1993:
Variations in the characteristics of soils of a catena in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Puerto de la Morguera, Madrid, Spain)

Rouxel, C.; Crouan, K., 1995:
Variations in the chemical composition of the brown alga Himanthalia elongata (L.) Gray during spring

Bortoli, M.A. de; Ascar, J.M.; Arce, P.; Villegas, L., 1996:
Variations in the contents of calcium, phosphate, magnesium and sodium in bones of ovariectomized rats

Ghosh, S.M.; Abdurahiman, U.C., 1993:
Variations in the developmental period during adverse conditions in Apanteles taragamae Wilkinson (Braconidae: Hymenoptera)

Chiofalo, B.; Biondi, L.; Ziino, M.; Pennisi, P.; Salvo, F.; Priolo, A., 1996:
Variations in the fatty acid composition of milk in Comisana ewes fed on dry complete mixed feeds

Lee, J.H.; Hashizume, H.; Yamamoto, F., 1996:
Variations in the flowering time, pollen morphology and fertility of Quercus dentata Thunb., Q. serrata Thunb., Q. mongolica Fischer var. grosseserrata Rehder et Wilson and their intermediate types

Keg, P.R.; van Weeren, P.R.; Schamhardt, H.C.; Barneveld, A., 1997:
Variations in the force applied to flexion tests of the distal limb of horses

Konstantopoulou, I.; Drosopoulou, E.; Scouras, Z.G., 1997:
Variations in the heat-induced protein pattern of several Drosophila montium subgroup species (Diptera: Drosophilidae)

Mutani, A.; Christensen, N.; Frandsen, F., 1995:
Variations in the infectivity characteristics of Schistosoma bovis during passage in hamsters

Gaspar, L.; Pollero, R.; Cabello, M., 1997:
Variations in the lipid composition of alfalfa roots during colonization with the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus versiforme

Korvick, D.; Athanasiou, K., 1997:
Variations in the mechanical properties of cartilage from the canine scapulohumeral joint

Hernandez, T.; Ausin, N.; Bartolome, B.; Bengoechea, L.; Estrella, I.; Gomez Cordoves, C., 1997:
Variations in the phenolic composition of fruit juices with different treatments

Yoshino, M.; Park Ono HyeSook, 1996:
Variations in the plant phenology affected by global warming

Totev, T.V., 1995:
Variations in the productivity and botanical and chemical composition of natural pastures after application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers

Olmedo, F.F.ntanilla.; Estrada-Pena, A.; Espuny, J.C.stella., 1995:
Variations in the size and weight of adults of Ornithodoros marocanus Velu (Acari: Argasidae), according nymphal blood-intake

Kikuchi, A.E.ashige, Y.I.hii, T.F.jii, T.S.toh, S., 1996:
Variations in the structure of neutral sugar chains in the pectic polysaccharides of morphologically different carrot calli and correlations with the size of cell clusters

Rohm, H.; Ulberth, F., 1996:
Variations in the viscosity of butter oil

Bedö, S.; Nikodémusz, E.; Gundel, K., 1995:
Variations in the yield, composition and somatic cell count of ewe's milk during lactation

Silva Junior, M.C. da; Furley, P.A.; Ratter, J.A., 1996:
Variations in tree communities and soils with slope in gallery forest, Federal District, Brazil

Borah, R.C.; Deka, S.C., 1994:
Variations in uptake, assimilation and use efficiency of nitrogen of lowland ahu rice

D.H.ur, P.; Petit, M.; Pradel, P.; Garel, J.P., 1995:
Variations in weight and milk yield at pasture of suckler Salers and Limousin cows in two nutritional environments

Almeida, A.A. de; Murta, R.C.C., 1995:
Variations in weight, germination and humidity of maize grain, caused by one generation of Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier, 1819) (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae)

X.Y.uMing; T.K.Gao; Y.X.nShan; Xiang ChunYun, 1997:
Variations in wood chemical compositions of Pinus taeda provenances

Luo, X.; Guan, N.; Zhang, S.; Chen, Y.; Zhi, J.; Li, G., 1994:
Variations in wood density and mechanical properties of 32 Chinese fir clones

Rotter, R.; Keulen, H. van, 1997:
Variations in yield response to fertilizer application in the tropics: II. Risks and opportunities for smallholders cultivating maize on Kenya's arable land

Wang TieBang; Niizeki, M.; Harada, T.; Ishikawa, R.; Saito, K., 1996:
Variations of Nor chromosomes hidden behind RFLP were exposed by fluorescence in situ hybridization in maize-Triticum somatic hybrid cell lines

Amaro Lopez, M.A.; Zurera Cosano, G.; Moreno Rojas, R.; Sanchez Segarra, P.J., 1997:
Variations of chromium and nickel content during industrial processing of white asparagus

Ma, W.; Klemm, W.R., 1997:
Variations of equine urinary volatile compounds during the oestrous cycle

Sharma, K.G., 1997:
Variations of estimates of cotton production (a study in Khandwa, Khargon and Dhar districts of M.P.)

Yano, S.; Tanaka, S.; Ito, S.I.hi; Kameya Iwaki, M., 1996:
Variations of isozyme and soluble proteins among field populations of Plasmodiophora brassicae

Fallot, J.M.; Barry, R.G.; Hoogstrate, D., 1997:
Variations of mean cold season temperature, precipitation and snow depths during the last 100 years in the former Soviet Union (FSU)

Jeong, J.H.; Kwon, S.T., 1996:
Variations of morphological characteristics of Lilium hansonii related with protein and isozyme bands

Pernicka, F.; Kluson, J., 1996:
Variations of natural radiation background and their effect on detector response

Periago, M.J.; Ros, G.; Martinez, C.; Rincon, F., 1996:
Variations of non-protein nitrogen in six Spanish legumes according to the extraction method used

Leinweber, P.; Kahle, P.; Korschens, M., 1997:
Variations of physical soil properties in the Static Fertilization Experiment during a growing season

Yano, S.; Tanaka, S.; Ito, S.I.; Kameya Iwaki, M., 1997:
Variations of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) patterns among field populations of Plasmodiophora brassicae

Hussni, C.A.; Wissdorf, H.; Mello Nicoletti, J.L. de, 1996:
Variations of the marcha gait in Mangalarga Marchador horse

Yoneyama, T.; Handley, L.L.; Scrimgeour, C.M.; Fisher, D.B.; Raven, J.A., 1997:
Variations of the natural abundances of nitrogen and carbon isotopes in Triticum aestivum, with special reference to phloem and xylem exudates

Chibi, F.; Angosto, T.; Matilla, A., 1995:
Variations of the patterns of abscisic acid and proline during maturation of Nicotiana tabacum pollen grains

Wnuk, M., 1995:
Variations of the thickness of water-resistant chipboards during 50-month exposure of them to the direct action of weather conditions

Fukuyama, T.; Takayama, T., 1995:
Variations of the vascular bundle system in Asian rice cultivars

Ederli, L.; Pasqualini, S.; Batini, P.; Antonielli, M., 1995:
Variations of the xanthophyll cycle in tobacco plants in oxidative stress conditions

Wang, R.R.; Wei, J.Z., 1995:
Variations of two repetitive DNA sequences in several Triticeae genomes revealed by polymerase chain reaction and sequencing

Takizawa, H.; Hayami, K.; Kubota, J.; Tsukamoto, Y., 1996:
Variations of volumetric water content and water potential in tree stems because of transpiration

Steenhuijsen Piters, B. de; Fresco, L., 1996:
Variations on a theme: conceptualizing system diversity with examples from northern Cameroon

Cinque, P.; Bossolasco, S.; Vago, L.; Fornara, C.; Lipari, S.; Racca, S.; Lazzarin, A.; Linde, A., 1997:
Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus: VZV disease of the central nervous system or subclinical reactivation of VZV infection?

Yanai, S.; Terazawa, K., 1995:
Varied effects of the forest on aquatic resources in a coastal mountain stream in southern Hokkaido, northern Japan (I). Suspended sediment and organic suspended sediment transported from coastal mountain stream into the Tsugaru Strait

Yanai, S.; Terazawa, K., 1995:
Varied effects of the forest on aquatic resources in a coastal mountain stream, in southern Hokkaido, northern Japan (II). Autumn leaf processing of nine deciduous trees along the stream

Mishra, H.N.; Monika Mishra, 1995:
Varied used of bamboo for rural development

Dobie, K.; Mehtali, M.; Mcclenaghan, M.; Lathe, R., 1997:
Variegated gene expression in mice

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Varietal description. Avikloe-IvresseReg. A2243

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Varietal description. Avikot-Malice

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Varietal description. Avikour-FantasmeReg. A1939

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Varietal description. Delwini

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Varietal description. Diamond Princess

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Varietal description. Doree de Lyon

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Varietal description. Ferci-Pontaleb. INRA SL405AF - cherry rootstock

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Varietal description. Fernier

Anonymous, 1997:
Varietal description. Fernor

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Varietal description. Jurella

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Varietal description. Magar-Garnet

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Varietal description. Momee-JadeReg.

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Varietal description. Monver-Vermeil

Anonymous, 1995:
Varietal description. Noire de Meched

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Varietal description. Ronde de Montignac

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Varietal description. Rousse de Nay (CA 110)

Anonymous, 1997:
Varietal description. Sensation

Anonymous, 1997 :
Varietal description. Sumini-NewmoonReg.

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Varietal description. Zaiblagro-Queen GiantReg.

Anonymous, 1995:
Varietal description. Zaichemi-Glenna

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Varietal description. Zaidote-Honora

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Varieties: 'Sidonie'. Application no. 93/199

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Variety 'Devtinta' syn. 'Obsession'. Application no: 93/134

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Variety 'Nadine'. Application no. 92/075

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Variety 'Revolution Purple Pink'. Application no: 93/122

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Variety, location, year and maturity determine forage maize quality

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Variety: '268 Pink' syn Celebrate Two Pink. Application no: 95/168

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: '490 Marble' syn 'Eckespoint Freedom Marble. Application no: 95/169

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: '490' syn Eckespoint Freedom. Application no: 95/170

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: '490-White' syn Eckespoint Freedom White. Application no: 95/167

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Variety: '5454' syn. 'L34.HQ'. Application no: 93/128

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Variety: '583 JA'. Application no: 96/008

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: '587B'. Application no: 96/007

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: '76N749'. Application no: 95/279

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Variety: '84N2330'. Application no: 95/282

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Variety: '86A55'. Application no: 95/280

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Variety: '9351' syn Soya 351. Application no: 95/284

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Variety: '9521' syn Soya 521. Application no: 95/143

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Variety: 'Abundance'. Application no: 93/062

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Variety: 'Alaska'. Application no. 94/039

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Variety: 'Alcala'. Application no: 95/055

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Variety: 'Allyn Krest'. Application no: 95/095

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Variety: 'Allyn Lace'. Application no: 94/171

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Variety: 'Allyn Radiance'. Application no: 96/010

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Variety: 'Allyn Sprite'. Application no: 94/198

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Variety: 'Amery' synonym '81Y:971'. Application no. 93/229

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Andes'. Application no. 93/267

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Variety: 'Apricot Cherub'. Application no: 95/181

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Variety: 'April Glo' syn '39GA188'. Application no: 94/163

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Variety: 'Aquarius' syn Y8408. Application no: 93/237

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Arctic Queen' syn 122GE250. Application no: 94/164

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Arctic Rose' synonym: '161GD263'. Application no. 92/101

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Arctic Snow' syn 122GE256. Application no: 94/160

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Variety: 'Aruba'. Application no: 94/191

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Variety: 'Atlanta'. Application no. 94/040

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Variety: 'Atlas'. Application no: 93/037

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Variety: 'Aurora'. Application no: 95/134

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Variety: 'Ausbloom' syn The Dark Lady. Application no: 95/146

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Variety: 'Ausbord' syn. 'Gertrude Jekyll'. Application no: 91/021

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ausbreak' syn Jayne Austin. Application no: 94/044

Anonymous, 1994 :
Variety: 'Auscrim' synonym: 'L D Braithwaite'. Application no. 93/104

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ausfin' synonym: 'Financial Times Centenary'. Application no. 93/105

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ausmit' synonym 'St Cecilia'. Application no. 92/061

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Variety: 'Ausreef' syn Sharifa Asma. Application no: 94/043

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Australian Cameo'. Application no. 93/154

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Australian Rainbow'. Application no: 93/152

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Australian Sunset'. Application no. 93/155

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ausvelvet' syn The Prince. Application no: 94/042

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Auswalker' syn The Pilgrim. Application no: 95/147

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Auswonder' syn Ambridge Rose. Application no: 94/045

Pollock, J., 1995:
Variety: 'Autumn Gold Late Navel'. Application no. 89/004

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'BP 92'. Application no: 95/141

McDonald, D.; Collins, I., 1997:
Variety: 'Ballerina Hot Pink' syn Prima Donna. Application no: 95/242

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ballerina Rose'. Application no. 90/056

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Banks' synonyms 'C4' and 'C234'. Application no. 92/099

McDaniel, M.E., 1996:
Variety: 'Barcoo' syn '88-129'. Application no: 95/249

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Barkoel'. Application no. 93/270

Barnfield, W.M.; Barnfield, D., 1995:
Variety: 'Barnfield Late Navel'. Application no. 89/001

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Batavian Night'. Application no: 93/060

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bayamo' syn. 'CPI 82285'. Application no. 92/063

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Beauty Queen'. Application no: 96/045

Benardella, F.A., 1994:
Variety: 'Benfig' synonym 'Figurine'. Application no. 93/149

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Benmagic' syn Pirouette. Application no: 95/209

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Benmoon' syn Moon River. Application no: 95/210

Trimble, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Billy Bunter'. Application no: 93/179

Sullivan, P.J.; Sullivan, J.M., 1994:
Variety: 'Black Pearl'. Application no. 94/081

Kebblewhite, J., 1994:
Variety: 'Blaze'. Application no. 93/166

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Blondie'. Application no: 94/170

Tesselaar, T., 1996:
Variety: 'Blue Arrow'. Application no: 93/001

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Blue Opal' syn. 'Clone no. 131018'. Application no: 93/038

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Blue Wren'. Application no: 93/009

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Bombina'. Application no: 94/134

Anonymous, 1996 :
Variety: 'Bronsyn' syn LP37. Application no: 95/232

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Brooks' synonym '12-28'. Application no. 93/220

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bush Ember'. Application no: 94/065

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bush Heritage'. Application no: 94/063

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bush Ochre'. Application no: 94/062

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bush Splendour'. Application no: 94/061

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Bush Twilight'. Application no: 94/066

Weidner, E., 1994:
Variety: 'Bushy Blue'. Application no. 94/105

Ollerenshaw, P., 1997:
Variety: 'Bywong Merinda'. Application no: 96/142

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'CS 85'. Application no. 94/080

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Cabaret'. Application no: 95/235

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Camel'. Application no: 95/180

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Camilla Ponticelli'. Application no: 90/079

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Capitola' syn CN93. Application no: 90/081

Pope, R.H.; Nixon, P., 1996:
Variety: 'Cardinal' syn Pope's Weromba Cardinal. Application no: 94/133

Hammond, F., 1996:
Variety: 'Carmella' syn 'M2/20'. Application no: 96/042

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Carmen'. Application no: 95/259

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Carnamah' syn WAWHT 1380. Application no: 96/250

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Carrolup' synonym '81Q:346'. Application no. 93/231

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Cascade Brook'. Application no: 93/161

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Cascade Jewel'. Application no: 93/159

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Cascade Mist'. Application no. 93/160

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Cascades' syn 84Z:1156. Application no: 95/075

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Cawana' syn NH3-30-1. Application no: 96/122

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Celebration Bright Coral'. Application no: 94/117

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Celebration Cherry Star'. Application no: 94/115

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Celebration Hot Pink'. Application no: 94/112

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Celebration Pure White'. Application no: 94/113

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Celebration Salmon'. Application no: 94/111

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ceres Tonic' syn 'PG 30'. Application no: 96/017

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Chameleon'. Application no: 92/150

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Champion'. Application no: 95/252

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Chieftain' syn '1846-4139'. Application no: 95/129

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Cinderella'. Application no: 93/176

Wood, B.T., 1994:
Variety: 'Citation' synonym 'Curly Ben'. Application no. 93/031

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Clancy'. syn BLN 973. Application no: 96/189

Love, S.M., 1996:
Variety: 'Clever Club'. Application no: 94/205

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Cobra'. Application no. 93/268

Pieters, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Cobra'. Application no: 95/061

Davidson, R.M., 1994:
Variety: 'Colleen Fahey'. Application no. 94/068

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Colour Flip' syn. 'Clone no. 141052'. Application no: 93/020

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Coomallo' syn WAOAT 373. Application no: 96/252

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Cordura' synonym 'CSLm90-103'. Application no. 93/070

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Corrie's Gold'. Application no: 93/211

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Crossover'. Application no: 94/180

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Cunderdin' syn WAWHT1379. Application no: 96/247

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'DP 5415' syn. 'Blanca'. Application no. 93/219

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'DP 5690' syn. 'Linda'. Application no. 93/218

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'DP891'. Application no. 92/069

Yichki, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Daniel'. Application no: 94/085

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Dargo'. Application no: 95/269

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Dash' syn 'NFC 902/909. Application no: 95/053

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Datatine' syn 84W:1147. Application no: 95/073

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Delicious' syn. 'Wendel'. Application no: 92/017

Hammett, K., 1996 :
Variety: 'Desert Light' syn 'Number 1'. Application no: 95/008

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Devilk' syn. 'Sparkling Orange'. Application no: 93/131

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Devnovia' syn. 'Megan'. Application no: 93/133

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Devrise' syn. 'Cerise Dawn'. Application no: 93/132

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Diamond'. Application no. 93/239

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Diana'. Application no: 94/186

Hennessey, C.; Hennessey, T., 1996:
Variety: 'Dot Brown'. Application no: 95/274

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Double Gold Coin' syn Typ Gefullt. Application no: 96/287

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Drum' syn BLN 971. Application no: 96/188

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Dunkeld'. Application no: 94/050

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Dusky Light' syn 'Number 5'. Application no: 95/012

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Earliglo' syn '62RA286'. Application no: 95/121

Bennett, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Easy Gold'. Application no: 95/203

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ebony PR' syn Line 4A. Application no: 96/159

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Edith' syn. Y1:44. Application no: 95/152

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Embassy'. Application no. 91/027

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Empress' syn '90BE32'. Application no: 95/128

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Endura' syn. 'KZ1'. Application no: 95/023

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Euro' syn. 'ME/45/7'

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Evita'. Application no: 95/184

Davidson, R.M., 1994:
Variety: 'Evonne Goolagong'. Application no. 94/136

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Far East'. Application no: 95/179

Hammett, K., 1995:
Variety: 'Far North'. Application no. 93/192

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Far Out'. Application no: 94/181

Spek, A. van der, 1994:
Variety: 'Felicity'. Application no. 93/175

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fiesta Burgundy Rose'. Application no: 95/043

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fiesta Salmon Sunrise'. Application no: 95/044

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fiesta Salsa Red'. Application no: 95/040

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fiesta Sparkler Salmon'. Application no: 95/041

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fiesta Tropical Orange'. Application no: 95/042

Rother, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Fire 'n' Ice' syn 'Fire and Ice'. Application no: 95/234

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Fire and Brimstone'. Application no: 94/097

Donnelly, P.; Donnelly, R., 1997:
Variety: 'First Cover' syn Classique. Application no: 97/043

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Flamengo'. Application no. 92/146

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Flanker'. Application no: 95/226

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Floren'. Application no: 95/113

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Francis Goldstar' syn Francis. Application no: 95/062

Maillard, A., 1997:
Variety: 'French Lady' syn C88:83 PB. Application no: 96/133

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Frilled Dragon'. Application no: 95/091

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Frystar' syns. 'Beauty Star' and 'Liverpool Remembers'. Application no: 94/200

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Frytrooper' syn. 'Daily Post'

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Fury'. Application no: 95/178

Kiddle, K.W., 1995:
Variety: 'Galaxy'. Application no. 94/033

Anonymous, 1996 :
Variety: 'Genesis' syn Y8506. Application no: 96/091

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Gladiator'. Application no. 94/067

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Gloria'. Application no 94/038

Elliot, W.R.; Elliot, G.M., 1996:
Variety: 'Gold 'n' Bronze'. Application no: 95/098

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Golden Anniversary'. Application no: 94/007

Harrison, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Golden Bell'. Application no: 95/186

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Golden Girl'. Application no: 93/108

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Golden Surprise'. Application no. 94/008

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Golden Yul Lo'. Application no: 95/022

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Goldfinger' syn FHIA-01. Application no: 95/145

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Gorgusis 1' syn. 'Sensation'. Application no. 91/075

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Challenge'. Application no: 95/106

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Grasslands G27'. Application no. 94/213

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Impact' syn G47. Application no: 96/004

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Lancelot'. Application no: 96/016

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Onward'. Application no: 95/293

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Samson'. Application no: 96/003

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Spectra' syn. G20. Application no: 95/072

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Grasslands Sustain'. Application no: 95/107

Hammond, F., 1996:
Variety: 'Gretel' syn 'M2/16'. Application no: 95/039

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Griffin' syn. '703.6.12'. Application no. 95/052

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Gulf Stream'. Application no. 93/271

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Gwen'. Application no: 89/084

Burke, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Hedgemaster'. Application no: 94/004

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Heide Hanisch'. Application no: 95/156

Lyall, G.; Genge, D.A., 1996:
Variety: 'Helmsdale'. Application no: 93/246

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Henri Dunant'. Application no: 93/174

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Herald' syn 'Z-245'. Application no: 94/212

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Hidden Valley A38' synonym 'A38'. Application no. 92/179

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Hotlips'. Application no: 93/064

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Hume'. Application no. 95/007

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Hush White' syn 'Hush Light'. Application no: 95/013

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Iberia'. Application no. 94/037

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ibiza' syn 88-19-15. Application no: 96/006

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Icarus'. Application no. 92/007

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Imperial Star'. Application no. 93/221

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Indus'. Application no 93/248

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Innbid'. Application no: 96/285

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Interlis' syn Lydia. Application no: 95/116

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Interonly' synonym 'Only Love'. Application no. 93/129

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Interpeach' syn Peachy. Application no: 94/104

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Intersept' syn 'Ruby Rosamini'. Application no: 94/031

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'JACfre' syn. 'City of Goulburn'. Application no: 95/024

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'JAClin' syn. 'Patriot'. Application no: 95/026

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'JACsedi' syn. 'Love Potion'. Application no: 95/025

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jacable' syn. 'Fascination'. Application no. 93/259

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jacchry' syn. 'Breathless'. Application no. 93/257

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jacdash' syn. 'Rose of Wagga Wagga'. Application no. 93/262

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Jacqueline's Joy'. Application no: 93/212

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jacsim' syn. 'Sweet Inspiration'. Application no. 93/260

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jactop' syn. 'Legend'. Application no. 93/258

Aberdeen, I., 1997:
Variety: 'Jamborina'. Application no: 96/157

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Java'. Application no: 94/192

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Jenny Jane'. Application no: 92/014

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Jenny Keay'. Application no: 96/056

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Jo Adela'. Application no: 93/210

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Joey Carousel'

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Joey Confetti'

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Joey Fireworks'

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Joey Lipstick' syn 1867(E). Application no: 95/206

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Joey Little Dazzler'

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Jonagored' syn 'Morren's Jonagored. Application no: 89/013

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Joyce's Choice'. Application no: 93/213

Brown, B.F., 1997:
Variety: 'Jubilee Green'. Application no: 97/040

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Jubilee'. Application no: 92/015

Maillard, A., 1997:
Variety: 'Julie' syn Tendresse. Application no: 95/219

Easton, B., 1994:
Variety: 'Just Jayne'. Application no. 93/232

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Kabarla' syns. 'Redlands Kabarla' and '45/90'. Application no: 95/192

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Kalannie' syn WAWHT 1426. Application no: 96/248

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Kalya' syn WALUP0460. Application no: 96/245

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Keithsform' syn Norwegian Sunset. Application no: 93/121

Goodwill, G., 1996:
Variety: 'Kialla'. Application no: 94/221

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Kilkenny Bells' syn. 'Clone no. 151053'. Application no: 93/087

Karniel, S., 1996:
Variety: 'King Husainy' syn. 'Jade Seedless'. Application no: 91/096

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Kismet'. Application no: 92/016

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Koala'. Application no: 95/002

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Kooiana Butterscotch' syn. 'St. Hilda's'. Application no: 95/049

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Kooiana Moonlight' syn. 'Guildfordian. Application no: 95/047

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Kooiana Watermelon'. Application no: 95/048

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korbacol' syn Texas. Application no: 94/092

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korcilmo' syn Escimo. Application no: 94/093

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korcrisett' syn Calibra. Application no: 94/090

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Kordaba' syn Lambada. Application no: 94/089

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korlaper' syn La Perla. Application no: 94/091

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korpinka' syn Summer Fairytale. Application no: 94/088

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Korschwama' syn Black Madonna. Application no: 94/094

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Kristy Rader'. Application no: 95/093

Sorensen, C., 1996:
Variety: 'Kwazulu'. Application no: 96/051

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'L69'. Application no. 92/060

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'LM71'. Application no: 95/231

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'LP15'. Application no. 93/034

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Lace Lady'. Application no: 95/120

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Lady Valerie'. Application no: 94/168

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Lago Azzurro'. Application no: 95/112

Burke, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Landcare' syn 'Piccolo Pink'. Application no: 94/005

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Lavdoll' syn 'Apricot Bouquet'. Application no: 94/057

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Lavquest' syn Pink Bouquet. Application no: 94/058

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Lee' syn. 'CPI 93574'. Application no. 92/126

Pearce, R.E.; Raabe, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Lemon Baby' syn 207-A. Application no: 95/172

Pearce, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Lemon Fizz'. Application no: 94/182

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Lemon Twist' syn PGA. BRAC 93/3. Application no: 94/144

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Lilac Belle'. Application no: 93/214

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Lilac Mist'. Application no: 93/209

Huxley, I., 1997:
Variety: 'Lily Freeman' syn HUXL 1. Application no: 96/064

Cooper, G.S.; Cooper, N.F., 1996:
Variety: 'Little Guy'. Application no: 95/165

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Little Star'. Application no: 95/183

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Little Sun'. Application no: 95/185

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Liz's Late' syn 18K374. Application no: 95/038

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'MACoborn' syn. 'Maggie Barry'. Application no: 95/031

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Madonna'. Application no: 93/203

Napier, K.; Napier, G., 1997:
Variety: 'Magenta Aurora' syn Swan River Pink. Application no: 95/238

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Magenta Light' syn 'Number 11'. Application no: 95/010

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Magic Dream'. Application no: 95/272

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Malans Gold'. Application no: 94/178

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Marc' syn. 'CPI 78373'. Application no. 92/062

Clucas, E., 1996:
Variety: 'Mardi Gras'. Application no: 95/099

Truran, C.H., 1995:
Variety: 'Marge Miller'. Application no: 95/015

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Maria's Choice'. Application no. 93/153

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Mariposa Red'. Application no: 93/045

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Marksman'. Application no. 94/195

Lyall, G.; Genge, D.A., 1996:
Variety: 'Marshwood'. Application no: 93/247

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Mauve Light' syn 'Number 13'. Application no: 95/009

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Maverick Gold' syn 'CSLh931'. Application no: 95/166

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meiblonver' syn. 'White Majesty'. Application no: 93/183

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meibonrib' syn Magic Meidiland. Application no: 96/093

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meicairma' syn Courage. Application no: 94/129

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meicarsel' syn Mascara Minijet. Application no: 95/211

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Meichoiju' synonym 'City of Adelaide'. Application no. 92/107

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meidalnu' syn. 'Mascara'. Application no: 93/184

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meideuji' syn Cassandre. Application no: 93/202

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meidrofal' syn Happy Minijet. Application no: 94/190

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meigrolet' syn Fragrant Minijet. Application no: 95/212

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meihouba' syn. 'Message 91'. Application no: 93/185

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meikister' syn. 'Trudy Mimi'. Application no: 93/182

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meilarac' syn Bella Minijet. Application no: 94/189

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meimagul' syn Gypsy Minijet. Application no: 94/188

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meinivoz' syn Spirit of Peace. Application no: 94/128

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meioffic' syn Sweet Sonata. Application no: 93/201

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meipelta' syn Fucshia Meidiland. Application no: 95/021

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Meipitac' synonym 'Carefree Wonder'. Application no. 92/106

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Meipopul' synonym 'Coral MEIDILAND'Reg Application no. 92/125

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meispreyo' syn. 'Golden Mimi'. Application no: 93/180

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meitobla' syn Simply Magic. Application no: 93/200

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Meitonje' synonym: 'Pretty Polly'. Application no. 92/105

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Meivamo' syn. 'Paris d'Yves St Laurent'. Application no: 93/181

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Melinda Gainsford' syn 'Jacyap'. Application no. 93/261

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Melodie'. Application no: 95/154

Maillard, A., 1996:
Variety: 'Merit' syn S131.83PJ. Application no: 95/220

Storm, H.G., 1996:
Variety: 'Merlin's Magic'. Application no: 95/301

Denis, P., 1996 :
Variety: 'Metalica' syn 'Ara 70'. Application no: 94/232

Geest, J. van, 1997:
Variety: 'Midnight Beauty'. Application no: 96/199

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Midwin'. Application no: 94/099

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Mikado' syn Mozart. Application no: 95/260

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Minerva'. Application no. 93/266

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Mischief'. Application no: 94/223

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Misty Mauve' syn 92.PGASEG/1. Application no: 94/141

Denis, P., 1996:
Variety: 'Mme de Smet'. Application no: 94/231

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Molloy' syn WABAR519. Application no: 96/246

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Monarch' syn 'NFC1243-11'. Application no: 95/054

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Moola' syn Dumont 68. Application no: 96/201

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Morrell' syn. '82SN:513','82S953-5'

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Muchea Mauve'. Application no: 92/013

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Nevada'. Application no. 92/147

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Nevis' syn LP22. Application no: 95/233

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Nitrobean 60' synonym 'PS16'. Application no. 94/076

Noack, W., 1996:
Variety: 'Noamel' syn 'Appleblossom'. Application no: 95/100

Schimmel, H.; Schimmel, J., 1996:
Variety: 'Northern Lightning'. Application no: 93/241

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Novita'. Application no: 95/253

Groeneveld, L., 1995:
Variety: 'Olympic Gold'. Application no. 94/098

Moad, I.; Moad, M., 1996:
Variety: 'Olympic Gold'. Application no: 93/222

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Orion' syn. 'Clone no: 131062'. Application no: 93/098

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Oscar'. Application no: 92/009

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Oso Grande' syn C43. Application no: 89/071

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Osprey' synonym 'Galaxy'. Application no. 93/071

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ostalett'. Application no. 94/069

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ostali' synonym: 'Ostalie'. Application no. 94/072

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Otto'. Application no. 94/071

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Outback Sunset'. Application no. 93/106

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'POULbero' syn. 'Solitude'. Application no: 95/027

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'POULlen' syn. 'Little Bo Peep'. Application no: 95/033

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'POULvue' syn. 'Michael Crawford'. Application no: 95/028

Frazer, E.J., 1996 :
Variety: 'Paco' syn TS8704. Application no: 95/182

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Painted Lady'. Application no: 93/204

Levey, V., 1996:
Variety: 'Pale Face'. Application no: 94/222

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Pallinup' syn 81Q:359, 81Q330-14-18. Application no: 95/076

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Palomar Rose'. Application no: 95/087

Cherry, R.J., 1994:
Variety: 'Paradise Belinda'. Application no. 93/143

Cherry, R.J., 1996:
Variety: 'Paradise Christine'. Application no: 95/070

Cherry, R.J., 1994:
Variety: 'Paradise Little Liane'. Application no. 93/144

Cherry, R.J., 1996:
Variety: 'Paradise Louise'. Application no: 95/071

Cherry, R.J., 1994:
Variety: 'Paradise Petite'. Application no. 93/142

Cherry, R.J., 1994:
Variety: 'Paradise Venessa'. Application no. 93/145

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Paradiso'. Application no: 95/155

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Paterson' syn 'B173'. Application no: 95/248

Pearce, R.E.; Raabe, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Peach Baby' syn 207-B. Application no: 95/173

Iredell, P.; Iredell, J., 1997:
Variety: 'Pedro'. Application no: 95/171

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Pekcoujenny' synonym 'First Red'. Application no. 92/135

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Pelsart'. Application no. 93/187

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Perenjori' syn WAWHT 1308. Application no: 96/249

Plant, J., 1996:
Variety: 'Phasion'. Application no: 95/158

Stratford, L., 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Cardinal'. Application no: 94/077

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Confusion' syn. 'Clone no. 121076'. Application no: 93/091

Rother, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Pink Domino' syn. 'Mauve Mist'. Application no: 95/262

Weatherly, L., 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Iceberg'. Application no. 94/003

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Pink Light' syn '205/7. Application no: 95/011

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Mischief'. Application no: 93/011

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Organdy'. Application no: 93/042

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Pink Princess'. Application no: 95/001

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Pink Rose'. Application no. 93/140

Dean, M.A.; Dean, E.J., 1996:
Variety: 'Pink Spice'. Application no: 95/237

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Pixie'. Application no: 93/207

Hammond, F., 1996:
Variety: 'Polly Anna'. Application no: 94/194

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Poulann' syn Queen Parade. Application no: 92/118

Anonymous, 1997 :
Variety: 'Poulci' syn Classic Parade. Application no: 92/121

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Pouloral' syn. Dreaming Parade. Application no: 92/124

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Poulvic' syn. Victory Parade. Application no: 92/122

Powell, N., 1995:
Variety: 'Powell Summer Navel'. Application no. 89/006

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Prebian' syn Bianca. Application no: 95/117

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Pride of Sumatra'. Application no: 95/225

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Primar' syn CPI 92838B. Application no: 96/160

Hammond, F., 1996:
Variety: 'Primrose'. Application no: 95/017

Shanks, J.B., 1994:
Variety: 'Princess Barbara' breeder's reference 'MD 77-8-C'. Application no. 94/139

Shanks, J.B., 1994:
Variety: 'Princess Pat' breeder's reference 'MD 70-27-1'. Application no. 94/138

Shanks, J.B., 1994:
Variety: 'Princess Sharon' breeders reference 'MD 68-13-3'. Application no. 94/137

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Prolong'. Application no: 96/198

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Proloog'. Application no: 95/125

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Purple Sunspot' syn. 'Clone no: 151092'. Application no: 93/049

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Purple Victory'. Application no: 95/082

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Pygmy Rose'. Application no: 93/051

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Q163'. Application no: 95/283

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Q165'. Application no: 95/277

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Q166'. Application no: 95/281

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Q167'. Application no: 95/278

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Q170'. Application no: 95/275

Brown, B.F., 1997:
Variety: 'Queen of Siam' syn April in Paris. Application no: 96/038

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Rafzubin'. Application no: 88/029

Ware, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Rainbow Surprise'. Application no: 95/176

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Rainbow Warrior'. Application no: 93/057

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Rainbow'. Application no: 94/051

Ulman, K.; Fursov, V.N., 1996:
Variety: 'Rainbow-34'. Application no: 95/273

Ulman, K.; Fursov, V.N., 1996:
Variety: 'Rainbow-39'. Application no: 95/160

Ralli, G.; Ralli, I., 1996:
Variety: 'Ralli Seedless'. Application no: 92/151

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Ravenna Purple'. Application no: 93/048

Pieters, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Red Elani'. Application no: 95/057

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Redlands Hope' syn. '192/90'. Application no. 92/084

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Redlands Horizon'. Application no. 91/072

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Redlands Joy' syn. '171/90'. Application no. 92/088

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Redlands Sandra' syn. 'Selection '44.7''. Application no: 94/184

Deroose Reginald, 1994:
Variety: 'Reginald'. Application no. 92/108

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Remarka'. Application no: 95/126

Brown, B.F., 1997:
Variety: 'Rembrandt'. Application no: 97/041

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Revelation'. Application no: 92/171

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Revolution Brilliant Pink' syn. 'Shihi Brilliant'. Application no: 93/123

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Revolution Brilliant Pink-Mini'. Application no: 93/124

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Revolution White' syn. 'Kesupite'. Application no: 93/125

Ollerenshaw, P., 1995:
Variety: 'Rhiannon'. Application no. 94/135

Anonymous, 1995 :
Variety: 'Riba' syn. 'CPI 23944'. Application no. 94/151

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Rich Lady' synonym '8GC128'. Application no. 92/102

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Rich May' syn '65EC75'. Application no: 94/162

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Riley's Super Sport'. Application no: 95/127

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Riverina' syn. '76Y51-31. Application no: 95/131

Hammond, F., 1996:
Variety: 'Rosetta'. Application no: 94/193

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Rowan'. Application no. 93/188

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Royal Glo' syn '78EE322'. Application no: 95/122

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Royal Velvet'. Application no: 95/174

Harrison, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Royale'. Application no: 94/240

Henny, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'Ruby Star'. Application no: 96/072

Corrin, A.A., 1997:
Variety: 'Ruby'. Application no: 95/133

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruialex' syn 'Red Festival'. Application no: 94/029

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruicharm' syn 'Charming Festival'. Application no: 94/024

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruichris' syn 'Sunny Cupido'. Application no: 94/030

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruidiggel' syn 'Snowy Cupido'. Application no: 94/028

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ruidriko' synonym 'Vivaldi'Reg Application no. 92/127

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruifire' syn 'Fire Festival'. Application no: 94/026

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruigal' syn 'Milana Festival'. Application no: 94/027

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Ruijoho' syn Sunny Prophyta. Application no: 96/106

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Ruikuik' syn Cream Prophyta. Application no: 95/118

Anonymous, 1996 :
Variety: 'Ruipipi' syn 'Joker Festival'. Application no: 94/032

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruirodella' syn 'Pink Festival'. Application no: 94/025

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Ruirovingt' syn Prophyta. Application no: 93/256

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Ruizesac' synonym 'Astra'. Application no. 93/138

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Ruth Morat' syn Lady Ruth. Application no: 94/131

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'SA244-20' syn 'Maypole'. Application no: 93/116

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'SA251-18' syn 'Waltz'. Application no: 93/115

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'SUNdel' syn Delilah. Application no: 95/077

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'SUNpat' syn Opal. Application no: 95/004

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'SUNsalm' syn Gem. Application no: 95/003

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'SUNtink' synonym 'Tinkerbell'. Application no. 92/175

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'SUNwend' synonym: 'Wendy'. Application no. 92/176

Harrison, H.D., 1996:
Variety: 'Salmon Supreme'. Application no: 93/198

Pieters, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Samco'. Application no: 95/056

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Saraji' syn CPI 60128. Application no: 97/052

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Savabear' syn Teddy Bear. Application no: 94/056

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Sceptre' syn. 'L 96'. Application no. 92/097

Schreurs, P.J.W., 1997:
Variety: 'Schovian' syn Viviane. Application no: 95/119

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Scoop' syn BLN877. Application no: 96/190

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Seascape' syn CN49. Application no: 90/082

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Selcarbonium' syn Honesty. Application no: 93/252

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Selchroom' syn Amarillo. Application no: 93/253

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Selhafnium' syn Allure. Application no: 93/254

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Selscandium' syn Mini Champagne. Application no: 93/255

Nixon, P.; Downe, G., 1996:
Variety: 'Shade of Pale'. Application no: 95/208

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Shadegro'. Application no. 94/132

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Shannon' syn. ''. Application no. 94/124

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Shosh'. Application no: 94/225

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Sicala V-2'. Application no. 94/078

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Sicot 189'. Application no: 96/088

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Silverbird' syn. 'Silbervogel'. Application no. 92/080

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Siokra S-101'. Application no: 96/089

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Siokra V-15'. Application no. 94/079

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Siren'. Application no: 94/103

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Siromill' syn. 'CPI 114994A'. Application no: 95/139

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Smooth Melody' syn. 'Hadmelody'. Application no: 93/264

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Smooth Perfume' syn. 'Hadperfume'. Application no: 93/265

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Smooth Prince' syn. 'Hadprince'. Application no: 93/263

Parsons, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Southern Belle'. Application no: 95/110

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Southern Cross' syn 'Garden Surprise'. Application no: 94/234

Jackson, B.E., 1997:
Variety: 'Southern Wonder'. Application no: 96/090

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Spevu' syn Lovely Fairy. Application no: 94/049

Hammett, K., 1996:
Variety: 'Spot On'. Application no: 95/177

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'St. Elmo's Fire'. Application no. 93/016

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Stabec' syn. 'Rebecca'. Application no: 94/083

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Stalove' syn. 'Amor'. Application no: 93/137

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Stamond' syn Diamond. Application no: 95/216

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Stapripur' syn. 'Mira'. Application no: 91/002

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Stapula'. Application no: 95/236

Andrew, R.A., 1996:
Variety: 'Star-Struck'. Application no: 96/132

Mitchell, R.C., 1996:
Variety: 'Starlight'. Application no: 95/149

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Stasach' syn Sacha. Application no: 95/214

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Statiren' syn Irena. Application no: 95/215

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Strawberry Mousse'. Application no. 93/103

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Strawberry Sundae'. Application no. 94/102

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Stretton' synonym '80Y:1117'. Application no. 93/228

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Strickland'. Application no: 95/136

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Sugar Baby'. Application no. 93/141

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Sugar and Ice' syn 'X93040'. Application no: 95/135

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Summer Angel'. Application no. 94/100

Henry, S.T., 1996:
Variety: 'Summer Beauty' syn. 'No. 13'. Application no: 95/035

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Summer Pink'. Application no: 94/120

Henry, S.T., 1996:
Variety: 'Summer Red'. Application no: 95/224

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Summertime Blues'. Application no: 96/286

Franklin, H., 1995:
Variety: 'Summertime' syn. 'AG-E-93'. Application no. 94/087

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Angelface'. Application no: 94/012

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Avalanche'. Application no: 95/083

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Charmer'. Application no: 94/018

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Dawn'. Application no: 95/089

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Eclipse'. Application no: 94/019

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Frost'. Application no: 93/039

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Gleam'. Application no: 95/084

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Inferno'. Application no: 95/094

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Mogul'. Application no: 95/092

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Silverliner'. Application no: 95/086

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sun Snow'. Application no: 93/058

Schuurman, F.B., 1996:
Variety: 'Sunauck' syn Barossa Dream. Application no: 94/203

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunbride'. Application no: 94/010

Shaw, P.V., 1994:
Variety: 'Sunburst'. Application no. 93/217

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Suncocktail'. Application no: 94/020

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Suncool'. Application no: 94/017

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sungazer'. Application no: 94/016

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Sunglow'. Application no: 93/227

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunkiss'. Application no: 94/015

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunlace'. Application no: 94/023

Schuurman, F.B., 1996:
Variety: 'Sunmani' syn Oasis Sunset. Application no: 95/251

Larsen, B.; Larsen, N., 1996:
Variety: 'Sunny Gustaf' syn Gustaf. Application no: 96/055

Larsen, B.; Larsen, N., 1996:
Variety: 'Sunny Lady'. Application no: 96/053

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunprom'. Application no: 94/021

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunspoiler'. Application no: 95/085

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunstormer'. Application no: 94/014

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunstriker'. Application no: 95/088

Schuurman, F.B., 1995:
Variety: 'Suntick' syn. 'Tickled Pink'. Application no: 94/202

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunvane'. Application no: 95/090

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Sunwave'. Application no: 95/080

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Superb Blush'. Application no: 93/208

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Surprise Party'. Application no. 94/101

Anonymous, 1996 :
Variety: 'Swan Lake' syn St Andrew. Application no: 95/131

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Swann'. Application no: 95/114

Sorensen, C., 1996:
Variety: 'Swazi'. Application no: 96/054

Cherry, R.J., 1995:
Variety: 'Sweet Promise'. Application no: 93/129

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Tall Emille' syn LC.00281I. Application no: 94/154

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Tammin' syn 81W:1138. Application no: 95/074

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tarramba' syn K636. Application no: 95/067

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Tasman'. Application no. 93/189

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Thai Silk'. Application no: 93/047

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Theo'. Application no. 94/070

Tichbon, N.G.; Tichbon, M.J., 1996:
Variety: 'Tichbon'. Application no: 95/096

Pearce, R., 1996 :
Variety: 'Tiger Light'. Application no: 95/014

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Tillman II'. Application no: 96/191

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Tiny Mice' syn Georgia Scarlet. Application no: 95/175

Garrad, T., 1996:
Variety: 'Tiny Trev'. Application no: 95/159

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Toodyay' syn WAOAT 347. Application no: 96/251

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Toscana'. Application no. 94/041

Pieters, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Tripoli'. Application no: 95/059

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'True Blue'. Application no. 94/224

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Tsunokaori'. Application no: 94/084

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Uman' syn. 'CPI 92803', 'TQ94'. Application no. 92/064

Trimble, R., 1996:
Variety: 'Undercover'. Application no: 93/178

Anonymous , 1996:
Variety: 'Unica' syn CPI 110361. Application no: 96/161

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Velvet Columbine' syn. 'Clone no. 121010. Application no: 93/099

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Venus'. Application no: 94/196

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Venus'. Application no: 95/153

Pieters, D., 1996:
Variety: 'Veria Dark'. Application no: 95/060

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Victoria Gold' syn 'Welgold'. Application no: 93/216

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'Victoria'. Application no. 92/148

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Vienna'. Application no: 96/013

Sorensen, C., 1996:
Variety: 'Volta'. Application no: 96/269

Jury, M., 1996:
Variety: 'Vulcan'. Application no: 92/156

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'WEKaq' syn. 'The Temptations'. Application no: 95/030

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'WEKmar' syn. 'Imagination'. Application no: 95/029

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Waite Crimson'. Application no. 92/172

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Waite Flame'. Application no. 94/211

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Wakefield' syn. ''. Application no. 94/125

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Warrenred' syn Pacific Sunset. Application no: 93/120

Cherry, R.J., 1995:
Variety: 'Wattle Bird'. Application no: 95/227

Weller, R., 1995:
Variety: 'Weller Red'. Application no: 92/161

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Welpink' syn 'Muskstick'. Application no: 93/244

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Welred' syn 'Eric the Red'. Application no: 93/243

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'White Cascades'. Application no: 93/206

Henny, R.J., 1997:
Variety: 'White Delite'. Application no: 96/071

Rother, R., 1995:
Variety: 'White Lace'. Application no: 95/081

Hatch, T., 1997:
Variety: 'Willowbridge White'. Application no: 95/196

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Wollaroi' syn. '880096'

Anonymous, 1995:
Variety: 'Woman's Day' syn. 'Welira'. Application no: 92/018

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Wonga' syn 83A:455. Application no: 95/289

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Woorikee 2000'. Application no: 96/145

Anonymous, 1996:
Variety: 'Yellow Luna' syn 586F. Application no: 95/198

Anonymous, 1994:
Variety: 'York' synonym: 'CPI 89846B'. Application no. 93/234

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Zanta' syn Violetta. Application no: 94/185

Anonymous, 1997:
Variety: 'Zee Glo' syn 32R331. Application no: 93/158

Sorensen, C., 1996:
Variety: 'Zimba'. Application no: 96/050

Boudinot, P.; Rueff-Juy, D.; Drapier, A.M.; Cazenave, P.A.; Sanchez, P., 1995:
Various V-J rearrangement efficiencies shape the mouse lambda B cell repertoire

Lakhendra Singh; Pragsati Srivastava, 1997:
Various applicable techniques involved in the analysis of dextran present in sugar house products

Parikh, A.; Shah, M.K., 1996:
Various approaches to measurement of technical efficiency in North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan

Tang, M., 1996:
Various aspects of social security mechanisms in the former kingdom of Berru, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Langeveld, L.P.M.; Montfort Quasig, R.M.G.E. van; Weerkamp, A.H., 1996:
Various bacteria grow in heat exchangers

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